hey everybody this is Jason again I am coming to you today to do a drugstore favorites video a lot of people have been requesting for me to do some of my favorite products from the local drugstores so these aren’t my all-time favorites but a lot of them I actually use over my high-end products so if you guys are interested in my drugstore favorites to stay tuned alright so I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up so um my favorite drugstore foundations was so hard for me to decide because there’s so many that I like we’re different or uses so I picked a few this will at least give you an idea so I think my number one pick would probably be the Neutrogena Healthy Skin this is such a good foundation if you have dry skin which I do it has an SPF of 20 in it and I am in the shade natural beige 16 um this is great for aging skin as well as dry skin if you have really oily skin I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one though I do think they have one that’s for dry skin but I the reason I love this one is because it just gives you such a dewy glow to your skin is really good if you have if you have dry skin um the next thing that I like actually just got this one not too long ago this one is the Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation and it just comes in a tube like this and then inside it’s just like a moose almost and it feels so good on the skin like I love it because it blends really well it looks so natural it doesn’t look like you have hardly any makeup on but it still is medium coverage um but it’s so lightweight and it lasts for a while it says it lasts for 24 hours I don’t know about all that but um it is very long way ah and I think it I think this one kind of does appeal more to normal to dry skin now if you have more oily skin the one I would recommend is just the regular Revlon Colorstay so many people rave about this foundation this is like everyone’s number one drug store favorite foundation I’m not a huge fan of it just because um I everyone I’m not in the shade anymore this was my shade during summer and so haven’t used it lately so maybe once i get a little bit tanner i will get a feel for it again but i know that it is a lot more full coverage than the neutrogena healthy skin or the revlon colorstay whip just a little bit thicker of a formula and so that makes it good if you have oily skin and they do have this one in one for oily or dry dry to normal skin I think I got the one norm yeah normal to dry but then they have one normal to oily skin so if you’re looking for more of a full coverage foundation this one reminds me a lot of the mac pro longwear it’s that thicker formula it looks beautiful on the skin but it is a little bit heavy but still a really great foundation so next I’m going to go to powders on my go to drugstore pressed powder is the Rimmel London’s stay matte pressed powder and this one is in the color silky beige and it is just the most beautiful the most beautiful finish to the skin like it just it just I mean it adds a little bit more coverage without looking powdery or cakey at all and it does it prevents you from shining throughout the day I use this on anyone who tells me that they have a tendency to get oily throughout the day this literally absorbs all the oil and it’s like three or four bucks that’s really cheap and you can find this at any drugstore Walmart or Target or anything like that another one that I really like for a loose setting powder this one is not really a drugstore um but it’s drugstore price and it’s from palladio and I you can find these at Sally’s Beauty Supply this one doesn’t translucent they have one in like a beige and then I don’t know what light beige something like that but this is just translucent and it’s just a you just kind of tap a little bit in the cap and it will set your foundation really well and it doesn’t give that white cast in photos

that a lot of a lot of loose powders can do so I really like this one so those are my powders um now 2 concealers um not a huge concealer person I have a few different ones but I’ve just I’m still like figuring out my favorites for that I tend to grab for the same ones but this one is from ELF I love elf products I get most of my ill stuff online eyes lips face calm but I do think some targets carry this brand but this is just their concealer palette it’s the complete coverage concealer and it has four different shades don’t know if you often see that but it has like I get a darker yellow a darker pink a light yellow and lighter peek so this is good to cover up if you know if you have any dark circles you want to go in with more of the pink shades and then the Yale is to kind of counteract any redness in your skin so that’s kind of my favorite for concealers as far as underride concealers I love love love these these are the Maybelline age rewind erase dark circle treatment concealer I am in the neutralizer shade I love this one for under the eyes because it is yellow base I don’t have really dark under eyes but i like it to kind of just like need out any discoloration i have over there and the neutralizer shade does that really well for me if I’m ever wanting to really brighten up under my eyes which I do a lot i also will go in with the one called brightener and it’s a little bit more of a pink base but these are awesome they blend out really well they cover very very well you can also use these on spots on your face i’ll do that sometimes if I don’t have my other concealers with me um the others are great they also come in like a light affair and things like that so different colors for whatever skin tone you are now for bronzers my favorite bronzer um as far as drug store is the NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder and this one is in sunny and sorry my lights are so bright it’s like crazy here um but yeah this one is a great firm matte bronzer on a lot of bronzers that you can find have a lot of shimmer to them this one does not it reminds me a lot of my too faced chocolate soleil bronzer let me just show you these next to each other they’re very very similar if you can tell and this one is like thirty dollars where this one I think was like four but very similar and it’s good because it’s not to oranjee on the skin it’s a little bit lighter so if you are my skin tone or lighter this will work great for you if you’re a little bit darker you may want to go a shade darker than this one like I said this one is sunny but NYC has great um products as well as far as the more shimmery bronze are like an all-over bronzer I always grab for my wet and wild color icon in the color ticket to Brazil I love this stuff it’s just the perfect amount of shimmer without being like overboard it looks almost like a matte bronzer but then when you actually put it on your skin there’s just the lightest little gold you’re not going to be able to see it but the lightest little gold shimmer to it it was just is so good for just all over bronzing on your face so now ansa blushes wet and wild is by far the best drugstore blushes I have found the two that I really like our this one which is heather silk this one is like a rosy pink color and this is great if you’re more fair time to skin you can pull it off of your a little bit darker but I love this one on more fair on people well and then this one if you’re fair-skinned this may be a little bit too dark for you but this one is in the color very shimmer and it’s just like a kind of a pink to a mauve color and it has some some gold shimmers in it and it’s just so pigmented I can’t even explain you guys how pigmented this is I

barely had to touch that and it’s so so pigmented so yeah it kind of comes off as more of a a brighter brighter pink with some shimmer in it and then I’ll swatch heather silk for you guys and this one is just more of a light peak you’re going to really be able to tell the difference but Barry was it very shimmer it’s more of like a brown under turned or a like burgundy sort of pink while heather silk is definitely more like a bright Barbie pink these literally you take your brush in them one time and then you literally touch it to each cheek and then you don’t need any more product and then you can just blend it in if you put it back even one dip is too much for one cheek you have to kind of split it up so I have my cheek right now and I barely touched my brush in there literally one time and it was so pigmented but that’s why I love about these and they last all day they’re really really good blushes and like I said they’re really really inexpensive I want to say that these are 2 99 maybe even less than that but you can find these at drugstores or walmart or target anywhere like that now for eyeshadows um wait one more face product as far as a highlighter I don’t have a lot of drug store highlighters and they’re kind of hard to find but this brand is really good on if you guys have ever heard of pixie they are sold at targets um I got a lot of my stuff online but this is called all over magic and it’s a radiant powder and it looks like this enough you can see it but as different quads in it and has a pink a light cream color a bronzy color and a brown color and when you swirl them all together they just give you a really pretty glow and I love this one for a highlight it’s what I’m wearing now and if you can see it’s just that light touch of shine on the tops of my cheeks this is definitely more of a pink based highlighter as opposed to like a yellow based highlighter like like my mary-lou manizer that i use a lot this one here from the bomb this one is more of like a yellow turned highlighter while this one is more paint toned but yeah so if you guys are near I’d already check check out this pic super again I also have this blush from them which I love I use it all the time and it’s just really good products from that brand pixie so now onto eyeshadows so my all-time favorite drugstore eyeshadows are by far wet and wild shadows any anybody wats on YouTube any beauty people will tell you these eyeshadows are amazing they are so pick minute literally like any urban decay shadow I have is not as pigmented as this they like you barely I just touch your brush to them and it’s just it comes off so much like let me just show you like it is it’s just so so pig minute and this is my favorite palette that they have its comfort zone it’s really good for every day it has some browns and greens and like cream colors I got a lot of use out of this one and then a trio that I really like I’ve used this one a lot is knock on wood and purples like some of my favorite eye shadows right now I love to do like a red brown purple I but this one has like this is called knock on wood and it has this burgundy shade of brown shade and then a light pink shade and it’s just such a great trio to have you can make some really cool looks using this one so these ones are great y’all should check those out another really great eye shadow and I feel bad because I kind of dissed these in one of my videos but I actually returned the colors that i got and got some different colors and they are really really good eye shadows these are the Loreal infallible eye shadows 24 hour and they are like a pressed pigment so they’re a little bit different than a regular shadow um it’s very uh it’s like a it’s like a powdery eyeshadow that’s been really packed down and if you can see it’s so pigmented this one is this one is in the color smoldering plum and if you put like a base down with this and then blend this out you can literally get a whole look

with just one of these shadows by blending it up and making it darker on the lid and it’s just so pretty and then I have probably i don’t know like 10 of these these are the maybelline color tattoos um i have them in almost every color because they’re so great to put under your shadows make your shadows last longer and look more vibrant but the one I tend to reach for the most is called barely beige and it’s just a cream color one it’s a lot like my Mac painterly Paint Pot but this one is a lot less expensive but it’s just a cream base that you can put on before you put your shadows on and it just makes your shadows pop a little bit more but they’re really good what they have lots of different colors and you can use these by themselves or as a base as just adding a pop of color as like a a a colored eyeliner to put under your eye so i just i love the maybelline color tattoos are really really good um now for mascara this is probably the hardest thing I had to decide I have so many good mascaras I have something aren’t so good but the two that I kind of taught myself into being my favorites like the Jordana best / extreme you guys have heard me talk about this this stuff is amazing it is a dollar 99 at walgreens go get it try it you’ll be so in love with it if you don’t like a really bold lash don’t get this because it’s going to give you very voluminous lashes if you’re careful with it it won’t clump up on you now if you put too much on or don’t kind of brush it through well it can clump up for you because it is such a thick formula but that is what makes your lashes so full and voluminous and I just threw it in the floor okay anyway anyway so back to where I was fight through this in the floor it’s just I really great my scare you guys have to try this out and another great mascara is the Maybelline colossal volume Express cat eyes mascara now there’s another one that’s the colossal volume that doesn’t have this like leopard print on the top that one’s okay but I love this one this one has a vent brush like this and it’s so good for getting down every single lash um it’s good for me because I have blonde eyelashes and I love to coat my lashes completely and so it’s really good to get on the tops of your lashes underneath your lashes and this stuff is great because the brush is so like the the bristles of the brush are just amazing like you can go over and over and you won’t get clumps it’s just going to completely keep brushing out your lashes like I like to use this one to layer on top of other mascaras because it won’t clump up my lashes it’ll just kind of brush through them and make them even longer and more voluminous so love that one and you guys now my favorite eyeliner drug store is citizens formula I boost so all silver tube this is kind of hard to find I know that local CBS doesn’t have any more of them unless they’ve gotten some in recently but um I’m one like a no-makeup by for the whole month of March so I’ve made it 12 days and I haven’t bought any makeup products including fingernail polish or eyelashes or I’ve makeup brushes nothing so I’ve done really well but unless I’ve gotten them in since I’ve been to CVS they didn’t have them at the local CVS but make sure that it’s the one that says eyeliner Plus serum because they have one that’s just a clear serum that’s supposed to make your lashes grow I don’t know that this really makes my lashes grow but um it’s a great eye liner it’s just such a thin precise tip and you can just get such a thin control line with this and it’s just so easy to do like a winged liner and it lasts all day it’s matt it’s not too glossy and it doesn’t smear run anywhere I will do this sometimes if i’m using another eyeliner i will go afterwards and just kind of touch up any places make the lines more sharp because this point is just so precise you can really correct any mistakes that your other eye liners make really get in between your lashes and things like that so that is that next I really really love the Revlon

just bitten kissable lip pencils lip stains um they don’t really sing your lips that well um but they feel so good on and I can just constantly apply and apply um they’re just really creamy and they’re just so wearable every day and I mean you don’t need to put a gloss over them you don’t need a bomb or anything they’re just they’re great by themselves and the one that I always reach for is called honey and it’s just a light pink color it’s so easily to be worn all day and yeah if you guys haven’t tried this out there so good I have like six of them they have lots of colors to choose from and like I said they’re great just to kind of keeping your purse and just grab and it’s kind of you know throw it on and it’ll last a while too and then for a lipstick my favorite are the Revlon lip butters of course everyone loves these um but my favorite favorite color is brown sugar yes I love this color for me I think it’s good in the fall I think it will be good in the summer for like a bronzy look and it’s just a shimmery brown color and it’s just really good if you have a little bit more tan skin I think this will be good for really dark skinned people skip people of color um if you’re fair you could even pull this off I tend to like more colors on fair people but I just just these Revlon lip butters are so blendable and buildable you can you know put just a little bit one for just a little wash of coverage or you can really pack it on and get pretty deep amount of color to it so I have a ton of these two I really also like the one in a strawberry shortcake it’s just a really pretty pretty pink color and it’s so shiny and glossy and it feels I mean it literally feels like a lip balm on your skin on your lips as far as lip glosses I love NYX lip glosses if you guys never heard of nyx you can find them at Ulta but they are in the drugstore section of Alta and these are only probably like four five dollars so they’re definitely drugstore brand but this one is in the color baby rose and it’s just my favorite my favorite it’s just a clear you’re not going to be able to see this i don’t know why i’m watching it for you but it smells so good it makes you want to just like eat your lips yeah um but you can find these at all so or you can order them online great great lip lip glosses but you guys do not want to order online I do also like the Revlon what are they collies the revlon colorburst and this one is in rice pearl such a pretty color such a pretty color it’s gonna give you color as if you as a lipstick almost but with the shine and shimmer of a lip gloss so this stuff is amazing it’s a little bit more pricey I want to say it’s like seven ninety-nine but Revlon makes really good lip products as far as lips I’m always reaching for revlon for eyes I’m rich in for a wet and wild for sorry my video cut off for foundation I tend to reach for revlon as well um Maybelline is my mascara elf is all over like I love my elf cuts my elf brushes are so good and so Chi go to eyes lips face calm and check out their brushes if y’all are looking for a cheap set of brushes to get you started they’re so soft some of these are just as good as my really expensive brushes um uh last I was going to do let me just clean my heat at all of you last I was going to do my favorite drugstore finger wash and of course like drug stores carry pretty much all fingernail polish but I wanted to stick with one that was like pretty inexpensive that’s kind of the point of this of this video is just to show products that are really affordable really inexpensive and i love the sinful colors nail polishes I didn’t start using these until about a year ago and I love them my favorite color is vacation time you guys have heard me say this it’s just the most

beautiful natural mauve color it looks so good for like an everyday nail polish be a guy should check out the sinful colors you can find these at Walmart CVS Walgreens anywhere like that so I think I’ve covered everything if you guys have any questions just ask me down below and hopefully this is some of the products that you are looking for and check them out let me know how you like them and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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