we’re back baby hey everybody i’m kelsey i’m currently stuck at home in quarantine and we thought it would be funny if i returned to the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have one matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different parents there’s a lot of rules to this challenge if you’re interested in following along the link will be below it’s been a minute thank you guys all for holding on during the hiatus i really appreciate you guys giving me space to kind of refresh while we back baby season two is going to be airing every saturday for eight weeks in a row this honestly just feels like a reunion so we are back in the impeachment household we got casey we got our lucian our evil lad who loves animals and is a glutton owen our drama artistic lad who also loves thievery and cat connor who is our little boy genius august our social butterfly autumn our fiery redhead mars our little nasty one and blake our little lover who also has some book over here what the heck is that first off i’m feeling a change of casey’s look a little bit casey our queen loves to dye her hair so i was thinking you know we could dye it kelsey look at casey oh my gosh everybody’s in the house just looking awkward are you all okay this is way too many people in one household can’t relate owen’s currently a teen so we gotta get owen and lucian out of the house in order to get pregnant again casey let’s like mix up your look okay let’s get you a new vibe new year new casey a house is out though red hair like me what do i like wait that’s pretty hair thrown back she’s a mom but she’s also a cute mom that one looks too mom not that there’s anything wrong with looking to mom but it’s too much mom that one’s cute i never rocked a bang you know how when people are like i need a change i’m going to get bangs like that’s what casey just did i like it casey this makes me very happy let’s get back into caretaking for my children owen you’re a b student we need to get you to a student why don’t you cook for us you can cook a garden salad he needs a little bit of fun and hygiene but honestly you know what could be more fun doing your homework august is a c student and has not started his homework and he’s got class soon so you need to do your homework mister i was honest sleeping in a hot tub bad girl do not sleep in a hot tub you’d think that you wouldn’t have to tell a kid that right like there’s certain things that you don’t think you need to tell a person not to do mars is very sad and so is blake i don’t know why oh it looks like someone died oh that’s awkward we need thinking let’s do some thinking with some shapes they will shape your brain these shapes all right break everybody get out of my house it’s time to get our work done even you aladdin but like also casey go to bed she needs to also go though oh my gosh owen’s never cooked before well that’s gonna be good since he’s like doing it for the entire family hello lucian please leave mom needs to go boonchill brother what is broken it’s awesome i’m just gonna replace it we’ve got the money i don’t need to deal with this i don’t have time for this right now oh god that looks disgusting well the children are crying they’re just having a really rough go chelsea junior like a boss is in here trying to hang out with the children i love her little outfit too she’s so cute haley’s checking in on them and being like you smell thanks haley for the update get out of the room let him go to bed be useful don’t just sit there judge everybody’s kind of enjoying the salad but you got to start from somewhere buddy i’m really proud of you oh my gosh it’s bella she’s having a nice garden salad with her family she’s looking really old i guess they’re going to school now neither of them are ready but you know what sometimes the holidays things can get complicated it’s all good hi kids have fun at school why don’t you get a skill up connor talk to chelsea jr she would love to chat long hours with you play chess i bet you’d have fun playing chess this is perfect and he reached social skill level two he’s done damn hey just started season two and already crushing it okay connor’s like super bored and not vibing so maybe he should go to bed after this oh blake’s up blake’s up and sad why are you up and sad go back to sleep you can’t go to sleep right now all right put blake to bed who’s calling hack attack we found lucian trying to hack the school computers today we are not sure what his plan was but we stopped him before he could have a

chance to do anything serious stuff please punish him a warning should suffice maybe secure maybe secure your computers you know what casey doesn’t even care she’s like you know what do better oh principal’s visit today the principal’s visiting autumn’s class everyone needs to be on their best behavior and not interrupt blessed unfortunately a kid sitting behind her has decided no no ignore if the kid is trying to pelt you and goad you into something ignore them you’re better than them darling oh they’re playing put blake to bed after this who’s over here leo jr i love that some of them stick around and they’re just having conversations this fire does make me anxious maybe we’ll put that out actually it’s way after christmas we should put these decorations away it’s always sad to put away christmas decorations classic and peaches maze keep the decorations up till spring okay great now we’re back oh she’s playing with her baby no why are you in bed yet young man he’s like i’m having intellectual conversations with chelsea junior i do not want to go to bed get out of the bed romeo and turn that music off this is his bedroom okay all my kids are asleep oh her older kids are still here hanging out with her all right we’re gonna have her oh she just gave a hug to leo junior you can go to bed really fast and sleep it off until the kids come home what are they all the kids are still here haley’s still here ah they broke the computer get out of my house haley don’t break the computers who does that these ungrateful children i tell you what you know what it’s literally minutes in and i just don’t like that hair for her just hoping to change it again when she wakes up i liked it and then i don’t like it that’s the beauty that seems you can keep changing oh oh it swiped an object while at school he’s still in a b and so is lucian august his grades are up and autumn’s still a c student here you go bella get out okay it’s lucian’s bathroom don’t just like pretend to walk in and be like oh no my brother’s in there like yeah doc get out of the house bella you’re gonna take a shower take a shower in your own home that’s so weird for my children and i love you all but get out of my house it was nice when you’re visiting and now you’re getting in my way i don’t need 12 people in my house all at the same time literally none of the rest of the household is awake except for the kids that are visiting like ashton and annie miss annie she’s so great he’s a really grind on those video games my friend to get to level three come on buddy you got this i know you’re getting hungry buddy just finish this one you got this just get good just get good yeah okay well i didn’t click a button what happened okay so you wanted to change your look again i think casey’s more more sporty so i could definitely see her doing something where her hair is kind of more out of her face or she could do like a ponytail with bangs that one’s kind of cute i gotta vibe this ponytail for her it’s like a perfect sporty ariana grande this makes me very happy oh shoot mars is very hungry be sure to feed him or he’s gonna be taken away that is not good casey i think you need to cook a garden salad family style she looks so upset even my awesome new hairdo cannot fix the sadness that i feel from just being overwhelmed okay you know what i just i love i love you please leave is this what sometimes parents do feel like with like adult shoulder there you go now there’s a garden salad for everyone i love her new look it’s so cute i love her sporty vibes maybe i should change her outfits too in a future episode to make her athleisure how are you doing my boy you’re gonna go to the toilet dag dag chelsea junior so i mean you’re leaving stop eating our food haley guys just keep making dishes for me lucian washing his hands we stand a hand-washing king did they eat all of the flippin food i love you guys but like just stop oh someone’s farting because they ate the beans oh yay he’s getting all the things he wants out of life attention a bath he’s like i’m being blocked get out of my way lady hayley leave i’m gonna have to tell the ball to leave soon this is getting obnoxious we have mom potty train mars mom you’re done you’ve watched enough tv poor moms like i watched half of one episode now i’m a little bit more fun there’s a ghost who’s in the house i saw a ghost oh it’s josie chelsea’s cleaning up our dishes bless her my gosh i can’t wait for casey to be i did not almost say i can’t wait for casey to be a ghost i would never say that mars is angry they got in a fight it was awkward august is still in his little christmas outfit can’t let it go get some food no we’re going still it’s already down too fast someone’s gotta make a garden salad sometime soon no hope just died oh my gosh i thought i made it so that auto-age unplayed sims no stop killing my sam stop killing my sims game you know what

death is just a part of life and they’ll all be fine oh no everybody’s upset we’re gonna have a bad day today you’re very tense amazing why don’t you cook another garden salad maybe maybe you’ll do better this time that’s what teens are for to help around the house i wonder how many pieces of clothing on his body currently he stole oh someone’s mad it’s like i don’t want to cook a salad for everyone a mom i don’t care i don’t care what you do or do not want to do you’re making a salad whether you like it or not oh my gosh it’s mars birthday wow i’m behind he’s perfect wait no you’re not clean that up mars is outside crying it’s his party he can cry if he wants to mom stop talking to mom you should potty train your son mars last recess no one wanted to play with me i just climbed around on my own if that happens again what should i do ask your other kids if you should join in you should figure it out how are you doing buddy he’s just cleaning up dishes while he needs to go oh that’s broken i was like why is someone in the shower and then i realized there wasn’t buddy where are you going go to the toilet in here okay he gave his brother a hug now he’s going back into the toilet lucian needs homework and i get a skill to level three his skill is gaming he’s a little sad let’s get him on get literally let’s ask her to leave he’s the mean one he can totally ask her to leave secret handshake i don’t okay i can’t ask her delay fine you’re just gonna kick her off the computer play sims forever he’s like hey hey phoebe please get off of the computer you do not live here anymore i should be playing it it’s for school stop stealing our food haley oh my gosh you know what get out of our house it was so nice for you to visit please don’t come back until i ask you to come back no oh my god all my kids are here and they won’t leave and they keep eating my food haley i’m taking my residency back i don’t want you to visit all the time logan is wondering if i want to come over logan honestly not the time oh look at this is leo jr out here busting up that bag hunch it he’s getting ready for rocky oh maybe don’t box when you’re not feeling well watch game yeah sure go watch the game that your mom is playing mom’s playing a one player game and not including hers children wow phoebe impressive lucian’s enjoying life with his very ill brother leo jr is really sick my good angel she’s so so sad it’s gonna be okay we’re all gonna be okay we’re gonna make it through this together it’s gonna be hard for a little while but things will go back to normal august is like really thriving having the chats of his life make a joke about toilets he’s just talking to everybody all of them are socializing at least you know what i like them when they’re useful what are you saying your face little man oh no he’s sick all my children are getting the plague can we order some medicine yeah we’re gonna order like two so proud of him and he’s also taking care of himself oh my gosh there’s so many kids over why are they sleeping outside in a row i guess i’ll leave them out there because it’s kind of cute here’s black it’s me serious do you want to go on a date sorry sirius black but casey only has eyes for aladdin right now running out of garden salads left and right peter schmey family is hungry especially when there’s like double the kids at home that don’t need to be fed or paid attention to but no my boys is sick oh my goodness leo junior is getting all my kids sick oh i’m just gonna get into bed with a mom lucian be evil but he’s a mama’s boy are you sick to owen oh my gosh everyone is sick in my home they’ve all gotten the flu at the same time leo jr wasn’t in my house we wouldn’t have dealt with this well maybe that’s why everyone’s getting sick gross nasty your manners are going up maybe you should clean up your bowl of food after you eat it these and peach made children have been living in the lap of luxury for too long it’s time that all of you learn how to do your chores oh yo junior’s sleeping over august you should sleep in a bed oh my gosh get out of my kid’s bed go home and i love you bella i know that you need support right now oh my gosh freaking hayley’s in the bed too no do not sleep outside because your older siblings are stealing your beds go to bed connor kick them out of your bed i can’t believe i’m having to say this you need to get out of your little brother’s bed bella it’s harry oh harry the boy who died mom needs to kick some people out i’m not kidding you take the resident key back he doesn’t even have resident keys get out of my house kids get out of my house look at this little outfit it’s got like a little what is that a a hamster that’s so cute sweet boy go go learn thinking ignore your brother tell him to get out of my house okay you know what i’ma tell him to go away it’s

mean but sometimes as a mom you gotta be me when your kids don’t get the message time to be mean mom casey go over there tell them to get out of your house this is gonna be so heartbreaking they do not have a good relationship he’s not leaving he’s going into a different room no he’s leaving the house no he’s going into my children’s room i’ve never seen this before but she should potty train mars he’s level three’s on everything but potty so if we get him level three and potty we can age him up oh harry’s holding court with his family you know what i’m just gonna google it i’m gonna google it how to make your children leave sims 4. oh my gosh our baby’s awake sweet angel it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay we got the perfect little baby half salad for ya we got it it’s okay no worries no need to cry no ass to leave same problem here i threw a party and they won’t leave us the party’s over so i have to throw a party somewhere else to get them all to leave our sage top oh my gosh he got a bookworm and out of those four pick a number one through four it’s four he’s going to be a social butterfly we are beyond happy for him oh my gosh look at baby so okay here’s the game plan we are going to throw a party somewhere else to get everybody to leave all right mom let’s plan a social event called get them out of my house in which we get them out of my house it’s a house party guess who’s invited well aladdin can be invited just for fun romeo annie leo jr phoebe chelsea jr bella haley and that’s it where’s it gonna be let’s go to the other impeachment house this episode has been sponsored by get out of my house yay oh my gosh she’s looking amazed in her dress let’s go thank aladdin for coming i wish i could cheat her needs but i can’t she’s gonna say like hey she’s gonna get a little hug a little flirty flirt she can’t flirty flirt okay cause she’s too sad amazing ask for advice brighten his day do you like redheads i’m feeling gloomy lately tell a dramatic story like one time i invited all my kids over for christmas and none of them would leave and they ate all my food and i kept having to make food and it was terrible i saw a butterfly over there and i immediately wanted to go capture it but i’m like wait this isn’t animal crossing compliment his outfit and then peace out i think we’ve done as much work as we can here today or sad little queen yep i’m ending early i’m so sorry oh i hate to end it early but i’m so glad that all of you are staying here bye i love you all but please don’t come over to my house anymore it was weird casey are you okay sweetie oh she really gonna just walk home okay like good on her can you just go home oh my god she did she just walked him and she had an accident right in front of her home because she wouldn’t take a lift this fine this is fine let’s shower off our shame serve maybe a fun little brunch owen he just walked in on his mom showering but look all the kids are gone at last it’s just our children that need to be here school is stupid my boy over here talking to his mom school is stupid i should be able to start working or living life can i never go to school again because we sound like school’s not stupid school teaches very important things like responsibility how’s my baby blake doing baby blake having a good time snuggling up oh my gosh my little worker bees cleaning up the bathroom like a boss yes autumn august giving yourself a little pep talk is like you can crush this day august you are a champion are they having just like a a boy meeting use the toilet tell them to get out of the room okay they’re not so use a toilet up here it’s like fine i don’t know why you guys are talking in the bathroom but you know what time it is casey it’s potty trained blake time potty trained leg time be a good mama we really do need to fix her hair i have not actually gotten a proper look at mars because things have been so crazy adorable curly hair nice button up adorable jogger pants with a little flower detail and some nice white shoes and you finished your homework already oh okay well you’re gonna be like your brother owen and sleep outside the impeachment children do not like walking upstairs to their bedrooms apparently how’s blake doing on the potty with mom who’s on the potty with mom who’s on the potty with mom bum bum bum no romeo we’re not going to meet you someplace we’re still kind of upset about the time where you guys wouldn’t leave my house everybody’s excited for school tomorrow mars is probably like asking owen like owen what’s school like and no one’s like bad i can’t wait to be a hollywood actor and own my cat let’s have you get a little workout before you go to bed let’s have you yoga i personally need more yoga in my life therefore i think casey also needs more yoga he’s acquiring the

wellness skill good for her this is her first time with yoga we should go on oh side plank yes queen she’s just ignoring the kids the kids can do whatever they want oh wait we actually do need to hang out with like oh my gosh why is blake upstairs what is this gross who put that in there witness to a billy some kids at school were being mean to one of my friends that’s a lie mars you’ve never been to school but if this fake scenario ever happened i would say step in and stand up for your friends are you cleaning up good boy mars mars might be the one to save us all he might be like the level-headed sweet responsible boy named after the god of war that we all wanted mom’s vibing feeling so happy because she just got some energy how many hours left of this sadness sleep it off my girl hopefully tomorrow you’ll be all raring to go so you can chat with a lada and blake after this you should go to sleep okay everybody’s going to bed we’re all getting ready for school tomorrow oh my god there’s stats time’s asleep misfortunes zero time’s sad 16. wait time’s happy zero but time sets you know there’s some things you just don’t need to know everybody go to sleep and go yes who’s up first autumn go to sleep in a bed and everybody’s asleep no august it’s like 1am i still have one child awake here we go household so peaceful little rain happening oh who woke up it’s owen okay that’s fine woke up at 5am what are you doing at 5am what teenager wakes up at 5am for no reason casey’s up though she’s hungry as usual that’s my girl gonna sit outside in the rain to eat her food owen’s like this is my last day of high school he’s in the best mood casey’s in a great mood once the kids go she’s got to invite aladdin over all right that’s his last day of school luck what are you doing out here mars take a shower before you go to school it’s your first day of school you want to make a good impression mars ours is like i don’t know what school is oh blake is awake and very needing food let’s get blakel salad here everybody’s off to school bye kids i hope they all get perfect grades study very hard so you all get a’s and i can age you all up when you get home it’ll be good to have like aladdin like over like right before the kids get home so that like we can like get the get the thing going you know what i’m saying but then also have them still there for when they all age out all right let’s call and invite to hang out the current lot where’s aladdin we’ll just travel to here with aladdin aladdin’s busy right now what’s he busy doing excuse you aladdin where are you tell him chewie ask him where aladdin is invite you kicking out a current line allen’s busy right now okay let’s look outside who is around and single rafael mcgrath we’ve never met raphael mcgrath all right casey it’s been a minute but you got this you can seduce the pants off this man blake blake’s gonna be fine run into the rain after this stranger you’ve never met and just give him the most enchanting introduction you could ever give a man wait who’s this man he’s kind of checking us out who’s this clint bueno oh clint was like oh okay ask him if he’s single how’s blake doing blake is doing fine blake go to bed romeo get out get gone wait it’s it’s aladdin he’s just out walking you have your cell phone on you aladdin this is a very awkward encounter excuse you you know what it’s fine we are on a clock here compliment his outfit oh my gosh everybody’s home all of us return home with a school project her grades are up she’s a b student owen has swiped something it’s our boy and is an a student and lucian’s a b student but that’s okay because we can still get pregnant oh and let’s pull out the cake mom continue chatting with aladdin happy birthday owen oh my gosh they all look so miserable on the outside i don’t care again happy birthday owen blow out your candles here we go first age up of season two oh and aged up and he is a romantic like his mot well his mom’s not romantic but she kind of like does a lot of romance you get it and let’s move him out we’ll finally have a baby with aladdin dreams really to come true we’re moving out owen into this impeachment home we’re so proud of you you’re gonna be a big star someday a big star okay wait aladdin’s not over here with us where’s aladdin can we ask on a date to our home yeah we’re gonna go on a date in our home where’s aladdin where’s our date why are we sending him a text where is he are we being stood up who is this aladdin that’s not aladdin but that guy is cute so whatever we’re gonna be on a date with aladdin

flirting with another man well adam you’ve burned me one too many times i kid you not i do not care i will seduce this fetu man and we are going to be having a baby within minutes dude okay first kiss already oh my gosh is this gonna work it already worked oh my gosh sweet talking why is this so awkward it doesn’t need to be awkward try for a baby in the hot tub do you think he’ll go for it this is weird oh he’s not he’s like i ain’t like that lady okay okay okay okay okay let’s back up back you know we’re a little rusty okay ask this lady to leave that’s that’s what it is go here together leave this woman brighten his day oh my god aladdin just showed up to the date are you freaking kidding me aladdin you know what leave the date’s over forget you aladdin it’s feytu now we are complimenting each other lady try for a baby with faye too let’s see if it’ll just work this time i want it to happen right in front of aladdin right in front of his stupid face he said yes suck it aladdin this is what happens when you don’t answer your cell phone on a walk you got old anyway we’re gonna have a baby with fedu who we just met on the street this is definitely working out for us okay um i’ll leave you two guys to it i’m gonna check on the kids all of you do your homework how about that do your homework what’s that are you a kid do your homework ooh blake is not feeling good blake go to bed is mom pregnant yeah okay okay they just got out of the hot tub let’s check if we are pregnant oh look at her abs girl whoa girl built though she is so muscular from boxing so much okay come on come on come on come on come on come on come on birthday be first baby first baby pregnancy yo eating for two congratulations casey our abolicious queen also we stan a woman that picks up a guy while on a date with another man absolutely crazy i am so happy to announce that the first baby of season two is conceived congratulations to casey and the impeachment family for ever growing i hope you guys enjoyed episode one of season two of the 100 baby challenge and i’ll speak to you guys next saturday bye i don’t know much but i do know that the first baby of season two is not gonna be named corona hi i’m kelsey i’m still at home alone and we thought it would be funny if i tried the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have a matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different parents there’s a lot of rules to this challenge if you are interested in playing along those links will be below last time we had a bit of a rocky start my god all my kids are here and they won’t leave and they keep eating my food then everything boom boom boom happened all at once at the end of the episode we got an age up we got a pregnancy upon sight you’ve seen like married on first sight you’ve seen love is blind but have you seen we had a baby on the first date on purpose that’s a new show i’m so excited to fall in love with a new baby it’s gonna be so much fun so without further ado let’s get into the video game let’s check in on the impeachment family we’ve got casey out here still with feitu her latest baby daddy we got lucian he’s getting ready to sit down and do his homework august is about to do his homework autumn’s about to do her homework connor is about to do his homework so is mars and blake’s about to go to bed all of my children are perfect i set myself up for success last time mom win let’s tell him the big news hey dude that’s sitting in my bush did you know that i’m currently expecting blair and phk would like to go flight fireworks at the humor and hygiene festival as much fun as going out with my ghost daughter would be you know what let’s do it maybe we’ll meet a new suitor she’s still in her swimsuit too i can’t wait she’s pregnant but it doesn’t mean she can’t have a good time blaire my ghost daughter i am pregnant blair’s like mom i’m so happy to get you out of the house it feels like you’re always shut up there with all of your kids she’s like i really am honestly i feel like this look has been casey all along and i just didn’t even know she’s just such a queen fitness goddess having fun ooh oh that’s her own son it’s bound to happen in this play-through okay let’s le we don’t need to make it weird but i feel like the night is young we can still keep rousing and perusing who’s this stefan anderson he is uh also who’s this chad charmington kind of looks like a prince charming but this guy’s more handsome so we’re gonna go for stephen

hi stephen happy day aren’t i enchanting he his heart is a flutter share a big news be like hi i’m casey i’m pregnant i’m trying to have a hundred children intrigued oh she’s chatting with her son she’s like romeo wait is he sitting down is this romeo’s friend oh my god she’s like just encroaching on bros night like ooh who’s your friend that’s so weird i feel like the impeachment children aren’t even fazed by this now like most kids would be humiliated or embarrassed or like grossed out not the impetus maze they’re like you get it mom well he maybe looks a little awkward he looks a little uncomfortable flatter him give him a little oh look he is vibing he is like flirty as heck let’s ask him if he’s single be like hey stefan you’re i’ve single like the weird giggity head he is single oh get to know him we got some fireworks good for us they’re watching it together this is pretty romantic look at them they’re like ships passing in the night compliment his appearance tell him how good he looks and that tight t-shirt with the dragon scales no stephen stephen we’ll never forget you uh okay we’re gonna go home she’s so happy she’s like i’m exhausted but i had a good flirt sash okay i’m gonna check in on all the kids who has done their homework while we were gone homework 50 done that’s pretty good but you know what we could do a hundred percent why are you still up oh she’s hungry um we’re gonna grab her a little salad here you go darling my little witchy queen she’s like the little like hermione granger of the family you know came from a family of muggles but is totally gonna be the brightest witch of her age you are very sad why are you so sad you need some attention what do you have you have thinking is level one i got news for you you should work on that let’s get you on this you got it buddy your movement’s level three so you just need imagination potty and thinking we’re halfway there with little blake she’s so smart homework is complete for autumn and peaches yay autumn good job that means that you need to socialize oh my gosh why is conor just doing push-ups why don’t you just talk to connor about school this is great ask about his day you’re gonna be up there in no time my darling she is really having fun oh it’s 3 30 am and like my kids are just going to town oh we got a little brother-sister time lucian’s going to be a good brother even though he like is kind of evil and only likes animals what if he just hates everybody in the house but his little sister blake and she’s the only one that he likes he’s getting really uncomfortable because of how smelly blake is blake is so smelly everybody’s gonna start school soon oh ew dude don’t do that don’t do that oh he really needs to sleep casey’s got a little short look today i also want to give her a makeover to be more like athleisure maybe we’ll do that now before we forget casey let’s change your hair so that it’s in that cute ponytail this one yeah that one’s cuter oh that’s cute okay this is like cute but i feel like we can go lean even harder into the athleisure i mean this is cute with like some leggings but i feel like she’s even more athleisure yeah like that that’s really cute and then we’ll do like some leggings skin tight oh that’s kind of cute actually and then her shoes will have them be more athletic shoes yeah oh that’s cute okay outfit too i still like this this one we need to change this one’s not the vibe anymore that’s so last season casey she’s like new and improved she’s got her glow up let’s do like athletic oh this one’s cute show off those abs she’s so ripped she’s just so ripped we gotta get the red dress but we we gotta update so let’s go with colors red see what the options are no no that one could be nice that one’s a little more tasteful we don’t go on for tasteful with the little red dress we’re going for a baboon that’s a little too vavoom i mean whoa oh that’s actually cute let’s do this for the new red dress upgrade formal i still vibe it athletic still cute sleepwear great party wear cute i like her new look i really like casey’s new vibe this makes me happy all right casey’s here she’s eating lunch with her with her son everybody’s off to school everybody will study really hard at school please thank you lucian go to school lucian go to school drop those go to school don’t be late don’t be late to school lucian he’s so tired because he stayed up late hanging out with blake oh no okay our baby is getting very hungry and tired and everything but it is okay we’ve got it under control grades are up connor’s a b student august is an a student

good job kids they all look miserable let’s blow out the candles lucian happy birthday good job he’s aging up for us and he’s a lone loner that makes a lot of sense he’s a friend of the animals evil eats a lot and is a loner we are so proud of our boy which we might we might never see him again and you know what he might like it that way but he’s gonna miss blake the most i think it’s for the best he’s gonna be happy that way we can have twins goodbye lucian my little loner august is aging up into a teenager go on august get on with your bad self oh no oh no that is one dirty kid okay pick a number one through twelve the answer is six six so he’s going to be a food lover pick a number one through two it’s one master chef oh and then he’s a perfectionist and self-absorbed maybe he’ll have his own cooking show oh look he even has a turban we might give this boy a makeover that’s i’m pretty sure he doesn’t need to be rocking a turban but i get i get the vibe right eclectic we can go for an eclectic man he’s pretty handsome okay maybe like something like this would be good for him have like a lot of color let’s do a jean maybe because that’s so baggy we don’t need baggy on baggy these ones are cool they come in a pink that’s pretty fun oh he did say ooh to the pink he’ll maybe wear a watch because he’s a perfectionist so he wants to be on time all the time that’s kind of cool actually with this purple stripe it’s a very different vibe than the top though i feel like that’s a good look let’s see what is that whoa his formal is very cute oh he’s athletic is just awful like what is he i think he’s trying to find himself ooh maybe this one there you go oh yeah good job buddy i think he’s a stylish boy i love august in this all right let’s get everybody kind of getting their needs in order give a bubble bath to blake august needs some sleep so we’re gonna put august to bed i love this the stink trail this child is disgusting what a pro mom throws the child in the air is changed oh gross that definitely needs cleaned you’re hungry aren’t you she’s hungry and sad that’s okay though get a leftover salad after this and use the toilet that would suck to potty train your kid while you need to go like oh my gosh what a terrible situation she’s like yeah potty it’s a good thing to do what can you just do in order mars reach social level three good job mars you just need to be level four oh did someone say something mean online mars oh he’s he’s enjoying the rough of it on the internet you know talk to mom mom mom is down to talk oh they gave each other a hug oh my gosh she’s showing she’s showing a little bit that’s so cute go teach your daughter blocks teach cheat shapes that way blake will learn faster we do not want three toddlers at once how are we all doing here let’s get connor up and adam and then mars how are you doing mars is fabulous blake are you going to bed go to bed sweetie good night i love you asleep okay great everyone is sad and then features my household as usual mars is just wearing his little sunglasses to hide his sadness while he’s chatting in a chat room so cute oh my gosh it’s so funny oh our boy august is up i love your new outfit august you’re looking great go to school bye everybody bye have fun at school connor aren’t you going to school go to school you’re skipping school connor what’s that about go to school well in that case why don’t you go work on your motor skills and play some video games here you go connor work on your motor skill get that up there to level four i don’t know what his deal is you were my perfect being you were gonna be a a student soon he reached level three of motor skill good job buddy we got a lot of stuff in the mailbox this is why we never need to work she just makes money through like toys that people send us for the kids and through the trash can what a weird life we live here in the cities oh no blake someone made a mess clean it up yes conor if you’re gonna stay home with mom you’re gonna have to get your skills up cutie cutie’s ready to go potty all right mom’s gonna help you potty train and then blake is gonna age up today i’m so excited i’m so so so excited oh oh my gosh people’s grades are up okay how are you doing you’re a b student but autumn’s an a student connor’s a b student and mars is a b student autumn

oh my gosh guess what your brother who is very unhappy is going to cook you your own hamburger cake because he loves cooking don’t you buddy alright what are you doing i did not ask you to do that potty train blake so that blake can age up with this cake okay he finished yay okay she’s gonna have a great birthday with her burger cake mom’s coming to celebrate too happy birthday our little queen blog candles make a wish my darling autumn is going to be such a cute little teen girl i love it out of a step pick a number one through 12 the answer is three three so she’s gonna be a creative pick a number one through four the answer is three so she wants to be a master actress she’s hot-headed and she’s materialistic okay well there you go oh i’m not vibing this look let’s give you a bit of a makeover to kind of seal the deal i’m feeling this cool short hair vibe i know you’re materialistic so she probably won’t want fancy clothes let’s see like what the richer looking clothes look like i want it to be cool in polish i like this one it’s kind of cute then bottoms skin tight jeans that look like kind of nice maybe like a cute delicate necklace or like some earrings or something i think this is cute this is my autumn she’s like wants to be an actress materialistic a little hot-headed i know she was wearing a lot more color before maybe those were like hand-me-downs she was wearing and that she got her own like clothes because also august is like way flashy so i feel like she’d be a lot less flashy how’s mom mom’s great blake is still going to town on that potty oh autumn is hanging out with little blake i’m like vibin teenage autumn she’s just like way cool oh august is coming into the toddler room to do some homework too blake reach body level three that means blake and age of yay okay happy birthday oh my gosh blake aged up blake is active and pick a number one through four the answer is three three so blake is also blake is gonna be like like athletic oh my gosh blake is so going to play quidditch i can’t oh my gosh look at her she’s like a little oh she’s sad but she’s like a little tomboy witch you know what blake did okay dressing herself she got little stars got a fun little haircut we’ll just keep like let blake dress herself i think that’s fine proud of you sweetie oh my gosh classic autumn school is stupid i should just be able to start working your living life can i never go to school again no school is important especially when you’re in high school while august students in this house he’s going to be making sure the impeachment family eats well so why don’t you make some fish tacos for the family oh blake already got level two of social design socializing socialization he is almost a level four let’s go let’s go buddy you got this mavis beacon the pants off of you yay okay now you’re done so you’re actually ready for school tomorrow so that’s good mars is getting ready for school tomorrow too blake’s are actually already done oh the cleverest witch of her age we stan how close is she to having a baby she’s in the third trimester it’s gonna pop soon autumn’s awake she’s gonna get some food look at her she’s like bummed because the only outfit that she got for herself is her like main one so she doesn’t like her pajamas or anything else oh little redheaded queens having some discussions she’s like yeah mom whatever autumn needs a skill so let’s get autumn to practice acting there you go yes get that skill mom just got in the way just walked in started washing a dish in front of her daughter as she’s trying to practice acting and then talks to herself in the mirror and walks out perfect ignorance rkc oh it feels so good having a house full of people that are like able to take care of themselves no todds oh feeling for lauren no one likes me no one will ever like me why bother with liking anything anymore casey goes i’ll always love you what a cute mom moment from casey she’s like i love you he’s like but i want everyone to love me i’m self-absorbed he’s like i made fresh bread for everyone oh he reached cooking level three good job buddy good job august you need need a little shower before school actually it’s harvest fest nobody has school today but you know what we can still do today casey can still have her baby today let’s hope oh my gosh all the gnomes are inside i forgot that this happens once a year all the gnomes just come to visit oh autumn’s like already freaking at level two of the acting skill she is crushing this everybody else is ready for school tomorrow so then we can all just have a really nice meal together

oh all of the gnomes have gone into the toddler room and are all just staring at blarfy kind of uncomfortable you know what i’ll just leave you all there it’s almost 3 p.m which is around the time that my family actually normally has thanksgiving dinner we always have our dinner super early as more of like a liner let’s have august actually why don’t you cook a grand meal ham dinner kind of sounds yummy let’s cook a hand down for the family casey’s never been prouder even if he is self-absorbed autumn’s like just being so rude taking a piece of bread out of the kitchen not even waiting for him to finish he’s putting it in that is exactly how you cook and prepare ham it is not at all weird that there was a sound effect of it pouring oh oh it’s faced in look at you basting yay okay let’s call to the grand meal let’s wake mama she’s like wakes up she’s like it’s time she’s like so pregnant she has to sleep and is just wearing her pajamas to harvest fest dinner oh she’s gonna have a family full of redheads and i can’t wait this is like the first time i’ve seen them all kind of just have a meal together and i don’t even know when this is so cute oh look at the family they’re having so much fun be thankful there you go all of you should be thankful to another one this is the first time i’ve actually had time to focus on a holiday in a while mom oh she had an accident why don’t you mop that up and take a shower you know it happens to the best of us she’s in labor oh my gosh casey’s in labor stop being embarrassed in the mirror go have your baby at the hospital oh my gosh it’s our ex-theo as usual who’s actually kind of one of our best friends now i think we’ve gotten to that point where she’d be like hey thanks for being here oh miseldo peterson we’re not going to talk to him i stand this friendship he’s seen her for so many babies the awkwardness is gone she’s walking down gonna have her babies oh my gosh i’m so accepted we’re gonna have more babies okay here we go pull them out of us congratulations it’s a girl our first baby of season two of the 100 challenge is a girl and as always i’m gonna look into the comments to see what i should name it 1.6 000 of you have responded let’s see what we see okay a lot of people have actually suggested corona i’m not naming the baby corona but i want to call out that that’s very funny this is just so hard to choose all of you guys have so many great names then hannah says girl hannah boy elliot my name and my sister’s name that is really funny hannah i’m going to name the first baby of season two after you and your snarkiness thank you so much welcome hannah and peaches may to the future family and it’s another girl so i’m going to name the other girl i’m actually going to name the other girl elliott after your sister hannah and elliot welcome to the petershame family thank you all for sending in all of your great baby name suggestions i will keep looking at all of them as we have more babies oh hannah and elliot our first two babies of the challenge our our matriarch is still pretty embarrassed that she’s uh oh my gosh tom holland came oh my gosh tom holland came to the hospital no man has ever come to the hospital for her brighten his day oh my gosh let’s give him a quick flirt oh no the game ended it but tom holland showed up to the hospital for casey my otp i can’t handle it this was too flippin much oh my gosh well i think this is a perfect place to leave it for today thank you guys so much for tuning in we are now at how many babies so we just hit 62 babies i believe in this challenge i could be wrong i need to count them again but thank you guys for sticking with me for 62 babies and i can’t wait to see you guys next saturday bye get excited because today is moving day hey everybody i’m kelsey not chelsea and today we thought it would be funny if i tried once more the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have one matriarch and they’re supposed to have 100 children all with different partners there’s a lot of rules to this challenge so if you’re interested in those that link will be below now last week we had our first twins of season two and with this

ever-growing family i think a refresh is more than an order i asked a lot of you hypothetically to make me some new homes for the impeachment family so today i’m going to be looking through all those homes reviewing them and picking one out for us to move into i’m very excited to see all of your guys’s creativity and also to just judge some homes so i’m checking into the gallery on the sims right now and i’m going to check out what all the impeachment friends out there have built for our family this time around we used the hashtag we back baby s2 this is kind of like the first part of home hunting where you like look through all of the ads online all the zillows and then you have to go actually tour the houses oh my gosh so many different options let’s dive in so we got suburban family home this is the perfect home for kelsey’s 100 baby challenge it comes with a rocket ship for an out of this world of experience oh my gosh there are many rooms and plenty of space for everyone i’m not the best builder but i tried my best oh very good job olivia thank you so much so next up we got casey’s hollywood mansion i mean casey would probably be really pumped about having a hollywood mansion i’m intrigued i’m intrigued you know what i’m going to favorite this lot so that we can look at it later thank you so much wolfie oh this one’s quarantine classic description this spacious home features a home office and first floor and suite to help our casey keep somewhat sane during this challenging time includes a backyard pool i’m like the edna mode from incredibles no pools oh look at this family factory i love the name very cute oh it’s got a little basement we’ve never had a basement before three floors seven bedrooms four baths the flowers in the garden earn thousands of simoleons a day oh gardening is a lot of work i mean i do it a lot in animal crossing i’m not gonna lie but casey doesn’t need any money made because she’s got a baller trash can thank you so much macie lynn i will definitely check that out we back baby season two this one’s cute wow you did a great job katie mcdale 12. this was inspired by kelsey’s 100 baby challenge i made this because we back baby s2 begins soon and i can’t wait oh thanks guys oh look at this nice little quaint farm house it’s actually not little it looks huge there are no fireplaces or grills [Applause] yes look at this green home how cool baby blue family home this is really cute oh there’s like a glass roof that’s pretty cool whoa this one’s cool look at this you guys are really creative i don’t even know how you build that fully kitted out with everything casey could need the deluxe baby factory is a bit of an upgrade swankier and minimalist but still a lot of fun we love a swanky oh base game baby heaven i love that this is all base game stuff that’s really cool for anyone looking for a big house this base game only home is just sprawling and inviting yet cozy and intimate space a mistress suite with its own entrance sitting room for to woo your next boo oh that would crack me up there’s just such a range of style and packs used in all of these i love that let’s farm some babies whoa it’s got like a full-on farm holy nuggets look at this epic build nicole says over the hill no problem just head on over to the farm is it expensive sure it is i wish real homes were sold like this is it expensive sure it is but it does come with all the cowbells and whistles the puns are just chef’s kiss best of all no pools or grills i definitely want to check out that home baby factory reloaded whoa very cool a modern spacious home and is ready to welcome the iconic and petra schmidt family for season 2 of the 100 baby challenge the house has no fireplaces grills or pools i really hope you like it michelle it’s really cool i’m very intrigued i just love the attention to detail you guys are all giving this oh a mcmod home whoa this one looks very fun thank you so much oh my gosh we have so many homes to look at thank you guys so much for all of you who submitted fully built homes for my family i’m gonna check out my library and start placing some of them all right our first one we’re gonna see it in the afternoon whoa it has got a lot going on okay so many flowers there’s a little gate right here and a path little gnome

oh a whole basketball place of a very aggressive looking door but i like it a nice little garden like hangout movie outdoor movie place outdoor kitchen oh and some bikes oh yeah so we walk in to the front on the left here we have a children’s activity room here is what looks like the todd room the kitchen is huge got another dining area here with yellow chairs casey’s bedroom is looking nice and purple and pretty oh and she’s got like this full bathroom that’s very fancy very good job very detailed love the outside area next up is the sunny family home oh look at this very cute curb appeal love the amount of flowers i love the little window baskets a little yellow happy home ooh this little sun area is really sweet off the side with a hot tub creative area oh a place for the kids to play my rambunctious scams so we walk in the front door we immediately walk in to a closet places to put down your stuff stay awhile a bunch of yellow chairs then there’s the kitchen the kitchen is so cute i love that there’s already a ton of meals laid out and some glassware this definitely looks like very lived-in which i really like actually there’s a little baby nursery with room for four let’s hope we do not have four babies at that’d be uh terrible i think it’s really cute my one thing is that this this build is very like lived-in which i really think is like a cool design but i think sometimes for game play it is a little bit much going on that’s like my only critique i think it’s a really strong build really beautiful definitely a contender next we are going to be looking at the quarantine classic oh so good okay the quarantine classic quite large let’s check out that outside we got a wrap-around porch that’s nice and spacious what’s that oh a large area for people to walk around no pools in sight i love this like overgrown green stuff and you obviously put a lot of work into placing these rocks good job you rock we walk in to a fully spacious open floor plan living dining kitchen area i love these stairs they’re very good job with those stairs that is really nice it looks very homey we got casey’s purple room i really vibe this casey’s purple room with the with built-in with two little things for hannah and elliot to be in i love the the potted flowers here and it’s really nice oh upstairs very spacious we have a bathroom over here nice and big kid’s room love a harry potter vibe up another floor is a bunch of storage very fun very classic 10 out of 10 you guys are gonna make it really hard on me to choose one beautiful oh my gosh i just love the amount of flowers that you guys are going in on it makes me happy out the front we have the nice little bench under the tree this is such a cool house a half basketball court jungle gym swings and what is this a ping pong table heck yeah all right let’s walk in the front door and see what this place looks like we got like a place to put our stuff down uh got a bathroom in the very front of the house which is nice we go over here and this is kind of the seating area very pretty colors fun stairs and here is probably casey’s master bedroom very cool i love the green nice and fresh and springy oh this is the place where we can put all the baby birth certificates we love that lots of room for it let’s go upstairs a floor and here we go we got some kid rooms very compact wow i can only say positive things about all these builds such good jobs let’s go with hunter baby house huge home it just fits this lot slip and slide right next to what i assume is a b hat what b box i didn’t even know i had a b box in this game what’s that a pool actually that was a really nice pool i kind of hate to delete it we walk in to our front area and we got a nice little place to sit down place to put your coats and your and your stuff thermostat 10 out of 10 here is the master bedroom nice white and bright we love it in a wide open area for the kitchen i don’t see a bedroom for the todds on the first floor which is a bit of a bummer i will say looks like the todd room and the baby room are on the second floor that feels kind of like a lot for my kids just because it’s easier for them to get food let’s do at the farmhouse baby factory i am excited to see you know maybe casey wants to end her days at a farm i mean this is very likely casey’s last home you know what i don’t think about that

so here’s a farmhouse we got a little pond over here it’s actually a pool that you tried to make into a pond i see you trying to sneak your pool in we’re walking we got the living area casey’s office casey’s bedroom with closet and area for her baby’s bathroom here with a jacuzz i love that so many of you guys are giving casey a jacuzz because she needs to treat herself like the queen she is some yellow chairs we got a nice nice kitchen really like that okay and then we’ll go upstairs oh little puppet theater we got a teen room kid room now the kids room some bathrooms a little study area here uh and more kid stuff and bathrooms very solid build very good job love that exterior of it couldn’t be better okay here is our second farm let’s farm some babies i think this was the one that was very expensive whoa whoa it’s huge okay i see you this is nuts this is truly wacky camping area the kids play area more farmland than i could probably figure out let’s go into the front we got a master staircase in the front off the side we have the living room it’s a lot more dark in this home it feels like a lot less natural light we got the kitchen todd room playroom bathroom we’ll go up a floor we’ve got the baby room very cool jackoos a hot tub on the second floor we go upstairs again and we got little rooms for everybody they all have their own individuals bathroom and then let’s see what what’s going on out here in this area looks like we’ve got uh just an activity place it looks a little dark in here i’m not gonna lie it’s a beautiful build though what a cool build you should be really proud okay let’s look at casey’s hollywood mansion this sounds promising for sure whoa this one’s also quite big wow it’s got a pond lots and lots of greenery we stand some greenery we have a farm area over here pool i think this is a dance floor so plenty of room for parties just that living that malibu celebrity lifestyle balcony with like a tv watching area and a bar all right so we walk in we got the living room very light and bright with a lot of yellow pops then over here we’ve got her kind of work space and creative room a little lounge area back here another oh it’s the baby room in the back underneath the stairs keep them under the stairs looks like todd’s our second floor and there’s not a ton of room for the taunts of the first floor that’s kind of a thing that functionally i don’t know and then you go up another floor and it got casey’s master very cool if you’re like wanting space away but a little difficult when she’s trying to take care of the babies who are i think are on the first floor very good build though but i think functionally we’re looking for something that might fit casey’s lifestyle a little bit better all right now we’re on to the fine family home very cute curb appeal you guys are just crushing it this is a little bird feeder i didn’t even know that existed in the sims how cute i love that even though i’ve been playing for years i can still find things that surprise me we got a kids play area hot tub plenty of places for the kids to go and get out of casey’s hair outside love that for her oh very interesting chewy would you sorry but working at home includes dogs sometimes this little man is wanting some attention look at that face i gotta finish looking at houses and then we can play i’m gonna just ignore him until he goes and lays down go lay down chewy my heart just broke what an interesting build we have not seen anything with like kind of a downstairs floor area so that’s cool so this is like a little i guess living room whoa back to back living area here with a fireplace a bunch of like really kind of uniform but cute living spaces for the kids i kind of like that they’re all kind of similar uh but in different colors very creative casey’s work room her master bedroom and bathroom i definitely think this is like a really interesting build i don’t know if it’s casey’s style home decor but i think it’s a really cool one so thank you so much okay it’s baby factory reloading we’ve got a really cool modern look oh got a basketball court and some bikes oh a fish tank a little play pool for the kiddos all right so we first walk in we have stairs on the right and then the dining on the left with like a little seating area we got kitchen nice and spacious and big oh such a cute little room for the todd i love that there’s like just kid stuff everywhere this looks like someone kind of destroyed it with homework and stuff very cute little bathroom i like that it’s like modern and

fun oh my gosh love this room i live in that room the baby room and her master bedroom are all in one but it’s very fashiony and cute and then up on the top we got a nice home gym i think this is a really strong build i really like this a lot actually it feels pretty spread out so it’s easy to like kind of roll through while my gameplay is going and i’d be able to see everything that’s happening which is a thing that i kind of look for and i think it’s just really creative baby factory reloaded i really liked it we’re like almost done with all of the walkthroughs of all the homes that we favorited love love baby love house let’s put it down let’s check it out let’s see what it’s all about i love that so many of you have been incorporating a lot of glass i think that’s cool oh we got some gnomes it’s got personality a very romantic spot over here for some baby making a ball of poo like a pool of of of play balls a ball pool a ball pit a ball pit you have a ball pit oh you walk in very cute colorful opening doorway i love that the the yellow is kind of the pop of color here we got a workout activity space todd room with a todd play room attached and a potty room casey’s workout room also has like her office like above it which is kind of a cool vibe very creative acting room maybe for my acting daughter oh wait no this is casey’s room okay so this is where casey could do her makeup she got a place for the babies to go nice kids areas very nice strong build and an upstairs garden on the top i think this is a really cool build i think if anything it feels like the living room is a little small for my big family this is hard i’m having to look for things that aren’t perfect because there’s too many really great builds wow this one’s so petite and really i love the flowers outside you did a great job oh so many wrap around porches upstairs hot tub little kids area in the backyard oh wow it’s compact but i feel like there’s a lot going on so let’s see so looks like there’s a gated water feature right here so that no one can actually get in it’s just cute which i like then workout area very cute oh a kid’s like movie room baby yoda i really do think i need a baby yoda in whatever home we ended up in first floor we got wow living room very open floor plan up here which i really like we got the living room with this really cool record player and then we got casey’s room with like a little place to put the babies on suite i love the colors in casey’s room she even has her work area behind her bed i think this is a really great build i think if it was a little spread out more and not so compact i think it would be perfect it’d be hard for me to kind of like move around the space smoothly and and see everything um that would definitely be a big contender if it weren’t so so small all right lastly the greenhouse whoa there’s so much green wow wow oh my gosh it’s all windows super creative and unique very open floor plan we got like dining living room all i love this yellow over here we got casey’s master i like how spacious it is this is where the babies go they’re kind of in this weird glass box all the bedrooms have like very distinct and different personalities which is very cool and a lot of places for them to study and then our upstairs whoa then we’ve got the activity space i think it’s a really strong build but i think interior wise for the decor i think i’m looking for a little bit a little bit more it seems a little sparse sometimes it is an open floor plan which i really like but it does feel a little a little sparse for me and that is our final home so which home has win my heart i honestly feel like the baby factory reloaded has all the things that i want a lot of personality really cute builds really easy to move around pretty spacious but still very homey i think that’s what we’re gonna go for all right i think the baby factory reloaded is gonna go here on this island the impetus may family is upgrading they’re gonna live on an island now i think this is cool they’re still living in windenburg uh we didn’t change that much up but it’s gonna be sad moving out of the old house oh i love this home it’s a great house this house truly was a home to us okay what are we gonna put in our inventory we’re gonna put that in obviously we have to take all of our birth certificates down all one two three still going so many birth certificates what if i like forgot one that would be just dramatic great okay i think the gnomes have gotten a little intense so i’m just going to grab my favorites i like this little nikki gnome he’s

pretty funny oh yeah we’ve obviously got to grab our memorials chelsea’s moving too and so is harry wow i think that’s about it i think that’s all we need to move all right it’s time for the big move casey you’re moving up to your new modern home i think it’s the right move get it move pun the baby factory reloaded we are moved in oh yeah this is definitely a really cool home they’re all running inside this is fabulous oh my gosh so cute she’s already just really settling in and she’s really matching the vibe in here i want to see what she’s first go she’s first going into her bedroom oh my gosh she’s checking it out oh she’s just going straight to her bed she already knew it was hers i didn’t even like assign it to her this is cute so i think this is where i’m gonna leave it thank you guys so much for submitting all of your homes the next time we will be looking through some baby daddies the potential partners for casey so i’m very excited to check those out thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you guys next saturday bye chewie no don’t eat that that’s a piece of paper i love working from home this is great hey everybody i’m kelsey i’m single so we thought it would be funny and ironic if i tried the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have one matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different partners there’s a lot of rules to this challenge so if you’re interested in those the link will be below last time we chose a brand new home for the impeachment family i’m so excited to play in it however i didn’t realize until just now that my dog’s clearly on camera let’s get into the game so let’s dive in to the impeachment family they are now on this like island abode we did just meet one of romeo’s friends at an event that casey went to no casey you know she’s looking for love she just ended things with aladdin clearly they didn’t go right and she had like kind of a one night stand with feytu which you know resulted in the two latest loves in her lives hannah and elliot she’s gonna you know take her first sleep in her new bed in her new house i really feel like that’s kind of a big momentous occasion are you okay girl that was like a creepy laugh okay well at least she’s happy mars and blake enjoying the new kitchen oh cute they do still need to unpack we haven’t put everything up yet oh no elliot and hannah are both very hungry ooh it’s been a while but let’s get some super efficient baby care for our babies oh poor ellie it’s really smelly and then movie bounce sounds a little elliot this is kind of mom’s first hangout oh elliot did not enjoy that oh mars is dancing throwing it down mars is enjoying our new record player in the house casey her overheard it from very far away has decided to go down to dance with mars oops mars has already left but casey’s decided she also wants to dance too well i can only describe as children’s music oh no oh no apparently blake got woken up by a monster under the bed which is really unideal to be honest so let’s get some of the monster night lights in here all right blake let’s see if it goes away get away leave blake alone monster yeah oh no blake woke up august and he’s like what oh blake is uncomfortable look at her little skeleton pajamas i stan our spooky witch girl all right why don’t you go back to sleep everyone’s gonna get a good night’s rest before friday and i think while everyone’s resting i’m gonna check out this house and see where the best place would be for a hundred baby birth certificates oh i see they showed us we’re gonna sell that one because that one’s not our baby birth certificate over here we have 35 only 35 no no why would that only say 30. i literally put away 60. there’s no way this is only 30. let’s see if maybe casey had him in her inventory oh she only has two oh my gosh over half the birth certificates are lost oh this is devastating i don’t know why i even said i was gonna do this wall i can’t believe this i can’t believe that happened i don’t even know what to do now we still have chelsea and harry’s grave so let’s put those in the backyard i am devastated i worked so hard for all those baby birth certificates you saw me put all those away it’s just so hard to accept the fact that you made a mistake and you don’t know how it happened we got to move on deal with the consequences of what happened here just really sad everyone’s asleep at the same time it’s a competition

miracle and the first to awaken is mars who needs desperately to go to the toilet mars hit that toilet you’ve got this looks like elliot’s upset do some super efficient baby care for elliot our whiny one throw that baby up in the air like you just don’t care hope all the kids are starting to wake up at 6 00 a.m they all need to go to the bathroom and they’re all going to try to use the same one mars get out of the bathroom your brother needs to use it classic and peter schmidt problems they’re all having breakfast i think they all seem pretty happy in the new home mars oh playing imagination might have just hit themselves in the face and hannah’s crying sweetie you can’t you can’t fix this ask your baby what’s wrong this is a very convenient thing that the mom can actually ask the baby and the baby thinks so loudly that mom can understand bye kids study hard have a good time at school and as usual mars is kind of like behind mars get off the computer and go to school everybody study hard i’m so excited to see this like new gym who is calling to interrupt her cardio when answering a question august used forbidden words august but honestly if anyone was gonna use forbidden words i’m not surprised it’s august you know i’m gonna punish him don’t say bad words at school august the principal’s visit today the principal is visiting blake’s class everyone is to be on their best behavior and not interrupt the lesson unfortunately the kid sitting behind her has decided to pelt her with something classic harry potter situation you’re like a weird kid in class starting to show your magical abilities and the kids start picking on you we’ve all seen it what you need to do is just sit tight and wait for your hogwarts letter so ignore it blake keeps her eyes trained dutifully on the board hoping the kid will stop instead the kid fires a ball of paper so hard it rolls up to the teacher’s feet or maybe she magicked up for once somebody else gets in trouble and blake gets to look innocent and studious good on you blake can’t wait to send you to wizard school we haven’t even tried that oh my god why why would you even want that i’ve you know done some hills on a treadmill absolutely never would you catch me doing a 45 degree angle oh she had fun look at her and then why don’t you invite to hang out at your current lot none of your children tom holland no we shouldn’t even though i want to we can’t have another baby tomorrow and we have to ride over stephen even after all this time her friendship with tom holland is still strong even we’ll be right over to hang out yay is it a little weird that she missed steven through her son maybe haley we’re not going to be coming over we’re kind of just in the middle of nowhere here aren’t we everyone stephen’s going to come by stephen stephen i’m waiting oh here he comes he’s running through the rain in an umbrella ooh running past you know the grave of our mother and our son running to the back door to the side door bold move he just went right in bold are you not gonna even talk to me uh excuse me stephen where is he going or the baby’s crying babies are crying hard oh okay okay okay okay okay he sensed them from downstairs he’s a good guy he even like fed the baby and took care of it whoa offer this man a foot massage he deserves it he just took care of hannah and her needs they did a little european cheat kiss as a greeting oh he’s gonna sit in this little massage chair whoa this is weird oh he didn’t like it interesting are they becoming better or friends or what’s happening here i don’t know if casey’s that good at foot massaging i also don’t know if this is a valid seduction tactic but like look at this man’s face he looks pretty zen he looks kind of into it this is weird casey this is a little weird it’s complimenting his outfit she’s like i love your game of thrones meets blink 182 vibes and then maybe see look the ask to leave is right here this is ridiculous i knew that was an option ask to leave is an option that normally you get with a sim you can ask them to leave why wasn’t that working that day what is the truth oh my gosh she came to sit right next to her casey make a move make a move casey she hasn’t even showered after her workout it worked he’s liking her whisper some sweet nothings in his ear give him a little flirt oh no there’s a baby crying nothing can ruin a move quite like a baby crying but she’s gonna whisper in his ears anyway oh he didn’t like it okay back it up back it up back it up casey yeah handle hannah anyway find out what’s wrong you can get back to him okay look at his face he’s like that was awkward came out a little strong who’s a good baby hannah who’s a baby that needs a lot of attention marcel’s grades are up mars is an a student congratulations mars i really wasn’t expecting mars to be the only one that ages up our little curly haired green eyed lad first birthday in the new home oh my gosh august you dramatic boy he was like i thought this was my last day of school marsha’s aged up mars loves being active is a bookworm and pick a number one through twelfth it’s full deviance pick a number one through two the answer is two okay so he’s athletic a bookworm and he wants to be mischievous this kind of sings to me a ring of truth of him being a prankster maybe he wants to be a prank or a youtuber who’s athletic and also loves reading so he’s like smart about it had some birthday candles

no his curly hair went away but he is flipping handsome look at this boy he’s green eyes tn complexion dark hair very tragic shoes he makes a pretty good team okay little prankster boy i feel like wow mars surprised us all we weren’t expecting it let’s see what else everyone oh my gosh august you drama king just get over yourself oh my gosh this is so funny mom’s like bae it’s just over here why don’t you go dance with him go dance with stephen okay he’s downstairs dancing where her kids are oh okay autumn yeah why why don’t you just go change the dirty diaper on him otto was gonna go up check on the kids anyway but she’s real mad about it she’s like never gonna have children look at that face she’s meaner than olive at least she helped though she did the thing casey meanwhile is having a great time dancing with stephen he asked about his career no stephen don’t you dare leave oh my gosh we made no headway with stephen at all i guess we’ll just have to invite him over tomorrow oh my gosh are you okay buddy august is having like an emotional reaction to this laura croft tv show situation casey really need to get it together with stephen i know that like it’s a little it got a little awkward you know maybe you came on too strong and he is your son’s friend however i think that you can make this work bless me thank you there’s no one there to tell you bless you because you’re quarantined alone oh leo junior i think i’m getting a cold i’m gonna grab something hot at the spice festival yeah you know what leo jr i think you do got a cold cause you spread it to all of my children very recently if you still have that maybe you need to go to the doctor what is mars into like he’s a little prankster he needs to get a skill up to level three so maybe he needs to start like pranking he’s about bravery he’s just gonna be that older brother that just teases mercilessly and doesn’t know the line his first victim’s connor and connor’s like whoa no way meanwhile august was just sitting there like kind of disappointed in his younger teen brother he’s about his face be like what kind of face you got even though his their faces look literally the same oh no i think he just gave up some fake bad news he really doesn’t know where the line is he finds everything so funny we’ve reached mischief level two perfect she’s gonna invite autumn to a fake party he knows that she would really care she’s like there’s gonna be a party in the hollywood hills i have to go he’s mad oh my gosh autumn is not the right person to be like messing with she is so riled up right now mars is already level three in mischief wait august is a private journal could someone read it oh my gosh mars after he uses the bathroom is gonna find august private journal and read it all right mars snoop in your brother’s journal see what’s up there he’s reading august’s journal blake caught him and so did conor and they’re both so mad at mars oops he was caught snooping oh no autumn’s still super mad mars why don’t you finally just do your homework who is it autumn decided to go to sleep in mom’s bed because she’s so mad now mom’s real tired then a little little happy text to stephen and then go to bed oh my gosh chelsea’s visiting the new home for the first time autumn’s checking out the hot tub she was the one that was asleep in the hot tub at the beginning of the season and now she’s getting in the hot tub as a teenager oh my gosh she’s falling asleep again okay honey some things never change please go to sleep in your bed hey this is a pretty solid first day in the house everyone’s asleep at the same time wait what’s what’s chelsea doing she’s putting away to what she’s cleaning up while everyone’s asleep oh oh my god the og mom just picking up the toys the toys were scattered there by the person that made this build and chelsea’s just putting them away she’s feeling sad too poor baby i bet she kind of misses her old house you know and feels a little displaced being here in this place that she’s never been before it’s okay sweetie look that’s you that’s you on the wall oh someone’s awake it’s blake blake is awake really stinky getting uh some breakfast tacos elliot’s awake which means that casey’s awake oh it must be cold outside it’s fall now oh look at her little fall outfit this is so cute the weather’s all cold maybe blake needs to do her homework oh she’s got the drone begin recording casey why don’t you do something fun sing a song i don’t know so that the drone can watch you do stuff i kind of regret this now even the drone seems kind of annoyed with her skill level three you’re level three and you sound like that casey and recording august comes to casey and says i’m hideous my face is a mess i can’t go anywhere looking like that what did i do try some light makeup okay you’re not hideous so now we’re gonna go to the video station maybe edit it

she hasn’t done a youtube video in a while who’s this oh ashton ashton came to visit oh my gosh once casey’s done she’s got to go say hi to ashton hanna’s upset and needs a conversation i feel like august would be the kind that would go over to make a silly thing oh it takes a village of impeachments to raise the in features maze oh i wonder if august is ever going to be a little father of his own casey’s hanging out with ashton she’s checking and she’s like welcome to the new home thanks for visiting ashton oh she’s so happy he visited ashton says i need to get going thank you he just came by for a quick visit lars is learning some dance skills maybe he’s hoping to learn for the high school dance maybe you’ll invite someone to the dance oh it’s taco time is it tuesday it’s saturday all right it is not taco tuesday but you know what taco tuesday is more a state of mind than who are you what the fork mars what is this look i literally didn’t recognize you and i thought a stranger had come into our home in fact i’m still not convinced the stranger hasn’t come into our home who are you and where is my son mars ah our prankster boy making friends i really want to be friends with someone but they don’t really seem to want to be friends with me how can i make them be my friend classic autumn you can’t force friendship autumn let’s invite steven to hang out again we just need a second chance because we need to have a baby with him on monday oh my gosh is that stephen why does steven look like joe from freaking you what a creep compliment his outfit be like you look just like joe from you who is arguably handsome but you know maybe it was the foot massage that was a little weird last time oh he’s a secret agent that is so cool i don’t care if you’re tired seduce this secret agent man it’s very flirty now a bold pickup line be bold casey steven’s down to clown i think he was just in a bad way about his feet yeah offer him a rose be like will you accept my rose joe i mean steven secret agent man well no wonder he’s wearing a hat he’s a secret agent he’s gotta be low-key we’ll have autumn change that dirty diaper okay mom it’s just following after joe oh oh what are they gonna hook up in the closet while the baby’s crying over here because it needs oh no oh no and i already asked her daughter to come in to chase oh no she saw she looked over the closet oh my gosh the scandal get out of there get out of there while you still can no wait the baby’s crying again what does it need what do you need what do you need mom what is she doing make out in closet she did not ask to do that that was definitely steven’s idea to make out in the closet oh my gosh the scandal she’s like hi hey mom proud of you wait what is she giving him another foot massage okay i guess he asked her for a while yeah i think we should just let this guy guy do his own thing and go sleep oh noobs okay well this is my own fault mom passed out because she was flirting too hard autumn’s a little judgmental look at the kids just walking at their mom as they walk around her to go downstairs they don’t even try to like wake her up and be like mom get to bed they’re like no we’ve seen this before autumn’s down oh what who just destroyed something who just destroyed this who done it was it stephen who destroyed the dollhouse i did not see anyone go past this this is so mysterious was it you harry is just having like a lovely little yogurt with his interesting ensemble it’s all good you know what we’re gonna let him be he’s trying out some new stuff let’s do some super efficient baby care mom you’re gonna go back to sleep actually woohoo stephen get that going you know ask him in wait wait wait wait please please my son i can’t i can’t scar you twice please leave oh my gosh harry is still there and now he’s haunting a sink as mom comes tiredly back with the man that she is going to make her love her very soon oh my gosh now he’s mad he’s going to walk in and see what is his is he gonna react to this oh no he saw his mom in bed feeling a little embarrassed mom and stephen fell asleep oh stephen looks like he’s gonna head out this is awkward standing in the room with her ghost son while casey giggles in her sleep yep you should get going now stephen goodbye goodbye stephen honestly see you tomorrow oh august is feeling all confident now that he wrote in his journal and i’m proud of you for putting away your journal it’s winter well no wonder i got so cold outside where’s mars going all tired no mars no no no none of my children are allowed to go near bodies of water while tired you are going to sleep

in a bed march your butt back upstairs young man you should know better oh our singing video got a hundred dollars i don’t know if that means it’s very good wait if he’s gonna leave maybe he should cook like a lot of things for everybody because you know i don’t want him to go and like leave us all with no food thank you autumn for helping around the house i’m gonna be so sad when mars is the one that’s here and mars like just wants to mess around with the kids dang all this food looks so good who’s this oh lucian’s visiting whoa what up lucian good to see you glad you you know aren’t visiting all the time mom’s getting some spaghetti for late lunch it’s 3 p.m that’s me when i eat at 3 p.m 100 steven’s calling he wants to take us on a date of course we’ll go on a date with you stephen and then tomorrow we’re going to see you at home paddy wax emporium i don’t think we’ve ever been here before get to know steven go talk to him and say like thanks for asking me on a date he’s family oriented oh that’s probably why he did a good job with the kids go inside the score together come here oh whoa vampire’s here we know him from a spin-off look she’s talking about bats she knows she’s the knows all the lore it’s been passed down from peach schmate and peach schmidt oh my gosh wait is this our daughter oh my gosh it’s holly oh my gosh tell holly a funny story oh my gosh our little queen oh my gosh it’s ever go give ever some family advice whenever she goes to hang out with kids she always ends up trying to go on a date with someone but whenever she’s on a date with someone she just ends up going to talk to her kids she’s hugging ever oh my gosh michelle peterson just walked in she should flirt up a storm with stephen just to cause drama go kiss him in front of everybody did he see did he see did he see oh he just walked through them and super ignored them she’s just like caressing his cheek he’s melting she’s got this man wrapped around her finger and now she’s just walking away going to go to the bathroom uh see you soon wait for me checking in in the bathroom like dates going pretty good oh go do a passionate kiss just run in there don’t care about your kids don’t care about anyone else here boom just kiss that was awkward everyone just stop talking and looked at it it was hilarious oh my gosh navia is so annoyed she doesn’t even know casey and she’s like who is this girl she’s so judgy oh now it’s an awkward encounter mostly because all of these people had to witness what just happened maybe they need to go outside kind of do their own thing sunday evening the eve before i think they’re gonna impregnate casey but we’ll find out i guess tomorrow oh he disappeared whoa you did a great job flaunting your new romance in front of your ex and your children oh she just that guy just checked her out she checked it back out casey’s finally home blake’s still upset about the dollhouse you know what casey why don’t you repair the dollhouse for blake she’d be like that’s okay it’s okay buddies like i got this i’m gonna tap it a lot with a hammer and then it’ll slowly un den i mean that doesn’t fully make sense to me but that’s fine i just can’t take him seriously elliott aged up oh my gosh ellie it’s fussy great and hannah ates up and hannah’s wild great so our two ladies aged oh they’re so cute they have matching little bob casey’s go pick her up she didn’t even see her first steps oh they put them both to bed oh this is so sweet good night everybody go to sleep so i can fast forward time they’re all asleep at once even the todds this is incredible wait who’s awake blake’s awake mars is up also getting some taco casserole before breakfast hope everybody’s off to school i miss them all bye everybody bye autumn study really hard so that you can leave and i could have more kids hannah does not want to learn how to potty train then you need to invite to hang out at current lot stephen anderson chelsea jr just came home oh how cute they’re gonna get to chat with chelsea jr the twins are so excited meanwhile casey’s just using the toilet while we’re waiting for steven to come there he is all right it’s all coming down to this we’ve got about like four hours until the kids come home he is laying it on thick with her already he just walked in and is immediately like and that’s how you flirt i’m kelsey give them a little compliment are the girls the girls are fine oh one’s hungry

one of them’s sad and the other one’s like cheer up so they got in a fight because this one’s angry and i was like i’m going back to dolls this is ridiculous where’s steven going you need to keep talking to him keep entertaining him he’s got to stay until the kids come home and age out getting a foot massage from stephen what is it about what massages this episode at least the massage is on the other foot she’s gonna go sit next to him yeah just make out oh my gosh it’s so close till the kids come home and bingo raise her up connor’s an a student he’s going to be a team august is an a student autumn’s an a student everybody aged up exactly the way i wanted them to but with that comes the tragedy of having to say goodbye to two more impeachment children i will say these are probably the two brattiest children that i’ve had or two of the brattier children impeachment children i’ve had a case in point yes he’s an adult august aged up and he hates children after his time in the petersmith household august has grown to hate children but he’s very responsible and we love that for him now we’re gonna celebrate this little lady’s birthday autumn she’s going to be a celebrity i can just tell and she’s good oh she might be kind of full of herself but she’s a good girl in the end okay he’s going to blow out the candles as well connor aged up connor is now a bookworm and pick a number one through 12. the answer is seven seven fortune pick a number one through two it’s one conor wants to be fabulously wealthy and get rich wait let’s see what he looks like whoa connor’s a babe though i think connor’s the new hottest impeachment child honor is so hot wow okay we’re gonna save and go to manage world we’re gonna say goodbye to our two brattiest babies august and autumn are joining their siblings stephen yo try for baby casey go get your man this is what this whole episode’s been about yes let’s go let’s go let’s go baby making time remember when i was like so slow and nervous about it and now it’s just like all right let’s see if she’s pregnant she’s eating for two yes i just found out that casey has two days until age of that means after this pregnancy she’ll have like two days to get pregnant again otherwise if we have a girl in this pregnancy she’s gonna be the next patriarch oh my gosh i was not prepared i’m glad that we are now pregnant with our next hopefully two babies we are currently sitting pretty at 62 children see you guys next week when i look for the possible last partner for casey get your finger ready because we’re going to be swiping hey everybody i’m kelsey i’m solo quarantined and we thought it would be funny if i returned to the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have a matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different partners there’s a lot of rules to this challenge if you’re interested in those the link will be below last time casey got impregnated so this time we are looking for a new partner we only have two days left with casey as an adult that means that we need to get her pregnant fast i asked a lot of you to upload your own partners for casey to the gallery and so i’m going to be looking through some of those today and choosing two to three different options for casey to run into around the world and have her next children win and then after that we’re gonna be obviously diving into some gameplay so buckle up it’s gonna be a bump rad so let’s go to the gallery and see what people have been uploading for casey we’re using the hashtag we back baby s2 oh i’m so excited oh my gosh first off caroline made jack dawson from titanic classic who’s that leonardo dicaprio nope even better it’s world’s favorite 1910 stunt jack dawson come back from the dead but why is he back what happened to rose he came back from his poetic watery death scene just to fall in love with the wonderful casey i’m gonna heart him and then save him to my gallery because it’s just so funny i love it right off the bat we got princess lovers so i’m assuming these are all prince disney princesses that is pretty wild i mean we did you know have to deal with flipping aladdin for so long maybe it’s the time for the princesses to get their shot in there oh my gosh there’s darth vader he could be the father ooh she cute she cute oh she’s really cute i wish i could give her a witty backstory but unfortunately i’m not creative enough what the monopoly guy what a babe meet leanne she’s a romantic

redhead ready to sweep you off your feet she’s fun flirty and neat so you know she can handle a messy household i think she’s really cute she just like i don’t know i saw her and it made my heart flutter maybe it’s because she kind of looks like me ephron is this the zac efron whoa it’s hulk honestly he’s kind of hot this is a hot hulk there’s too many options i’m getting overwhelmed look at this guy why is his name fried chicken why is he looking at me so seductively whoa sexy spellcasting single that actually makes me very happy cause we already have a spellcaster in the family but if our future matriarch could be a spellcaster that would be amazing so i’m gonna heart that and download it oh look at this man fresh off the boat from ireland liam wants to be a famous painter but also wants to be a dad to beautiful redheaded babies oh i love that i really like him i like his personality so much i think his face is very pretty like i really like his cheekbones his little tiny nose and a style who’s this cutie lexie anderson she doesn’t have a description but she’s so cute i like her hipster vibes okay remember when i was like we’re only gonna grab a couple like whatever i’m grabbing a ton this guy alan richardson is speaking to me whoa that’s a lot of hair look at this these ones are all the different seasons summer autumn winter and spring how cute how creative this woman looks like she could break casey’s heart like hardcore the influencer i love that she’s cute and has a dog so i’m downloading her who’s this what a little nerd i love him ryder milligan was the awkward nerdy boy next door who grew up to become a total smoke show ryder’s returned to his hometown in search of the one who got away i want this story to be told i’m gonna put all our new friends in the world and we’re gonna see who we come upon first thank you guys so much for submitting all of your baby parents please continue to submit them using the hashtag webactbabys2 because i’m sure i’m gonna be checking the gallery throughout this season and season three let’s go okay if you want it to get with me let me know oh my gosh there she is with stephanie anderson her son’s friend totally forgot about that she’s pregnant yeah yeah okay mars is a b student and he’s excellent so actually it’s gonna be perfect timing for him to be an adult so that he’ll just sit in the house and help and then we can move him out so i doubt that elliot will be the matriarch but it is still possible that elliott could be our our next matriarch who flipping knows i really should get going now thanks for hanging out with me see you later i don’t know if we’ll ever see you later bye dude oh wait he was a secret agent man though you will see him later bye game plan for today we need to get casey to have these babies and get impregnated with some new kids i believe we can make this work and have at least one to two more crops of kids before casey becomes an elder but it’s gonna get down to crunch time all right casey’s good mars you need to do your homework connor what’s your personality like again you’re a little bookworm i feel like programming might be for him so let’s grab him a book and programming then we got blake over here blake needs to use the restroom and then do your homework then hannah is hungry oh wait i just realized though if i don’t get these two aged up we’re going to have a todd mcget situation connor how are you doing oh connor the hottest in peacha schmey those green eyes that hair those earrings mars like tried but he just can’t compete oh she’s working out yes queen well it’s 8 p.m on a monday she could go out you know out on the town or you know what go to like a coffee shop or something there’s plenty of places to go oh no oh no we got some sad kids sad kid alert casey can can give you a bath how about that ooh casey’s in her red dress today she’s dressed up she’s going to go out past like 9 00 p.m our pregnant queen i’m gonna clean you up stinky gal oh let’s pause here to just see how upset ellie oh my gosh look at this look at how upset elliott is and she looks dirty like she looks like the stage makeup people put on like orphans in musicals like oliver or like the girls in annie oh my gosh she just farted so hard little girl she’s like level ones on everything i’ve done literally nothing to help these children it’s fine who’s gonna be out tonight i guess she’s in her cold weather outfit because like yeah let’s get ooh fish and chips yummy that’s what i want to get when i go to a pub let’s just wait till it populates this

guy is definitely not anyone that casey casey’s gonna be interested in oh she’s apparently gonna go sit down with these men she’s like you know what kelsey i don’t care about you downloading characters i’m gonna shovel down food and talk with these two gentlemen while i wait for the love of my life oh that’s a that’s a person in a bear outfit right there isn’t it okay wait there’s more than one is it bear night tonight this is unbearable like this man looks like he’s gonna pickpocket us and then there’s just a bunch of bears what is she in a fairy tale like casey i don’t know if you need to sit around with all these bears we’re gonna like look outside just make one last sweep before we call it a day maybe there’s someone you know romantically taking a stroll outside in the darkness at night it’ll be a creepy way of meeting someone huh casey why don’t you travel to the discotheque we’re gonna try again we’ll try again and again kc could you imagine if someone like walked in right as i was doing that okay please change your outfit yeah this one and then who’s that clint okay we’ve already met clint becca clark she’s very cute let’s go dance on the dance floor casey who’s this it’s ryder milligan the boy next door let’s have a little bit of a cheerful introduction i feel like if they were actually like old school friends like she wouldn’t necessarily oh my gosh she’s so cute she wouldn’t necessarily like just immediately try to seduce him i’m like obsessed with this storyline tell a joke about aliens from that time we were abducted we were abducted by aliens and then you and i were married that was so funny right he’s like yeah it was so funny there are so many people on the dance floor look at this man stop stop that sir oh don’t go nap don’t go nap don’t let this man get away go back go back casey casey go back where’s ryder oh my god he’s over by our ex ryder don’t talk to this man daryl knows nothing it’s fine can they go somewhere together like go somewhere a little private yes couches upstairs sit and chat here oh no all of them are going to come right no her ex is coming ryder’s like bringing up the rear gazing at her back being like i can’t believe i have a second chance oh she’s telling a dramatic story about how she had had a ton of flies in the house and they wouldn’t die uh but then she got a robot to kill all the flies in her house it’s pretty dramatic honestly they’re all pretty shook look at this look at ryder he’s like gasps look at this cute little freckledy man this is like the wild stallion oh she’s gonna like fall asleep what a party queen man i passed out of the club time to go home she’s immediately changed into a sweatshirt what a queen what a queen she’s so tired she just did the weirdest little like oh oh my gosh mars is having a good time watching some tv with a smelly plate in front of him way to go kids casey just passed out from going to the club all night all the girls are up why don’t you babble to each other oh she’s talking about a one-eyed monster she’s so creative oh imagination she’s already level two good job hannah elliot is a little behind we’re not gonna lie what about what if you guys played dolls together oh connors level two on programming what a good boy he is oh no he’s gotta go to school go to school connor scott gotta go to the school oh my gosh mars needs to go to school too mars go to school oh shirt oh my gosh my boys are late study hard boys yeah elliot reached skill level 2 of imagination they are doing great communication’s pretty high on both of them too oh my god why don’t you make some food for your family all right let’s let’s cook something you can make it simple if you really want ooh she can make a level 10 thing chicken stir fry yeah i forgot she’s like really good at cooking she just always chooses to make a level one food that sounds so good right now it’s like lunch time and i’m like oh i want some chicken stir fry you know what i’m saying and then casey you need to train your daughters to pee and poop in a toilet you need to do it because otherwise we’re going to have a lot of children on our hands chelsea and peaches may have wondering if i want to meet her someplace i mean how do we say no to chelsea junior maybe our guy will be there or maybe the artist oh my gosh so many different options oh give family advice it’s just junior remember when chelsea junior literally what what chelsea jr just ghosted her all right well this is our other daughter so let’s tell her engaging story i cannot believe chelsea jr just did that what is her game at least holly’s here to give her a hug what the heck why don’t you just talk some shade about your daughter start a preposterous rumor about chelsea jr i heard that chelsea jr is actually a big liar oh my gosh elliot acquired the potty skill without me being there honestly my kids are doing better when i’m not there so this is for the best oh everyone’s back from school all right well let’s just go home you know what she saw something cool today she saw these these baskets proud of her i cannot believe that what a waste of time how dare you she like took us into

the middle of the jungle this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie it snowed while she was gone how flipping cute mars are level two on working out let’s go mars let’s go i think he heard me talking about how attractive his younger brother is he’s like i gotta put in the work mars let’s just make you an adult it’s time you’re an adult but you’re not leaving my house yet oh my little boy yay mars aged up and he’s a goofball we always knew he was oh my gosh congratulations mars on aging up you’re an adult now you can do whatever adulty things you want to do but mainly you’re going to stay in the house because you’re gonna help out with the kids reach potty level two good job hannah oh i’m so proud of you sweetie not smart enough blake i’ve been trying to do homework for school but the last few assignments have felt really hard maybe you’re not smart enough to do it what do you think blake practice makes perfect okay you got this so much family bonding everyone’s bonding except for hannah who’s in the cutest little what is that a rabbit outfit adorable adorable or is it a hamster we don’t care yeah elliott reached up level two that’s all i needed from you elliot it’s 3 am on a wednesday yeah you do need to go to bed blake what are you doing she’s having a dance party like turn that music off and get yourself to bed you’re tired missy go to sleep it’s time for all the future supposed to go to sleep you know 4am is their bedtime apparently why are you going outside in the snow oh she’s just always finding the music it’s like i’m gonna dance turn it off and go to bed you’re tired it’s another beautiful day i think uh connor might age up tomorrow i’m not ready for connor to age up again i don’t want him to go it’s winterfest oh my gosh how cute oh my gosh santa’s gonna visit today oh she’s really showing right now which trimester she’s in she’s in the second one shovel down that food my girl maybe you should text your friends writer just send a little happy text he asked her to go to a cafe okay let’s go he’s gonna be like whoa you uh are a lot more pregnant than last time i saw you oh my gosh look at this beanie give him a hug she’s thinking about love look at her oh so cute she should invite him over for christmas dinner he’s like i just moved into town and she’s like oh that ball and chain you’re not married you don’t have any llamas and he’s like no i’m not married she keeps talking about marriage and now she’s talking about your urinals order a drink let’s uh order for here let’s have an espresso this is so cute look at this little hipster nerd boy he’s self-assured yeah you are buddy make some funny faces and tell a joke about mimes times are hilarious i want them to sit together why don’t you sit here together there you go he’s romantic how did that get brought up in conversation oh my gosh they’ve got what is this j-pop like a little flirtatious joke it’s like a little joke like oh he immediately got flirty immediately and now he’s like bop into the song dance with him dance with him casey he’s like bop into this he’s like this is my favorite anime jam go embrace him casey go get a little embrace stop dancing go give a little embrace to him no it’s too fast oh no that’s so awkward crap he’s talking to this other dude and she didn’t read the room no what you know no no they’re gonna go on a walk outside oh did he just give her a rose he just gave her a rose maybe he’s just like weird about pda oh my god freaky aladdin vladimi’s over here how dare you if aladdin is trying to get in on this i’m gonna be so flippin mad the audacity of this punk still trying to gum into casey’s life when she has clearly moved on okay she needs to go home because she’s tired as heck and she needs to get ready for the big christmas dinner however clearly we have had some interesting conversations let’s get into some festive spirit we’ve got some decorations let’s like throw some up just for fun though because it’s christmas and we also want to kind of like impress like her new guy you know we’ll put the christmas tree up maybe like over here can we put it here really maybe here we’ll put a little nutcracker out not a little one jeez it’s a big nutcracker okay she’s like everybody let’s go let’s light this tree together all the kids are coming over to light the tree blake’s coming oh it’s so christmasy no you know what they’re gonna open presents after dinner all right we need to like focus up casey you do need to get some rest ooh one minute she’s the third trimester she could have a baby at any point casey’s energy’s so low it is six o’clock though gotta get this going all right let’s invite ryder and then you’re gonna cook a grand meal

she is so preggers look at casey just flipping showing off for when her bae comes i mean bae might be a little soon to say huh oops i slipped oh my gosh here he comes he’s running hi ryder oh she’s so tired shoot shoot shoot shoot she’s so tired well let’s just have the meal now poor girl she’s like oh they kissed each other hello oh my gosh is this mom and dad like hi look at the way he looks at her get you a man that looks at you the way that he looks at my girl hopefully she doesn’t pass out in the middle of the meal yoo-hoo it’s christmas dinner come on everybody wait why is no one eating the dinner hello hello oh casey passed out this is obviously an impeachment family christmas if i ever seen one santa’s here wait who is this santa this guy’s weird-looking he gave caught her a present oh connor’s excited he got a present he’s gonna hang out with mom for a little bit where’s blake oh my gosh they’re all talking with him he’s like talking about mars he’s like your future i’m dead they’re all having christmas dinner together as casey passed out the couch because she like worked too hard trying to make everything pretty for ryder santa’s like rocking just a very interesting look this year i get that all the characters really like red hair right now who can blame them but come on she woke up she’s like hungry classic girl father winter looks almost like casey’s dad they just became good friends oh my gosh first kiss casey put all your stuff down go over there and kiss that man by the christmas tree your mother’s here she’s gonna cheer you on she’s gonna be like oh i remember that kid he lived across the street from us oh my gosh this is so romantic oh what a special first kiss that they had winterfest was successful oh blanks was awful oh no hannes was awful mars was successful and connor’s looks okay so the older kids had a really good one apparently we didn’t really focus on the little kids this year but you know what we tried don’t pass out don’t pass out don’t pass oh god oh chelsea’s helping clean up after dinner mars is oh in the gym getting on his fitness we’re his witness ooey that’s like a beautiful view too like look at his view he’s just watching the snowfall dang that is goals i want that sometime no he’s going it is 5 am i can’t believe he stayed till 5 a.m he wanted to stay with the family maybe someday buddy and with that our hero headed home it is like a hallmark card oh he’s talking to his ghost grandma give her a hug do not what do you mean romance you’re related what the heck what did this game do literally excuse me that is your grandmother whoa look at our family tree casey’s done work you know i’m proud of her everybody’s starting school soon oh my gosh that means that connor’s gonna be an adult soon don’t eat that connor that is disgusting why would you do that put that away what is your deal bro oh my gosh both of the girls are really mad what is happening why are you mad oh you’re hungry why are you mad oh you’re hungry i mean i you know you could have guessed it what is love we found an unsent love letter from blake to her teacher in her destiny nothing racing but we thought you should know ah cute but inappropriate we’ll talk you should send a happy text to writer just for fun cause you’re very happy it’s like oh what a cute winter day it’s all snowy i agree casey it’s a great day let’s go out and enjoy the day he asked her out to coffee again and we were gonna go oh my gosh she almost fell that’s so cute she’s like hey uh flatter him and then you need to do a little flirty a little flirt writer is single you need to flirt you need to flirt casey flirt with him oh my gosh where’d he go he’s getting a book what a nerd he liked it his appearance be like you’re looking really good today writer really deep conversation what is this man doing here why did he sit down who is this can you just okay thank goodness tomax is like you know what this is weird i’m not gonna i’m not gonna stay and i’m like good dude the seat’s not open she should confess attraction no not right as giuliana was gonna sit down juliana get out do what no it’s tom holland oh my gosh tom holland blast from the past casey’s first love just sat down she has to say hi let’s brighten his day she’s got to do it she’s got to say hi she’s already flirting with writer but you know what let’s cancel that flirt we can’t flirt in front of tom holland she she and tom are having like a side combo they just like gave some cheek kisses oh my gosh what is she doing i’m not even controlling this moment anymore oh my gosh ryder’s still trying to super engage

casey in conversation but tom is like really giving her some eyes right now seems like everyone’s leaving oh okay ryder’s decided to head out maybe we need to like ask about his day we can’t just run into tom holland and not have a conversation with him apparently tom holland’s cheerful as if we didn’t already know all right casey i think you just gotta go home you gotta call home and take care of your kids casey and peter shui is back well connor technically is an a student now and so it’s like so we got a birthday in order let’s get our birthday pants on yay happy birthday connor connor aged up and he is a child of the ocean so he wants to be really ridiculously wealthy he’s a bookworm he’s a perfectionist but he’s also a little child of the ocean i feel like he would move to sulani uh be like a programmer out there and just have like an amazing home blake it’s your turn to blow out the candles darling come on blake let’s go oh this has gone into labor oh my gosh this is all going so fast all right blake aged up she is outgoing athletic active and pick a number one through 12. it’s eight it’s eight one two three four five six seven eight knowledge pick a number one through seven the answer is one one so she wants to be an academic she really wants to attend a university and get a job but most importantly she just wants to learn how cute oh my gosh and she what a cutie she turned out to be blake is a full-on spellcaster she’s really aged into a different lady but i really like her vibe casey’s gone into labor so we’ve got one two three four five six people so casey can have two babies and then she has to move these two out to get pregnant again that next episode at the top of the episode we have to have a baby and the only person that we’ve actually gotten to know has been writers so she kind of has to push that relationship pretty far oh look it’s our bestie what’s up theo bennett okay casey is in her backless gown the look that she was born to wear really okay here we go it’s a boy okay so that means i gotta go as usual to our comments to see what some baby names are you guys have given me now this is really sweet it says here for a girl in oliver for a boy because of olive i think that’s really sweet so we’re gonna definitely go with oliver for our sweet baby angel thank you so much kira for watching the show and for suggesting oliver that’s it we only had one kid and that is not the matriarch oh my gosh all right well welcome baby oliver oh it’s so sweet welcome baby oliver casey is ready to go she’s going very tired back home we’re gonna have to invite over ryder at the top of the next episode to be our next baby daddy it kind of feels weird you know like something real is really happening there and we’re kind of having to speed it up however he’s kind of our only option at the moment of someone that we haven’t already had a romantic thing with unless we bring back aladdin which would be crazy well i guess all will be revealed next episode thank you guys so much for tuning in and i will see you guys in the next one bye i have a feeling this episode is going to be incredibly emotional and i don’t know if i’m mentally prepared for it hey everybody i’m kelsey i’m quarantining solo and today we thought it would be funny if i tried the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have one matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different partners there’s a lot of rules to this challenge if you’re interested in playing along that link will be below last time casey looked through a bunch of potential suitors that you all submitted on the gallery and then casey ran into a former neighbor who always had a thing for her only two episodes left in this season after which we will be debuting a new show so don’t worry you will still have some great sims content coming your way on the weekly featuring yours truly casey is back at the baby factory reloaded she’s left with a choice have writer over and have writer be the father of the next child we got two adults mars and connor i think it’s time to maybe move mars out but keep connor in so that way connor can help around the house he’s going to do amazing things being a pranker youtuber reunited with august and autumn and they’re all going to have a really great time part of the challenge is the emotional challenge it’s time for casey to invite someone special to hang out at the current launch writer i think casey has learned that if she’s honest writer can make that call for himself writer million will be right over casey why don’t you get like a little dressed up for him coming over you know something real cute but her sock i want her to still be sporty but a little bit jazzier maybe there she is she’s feeling like flirty she’s feeling cute ryder’s already here casey why are you going upstairs oh i’m flying what just happened he’s acting like they’re together

stop go here oh my gosh they’re just passing ships oh he’s saying hello to her daughter ask about his day casey get your butt back up there why don’t you chat with writer over a good game of chess give him a heartfelt compliment be like writer since you’ve come into my life i feel like i’ve found a new part of myself that i know i have brightness day and then i think that she should have like a deep conversation with him about the situation and that she’s not getting any younger she has this challenge that she wants to finish he seems down seems like pretty understanding and honestly he knows this about casey it’s not a surprise go try for baby in the shower you’ll be private it’ll be kind of like romantic was it how to lose a guy in 10 days they have like a shower secret looks like oliver is smelly so let’s have you change the dirty diaper connor oh look at our responsible boy our responsible babe but he’s a good looking sim oh they’re having some time in the shower casey take a pregnancy test she is casey is pregnant with writer’s child and all she can do is think of him she’s gonna run upstairs and tell him the good news casey is possibly pregnant with the final children of the challenge of her heir of the child i am pregnant he’s chatting with her daughter blake oh joke about old times with him she’s asking him to stay the night he said yes oh but it’s not a pleasant conversation because blake was here and she’s like mom dude can you not like right in front of me like i think that next we want you to open a spell book practical magic mischief magic untamed magic or alchemy i feel like she’d like alchemy or practical magic practice practical magic all right let’s see your practice of magic oh he’s cleaning up all the mess that they made while they were trying to learn to potty um i think you’re tired so why don’t you go to bed oh ryder’s already in bed he already went to bed she’s like a nice sweetie oh my god daiso age of one yeah it’s very possible this might be the last batch of kids oh and she’s gonna take a nice snooze i think this might be one of the only times she’s ever asked someone to stay the night ryder woke up and he decided to hang out with blake blake is gonna play some chess with him for a little bit she wants to be a logical witch oh no oliver’s awake oh casey’s already up and taking care of oliver it’s so interesting like how he’s been so focused on hanging out with all of the kids more than i would argue any of the other father-ish figures of the kids of men they’re really good friends oh my gosh we still have a chick level two i think that’s good enough for tonight my darling so why don’t you go to bed ooh these ladies are upset look at them they’re awake they’re hungry they can smell fear oh why are you sad sweetie oh they had a nightmare that’s why they woke up early they both had a nightmare together whoa twin telepathy ryder came downstairs right or do you never sleep he’s talking about blocks to her she’s talking about pizza oh my gosh blake’s gonna make yourself a garden salad and i didn’t even tell her to do that and peter schmidt through and through look at this queen connor’s going down to also make a garden salad and blake’s off to school buy blake study hard oh he says i should really get going now thanks for hanging out with me see you later bye writer oh no counter bullying stratagem now that blake gets pretty good grades some bullies have been picking on her lately oh yeah you should confront them confront them with your magic if bullies responded to well-crafted arguments they wouldn’t be boys they understand they’re being insulted but they don’t quite understand how that just makes them matter um that’s unfortunate oh wait he’s just chilling in the backyard ryder’s coming back inside because she wanted to talk to him connor you want to make a lot of money why don’t you just start doing it now pack a trust fund i would never normally have my son hack a trust fund but you know oh i kind of want her to ask him to be your boyfriend but i don’t think she should right now she’s still doing the challenge oh he’s dancing she should dance with him this is such a little romantic song and they’re becoming even better friends who’s that walking outside all angrily like who is that why is this man angrily stomping around our house victor monk of the mail carrier why is the mail carrier so mad at us if he’s not mad at us he’s coming into my home sir he walked through my home to get to my mailbox excuse you sir casey’s gonna have some words for you rude introduction dude what are you doing do not come into my home with my children ask him to leave whoa how dare you talk about casey that way sir do not come to my home again he just acquired 131 out of a trust fund it’s a couple garden salad you should give him residence keys so he can come over whenever he wants to i feel like maybe if they talked about like an open relationship maybe that would be the best way for casey to be comfortable he’s never been like fully committed to anyone before i don’t know if it’s for her

look at her she’s even talking about how marriage feels like kind of a weight i’ll see you later though you sing about rocket ships now i just gotta make sure that all of my kids age up so that i’m not stuck with a million tots oh blake is enraged to get a hex the crap out of those bullies why don’t you go to bed connor why don’t you get a job his goal is to earn five thousand dollars he hasn’t earned that yet freelancer freelance programmer that’s fab let’s get him a new job oh my gosh he can make 485 dollars by being a modding yeah we’re gonna do that let’s meet with the client oh my gosh how fun little connor’s gonna go he’s not little anymore water’s got a full job he’s a freelance programmer he’s gonna make so much bang we are so proud of him elliott are you singing level three good job elliott okay first one down next we gotta do potty elliot’s gonna be aging up today i can feel it in my bones come on potty boom potty’s done boom babbling done boom that’s done okay she’s done she drove now we’ll head up her sister next i can’t believe we did it that was so fast he’ll blow up candles for elliot i can’t believe elliot you served hannah that was pretty wild i really thought that hannah would have been aging at first happy birthday my darling elliot just yesterday you were a baby and now you’re gonna be a kid i’m so excited to have more kids in school so that way they’re not in the house i mean i can’t wait for you to be a kid okay aging out we’re gonna randomize the straights elliot’s a perfectionist and pick a number one through four the answer is four four so she’s a social butterfly and a perfectionist look at her she’s cute i love her little slippers oh you go do your homework okay hannah let’s open up some salad oh my gosh elliot’s coming in here to glow over the fact that she’s older the older sister now even though hannah was born first wow she’s way behind in comparison boom all right level three done of communication elliot’s homework is complete he’s moving into her new bedroom oh my gosh look at this sleepy monkey that’s why i’m gonna call her my little monkey she looks so pouty goodnight ellie and her new bedroom oh our son’s in the room he’s bored oh that’s why he came down he was bored he was bored in the house and he was in the house board harry’s come by too the boys are just chatting it up they’re having a good time they’re gonna go hang out well we only have imagination and potty left for this little girl connor’s gotten the wellness skill what’s he doing why are you giving a hand massage to your ghost brother oh he’s going to the next hand oh my gosh you know this massage chair has really changed the impeachment household there she goes ha ha puns okay now yo hannah’s reached level three let’s pull this cake out it’s a birthday time it’s spoiled oh no i guess chelsea’s gonna make a no whole new cake all right well let’s do a really fancy looking cake blue confetti cake that’s fun make it very special for hannah’s day hannah’s very hungry i know we are working on it okay wait have birthday candles add some birthday candles no elliott you little punk how dare you ellie just took a piece of cake now i gotta cook another one gall that elliott had taking your sister’s birthday cake and eating it so she couldn’t age up nobody touched this add birthday candles i’ll blow up candles hannah and her little squirrel outfit oh hannah why are you outside in the cold she’s like nobody loves me poor hannah her sister ate her birthday cake and nobody’s paying attention to her happy birthday hannah is a goofball and pick a number one through four hannah is also a social butterfly oh the twins are little social queens we just in the nick of time before oliver aged up got two kids oh actually elliot can you clean up your own toilets for when you were a toddler oh that’s really satisfying oh it’s new year’s eve casey should throw a new year’s party it’s saturday she also probably should meet someone new just in case this isn’t the last set of kids but i think this is the last oh my gosh she still has abs on top of her pregnancy ballet that’s interesting why don’t you all go to bed so that way later you will have energy do not go nap in the hot tub why is that even an option that way later you guys can all celebrate new year’s together who’s that it’s logan and peter’s may one of the only peaches made children still to be allowed to have a residence key i like how they are twins but they are not sleeping in the same bedroom for new year’s eve it looks like casey wants party spirit drink dance play music the party spirit lives in assault let’s get some party music going and then she can dance and go celebrate there you go dancing level three she’s getting much better at dancing but still not very good you know not the best how’s connor doing connor is going to go nap in the thoughts everyone stop trying enough in the hot tub do not make me upset again caught her go to bed oh she’s hanging out with her brother she’s like hey

what’s up dude oh my gosh i forgot does blake have freckles blake has the most beautiful i mean she’s making the biggest stank face of all time but she’s beautiful freckles so we’re gonna plan their outfits for tonight it’s new years we gotta be glitzy we gotta be glam casey really needs to go baboon this might be one of her last hurrahs as an adult woman this one’s nice because it’s empire wasted she kind of pinned back her bangs for this look all right that’s her new year’s look it might be a little fancy should i look for like a different dress no she looks great it’s new years baby we can do whatever we want blake what do you want to wear for a new year so it’s oh i like the yellow if we could go off of that that’s pretty that’s pretty on blake that’s pretty on blaze maybe like this this definitely looks like something i would wear as a team like we’ll do that i love her just continuously doing magic for me arm piece and there you go okay how about the girls this is your formal wear okay we like a black and red situation oh no it’s black and red how about that that’s very nice and then she already has red little shoes on and a red bow perfect how about ellie our little monkey oh she likes a brighter color a little bit more of a formal shoe give her a little updo there you go there’s ellie and then connor oh whoa connor’s already ready for new year’s we’ve done all their outfits so i’m very excited six hours she’ll be in trimester three so at the top of the new year she’s gonna have the babies they’re gonna be january is that an aries that’s not aries i don’t know who’s top of the year well why don’t you make a resolution to become a better student that’s definitely going to be a resolution of all of my children you’re going to make a resolution also to become a better student she’s like thinking about it she’s like maybe i should be a better student this year so proud so proud let’s wake this lady up and let’s throw a party let’s just do a house party that feels like the most sense the host is gonna be casey yes obviously blake elliott connor and hannah aladdin you’re not invited august hannah connor none of you are related to me so we don’t care lucian annie chelsea jr mars has to come autumn has to come definitely not inviting chelsea writers obviously invited you know what i think you know what no we don’t need to invite tom holland we’re gonna have it at the peach to my household hopefully people leave our house after this party um excuse me lady what are you wearing casey it is a party look i must have made that all right let’s get her into her formal wear oliver you don’t have an ear slug you’re rocking the usual and we love that for you i would like to adult now i feel like i’m old enough now that i should be allowed to go anywhere i want and do whatever i want can you treat me like an adult please not until you’ve grown more if you’re asking that then you’re probably not involved casey looks like such a bombshell look at this queen cook a grand meal fish dinner oh that sounds nice for new year’s oh and she’s working her outfit she’s taking a photo for the gram they’re watching the new year’s tv here looks like some people are starting to come writer of course has already arrived casey’s preparing her fish for dinner oh my gosh connor no do not eat that granola do not eat that granola connor i’m saving you from yourself yeah that was that was dumb so let’s make a resolution for you let’s have you raise a skill and casey what was your new year’s resolution to get a significant other people change everyone’s here oh my goodness it’s only 20 minutes they’re counting down watch countdown to midnight go do it casey casey go do watch the countdown i don’t want you to miss it casey are you there where’s casey oh my gosh casey you’re missing it oh my gosh everyone counted down without you why are you outside annie katie are you okay are you okay annie look at this happy family reunion oh to be a fly on this wall they’re like we’re the two most attractive and peach my children chelsea came to celebrate she’s talking to annie she’s making sure she’s okay look at this it’s such fan vibes i cannot i mean there’s no rules against having a boyfriend if you go with ryder outside i know you’re really tired casey please casey please please just go outside with ryder what why is chelsea wait hold up chelsea’s making a snow angel inside the house i guess you can do whatever you want when you are a ghost wait no no no no no no no no i wanted you and writer apparently i can’t get her to peel off without all of the children i want you to ask him something that you’ve never asked a man before okay you know what this is a fitting moment in front of all of the baby birth certificates here we go fuma gibbs her boyfriend and he said yes oh my gosh her resolution’s complete

ryder just became casey’s boyfriend and now she really needs to pee in classic and petriche fashion she’s like and after that instead of kissing you i just really need to use the toilet but after i use the toilet man is it on classic queen cleaning up after all the kids oh look at everyone having so much fun at the house party they’re all dancing the night away it’s 3am on a sunday but it’s oh casey passed out in the bathroom pregnant lady down pregnant lady now what it’s still there it’s like an angel is it on new year’s day angel is chelsea oh case are you gonna eat any food or what are you doing she’s gonna go dancing really you’re that tired and pregnant and you’re gonna go dancing that’s your big move here oliver’s sad connor stop dancing the night away with your siblings on new year’s and go take care of the baby so your mom can invite over her boyfriend stay over he does why are there so many things needing her place chelsea as much as chelsea helps she really also costs us a lot of money oh casey and ryder are having such a good time look at her face she’s madly in love with him look at his little face i hope their kids have his freckles oh she’s gonna pass out she passed out in the snow angel that her mother put in the middle of the house it’s spring okay recruiting for antivirus r d it makes a thousand dollars heck yeah we’re gonna do that let’s chat with the client nobody go back to the computer i want you to make money for our family this is so nice he’s gonna get going bye ryder we will see you later we will have to decide though what happens if casey has enough time to get pregnant again but that’s future kelsey’s problem but not current kelsey karat kelsey is having too much fun setting up her sims blake’s just crushing the magic hopefully she’ll learn a magic spell soon oh she did she learned her perio maybe next time our stuff breaks she can just repair it with magic oh i always want a magic sin elliot when i grow up i want to be a ninja when i grow up what do i need to do to start getting ready only allows for one answer which is practice your hiding what she asked connor she didn’t actually ask casey she has connor for this advice that’s pretty cool dang it i’m so mad the one time there is nothing to repair and i have a sim that can repair it with magic what are the odds casey’s having a grilled cheese steven anderson is asking casey to go on a date oh but i couldn’t even click on it even to give him an answer wow casey’s just straight ignoring everybody i wouldn’t like her who dad abigail vasquez who why aren’t crazy people just walking through our home answer the door like who is this woman why is she here she’s like hello and she’s like hi she’s gonna show her her selfies i don’t know why she’s visiting us but she is there’s no interaction with this there’s just gonna be a snow angel in her house how long is that gonna happen oliver is upset so casey go care for your baby what do you mean who’s caring for the baby no lady we don’t know you how so why does she walk like that it’s super creepy we should ask her to leave do not touch my baby ma’am casey get back inside and protect your children hey listen i’m sure you have great intentions please leave and don’t pick up my children without my consent and she’s like i understand and i am weird pillows next time we’re gonna throw hands oh she still has two days till age up so that’s good maybe she should meet someone else part of me doesn’t want her to have more children with anyone but writer but i know this is a challenge i don’t know ryder and her are in a relationship it could be an open relationship maybe she’s if she talked to him about it it’d be it’d be fine oh wait are all the kids just chilling in the hot tub what’s going on hannah’s taking a nap blake’s taking a nap why are my daughter sleeping in the hot tub and connor’s just having a good time what is happening right now also why is an elliott in here i feel like if the kids are gonna all get in the hot tub they should all get in the hot tub normally i don’t let my children sleep in the hot tub but as long as no no caught get back in here get back in here as long as one of them is awake and watching i will allow it so connor you have to be the responsible one okay you gotta watch them you can’t fall asleep in the hot tub like them all right don’t fall asleep in the hot tub connor make sure no they all fell asleep in the hot tub oh my gosh my hand i woke up okay is anything bad gonna happen if they fall asleep in the hot tub no okay they both woke up well they also could nap in the hot tub which was really weird but they’re all okay are you peeing in the hot tub hannah anna did you just be in the hot tub oh my gosh they’re all falling asleep again she’s gonna leave them all sleeping in the hot tub this is so odd i’ve never slept in a hot tub i don’t know why it’s so prevalent in the sims go to proper bed okay kid that was a really weird impetus my bonding session what are you doing

no don’t sleep outside in the cold in a wet swimsuit no go to bed no young lady you’re gonna catch your death out here hannah oh oliver aged up whoa we got a oliver in the air above him and he’s fussy fabulous oliver call him lovingly no casey casey just woke up saw a toddler in her bedroom and walked away there she goes she’s gonna give him a hug look at little oliver he reminds me not too much of olive who is named after but he’s a cutie do we want to go to a party with sirius black she could bring her bae and have a conversation but at the club is not necessarily a good place to have a conversation like that maybe you know what maybe she should ask bae out to dinner she should have a heart-to-heart with him it is interesting to ask writer on a date and then hey can i have children with other people she’s an adult he’s an adult they’re gonna work it out this looks like a pretty nice cafe let’s go to a nice cafe he took her out to a cafe twice he loves the cafe actually i think this is the same cafe that he’s taken to her to twice which is pretty funny oh let’s kiss her boyfriend sit together over there a little bit separate than everybody else what the heck okay sit together over there casey can he not come over here who is this in their conversation stop talking to this man writer we’re trying to have an intimate conversation with you and you’re just refused to not just sit with us you’ve included this dakota guy sit and chat here now they’re outside under the stars and the snow have a little deep conversation about her goals her aspirations tell a funny story about can you guys all leave this is so awkward he’s just too popular he’s too friendly writer focus on casey right now we’re trying to communicate oh my gosh casey’s in labor we can’t even she’s talking about broken marriages and bathrooms oh no casey you know what casey we just got to go have the baby at the hospital okay okay and in vet is in progress we have to leave the event casey’s having a baby oh there’s our friend theo reveal a deep secret to theo be like theo i’ve got a boyfriend now and he’s like what she’s like also frogs are you serious about the frogs lilith the tour you’re a doctor now all right wait he just left the doctor left is lilith her doctor today so she’s gonna go have her baby we don’t know how many oh my gosh i don’t even know what the name would be if it is the matriarch am i gonna go elsie am i gonna go kelly we gonna do casey jr oh i’m enough it’s a girl casey just gave birth to a baby girl this baby needs a name what would you like to call her well just in case this is the matriarch elsie is one kelly is two pick a number one through two the answer is two it’s two so therefore kelly and peacheschmein is the possible name of the next major let’s see if there’s another girl because it has to be the youngest it’s a boy oh my gosh okay it’s a boy oh this one’s cute it says for a boy wesley i love the name wesley especially since i love princess bride thank you so much christina for watching the show and for commenting your own name leslie and kelly casey has technically enough time she’s one day till age up i think she might have enough time to have another child there’s also the matter of having tom holland possibly be still in the back of her mind we don’t know what will happen why are you viewing that go home what are you doing we’re back in the baby factory chelsea’s looking phenomenally happy and there’s kelly and peter schmei right over here possibly the heir of the impeachment family we will definitely find out in the next episode whether or not casey gets pregnant again i’ll see you guys all in the next one to baby or not to baby that is the question shakespeare’s rolling in his grave right now hey everybody i’m kelsey i’m solo quarantined and we thought it would be funny if i tried the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge in the sims 4 where you have one matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different partners there’s a lot of rules to this challenge if you’re interested in those the link will be below last time a lot went down casey’s in love she just had two beautiful babies with writer and we’re on a precipice like we were so focused on new years and writer that we didn’t meet anyone new so she’s not ready to seduce anyone right now but it’s casey like she can get it done lickety-split if she wanted to but does she want to there’s just so much at play i’m just gonna have to do right by me and casey on this one and hopefully casey’s story can end on a good note wow this is getting really sad let’s play this video game it’s just a game it’s not just a game okay it’s fine it’s everywhere it’s fine casey’s outside the house she just had kelly and wesley and peter schmey she was on a date we’ve never had a character have a boyfriend in the sims before and they haven’t discussed having no open relationships how much time do we have one day oh wait we need to check on the kids uh

oliver is oh he’s very sad oh no poor little oliver our sweet baby angel he has no fun and he really needs to go let’s super efficient baby care and then feed wesley as well go casey i know a lot of you are really upset about the baby birth certificates a lot of you were like you didn’t get them from the front room i did get them from the front room i think it was cut out of the video yep hometown hero okay we’re back oh my god they’re there that is so weird i could have sworn up and down all right you guys got me maybe take out the part where i was dissing everybody we did it there’s the wall you happy now i hope you are your happiness means a lot to me moving right along in the plot let’s go use the restroom there’s my perfect angel going to work hard for the family oh he’s done did he make that cash money uh-huh wow he can make bank on here thousands of dollars in one go but he’s also building up his own career goals right like this is what he wants out of life casey he’s got business to do on that computer casey is like i want to play bedazzled so this is casey’s probably final day as an adult before she becomes an elder things i want to do in casey’s final day take a photo with her boyfriend i want casey to maybe make a choice about whether or not she wants an open relationship it’s okay if she does maybe he’ll be into it maybe he won’t and he’s not the right person for her who’s calling during free time elliot drew an inappropriate piece of artwork and showed it to classmates it caused lots of giggling and disrupted the rest of the school day i wanted you know i think the teacher’s responsible counter bullying strategy now that blake gets pretty good grades she’s bullies picking on her okay last time we let her confront them with her magic it didn’t go so well so let’s have her ignore him this time oh ryder’s home oh look at him he saw casey through the window and he just got all like weak kneed all brightness day embrace him but then i think they should have a really deep conversation okay she’s talking about space i think he knows you know i think he loves casey for who she is 100 baby challenge and all she has a lot of babies that’s just part of it and he loves kids look at her dancing she’s in a great mood oh my gosh wait wait oliver’s an overalls with a little blue top he’s like inverse chelsea casey i think then since writer approved i think that you need a new man to seduce really fast it won’t be an emotional thing she only has emotional intimacy with wright or her partner it will be just a 100 baby challenge thing let’s just see what happens you know let’s just see who’s here kate ally oh he’s a redhead he is an adult all right let’s uh have an enchanting introduction casey work your magic ask him if he’s single casey really needs some coffee she’s tired though there’s serious black but he is applauding her for her flirtiness is that one of our children no it’s adam way that’s one of the characters you guys have made it’s like a disney prince character bye tate flirt flirt flirt casey flirt with him casey’s so tired she’s gonna pass out at some point ask him if he’s single no you all stop moving sweet talking oh she gave it a quick embrace you know what’s weird is that this doesn’t feel weird first kiss yeah we’re rushing this the only problem is i think that our boyfriend’s still at our house so we’re gonna have to take him to another location to do the deed because i think it’s rude to do it in the same house as we’re boyfriend’s hanging out yo no stop going away beast he’s playing hard to get to a different location one that has a woohoo bush oh my gosh he is feeling her sexy pose offer him a rose whoa this is going fast i wonder if i could just like quickly put down a woohoo bush out here you know nothing to see bush oh wait we already have all the children we’d have to move out okay let’s go home bye adam can’t wait for you to impregnate me blake is also like an adult so we can move both of them out even though i don’t want to i don’t want to say goodbye these past few impeaches made children have really been harder than usual i’m going to have a moment with connor the most beautiful impeachment boy that ever was i’mma miss you buddy you made me a lot of money you took care of my kids we’re going to miss you everything’s fine i’m fine this is fine happy birthday blake you’re an adult oh my gosh blake adapt he’s going to be such a cute little witch she’s active outgoing loves the outdoors and can’t just wait to learn

more we’ll have to send her to like a witch school all right let’s invite over adam beast there it is grab a drink grab a drink grab a drink grab a drink of coffee there he comes casey no i what did i say i told you to grab a drink oh that’s bad timing oh she just passed out as he arrived you know what it’s her last one let’s try for a baby in a hot tub she’s like hey i’m doing a challenge i have a boyfriend i just want to have a baby are you cool with that he said i’m cool with it oh look at that tiny little bikini he’s wearing and then there they go they’re off to the races oh my gosh we’re gonna i’m pregnant kelsey we’re gonna impregnate casey right before she would have aged up therefore we get more time with her okay she’s just chatting with him now let’s take a pregnancy test let’s see if we’re good to go and is it is casey’s pregnant oh my gosh right in at the end with adam beast who would have thunk it thanks coffee you’re a real one she is expecting and we’re super proud of her are you sticking to her guns doing what she felt was right for herself oh man you know i was trying to make like a cool moment here casey and you just you know it’s fine tomorrow we will invite our boyfriend over and tell him everything tell him the good news maybe not everything probably just the good news it could be the matriarch it could not we don’t know oh we didn’t have the girls do their homework sorry girls you’re gonna have to wake up at midnight 30 and do your homework i love how we just left the beast in the hot tub we don’t even know where he is oh man come on wait this is a perfect job for blake blake wake up and use your magic to repair it oh my gosh i’m so excited yeah girl she did it that’s 600 or you’re not gonna have to use i wish i always had magical children wow he’s really bad at communicating probably because nobody talks to him all right now he’s super hungry all right i’ll give him food game you don’t have to guilt me all right mom it’s time to wake up and cook a garden salad because they’re cheap and we’re a cheap family when it comes to food hopefully he doesn’t get taken away i think he’ll be fine she’s working on it right he’s fine don’t hit it oh he needs food and needs a bath both a lot oh that’s just disgusting this is a disgusting sight oh but he has cute little green eyes oh no babies are upset babies are upset what do you what do you want what’s wrong does he just want talked to oh both of my girls are b students now good job girls they look dead inside but proud of themselves wait who’s this becca clark young adult wait wait a second becca clark why don’t you have a little friendly introduction here blake go go say hi to the neighbor none of my children ever have friends she’s a young adult she’s a young adult she wants to go to college she’s wearing every single college thing ask about her day i want to know more about this becca she’s like birds i love birds and trees aren’t trees the best oh she’s romantic in a bookworm they seem kind of in the same wheelhouse here oh it’s lion sexton it’s the guy that had moved the foreign exchange man why is he here ah you’re too little too late liam and why are you walking through my home okay we really need to fix this house you go answer the door blank hi banana peels ha ha what the strange woman is going into our room can you not oh my gosh she went in just to remark upon how smelly the baby is yeah no go figure goodness it’s a party today at the pj schmidt house so there’s so many people ryder’s gonna show up and be like who’s this guy she’d be like oh no it’s not that guy i don’t know who that guy is he’s just here oh he’s so happy to be here hi ryder oh she flirting with him right in front of this liam sexton you could have been a contender lion but you never showed up also he’s a little young for well so his writer actually writer’s young too she’s like you want to feel it oh he’s so happy that their family’s growing let’s take a photo with writer let’s look at photography tripod yeah here we go okay let’s get a camera too yeah we’ll get a pretty nice one oh that one’s really expensive we’ll get an average one take a photo of casey and ryder oh my god this is gonna be so cute i’m so excited casey where are you going casey turn around casey casey stop trying to go to the gym and take a photo with your boyfriend that’s not at all what i expected no though now they’re just being silly he looks very goofy in that one oh my goodness what are these poses happy poses happy poses a little too happy you know what just normal happy poses

that one’s okay let’s go with this one oh that one’s cute too that’s pretty funny fabulous fabulous photo sesh look how beautiful the photo looks it’s cute i loved it oh let’s take care of our baby change the dirty diaper it looks like oliver is really hungry and upset about it go grab a serving oliver you’re fine what is he cursing and like baby talk wow it’s their birthday oh i don’t want that many times we gotta focus on oliver we can’t have this many todds again not again all right here we go you’re gonna go do the imagination so he’s got three level twos and two level ones so we gotta get the level ones done yes get your imagination skill up there work on it be imaginative imagine that cat is real imagine there’s a ghost in your house spoiler alert there is haha oh the kid the kids are going to school soon have they done their homework they haven’t they haven’t done their homework oh casey’s got some kind of thing going on oh my gosh casey casey’s got like a sickness she’s got scratchy oh no so many things are going wrong okay casey order some medicine so that you no longer have i guess bug bites i don’t know what that is she’s itching like crazy oh my goodness okay we need you to fix both of these with your magic can she do magic while eating a salad because that is fantastic she can what a queen oh we gotta go to school okay bye girls when’s casey gonna have this baby second trimester 13 hours she’s tense i’m tense oh my gosh babies i want food too you don’t see me complaining i heard someone famous wants to go over the lines i wanted to go check it out yes yes i do i do not want to be here i need a break haley i would love to go out with you okay oh my gosh there’s a celebrity oh my gosh did you hear baby ariel’s here it’s their favorite celebrity apparently they’re very excited about baby real uh ariel looks like there’s a vip lounge casey get in there convinced to get inside she’s pretty charming i bet she could do it let’s see how it works oh my gosh she said sure she can just go in she’s freaking chomping down chips in the vip lounge i wonder if haley can get in oh my gosh this is too funny look at her go she’s like yeah buddy oh she can’t get in oh my gosh oh my gosh ryder’s here oh my gosh oh she’s talking to her son too stevie is wondering if i want to go over to her house and hang out phoebe i would love to do it let’s bring mars and ryder yeah oh my god at peach schwe party oh my gosh ryder’s getting to be all the kids oh my gosh she’s so hungry why don’t you cook a garden salad for the whole family because it’s like an impeachment party you know oh my gosh no go chat with my my he left writer just left ryder he was probably really nervous olivia says this is inappropriate please stop what olivia why is it inappropriate i’m your mother she’s like i know you’re my mom mom but you can’t just come in and cook in her house all right like that’s our food well if casey can’t eat or sleep here then she probably should go mom they’re all like wanting mom’s attention she’s like no phoebe i’m hungry and when mom’s hungry and pregnant that’s what comes first why are you gonna just really walk home casey apparently casey’s gonna straight walk up oh my gosh all my kids are miserable oh my gosh why is there a toddler up in the gym little sir come back downstairs he’s hungry again are you kidding me okay i can pull out another salad oh my goodness this kid is a garbage disposal oh my gosh these babies never let her sleep oh no i heard that noise that noise means toddlers oh no kelly and wesley are tall wesley silly and kelly is wild oh they hug that’s super cute oh my gosh wait casey is level three pregnant which means that we should move blake out if we want to have twins part of me doesn’t want to move around because i love her and part of me doesn’t want to move around because i need her blake my favorite and peter schmidt child in a long time is it because you’re a witch like 90 but the other 10 are those freckles we love you we can’t wait for you to do great things you’re going to go to which college it’s going to be amazing ah oh my gosh kelly your dad’s here oh my gosh go babble and go hug him go get your dad

kelly oh my gosh look at that little booty little little baby booty okay he’s gonna walk in okay wait why did you walk past your kid why are you going upstairs your kid can’t go up there ryder oh no they’re all upset oh this is hectic okay oh my gosh oliver’s hungry i know oliver’s hungry please don’t get taken away he was sleeping because he was so hungry poor oliver oh no we don’t have blake to magic our toilet better i have to pay 900 dollars insult to injury ooh hand is an a student good job hannah we are definitely gonna age you up i really need some help around the house hannah she’s a loner she’s a goofball and pick a number one through twelve the answer is five all right pick a number one through four that would be four she wants a successful lineage sorry hannah you’re not gonna be the new matriarch oh look at her go what a babe i like the short hair i’m so glad we have one teen in the house yeah cuz this has gone into labor oh my gosh okay casey okay well let’s go to the hospital and we are also gonna invite our boyfriend ryder hopefully he sticks around hopefully we don’t know look at that they’re goals oh no she died writer just bounced and then she’s peeing herself he came he gave his support he showed up in case he’s like i’d rather you leave this is gonna get ugly and he left and then she peed herself and that is the story i’m telling myself wow this could be the last time we were in this weird sims contraption under this disgusting lighting having babies oh it’s a boy okay well i’m going to look up what our boy’s name is oh good lord everyone just was talking about the birth certificates and nobody’s giving baby names okay this one says girl names to tanya and olga boy names henry and louie love the name henry thank you so much to bunnytaff for suggesting the name henry and it’s another boy oh my gosh let’s see if we can find another h name this one says holding did we already do a holden i’m gonna google it i know there’s a wikipedia that lists them all thank you to the person who makes that wikipedia i literally use it so let’s read them all olive brielle jamie alexis miles bernie charlie table eric and i natalie rose river flynn cooper aggie ellie dorian stacy casey taylor taylor tegan archer lyric brendan hope bella ever no we haven’t we haven’t done holden holden and henry welcome into the petershame family oh my gosh the next matriarch is gonna be kelly technically we could still maybe get her pregnant no we can’t because we’re a full house so that’s it oh my gosh that’s it that’s it that’s it oh it’s the creepy mailman again what are you doing here victor get you and your cool pink pants out of here bro all right oh my goodness it’s like she knows it’s like she knows okay well the third matriarch of the 100 baby challenge is kelly we’ll see what happens will tom holland show up will she get married will casey just run off into the sunset with herself i don’t know all will be revealed next episode i’ll see you guys all then bye all good things must come to an end but this end is only temporary hey everybody i’m kelsey i’m solo quarantined and we thought it would be funny if i tried the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge this is for where you have one matriarch and they are supposed to have 100 children all with different partners there’s a lot of rules to this challenge if you’re interested in those that link will be below today is our last day with casey as an adult before she ages up into being an elder so i’m thinking it’s time to celebrate it’s time to throw casey a big bon voyage thank you guys all for enjoying season two i know it’s bittersweet because it’s ending but make sure next week to tune in to our other show in control with kelsey which is returning to youtube next saturday so i hope to see you there casey is back you just had henry and holden our two new beautiful bouncy baby boys we got wesley oh my gosh i forgot there were three todds oliver what are you doing grow up it says that she has one day till ajap if we look at the calendar tomorrow is casey’s birthday so we will be throwing casey her birthday party tomorrow let’s get casey to make what maybe her final garden salad for the family as the matriarch what’s that noise harry you scared me please don’t make that terrifying noise when you resurrect okay buddy oh my god look at them they’re terrifying they’re coming for me but our baby boy right here is feeling fine this is so rare can we just appreciate that my

toddlers aren’t mad at me they’re all in really good moods you know what that means wow i sounded really evil i’m just gonna make them get their skills up it’s not crazy let’s have the twins play dolls together he’s chatting to kelly like what are you gonna be when you grow up kelly’s like i have no idea but i do yes king we only need potty and imagination i guess that means that we have more baby birth certificates don’t we that we have to put on these walls i feel like i’m a slave to these birth certificates all of you that send me angry messages about these birth certificates really didn’t make me want to do it more to be honest oh no we got stinky babies about the potty situation because he’s not having fun we hate to say what are you doing kelly get out of the toilet disciplinary suit behavior calmly ask her not to splash in the toilet oh kelly’s super mad she’s like but i like splashing in the toilet oliver is potty level three next you need imagination why are all my children up at 4 50 a.m the peach schmacks are definite night owls that’s for sure he’s getting there imagination let’s go come on buddy you got this just be a more imaginative oliver be my sweet baby perfect help block candles for oliver happy birthday just ignore all the stuff in the background that’s leaking okay oliver is an insider okay he loves being in clubs and tend to be happiest when surrounded by friends and pick a number one through four that would be full so he’s a social butterfly look at this future it child he looks really groovy yeah buddy looks nothing like olives why are you drinking water when you need to pee that just doesn’t make sense hand us off to school bye hannah study hard elliot why aren’t you off to school study hard elliott kelly’s loving a garden salad what a queen already matriarch af exchanging secret love day cards oh my gosh today’s love day maybe casey needs to go on a date for love day elliot decided to handcraft a card for their crush complete with pipe cleaner hearts glitter flowers and dinosaurs because who doesn’t want dinosaurs oh elliott ellie just needs to decide if she should let it slip that it was her who made the card or secretly drop it in their cubbies by hand i think you got this elliot oh no elliot’s crush didn’t even know she existed this was an opportunity to change all that elliot bypassed the comedy in favor of a hand delivery unfortunately she wasn’t able to find her crush on the playground by the time elliott gave up and returned to the cubby her crush’s book bag was gone and the entire opportunity had been lost oh well at least she didn’t get denied there’s that up buttercup kelly reaches communication level three oh my gosh her first level three skill i’m so proud left a school party all week at school kids have been asking their sweethearts to annual love day school party there will be cookies and punch music the exchanging of flowers and cards and of course awkward chaperone she has two options go alone or invite someone invite someone hannah if you want to oh no why are my children having such a bad love day it took courage that’s why hannah would have to keep telling herself the moment she has that special student to the love day party was the exact same moment she got shot down the response no had been instantaneous and followed by the cruel snickers of her classmates hannah’s at that dick party hiding in the bathroom embarrassed with a llama cookie which was delicious but didn’t make up for what had just happened oh no oh no that’s so rough oh my goodness kelly acquired the pointy skill good job kelly will remember this moment of kelly learning to potty when she first accidentally wets herself as an adult it’s gonna happen it’s a rite of passage all right there you go go to bed now oh casey oh no i didn’t even check on k oh stephen wants to go on a date with casey for loved it but casey is not available oh and henry is crying oh wait but logan’s here to not do the thing correctly thank you logan for standing in front of my child and really not helping what are you doing hey there we go she’s so efficient what’s oliver doing oliver nobody goes in the hot tub alone nobody get out of there elliott’s greens are up and hannah is still a b student but that’s okay good job elliott now you can be a teen like your older sister and oh my gosh is she smelly and tired they have both had a terrible day at school because i made them you know go for the gold in terms of love this is horrifying what a terrible birthday time ellia aged up she’s neat a perfectionist and pick a number one through 12 oh that was very sassy you’re in a mood pick a number one through two that would be two all right so she wants to be a master mixologist oh look at this babe elliott took her time but man does she gotta glow up okay it’s like 5 p.m casey’s got like half of her energy back so let’s wake her up i’m just shocked that her boyfriend hasn’t asked her on a date yet like

writer it’s the love day where have you been all day i’m kind of mad he hasn’t texted he hasn’t called her ex called steven the fbi agent who he never thought would be part of the picture again called let’s go out for a special romantic time let’s go to the city up top lounge and hopefully they have food there oh now he’s doing the valentine’s day thing give him a love day gift of oh give him one of your prints of the photos of you guys together that’s a perfect love day gift does he love it he loves it wait what are they fighting what the heck why was he mad excuse you sir maybe we’ll go over here and order from the bar what is writer celebrating i guess he’s celebrating love day over there with other people he’s too popular call over be like writer come over here and hang out with me on your date on love date oh my gosh lucian and peter schmidt’s karaoke okay i’m just still kind of mad that he didn’t give her a valentine’s day gift i mean she’s still thinking about the present she’s even worried about it i don’t know like i feel like he’s kind of be what are you doing you know what maybe he’ll come swimming with her i mean she’s a little tired so we’ll we’ll keep it an eye on that little date night look at the stars in the pool oh this is too romantic they look like they’re swimming in a galaxy oh she’s having so much fun with him i like that he lets her be herself even when she’s still working on the hunter baby challenge and also he follows her into the pool that’s what you want right get you a man who will follow you into a pool at a date oh they’re so cute she’s like completely ignored the fact that lucian’s over here on a date with darlene oh my gosh our son’s on valentine’s day with this babe look at her why did he go sit over there oh he’s taking a nap he’s tired whoa look at this view oh casey’s also asleep i think both of you need to just end the date he’s like hey writer i can tell that you’re tired do you want to just go home a sleepover sounds great okay let’s go home they’re back at home whoa is here why is leo junior and daryl and nilani all here that is so odd well that’s fine casey’s gonna get to bed zippy woohoo with ryder first you know for fun chelsea’s here she’s the ghost of casey’s future this is so cute oh apparently they’re dancing to hot in here but in sims language elliott’s sad about her love day she was like i wanted to have a really nice love day and i couldn’t get my handwritten note to my crush oh mom and dad part of this just makes me wish that they could like turn back time in case he could live out her days with writer and they could have their own little family but they do have their own little family they have kelly their love child future matriarch all ryder said he’s gonna get going it’s four am why didn’t you just spend the night casey’s all woken up she’s feeling fab happy birthday casey oh my gosh she’s gonna make some pancakes and have some lovely pancakes for breakfast and then i think she’ll take a shower change her clothes and throw her birthday bash look at her show it off being like yes i am amazing at cooking we all know it to be true oh text emergency i texted someone but they didn’t text back and it’s been like an hour should i text them again i would wait for them to respond casey’s having her birthday pancakes don’t do anything with that plate casey it’s your birthday okay i’ll i’ll take care of that plate all right now let’s plan casey’s birthday look i’m thinking it’s a party look so we’re gonna go to the party office let’s do something vavoom maybe it’s time for casey to just really oh maybe not that what is this there you go that’s your look casey you’ve never looked more amazing that was good but i think there’s something better for casey none of these scream casey to me casey i do not know what to put you in for your birthday i think i’m just not ready for her to have a birthday to be honest i think this is the one i liked the best the blue oh that one’s pretty this is casey’s birthday look i really like it let’s go for oliver his party look let’s not do that i like the idea of rocking a skirt with it i think there might be a better skirt to go with this look though i think it looks pretty nice okay oliver we gave you the skirt because you liked it so we keep that anna uh what a babe um she’s more casual she’s more cozy cozy chic but i think that there’s a cozy chic look that we can have you rock that’s a little bit more party s yeah something like that or like this oh i really like her rocking this look you know we love it overall i can’t help it all right that’s her look elliot you can rock this little little dress here but maybe we’ll make it in a

fun color she’s gonna rock the green but let’s give her some heels to make a little bit more party and then for a little kelly there’s baby overalls that’s her look wesley what’s your party look that’s pretty cute oh i kind of like these little stripes yeah looking cute so this is everybody’s party looks for casey’s birthday i love how fancy oliver got for it and casey obviously always looks like a bombshell time for a party plan a social event casey’s birthday party the time has a wrong birthday party obviously the birthday sim is casey yes would be hannah oliver wesley elliott kelly leo jr holly autumn olivia ever august connor haley lucian like i’m having to choose favorites and it sucks blake ryder has to come oops my hand slipped all right those are all the guests oh and you can cater location we could have at the museum no we’re not gonna do the pool we did the shelly gardens for chelsea maybe it’s just tradition they rent out the chalet although that doesn’t really feel like casey i feel like casey would love island bluff could be kind of cool or the ancient ruins let’s do the ancient ruins all right let’s see okay ancient ruins so we need a refrigerator to make a cake little oven we need like a bar so this is kind of what i came up with for casey’s birthday party i mean like a cute little seating area here’s where the dj dance floor the bar and everything over there so i think it’s kind of cute and it’s a birthday party oh my gosh it’s tom holland who would have thought thank you for coming and wait look who’s not here are you kidding me why is it writer here wow well everybody’s still showing up i guess so it’s fine looks like casey and tom holland are getting along over here he’s really happy that he’s here for her birthday chelsea junior’s here you know junior’s eating the most disgusting ice cream crumb i think i’ve ever seen in my life well then let’s go start the party over here oh there he is he arrived to last casey’s already over here with tom i wonder if he’s gonna come over if ryder is coming over what are you doing kelly ellie is trolling up to the party naked naked is the day she was born kelly what oh kelly why don’t you go talk about your favorite color with your dad why is he just standing there oh is he watching all of her oh that makes me so sad i feel like really awkward then having some quality father-daughter time seems like everyone’s enjoying the party so far okay writer’s finally coming over what is his deal it seems like tom holland’s having a good time they’re just friends right now but you know oh my god okay well why don’t you go thank writer for coming oh all of the peter’s face are here oh she gave him a big kiss right in this day i’d be like here are you okay oh she’s showing off look at her moves she’s making sure everybody knows whose birthday it is look who is watching tom holland oh he got a thumbs up give him a compliment ask about his day problem in his outfit how are my children doing they’re hungry and tired i’m gonna put little children beds over here if you can’t fix it just add toddler beds now my toddlers can go to bed and we can party it’s starting to rain it’s raining at our party now where is even right he’s over here talking to owen hold him over maybe he’s shy he was shy the last time all of her family was over but meanwhile like tom holland’s not really talking to anyone he’s kind of just looking at casey he’s like she’s the one that got away oh look he looks sad is he okay looks like he’s talking to people now and he’s got an umbrella so that’s fine casey where are you going who are you talking to now no it’s everybody’s gone oh no the party ended and i didn’t age of casey wait come back oh no i got so wrapped up in what was going on with tom holland and writer that i didn’t even oh no tom holland hasn’t left yet casey’s talking to writer looks like everyone’s kind of left oh my gosh she’s leaving but you know who’s here is her daughter happy birthday casey casey aged up seniority wrinkled bellies frosty locks and intermittable naps await party like the reaper’s not around the corner oh grandma casey is such a babe she’s talking to wesley she said you want to go home buddy let’s go home she’s running home with her baby through the rain well i thought that her birthday would bring more clarity to what was going on between casey and tom holland and brighter but honestly it did not bring any clarity all

and now casey is an elder she can no longer have any children she is no longer the matriarch so she can do whatever she wants she can get married she can like have a husband writer was kind of being really distant maybe we should go on a date with each man and see what naturally happens who wins casey’s heart back because right now she doesn’t have a romantic relationship with tom han but they’re still very friendly and he’s still more sociable than ryder was so baby writer’s always been kind of intimidated by the features from me family and that’s why he took so long to say anything to casey in the first place everyone’s going to bed they’re like this was a fun party but we all need to pass out oh my gosh grandma casey can you believe guess we need to probably age a writer or tom holland or i mean i guess they can stay the same age oh no he’s got a nightmare we need a nightlight for him there you go buddy go wake up your sisters go to bed he’s too scared all right well then go go get a salad a nice comforting garden salad casey’s feeling good first day of retirement from the challenge is going well so far she’s gonna get some leftovers over the pancakes that she made yesterday this is so weird this is so weird this is so weird what are you gonna do today it’s a sunday it’s the day after your birthday why don’t you ask each man on a date although i don’t know if you can ask tom holland on a date let’s see if we can ask tom hall about the date oh we can’t okay let’s just ask him to hang out let’s travel with tom holland we’ll spend a morning with tom holland in the afternoon with writer and then we will decide who is the right man for her let’s go to the beach with tom holland he’s a younger man now he could age them up to be her age but i think it’s kind of funny to have casey be dating some younger men look at her devil okay so tell him a funny story asked to be pushed on swing by tom holland he’s still looking at her like she’s bae oh my gosh oh my gosh i feel like they’re on the bachelor right she’s like having to go on two different dates to decide who gets the rose this is such a cute little moment though i love this tom holland’s definitely bringing out her youthful side what are they gonna build together can they talk why they built maybe try a little flirt see how it goes they haven’t been flirting in a long time in a long time wait they’re making a gnome and a shark outfit that’s amazing they did so good they just became good friends that’s pretty impressive oh he was down for the flirt with a little heartfelt compliment like we’re busy on our date let’s see romance-wise let’s see a little embrace let’s see if the sparks are still flying here it was pretty easy to pick back up where they left off i’m not gonna lie uh oh what just happened he tried to flirt back and then she rejected him oh now it’s awkward steep char so denoise oh he’s talking about fighting now oh my gosh this is going very poorly oh no they’re laughing over it though and then they’re friends again today i almost wonder if they’re just really good friends now i’m gonna just watch them for a little bit and see how they go it’s an awkward encounter now i want to see if there’s like he’s talking about like wanting to put a bag over his head let’s see hands-free and their fan tip is going way up oh he’s talking about heartbreak maybe he’s saying that she broke his heart but they seem like there’s but i just don’t know if he’s the one for her anymore i think she might have outgrown him whoa he just said he doesn’t like casey now okay okay okay sir oh she’s saying she’s like him now this is so awkward i guess they’re gonna go swimming oh my gosh casey she’s just so powerful because she’s so strong look at her she’s just swimming away from top like bye bye bye i think that this sums it up let’s take casey home and then i guess we’re gonna have to see if she and writer can work it out whatever it is that’s happening with him casey’s feeling really good she didn’t ask tom holland on a date so maybe i should ask writer we should just go hang out somewhere let’s go back to the the bar that they first met at the night club they’re gonna go to the night club even though it’s like during the day it’s like noon they’re gonna go to the nightclub okay so they’re sitting out oh look at her look at how she looks at him he’s gazing over the water at the place where they first met let’s you know express your admiration for him like you’re a good person writer deep conversation i feel like we need to be like hey dude you’ve been acting kind of weird you didn’t ask me to valentine’s day he’s talking about himself maybe he’s opening up and telling her about she’s talking about drama oh he’s explaining sorry about a chest of drawers is that like moving in together oh shoot she’s overheating i don’t want that to happen let’s get into your swimsuit why not there you go he might not be the best with social people he might be more of an introvert and maybe that’s just their differences

she loves throwing big lash parties and inviting everyone and you might be a little out of place but i feel like they work it out and when they’re together and they talk about llamas and they just look so happy and it’s so easy i won’t touch again we’ll do the non-touch test and see what they do he gets on his phone she started touching and she started serenading him and then they hugged i feel like we just made each other so happy she was even thinking about roses like as if this was the bachelor and then he’s giving her a back massage oh i think this might be the one this might be it she’s gotta call chelsea junior tell her the good news be like your mom’s engaged just go party it up with writer in the club my dog chewie is really wanting attention oh okay should we you want to help me play this game oh she’s going in in her swimsuit you know it just now occurred to me that it’s weird that she’s wearing her swimsuit into the club but you know what writer doesn’t care oh they’re so cute this is where they met and then she proposed here cute yeah it is cute we danced together and now it’s time for her to go home and tell all our kids casey is engaged look how happy she is i really didn’t think casey would be the one to get engaged i thought that she might be one of the ones that was just like i’m never going to be tagged down casey realized that she just wanted to spend the remainder of her days with someone that she cares about and also she really needs to pee as usual when i’m trying to have a sweet moment in casey’s gonna go share the secret with her kids oh she’d give it a little hug my ghost mother witnessed my engagement she’s like oh great that’s a very interesting way of putting it and then i guess season three is gonna start with a wedding casey is no longer the matriarch the new matriarch is this very angry toddler kelly is the new matriarch our wild girl who gets naked at parties and gets angry when she has to learn how to potty i cannot wait to see what kelly brings to the impeacha schmey family i had a really good season with all of you guys thank you so much for making this at home quarantined season super special and i can’t wait to see you guys all next week for in control with kelsey bye hey everybody thank you so much for watching the 100 baby challenge if you’re interested make sure to hit that subscribe button leave a like or check out some of our other videos

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