hello youtubers and happy new year it is now the new year and I thought I’d be time for another makeup tutorial or two or three depending on how I feel and so obviously I got tons of beauty stuff for Christmas which I’m really excited about my little sister actually got me and this beauty in a box from Sephora she knows I’ve been interested in trying out makeup forever stuff so she got this for me and kind of fold it forward it’s the gold icon set and I believe totally sold on them for us like we’ve got the metal powder in a gold color it’s actual real powder and it’s like a really metally finish very similar to the mac pigments that are metal and the looks like some kind of glitter diamond powder so what it’s called in the gold color as well as a cool smokey lash mascara from them which I’m assuming is all black and a black pencil a black eye kohl pencil with a bit of glitter in it a little bit of gold glitter me see if I could show you what that looks like okay so that I’m the lab shine diamond and this is in number d16 so it’s kind of a pretty beige glittery gold it really reminds me a lot of the Viva Glam 5 lip gloss for Mac oh we’re going to go ahead and recreate this look right here I’ve already got my foundation my powder on so I’m just going to be doing them the blush in the eyes and everything else okay so let’s start with an eye primer I love painterly that’s my jam right there it’s from Mac so as you can see it’s pretty warm inside the I got lots of gold on the brow bone and on the inner lid and then a lot of smoky stuff on the outer corner so we’re going to kind of try to do that and I have this awesome awesome set I got from crown brush thanks to Johnson’s little discount it’s pretty often it’s got all these cool brushes I got everything for 2999 and I’m sorry to say it’s not on anymore it’s actually full price now which is I think about 75 dollars for this it comes in this cool little brush clutch and looks like that pink fighting all right so we’re going to take coral this is going to add a little warmth to the inner corner i’m just going to do from the inside right here to about halfway i’m going to take a nice fluffy brush looks like that from the side hook it in there and just kind of do it off to the side here start in that inner corner and then pull all the way into that crease now the thing with metal pigments that you have to know is that a little bit goes a very long way they’re super messy so just be very careful like as of right now i think i’m just going to tap a little bit of this into the cap and just work with whatever is in here and what I’m going to do is actually get a nice thick flat brush like this I see that and I’m just going to start packing it up here and here and then all over here before I do that I want to just highlight that inner corner with a little bit of nylon works really well from Mac we’re just going to use a little bit of this shimmery color here called nylon and that’s from Mac and get all in that inner corner here and as well as here if you can see it just gives like a nice little shimmery glow we will go ahead and continue this all the way through here so I just brought it all the way up all the way up right there go ahead and start with the metal pigment that the kit came with got to be super careful with this stuff is it’s very strong I’m

going to start at the eyebrow I like to start in that about a third of the way into the brow and then just push it out and in I am going a little bit over the front area as well now we’re going to go on the actual eyelid with it some people do get allergies to gold pigment so just be wary of that I would just try some on its store on your hand and just see how it feels you know walk around all day your skin doesn’t get irritated chances are you’ll be okay with it but it’s just it’s always important to check it out make sure this is my favorite and your brush that I’ve got this is from crown brush it came in their brush clutch it’s amazing because it’s a pencil brush but it’s so soft and flexible and just see how bendy that is even on your hand I mean it just is classic it’s so awesome anyway some of you be using this with some black truck which is a eye eyeliner gel format just going to dip it right into the pot here and then I’m going to go ahead and start the crease and the outer corner right here that’s why i made my first dot and i’m just going to trace my brow or my I bone where the hollow is and just go right in about half way and you see that it does look kind of weird but this will give you direction on where you’re going to be putting that dark smoky color any fine fluffy little pencil brush will work for this and that’s kind of what it looks like now I’ll do the same for the other son for the other side then we want to take it again so we went up over now we’re going to go up down so you’re making a V doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to be put down as a base so that anything you put on top will actually stay so now we’ll go ahead and use the pencil that came in the case with a little bit of the gold flecks in the black and we’re going to line the very bottom of the eyes with it just going to use the side of the pencil if you use the tip it election it’ll just it’ll be skid marked and not cute so you want to use the side of the pencil to really get in there there you go okay now we’re going to make a little V on the inside to kind of match the theme of what we’re doing out here so we will draw that in just like that and draw on top as well to connect it you kind of see how cool that looks so we’ll do the exact same thing on this side for this you do need a really good sharpened pencil to do it or else it’ll come out a little bit weird alright so that’s kind of how I do in line the inside of the eye as well the inner rim here every girl’s best friend right here that’s carbon and take that same smudgy brush that you used on the other thing and go right over the black track with it I’m going to use the same pencil brush dip it in the carbon and go over that pencil underneath and really lock that that smeary pencil in so that it doesn’t go anywhere notice that I’m really smudging in between the lashes here that’s definitely something you want to do as well now we’re going to go in with my favorite brush to 24 from mac little fluffy guy and we’re going to use the same carbon and just go in the crease here and really just work this black color out what I do is I just pick up a little bit just dot the eyeshadow start out here and do little circles and just go in and out and in and out and in and this isn’t looks pretty dope when

you look at it up close I am going to go ahead and add a little amber lights which is right here very popular color lots of girls have it I especially love this color on darker skinned women I think it just pops on their skin tone like it makes me wish that I wasn’t so pale take a little tiny brush right here dip it into the carbon and just kind of defined the outer corner a little bit more there you have it looks pretty cool right kind of see it up close now this look calls for very strong browse I’m going to go ahead and fill in my actual eyebrows with an angle brush and black track you’re doing this you want to start in the middle of the brow kind of like three quarters of the way in just start from there and get going from there so just going to follow the hairline it’s really important to only go one way when you’re doing your brows don’t go back and forth with the with the actual angle brush you want to just keep going one way like that I’m going to make my brow a little bit longer so you can see right there and a little bit thicker to really support this huge smoky eye I have going on a cool trick too is if your makeup is really really strong then it’s okay to go stronger with your eyebrows you can kind of see the difference like this is my everyday brow and then this is what i’m going to do with the look when you do your eyeliner you want to start with that angle brush out pull your eyelid taught just go one way with the brush just one way one way stroke stroke stroke I go back go I can go back go back go here’s the fun parts we’re going to be using the diamond glitter it really really looks like real fine particles of glitter you can kind of see it right there so we’re going to use any kind of aloe vera will work for this I’m using an old product called easy are from Mac but you can use aloe vera it works just fine just anything to make the glitter a little sticky going to take a little synthetic brush like this one Pat it into the aloe vera here Pat it into the glitter just you have just a little bit of glitter on there and then just Pat it right onto the brow bone is not pretty I love glitter oh that’s so hot I can’t stand it now this is a new product i also got for christmas a name hub so i love with it it’s from tarina tarantino it’s from her limited sparkle-osity collection it’s still out at sephora right now and you can get it online as well the first time I looked for it they were completely sold out the second time there’s one left side snagged it this one’s called pure gold it’s very similar to the metal pigment but it’s super sheer and can see just oh it’s so beautiful oh I love it how come the really cool looking brush from crown brush that I got all angled contoured and really fat in the middle there and we’re just going to get just a little beta this stuff and we’re going to go right on top of where we did with the cream color base and just Pat it on stipple it on stipple right there oh god I wish you guys could see this in person it is just ridiculous I look like a goddess right now just very lightly brushing on to the forehead I’d love to body paint someone with just this like just all over I mean their skin which is oh who do using okay soon just a little bit right here just slightly on the nose and that’s gonna give me just a really glowy just beautiful look oh god I wish you could just see this maybe that helps does that

help you can kind of see it a little better oh I can’t deal with it okay I kind of want to go out now I mean it’s like Saturday night so I’m should but just stay here and make videos instead okay um so next up oh by the way oh by the way I need to tell you guys that Mac came out with a cutest little palette it’s not adorable it’s dirty because I’ve been using it but it’s cool because look you can put your finger through this and then just hold this and you can squeeze like and I all of your products whatever you need on this and then just use that I mean I guess it’s more for makeup artist because we’re the ones like putting stuff on other people but even for yourself I mean it’s just fun alright so now we’re going to move to lips in grafting world which is a just an everyday lip pencil from Mac and as well as new money which is a cream pearl liner it’s pretty cool so we’re going to be using that it’s a little bit of a beautiful goal that I’ll match the eyes so go ahead and start learning the lips just in the center where the light would hit okay then two colors we’re going to take Viva Glam 5 lipstick which is a very pretty peachy nude color and I’m just going to go ahead and put that on with this little brush it comes with it’s not early to frosty we don’t want to get we don’t want to make the lip look to frosty so just something a little creamy a little neutral since the eyes are already so crazy okay and then we are going to take gel lipstick which is a frost love gel Max had it forever and they probably always will we’re going to just do the middle part of the lips right here the pout and then just a little bows at the top all right so now we’re gonna get to try this new lip gloss and again the color here is d 16 this feels different than Mac glosses it’s very more watered down and it they make up for ever puts a little apricot in them so it smells really nice Mac usually does vanilla but it seems like from what i read Make Up For Ever likes to inject their lip stuff with apricot sent so i have to say it is quite yummy it smells really really good I just piled that stuff on too so what my lips are dripping right now you can kind of see that alright so we’re going to go back up because everybody knows I like to just you know go back and forth so here’s the curler you’re going to go ahead and heat it up with our hands and give our little lashes a nice curl we’re going to use the really cool mascara that came in here and tilt your head up start at the base wiggle wiggle wiggle whoo it’s nice mascara kind of see it right there but it’s it’s pretty dope go ahead and do the bottom I only like to do bottom lash mascara if the look is a smokey look and there’s black all around the eye usually though on a daily basis I don’t like it I also don’t like it on brides because when they’re taking pictures the lashes because of the mascara create shadows onto the under eye and that’s exactly where you don’t want to look dark so ya okay so you’ve got our nice little lucious going and actually heard of this really cool store called in glow it’s a from there a makeup line from Poland and it seems like they’re popping up everywhere these days I think there’s one opening in Orange County there aren’t any in Los Angeles yet I know there are a few quite

a few in Las Vegas already the forum shops and at town square so anyway they have some really cool lashes there and a little bit of Cheapside I mean these are like 12 bucks you know I mean they are kind of cool and different so of course I wanted them uh-huh so we’re going to go ahead and use a black drying I eyelash glue and sit down you’ll see that the glue actually dries down black it looks great right now but it will dry down and look better just gonna give this a minute to dry down oops okay really loving this look man woohoo very party girl I feel like I i should be back home in Vegas the club or something mm-hmm so yeah this is a great look to wear out or just even you know for editorial i’ll be taking photos of this and posting it on my blog so you can really see the glitter and just everything yeah so yeah so this is what it looks like and i hope you guys enjoyed it I hope this was a fun thing for you all to learn um we look alike do we look alike so yeah hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time bye

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