focusing on my ear you have to put a small object in front and DV you can’t do it that’s how they make stuff obese hey youtube OMG i’m so hate ice why spent months trying to figure out how to use a camera shut up that’s my husband anyway how to use a camera without a flip screen to make it autofocus and all those things anyway I’m so freaking height like I figure out get away to have some waiting until I get the money to have official lighting and I’ll do it early on that y’all my canon t3i is no not t3r t3 is doing the thing cuz listening i’m in focus hmm i am bright I have all this light I’m just happy okay anyway today’s video is going to be about just trying to put a whole bunch of blue shadows together and make it look good I’m the type of girl that likes a natural eye makeup I mean I can do dramatic but I blues my favorite color so I really want to do a look where it’s wearable for the holidays and there’s wearable for the holidays and that’s blue so I’m just gonna jump right into it I’m probably yeah I’m gonna make this a talk through video because I really gotta figure out how to do the voiceovers and stuff like that so I’ve been playing around a lot so you won’t get better quality videos this being one of them alright let’s jump into it first I’m going to take my vaseline lip therapy it’s not going to be in focus but we’ll do the best I can put a little bit on my lips yeah me cuz my lips is looking a little you know a little ashy um I forgot a mirror also i forgot to mention this will be a drugstore / beauty supply very affordable um makeup tutorials so if you’re trying to save your money if you don’t have that much this is for you so just keep watching alright so first i am going to prime my face with these two primers this is the number seven and this is my statement primer by Rimmel London get this at the drugstore and you get this at target so i do first is I put this on the bridge of my nose and on my forehead because i am very oily and this is a this is a very this helps you stay may I just rub that in with my fingers and you have to be very careful with this product because you could put too much on next I take my Rimmel primer put that on my cheeks and I’m betting with my fingers that’s why I use this damn remove I’m recording me see as you could tell we’re not used to this recording life yet cuz I’m just now getting back on this lowly what you say okay oh geez this camera is picking up everything anyway next I will take a little well first we’ll do my eyebrow I’m sorry you guys but I’m using my dip brow pomade by anastacio that’s the only i ended i’ll

use in this video i promise i hope alright so what I’ll do first is take my spoolie brush and I’ll comb my brows up words thank goodness i got these babies done like last week then i’ll take an angled brush this is by elf and dip it in my dick bro just take a little bit little bit goes a long way with this product and oh yeah mine is in chocolate which is perfect for my dark eyebrows and then I just start filling them in outlining and eyebrows all put on now blend blend blend you left my heart up when the rest of me is down you you and Chuck eyebrows poppin next I take a bit of my la girl pro concealer in the color toffee and I just take a straight from the two I don’t care about what people think I do it my way okay but feel free to do it your way okay so I just directly squeeze a little out and just throw a little bit under and over my brows to clean them up and this is just about one shade lighter than my skin tone I mean you can go to the three shades lighter I see people go for but I ain’t doing all that then i take my concealer brush by equal tools and it came in a little palette that i got from the drugstore and i just blend it all out blend it to my liking feel free to blend it to your liking he’s playing the vicky-o black and all this stuff then I like to take whatever is left from my concealer brush and just brush it on the front to give it that faded look all right eyebrows on fleek all right so after that I then take my wet and wild eyebrow gel to set everything in place because my eyebrows be all over the place sometimes and anybody got time for that all right even after that I will put a little concealer on this is very old it’s um like a little lipstick looking concealer it’s very light as well I just put this on my eyelids just to upon them a little bit just a little bit then i blend it all out with my finger like so then I will take my NYX jumbo

pencil in the color milk just so I can get that vibrant color and please bear with me these items are not focusing but yeah I just throw this on my lid not going past my crease and just fill it all in and of course we’re going to blend it all out and remember this is going to be a very blue holiday inspired look I just want to play with blue I don’t know inspire to play with these blooms today hi usual I look creepy all right after that just take your finger I like to use my little finger and I just tap that tap to blend it all in just tap tap to keep teppan i’m using right huh then I take my Sigma I’m position around the toes so I’m sorry then I take my pursuit my Sigma precision round brush and I will it’s like a dome brush I mean I didn’t say I’m not gonna use any more high-end products but so my brushes are high-end so just find a dome round brush and just blend out the edges and like I said this is just to make sure you see the true blues and all the colors that we’re going to apply and eyelids oh and charming even when you’re not I look crazy after that I will take a piece of tape tape material so I can get that perfect precision you don’t have to do the step by the way I just want it to be crisp and sharp just cleaned out this your wife all right we are now ready for color y’all okay so first we will take a blending brush and I am going to my Sigma e-40 tapered brush like I said you can use any brush of your choosing for this step as long as it’s like a nice tapered fluffy brush and I will just take a light brown color like so right here yep sorry right there and I’ll just use that too for my crease just to make sure all the colors blend seamlessly and beautifully i’m watching although now I know what I

and then we’ll go in with a darker shade let’s see let’s go in with that cheap right there and I’m just going to put this right on my crease as I did the other and this is a BH Cosmetics palette by the way it’s the 120 I shadow pilot second edition and I just keep dipping my brush in to build the color and these eyeshadows are very good they’re very pigmented all right I will then take this shimmery dark blue color over here and just put that in the crease as well is blending nicely together ok so now I want to take something a little more lighter on my lids this shimmery up we’ll use our la girl palette got this from the beauty supply store and it is the tranquil pilot and I use this when I first first got into makeup like this was when I was like 16 so long time ago so I will just take this flat brush that I got from the beauty supply stores and I’m going to wet it a little bit just like a pick up the product nice sleep I’m gonna take off the excess water and just dip it in I’m going to dip it in a mixture of these two colors so that’s what I’ll do and you just want to pack this color right onto your lid of me is down you in charming oh yeah the blending brush that I use for my blues was a coastal sent tapered brush but I’ll use that same brush and just blend out those edges right there that I just did blending is your best friend by the way can’t stress that enough you’ve gotta blend girl blender then I will take the little thingy thing that it comes with and dip it in the lightest color in the LA girl the LA

Colors palette sorry and right here and I’ll put that in my inner tear duct to highlight I will take a clean brush I guess I’ll just use this it’s a flat top brush from eco eco tools and I’ll just take this I guess this yellowish color down here it’s like a yellowish like champagne is color and i’ll just use that for my eye these yes y’all is sharp okay it’s nice and sharp and Chris okay so base already primed what I’ll do is shake this up i use my L’Oreal Paris magic Lumi liquid powder and this stuff is amazing you can barely feel it so I just shake that up a bit to roll that on the back of my hand and just place it one areas of Punta face and then I take theirs rounded dome brush that I got from amazon with a set of other brushes and it’s like very condensed or you can use like a flat top brush to do your foundation and I just blend it in my skin now i’m gonna use more foundation in this this is just how I start off I just build it and this is a buildable foundation um it’s definitely not full coverage obviously but it’s buildable I like it it’s nice so take some more oh and this is in the color 330 classic teen so if you’re my shade this will be the right color for you but if you like to have your foundation I would not recommend using this foundation because it will not give you the coverage that you are looking for it will not bother than that it’s really nice like I said is a very lately just bring it down to a neck I will take my perfect match normal London concealer in the shade medium it’s a concealer and also highlighter and I will place that under eyes just line pick that under my eyes like so bridge of my nose my Cupid’s bow little much it whoa my bed dropping stuff then I take the same concealer I used around

my brows in the color toffee the LA girl Pro concealer and I just put a little bit with that just to tone down this color a little and then I just blend it all out ah I wanna lock in your love I think we’re closin afterwards I like to take the same foundation brush and just go over the edges of my highlight to so make sure everything is seamless all right then I go in with my physicians formula powder in peach nude and I usually use my Ben Nye banana powder to sit under my eye for the sake of this video we’ll just do this it’s like kind of a white powder but it is so beautiful it just likes it makes everything focus likes look at that just Pat it on until all the areas you highlighted alright then you want to take your contouring color I’m using my ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder in the color st. Lucia and I’m just going to be using obviously the contouring shade and i am going to be applying that with my sigma angled kabuki in s 84 and I’m not really going to be contouring per se more so bronzing up my face then I take my precision angled it’s like an angled fluffy brush and I contour my news now everyone knows is different when it comes to contouring mine is already kind of like slender here so I just contour basically this part to just bring it back from all the makeup is all the shadow all the makeup covers that part so I just kind of bring it back with my contouring powder now I’m going to take a blue eyeliner so auto eyeliner by and K is just found at the beauty supply store and I’m just gonna 11 I’m just gonna run that on my waterline and this is a very blue color as you can see the difference I wanna lock in your love I think we’re closing know how could I lock in your love baby oh wait I’ll blush in the color heather silk and it looks like thick and I will take just basically one of a big fluffy Sephora brush looks like that just dip my brush in tap off the excess and just run it on the apples of my cheeks towards my hairline cuz my face goes upwards my cheekbones go upwards so that’s how I like to do it just a little bit you don’t want to do too much because all the blue you got going on but I mean like I said I feel

free to do what you are more comfortable with I just don’t want too much blush because that’s what I’m comfortable with so next I take my ELF healthy glow bronzer and the color sunkissed and this is a bronzer but as you can see this is very late so I use it as a highlighter so if you’re my skin tone or a little lighter or little darker or close very close to it this is for you so I just take this little brush right here just came in a little kit that i got from rite aid and I just lightly run it through and just throw right open my cheekbone like so and as you can see that’s a really pretty highlight I use this basically every time I do my makeup if and I don’t know well yeah i love this highlighter not just do the same on the other side just make sure it’s all blended just throw a little bit on the bridge of my nose and a little bit on my Cupid’s bow I’m going to use my Black Radiance pressed powder in the color mocha and it looks like that I’m going to take my eco tools foundation brush to get a precise contour chiseled out matoub I just want a little more deeper contour because I don’t know why I just I haven’t had a deep Condor in the wall right I’m going to take a little bit more of my other bronzer and just bronze up my face because this light is just making this white cash over my face and whatnot and it ain’t cumin thank you but in person it’s not showing up that’s where it’s y’all don’t look like this in person I don’t even know gotta get my lighting situation together okay now that I’m all brawn up as much as I can be set everything in place with my ELF setting spray chick shake my memory is getting fool so I’m gonna just basically do my winged liner with this NYX studio liquid liner in the color extreme blue then I’m going to follow it by just a basic navy blue mascara that’s from the beauty supply store you are you in charming even when you’re not I will try to knock them down i’m watching all right now I know what I have

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