hey guys it’s time for februari favorites but first I’m gonna do a little bit of unboxing because I got a few things in the mail today and I really am excited to see what they are and there’s only three boxes and grace through here really fast it’s my goal to try to get um a little bit faster my videos zoom I don’t want you to think I take 13 hours to do everything anyway this is the vault from victoria secret don’t leave anything on that and i ordered a bunch of stuff from there and they had a promotion going on that was like a free tumblr and some free shades and um they didn’t get added to my thing so I had a call a local store in our shores outside to call another store she said that and the light he was really really awesome shout out to I believe her name was Angie from wolfchase mall at the victoria secret there and she was not enough she personal e-mail me them and so it’s just as cute little tumblr I love tumblers like 30 of these thing but it’s just cute and clear and got pink on it and then it comes left on shrubs that are probably too small for my face oh god okay a super-duper site at next something from nordstrom nordstrom favorite store in the world kids and i got some samples and then and I had a Nordstrom note and so I got the mac fix+ because I know everybody in their cousin has it and I want to see if it really works too betta the ash shadows and everything because I’ve I’ve gotten so many oz shadows and everything lately and leave a comment down below if you use it or if it works so if you use it as a mega at the center or just for your eye shadows or just to spritz on your face when you need a thing because i use the mario badescu and it’s a kids ok next box I think you tell from the planets bath and body were throw all this the way hey I got to these they are the garden strawberry gentle hands dope ah usually I’m not a big fan of strawberry but varane special so I thought I’d give it out shout out trot out and poking in my shirt go up and I wants to join in all your book them you open up your box too haha that’s Haley she’s creepy and then I got these uh god I went like the wallflower refills and this is an amazing sing it’s the sweet pumpkin sweet cinnamon pumpkin it’s a false in it and they had it on clearance it was originally like 1250 it paid like four bucks for it yeah we have the sprays in this like the room sprays spray it’s so addictive it’s so addictive and then as you can never have too many candles and I see everybody talked about this candle and it is the get that in the camera there ger watermelon lemon I’d watermelon like I could take a bath in this stuff where they do they make the shower gel I know if you know if they make the shower gel let me know I want that show a couple of those and then this package if i can get

it over for you oh look at that double chin like it take to drive the shutter say bratfisch a good okay okay okay i think i got in here I got one of the Rio glow I don’t even know what the smells like I’m gonna smell it or a quick cuz i dont won’t let me it’s dipped a 0 remember i got two of the market peaches I love anything patron scented pitched into I got two of the water mill eliminates go with my condos I got my page 2 of the garden strawberry and woo that fit for the box Russia’s amazing that body works I use the same background this time because i think the Lighting’s kind of decent so yeah on if every way favorites I’m only six it’s in good job Matt okay we’re gonna start out with us price rooms bracelet room sprays love’em of body sprays these two are limited edition from victoria secret they are the pure seduction and the love spell in the bloom and they smell like they smell like heaven i spray you don’t even want to know how often a surprise spray them they limit edition now I ordered a bunch in them because I’m so scared no never come again but anyway get them they slide them in store it’s februari go for it and then cuz of the weather and i’m an arkansas it changes every day one day it’s 10 degrees one day it’s 71 day it’s snowing blah blah it just ruins my lips so I can’t live without my baby lips I’m gonna be loops these are two new antenna open yet but I have literally 15 laying around the house um the chain one talking to friends another favorite of the month is I don’t know if you can see focused in on that is this julep nail polish I got in my julep maven box I don’t know if y’all know about julep maven but it’s really awesome you get to nail polishes and a beauty product every month for nineteen dollars in something your first month is free free gas it’s free and then a lot of times like throwing stuff like this was a bonus for februari so you got three nail polishes and a beauty product and I have all the information i’ll link it down below and description bar if you want to check out julep maven and i will put a link down there and this is a gorgeous color called love i don’t know if they’ll ever sell it on there but it is gold and red and silver and my mom’s had it on her nails for literally a mind and it has not shipped and these are like fifteen dollars apiece so if you really think about it nineteen dollars not a big deal and if you refer to friends you get a box for free so like if you just keep your firing people and all that jizz jizz anyway um if you keep referring people you get a lot of stuff for free moving on to a mascara this is the size Queen cuz we all know size matter whether you want to know or not it does and it’s from Too Faced and this honkin piece of love is the brush okay like this brush is crazy we’re used it a couple times and it like it it barely wants to fit in it yes I barely wants to thin their it’s so big her that for from your dad just kidding um yeah it’s really really good okay next thing something I use every day these Sigma f80 flat top kabuki how many times

you’ve you heard about this I don’t think you need my description because you’ve probably heard about it so many times you’re sick of it it is genius genius genius and the next thing is a toner skincare so important if you don’t have good skin you’re not going to have good makeup it doesn’t matter if you spend hundreds of dollars when your makeup it won’t be good if you don’t take care of your skin because your skin has to be the rot base and this is a really good toner this is actually a sample simple got from winstram um I plan on purchasing the regular size but it’s from arkona I don’t know where else i sell it um it is the cranberry toner and guys if I could tell you God it has the most beautiful beautiful scent to it like you clean your face off with this at not and like you’ll lay down on your pillow and it’ll be on your pillow the next morning it smells so clean and so fresh and just like cranberries cranberries the next thing is a bag I got from nordstrom put like the stuff I use every day in it like a patent leather bag from halogen they still have this available it was like 50 bucks I’m so for like 20 something be sure to grab it wats there and it says most popular obviously I thought that was adorable for like the stuff that you use everyday done ok the next thing Nicole Barrera did a thing on this a lot of people have done a thing on this um it is a dupe for Porefessional term benefit it is the poor Vanisher youth code texture perfecter it’s always sold out it’s about ten dollars cheaper than the benefits and it is colored like this you just put it on and like I have nothing on my face so it wouldn’t hurt to do that anyway and it’s nice your face in your skin feels so good and so soft and it really does like I’ve noticed a major difference in the texture of my nose because that’s the one bad area that I had and I’ve noticed a huge difference so it’s really worth it it’s like cloning something but it’s worth it um we were on the hunt and I mean hunt for some good I asked blush this past month and we saw these and of course it means februari and Valentine’s Day and they’re two-faced and we just had to get home there are thirty dollars each you can get on the Ulta or sephora believe but they come in little hard like that on darbs adorbs this is the peach beach and this is the something about Barry I’ll show you the peach beat just like that it’s more of a bronzer blush highlighter trio sweep it across your finger it’s got a really lot natural just shimmer to it this isn’t going to give your cheeks like a really pinky Rosie look it’s just gonna give you a natural glow and this is the Something About Mary obviously this is way more of a blush it’s got a really really deep color and then houn letter and then a lot of blush and that is the pigment on that so yeah super paint maybe she want to do this just really lightly and then go over with the other one you not even not even like that would be really simple if you didn’t want to even do bronzer and highlighter at the same time you could just do mix at those two and you know the color literally is really strong on that that Something About Mary but it’s totally a plus too thanks for that the next product on the entire Lana and this is actually I think my favorite color and it is the revlon colorburst matte balm

it’s named after me and shameless 215 it is a purple and it’s got a minty again under the um uh huh you know how to do this girls boys children in Asia it’s just a super super pretty purple color um everybody’s gone pink and lot and there is a makeup thing that actually I’m going to put on my next video probably as my thumbnail and I’m going to talk a little bit about how to get that look but I really love this and then I was looking for some lip glosses to go over it and I came across these two and it just really depends on what you want if you want to go ladder this is revlon’s 230 sugar Vallot just doing a little and oddly you can leave it leave it give you that duck face me that I’m out in that pretty color seriously it just kind of Latins it up a little bit if you want to go darker this is a topshop lip cream and it is in smart and like we I don’t even I’m not even going to sweep that bit look look how dark that’s one swap you have to be very careful with this because it really wants to fly all over your face so you can get the set nordstrom in the packaging key with the little dogs everything still key i’m at 17 minutes good and draw a good but yeah pigments for days just look at that like that’s just swapping it out it’s a beautiful berry color but anyways check out shameless yeah yeah yeah mmm waffle of them anyway um the next thing I’m going to talk about is a brush that have also been living in a brush that I have not been loving so yeah and an a and I’ve kind of want to include an A and every monthly video so that you kind of know what’s good what’s not and they’re both from Real Techniques and this is the pixel point eyeliner brush I’ve not i have used it I’ve used it with the milk to go into my waterline and my mother’s water long and it works really really well for that but I’ve also used it like I said with that lip epic leash the application to do glitter on your lips because it draws a really good one for your lips and then to dot it in there and that’s how i use it for it and its really really good this however is the base shadow brush a lot of people hop about this brand every other brush that I’ve used has been really good something about this though I just I just don’t like it hey it doesn’t pick up color very well it isn’t clock hello very well this is this is a negative for me I don’t know about you if you have a different opinion you can leave a blue tie either and the very last thing I have they have it target um they might still have it I got the very last one in our target boo yah it was thirty dollars originally it is from Sonia khoshet I don’t really know how to say her name but it was my chem 25 min mark down to eight dollars and it is a carrying case for you might get bunny trouble and it’s got a zipper compartment here it’s magnetic which is really good you open it up it’s got compartments here and here for like brushes and things and then it’s got two smaller compartments

if you want to organize your makeup and the largest more info palette or shampoos anything like that and what’s good about these is actually detach all three of these to catch if you need to like you’re going for the day and you don’t want to carry this huge thing and then just attach you throw them in your purse and go for it it’s got a hanger to hang your closet anyways that’s my baby weary favorites please subscribe my channel please and leave a comment below lock it thumbs up thumbs down thumbs whatever you nice guys let me talk to you later bye

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