okay I’m going to be showing you how to change out a tire kitchen faucet this one is leaking up the neck and just pretty much time to go it could be repaired but it looks like it might have even been cross threaded so it’s time for a new one a lot of things going on handles are tired the next tired so let’s get this going what you want to do first is turn off underneath that your angle stops the left side is usually hot and the right side cold also going to be replacing the supply line on this side for easy cleanup you can put like a paint tray down below that’ll make it quite a bit easier this particular tool is called a basin wrench has an advantage in that it can stretch and reach in the higher places you can also flip the head over for loosening or tightening once you turn your water off and verify that it’s off I open it up the handles up top to prove that you’ve got no water going on in there the looking guy and come back down and loosen up that supply lines here going to replace in this old style it’s a good idea to replace these you know sometimes you do what you have to do if you need to reuse one you can these don’t have a high performance in comparison to the your braided style supply line so I’m going to be changing this one out and it looks like the hot side already has a new lead and there’s going to be a bit of water left in the in the line so just divert it in your paint canner pink rag or a rag now up top I’m going to flip my basin wrench to loosen I’m going to remove the supply line from hot side sometimes you can get these to catch enough sometimes you have to reach up there kind of hold it with with a finger again I’m just going to aim are a little bit of water into our rag there and then this particular faucet as these wing nuts that are usually care of either spin those off and sing along at the side sometimes you’ll need to use your basin wrench to get up under there back up top it and now move our old faucet and we’re going to want to clean as much of this up as we can for putting our new faucet in that way let’s show through you have a green scrubber pad that works really good stainless steel you can regain kitchen sink with that and absolutely work

really good I’m getting this this up let’s find that sunshine sir around the new one okay a lot this will get covered up to by the faucet but well it’s there again if you use a green scrubber pad you can get rid of all that now you’re going to want to put some gloves on too dry add plumber’s putty plumber’s putty out acts as a sealant between two similar materials or stainless steel fittings and it doesn’t dry so you can take it off or remove the faucet if you need to replacing it it doesn’t glue it just seals here’s our plumber’s putty what you do is just roll this like like play-doh and I like to wrap it around each of the individual places you don’t want too thick because you want to be able to tighten the faucet down but we’re going to do a couple things one is isolate the parts from each other isolate the areas and the other is create a splash block that way if anything splashed up onto the sink it doesn’t run down inside there into your cabinet and caused water damage down there just matter all this stuff like play-doh I like to kind of priests mash it down that way it’s already pretty much flattened you do want to avoid getting it on the new threads of the new faucet and this will bond so keep it a tiny distance away from the hole it’s good yeah you can also apply this to the bottom of the faucet instead of applying it to the drink either ways okay form in the same job as you can see we’ve got each area isolated so if we have a leak from the shower neck I think from me if we have a leak from the faucet neck it’s mostly likely going to show up on the center hole and if it’s from the hot side it’s going to come for the left side and cold from the right side you get the idea there that will make it easier to determine what’s going on in the future

here’s our nice new faucet and just going to kind of prove press it into place and then underneath we’re going to use our wing nuts let’s type it down making sure the red for hot is on the left side and the blue and the blue index button on the right side the cold down below and go ahead get the nuts tightened down just kind of hold the faucet down with my other hand and these you can just tighten them real strong by hand yeah where they happen to use a tool you can if you feel that you need to you try to move it around the top if it moves at all in your face right now we’re going to install our new cold supply line take care not to get across road and you want to watch out for this stuff up here kind of want to watch out for this stuff up here this acoustic texture it’s pretty rough on the hands on arms it’s a very abrasive like sandpaper now with the basin wrench and flip it over for tightening mode here we go we’re going to be able to tighten it up again sometimes you can get it to catch by itself sometimes you hear and a kind of assistant so it doesn’t slip these you just want to go a quarter turn past tight and then we’ll be tested out down here we’re going to connect our supply line

and for six this is pretty common sizes there are different sizes but this one’s 3/8 add the supply line at the tangle stop and then it’s 1/2 inch at the faucet okay so just a matter of finishing type this up and the common size is for sink faucets for the supply lines is 3/8 by 1/2 inch for toilet supply lines are usually 3/8 and 7/8 inch obviously there are some different setups where the sizes would be different but that’s generally the size anyway okay so our faucets all installed we’re ready to turn the water on go do a top is going to go ahead and open both of the lines a more water into our drain and then down below we’re going to open up both sides and we’re going to test for leaks at all the fittings everything seems good on the cold side now the hot side open in the line okay we’re all up in there we get there they go ahead and turn the water off and water turned off and then remove the gloves and we’re going to feel tests for any leaks at all of the fittings down here we’re going to feel around the fittings say a little moisture there yeah we got a tiny bit of moisture there checking up top work or dry up top here things get there but definitely get just a tiny bit of moisture here and tighten this up just a little bit more no big deal okay let me test it and I should probably drop it off first rag here try the cell block both sides and then let’s feel on the other side for any leaks everything is nice and dry they’re down at the bottom here everything is nice and dry here and all the connections all the fittings on both sides now this one’s nice and dry also so we’re good there there’s one nice new faucet okay one more thing up top is just going to be cleaning up the leftover plumbers putty okay so all you have to do just go around I like to use a flat blade on my screwdriver here and just kind of push off the excess plumber’s putty and then I drain it you can throw it back in your bucket but if there’s any kind of debris at all then you’ll want to now get it all all the way around faucet also and there we go one nice brand new faucet again will be kept without beer all stuff there and all the handles every once in a while you’ll get one in blue you know it’s just a matter of cleaning everything up a little bit and we’re good to go

one nice brandy sweet okay it’s on the hot side got just a tiny leak here right back here so we’re getting to tighten up all right you get this yeah there we go okay now this one we’re going to want to hold it keep it from moving and then just tighten the nut that’s on the front so what I’ve got here is a little pair of vise grips just hold it with one hand everything moving we just type this one down just a little bit Hey now we can attain a bit I’m going to do it in Reverse on this one hold the back with the channel locks if I can I love and it’s all nice and dry now no more leak there so we’re good to go there an old trick is to put a couple sheets of paper towels down below just in case that way you can monitor make sure nothing’s going on for the next couple days anyway good to go there you

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