On your mark, get set, go! These two teams are in the dark trying to catch ping pong balls by clashing their cymbals Whoever catches the ball first will “cymbal-ize” silliness with twenty bucks and control of the show that never clashes with good taste… Yes, it’s “Double Dare” Oh, just inches away We are still trying They are getting eggs all over the place, but not quite there Oh, just a split second too late Keep going Still nothing Open those cymbals… Oh, still nothing Keep tossing those eggs Trying to go for $20 and control of Round 1 We have made a mess Oh, no, not quite there They are just a fraction of a second off and that is what is causing the problem So far, we’re still in good shape with eggs, but… Oh, I can’t believe it Keep going, keep going Both teams still tossing eggs Yes, they did it! [cheering] Congratulations! Let’s go over and play And now here’s your “Double Dare” host, Marc Summers Welcome to “Double Dare” This is the show where we run through a crazy obstacle course and, in the process, win eight fabulous prizes Believe it or not, we still have time for the show after that Say hello to a team that calls themselves “The Rif Raffs”, Sarah and Bret [cheering] – Sarah, it says you want to be a teacher – Yeah – What grade would you like to teach? – Um, eighth Alright. Bret has a record collection What kind of records? – Uh, old, recent…whatever – Whatever He has several, I understand You have $20 dollars, as well Let’s say hello to the opposing side It’s opposing to them, not to me They call themselves, “The Gruesome Twosome”, Tim and Cathy [cheering] Tim says he likes to act Now, tell me about this “Hollywood Squares” thing you did Well, last summer, when I was in summer camp, my group got together and did “Hollywood Squares” and I was the host, John Davidson John Davison! That’s who he was. Okay Cathy wants to be an eye doctor Now, an ophthalmologist or an optometrist? Either one, it doesn’t matter They all make a lot of money, don’t they? Okay, let’s try and make a lot of money here today, on “Double Dare” The way we do that: I’m going to ask you a question, and if you don’t know the answer, or think the other team hasn’t got a clue, you can dare them to answer it for double the dollars But be careful, because they can always double dare you back for four times the amount and then you either have to answer that question or take the physical challenge Good luck to The Gruesome Twosome, as well to The Rif Raffs Ten dollar question: I need to know, what is the official language of Germany? It’s worth ten – German – Boy, isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is [speaking German] What were the three building materials used by the three little pigs? Worth $10 or you can dare them Quickly before the time runs out – Brick, hay and wood – Ah, brick, hay and wood Are we going to accept that? They are certainly forms of the words So, are we going to accept that, judges? Yes. It is stick, straw and brick Straw for hay. Wood for stick We’re gonna give it to them That is correct. $40 We have very intelligent judges who tell me if it is right or wrong What comic actor starred in the most successful money-making film of 1987? Would bring you to $50, or you can dare them – Dare – Now worth twenty What comic actor starred in the most successful money-making film of 1987? Would put you on the board for the first time, or you could double dare them back – Double Dare – Now worth $40 What comic actor starred in the most successful money-making film of 1987? Or you could take a physical challenge Physical challenge “Beverly Hills Cop II” Eddie Murphy was the man And let’s do a physical challenge for Sarah and Bret right over here Right over here, Sarah. Bret Time to make some egg drop soup Who would like to make the soup? You wanna make it? You step right up over there Bret, you come over here Have a seat right on the floor, Indian style, facing your friends over there Robin has a cup, which she will put on your head Up here we have soup with a ladle We have egg, of course, to make egg drop soup Some noodles and, over here, we have some fortune cookies I’ll say, “go”. You have 15 seconds to get any portion of the soup, one egg yolk or a portion thereof, some noodles and a fortune cookie in this hat You can use your hands, absolutely That’s what we would like you to do Do you have another part of the body…? Are you gonna use your teeth to get that in, perhaps? Yeah, you can use your hands Absolutely! Fifteen seconds You stay absolutely still That will help $40 dollars at stake On your mark, get set, go! Oh, there’s the ladle and… You got some in there. That’s fine Go onto the egg, and Yes, you’re in. Perfect! You need some noodles in there, now Yes! You have a noodle And you need a fortune cookie Yes! With four seconds left Congratulations! We have done it And I’ll tell you what… I’ll take that, you can give that to Robin

We’ll give them a towel and we’ll come back with more “Double Dare” after this very important commercial message [cheering] [music playing] Welcome back We’re still in Round 1 of “Double Dare” Bret got full of soup in the process Picked up 40 additional dollars They are still in control Rif Raffs, per ounce, which has the most calories: Good & Plenty, plain M&M’s or 3 Musketeers? It’s worth $10 Would bring you to 90 or you could dare them – Dare – Now worth $20 Per ounce, Tim, Cathy, which has the most calories: is it Good & Plenty, plain M&M’s or 3 Musketeers? Or you could double dare them back – Double dare – Now worth $40 Looking, per ounce, for the candy that has the most calories Is it Good & Plenty, plain M&M’s, 3 Musketeers, – or the physical challenge? – Physical challenge Good & Plenty, that has the most And we have our next physical challenge of the afternoon [music playing] Huh. Huh [music playing] [cheering] This physical challenge is dedicated to the one and only King of Rock ‘n’ Roll… Elvis [cheering] One of you gets to supply the ping pong balls and your partner gets to be… Elvis The object is to bounce the balls and to catch them inside the guitar of… Elvis One, two, three, four [singing] [cheering] ♪ Viva, viva Las Vegas ♪ [laughing] Thank you Thank you very much Thank you Where’s the coronel? Ah, this is what we’re going to do: one of you needs to take this guitar Who would like to take this guitar? You would? You take it and go over there, next to Robin And that means you get to be Elvis, so I will give you the Elvis cape, and you’ll get the Elvis wig, minus the sideburns Put that on her You get over there where the feet are Would you do that for me? Over here we have some ping pong balls All you have to do is bounce a ping pong ball and you must get it inside Elvis’ guitar, right over here – Yes, you have a question? – Just one? Well, actually you have to get three in 30 seconds Okay? So you can hold it any way you like He has to bounce it and it must get inside there You must have three in there in 30 seconds I’m sorry, Robin? Yes, you can use your body You can stand, you can get on your knees, but you have to stay around where those feet prints are, okay? You have it? You bounce them Thirty seconds, $40 dollars at stake. Here we go On your mark, get set, go! Bounce them over there We’re looking for three in 30 seconds. Oh, almost there! You’ve got the right idea. $40… Oh, there’s one! We are down to 22 seconds Still not there, but they’ve got the right idea Oh! This is a good one Not quite there We still only have one There are two Let’s see if we can get another one We are down to just 11 seconds One more and they’ll have $40 Oh! I thought they had that one Yes! We did it Congratulations! Let’s move over here [cheering] Elvis has left the building, ladies and gentlemen Elvis has left the building Thank you Thank you very much Thank you [laughing] Why else would I wear the pink jacket? Let’s face it Okay, we have a $10 question In your body, the cerebellum is part of which organ? – It’s worth $10 – Brain Brain is right You have 130 over there No money yet for The Gruesome Twosome Plenty of time. We’re in Round 1 Round 2 coming up shortly Rubies are red Emeralds are green What color are sapphires? Would bring you to 140, or you could dare them – Dare – Now worth $20 Put yourselves on the board Rubies are red Emeralds are green What color are sapphires? – Blue – Very good Twenty dollars on that side of the board Gruesome Twosome making their move [buzzer sound] Okay, that sound means it is the end of Round 1 With $130, The Rif Raffs have the lead We are going to come back with a $40 toss-up Anything can happen, because the money doubles in Round Two You stick right where you are and we’ll be back with lots more “Double Dare” after this Huh, hey, baby [music playing] [cheering] We’ll be back with more “Double Dare” right after this Welcome back to Round 2 of “Double Dare”

That means all the dollar values will be doubled and when you hear this sound… [buzzer sound] …it means the game is over Okay Going for $40 and control of Round Two Potatoes over there Potatoes over there Pick them up with your spoons Put one in the bowl If you get three in the bowl, you’ll get $40 and control of Round 2 On your mark, get set, go! Get those potatoes in there Work together, probably the best way to do it We have one over there Let’s see if they can get two They are having a tough time on both sides Look at that. The next one does it Let’s see who’s gonna do it This is really close I can’t believe… Yes! You did it. Nice job! Let’s add $40 over there The Gruesome Twosome now have $60 They also have a $20 question Tim, Cathy, if you multiply the number of Gilligan’s Island castaways by the number of Brady Bunch children, how many TV characters would you have? – 42 – You are right Add $20. They have 80 and they are just $50 down, now /What is the most common presidential first name? Is it John? Is it James? Or is it Harvey? It’s worth 20 It would bring you to $100, or you could dare them – James – James is right You now have $100 Five of them: Monroe, Madison, Polk, Buchanan and Garfield Making their move Tim, Cathy, sour, bitter, sweet: they are three of the four taste areas of the tongue What is the fourth? – Salty – You are right. Add $20 We’re having a come-from-behind move over here Just $10, now, and they could take the lead on this question “As Long As We Got Each Other” is the theme song from what TV situation-comedy? – It’s worth $20 – “Growing Pains.” You are right You’ve taken the lead 140 to 130, not giving up control Sarah and Bret waiting patiently Name three of the four states beginning with the letter “W” Or you can dare them It’s now worth $20 Wisconsin, Wyoming and West Virginia And Washington is the other $160 now. You have a $30 lead Gruesome Twosome, in Mythology, what was the Hydra? Was it a many-headed monster? Was it a one-eyed giant? Or was it a big, cream-filled cookie? It’s worth 20 or you can dare them – A many-headed monster – You are right one more time 180 to 130. $50 now separating our two teams, but the Gruesome Twosome have the lead Confucius say, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” Confucius was a native of what country? – China – Yes. $200 Still going in Round 2 with a $20 question At what famous Texas landmark did Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie meet their maker? It’s worth $20 or you can dare them – Dare – Now worth $40 Would bring you to $170 At what famous Texas landmark did Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie meet their maker? – Alamo – You are right. $170 They are just $30 behind Monophobia is the fear of what? Playing Monopoly? Being alone? Or losing money? – Being alone – You are right. You have $190 They are now just $10 behind and here is a $20 question Arabians, Morgans and Palominos are what kind of animals? – Horses – Horses is the answer And a lead by $10, now The Rif Raffs According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what is the most frequently sung song in English? It’s worth 20 or you could dare them – Dare – Now worth $40. According… [buzzer sound] Oh, that sound means the end of the game By $10, the Rif Raffs have won today’s game of “Double Dare” The answer was “Happy Birthday.” Triple the “Double Dare” obstacle course. $105 a piece Gruesome Twosome, you played spectacular It was about the best game I’ve seen on this show in a long time $100 a piece Harvey, what else do they get? Marc, today, for our second place team, they’ll get T.H.I.N.G.S! Try Dr. Wack-o, Go-Rilla and Astro-Nots Seven different games of skill, it’s T.H.I.N.G.S Plus, today we’ll also give them Franklin’s amazing Word Wiz Don’t look it up, punch it up With the Word Wiz, instantly correct spelling of 80,000 words by Merriam-Webster, and plays exciting words games, too

Also, they’ll get Tyco’s 4WD Super Turbo Hopper Big 1:12 scale provides 4WD, full wheel suspension and twin turbo motors and it’s from Tyco We’re getting ready to race through today’s messy obstacle course Don’t you double dare go anywhere Welcome to the “Double Dare” obstacle course Exciting game today In case you didn’t hear the last question: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what is the most frequently sung song in English? It was “Happy Birthday.” Didn’t get to the answer, I didn’t think, so I wanted to make sure you heard it We are over here with Bret and Sarah They want to run the course So, who will begin today? You will. In the one-ton, human hamster wheel Walk around that very fast As you do that, these lights will light up Hits the number 6, the boxing glove comes down You grab that flag, you move onto obstacle number 2 But what will they win, Harvey? Tyco’s 4WD Super Turbo Hopper Big 1:12 scale provides 4WD, full wheel suspension and twin turbo motors from Tyco Okay, we are moving on over here to… Uh, Harvey, what are you doing now? Well… [cheering] Thank you [laughing] I’m impersonating an Elvis impersonator Uh-huh… Okay, thank you, Harvey We’re gonna move over here to… Let’s call these all Elvis sort of obstacles This is called “Blue Hawaii” Sometimes we call it “The Tank”, today it’s called “Blue Hawaii” You will jump over here onto the step, and then jump over here That’s where the flag is Put it in your right hand, then over to your left hand, pass it to your partner and win this… The new MAD Magazine skateboard It’s a pro-style deck, complete with protective accessories Equipped with full precision bearings, knee and elbow are included Number 3 is “Spin Out”, that’s what we’ll call it An old Elvis movie You were going to do this one… I’m assuming Yes. You must sit right over there on that little tricycle and peddle your way or use your feet to come all the way across Follow me, if you will, please Very slippery substance When you get to the end of the old run, pull off that flag, pass it over there to your partner and win this… The Ricoh YF-20 It’s a lightweight 35mm camera, but it’s heavy on features They include auto-focusing, film advance and rewinding for point and chute simplicity ♪ I’m in love, I’m all stuffed up Uh-huh ♪ [laughing] Okay, this is “Pick It” Get down on your hands and knees and reach up the nostrils That’s where the flag is If you pull it out quickly, you can pass it quickly and win this quickly Franklin’s Language Master It’s a complete dictionary, a complete thesaurus and completely revolutionary The world’s first electronic dictionary to find 80,000 words by Merriam-Webster ♪ Don’t be cruel ♪ Over here is the tunnel and you must crawl through there and inside you will see a rope Now, you must pull on that rope When you’re inside, a surprise will come down, as well as a flag Once you get that flag in hand, there’s a little ladder Go up the ladder, go down the chute into this good-looking gak Once you get over here, it says, “I feel flushed.” Stand up, pass that flag to your partner What can they win now, Harvey? Or Elvis? How about this terrific telescope? Uh-huh Unitron telescope with coded lenses and hard-wood floor tripod will allow the young explorer to conquer heaven and earth with a turn of the eye piece – Any questions? – No – How about you? – Uh, no This is “Jailhouse Rock” Come right up here to the Jailhouse Rock It is starting to overflow already There’s the flag up there Get up there quickly Grab that flag, pass it over to your partner, and what can they win now, Harvey? A $600 gift certificate to Kay Bee Toys, where you go to find great toys Kay Bee Toy Stores And where do you go to find Kay Bee Toy Stores? Your nearest shopping mall Kay Bee, America’s toy store ♪ Number 7 is Love me tender, love me true ♪ ♪ Lift this up right away ♪ ♪ Slide down that gak ♪ ♪ And you’ll stand up And win right away ♪ Right, Harvey? What is it? A CD player A Magnavox portable compact disc player, which goes where you go Has AM/FM stereo radio and cassette player recorder, and it’s from Magnavox ♪ Viva, Viva Las Pancakes That’s what we have over here ♪ Either under the butter or under one of these pancakes is a flag If you can do all these obstacles in 60 seconds or less, we have a fabulous prize, right, Harvey? Marc, an unbelievable Palm Springs vacation You’ll stay at the Oasis Water Resort Villa Hotel in Palm Springs, just seconds from Palm Canyon shopping Plus, ongoing admission to the Oasis Water Resort, featuring California’s largest wave action pool We’ve had a spectacular time today And we are going to run eight obstacles in 60 seconds I have a good feeling On your mark, get set, go Run up there Keep walking, keep walking Don’t stop yet. Don’t stop yet You can stop now Here it comes Number 2 is The Tank You slow down He’s gonna go up The Tank That is a great move Over here is where the flag is And we are going over here to the Icy Trike That is obstacle number 3 We’re down to 44 seconds They have a good shot at doing it Okay, grab that flag and we are over to Pick It Go over there and grab it That’s gonna cost them a few precious seconds You’re getting ready to go over here to number 5, which is, hold on, the Sewer Chute We are in the number 5 31 seconds They can do it They have plenty of time Let’s hope that they can pull that down There’s the flag. Grab it That was really smart Now, if she can go up that tube and all the way down through the gooky stuff, they can pull it off Okay, you get over here Grab the flag. Pass it over there Okay, you grab up here at number 6 This is the volcano and it is very, very slippery

Oh, boy! That was a great grab, but he didn’t get it Let’s see… That’s it! Let’s see if she can get on there and get another flag Four, three, two, one… Oh…Yes, yes! They got it! Congratulations! Harvey, what have they won? Marc, they’ve got the car, the skateboard, the camera, the language master, the telescope, the gift certificate, the CD player… They’re going to Palm Springs They got it all A prize package worth over $6,200 each I cannot believe it. You grabbed that with just about no time left How are you feeling? You’re going to California – I feel great! – How about you? – Awesome! – Awesome We want to say thank you for being with us on “Double Dare.” We had a super time, as always I hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did Join us often Thanks for being with us, again Bye-bye Promotional consideration provided by Reebok Every contestant on “Double Dare” receives a free pair of Reebok sneakers Reebok, the official shoe of “Double Dare” And also by Tengen Yes, Pac-Man is back, this time on the Nintendo Entertainment System Play Pac-Man today It’s the greatest hit of the decade and it’s from Tengen And also by LEGO Take a victory lap around the track with Zack, the LEGO maniac Go to town, get these sets LEGOLAND’s the coolest yet This is your announcer, Harvey Join us back here next time, where we’re getting all messed up Uh-huh. See ya [cheering] [music playing]

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