hey no hey welcome back to my channel how you guys doing today I have a get ready with me video and I’m filled one of these in months so I want to apologize for how um out of practice I am in this video so let’s just give it into it because i’m pretty sure it’s long hi guys i haven’t done you get better with me and I’m very long time so I decided if it won’t just for you guys today what do you think of these pajamas i’m wearing a little pink hearts on them i got it in walmart for five bucks you can’t beat wall more right so the first thing i already put on my face um not on my face section my lips sorry is this city lips lip plumper i wanted to try not haven’t read it out for you guys to let you know what I think this video is going to have a lot of products that i have not really used or their brand new so you guys are going to test them up with me along the way and i already want your moisturize my face in my eyes so let’s get into it and please ignore these little zits that i have here just act like I’m not even there I’ll repair my eyes with the lorac behind the scenes primer and I actually like this primer okay so as I was saying it cut me off on this primer reminds me of the Urban Decay one but I think it’s a little bit better now I don’t know about the new formulation but I’m talking about old formulation I do like that primer as well so i went ahead and i did that just make sure it’s really blended in with this mirror here so i’m really really excited for this because i just got this at so far i ordered online um that’s the thing you guys should definitely do what sephora you should be a beauty insider so you guys and get emails all the time because they send you incentives to get little perks him in there and um ike this sign up also for the free flash two day shipping and because of it i’m able to order like literally if i want to order five-dollar thing I can’t anyways let’s get it to the palette so it’s this one the Anasazi 01 the world traveler I’m so excited for this because on the vanity diary if you guys are not following him on Instagram you need to follow him he’s amazing his name is Arya and he showed swatches of this on his snapchat as well and I just went gaga I was like oh my god I need to get this palette and it’s mainly for just this one particular eyeshadow and it’s called pink champagne you guys can see this one right here this eyeshadow right here but i’m actually not planning to use that one today because i have an look in my for that and um they do something new with the palette like I literally squeeze it you guys can see in the state calls I’m not even really holding it so I don’t know if they magnetize it a little bit like that anyways it comes really really nice brush as I just dropped it for you guys um so I’m going to actually test out the brush to see how it works so I decided today that i’m going to use on these four shades right here so I’m going to start out with this soft peach in my crease and i’m just going to use the brush that came with it and I’m gonna use this as my transition shade so let’s let’s do this so how have you all been doing in your summer this summer for me not so bad I mean I’m dealing with um you guys know my little health issues that I’m having 1 i’m feeling tired all the time but i am working with that and i’m taking things one day at a time that’s all you can do right and this is a really nice color oh my god i didn’t think it was going to look like anything on my lids but you guys can see that maybe i should assume in a little bit yeah i’m gonna zoom in a little bit for you so let’s continue applying that soft peach in the transition um crease I’m just gonna look down in this mirror if you guys can see what I’m doing this is a really nice color like i was saying i really like it I really like anastasi as um I shadows and I what I really like about her palettes these dirty dog paths of I dimensions thirty bucks you can really get a variety of shades to try out from her line with us her eye shadows I believe with twelve dollars anyways I’m not opposed to show what the prices on them but I would like the shade so I’m going to go in here with this next shade Morocco with the same um end of the brush the fluffy brush and tap that off a little bit i have seen love this shaded in the I’m weezy palette so I know that I already like it and I’m just going to put it to help warm up a little bit the outer crease you guys see that I love that color it’s a beautiful nice pop of orange and this this is a really good brush it’s really soft i like it and we only just need a little bit because we’re just gonna you know consumed on the outer V area so you can make a v-shape go right ahead and I’m just looking in my mirror at the same time this color really reminds me of on makeup geeks a coq au pair too if you guys how they can use a shade that’s another beautiful color and I really need to get more makeup geek eyeshadows because I do like them and now she’s coming out with a whole bunch of other on foiled I shadows and pigments and I’m just like oh my god I’m gonna go crazy I’m gonna have to get money together and just like literally like every single um color that Marlena has like she’s doing

an amazing job and really proud of her okay so next we’re going to go in with a flat brush and I want to go into this shade right here um I’ll try to have close-ups all right here its cost spoiled it’s a really nice color and I’m going to use my large e60 brush but i’m wondering if i should use this la splash yeah we’re going to use this today because I’ve really been enjoying taking this in any shade that I have like eye shadow the house a little bit of shimmer in it I like to use this because it really brings out like the shimmer in the shadow so I’m just going to do one eye at a time and what it typically do is I just Pat it on here I do one eye at a time because this stuff gets tacky quickly and then I just go with my finger I’m gonna use this finger so doesn’t look like i’m flipping you guys off and see how it gets tacky by the way and then I just kind of pounce it all over the eye and then once they get some actually going with the shadow that you want to use so I’m going to go on with the shades world is a beautiful color and I’m just going to pack it on not another brush that I like to use is um another brush by Sigma it’s the shader brush I’m going to tell you what number it is in a minute as soon as i’m done applying this shadow but i’m using the e60 because it applies the same color all over really quickly and it is called the shader in a corner the e46 is really really small like that for a precision application and then I like the shader lid to e 56 it has a little wider um tip but can you guys see that love this shot i’m going to put a little bit more I think it’s really pretty so no surprise I’m going with a warmer tone look you guys know I love my warm tone tone I shadows and this month I’ve really been into like like the peachy bronzy color tones I guess because the summer time ever so anyways now we’re going to go look for another shade to put on cuz I think it needs a little bit something more and i’m wondering if i should use this Bellini shade or she uses fudge shade or just go in with the soft peach underneath the eye hmm let me see because if i go on what the just gonna make it look more smoky and i don’t want to be super smoky um I think I’m gonna go with the Bellini under the eye actually now i’m gonna do a soft peach first i’m going to use this on other end of the brush and I’m going to just go under my eye real quick it’s gonna look weird to you guys sorry and excuse if you hear the TV that’s just my son he’s home already that’s not a good thing about the summertime that’s really I can film pretty much any time because the side takes longer to go down so I didn’t really do anything so i think i’m going to go in with the morocco under the eye with the same tip of the brush so i wanted to look a little bit more I don’t know I don’t know what I’m doing what I’m looking for actually and I’m pleasantly surprised by this brush making sure it’s still recording you know what we think now I should have done but the other one was oh I’ll pinker something I should have done that color first so I’m going to connect it and just tell Oliver I think it still needs something but I’ll figure it out on the way so I’m just going to wipe off that brush and put the soft peach on this I you guys hopefully can see what I’m doing and try not to focus off on the I just did that look at eyelash or something their rights going with the Morocco shade so we’ll look to hear from you guys what are some of the things you’re doing in the summertime at all you guys take any trips or whatever you know I would love to travel honestly in the summertime and I haven’t been on a plane I didn’t even realize this until I was talking to somebody a [ __ ] now it’s been 11 years since I’ve been on a plane that is way too long way to walk so I need to do some planning so that i can take a trip elisa so you know i think that i want to put a little bit of something I gotta do this other I see that’s what happens when you’re talking get distracted um let me do the other hand with the spoiled eyeshadow so I gotta put this on first so this is why it’s always best to not talk won’t be doing your makeup because if you’re scatterbrain like me you lose track so let’s put this in and yeah it’s tacky now ok so now let’s go

in with that spoiled shade still recording hopefully and this is such a nice color I hope you guys can really see how pretty is she is I think that what I’m gonna do is I think I’m gonna go in the crease a little bit with um another color or maybe on the eye I’m not a hundred percent sure I really don’t know what I’m doing I’m just kind of going with the flow and this is typically what I do want to do my makeup but I don’t talk but I noticed that lately I have been on very inspired room doing my makeup and I’m really liking the nicholson coming up with and I’m not recording them and I haven’t recorded a video in a long time doing a makeup so I decided to just sit down and just do a get ready with me like I mentioned before but I don’t know I feel like it needs something so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to take some of this what’s this call this I use this brush sure the e 56 and I’m going to take that soft peach and just put it as the highlight because I haven’t put anything here and i think i’m just going to leave it like that for now and then when i go after put on the eyeliner then maybe i’ll decide to add another color or something i don’t know what so i decided it on just smoke it out a little bit so i’m going with this Bronco I hear fudge and I’m going to use the blending e36 brush I like to use this brush one I just want to add a little bit of color in here into the very inner crease like I just want it to they’re with us what I need it I need a little pop something because I felt like my eyes just look like one color and I like to use this brush because I feel like it just gives me that little bit of something something when I don’t know what I need for my look and I hope this is not too bad with the TV in the background I think you guys let me know and if it is too much than what i will do next time is that i would just do a voiceover but you guys seem to really like when I talk to you all right i’ll open that up i’m just going to the idea the other eye these eyeshadows are very very nice I am really roomy I’m not surprised honestly use my left hand I’m not surprised because like i mentioned earlier i’m very ok i am very happy with these eyeshadows i’m not surprised so because i am a feminist artists eye shadows and i have to say i have not purchased the single ones but the ones that I’ve gotten in these on 30 iPads I really really enjoyed them so there we go alright I’m going to blend this one a little bit more product i’m just going to blend it ok and then i’m going to take the brush two days earlier no product on it the fluffy brush one that came with the actual palette and I’m just going to buff it some more and do the other side now I’m off you guys noticed but my lips look a lot full especially the bottom lip what do you guys think I don’t know and what I like just what i would like to say about this on city colors it doesn’t burn so that’s nice because a lot of times when you get those on plumping things they really really burn like I tried the true face one one time I felt like these were attacking my lipstick did not like all that felt so I’m gonna do my lighter and I’m going to use the tart line i’ve used this before and I’m gonna use the brush that she came with it um I don’t know if this is going to stay in the video or not because I typically do this off camera so let’s just go in and see what happens so I just in my own eye liner off camera as you can see because i was totally messing up and there’s why never do it on camera because I mess up all I have to really concentrate anyways so further my eyebrows damn Anastasi pencil and my clear brow gel so I’m gonna try this mascara I got it in my allure box for the month of July and this is the sumptuous infinite from Estee Lauder and it says daring length in Volume Mascara just a little trap travel size or sample size and it has one of those on plastic applicators and I do like us a lot of mascara so I’m gonna try the salt and i’m debating if i’m going to put false eyelashes or not I don’t know yet I haven’t worn them in a while what do you guys think I feel like it really opened up my eye and I like that

the bristles don’t feel harsh on the eye because i know that some mascaras when they have these little tiny Bristol’s it can be harsh on the ice when i do yellow I just hard to do it’s really hard to do mascara on camera at least for me it is because I can’t see I really need to get contacts I really like to like blink on to my mascara I feel that that gives you the most um because it gives you the most product placements what I’m trying to say I can go and do this here and it’s totally blocking sorry guys don’t want to put too much you want my ashes to look um clumpy I don’t know this mascara Clemson is my first time using it it’s going to put another application on this I too much on the end of it one thing i don’t like about mascara is that it’s always too much on the tip okay see like it still has too much better way to love so I just usually take what’s access and just do it and then go away with it so this is a good nut bad mascara see how it does on the bottom lashes and so I’m cutting this I out of this shot because I want to do the bottom so tip for you guys if you have too much mascara just take a tissue and wipe the excess off I don’t know how many of you do this or not this is a trick that I learned a long time ago and actually um I used to always do this like any mascara that I was always clean it first I stopped doing that so let’s see what it does for that bottom I should I have to say this my skirt did lengthen my eyelash you don’t know if you guys can tell how much longer they are and it’s not too bad on the bottom lashes it looks pretty good up that clean off all the excess I’m just going in again and I know I made a mess on the bottom but I don’t think it’s the mascara i think it’s just me cuz i noticed that with any masks are been using lately um I’ve been getting it like really messy yeah so okay so I already started prying my face with this maker Pharaoh hydrating base and this is going to be the second time that I use on the foundation the new one from make up forever I film for you guys a review on it a first impression review so I have that on my videos that I have to edit for you guys I mentioned earlier about the beauty insider incentive day I don’t know if they still have this or not but you put Ultra HD and you get a sample of the latest on foundation that they have ultra ultra HD one and i got the shade why 375 I think was called golden something and I decided to get this one because i have a lot of yellow undertones in my skin and i’m just gonna apply it on my face and then i’m gonna buff it out with my Beauty Blender and I just finished stippling on why 375 over my face and I’m gonna use very damp abutilon I just washed this and it’s just so plushie so let’s just get into it and put it all over the face and I like the first on formula that they had but I never got around to buying it and the reason why I never purchased it is because I felt that the foundation it I didn’t like how economize I don’t know how to explain it to you are you guys like that one you playing foundation you can’t really talk sorry I do apologize it’s like you have to concentrate really hard to make sure you’re not missing any spots I think I need a little bit more i mean i think that the Beauty Blender might be soaking up a lot of the product cuz it’s really wet that’s why I like to really use my Beauty Blender more when it’s kind of dry like I just really like to miss it with my own what’s the call fix+ and I do apologize of the tv’s canal ah

you make sure you blend it into your hairline excuse my gray hairs I have yet to cover them up I’m just going through looking at this miracle there’s a lot of like gaps like spots they look like they don’t have the collar on and I have to say that this shade matches me pretty well all right now what’s left i’m just going to bring it down okay so I already went in with my concealer from Mac this is the NW 30 i blend it out with my fingers I’ve been using that we need instead of using a brush and I feel like I need a little coverage because of these back needs that i have here so i’m going to use the pro longwear today i haven’t used this on concealer in a while and you have to be really gentle squeezing this out because this stuff is like super super I concentrate you don’t need more than that not the tip of it with my brush with my Beauty Blender I said brush ok so I’m going to see how this works today because I feel like this might be a little too oh that’s very highlighted I’m going to make it work like Tim Gunn says make it work not two for you ladies if you put on um concealer and you feel like it’s a little bit brighter than you want it to be just clean up here cuz i have a little booboo from the mascara on just use your press powder the one is used on your face that’s typically what I do I just go in with mac mac mineralize skinfinish and that helps what doesn’t so highlight it underneath but if I want it to look like that then I leave it but if I feel like it’s too much then I go in with my own map powder but today I need a little bit of brightness so I’m bringing this down and would it be here to cover those little pimples I have okay so i’m going to set with the kat von d and i’ve been using lyric and levitation mix together so what I do is I go on with the yellow one first with my sigma f 35 and I do that right here in the very front to concentrate it here and to the other I don’t we make such lovely faces and then I go on with this peachy one um right on top and then I bring it up you you don’t really need a lot okay okay so like I mentioned if I feel like it’s too much of a separation I just go on my mac mineralize skinfinish and I use the same brush the f-35 and I just have a little bit right here and it kind of just takes away so it’s not that line you know what I mean it kind of just evens it all out I’m just going to put in here so I can set that concealer from earlier I mean it might not even show on some people but I’m just you know take that extra step from a nerve so we’re going to use my Kat Von D as well and I’m going to go in today with um this middle shade right here it’s called shadow play I was alternate between these two when I want to intense contraries this one but today i’m going to use on the shadow plane i’m gonna use the brush from kat von d touch off the excess and I just use a little bit I don’t need a lot because i’m not trying to do an excessive contour I just want a little bit of definition on my face because it’s a little bit rounder from you know the prednisone and as you can see how I got a little bit of a boost this here so just put a little bit down here and I love this brush it’s so soft so you see I don’t really need that much just go a little more because honestly the blush i’m going to use is going to do the work i want ok so now that we’ve done that now we’re going to go into the blush i have been loving this mac sweet as cocoa blush and what i’m going to do is I’m going to apply this one first so I’ve been kind of using this as a

bronzer so to speak so I’m going to my angled brush from sigma and i’m going to put that buffett gently on my cheeks and then the good thing about this is a [ __ ] blush so it’s buildable so i’m going to put it right above that contour and you see how it gives you like that better it gives you that globe like you don’t even need a highlighter with this blush i love it you guys know I love my dual purpose products so this is a very warm tone look and then that should be good and I have to wipe this stuff off wanting to my lips but i have to say that I pretty much enjoyed this city lips and I do want to apologize if I feel a little if I sound a little scatterbrained I’m kind of stumbling on my words but I’ve been noticing that’s been happening wrong with me I don’t know what are these maybes because I’m tired who knows but we’re going to go with it okay so I’m gonna try these blushes I haven’t used them in a wild ones from makeup geek and i think i’m going to go in with this pink shade right here on and see what it’s cause i don’t even remember the name of it it’s called head over heels actually love this color i’m gonna use this little pink same angle brush and just dust it cuz read more on my apples how’s that yeah that’s good i think that’s good not velox i really want the sweetest cocoa tough i just want the pink to really like incorporate with it have you guys think and i have no idea what live i’m gonna put on and i think i might have put too much on this side we look in this mirror powder brush to buff out this color a little bit because I forgot how pigmented my thing is blushes are all right okay so now we’re going to go into the highlight and I’m rule excited to do this on camera because there since i bought it haven’t been able to put it down and it’s the highlight that Jaclyn hill did and it’s the champagne pop and this is a gorgeous gorgeous highlight and I’m going to fight with this elf stipple brush I find that it does a really nice job applying it you can use any brush you want but this pigment this is pigmented I mean look I was already messing up so I’m just gonna apply it right here yeah look at that it’s like seriously like can you see that highlight is crazy and like she says my highlight is awfully I don’t know how I feel about that word but that’s what she says a little bit dunno i said yeah i really really like this call I definite recommend this highlight if you guys don’t have any backup start with this one you will not regret it and I actually got a little mini one of the opal and I was gonna use that one today but I decided to do the champagne pop because it’s gold and I feel like it goes better with this look so before I do my lips I am going to change this shirt losses are so you know what I’m gonna wear and i will be right back okay so i went and brushed out my bangs a little bit my hair is a lot fuller because I just blow dried it so I just use a brush like this and I just kind of comb it forward cuz of the way she cut it so I had a little bit volume in and I just kind of calm apart down with the flat brush like this just give her those little hairs anyways so now I need to decide what look i’m gonna put on cuz i have no idea and I went an icon got myself a drink from the fridge rater I made this myself if you guys want me to do video let me know this is the passion iced tea lemonade so I have four lipsticks here they’re off from Mac I thought I would go with these I have Rihanna’s RiRi boy um red balloon towing around in fashion revival so let’s see with toying around it’s like an orange color and I really haven’t worn this lipstick so let me see if you want it what this I look this one is red balloon it’s another color I really like em no I like this color but I don’t think I’m feeling for this look the next one is for mac and this is vivi boy and I could possibly wear this one this is like color they tend to go for and then no one have is fashion we buy one thinking of wearing this one yeah i’m gonna go with this when you want to know why because i want to get anastacio color the liquid one can craft ever since i saw it i’m in love with it and i think it would look perfect with this I look but unfortunately i do not own it and I’m actually just gonna put it straight like that i’m not going to online my lips with any lip line or anything like that so let me just put that on

so this is what fashion revival looks like on and I’m going to decide what earrings to wear so i don’t know if i should wear these um betsey johnson ones i haven’t worn these in forever or I’m gonna wear my bro stone house of harlow pyramid ones or I’m just gonna wear my Michael Kors whisper hoops what do you think I’m not really feeling the hoop so I’m gonna say no to those so it’s either gonna be these you see that again okay as a finished look what do you guys think I hope you enjoy that please forgive me again that I was a little bit all over the place but I’m so out of practice sitting here and do my makeup from the camera for you guys so I went ahead with these rose tone gold um pyramid holes from house of harlow when I don’t know what to wear i just go for these or my golden ones because if fog dozens were too busy since the makeup is like a little bit dramatic today and I just don’t want a simple black top and some simple pants I got both things that will Navy i will link them down below i’ve been doing that in the description box i have been listing exactly what I moist you guys can see that and I haven’t done my nails I’m gonna try to do them when i get away from filming and editing for a little bigs I have an idea of a a new look that I want to do so it was on a let you guys go i hope you enjoyed this video and i hope because every wonderful summer

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