(rooster and lion calls) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, what is the greasiest chip out there? We’re gonna find out. You will, too ‘Cause you’re watching this – But first, we’re gonna take a new selfie face, and this one is “I’ve got a secret, and it’s a good one.” (shutter clicks) – Yeah, I felt that – I took two for good measure – I felt it, I feel it, I’m with it – That is an awesome shirt you got on – That is a awesome shirt you have on – Where’d you get that? – I got it from over there, they handed it to me – Oh, I got it from over there, they handed to me as well – It’s got labels that correspond with all of the chips that we have here, I can’t help but notice – Oh yeah, that’s what those labels are for – Yeah, I bet you what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna like get a handful of chips, and rub ’em on our hands, and then rub our hands on our shirt in different locations – Oh yeah, like the old Pringles ad! – 1993 Pringles had this ad, oh, this is so sophisticated, and funky We’re not playing the music because we don’t have the ability to – [Rhett] But you did see it- – Roll it back, just roll it back to that guy, he’s smearing, they got chips in bags, and he’s rubbing it on his chest – [Rhett] You know how you do when you eat chips – [Link] And look at those grease marks – Do you remember, not just this, I don’t remember this commercial specifically, but do you remember Pringles having this angle for their ads? That they were saying that they were less messy than other chips? – No, and – Have you ever eaten a Pringle and thought, “This is less messy than other chips.” – Well that wasn’t the only message in the ad, but it was a dominant, there was a lot of messages One, cool people eat Pringles Dancers eat Pringles Colorful clothed people eat Pringles Chips in bags are catastrophically messy, and they crumble up And they’re greasy – That’s all bad, really – And they don’t pop I mean, that popped So I disproved that one So one demerit for Pringles – Now, Cheetos is the classic, I feel like Cheetos have so much dust on them Just take some Cheetos, friend Just really, I don’t wanna really break ’em, I just wanna do the kinda thing that I would do if I was eating them, which is caress them – This is not about eating, this is about caressing – I caress them to kind of heat them up a little bit I am gonna eat one while I’m here, though – We’re gonna have to wash our hands and thoroughly dry them between each round I think we’re gonna need a blow dryer – Or just some wipes, just some wet wipes – You know where our blow dryer is, in the bottom plastic drawer – Are you serious? – It’s a science! How else are you gonna get grease on your hand if they’re wet? – I’m gonna wipe ’em with baby wipes, and them I’m gonna wipe ’em off with paper towels – Well I’m gonna blow dry my hands, while you watch in disgust – I’ve got, this is serious stuff happening here, this is like I’ve been going at it with some Cheetos for hours Where’s my Cheeto sticker? Can’t see it. Right here? Just gonna take it and just do one, boom – [Link] I did three – Just as a control, I’m doing one Just like the commercial – Here’s a wipe Oh, I’m gonna use some of these flushable wipes That’s the ticket – That’s so wet. So wet – Here, use this, use the flushable wipe, don’t use a cleaning wipe – I’ll do that on the next round I don’t know how I’m gonna get my hand dry without a blow dryer, but I’ll see what I can do with this paper towel – Bring it on my side, he don’t want it – Man, it’s like Boy, if I had just hot air, then that would really do the trick It would really really really do the trick (dryer blowing) – Kinda makes me wanna go bowling – All right, moving on to classic Lays, which I believe is what he had in the commercial – Well they had generic ones that, they were taking a shot at Lays, yeah – Get in there. Trying to get greasy Just really, just caressing I’m gonna have a nice little thing here after a while – Thank you, Chase – I’m trying not to do something unnatural – How’d that podcast go? How’s that going? Mythical Society podcast? – [Chase] Yeah, I was real nervous about the first one, but then I realized I’m just talking to people that I talk to every single day – And everyone listening – [Chase] And everyone listening,

that was more nerve-wracking, I think But it’s been a lot of fun, I’m excited to keep going – Original Lays, I’m going up here – [Rhett] Is my original Lays up there? – I’m going with three of each – So I should go here? – I mean look at how shiny that is That is a shiny hand – I don’t think I got anything I really went for it, though – Yeah, I know, do you see any on me? – Man, you got to take a blow dryer to that shirt That’s the only way that you’re gonna get that off – I have one I have one right here Hold on, that messes up the test, I think he’s being facetious – Well, the thing about the Lays – You can’t see the grease? – No – Is this shirt from the 90s, or? – Oh, it’s a grease-proof shirt from the 90s All shirts in the 90s were grease-proof, ’cause you didn’t know what you were gonna get yourself into – I felt sure that was gonna show the most grease And you’re saying it’s not showing any grease? – I mean – I wiped it three times – I don’t see any grease, man – Pringles, I’m trying to help you out, buddy – Man, I wish I had a blow dryer to open this bag – Ooh, that’s nice See, I can still tell that it’s greasy – First of all, cool ranch Doritos taste so good, after eating a bunch of Pringles, I gotta say, sorry, Pringles, but cool ranch Doritos are a lot better than you But you know, Pringles are a certain thing for a certain time I can’t not eat this There’s a lot of dust on these, I think maybe a nacho cheese Dorito- – There’s dust but there’s not as much, they’re not as greasy Because, is that a function of the corn, versus the potato? Where does this go? Fritos, Cheetos – Far right – Down here? – Hold on. Oh, I got it, too – [Link] See, now that, that’s more of the dust than it is the – [Rhett] Whoa! – Yeah, but it’s – That’s pretty significant, man – Are they trying to claim, not that they’re greasy, but that they don’t have any toppings that come off on your hand? – I just think they just, I think the main thing they talked about was greasy – But you’re commenting on just the powder – But I mean, that does happen as well I mean look at my Cheeto area. It’s still the worst – I know, but that’s not even what they were complaining about The dust – But we can’t see any grease So we gotta move on to dust – Well I’m gonna also dust the Pringles, then Do we, yeah, we got a Pringles spot right here So we can get rid of these, we can get rid of these – Sea salt, oh, you know what, these may be super greasy (dryer blowing) When you’re ready – Ooh, that’s hot, ooh, that’s hot – There’s a lot of grease coming off of these Miss Vickie’s Is this your aunt, she got a chip company? ‘Cause I know she was a lunch lady for a while, so I know she knows food – She is single Never got married – What’s the point? Okay, look how greasy my hand is – This is the greasiest so far – Where is it? Miss Vickie’s – Kettle, oh, yep, there it is, right there Oh yeah, hold that back You’re only doing one rub, I’m doing three – But I’m getting, I mean it’s not helping – Do you see grease? – I mean, maybe a teeny tiny bit? – Maybe we got grease-proof shirts – Yeah, grease-proof shirts These are grease-proof, right? – Are they grease-proof? – Yeah, they are – They can’t be penetrated by grease They’re impervious to grease – That’s why we got ’em We were like “Hey, we’re gonna do a grease test for these shirts, we should probably get the grease-proof ones.” – Maybe it’s the wrinkle stuff, you know? I think that’s what’s happening, guys – In case you’re wondering, not a sponsor These are Amazon Essentials shirts Amazon has everything, man, you can dress head to toe in Amazon and no one would know Be like “Oh, looking sharp.” “Amazon Essentials made me this way.” – They don’t say “Amazon Essentials” in a prominent location – But no, I’m thinking about getting a hoodie that says “Amazon Essentials” really big on the front

You know? Really rocking that brand – If you’re gonna rock a brand, Amazon Speaking of rock a brand, you wanna drink your way into mythicality? Well get yourself these color-changing Mythi-cups at Mythical.com You put some cold water in, and they change the color of the freaking, oh, gosh – Look how they change color – And look at that, I’ll add even more, and it’ll change color again, and it’ll change color again, and it’ll change color again Mythical.com. Pretty cool, huh? – Pretty cool, pretty cool Not done yet – Ruffles – We’re not learning much, but we’re having fun Are those sour cream and onion? – These are original You mean cheddar sour cream Because, these are the best Pringles, but I think that, I mean they’re not the best chips, but those Ruffles, those Ruffles cheddar and sour cream will give you a run for your money, chip world – Pretty greasy – Yeah, they are – You need a reload? – Nope Where’s it at, down here? – I mean if you just go with a shine test on my hand – This and Miss Vickie is equally shiny – Miss Vickie’s I think are even shinier Ruffles Nothing Grease-proof, though, I mean that’s why it’s not happening – Somebody asks you “What’d you do today?” and you say “Oh, I watched two middle-aged men rub chips on their chests.” – But they had on grease-proof shirts from Amazon – Amazon Originals – Amazon Essentials Amazon Originals is their video programming – Yeah, that’s what I’d have on my shirt, “Amazon Originals.” Double promotion, Amazon Essentials and Originals – Yeah, I always wear my Amazon Essentials while I’m watching my Amazon Originals All Amazon, all the time (dryer blowing) – Chase, does this make you feel as special as it makes me feel? – [Chase] Extra special – I think we have other things – Fritos. Fritos are greasy They’re a notoriously greasy – What do you think, you think Jeff Bezos wears Amazon Essentials head to toe every day? I mean he’s like the richest man in the world, but I’d bet you anything he shows up to a meeting in Amazon Essentials – I think he has to – Yeah, and you know what, I think he looks sharp I feel great – Why wouldn’t he? – They have everything They got tank tops, I got one of those They got workout shorts, I got some of those It’s like 11 bucks for a shirt, man – Fritos are greasy, y’all – That’s why he’s got so much money, because of all the money he saves – [Link] On his own clothes – And it gets there so fast – Fritos are greasy – The moment you think about a grease-proof shirt, it basically shows up at your doorstep – I just don’t see – Thanks to Jeff Bezos Amazon Basics, yeah – Amazon Bezos Amazon Bezos? – Amazon Basics is like their product line – Amazon Bezos – However, Stevie recently told us a secret She said that the Amazon’s Choice, which I just sort of completely without thinking about it thought that it meant the best-selling thing It’s the one that they take a really big margin on So they make money off of it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s great How’d you learn that, Stevie? – [Stevie] Well, because they also have “Best-seller” as a thing, so it wouldn’t be a best-selling thing, it would be like “Amazon’s Choice, because Amazon gets something out of it.” Like it’s sold by Amazon, it’s sold by a sub-brand of Amazon – Well I hope this is Amazon’s Choice because I love it It’s my choice, I choose it every day In fact, this is my new look – All right, so I think we’ve done all of ’em except for Kettle brand, and the Pringles Do you remember the YouTuber HotForWords? – Oh, yeah – Wonder what she’s up to now Is she still HotForWords? Is she doing something else? Because- – I think her name was Katrina or – She was a pretty woman, who knew a lot about words – Well I’m not sure how much she knew about words, but – Marina I don’t know what made me think about her

– What made you not think about her? – I remember, one of the first YouTube gatherings we went to, we met her And it was strange – [Stevie] Oh, I remember her – Yeah! – She did videos where she would teach you about words, but it was very sexy She was like a sexy, what’s the word for, ironically, knowing about words? A philandropist? – An entymologist, that’s somebody who studies insects Ornithologist? That’s somebody who studies birds – I think it’s a She’s a Russian – A linguist – I didn’t say “She’s Russian,” I said “She’s a Russian.” But I was reading “A Russian host” and I stopped – [Stevie] A linguist – She’s a linguist And she would always say “Let’s get lingual.” She would never say that, but she should have – We met her in an In-N-Out We ate a burger with her at In-N-Out, that’s what we did – Are you serious? – We ate a burger with Marina from HotForWords at In-N-Out – How do I not remember that? – I don’t know. You were certainly there – What am I doing? – Kettle sea salt, very greasy Kettle is just, I mean it’s just a kettle of grease – [Rhett] Okay, I actually, oh, I got contact here Can you see that? I finally get serious grease happening – [Link] I think it’s the lighting – The Kettle chips, I just got some Kettle chip in your Fritos The Kettle chips have registered on my shirt I know you’re not gonna be able to see that, but they have registered on my shirt They are the greasiest chip so far Which makes sense, I mean they cook in a kettle – Is she uploading videos? – [Stevie] There’s not really a “Latest.” I can’t find her actual YouTube – Her last video’s from what? – [Stevie] I think she privated her YouTube channel, it turns out she was making videos for BankRate.com, was who the series was for, so they appear to be, some of them are pirated on different channels, but her original channel doesn’t seem to have them It says, on her Wikipedia it says, “Orlova was reported as having become an advocate of GoDaddy in August 2009 In spring 2010, she started doing video lessons of Russian for…” RoosterTeeth? No, no no no no no It says capital RT – Yeah, for the state TV in Russia – [Stevie] Yeah I’m like “RoosterTeeth got HotForWords? In 2010?” – It’s a channel that’s broadcast directly into Putin’s bedroom – I was gonna dump ’em in your hand Not to eat! – If you’re just putting Pringles next to me, I’m gonna start – These are the winners I gotta tell ya, they seem to be dramatically less greasy Because they’re made from dried potato pieces – It’s not a deep frying process, it’s not a oily frying process – Made from, I mean even on the commercial in fine print, at the bottom, in one scene, it said, “Made from potato sweepings.” What did it say? – What’d you say? – Dried potato – Potato sweepings – You sweep up – That’d be the most unappetizing thing – Made with potato sweepings – Now with potato sweepings from the other potato chips that you enjoy – Doesn’t seem greasy Oh my gosh, but look at what I’ve done Yeah. It’s all over it! – It’s the worst! – One of the worst! – No, it is definitively the worst! – It’s not worse than the Cheetos – [Rhett] No, but look at the greasy part! It’s the worst! – Debunked, for those of you who are still watching – Hey, listen, that’s why you hung on ‘Cause now you know that Pringles are actually the worst chip for your shirt Even your grease-proof shirts – Blow my face – They taste good, though (dryer blowing) (cheerful music) – All right, every day, every episode, just like that – [Rhett] Grab a variety pack of our magical color changing Mythi-cups now at Mythical.com

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