hi there future wolverines i’m here today to answer an important question that i’m sure is on everyone’s mind what will tuition be at the university of michigan flint this fall good news u of m flint will remain one of the lowest tuition rates in the state if you take the average freshman course load of 13 credit hours you’ll pay 6 232 dollars in tuition this fall while this is a slight increase over last year here’s what we’re doing to offset those costs since many of our classes will be online we’re eliminating the forty six dollar per credit online course fee which means that if you take those 13 credit hours you’ll save 598 dollars this fall we know these are difficult times for families and our promise to you is to ensure that you have an excellent educational experience on your way to a university of michigan degree but don’t just take my word for it look at other tuition rates compare and decide it’s a big decision we’re here for you we can’t wait to see you this fall go blue

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