(upbeat electronic music) – [Robert] Ladies and gentlemen, greetings from Iowa, the Hawkeye State In this episode, we’re gonna visit Captain Kirk’s birthplace We’ll experience hurricane force winds in Iowa city while having lunch with new friends We’ll have dinner in Des Moines, also with new friends Then on to Minnesota We’ll stop by Buddy Holly’s crash site We’ll spend the night moochdocking at a lake house making more new friends Then after a pit stop in Fargo, North Dakota, we’ll visit the headwaters of the Mississippi and go almost as far north as one possibly can in the lower 48 (jazzy music) ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Where I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ (upbeat music) Our first stop is going to be Riverside, Iowa, famous for being the fictitious birthplace of Captain James D. Kirk of Star Trek And here they have the Voyage Home Museum named after the “Star Trek IV” movie I suppose, where they first revealed that Kirk is from Iowa – You’re from outer space – No, I’m from Iowa I only work in outer space – Check it out Here we have James T. Kirk Here’s a statue of the man himself Although it doesn’t really look like him now does it? It kind of looks like George W. Bush to me, to be honest But I digress This has got to be like some kind of pilgrimage for every Trekkie right? Or Trekker as some prefer it It is the USS Riverside Had it been the Enterprise, it would have been the 1701 and the 1708, two of the best ships ever Here’s the museum But I don’t think it is open yet Museum doesn’t seem to be open yet, even though it’s supposed to open right now at 11:00 a.m Let’s go to the actual birthplace and we’ll stop by the museum here on the way back It’s a free museum They do take donations apparently and they sell t-shirts and stuff I’ll probably just buy a t-shirt Riverside proclaimed itself the future birthplace of James Kirk, back in 1985, based on Gene Roddenberry’s book, “The Making of Star Trek” One year before the “Voyage Home” movie came out actually The birthplace marker is somewhere around here Riverside, Iowa here There, birthplace! It must be through here They have a shrine of sorts and a mural And this one doesn’t really look like Kirk either All right, let’s stop by the museum It should be open by now They do not allow commercial videography, but she said that still photography was fine So here you go I used to have that exact same poster Got it at a convention years ago Let’s continue Kind of ironic that at James T. Kirk’s birth place there’s hardly any internet connectivity when it comes to cell phone service I was trying to get a hailing frequency out to see if Ili would like a t-shirt in there Ili or Bryan And wouldn’t send the pictures Long-time viewer Anant, from Iowa City has invited me to lunch at this place called Joensy’s

Another time viewer Steve from Des Moines is texting me that bad weather is coming my way And I’m like, how bad could it possibly be? Right? (bright music) Of course, Anant said that there was oversized parking in the back And of course I didn’t follow instructions If the Google lady says, turn here I’m like a robot programmed to obey It is tight but I think we’re gonna make it Okay, here we go I’ll park right next to this Airstream As I am parked here waiting, a concerned local came up to me and mentioned the bad weather coming So I started to get concerned and I decided move and park facing west where the wind is coming from and next to a building for some protection And I think the folks in the Airstream are going to do the same Yeah, go figure, apparently there’s a storm coming, 80 mile an hour winds I don’t know, it’s coming that way So we’ll see I do need a car wash Look at those ominous clouds moving from the west They are in the white Kia, Anant, his brother, Jay, and friend Sarah Let’s go eat (ominous choral singing) This rain is imminent Here we are Anant and family and we’re gonna eat I think it’s the largest sandwich in Iowa or something like that – [Man] Largest pork tenderloin sandwich – You think tornado’s coming? – [Man] (laughs) I don’t know – It looks bad I mean, I’m only used two hurricanes back in Florida, but this is worse I think Lunch was definitely an experience Not only because of the food and the company, which were great, but also the weather outside And oh, I missed it A transformer just blew out This is incredible This is like a hurricane Meanwhile at the parking lot Oh boy Well back there we have the storm but in here you have this ginormous sandwich Let’s partake (dramatic music) This type of storm is called a derecho, which means straight in Spanish, by the way And it happens here in the Midwest on average once a year or every other year And apparently this is one of the worst the area has seen in a while, winds up to 80 miles per hour It is always great to make new friends on the road ‘Til we meet again Well I’d say we got to experience an authentic Midwestern storm Great to meet up with Anant and Jay and Sarah here in Des Moines They got me some sweetcorn and some IPAs And these neighborhoods has no power So I guess we treat it like a four-way stop – [GPS] In 800 hundred feet turn right onto the I-80 West ramp – In other news, the KOA canceled my reservation because they don’t have power, they have a bunch of down trees So yeah, it was- – [GPS] Turn right onto the I-80 West ramp – It was like a mini hurricane Like imagine a hurricane that lasts half an hour – [GPS] In a quarter mile merge onto I-80 West – The right side of the truck gotta pretty nice pressure wash So… (laughs) Alright, onto Des Moines we go We’ll see what the for the future brings today It’s still 2:20 p.m I’ll be in Des Moines by 4:20 p.m I really wanted to see the world’s largest truck stop which is on I-80 about 40 miles east of here But since they canceled my reservation for tonight I’m gonna head west, actually straight to Des Moines Steve told me I could moochdock at his place And even if that doesn’t work out and I end up staying somewhere else, I want to keep going It is now almost like a tradition to drop something off the original plan in every state It gives me an excuse to return as if I ever needed one And if it feels like I am rushing this part of the trip I am I have to pick up some packages in Fargo in a couple of days,

and they are gonna arrive earlier than expected Take a look at that That winds must have been much stronger around here And I think I really dodged a bullet by staying in Iowa City and not attempting to drive through this And it looks like there’s another wreck coming up We are in Des Moines And I am really looking forward to meeting Steve and Karen Steve was originally going to organize the Des Moines meetup that eventually got canceled I didn’t film my arrival, but Steve and Karen are taking me to dinner and a quick tour of the city This property we’re circling is known locally as the spaceship house, owned by soy and corn millionaire, LeMar Koethe It is a vast property here in Urbandale, just northwest of Des Moines proper Here we’ve got some damage from that derecho storm As we cruise along going towards the downtown area This is Terrace Hill, the governor’s mansion (upbeat music) Next here to the left we’ve got Pappajohn’s sculpture park and we’re going to stop for a few minutes From here we can also see the capitol building with its golden copula, probably one of the most beautiful in the United States We actually visited last year when we were here (bright music) This is one of the most important pieces here in the sculpture park It is called “Nomade” by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa – [Woman] Robert, this area right here, right when we first came past Meredith, coming in is called the Gateway District So it’s newer, like in the last 10 years – I definitely have to return, hopefully next year There it is once again, the gorgeous state capitol (upbeat electronic music) Here, a view of downtown from the capitol steps and according to Steve and Karen, it is supposed to be even better at night All right, let’s go eat And there is a Cuban restaurants here in Des Moines, called Ceviche Bar Well here we are at Ceviche bar here in Des Moines Who would have thunk it that there’s Cuban food in Des Moines, Iowa We’re having the fried Yuca appetizer and I’ve got something called the Cuban burger Although to be honest, I probably should have gone with the standard Cuban sandwich and the flan for dessert That looks like a brewery Of course it is the Iowa Taproom Very tempting but I still have some more driving to do today And with that, we’re gonna start saying goodbye to Des Moines this time around This wasn’t really in the modified 2020 plan anyways, where I said I was going to avoid big cities but I am so glad I stopped This is cool This is the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge with two lanes, one for pedestrians, one for cyclists So much to see and so little time And our time here today is running out quickly So it is from here from the bank of the Des Moines River that we’re gonna say ’til next time (pensive chiming) Well, very, very nice to finally meet Steve in person, Steve and Karen, and now we’re gonna do a Wal-Mart to tonight because that big storm really, really changed our plans, really This is us You know the KOA canceled my reservation,

so everything happens for a reason I had a 400 mile day ahead of me and now I have like a 320 mile day I’ll figure it out tomorrow (upbeat electronic music) So many overturned semis That’s just insane We’re going north now And the prevalent wind was coming from the west So it probably just lifted them off the ground Can you imagine getting caught in that? Nuh uh (peaceful music) This whole area by the way, seems to be without power So it is gonna be a dark and lonely night at Walmart Before we continue, let me tell you about Surfshark VPN And VPN, it stands for virtual private network And what it does, it creates a secure, private connection between your devices and the internet And that’s particularly important at a place where you have no cell phone signal, for example and you have to connect to that potentially insecure wifi You know, someone could be eavesdropping on that connection You know, they could potentially steal your passwords hack your machine, and you don’t want that to happen So it’s very simple It’s like in your phone it’s just an app and you just click connect and it connects to the closest fastest server And that’s it Boom, you are secure It is also very convenient For example if you’re traveling abroad something we cannot do right now, but eventually we will right? And let’s say you want to watch that your, your local football game or something you’re used to watching and it’s not available in that country where you are, you just change your location virtually, that’s it It has other features: CleanWeb ad blocker, all kinds of stuff Just go to Surfshark.deals/myRV and when you enter promo code myRV at checkout you get 85% off and three months for free – Good morning This was actually a pretty quiet boondocking spot I’m gonna go into Walmart, get a couple of essentials and on the road again 60 degrees Fahrenheit here in the morning Of course, that won’t last, but it’s nice that it gets, it gets down to cooler temperatures at night I’m gonna move closer to the, to the entrance, just so I don’t have to drag the shopping cart all the way back here I don’t really need anything like emergency but since my Cuban coffee machine is broken and I’m out of filters for my regular coffee machine So I’m gonna get some filters and And you always buy more than you need Just a few essentials I think today I behaved I only bought some potato chips besides the essentials, of course (upbeat music) Somewhere around here they have the world’s largest concrete gnome but I don’t think you can see it from the road and there’s nowhere to park with a rig So we’re gonna keep going Today going north towards Minnesota I-35 here going north, not the most captivating of drives Let’s be honest It’s straight and flat, kind of reminds me of some roads in Florida Let’s take a break at the rest area here real quick And what do we have here? Dump station! Might as well Let’s empty the gray holding tank and that way we have no problem boondocking tonight All right, well, thank you Iowa for having dump stations at your rest areas Even though it is straight and flat it is still very pretty countryside Although today it’s definitely more about the destination than the journey We’re gonna be moochdocking at a lake house in Northern Minnesota This gentleman Earl and his wife, Kathy, they contacted me a while ago and they offered for me to stay at their place And I emailed him back and he said, yes, and that’s where we’re going But before we go into Minnesota, there is one last thing I want to see here in Iowa, before we continue And there it was, I’m gonna have to turn around somewhere And that’s how you do it

Here we are walking along these corn fields – Whenever I see cornfields it reminds me of that 80s horror movie It’s like “The children of the Corn” I guess this is it February 3rd, 1959 The day the music died Buddy Holly, along with Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper decided to take a plane instead of riding the bus and here’s where they crashed only six miles after takeoff People leave all sorts of offerings at this shrine of sorts, which was built by music fan Ken Paquette in 1988 Yep, beer Mardi Gras beads, glasses There’s also a memorial dedicated to the 21 year old pilot who crashed the plane All right, let’s continue Yeah, very cool I’m glad I got to see it And the fact that it’s still here and people still come to see it after all these years Alright, I’m back Let me check Mm, nuh uh, no internet Actually let me go into the trailer Still, no internet (bright country music) Corn as far as the eye can see You know there always has to be a casino at the state line especially between a gambling and a non gambling state – [GPS] Welcome to Minnesota – [Robert] And yeah, we are in Minnesota Let’s take a picture with the sign Well, I didn’t show you, but I went to the welcome center, got a map, took a shower inside Minitini, and now it is nearly nonstop to the lake house There’s Minneapolis Take a good look because this is as close as we’re gonna get at least on this trip Coming up on Mille Lacs Lake Huge and apparently an excellent opportunity for fishing and swimming too But this is not our lake We’re going to another one, a little farther north, Coincidentally named Pelican Lake And here we are crossing the Mississippi River That’s pretty cool Here we are Wow. This is just perfect (easy going music) Of course Earl and Kathy fed me like a king and just when things couldn’t get any better, Earl says “How ’bout we take out the boat?” – Between these two houses is another old house That you can see the deck over there It was built in the ’30s as well – Didn’t I say recently that I wanted a pontoon boat or even better a friend with one? Well, it looks like I got my wish As I said, we are riding in Earl’s pontoon right now

– Hello – Thank you so much for inviting me to your place – Oh I tell you want, we are so glad you’re here, Robert This is such a great experience for us Couldn’t it be better We’ve been waiting to get this opportunity for some time and thank God it finally came and you’re here on Pelican Lake visiting us – Pelican Lake with my pelican t-shirt Just you know – Fly, pelican, fly – Just bed, you know (men laughing) This is great All kidding aside, this is definitely something I would love to do more of – [Earl] Well, Robert, thank you for so much for coming and visiting us And we just love to have you here – I’m driving now, sailing into the sunset ♪ Sailing to the west, into the sunset ♪ ♪ Sailing to the west ♪ (Earl laughs) – [Earl] I love it You come and visit me for a longer period of time I’ll take you walleye fishing – Well, you heard it here first and there are loons all over the place (upbeat music) – [Earl] It was a lot of fun Wasn’t it, Kat? It was awesome – [Kathy] Hopefully now you know where we’re at, you’ll come back – This is the effect that I like, it’s called quick shots – Oh yeah – And it’s the hold on, the Dolly zoom – [Earl] Oh yeah – Okay let’s…you have to choose a subject and it’ll fly back while zooming it at the same time – Well look at that – And it creates that tricky effect there – [Earl] That just holds the part, you stay the same – Yeah You see I’m trying to sell Earl here on the idea of buying a new drone and I think I’m succeeding It is now magic hour in what can only be described as a magical afternoon And what a great way to end it, right here (mystical music) on Pelican Lake watching the sunset (thoughtful music) He’s on, oh! (laughing) (ominous tones) (thoughtful music) – [Earl] Robert’s getting ready to leave

All packed up – I need you to send me that footage – I’m gonna send you all of it Yep. I have to transfer it over Haven’t done it yet, but anyway Been nice having ya here, Robert – Great having me here – Thanks for coming – Great being here Thank you so much – So awesome (upbeat music) – Let me put the GoPro on the roof and off we go ’til we meet again Thank you, Earl and Kathy, for your great hospitality and for providing this unforgettable experience Now the journey continues ♪ Riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding, riding ♪ ♪ I’m riding in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ – [GPS] Welcome to North Dakota – All right, one more state Out time here in Fargo is going to be mostly utilitarian I gotta pick up some packages, get a set of tires for the Colorado, and an oil change And we’re gonna make one day trip, but this is one of those rare occasions where I’m gonna break the timeline and show it to you on the next episode That way we have all of Minnesota together and all of North Dakota together as well, except for today’s detour, of course Lindenwood Park here Very nice, right on the Red River, bunch of trails But unfortunately we’re not gonna get to enjoy any of that this time around (upbeat music) Let’s do a car wash, get my packages, get some new tires and tomorrow we’ll do the oil change You know what this is? The Bialetti Moka Express We can have Cuban coffee again Should I do a dry run? I don’t have the time (jazzy music) Salud, my friends, cheers (sighs) Yep, this is the good stuff Well good morning from Fargo, North Dakota Just did an oil change here at Gateway Chevrolet Let me tell you, the most efficient dealership I’ve ever been to Yeah, that’s all I got to say It was a dark and stormy night in Fargo (electronic music) Today we’re going back to Minnesota Good morning Perhaps not the best weather to be on the road, but There was some hail this morning not here, but like north of here I saw it on the news And today the destination right now it’s to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River And if it’s raining, I’ll pull out an umbrella and we’ll see it anyways Bunch of people jogging here in this park, which I barely knew, but you know my original idea was to go out jogging this morning And well, scratch that, right? Let me go slow

All right, well, enjoy the ride It should be about a two hour drive or so That’s a nasty storm coming from the west Look at that, look at that dark color over there Yep and back in Minnesota we are – [GPS] Welcome to Minnesota – Yay, thank you Yes. Oh, look at that This was perfect timing And I’m gonna try to do my best to out run that storm I’m kind of traumatized after that derecho in Iowa I was debating because just 10 miles south of here, there’s this giant pelican sculpture that somebody told me and recommended to see but I’m really worried about that storm That does not look good I’m gonna have to change my route, make a detour I’m gonna change my route, I cannot get caught in the path of that Change of plans I don’t want to be caught in the path of that storm So, we’re going southeast, you know, just to avoid it, wait it out somewhere further south and then we’ll come back up If we lose an hour or two in the process, it is what it is But that just looks too scary, too much like that derecho we went through a couple of days ago And nope I’m gonna go towards Wadena and I am so glad I don’t have reservations anywhere because it is a pretty big detour (bouncy electronic music) I’m gonna stop here ever so briefly, put a fresh new battery on the GoPro and then we continue Well to make a long story short less than an hour later, we are arriving in Wadena And I’m gonna have lunch here real quick Right here I just parked in the street and let me show you something man, this storm seems determined at catching up with me By the way, easy little town here Look at that So this is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna drive 20 miles further south See if we can, you know, I’m gonna show you the map I’m gonna put the map here and show you what I’m thinking about But it’s pretty crazy I drove all the way down to a town called Eagle Bend And I parked at a church and waited for the weather to improve And we won’t be able to avoid the rain entirely but at least the worst is over by now And since there is good internet I’m gonna make an otherwise boring drive more interesting by live streaming the whole thing on Facebook An eternity later here we are , Itasca State Park – All right, let’s go see the headwaters of the Mississippi (dramatic music) That’s pretty cool This is where we are headwaters “Great Rivers of the World” That’s what this one is called And of course this would be Mississippi And the other big one is the Nile The Nile would be another important river here And of course the Amazon and South America All right, let’s see headwaters

800 feet six feet or two meters, social distance Here’s a sculpture of the headwaters caretaker woman And we are about to cross the Mississippi once again Yeah, I think I should’ve worn my hoodie It’s, the temperature is dropping I mean, we’re in the middle of August here What’s going on? (chuckles) Here we are the very beginning of the mighty Mississippi here at 1,475 feet above the ocean, the mighty Mississippi begins to flow on its winding way, 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico That’s Lake Itasca And here they have some rocks where you can cross the river if you feel so inclined Well, I suppose this would be the shortest and northern most bridge over the Mississippi We are crossing the mighty Mississippi River here on this, a wooden plank It’s pretty cool, actually Well, welcome back to the visitor center and what a cool experience to be able to to see this here in Northern Minnesota, the headwaters of the Mississippi Now we have another two and a half hours going north here and yeah, let’s hit the road Doesn’t it kind of have that Washington State look, like that rainforest with all the ferns? I mean, the trees are not as big, but yeah it’s got that rain forest look to it And yeah a little muddy Yeah, I think the fact that it’s a rainy day adds to the whole, that whole feeling (upbeat music) Here we are, the Seven Clans Casino They offer free RV parking with electrical hookups And even though I don’t really like to gamble in a different time, I would have gone into the bar, maybe have an IPA or maybe even dinner But in the summer of 2020 here, I’m just gonna park, do my livestream, maybe edit a little video and go to sleep Very crispy this morning, the air

You can tell we are in like in a totally different climate here I mean, we are in the great White North, right? It’s just not white It’s beautiful Beautiful day today It’s probably, temperature is probably 60 It’s a little bit of a breeze So, and I’m not using the good microphone, so Really have this very nice outdoor area here I guess that’s part of the buffet I doubt the buffet’s gonna be open in the year of COVID And there’s a nice gazebo here I was looking at my map and that landmass over there in the distance, that’s probably Buffalo Point in Canada That will be kind Canada right there I’m getting hungry So I’m gonna make some of that sweet corn that that Anant gave me a couple of days ago in Iowa I’m just gonna boil it for five minutes That’s what they said And then we’re gonna get on the road again (upbeat music) This is called Lake of the Woods And why have we come all the way up here? Well let me tell you for many years now I’ve been meaning to visit all the extreme points of the United States And this one is a geographical oddity Somewhere beyond Buffalo Point over there is the Northwest Angle Let me show you on a map Angle Inlet, located at the Northwest Angle is the northern most point in the contiguous United States Apparently at the time of the Treaty of Paris in 1873, they didn’t really know the origin of the Mississippi River and the map they used was wrong And in the end we’re left with this enclave only accessible through Canada or by boat, I suppose Guess what? As of August, 2020, the Canadian border is still closed and this is pretty much as close as we can get Actually, I’m gonna try and get a little bit closer If I could just fly a little bit higher we could probably see it, but we’re limited to 400 feet So I’m just gonna drive Muskeg Bay here to a point that is actually closer Well, what a difference a day makes And today it’s just beautiful I mean, there’s some clouds coming from North Dakota, but I’ll monitor the weather just in case We’re gonna backtrack west even a little more, see if we can get a glimpse at that inlet, since we are here all the way, we came all the way What’s 25 minutes in the grand scheme of things? – And then we’re going to North Dakota How do you like my North Dakota shirt, by the way? It’s got a bison There’s the border patrol And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flatter land This is called Rocky Point, the end of the road here There’s a resort called Arnesen’s Rocky Point They even have an RV park Let me see if I can find a place to park for a few minutes Try and see if the Northwest Angle is visible and I really hope I don’t run into a dead end situation Let’s turn around right here (wind blowing) Oh yeah, this is probably as close as I’m going to get on this trip Somewhere out there Canada over there Yeah, if that’s Buffalo Point, then the inlet is just beyond the horizon (jazzy music) Let’s make sure the GoPro is recording and off we go Next time, I might want to stay at this RV park here

And I was gonna fly the drone but it’s a little windy and I don’t think it was gonna make a big difference You know, 400 feet above ground It’s just beyond the horizon The inlet, I was looking in the map If we can barely see Canada on the left there, we can, we’re not gonna be able to see But yeah, we’re pretty much here Very close to the parallel where Canada would begin except for Someday, I Maybe you can take a boat from here into the Northern Angle We’ll do that next year when the border is open We’ll do it the normal way Now I’ve got a two hour drive to, oh, and I forgot to get a bottle of water Let me stop here real quick Just to get a bottle of water (upbeat music) Today the road will take us back to North Dakota and we’re gonna spend a few days exploring but I’m gonna save all that along with the day trip we did from Fargo for the next episode Until then, thank you so much for watching And see you on the road (upbeat music) (bright music) ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV ♪

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