hey guys welcome to my youtube channel I’m here with my daughter Taylor Taylor say hi and today we are going to show you guys how to get a flawless foundation so if you want to see how to get flawless foundation just keep up Taylor today we’re going to be using a mary kay foundation um this is in the color ivory 104 and you always want to match the color to the person’s decollete and what that’s going to do is it’s going to ensure that you have an even color and an even coverage throughout so now that we see that it matches her decollete we’re going to go ahead and apply the foundation to our face and before we do that we are going to mix this mary kay foundation with um blissful bodies oil um miracle beauty oil and serum so shouldn’t you put that thing in my face that stuff that says do you want me to go yet are you nervous I’ll do it oh just give me a second ok ok and we’re going to mix that on the back of our hand make sure your hands are sanitary um I used germ x just before we started filming so my hands are clean and before you apply any foundation the first thing that you want to do is put a primer on and what the primer does is it helps the foundation stick to your skin and it also helps to put the foundation on evenly so today I have two primers I have makeup forever smoothing primer and the drugstore version is the l’oreal paris magic Lumi so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to mix those in um actually what I’m going to do is I’m going to why this one to her face I’m going to mix this one with the foundation to give her a dewy glowy look so all we need is just um focus we just need a little tiny dab we don’t need much and just going to apply it to four adults you want to apply it in your problem areas and in your t-zone if your if your oily unless you like the dewy look the oily dude do we look and notice that I’m using patting motions I’m not you know rubbing it in or swiping it like this I’m I’m patting it into her skin to make sure that it gets you know gets in there really really well and then I’m just going to take the magic Lumi and just apply a little bit into the foundation and again just give it a nice little mix and then I’m going to take my Sigma f80 kabuki brush and I’m just going to Pat that onto the brush and then I’m going to apply it to her face and i’m using stippling motions or patting motions I’m not um you know swiping this into her skin and this matches her perfectly I know choosing a foundation can always be really hard so if you guys are drug store shoppers the best idea when buying a drugstore foundation or any foundation for that matter is if um if you can’t test the product which I highly do not recommend that you do that um buy one shade lighter than your skin tone and one shade darker and mix them together

that’s the best way to ensure you get a nice even coverage that matches your skin tone so that you don’t look like you have a ghost face or like a darker face then you should so we are almost finished here just going to make sure and get her neck to make sure that everything blends in well alright so that’s it for the foundation part well the wet foundation part next we’re going to take our chanel soleil de I always have so much trouble seeing this name so late and a Chanel and this is a bronzer and we are going to take a contouring brush I’m going to use my Real Techniques contour brush and I’m just going to stipple this on to the brush and another another thing that I definitely want to tell you guys is that if you’re using cream products you always want to put them on either before or after your foundation I don’t think it really matters except for whatever your personal preference is and um you never want to apply a powder over or you never want to apply a cream over a powder that way you know I’m back with my damp Beauty Blender what you want to do with this is you want to wring it like this under the sink several times it’s going to go from approximately this size to this size so it’s going to double in size and and then um you just bounce it off of your feet have my bronzer on the stippling brush and what you want to do is kind of a rule of thumb is if you take a brush you can take it from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth and that will give you the hollow of your cheek and that’s where you apply your bronzer or your contour so we are going to apply her browser right there and any time you use a cream product you always want to set it with a powder and that is another secret to a flawless foundation and it’s kind of tricky in the makeup world um you don’t want to just use one or the other unless unless you’re really dry then I would suggest staying away from powder or if you’re really oily I would suggest you know when I go to blend this out I’m going to take my Sigma e-40 and close your eyes for me and I’m going to just hold this down at the bottom and I’m going to just use circular motions and windshield wiping motions again the tighter or the closer you hold your brush to the top the more intense the color I didn’t put anything on this brush this is just to blend it out so going to do the same thing with the other eye we are going to find the hollows of her eye and just apply this color as intensely as I can on the outer part of her eye sockets and as I do this I’m using small circular motions so that I don’t have any harsh lines and it won’t be too too hard to

blend out again i’m taking my e25 by sigma with nothing on it and we’re blending all right um no we’re going to brighten up her eyelid and um this is another reason why I just love max pro emphasized because you can use this it for just a multitude of things I’m going to take my mac 242 and put that on my brush I’m going to spray it with just a little bit of fix+ um and what that’s going to do is it’s going to help intensify the color and I put that right on her lid and what that’s going to do is it’s going to open up the eye this is going to work wonders for anybody who has hooded eyelids i’m using patting motions i’m not swiping it i want to put as much color on her lid as i possibly can so I’m padding again taking my mac pro um sorry mac fix+ um using patting motions and just packing that on her lid all right um taking taking away the eye shadow fall out under her eye and on the side of her I um because what will happen sometimes with people who have hooded eyelids if you go too far down on the eye it’ll make you look like you’ve got droopy eyes and we want to make the eyes look lifted so we are cleaning up that area um and then I know a lot of you guys requested to see browse and liner and lash applications um I don’t know how I feel not doing lashes on Taylor so for the purpose of this video we’re not gonna do it but we will do browse and I’m going to take give me just a minute buddy I’m going to take um Maybelline eye studio in the color brown actually you know what no I’m not because that’s going to be just a little bit too dark for her that’s more my color um I am actually going to take a powder and i think i’m going to take i’m going to take wedge by mac on a sigma e45 um angled brush I’m just going to dip that in and look at mommy and just fill in her brows I don’t let her tweeze her eyebrows yet so we’re just filling in her brows lightly very lightly I’m not trying to make her look any older than she is she’s already growing up so fast now I will have to film a later video or tutorial for you guys to you know get that eyebrows on fleek um but for her we’re just doing a little bit of darkening we’re not doing anything dramatic um like he seems natural so for her what I’m going to do is I will go ahead and line her lips just real quick for the purpose of this video normally I don’t let her wear liner um and a good rule of thumb for liner is um I know the nude pinky thing is really really in so you always want to go a shade or two darker on your lip liner and I know at first you’re gonna look ridiculous it’s gonna make you look like um yeah it’s

going to make you look weird at first but after you apply lipstick or and or glass and blend everything will turn out really nicely a promise so we’re just going to line her lips and no i’m not over lining her lips again i’m not trying to make her look any older than she actually is so this is stripped down by mac oh hey okay so now that we’re done lining her lips i’m going to take um l’oreal paris legally regal and this is a lipstick and i’m going to take Nick’s Eclair and I’m going to put these two on her lips and what you want to do is again make sure that you are sanitary if you’re doing this on a client you don’t want to take and put this directly on their lip or put this directly on your brush and then put it on their lip and then put it back into the lipstick that completely defeats the purpose of keeping your stuff sanitary especially because liquid or wet products can grow bacteria very very easily so what you want to do is um take a spatula and put it on your hand or if you’ve got if you’re if you sanitize your hands you can take it and put it on the back of your hand so that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to take this and I’m going to put a lot of it probably overuse a lot of it on the back of my hand so that if I have to go back in with my brush I’m not putting any bacteria back on to this so I’m going to take my brush and pick up all that product and i’m going to apply it to her lips and if you have to pick up more product do because you already went like this with your brush you don’t want to put your brush or your lipstick back into the same spot especially if you’re working on a client so you want to use a new spot and put more of that product on a different area of your hand again make sure that it is sanitary can you open your mouth for me thank you okay watch your lips together all right and then I’m going to take Nick see Claire and I’m going to take a YP I’m going to take this off my hand I’m going to spray my hand with alcohol and I’m going to pick up that lip brush again and do a few swirls and place that on the back of my hand take that lip brush and place this on her lips okay give me a blot okay and as I’m doing this I don’t know if you guys okay so you guys can already start to see that her liner is already starting to blend can you guys tell my son in the background he’s playing with a star wars that you got for christmas okay throw them together and then lastly I think every girl knows to curl their eyelashes she has long beautiful eyelashes already and I don’t want to ruin that so um we’re not going to curl them and I’m not going to apply mascara but basically what you do is you put your eyelashes into the curler you give it a couple of squeezes um it’ll curl your eyelashes and you will take your mascara see this is just one I have handy right now this is urban decay perversion and what you’re going to do is first of all

ladies don’t ever pump your mascara like this okay you want to like swirl it inside the tube and then as you pull it out just kind of give it like a flick of the wrist and when you go to apply your mascara apply from the top first and make sure and get a good coating on there let it dry and then curl your lashes again and then go from the bottom up and sometimes it helps to use zigzag motion so when you do it you can go like this um and that all kind of help to ensure a good coating um and then I rubber brush / the rubber brush part yeah look over your Josh’s oh yeah um a rubber brush is always better to use on your lashes it’s not going to be as harsh and then the last thing you want to do is set your foundation to make sure that it doesn’t move it’s not going to go anywhere and i am using two-phase trimmed and poreless this is a setting powder and i’m going to just take this on my kabuki brush and again we are patting I know it looks kind of funny at first but the more you pat the better though it started ok so again we’re just patting stippling motions all over the face yes this is going over her blush it’s going over her contour it’s going over her highlight and it’s just going to give the face that natural look instead of like harsh defined lines or anything like that and keep in mind that the more stippling motions you use the better and if you still can’t get the product to go on the way you want you can take a duo fiber brush this is a 187 from Mac and use circular motions very light handedly all over the face and just finish off that way um if you guys have any questions comments concerns please feel free to leave them down below in the description bar humm I’m really hoping to start 2016 off with a bang and kind of keep this rolling and hopefully develop a youtube channel and a youtube family I look hearing I look forward to hearing from everybody and we’ll see you guys in the next video so thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you soon all right bye guys

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