– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel It’s your girl Jackie Aina ♪ Jigga, jigga, jigga, jigga ♪ (Jackie snaps) ♪ Jigga, jigga, jigga, jigga ♪ ♪ Jigga, jigga, jigga ♪ ♪ Jigga, jigga, jigga ♪ Today, I’m gonna be giving you guys a 101 lesson on how to be confident Confidence is definitely something that grows on you It’s not something you’re born with Well, actually, as humans, we kind of are naturally born to be confident, and then as you get older, life just knocks you down You become jaded, and you become so inundated with what everyone else thinks How do you block that out? How do you take some of those things with a grain of salt and still do you? How do you constructively take people’s feedback without beating yourself over it all the time and becoming self-deprecating? – When do you? – I’m gonna talk all of those things We are also gonna get glam Yes, I am going to be talking about confidence while putting on five layers of makeup! That’s fine, okay? ‘Cause the two don’t cancel each other out Both can exist, one and the same, in the same house So without further ado, let’s just jump right in All right, time to prime I wanna talk a little bit about what confidence is, and what confidence is not A lot of people be gettin’ real confused So let’s just break down my thoughts, my views, on what confidence is, and more importantly, what confidence is not This is the Milk Hydro Grip Primer, primer of the year, 2019, bruh, bruh! Oh, this primer is so good You wanna talk about confidence in a bottle? Sweetie, please Get three, and they come in travel sizes I’m gonna take my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and set my primer while I preach Confidence is definitely not “I’m better than you, I’m prettier than you, “I’m richer than you, I’m cooler than you.” Those are the things confidence isn’t, okay, or aren’t Confidence is not arrogance Arrogance means I’m better than you Those things mean “I’m better than you, I’m above you, “I’m higher than you, I’m worth more than you.” Those things are arrogance Confidence literally means everything I get is from within Confidence means I’m my biggest hype man Confidence means you may not compliment me today, and I’m okay with that I can go to sleep at night before just fine Just think of today’s video as your personal pep talk, ’cause I’m really ’bout to go in, because I’m tired of y’all waking up every day no feeling like your truest selves, and I know it because I see comments from you guys Next I’m gonna highlight under my skin using the Nuban Beauty D’GLOW Highlighter The color that I use is Ecstasy This is so freaking pretty Like, it is the most beautiful highlight on dark skin Now, we had to define confidence and what it is because there’s a lot of people So as you can see, I’m just confidently highlighting my cheekbone, because I deserve it Ooh yeah, it’s kind of a lot It’s fine It’s gonna look really pretty once we throw on our foundation So the first tip that I wanna give about how to be confidence, if you are right, stand in it If you are wrong, stand in it Be wrong I always respect people who, they believe in what they believe, and they don’t hold back, and they don’t stand down for nobody We’re not talking about the toxic people We’re talking about the people who, maybe the opinion is not the most popular, but they believe it, and they stand in it That’s all that matters That is Confidence 101, you guys Also sometimes that can be very foolish But it’s okay if you’re confident, right? (Jackie laughs) – Jester, you have done it again! – Now I’m gonna use Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation, while I confidently blur these pores real quick People who can literally just pick up the product with the sponge and blend right in, what’s it like? Problematic, that’s what you are I actually like to put the foundation on my face first, ’cause then I can see where she goes, where she gon’ end up, and where she’s headed, and where she came from, more importantly When it comes to foundation, the number one thing that you always have to remember is that stuff comes from your self Nobody can boost confidence for you I mean, they can try, but it just does not hit he same And what happens when that person’s no longer in your life anymore? How long are those few words of wisdom that you’re clinging onto really supposed to last? How long are they gonna last? This is my Morphe Setting Spray I like to set If you could just fly somewhere else For your brush, get your foundation to last longer, even though I’m not going anywhere But at least I’ll be cute on the couch You have to rely on yourself 100%, because lemme tell you something What would you do if there was no one there to root for you? What would you do? So there’s a YouTuber Her name is Shallon Lester Some of her videos, I don’t really agree with Actually, a lot of her videos Different genre, very different genre of content But she does a lot of self-help type of content I remember watching a video about how she was basically comparing women like Rihanna Personally, I don’t like to compare women It’s not something that I subscribe to But I think she was just doing it for the sake of an analogy, not literally saying one’s better than the other I don’t think that’s what she was trying to say Shout-out to you, Shallon, if you watchin’ Cool with me girl, you all right (Jackie laughs) So basically she did this video, and she was talking about this thing There’s warm-blooded personalities, and then there’s cold-blooded personalities And she used Kylie Jenner versus Rihanna as an example Sorry, not versus We’re not comparing them She was basically saying how there’s women who are like Rihanna who are cool whether or not you say they’re cool Like Rihanna is going to be cool with or without our validation, a man’s validation,

Vogue’s validation, a fashion line’s validation Rihanna is just that chick, whereas there are people, this is not to be degrading or anything like that There are people who, for example, Kylie Jenner, she’s very young She’s also very impressionable You just get the vibe that she wakes up and everything that she does is literally dictated by how people respond and react to it So it’s not cool unless people tell her that it’s cool Do you get what I’m saying? One is cold-blooded and one is warm-blooded I forget which one is which It was a genius personality I think Rihanna is considered warm-blooded, because she warms herself from within, whereas cold, you have to pop her in a warm temperature, a warm environment to get her to open up and be herself more I 100% identify with Rihanna because I say this to people all the time You don’t really have to compliment me for me to feel good about myself Obviously you guys know I’m an influencer Whenever I get a really not-so-nice comment from someone, I might be like, “Girl, why did you have to say that? “That was rude.” Sometimes they’ll clap back and they’ll say something like, “Well, do you expect people “to say only nice things about you 24/7?” I’m gonna contour with my CoverGirl concealer No, of course I don’t expect that Let’s talk about that for a second, because sometimes, I feel like people say mean things for the simple fact that they know the person that they’re saying it to is highly complimented, and they just wanna be the one person to burst your bubble They just wanna be like, “You get enough compliments “I’m gonna say something to shake the table a little bit.” – Ooh, wow – That’s weird Get some help There are genuinely people who think like that, and I know that because I’ve seen theme comment that But anyway, what I was trying to say, with Kevyn Aucoin concealer, they’ll be like, “You can’t just get compliments all day.” I totally agree with that But at the same time, I don’t ask to be complimented either you know what I mean? You could just be like, commenting on my pictures like, “Oh, hope you had a good day, Jackie “Good to see you, girl “Hey, it’s my birthday! “I got an A on my test.” I don’t know, you can just make conversation, or just don’t say nothing at all Contrary to what people believe, I think that they think that we’re just obsessed with being self-loathed all day One, I actually find that kind of toxic I personally don’t wanna be around people who are like that I don’t even wanna date anybody, ’cause that gets old very fast You ever just been around a person who overcompensates by overly complimenting you all the time? That’s not fun either When people try to push this idea that because I’m in the public eye, and because I have a lot of followers, that all I accept is praise and worship, absolutely not First of all, that’s extremely corny for you to think that way I just definitely know that you don’t have to be rude You don’t have to tell me that you don’t like something, because at the end of the day, I’ve already put the picture up (Jackie laughs) Or like, if you don’t like my makeup, I can’t change it in the picture I can’t change it in the video Tomorrow it may look better The day after that, it may look even worse! – What you gon’ say about it though? What you doing about it? – Like, for real though, what you gon’ say? Okay, you didn’t like my lipstick Then what do I do? You don’t like the way my face is shaped? What am I supposed to do? What do I say? Where do we go from there? If people don’t like the stuff that I’m doing, I’m good, I got this, and I know that because I was not celebrated for that long on YouTube This is my 11th year on the platform I’ve gone a very long time without having a ton of followers, getting a lot of praise If anything, it was the opposite People rocked with me, but those times where you open up the Instagram app and someone’s saying that you’re not attractive, or someone’s comparing you to an animal or saying you look like a man or whatever, that very much so still happens too Guess what? Am I gonna sit there and dwell on the fact that somebody thinks I look like a man? – No – No – No, no, no, no, no, no – No You think I’m ugly? Okay, you ugly to somebody too (woman laughs) What we both gon’ do, ugly? No one’s technically ugly in the eyes of the Lord! When I was a kid, I wasn’t that cute I think it’s Gen Z are the really, really youngins right now Don’t clock me in the comments, ’cause I know everybody’s gonna keep commenting this Please don’t I feel like the girls now, you guys are all skipping the awkward stage because you have YouTube and you have tutorials and you pretty much have the blueprint being written for you on how to be cute at a younger age Beauty products have never been more accessible, and I don’t just mean by prices I also mean just by knowledge of how to apply them, how to use them Skincare routines are a dime a dozen now You can just get them anywhere, from anybody, literally, whereas back in the day, girl, you was just on your own I know I look like I got horns right now, but just stay with me So anyway, what I’m trying to say is that when I was young and not that cute and kind of ugly, my family didn’t really put a ton of pressure on me to look a certain way Nobody in our family really made fun of the way we looked It was like, if you was ugly, you was just ugly That was it That’s just the way God made you Ain’t nothing we can do about it The great thing about that is I basically learned how to express myself and really be comfortable in looking a certain way and wearing things that weren’t always that popular I learned how to kind of hone in on that from a very early age

because nobody was clockin’ me I could be weird I could wear lime green pleather outfits People probably said stuff, but I didn’t pay it attention If you didn’t say it to my face, then it didn’t happen Next case, your honor (gavel bangs) So that individuality of just being a little ignorant was really what allowed my confidence to really foster and to really flourish, because if you don’t hear it, you don’t know what you don’t know So if I didn’t know I looked crazy, then all right, I guess I don’t look crazy then Keep goin’ on about your day This is another CoverGirl concealer, by the way This is in the shade Golden Caramel, and I contoured with Espresso And I told y’all I was correcting with Kevyn Aucoin, right? I hope I did My mom is really artistic and really creative, so I would design clothes She would sew them for me We kind of had this little tag-team going on, and I got a lot of my creativity from her, which I’m really glad for, because she just let me be a kid There was no pressure to look a certain way, to be “wifeable.” Even though yeah, I’m sitting here and I’m saying, “Oh, confidence comes from within, to a certain extent, compliments are okay from other people It’s okay to be validated through other people It is needed to a certain extent, but what I’m saying is you shouldn’t rely on it I’m definitely super, super grateful that my family and my parents specifically didn’t put a ton of society’s pressures on me as a young black girl, because that very much so could have been my story I remember growing up, this is something that I don’t really talk about, but when I was younger, a lot of people in the black community talk about the colorism that happens against girls who are light-skinned or the girls who are mixed, and it’s always like, “Oh, the dark-skinned girls would make fun of me, “because I wasn’t black enough, “or because I was prettier than them and blah, blah.” You know that convo, like, oh But when I was a kid, I actually had the opposite experience My school life, I remember growing up with a group of girls, because when I was in elementary school, I went to a white school I grew up in a Latin neighborhood, okay, so I grew up around Mexicans and El Salvadorians The school that I went to, there weren’t that many black people, but the few black people that were there were either biracial or like, mixed, or were not mixed but racially ambiguous Basically, I was the only like, unambiguous black girl for a lot of my childhood growing up But they always made me feel like I wasn’t the cool girl ’cause I wasn’t mixed I didn’t have a group of girls that uplifted me for being who I was, who really accepted me I grew up being literally, when I say “the ugly kid,” I was not cute, not because I was black, but like, I just wasn’t cute Then I get to school, and these girls are like, “Your hair’s not long? (Jackie groans) “Oh my God, you’re not biracial?” (Jackie groans) I had to work around that It wasn’t always fun, but my mom always taught me, “You’re beautiful regardless.” And I knew she felt it too, because I remember when they would go to the PTA meetings and stuff like that, I remember my momma used to roll her eyes at some of the things the mommas would say, because if their kids have that mindset, then please believe the parents thought that too Child, it was just a lot This is my fan, by the way I let my concealers dry down Shout-out to the parents who really just let their children be kids, you know what I mean? Let that be a lesson to people who are raising kids now A lot of your children’s confidence and social skills are gonna be developed now I feel like the ages five through 10, you better love on them, tell them words of affirmation, and really make them feel accepted, because that’s the time to do it So obviously, a lot of what I grew up experiencing, such as being different or not needing outside validation to really hype myself up has kind of translated into my adult life I very much so adapted this idea that if I didn’t ask you, then it’s really not my business If I ask you, that’s very different But when it comes to things that may not be the most uplifting or the most kind, maybe you wanted to tell me that my hair was ugly today If I didn’t ask you, then shut up, okay? Just shut up! Just shut up, shut up ♪ Just stop, shut up ♪ ♪ Just shut up, shut up ♪ ♪ Just stop ♪ ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ My “shut the hell up” game gets even stronger now that I’m in my 30s Can we also talk about how confidence also comes with age? It’s just something that naturally, you grow into So if you are, I don’t know, like, 17, girl, and you’re not really feeling it yet, it’s okay In fact, it’s normal! I encourage it Nobody wants to be the person who peaked at 16 No shade! Honestly, give yourself years to grow into that You don’t just like, I wasn’t this way when I was younger Hell, no I knew I was ugly I knew my lane (Jackie laughs) But as I got older, I definitely came to grow more into myself, because first of all, life taught me, yeah, yeah, you good, you good, girl You doing all right You Gucci That was just something that came with my experiences, growth, seeing other people make mistakes that maybe I dodged, and like, “Oh, now I know I made the right move.” ‘Cause this video, I’m not necessarily just talking about confidence as how you look I’m talking about confidence like, as it relates to work, confidence in your professional life, career goals My favorite quote is definitely “Learn how to not take unsolicited opinions too personal,”

because lemme tell you something People love spilling their word vomit right onto your lap, even when you didn’t even ask for it The difference between your opinion and pizza is I asked for pizza I didn’t ask you what you thought of the shape of my butt – Double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon – I didn’t ask you if you liked my titties (Idris coughs) – What? – I didn’t ask you that Now, why the hell did it take me 20 minutes to figure out this side of my contour was unblended? Why y’all ain’t tell me? I’m gonna bronze This is my Fenty bronzer in Coco Naughty Remember, sis, you inspire people who pretend to not even see you I anything you to remember that Write it down Put it in your back pocket and save it for a rainy day Just ’cause people aren’t say nothing to you or to your face, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not checking for you, and they’re not inspired This is my Dermablend powder in the color Warm Saffron If that’s not a confidence booster, I honestly don’t know what the hell is Now I’m bronzing, for real, for real One thing that my mom taught me when I was younger is that if you wake up every day, even when you’re not in the mood, even when you’re irritated as hell, even when you are just so irritated, even when you just don’t even feel cute, you gotta break out whatever Whatever you’re going through, wake up every single morning, and as soon as you hit that bathroom mirror, just look at yourself and smile You ain’t gotta say nothing You ain’t have to have the best smile Just smile! It is what it is Whatever you’re dealt with, just look in the mirror and smile Sometimes honestly that in itself is a quick mood booster and can instantly make you feel like, “Wow, whatever is in store for me today, “I’m ready, I got this.” That right there is a little bit of confidence Something that I also want to stress is do not, under any circumstances, ever, ever, do you hear me, don’t ever entertain negative self-talk You better – Shh (woman claps) No – Uh-uh, cut it out Cut that right the hell out If it means I sucked at that, I mean, that might not be negative self-talk That might be reality But that’s a little different If that’s a test, I mean, numbers don’t lie Negative self-talk means, “I don’t have the qualifications for this job,” or “Why would a guy date someone like me,” or even something like, “I’m not good enough, “I’m not pretty enough, I’m not thin enough.” (Jackie groans) X all that Even if those things are true, okay, even if you really feel like those things are true, don’t say them! Don’t say them out loud! Because if it’s not true, it just became true the moment you verbalized it You put it out there Okay, stop that Don’t be doing that Sometimes you can verbally psych yourself up just before you even had a chance Like, you never even gave yourself a chance Do you understand how powerful that is? I would definitely not be here today if I entertained a lot of the negative self-thoughts that I had I wasn’t always this booming, walking, talking advertisement for how to live your best life No, I don’t always have nice things I wasn’t always that great at makeup, and I wasn’t always, like I said earlier, wasn’t always that cute So I learned how to really just develop these things with or without them actually being true That is really what will stand the test of time, is when you build that stuff internally and when you build it yourself, nobody can take it from you If you got it from a guy, if you got it from an old boss, if you got it from an ex-friend who, you know, maybe is not in your life anymore, once those things are gone, you really have to have it within yourself The key thing is you have to actually believe it for it to stick I’m even gonna go as far as to say sometimes it’s best to just not even tell anyone For example, if you’re thinking about starting a new business, or if you’re thinking about going back to school, or if you’re thinking about joining the military, maybe these are things that people probably would either try to talk you out of or wouldn’t believe in you enough to encourage you to do it Then I just would not tell people I would just do it first I’m queen of literally accomplishing something and then people finding out that I did it when I accomplished it I don’t like telling people, “I’m thinking about doing this “I’m thinking about doing that,” because you know what that does? Lemme tell you what that does It gives other people the opportunity to talk you out of it Confidence gone, before you even started Why the hell would I do that? No I got this I’ll do this on my own If I fail, so what? I learned something, didn’t I? When have you ever not learned something from a failure? I’ve learned a lot from failing at certain things, a ton of things So you gain something from it Do you get what I’m saying? Just to piggyback off of what I was saying about not entertaining negative self-talk, also try your hardest to refrain from entertaining negative self-talk when other people are doing it You know that quote in Mean Girls when all of the girls are basically going around in circles and saying something really self-deprecating about each other, and then it’s kind of like, “Okay, your turn now “Drag yourself.” Don’t be doing that If anything, tell your girlfriends, “Girl, chill, relax.” Change the subject, because that stuff, like it or not, even though it may be lighthearted and cute in the long run, you really are saying it ’cause you believe it Why would you wanna believe that about yourself? On the opposite, try to practice positive words of affirmation Practice telling yourself, “Yes, I can, “yes, I did, it’s already mine “Did that “Accomplished that “Passed that “Job mine.” Truly, nobody has time to entertain negative self-talk,

because guess what, if you really didn’t believe you had what it takes, then why would you be going after that in the first place? You applied, girl, ’cause you know you’ve got what it takes Deep down, you do, and you know that the world needs to be exposed to it too So let them Let them love some you too! So we’re gonna take a quick break to do the eyes It’s really hard to pump y’all up with confidence boosters while I blend, so I’m just gonna really quickly use a little bit of my Maybelline foundation and just kind of go over my eyelids to just even them out a little bit This is just our shadow primer today, but I’m not actually using just this as shadow primer I’m also gonna use a little bit of the ABH eye primer This eye primer is so light that it performs so much better when you mix it in with a complexion product that your concealer, your foundation It just looks way better and way more flattering on the skin tone Hopefully this video isn’t too all over the place, but like, I just want you guys to really live out and see your true potential, and a lot of the things that I know now I wish I knew when I was like, 21 Even at the age of 25, there were certain things that I was certain about I knew I was gonna be successful I just knew I didn’t know how, but I just knew When I was a teenager, I didn’t really have all that positivity I wasn’t surrounded with a bunch of people rooting for me and telling me to live out my own potential all the time They most certainly weren’t calling me ugly No, it was like, “You are actually supposed to be a doctor That’s not really a confidence booster, when that’s not your end goal in life I’m late on the bandwagon Wait, is this my first time using this? Oh my God, I think it might be This is from the ABH Norvina collection I guess this is its own standout brand now Yeah, I’m gonna take this palette It’s called the Pro Pigment Vol. 3 Sounds real cute, Felicia I’m gonna take D1 I like how these are labeled too This is D1, this color right here It’s kind of orange-y Today’s look will be orange and yellow, perhaps I’m gonna take a pad in my hand, not a pad A foofy la la poof, yeah, whatever I’m gonna put this under my eye to catch any fallout, and I’m gonna take D1 Okay, that’s really orange, oh my God I wanted this to look a little bit more like my skin tone, but that’s okay D1, we gon’ fit right into the living room, AKA, the crease, honey It’s got just enough orange to not be too standout-ish It actually looks really good on my skin tone I’m gonna really buff this out and extend her, and I’m gonna build up I’m not gonna load on my brush and go right in and blend I’m building as I go up You want it to gradually get heavier and heavier We need brown liner, dark brown liner, to be specific, and I’m gonna start tracing the shape of my eyes It’s not gon’ be neat, child Don’t be judgin’ me, girl Also, I’m gonna take, oh, you know what, I wanna do that after I blend out my lid color, but yeah, we’re gon’ trace the shape of our eyes using this brown pencil, and if it’s not perfect, that’s okay It’s easier to do this when you’re following your natural eye shape, because then you know that it’s even, if you’re following your actual eye shape I thought there was a dark matte brown in this palette, but, ♪ Wow, I was wrong ♪ So I grabbed my own palette, and I’m just gonna use Credit, because you can never do no wrong Oh, here it is, this thing right here (makeup products rattling) We need something, that’s too precise (makeup products rattling) Maybe this one I’ma take this Morphe M419 419, girl? What in the scammer is going on? M419, honey, is gonna take us home, girl We’re just gonna use this and just trace right over that Yes, I know this is not perfect, and I’m intensifying the brown eyeliner that we made by using Credit I’m trying to really smoke this out and blend this out Now, the next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take E2 from this palette here, down here She looks a lot lighter on camera than she actually is I just want my brush to kiss it, boop Just one quick poke in there, okay? Y’all know what I meant I’m gonna go right over where we applied our brown, and I’m gonna start blending her over back and forth, ♪ Back, back ♪ ♪ Forth and forth ♪ And I’m gonna start blending back, back, forth, and forth to intensify Please ignore this I only put that there because I wanted to see where I need to stop this top line I’m actually gonna redo that Just ignore that Oh, yes, Miss E2 We’re gonna use this to just blend out this brown, honey We need more primer for our lid We’re gonna etch all that off I wanna thin out this line as much as I possibly can, thin her own meaning cover her up And then I’ma do the same on this side! (electronic hip hop music) Just one more quick round of liner, I am perfectionist Close that gap, close that gap! And if you think for a second I’m not wearing eyeliner, you’re wrong You’re canceled Leave, see yourself out For my lid color, I wanna do, I’m gonna bold I’m going for blood today This is E3 It’s like a neon Change of plans, we’re doing yellow So we’re gonna do E4 It’s a matte yellow I’m going to plop that onto my lid carefully (Jackie laughs) Wow, this is yellow! Wowee Maui This is a really good quality yellow, though, girl She not blotchy at all, honey

Get out of my video! And can we all collectively agree that black women in yellow makes a buttload, a manual, a manuscript of points! I’m gonna take a liquid liner This is brown You can use black if you’d like It’s totally up to you I’m just gonna use this to reinforce that top last line I also want to trace the inner tear duct of my energy We need beige liner on our water line This is from After Make Up For Ever in the shade Infinite Sand It’s not actually white Sorry, guys, it’s off-white, it’s beige We need a smidge of brown along our bottom lash line I’m going back to Credit from my palette, and I’m just going to, starting on the outer-ish area, I’m gonna start building up a little bit of that brown But we’re not gonna go too heavy-handed, girl Just keep it light and keep it cute And also, don’t connect You don’t wanna bring it too far in, ’cause I kind of want this to have its own moment Bam, I threw on a lash This is Lilly Lash So Extra Is this So Extra Miami? Yeah, this is So Extra Miami Do a little dollop of mascara I don’t know who y’all think I am, but I’m somebody else today Okay, we’re pretty much done, And we just gotta throw on a lip, and we Gucci Oh, and blush Of course, how could I forget about blush? This is Sweet Brown from Marena Beaute We’re just gonna kiss the cheeks, kiss the cheeks This is perfect, Christ’s it’s gonna go really well with the yellow But as we blend this, the last thing I wanna say is, please don’t compare yourself to somebody else Don’t compare yourself to anybody else, period Why would you even wanna be somebody else but yourself? You are you That is your power I remember when I was first growing my channel I thought I had to do what everybody else was doing I thought I had to be like somebody else I thought I had to follow someone else’s formula, someone else’s path, someone else’s swag, whatever I was doing everything but being myself, and that’s why, when people watch my old videos, they’re like, “Oh my God, you changed so much “You’re so different now.” And I’m like, “No, I’m the same.” I’ve always been this weird and eclectic and out there I just didn’t know that it would be embraced If I had really been putting my personality out there like that, I’d probably be a lot further than where I am now, which is fine that I’m not, but truly, you are you, and that is your power That is a power Being you is your power Embrace it Take advantage of it Hone in on it Protect it Like I said, you inspire people who pretend to not even see you, okay? Know that Let’s finish it off with some Morphe Setting Spray I don’t know what exactly I’m setting ’cause I’m not going anywhere, but we’re gonna do it anyway, just to go through the motions (heavenly synth music) And then last, we’re gonna finish off with a beautiful, chocolate-y gloss lip First I’m gonna line my lips with Pitch from ColourPop I don’t think they make this liner anymore I feel like somebody commented this on my video I don’t think this liner is, I think this is gone, girl I think she gone I think she retired But you don’t have to use this It’s just a really dark cool tone brown liner This is Aphrodisiac lipstick It’s from the new Artist Couture Nude Collection (Jackie inhales deeply) They smell so freaking good I love that we got a Brown Angel Thank you for giving us a dark brown Ooh, oh, that’s so pretty That’s a really nice shade of brown, ooh – Ooh – Ooh – Ooh – Ooh I didn’t know we had that much of a banger on our hands, but now I know though Oh, and the formula, that was super juicy and super hydrating Yes, we’re still gonna put a gloss on top I just wanna overline my lips just a teensers Oh my God, I was looking through my kit, and I was just about to say, “It’s so weird that I don’t have a dark brown lip gloss,” ’cause I really don’t, and then I really looked and looked and looked, and then I found this one This is from Bearded Beauty Cosmetics One of my followers actually DM’d me on Instagram, like, a couple months ago and was like, “I have a line of makeup, “and I’m just getting off the ground “I wanna send it to you.” So shout-out to my baby for sending these to me This was really sweet of you This is a black-owned brand, a male-owned brand A beauty boy started this brand, and he’s literally a guy who wears makeup I love when people express themselves in whatever form they are Sometimes the bearded boys don’t get too much love on social media, so I’m really proud of I’m for starting this brand, and this is literally the only dark brown gloss that I had in my kit! So again, thank you, boo, for sending me these And of course, just like all the other products, I’ll link them down below The shade that I’m wearing is, what is this? Does this have a name? Oh my God, there’s no name There’s no name, but I’m pretty sure it’s probably the only dark brown gloss, and these smell so good I actually did a little swatch story when I first got these on my Insta stories a couple months ago, and they’re super buttery and very, very hydrating I really wanted the lip to be just like mirror shine This smells so freaking good You saw the way my nostril flared, right? (Jackie moans) I could just layer this on and on and on But I’m done though That’s it I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video I know it might have been a little chatty, a little bit all over the place, but I really enjoyed talking about confidence I fee like I kind of have really grown into myself, into my 30s, into the newness that is me I feel like I’ve literally lived seven lives I’m a divorcee, I’m a veteran I’ve live in different countries and different states It’s a lot Some people meet me, and they’re like,

“You’re 32? “The way that you describe the stuff you’ve been through, “I would have thought you were in your 40s,” and I’m like, “Yeah, I know.” So I know a thing or two about confidence Just a little something Okay, guys, I really hope you enjoyed today’s video I mean, I may not be the poster child on how to be the most confident I have my moments, don’t get me wrong We all do I’m only human But I think I know a thing or two about a thing or two It’s funny, because when people hear all the stuff that I’ve been through, I’ve been previously married, divorced, lived in different countries, I’m also a veteran, they are like, “You’re only 32? “I would assume after going through all that, “you were in your 40s.” I mean, I don’t look it, though, but that’s just what people say I truly feel like I’ve lived enough and I know enough to know that, you know what, stuff happens You bounce back You’re not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay I’m living poof of that Life goes on after not being someone’s cup of tea And like, who cares? You should be drinking kombucha anyway Okay, that as really corny and not funny Anyway, thank you guys for hanging out in today’s video I really hope you guys enjoyed the makeup look, the shatter If you recreate this look, I would love to see you tag me Tag me on Twitter if you enjoy the video And I really like them you guys make cut-downs of my videos, by the way Whenever you take little quotable moments and you tweet them to me, I always retweet them, ’cause they almost always pop off and go viral So shout-out to everybody who does that But in the meantime, if you’re not all that technologically savvy, you could just watch another video I mean, I’m putting it right here Where else you gon’ go? Exactly You might as well watch another video

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