– So I came up with the idea for this video and started filming it before everything got all crazy And I was debating if I should even post it, because while this is like a very normal silly investigative video for my channel, just with everything that’s going on in the world right now, I didn’t know if it was appropriate, if I should just scrap it, but the video is really funny, and I find it really interesting And this is the kind of stuff I like to look into in my free time cause I just think it’s so weird and fascinating, so I wanted to share it with you guys Also, before you go enjoy, I just wanna let you guys know, I have been vlogging like crazy I just moved in to a new house and I’m doing lots of packing and moving and organizing vlogs, so be sure to check those out, there’s a link in the description Okay, here’s the video So full disclosure, I really do love designer items I don’t wanna be the kind of person who loves designer In theory, I just wanna be like, Oh, I don’t care about that stuff, it’s dumb and overpriced But then I see handbags and belts and shoes that are so pretty and shiny and it’s like I’m hypnotized and I swipe my credit card and I’m like, dang it I’m totally that kind of person That being said, I am fully aware that there are a lot of really, really dumb designer items and no shade to you If you want to buy a $3,000 Versace paperweight, that’s none of my business, but it’s kind of dumb right? Like, can we all agree on that? So today, we’re gonna do a little investigation and try to find the dumbest designer items Like I said, I like luxury items I do But I think it could be fun to see just how ridiculous some of these brands get with their products And at the end, I’m maybe gonna buy one of them, strictly for you know, investigative purposes If you’re new to my channel, hi, hello, welcome My name is Sierra Schultzzie, I make videos every week Usually about like fashion, body positivity, investigating weird trends If that sounds like your kind of thing, hit that subscribe button, I would love to have you here, and be sure to check out my vlog channel Sierra and Stephen IRL and my podcast, Sierra Unfiltered, for more of me running my mouth off like this Anyways, let’s investigate, so, yesterday I was on Twitter, and I saw that Oreo was trending I promise this is related to the video actually, it’s what inspired me to make this video in the first place So I was like, okay, I’m a hungry girl what’s going on with Oreos, and I clicked and it’s because Supreme, the like very expensive designer street wear brand, released the look book of their Spring and Summer 2020 collection, which included supreme branded designer Oreos Like what, so many questions Is it an accessory? Do you carry around the Supreme Oreos with you like a clutch? Is it like Lizzo and her iconic Hershey’s bar clutch? Because if so, I’m on board, most importantly, are they double stuffed, or single stuffed? Because I think that should affect the price I need answers, also, I don’t know how much they are I saw someone say on Twitter that it was $8 for a three pack, but they don’t actually list the price on the Supreme website, so we’ll circle back to the Supreme Oreos later in the video, I’m not quite done here, we don’t have our answers yet But that is the backstory of what made me wanna look into more dumb luxury items So let’s just stick a little pin in it and do some digging on other stupid designer products Okay, so I’m thinking first, let’s start with Versace, cause I feel like Versace is very flashy Personally, I do not own anything Versace Actually no, I do, I forgot My pair of prescription sunglasses is Versace, but that’s mostly because they were on sale at my eye doctor, they were still kind of expensive, but I think with the prescription lenses they were like $115 So technically I have dipped my toe in the water of Versace So on their website I’m gonna go home collection Let’s go for your pet, I bet we can find some Gucci stuff for Bella and Bruce here, okay four products (laughing) This is a $1700 dog cushion First of all, who has dog cushions? Only people who are shopping at Versace I feel like the average person has like a dog bed, like I have a dog bed here from Costco that Bella and Bruce are sleeping in I feel like a pillow is if you have someone who carries your dog from room to room, $1,725 for a dog pillow This is fantastic, okay, we’re off to a good start Let’s see more in home collection, let’s go for the gym, are they gonna have like luxury dumbbells? Let’s see, we have be like beach rackets, a rugby ball,

an inflatable float and a soccer ball all in the $200 price range, not as absurd price wise as the dog pillow but I feel like a $225 soccer ball, like you’re gonna be kicking it around, if you have that much money for a soccer ball, what do you do for a living? Are you a dentist? You’re probably a dentist I should have gone to medical school, not done YouTube That’s a bit much, let’s see recommended products You can get a large Rokko Cheetah, it looks like some sort of statue for $1,325 A silver money box for $250, if the money box itself is $250 I don’t even want to know what’s inside of it, or maybe I do, a $600 ashtray This is just like a whole different world of luxury and designer, let’s see what else they have So they have candles and vases and plates and cups and it’s all pretty ridiculous but I think from what I’ve seen on Versace I think the dog pillow wins, let’s go to Louis Vuitton I would say Louis Vuitton is probably my personal favorite designer I just feel like everything is very classic and a lot of their pieces are also more casual, which works with my personal style, but let’s see just how ridiculous they can get They have a tab that says, “The essentials”, let’s see what Louis Vuitton thinks is essential A $4,000 watch, a $3,300 dress, a $1,600 purse I mean very expensive but nothing like weird yet Some shoes, some scarves show me the weird crap Versace made it so much easier to find the weird stuff Art of living, games and collectables I want games, a $550 dice pouch Can you imagine playing D&D with your friends and pulling out a Louis Vuitton dice case and being like, “Don’t worry, I have the 12 sided die.” That’s bougie, another dice case, a playing cards pouch I feel like that makes a little more sense I feel like a lot of people who have like FU money Really like gambling because you know, you can So I could see someone with their like very fancy Louis Vuitton card pouch Let’s see books and writing, pens and pencils, I can get a Louis Vuitton pencil, pencil pouches Gimme me weirder, I want weird Alright, I think I found weird, this is $1,360 and it’s called rat box, that’s it And it kinda looks like Mr. Potato Head What do you do with rat box? Oh, it has a drawer slider and you can put stuff in your rat box, It’s like a secret hiding place What does the description say? It’s for Chinese New Year, that makes more sense, interesting way to embrace the holiday with a $1300 box But overall, Louis Vuitton doesn’t have that much weird stuff, I’m a little disappointed Let’s see Gucci, a $2,000 umbrella stand, how expensive is the umbrella if you’re putting it in a $2,000 stand, that’s what I wanna know A $7,000 arm chair, if I went to someone’s house and they had these like 2000 to like $5,000 chairs at their dining room table I would sit on the floor, like my butt is not worthy They also have cushions here but they are not specified to be like for your dog, I think you could use it for that though, but I think they’re more just meant to be like throw pillows $1200, $1100, this one is not showing me the price which is concerning They have a whole children’s tab which I kind of hate, that I kind of love Let’s see how much a newborn Gucci onesie is Like $200 obvious, $400, this one’s $200 I wanna hate this, why should you buy a $300 newborn onesie? But like it’s kind of adorable I wonder if I can search pet, do they have pet stuff for Gucci, they do not They have a unique gift scarb, these aren’t that unique It’s like they’re normal stuff a purse, a ring nothing has beat the Supreme Oreo yet, too tame Let’s see Prada, do not own anything from Prada but hey, maybe that’ll change, if they have something weird enough They’ve got a lot of socks, $130 socks again, not sure I would want my feet to touch something that was $200, that makes me a little nervous I remember seeing somewhere on the internet, maybe this was a while ago, that Prada was selling

a very expensive safety pin, wonder if I just search pin $400 hair clips, I keep saying this, I do have a couple designer items, I have a Louis Vuitton wallet that I use everyday in my life, probably gonna use it forever, probably will be like the wallet I have for most of my life and it is less money than two pins from Prada And it’s Louis Vuitton, I like to think about cost per use a lot, like this T shirt I got from Target It was like $20, I’ve probably worn it 30 times So it’s like 75 cents ish per wear How many times would you have to wear these Prada bobby pins to get them down to like a moderate cost per use They have sports accessories under men, let’s see that It’s just some thermos, $500 thermos I used to have a Rocket Power thermos in kindergarten and my mom would put soup in it for lunch so it stayed hot Just saying, I don’t think the Prada thermos, would be as good as my Rocket Power thermos And my Rocket Power thermos was from Walmart, so get on my level Prada Oh my gosh, it’s a paperclip, well it looks like a paperclip but it says it’s a money clip and it’s $240 How big is it, cause I’m not trying to justify it It’s real dumb, Product details, does it have size? Six and a half centimeters in height, So it’s a paperclip. Material, is it made out of solid gold? Other materials, that’s all, Alright lets go to Hermes I do not own anything from Hermes My only experience with Hermes is watching hours and hours and hours of people unboxing Birkin bags, I was trying to explain it to Stephen one time and he was like that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard The Hermes Birkin bag is like the king pin of designer bags I don’t have any desire to own one personally cause I just think it’s way too much money for me to spend But it’s such a weird fascinating thing I really enjoy other people like talking about it and unboxing it Basically, you have to be offered a Birkin bag, You can’t walk into Hermes and be like, “I would like to purchase a Birkin bag.” You have to be offered one, you have to be either someone who spends so much money at their store like ridiculous amounts of money, or you’re like famous or you know someone and then if you’re considered of high enough prestige to own a Birkin bag, you can go in and be offered one, but you don’t get to pick what kind of bag you want You can’t be like, I want a 30 centimeter black, you don’t get to pick, they offer you one and you just gotta take it, so a lot of people buy them secondhand, but it’s madness Anyways, equestrian, they have a whole horse section and a dog section, let’s go to the dog section The most uncomfortable looking dog bed I’ve ever seen for $1800, a $640 collar and a $770 leash Under their home tab, they have exceptional pieces I hope I’m not disappointed, a $20,000 blanket I found it, I found the dumbest thing A $1,200 dollar paperweight, a paperweight! And it says, “It pairs perfectly with the Equilibre d’Hermes I’m so uncultured, a $5,500 geometric shape It’s like when you go to Olive Garden and they’re like this wine pairs very nicely with your Fettuccine Alfredo, except it’s $8,000 Can you imagine an $8,000 Fettuccine Alfredo, I would die, a $58,000 folding desk, a $23,000 bench a $69,000 pair of nesting tables I didn’t know there things that were this expensive existed As much as I’m laughing and joking about how ridiculous these things are, I feel like there’s a conversation to be had about wealth and equality because I don’t think anyone should be buying a $70,000 table It’s fun to laugh and to joke about how ridiculous these things are, but what world do we live in that there’s a $69,000 table, Oh, gosh, a $520 magnifying glass Okay, you know what, Hermes, I think you did it to me I think I’m done, and I think another important thing to highlight, I did not mean for this video to be serious, it was just meant to be light hearted, but I’m not trying to knock fine craftsmanship and art I think those things are important

But I think the question that it really brings up to me is if this piece was by just like an independent artist, would it be that same price? Would it be worth that much? Or is it just the brand name being attached Because obviously, a lot of these things are really cool looking and unique I’m sure that they are incredibly high quality, Some of these things are just so out there I do think it gets to a point where you’re just paying for the brand name, You’re just paying to say that you have a $69,000 Hermes table Maybe not, If you own a $69,000 Hermes table again, not trying to come for you How you spend your money is your choice However, personally, I can’t So we’ve done a little bit of digging, we found some pretty dumb items I think the winner has to be the paperclip, just out of pure ridiculousness, even though it by far wasn’t the most expensive It’s just so funny to me, but if I’m gonna buy one of these items, if I’m if I’m gonna try one of these stupid things, I think we’ve gotta go for the Oreo I think the Supreme Oreo a, if it actually is only $8 I don’t feel as dumb about how I’m spending money We could do like a photo shoot with it, I could pose with it I feel like there’s some fun to be had with these Supreme Oreos So there’s only nine Supreme stores in the entire world And one of them is actually in LA and I just happened to be going up to LA this week anyways, so I was thinking we could go to Supreme, wait in line and by the Oreos, but then I was doing a little bit of googling just to make sure, and it turns out you actually have to get a reservation to shop at Supreme, especially on launch day like this And of course, they’re all taken, so if I go to Supreme at least tomorrow on the day that the Supreme Oreos come out, I don’t think I will actually be able to go in the store and buy them Which leaves me two main options, swing by the Supreme store anyways when I’m in LA and see if there’s a standby line, or try to buy it online when they drop the collection online, which is a week from now Either way, we’re getting those Oreos I just think this is so funny In the description it says double stuffed Oreo cookies So at least we’re getting double stuffed Alright, let’s go to LA (lively upbeat music) Alright, let’s go to supreme on launch day without a reservation, Did you know you need a reservation to shop there? – No – Isn’t that Crazy? Well, we’re crashing the party here – There’s the line – After 20 minutes of circling, we found a parking spot and I don’t even know if we’re gonna be allowed to wait in line, but we’re gonna try And if not, we’ll come back tomorrow or if the Oreos are still even in stock One thing about supreme though, I read this online cause I’ve never shopped at Supreme, I’ve never owned anything from it, you’re only allowed to buy one of each – Item? – Yeah That way you can’t resell it, which of course still happens anyways, but like you can’t go in and be like, I want five packs of Oreos, you only get one We just tried to get in line at Supreme and what happened Carly? – They said no They said no, but the guy was really nice I was very intimidated cause like– – He’s big – I mean, yeah, and there’s just a whole line of hyped beasts in LA down the street But basically the guy explained to me how it works I thought it was just on like the launch day of the new season that you have to register online Apparently like every day of the year, every Tuesday registration opens and then it gives you a time for some time that week, then you get an appointment to come shop and that’s it So that big long line, was all people who had the reservation online, so he said our best bet without a reservation is to either try again next week, which I’m not going to be in LA next week, and I don’t really wanna commute up just to buy some Supreme Oreos Or to come by around this time or on four o’clock tomorrow, because if some people don’t show up, then they can put you in the standby line So I think we’ll have to try that Carly, so you know how we were talking about how people like to resell supreme stuff online? – Yeah – So I was like, maybe we could buy the Oreos for like 30, $40, their price right now on eBay for up to $4,000 – $4,000, it’s food – $4,000 for $8 Oreos – Oh my gosh, it’s not like it’s a meal, it’s a bite – I don’t think it’s about the nutrition content Carly I love you guys, but I’m not paying $4,000 for some Oreos for a video, I do like Oreos though Alright, take two I’m wearing the same outfit, But I promise it’s the next day We were just taking an Instagram picture and I didn’t wanna waste the outfit But Carly’s in a different outfit so yeah, new day – Proof – Proof We’re gonna try this again

(lively upbeat music) So we talked to the security guard and there is a standby line today It’s the line that I just showed you in that little time lapse, we’re gonna wait in this line, the store is open for another two hours Do you think this is more than a two hour line? Will we get in? – I could not tell you – Well, we’ll find out So we just asked someone who worked at one of the stores right here who sees this line go on every day And they said, it’s probably like a three hour wait from here, but the store closes in two hours So should we wait it out? – I don’t see why not – We might wait two hours and then not even get the Oreos It’s a risk, also, I want sweet green That was very scary – I feel like I’m on the walk of shame – We’re leaving, I’ll update you guys in the car Alright, so we had been waiting for about 30 minutes and the line had not moved much We were chatting with the employees and they were really, really nice And then I guess some guy tried to cut the line and got kicked out, and so they sent him to the back of the line and the guy was really mad and tried to pick a fight and threatening people And it got really really freaky – And he was right behind us, it wasn’t like he was far back in line, he was the one behind us – Directly behind you, he seemed like a loose cannon and we were already kind of on the fence about saying or not I would not be surprised if a fight breaks out in the next five minutes cause that guy was pissed Kind of gave us a good excuse to leave which was nice and we’re gonna try and order these online As soon as we started driving home it started pouring rain, I am so glad that we decided to leave Alright, so after we failed to secure the bag of the Supreme Oreos in person, I attempted to order them online, but I guess I’m not very informed on how Supreme drops go, because I guess how it works is they announce their collection and they do two collections a year So this was their Spring Summer Collection, and they announce everything that’s going to be part of it, which was where all of the publicity about the Supreme Oreos came from, and then every week, as far as I can tell, they release small amounts of certain products from the collection so that by the end of that season, everything in the collection has been launched, but it’s not all launched at once So had we waited in that line, we would not have been able to buy the supreme Oreos anyways And they haven’t launched online yet So when I went home and I was sitting on my computer for the next week’s launch, and then saw that there were no supreme Oreos available I started doing some more research, I started looking on Reddit a little bit more and as far as I can find, that’s why I wasn’t able to get the supreme Oreos online and all of the ones that are listed for sale on like eBay and Craigslist for crazy prices were purchased at the supreme store in New York, which launched a small number of the Oreos on their like first launch day for the season if that makes sense Does that make sense? – [Stephen] No, none of this thing about Oreos makes sense – Well, I was not able to get my luxury Oreo however I wanted to get the next best thing so I went and bought the original red Oreo Red Velvet Oreos without the supreme branding Delicious, you want one? Okay, let’s eat one together, wait, look at it Designer, luxury, there you go, and one for me You know what, this may not have supreme printed on the front of it, but to me this is almost as good This is my consolation prize Oh wait, but you know what I just realized? The supreme ones are double stuffed So if I want these to be on at least somewhat of the same level, I need to DIY A double stuffed Oreo (suspenseful upbeat music) Perfect, this is what my channel has come to me knocking off the supreme Oreo with my DIY double stuffed Also I haven’t had an Oreo in like literal years I’m full on like a carbs person and not really a sugar or sweets person at all Like I would rather have a baked potato than a slice of pie any day, I love carbs But it’s here, Oh gosh, we went to all this trouble to get ourselves the not Supreme, Supreme double stuffed Oreo, so I’m gonna eat it, But it’s really good I can’t tell you what a Supreme Oreo actually tastes like, I wonder if anyone has actually eaten one, but I can tell you that Red Velvet Oreos, pretty freaking good, also, I would never justify listing an Oreo at like $10,000 on eBay, but considering the only way people can get them right now is to have already gone to the New York store

when they were selling them and have bought one pack in person, cause they also have a one pack per person limit I guess, so it makes a little bit more sense why people are marking them up so much on those resale sites because probably only a handful of people actually got them Which low key makes me wants them even more I’m kind of upset that the way this video has to end is with me not actually getting a Supreme Oreo, but maybe it’s for the best Maybe I ended up with my just Red Velvet Oreos for a reason But I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this investigation into some of the dumbest luxury items I feel bad calling them dumb, because I’ve made plenty of dumb purchases and I’m sure to lots of people like specifically my husband sitting right there The luxury purchases that I’ve made are dumb Do you think my Gucci belts are dumb? – [Stephen] Yes, ma’am – So you know what, if someone out there has bought a 60,000 Versace paperweight that is a it is not my place to tell you that it is dumb, but I guess it is, because I made a whole video about it So I hope you guys enjoyed this This video is not meant to be too serious, or to be judgmental in any way, I just wanted to look at some of the crazy things that exists out there because this is what I do in my free time But thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you on Tuesday with another new one, bye (lively upbeat music)

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