pwnbase: o shit FIRST Bloodswordz88: Hail brothers and sisters lawli3t__: hi homestarr: yooooo birkett0011: weeeeeeeeeeeeeew lawli3t__: first 5_betbluff: What Up son benchai18: Two zartharus: Seco d youngsachi: TriHard pwnbase: Lmao you call yourself a geohot fan? I’m fucking loaded on channel points bro. I highlight every message because I’m just that jacked. Try talking in chat again when you’re a true fan zartharus: Third Leon_Trolltsky: Woo benchai18: Whatup nucka DlShLe: what up wizardwatch1: Yo desg92: hack the planet jbnunn: fifth-ish 5_betbluff: NJ represent benchai18: Great. Another night of not doing shit JaeGeeTee: George!!! We are LinkedIn connections. I can die content lawli3t__: xdd I WAS FIRST BROOO lawli3t__: sdfmlsd Mieer: No way Teo0308: yoo Bloodswordz88: HahaThisisfine twinprimes71: bro birkett0011: LUL benchai18: Stop streaming George. I do nothing but watch u when ur on shanumbra: LUL Mieer: Suuup folks T3chHS: good evening sebastianh_777: hya sebastianh_777: eya* Mieer: Mirceua is here lawli3t__: But I was playong Minecraft so sebastianh_777: dammit twinprimes71: bro geo lawli3t__: good bye Bloodswordz88: who is going to survive the presidential election is more like it Ayyyy420Lmao: !uptime benchai18: @lawli3t__ I know stfu 😉 Mieer: It is 3 PM here in Amsterdam homestarr: thats hella morbid twinprimes71: bro geohot benchai18: George do u eat ass? Mieer: George, goldensoap_: where is your one milion followers on instagram benchai18: George they gave u a blue check yesterday btw Ayyyy420Lmao: how does augur get its data since the oracle problem is unsolvable? aka chainlink is a scam Kappa danbokhari98: Does anyone here know image processing nic0latesla: i love you xXICEW0LFXx: currently doing homework with assembly….. and i want to die benchai18: I don’t even know what Augur is Ayyyy420Lmao: @danbokhari98 im skilled on mspaint 55start: can someone explain what is happening lol joker2k999: LUL benchai18: Can’t u make one? Mieer: Today I bought a shit-ton on Toilet Paper padahou: So annoying that I live in Greece and it’s like 4 am right now …… at least quarantine danbokhari98: @Ayyyy420Lmao help me find the raster image of color slicing Mieer: Isn’t everyone looking at Italy? Mieer: optimise your graph with Italy’s data as of now hanycodes: what did you conclude after 5 days of this ? zartharus: At last. I’ve being following this series 1 day behind on YouTube this whole time. Finally when I scream at the screen George will be able to react. It won’t just be a video kraplife: @padahou i know right? lordkyrus: im italian, the situation is ridicolous bsx1123: Please port Renault twinprimes71: mentality beast birkett0011: Congrats Mieer: Nice congrats on the advancements on your company ! bsx1123: Renault Zoe Ayyyy420Lmao: SKODA not sold in america? jbnunn: let’s get to Land rover C0deCane: fuck yea been waiting on some bio today flippe31: decent prediction site: https://neherlab.org/covid19/ almonte550: Is this a comma ai stream? jbnunn: it’s a ford basically Mieer: The French will be pissed 5_betbluff: what’s a safe amount of beef jerky to eat in a day? Mieer: lol goldensoap_: geothoot how are u so smart o______________________k: ty for streaming today 🙂 guacDev: george!!!!! Mieer: Land Rover / Jaguar guacDev: youre streaming a lot lately yaus_baus: tata owns vw Bloodswordz88: shout out to Scotty Kilmer lol yaus_baus: dont they homestarr: bio stats is done in r not python 🙁

DirectorHomeless: using the data from other countries is potentially flawed for a number of reasons, not least the issues with testing OrlinTheMage: make love to me Geo! benchai18: Last night the unofficial Geohotz discord was made. It’s not gonna be dope til y’all join. For crazy people who like similar shit https://discord.gg/FuWwMFD Mieer: I was in India last July.. dude.. I was driven by a TATA vihicle in the middle of the night and this car.. XD I barely got to point B JaeGeeTee: Bro!!!!!! You can’t comma ai stream!!!!! That’s fucking sacrilige Cazaa_: hi george!! Mieer: Wait what website is that? lordkyrus: people are dying every day just because the hospitals are full. We have more deaths than china rafalive: hey george do you still live in montreal? amo77777: It’s bad here in Germany, but I think the UK is going to have massive problems Stegosaurian: Can someone gift me a sub if you can. I wanted to watch the last steam but the video is only available for subs kratosboii: sup george @georgehotz Lizardan: This corona crisis might actually get Trump elected november matvey_ryabov: Do i need to watch the prior 4 coronastreams to understand this one? logi6000: what’s up. how’s your day frostism1: just came. Can someone link again? bichid69: ml for video absolutely sucks man archer723: even with the prior 4 maybe you still cannot understand bichid69: what a joke luigifrcruz: If you need a global COVID-19 Forecasting dataset. Here is a pretty good one. https://www.kaggle.com/c/covid19-global-forecasting-week-1/data C0deCane: I feel like there may be some big guessing going on there but I could be wrong dog_runner09: hello from Nigeria ad5k: Hello scholars logi6000: what’s up almonte550: I think 3 millions is worth hurting the economy Ayyyy420Lmao: just lower the population to the infectable population FurikuriYugi: Yo yo yo what up fam sebastianh_777: What are you trying to write here with these corona stream? Mieer: Hmm.. do you think India will out-‘perform’ the US in spread and dynamics of this virus? I mean what will the carrying capacity be in India hypertextlabs: you hear about helm.ai? bichid69: what do you do when you’re not streaming? hypertextlabs: https://www.helm.ai/ imafungi53: whats the goal benchai18: @georgehotz U watch Lex’s video?? amo77777: @imafungi53 creative exploration C0deCane: @georgehotz I heard today that there is 40 different mutations that have been found FurikuriYugi: Fear will cause stress and make your immune system weaker OmegaThicccBoi: LUL youngsachi: LUL Ghost_001: LUL liiiiiig0: LUL hypertextlabs: have you heard of what they are doing? FurikuriYugi: Kreygasm Ayyyy420Lmao: probably an ICO scam DirectorHomeless: the problem lies in the testing. arguably the only dataset where they had proper observations was the diamond princess, where everyone was tested, even if not displaying symptoms. it transpired 85% had contracted it iirc but most had no reaction. this would point to much higher existing infections and lower mortality rate Ghost_001: D: deva73: yo!

benchai18: @georgehotz U watch Lex’s video?? lordkyrus: LUL angel_j_a: they just raised $13M Mieer: Hmm.. do you think India will out-‘perform’ the US in spread and dynamics of this virus? I mean what will the carrying capacity be in India C0deCane: comma ai > helm ai Ziv0: LUL r0xtehem0x: Elisa Lam Ayyyy420Lmao: lam benchai18: @c0decane Nepotist hypertextlabs: why the f did they just raise 13m kratosboii: whos this chick @georgehotz benchai18: Elisa lam Ayyyy420Lmao: why does she have awikipedia entry? benchai18: That was me too benchai18: Elisa lam v0sn: helm ai sucks jbnunn: @benchai18 which episode from Lex? hypertextlabs: yea that’s why I brought garbage into the chat lol benchai18: She does sebastianh_777: What are you writing in this stream? hypertextlabs: lol benchai18: She did**** Rovelo: LUL stalys_: LUL hypertextlabs: your mad now yess brownyyyylocks: yo Rovelo: LICENSING LVL 2 LUL v0sn: openai > helm ai elliotc90: george how did you get into programming? soeim: good job triggering him Ghost_001: LUL C0deCane: @benchai18 i like open source better bro WatchMeFailPlay: New Jersey represent! Big fan since I was 14. You’re the reason I got into the world jailbreaking. Big ups man miiiiiiim: people with money dont like the words open source Abnico: darwinsim hypertextlabs: that’s my question right benchai18: @jbnunn His coronavirus video. YT: “Lex Friedman corona” Mieer: @georgehotz – Will India out-perform US in virus spread and dynamics ?? birkett0011: @georgehotz you done much in simulation? https://hash.ai/ hypertextlabs: tru Tru srry benchai18: @c0decane No bro. NO! OmegaThicccBoi: LUL hypertextlabs: back to CV//19 C0deCane: lol brooooooo Rashad242: let’s hack jbnunn: ty @benchai18 brownyyyylocks: Anyone have link to the space casino book from yesterday stream? bichid69: brum brum with the boom boom benchai18: @c0decane Would u be my bro, brah? logi6000: anyone have that link about hacking yesterday lordkyrus: lordkyrus subscribed with Twitch Prime logi6000: that book almonte550: 0.8 millions only? r0xtehem0x: Can you explain the % of total? those look high elliotc90: @georgehotz do something useful bro, you are not going to make any breakthrough in this field. You know literally 0 brittonx2: great news Mieer: How bad can coronavirus get in the US? We’re about to find out. https://www.datawrapper.de/_/CUi1z/ logi6000: @elliotc90 you never know man bichid69: @elliotc90 its not about results ITS THE JOURNEY BRO Landowner555: fuck seriously, 6 weeks? Ayyyy420Lmao: just flatten the curve over 10 years lmao Rovelo: 8 people at our company went to austria for skiing and all 8 came back with coronavirus monkaS Greaser_1: Hi, from Portugal! elliotc90: @logi6000 of course we do. He has no background in this field. To think he can do something is very naive benchai18: Btw tried the fish tank cleaner last night. Didn’t work. Fucking killed me actually stalys_: monkaS s0rrz: bro let people have fun @elliotc90 Mieer: If Corona is not killing us.. it will be the quarantine that will. We are SOCIAL beings.. I don’t think I can remain at home until June Mieer: 6 weeks is ALOT nomad119: Comma Bio would’ve let them know for sure bichid69: 6 WEEKS OF SUCK YO Srule: Would a 60% key board be ok for watching pornhub?

bigduddas: squadHYPERS no school Ayyyy420Lmao: a life of suck miiiiiiim: @elliotc90 how dare you mess around with something you dont understand logi6000: @elliotc90 even if he doesn’t get any results. it’s about the journey. plus he never streams and now he does almonte550: Are some people already immune from exposure to other coronavirus? Rovelo: @almonte550 no Ayyyy420Lmao: do they even have models almonte550: @Rovelo link? elliotc90: @logi6000 at least he could do something he is good at tbh. I guess its okay tho bichid69: the UK are using a C based model from 13 years ago Lizardan: Wait how did he snap windows to the side on a MAc? Mieer: I am off to sleep. I have an exam in 2 days logi6000: @srule no you need more room to catch the cum Rovelo: @almonte550 wdym? its a different virus from other coronaviruses Mieer: People out my dudes yungdeli_: what do you do during the day> liiiiiig0: LUL brownyyyylocks: u guys the book link from yesterday!! anyone remember? mritzing: part of the problem is a lot of it is being handled at a state by state level, so there’s 50 different chances for incompetence there brittonx2: they do what they do because the general population would lose their minds if they knew the truth bichid69: MULTI SEQUENCE ALIGNMENT bichid69: DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING YO Ayyyy420Lmao: heuristics algo for alignement Rovelo: @almonte550 you can’t expect to develop immunity to coronavirus if you have something completely different stalys_: only in NY? aaaakshat: LUL Ayyyy420Lmao: who cares torrents > premium yaus_baus: stay flattened bros aaaakshat: pornhub stonks going up now Rovelo: @almonte550 or novel coronavirus i mean o______________________k: going there now ! Lizardan: premium is bad logi6000: I now have plans after the stream 1monkjuice: i mean youre talking about it now firmstool: SOME people. PEPE Mieer: XD bigduddas: 420lamo ok dud slimpimp007: this is a simp trap 1monkjuice: i might even drop a visit now Lizardan: It’s even more fake 1monkjuice: they do a lot with ads aaaakshat: just get adblock bro Mint2bSpiced: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) finds regions of similarity between biological sequences. The program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance Mieer: I am more interested in India (virus spread and dynamics) Ozonemaster: how useless is it tho Jehhred: homemade POV wil always be the best DirectorHomeless: its fake af in 4k tho leftyytwo: let’s watch some pornhub premium together on stream ad5k: Is pornhub actually a public company lol Ayyyy420Lmao: there’s a paper logi6000: @leftyytwo I second that Ayyyy420Lmao: look the original paper tha published blast dsqst: Aight! mritzing: i can see if i can find my old prof’s pdb workshops : wizardwatch1: OpenStax happypuppppy: Molecular Biology of the Cell is pretty standard Landowner555: i havea 4th ed of alberts essential biology Kappa jimmyadaro: Sup boys DatGuyToby: a man has as many masters as he has vices eiscosogin1: i just did a lit review on machine learning Ghost_001: practical knowledge is better, get that pornhub prem Landowner555: essential cell biology* 1monkjuice: andrew Ng? jbnunn: Sebastian’s course DatGuyToby: porn is control deva73: what are views on fastai? almonte550: @Rovelo I mean, what our antibodies look to find the virus is the spike and the nucleocapsid, are they so different that our body takes them as different things? for example the spike of sars and covid-19 mutrx: yo birkett0011: Have you messed with RL in simulation ? Srule: mindgeek Mint2bSpiced: Molecular Biology of the Cell 6th Edition Landowner555: “mom this isnt what it looks like” Landowner555: yeah this one logi6000: @landowner555 lmao almonte550: @Rovelo when I said “they” I meant coronaviruses aaaakshat: Most sin stocks aren’t listed on public exchanges happypuppppy: yea the 6th edition Srule: pornhub goes by mind geek for corporate stuff DirectorHomeless: no porn companies are public, investors just buy infrastructure stocks since margins on porn are razor thin Landowner555: i have the 4th edition of this book if u want, its not that good

aaaakshat: and investing in porn sounds weird brownyyyylocks: Cellular and Molecular Immunology By Abbas, Lichtman, Pillai elliotc90: comma ai doesnt have its own machine learning library. Most of you guys have no clue how it works in actuality. Not even george Rovelo: @almonte550 yes ak0ya_: Essential Cell Biology textbook samosasauce8: https://github.com/kerasking/book-1/blob/master/ML Machine Learning-A Probabilistic Perspective.pdf toldhow: why don’t you take programming courses? from beginner to apocalyptic hacker?? Kodaly: mrmLaff Rovelo: @almonte550 in very simple terms brownyyyylocks: Modern Virology by Dimmock, Easton, Leppard guinness84: LUL guinness84: here we go tupypaint: lol bout to get roasted stalys_: PogChamp FastCashCoding: lol Incurs0: called out LUL aaaakshat: eliotc90 is a troll he’s been saying crap like this for a while nows youngsachi: PogChamp eiscosogin1: why write a library when other libraries are REALLY good liiiiiig0: lol @elliotc90 gonna get rekt Ziv0: elliotc90 is a troll stalys_: roast incoming ren1ght: coronavirus fetish ak0ya_: https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Biology-Fifth-Bruce-Alberts-ebook/dp/B07TJJTGTV Ayyyy420Lmao: why would u need ur own library just use that tool from google Bloodswordz88: invest in porn. its future proof hexicity1: @elliotc90 Kodaly: what is the worst case runtime of randomized quick sort logi6000: can’t wait to see how this turns out Program: good evening everyone slimpimp007: LUL brittonx2: LOL, did you get more groceries today or are the bags from yesterday? lol mutrx: @elliotc90 Ghost_001: LUL 1monkjuice: 1monkjuice subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! 1monkjuice: officially funding coronavirus research s0rrz: @elliotc90 cmon FastCashCoding: @elliotc90 explain DansGame Ghost_001: FANN > eiscosogin1: tensorflow isnt good enoguh for me reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee logi6000: Elliot you gonna speak up christianthefalco: UWU hacker daddy pls gib more book recos uwu aaaakshat: LUL Landowner555: this is THE standard in bio classes shaquille_oatmeal5: paging elliot Landowner555: 2nd/3rd stalys_: don’t deprive us of a good roast FeelsBadMan tupypaint: dude is googling hard rn FastCashCoding: lol Landowner555: LUL “BEST BOOK EVER” Incurs0: he left chat LUL logi6000: maybe Elliot is just typing we will see hexicity1: George Hotz is my favourite instagram influencer pwnbase: @tupypaint he’s googling how to unshit your pants aaaakshat: hahahahjahaha wizardwatch1: The openstax books are pretty good. They are free in the app or cheap for print Usisuvach0: @georgehotz put sumamed in treatments also s0rrz: maybe he some kind of genius r0xtehem0x: r0xtehem0x subscribed at Tier 1 tacorising3: @tupypaint lol Landowner555: elliot90c is busy making season 6 aaaakshat: @eliotc90 where you gone buddy OopsyPoosy: heya! DirectorHomeless: imagine walking into the boardroom on a wednesday, meeting with the big boss, and he asks ‘so, what have we bought recently?’ ‘well, we bought €500M AAPL, €150M NVDA and €800M PORN’ Usisuvach0: sumamed=pill Ghost_001: machine learning streams when FeelsBadMan Lizardan: h’es so gay bcrscahh198987: !uptime Kodaly: biology is pointless pretty soon humans wil lbe made from computers logi6000: Elliot you gonna speak up ad5k: Eliot doesn’t have time for you brainlets ak0ya_: https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Biology-Fifth-Bruce-Alberts-ebook/dp/B07TJJTGTV this is a very good book for how cell works birkett0011: MICOLOCONDRAIA IS POWER HOUSE OF THE CELL yaus_baus: minecraft streams when Rovelo: @almonte550 and not only that but vaccines can have unintended consequences aswell that have to be tested, and can have varying degrees of effectiveness Usisuvach0: google sumamed Program: can you get a textbook just on ‘DNA’? bcrscahh198987: You have an interesting life mr hotz l1ght5p33d: We learned so much know protien Chem !!!! C4TFive: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, we know this! Ayyyy420Lmao: Cellular and Molecular Immunology 9th Edition Authors: Abul Abbas Andrew H. Lichtman Shiv Pillai this was the reference book for our inmunology credits happypuppppy: LUL Landowner555: are u gonna pirate these? legit want to know if its possible Landowner555: IM NOT FBI hexicity1: George how do you remain focused? i swear i have ADHD and cant focus on something i want to do sometimes 33333333333333: mitochondria is the power house of the cell bro. c’mon man, basic knowledge brownyyyylocks: @ayyyy420lmao I have this textbook! Ghost_001: botted reviews LUL leftyytwo: elliot deleted his twithc acc WatchMeFailPlay: eliot dipped ak0ya_: I learned cell biology from that book logi6000: @leftyytwo no way Ayyyy420Lmao: @brownyyyylocks i pirated it :^DDD hexicity1: George how do you remain focused? i swear i have ADHD and cant focus on something i want to do sometimes :/ optimizely: how do you think of interesting projects to work on? leftyytwo: elliotc90: Tell me about how modern AI is just statistics and it is in no way capable of creating AGI. Also tell me why l1ght5p33d: Substrate Reagent = WINN Ghost_001: @hexicity1 coke atzehji: do we have some goal for the end of this series? @georgehotz liiiiiig0: @Landowner555 just google Library Genesis tupypaint: lol youngsachi: LUL blueglue321: How long does it take you to absorb a textbook? christianthefalco: @hexicity1 pathetic C0deCane: You order the lab equipment yet? @georgehotz kp1877: Can I get a PlayStation rap? It would make my quarantine hexicity1: @Ghost_001 tempting logi6000: he spoken lordkyrus: adderal nomad119: We hexicity1: @christianthefalco pathetic? aaaakshat: do you speed read? Landowner555: @liiiiiig0 oh ive heard about it 1monkjuice: this is like a course of how to learn brownyyyylocks: LOL!! It’s standard for 3rd yr immunology at my uni Usisuvach0: https://www.drugs.com/international/sumamed.html they say this might be good Landowner555: ty nomad119: We all know that the layout matters liiiiiig0: @Landowner555 np logi6000: the hater spoke ad5k: Speed reading is scam optimizely: how do you think of projects to work on? almonte550: @Rovelo and that’s true because they are different viruses only? even tho they have almost the same spike which is the thing that antibodies are looking for? stalys_: 4Head happypuppppy: oh no plz just ignore the troll youngsachi: 4Head Jehhred: Next week he’ll have a full blown lab with beakers and shit yaus_baus: lmao happypuppppy: he’s cuttin into bio time Lizardan: @optimizely by using his brain WatchMeFailPlay: lmaoo Ayyyy420Lmao: tulsi gabbard is hot l1ght5p33d: RON PAULLL Incurs0: comma.ai.bio PiroFloydian: JEB PiroFloydian: JEB JEB JEB b1nk: i want tulsi to step on me alwayxtoxic: supervised learning is just statistics eiscosogin1: tulsi is hot and has half sane politics FastCashCoding: rip ron paul YoshikawaDotA: kek mutrx: @georgehotz elliotc90: Tell me about what size of a total problem space is needed in order for a neural network to be able to “solve” it FastCashCoding: corona gonna take him out and all his btc wizardwatch1: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology Srule: man cracks iPhone in 2009, chat thinks he can hack a corona vaccine yaus_baus: supervised learning = excel regressions optimizely: George how do you think of projects to work on?

theonlymonkas: bernie C4TFive: How would the secret service protect Tulsi while she surfed? HahaThink OopsyPoosy: 4am right now better see some progress mritzing: Ron paul said coronavirus was a hoax, then rand paul got it FurikuriYugi: Do you even science bro lol Ayyyy420Lmao: Cellular and Molecular Immunology 9th Edition Authors: Abul Abbas Andrew H. Lichtman Shiv Pillai this was the reference book for our inmunology credits brittonx2: Cheer100 eric_hansen: @georgehotz thanks for getting me and my entire family hooked on spindrift almonte550: Hype trainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaakshat: @Srule you’d be surprised at the power of chat FastCashCoding: PogChamp Ghost_001: scam train PogChamp youngsachi: PogChamp Incurs0: scam train PogChamp FastCashCoding: lol scam train for sure ar2zee: why you spent 3 days on coronavirus and we still have this disease IndoPridePinoy: this streamer hype training off of coronaivurs, shameless happypuppppy: time to get HYPED PogChamp mutrx: @georgehotz elliotc90: Tell me about what size of a total problem space is needed in order for a neural network to be able to “solve” it FurikuriYugi: They could all catch it and die for all I care Ayyyy420Lmao: for cell biology we used this one https://www.amazon.com/Molecular-Biology-Cell-Bruce-Alberts/dp/0815341059 wheely_mcbones: Watch the ones written by young proffesors Ghost_001: not false FastCashCoding: took 1 semester of cell bio thekalkulator: hello world Emanuell45: we all computer science majors here lol Coolio1232: use the IB biology text book theonlymonkas: give some book recommendations logi6000: @georgehotz elliotc90: Tell me about what size of a total problem space is needed in order for a neural network to be able to “solve” it YoshikawaDotA: ur trying too hard elliot Ziv0: elliotc90 took you that long to google that LUL FastCashCoding: oh god Vepicfishal: why is it forbidden to talk about typewriter? Ayyyy420Lmao: trees? i smoke those ad5k: Eliot couldn’t code a simple LGMA model mutrx: @Coolio1232 was your IB exams cancelled lmao l1ght5p33d: is this… SU groups? mutrx: @georgehotz elliotc90: Tell me about what size of a total problem space is needed in order for a neural network to be able to “solve” it Rovelo: @almonte550 the spike binds differently, not by alot but by enough to rule out effective use of sars-cov antibodies for sars-cov-2 Coolio1232: @mutrx nah i graduated last year FastCashCoding: dang dont be mean Ayyyy420Lmao: man i linked 2 books Krlithus: what is your goal?? are u looking to do some contribution to the vaccine research?? mutrx: immunology thekalkulator: math major here Incurs0: LUL happypuppppy: monkaS birkett0011: rip almonte550: @Rovelo I see youngsachi: LUL FastCashCoding: lol tupypaint: F liiiiiig0: LUL FastCashCoding: rip yaus_baus: big flex Emanuell45: f shaquille_oatmeal5: F DeathCavalier: F jermss: pog RelativeTimes: f Ghost_001: LUL PiroFloydian: F Coolio1232: f Landowner555: @mutrx immuno is too far left field i think C0deCane: LUL wizardwatch1: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology It’s free purplegreenpanda: LUL Srule: sorry, i’m straight brownyyyylocks: BLOCKED optimizely: @georgehotz how do you think of projects to work on? FastCashCoding: geohot lordkyrus: LUL treestompztv: LUL DeathCavalier: monkaS 1monkjuice: lmao brittonx2: lol logi6000: let’s switch from dictator to communism Emanuell45: @georgehotz becareful he might hack you theonlymonkas: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp FastCashCoding: nb4 new account deva73: hail the president aaaakshat: mmmmblockin out the haters JMSWRNR: do we need visa to be in this chat Kappa FurikuriYugi: Boom ban hammer eric_hansen: @georgehotz look at Campbell Biology by Pearson TheKoreanZombi: By elliott, you machine larning flat-earther s4j0k5: what’s basic lab equipment? toldhow: why don’t you take programming courses? from beginner to apocalyptic hacker Ghost_001: quora LUL Rovelo: @almonte550 the sequence of the amino acids binds differently to a large enough degree that is Landowner555: dude theres no best course for biology, they are all tedious and time consuming mritzing: just bio is super broad logi6000: @jmswrnr yes your Visa is to follow theonlymonkas: no news bsx1123: microbiology aaaakshat: penis study wheely_mcbones: information theory in biology, I think is that FurikuriYugi: All the things FastCashCoding: lol your alma mater probably discovered comp bio @georgehotz s4j0k5: what’s basic lab equipment? eric_hansen: @georgehotz I think the field you want to look at is “Synthetic Biology” ak0ya_: MIT course 7 intro bio with eric lander is veru good christianthefalco: and ar2zee: I have K-1 visa Ghost_001: CoolStoryBob Landowner555: IaMaBiOlOgY mutrx: @georgehotz i got biology, immunology and biochemistry notes deva73: computational neuroscience sounds cool death_gadget: Let’s study Game Theory AresRai: I am a biology monkaS Program: monkaGUN jermss: watch MIT bio course on youtube aaaakshat: “I am not a computer, I am a biology” -geohot 2k20 FurikuriYugi: Know they self Ayyyy420Lmao: classes in bio are pretty pointless since they just follow the reference book 90% of the time C0deCane: just found out im not a robot, thanks corona virus – @georgehotz Natschz: gift me a sub please nomad119: https://www.biostarhandbook.com/ brofessorbob: Do you know the Central Dogma of Biology mritzing: PyMol is the software we’d use to do mol modeling brofessorbob: ? treestompztv: w e a r e b i o l o g y ak0ya_: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/biology/7-012-introduction-to-biology-fall-2004/index.htm bttmndl: biology is just physics Rovelo: @almonte550 if you look at flus, many of the antibodies are similar enough in function to work for future mutations, but mutations are also varied enough that some will be different enough to pass through Emanuell45: biology sucks, its all about memorization mutrx: @georgehotz i got biology, immunology and biochemistry notes l1ght5p33d: you must follow the reference book eric_hansen: @georgehotz Go look at the field of synthetic biology, I think it will fit what you’re looking for thekalkulator: @Emanuell45 i conquer lordkyrus: just curious, why he’s on a mac? fxmatd: how long will we be confined? l1ght5p33d: the reference book is all that is good and holy brofessorbob: What about biology do you need to know? lordkyrus: always tought about that Ghost_001: just throw a NN at it 4Head C0deCane: @fxmatd until its over williamjennings1: Hype Train AresRai: cellular biology train mutrx: @georgehotz i got biology, immunology and biochemistry notes brofessorbob: mix and match dna from different specieis PiroFloydian: 69% nice

fxmatd: when over? Srule: do you really read that fast or are you just flexing for chat? ak0ya_: https://www.amazon.com/Physical-Biology-Cell-Rob-Phillips/dp/0815344503 this book is biology from physics perspective Ghost_001: LUL brofessorbob: charged atom ak0ya_: yes! i did ak0ya_: took it at MIT Landowner555: no, i paid absurd amounts of money for my courses Kappa C0deCane: @fxmatd when most of the world decides to give up Digital_donger: I once read a wikipedia page Kappa FastCashCoding: missing electron thekalkulator: wth… is this chemistry? Ghost_001: negatively charged no ? almonte550: @Rovelo I was hoping to be immune to multiple coronaviruses just by being immune to covid-19 I guess that can’t happen christianthefalco: in my experience, bio doesn’t have great layers of abstraction like software. You kinda need to know chemistry to say anything interesting about genetics 4zimut: (insert-comic-sans-joke) Ayyyy420Lmao: molecule, you can have an ion of amphetamine deva73: add or remove electron from atom brofessorbob: incomplete valence electron GoBerserk: @thekalkulator the first section is biochemistry brofessorbob: partial dipole moments FastCashCoding: the dipoles C0deCane: Kappa FastCashCoding: hehe Emanuell45: @georgehotz wtf how do you remenber that? fxmatd: @c0decane LUL thekalkulator: thanks @GoBerserk edeustua: dispersion force deva73: charges brofessorbob: partial dipoles br brofessorbob: bro Rovelo: @almonte550 on a positive note though, covid-19 seems to mutate less frequently which means a vaccine could cover for a significantly longer period AresRai: its not easy to to completely understand 21_savior: yo chat, why use chromium over chrome? deva73: dipoles right berkieee: what are any of the forces mritzing: vanderwales is a tent term PiroFloydian: @21_savior open source phyde79: need a course, from the atom to the vaccine almonte550: @Rovelo ok, that’s some good news mritzing: gromacs pymol Srule: my main is acing the qui without studying deva73: nope FastCashCoding: negative GoBerserk: you did them backwards FastCashCoding: POsitive is cation almonte550: @Rovelo thanks for the clarifications btw! FastCashCoding: NH Landowner555: THEY ALL HAVE COOH AND NH2 Digital_donger: @21_savior sometimes less google deva73: nh2 group brofessorbob: Correct edeustua: acid on one side, amino on the other Ayyyy420Lmao: is this college level? edeustua: NH3 and COOH Cammmmy: Is that comic sans? wizardwatch1: Everything but the r group Mint2bSpiced: I would also recommend Essential Bioinformatics by Jin Xiong Rovelo: @almonte550 nps 🙂 love to help inform in these uncertain times GoBerserk: @Ayyyy420Lmao yes AresRai: @Ayyyy420Lmao no this i highschool level for now edeustua: NH2* ankitc: i fell dumber everysecnd deva73: electronegativity Ayyyy420Lmao: looks really basic PiroFloydian: OH group GoBerserk: OH atzehji: why are you interested in biology again? Landowner555: LUL l1ght5p33d: Nucleus Ayyyy420Lmao: nucleus edeustua: nucleus! FastCashCoding: the hydroxl has some positive charge Rovelo: LUL highschool biology djcows: Do you have photographic memory? logi6000: pro has no nuleus slimpimp007: still glad I took SL chem ak0ya_: nucleus logi6000: this is middle school level l1ght5p33d: Nucleus stuff alextodoroki: tfw cheating with twitch chat Landowner555: OLD xd Ayyyy420Lmao: old kek l1ght5p33d: Nucleus stuff ** general ** deva73: prokaryotics have primitive nucleus Emanuell45: @logi6000 still dont understand 0 of it lol logi6000: @emanuell45 lol AresRai: prokaryote cells got that easy share system too mutrx: @georgehotz MDS are pretty cool but if you’re trying to use it to predict a specific outcome (mutagenicity, toxicity..etc.) then we’ve found in our lab that actually calculating various quantum mechanical descriptors from the molecules and deriving a model from this is more accurate than simulating; look into SAMPL6 competition for malaria almonte550: @Rovelo actually that give me curiosity of how specific antibodies for a virus are created… I’ll research about it later eric_hansen: georgehotz presents: “Twitch Learns BIology” jermss: ribosomes make protein l1ght5p33d: WE WANT MORE RNA SEQUENCE logi6000: you don’t know lysosomes or ribosomes deva73: talking about nucleus lets shift the dioscussion towards nukes😂 eric_hansen: p r o t e i n latenightbj: latenightbj subscribed with Twitch Prime logi6000: yes

Ayyyy420Lmao: ofc Emanuell45: no lol Landowner555: u learn it then u forget it GoBerserk: yeah mutrx: @georgehotz MDS are pretty cool but if you’re trying to use it to predict a specific outcome (mutagenicity, toxicity..etc.) then we’ve found in our lab that actually calculating various quantum mechanical descriptors from the molecules and deriving a model from this is more accurate than simulating; look into SAMPL6 competition for malaria Digital_donger: I forgot all of this NotLikeThis Emanuell45: @Ayyyy420Lmao how do you konw it lol PiroFloydian: ribosomes are the 3d printers @georgehotz Rovelo: @almonte550 videos on youtube are a good way to learn the basics fast, use articles and research papers once you have fundamentals down 🙂 happy researching! Ghost_001: monkaS FancyDawg_: Hey George can you refresh us on what you are doing? axlebear: Yeah organic chem guys have all the amino acids grilled into them eric_hansen: something something lipids something soap wash your hands Ayyyy420Lmao: abstraction/classification you have the short chain/branched, the acidics the basics the and the aromatics Ghost_001: bio people are hardcore monkaS Rovelo: organic chem flashbacks ResidentSleeper Plurmorant: bio tests monkaS mutrx: disuphide Landowner555: THEY ARE Plurmorant: I beat molek-syntez, so I’m a bit of a legend logi6000: George do you want a basic bio quizlet Landowner555: hydrogen bonds christianthefalco: h bonds baby GoBerserk: they are h-bonds RakeRoux: *Don’t touch your face jermss: DNA has hydrogen bonds Landowner555: mendelian genetics is the hugest waste of time holy fk Ayyyy420Lmao: mr I dont care about the basis of eugenics wew logi6000: George do you want a basic bio quizlet Plurmorant: GTACGTGATCGACG Landowner555: LMAo Landowner555: matching pattersn Landowner555: SeemsGood Emanuell45: Am i the only one lost with this stuff? Plurmorant: @Emanuell45 no one here knows bio mokmuu: @georgehotz this may be useful for later, but there is a terminal based cURL’able stats server – ‘ curl https://corona-stats.online ‘ eric_hansen: ResidentSleeper christianthefalco: regulation baby. shit gets complicated AresRai: half is artistic matching exam LUL GoBerserk: @Emanuell45 probably not joshiemoore: joshiemoore subscribed at Tier 1 Ayyyy420Lmao: nothing to do mutrx: @georgehotz MDS are pretty cool but if you’re trying to use it to predict a specific outcome (mutagenicity, toxicity..etc.) then we’ve found in our lab that actually calculating various quantum mechanical descriptors from the molecules and deriving a model from this is more accurate than simulating; look into SAMPL6 competition for malaria logi6000: George do you want a basic bio quizlet Emanuell45: @purplegreenpanda thank god, these people making feel dumb Landowner555: promoters are just a region of DNA that transcirption factors bind to to initiate transcription Ayyyy420Lmao: promoteres are dna sequences tha bind to proteins that promote dna transcription of nearby elements Program: They promote priming 😉 Rovelo: @Emanuell45 its not too bad, just a bit fast if you don’t know the basics SpyKnife: when are you going to beat plague inc? 😛 l1ght5p33d: unknown unknowns T_T Kawhiet: This font makes the quiz seem like its for middle school logi6000: @spyknife he is the cure bubbles that you forgot to pop Landowner555: dont waste ur time with sequencing stuff l1ght5p33d: the one that amplifies it Musashhhi: these streams are awesome

Ayyyy420Lmao: nope happypuppppy: @georgehotz you should do 7.103 instead, its also intro bio but with more focus on genetics / cancer / virology l1ght5p33d: crispr is plasmid fuckings happypuppppy: 7.013 logi6000: why can’t we use CRISPR against rona Landowner555: HAHA doretts: @Musashhhi Indeed! r0xtehem0x: PhD bio friend said this is the standard bio book: https://www.amazon.com/Campbell-Biology-11th-Lisa-Urry but also recommends the one you’re leaning towards happypuppppy: @geohotz 7.013 Landowner555: @r0xtehem0x its not working link dzid26: instead? Ayyyy420Lmao: not cell bio tho it’s more general Landowner555: WHO SAYS POOR REFERENCING christianthefalco: NEW LEX FRIDMAN INTERVIEW Landowner555: HAHAHAHA edeustua: thats the basic one Ghost_001: LUL Rovelo: 1 STAR FOR CONDITION LUL eric_hansen: @georgehotz I can attest to the campbell bio book being a good choice localcanofdutchgold: 5Head DefinitlyNotXanbot: u can download those books? Landowner555: dude u had the good cell bio book r0xtehem0x: Could be a big scam book C0deCane: make your children glow at night with crisper, buy now for just 46 ez monthly payments of 2500 USD’s Rovelo: GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH nymnKRD AresRai: a few corona viruses were found in the melted ice LUL 1monkjuice: diggin down the rabbit hole 4real Rovelo: i am fucking terrified with russian permafrost viruses monkaS Kemisdan: LUL Landowner555: LMFAO Incurs0: LUL almonte550: HAHAHAHAH birkett0011: LUL alicyka: biology without ecology is just learning a single organism Hawklite: increase global warming to kill coronavirus is the only answer happypuppppy: @geohotz 7.013, i typed it wrong last time Landowner555: @alicyka ecology sucks bro logi6000: @hawklite ah yes the final solition MrStereoX: Hey ! @georgehotz have you ever heard about the “black cube” company ? ron1n541: ron1n541 subscribed with Twitch Prime PiroFloydian: @Hawklite and release long dead viruses frozen in ice l1ght5p33d: With catalytic converter you can burn 1000 gallons doesn’t matter for the environment wholesome_pepe: systems biology is what ur looking for 1monkjuice: 7.013 7.013 7.013 1monkjuice: ye alicyka: well I’m too drunk and dumb to know anything so you can’t convince me landowner 0deinkymi0: check out library genesis for free pdfs (it’s legal too) alicyka: i win Landowner555: Keepo onemarko: did you hear about cell phone subscriptions drop in china? conspiracy? guinness84: can you repeat that latenightbj: @0deinkymi0 lol i was literally pullling thee books on there Landowner555: DNA MAN wholesome_pepe: systems bio is data sci moleecular bio FastCashCoding: lipds almonte550: Did we failed the other exam? cleofn: 5head cleofn: 5Head l1ght5p33d: ENZYME mritzing: fat mikenachos: lipids are fats Rovelo: fat ViennaZoe: what are we doing? Ayyyy420Lmao: @ViennaZoe revieew of highschool curriculum almonte550: @ViennaZoe learning stuff l1ght5p33d: enzyme == catalyst == true MrStereoX: Hey ! @georgehotz have you ever heard about the “black cube” company ? ar2zee: He doesn’t believe in global warming or what, I don’t get it? how he will explain all the things that happening right now in Antarctica ?

shaselton: well, hello there tykabmo: He is going full dowrigHakc dowrigHakc dowrigHakc dowrigHakc mode! mritzing: better off with a bioinformatics course? GoBerserk: @ar2zee he said he understands its real, he just doesn’t want it shoved in his face C0deCane: @tykabmo LUL dowrigHakc yup logi6000: @ar2zee no he just doesn’t want it shoved down his throat every second ViennaZoe: ok @ayyyy420lmao genieyou1: Hi bro love you ackxhpaez: I’m all for global warming. I hate cold weather AresRai: @ar2zee learn to phrase it better than “things happenings in antartica” if you want people to take u seriously amo77777: @ackxhpaez same 1monkjuice: intro to algos nostalgia in this web 🙂 tykabmo: @C0deCane oh hello again code, how are you doing? Landowner555: speaking of MIT open courseware, Eric Lander has great lectures on youtube logi6000: @aresrai whatever man we got the idea l1ght5p33d: open book / notes / group test or no C0deCane: pretty good man, hbu? stayin healthy? @tykabmo ar2zee: @AresRai ok mik12f4: can you reverse engineer what makes COVID19 different concerning asymptomatic spreading? alicyka: I’m having a fucking dance party in the arctic, explain that warming truthers w guinness84: lol Landowner555: @mik12f4 litreally no one knows that tykabmo: @C0deCane yeah staying away from Covid-19 and doing more programming lol Shelledlizard4: hey Ayyyy420Lmao: @Landowner555 God does Kappa Kappa Kappa Landowner555: Keepo mimiron010: did he pee in like 5 seconds painpainmorepain: r u pooping Digital_donger: wash hands DansGame kthxbai32: TableHere mikenachos: i think its like any virus, the body doesnt respond to the virulent DNA so it has to run through the cycle to eventually build antibodies using light/heavy antibody combinations ar2zee: @mimiron010 nohe pooped Ayyyy420Lmao: chicken tendies better eric_hansen: You didn’t wash your hands for 20 seconds @georgehotz antonypereira88: TheIlluminati painpainmorepain: u dick will catch corona phrixus_bro: i like fish alicyka: fish fillet is the best food in the world happypuppppy: not rationing his food :z C0deCane: Antarctica might be pretty nice in our future shaselton: what do I think of fish…i think, “meh” dr_set: that you apartment is going to stink Digital_donger: dead fish PogChamp antonypereira88: LUL kthxbai32: 20second dinner painpainmorepain: u need cap to go to the other part eric_hansen: that single cube of ice on the ground bothers me so much wholesome_pepe: i’m just happy python has so many toolkits for scientists. makes life so much easier logi6000: @painpainmorepain yo that sound like a fucking death sentence cankunwang: Same my dinner alicyka: I don’t even know what kind of fish it is, it’s jsut delicious. Make like 8 of those bitches dude! Shit rocks my socks!!! Landowner555: ur kitchen is fkn huge dude mutrx: guys you realise the washing ur hands and not touching your face meme applies to when youre OUTSIDE guinness84: thats his bedroom Ayyyy420Lmao: it’s hake 90% of the time C0deCane: just sitting here down on the beaches of Antarctica drinkin some Corona – 2075 Landowner555: @mutrx hey this isnt a biology stream 4Head Digital_donger: his kitchen has a bed PogChamp kthxbai32: Living room eric_hansen: @Landowner555 that’s the size of his entire house Rovelo: NotLikeThis living on frozen food aj37z: !uptime mikenachos: look into light/heavy chains logi6000: George what’s up with that bed in your kitchen Landowner555: @eric_hansen cbrahBuddy cbrahThrust alicyka: covid doesn’t apply to people that watch anime and program for weeks between trips outside

un3okapi: @mutrx memes are memes inside or outside Zipzipcekirge: is folding at home a scam painpainmorepain: @logi6000 absolutely mritzing: jin xiong is good fundamentals cankunwang: Mol bio of cells https://send.firefox.com/download/a467a695c0c20f93/#yqKaOlQvHeZiUwmcdXhq7Q axlebear: folding laundry at home dendyliu: a wizardwatch1: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology MichaelA1337: hey C0deCane: I just fly my drone into town to pick up groceries 2025 America after corona painpainmorepain: find the cure man, i just tested positive eric_hansen: @georgehotz go look at the field of synthetic biology nomad119: @georgehotz https://www.biostarhandbook.com/ MichaelA1337: what are you working on rn? murkythunder: @painpainmorepain really? and its too late for you its a vaccine not a cure AresRai: @MichaelA1337 biology 101 wizardwatch1: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology It is free and great C0deCane: better yet groceries just come to you via drone LUL Sniky83: have you watched this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG7uCskUOrA eric_hansen: @georgehotz go look at the field of synthetic biology logi6000: @painpainmorepain that’s a whole tragidy daopportunist: Focus George roystang: we’re advanced biology now logi6000: @georgehotz painpainmorepain just got corona we need a cure now guinness84: i live there pog adibaby04: YOOO GEORGE WUZ POPPIN REMEMBER ME? AresRai: yay intern streams C0deCane: LUL try and hire a couple of them painpainmorepain: @logi6000 thank u Landowner555: LMAO 0xbeeff00d: george create new corona latest v1.1 slimpimp007: let me drive the boat Ayyyy420Lmao: google tailored sugestions mritzing: nice targetted ad there l1ght5p33d: is this.. docker for cells? montrealchrislee: what are you studying? aj37z: did you release the alpha version of vaccine yet Ayyyy420Lmao: what are you trying with that paper? el_pirulote: even gods have limits davedavidsonfromdavis: e coli would look good on my wall localcanofdutchgold: lul

AresRai: @georgehotz put it in the stream title LUL citsejam12: people just don’t understand EXPLORING 😉 Ghost_001: Kappa mikenachos: are you interested in drug manufacturing/antibody production? painpainmorepain: @murkythunder cure vaccine like i care, just give me something that will end it, let it be George pee Natschz: have to get clean before the teest right? ron1n541: is open courseware legit? only cruised them, never finished one axlebear: For kratom too? Plurmorant: @ron1n541 the best firmstool: MOAR LAYERS cankunwang: basically most about sequence alignment stuff firmstool: herp derp Ghost_001: mootif LUL mikenachos: alpha and beta sheets cankunwang: set of conserved regulatory elements logi6000: one of your viewers has corona. it’s painpainmorepain Ghost_001: monkaS l1ght5p33d: a legit scam maybe xDDDD entangledbeing: Nice prof pic AbsydeAuberon: Jebaited ticklepusss: are you a polymath? Landowner555: lmao guinness84: im a pussymouth localcanofdutchgold: ^ KillerBee20: are Andrew Ng’s ML courses the best way to start out? roystang: woah future ron1n541: INVEST IN VIROLOGY FUTURES entangledbeing: Anyone have comma ones in the chat? Landowner555: future virology, ironic Zipzipcekirge: aka world war 3 ron1n541: You heard it here boozer_man: javascript nitrixen: George seems like the kind of guy that’d be into Lisp wholesome_pepe: please dont make a bio-weapon Kappa l1ght5p33d: wtf does covalent mean here AresRai: actually future virology is still 10 years behind LUL pz3300: What’s happenin George? l1ght5p33d: ohhh covalent bonds… not math then ok mritzing: within the sim cankunwang: lol those bags still there pavankumarp: time and dimension i believe mikenachos: histones and the likes logi6000: “those little shits” George hotz Jr 2020 atzehji: i don’t have a textbook. but in bioiinformatics next semester i will study: basic molecular biology NGS technology TGS technology l1ght5p33d: covalent ionic brings back poorly defined memories

GoBerserk: bats consume bugs cankunwang: joker: kill the bats Landowner555: bats r actually really important davedavidsonfromdavis: how about people stop eating bats localcanofdutchgold: they inspired the creation of batman Appz_x: FBI OPEN UP Ayyyy420Lmao: bats r cute pz3300: No bat soup el_pirulote: We kill the Batman Usisuvach0: bats r cute lol ron1n541: Their poop is real important to cave ecosystems thugis123: I wish you the best of luck with that, batman wont be a easy fight davedavidsonfromdavis: bats fried in delicious gutter oil Usisuvach0: ugly as fuck creatures axlebear: How about we just don’t eat bats localcanofdutchgold: megabats are not cute Jehhred: While we’re at it, kill anything that shows any possibility of spreading disease davedavidsonfromdavis: if you have never googled gutter oil…. have fun Ayyyy420Lmao: we dont have megabats here just regular dr_set: bats eat a shit ton of insects, but because we are already killing all the insects, we are on the way of starving all the bats mutrx: 15 sources say… @georgehotz pz3300: Fox bats aren’t cute l1ght5p33d: covariant and contravariant much better defined… poor organic chemists bttmndl: biology is just physics AbsydeAuberon: bats are cute happypuppppy: but those other articles they link to are news to whats the problem Kappa WooWhey: Kill all the CNN’s! Usisuvach0: lol Gustavevi: lmao cankunwang: fake news~! PiroFloydian: all science is just math if you abstract it enough @georgehotz pz3300: CNN cites CNN Ayyyy420Lmao: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_noctule#/media/File:Nyctalus_noctula.jpg dont say its not cute WooWhey: Anderson Cooper is the Anti-Christ Usisuvach0: fucking rat @Ayyyy420Lmao nitrixen: Essentially, their immune system prevents them from dying from these deadly diseases, so they become great hosts mr_stochastic: He’s back! Awesome 😀 Usisuvach0: you call that cute mutrx: birds > bats daopportunist: focus George vruthlessv: how is that cute Jehhred: For every one bat, kill a bird Usisuvach0: he is trolling Natschz: but if you kill the mother bat then all other bats die or get cured or does this only apply to vampires? l1ght5p33d: they are pretty cute if u hear them chirp n stuff gorgoleon89: wow, hots streaming 2 days in a row? C0deCane: Theres a lot of scammers/trolls that take the formats of our media companies and post fake news online and people actually think its those media companies lol AresRai: kill every host that has too strong of immune system compared to us 🙂 Usisuvach0: fucking bats carry around 300 viruses similar to this happypuppppy: whats going to happen to batman if we do this BibleThump l1ght5p33d: happy little bats logi6000: @gorgoleon89 5 actually goldensoap_: George Focus we need a cure and u are our last hope mr_stochastic: @georgehotz You do most of this fun programming in the cloud or just on your laptop? omniilista: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfG_L49Hv-s come on man, leave the bats alone Jehhred: @gorgoleon89 This is day 5 foti_kasparov: Would you rather eat a cooked bat or get into politics? Ayyyy420Lmao: and cats give u toxoplasmosis and make u retarded gorgoleon89: fug, missed the other 3 😀 cankunwang: lol Landowner555: LMFAO Landowner555: THAT WAS GORGE LIKE 2 MINS AGO Landowner555: george* logi6000: got it so we just need to nuke china davedavidsonfromdavis: fry your bat in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrv78nG9R04 localcanofdutchgold: imagine strolling and then you see this fool https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ff/3f/71/ff3f71492d7b360b06a5ebe1280aa100.jpg boriskurikhin: finally i caught a geohot livestream C0deCane: bats kill all the mosquitoes, how about make china regulate what the hell their citizens are selling and eating Jehhred: What if we deep fry all the bats?! davedavidsonfromdavis: deep fry in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrv78nG9R04 benchai18: No need to panic guys. I’m back vruthlessv: what Krakken_TM: yo george Usisuvach0: china are disgusting Usisuvach0: they eat dogs cats gorgoleon89: my nose is runny, how fuged am i? @georgehotz Usisuvach0: everything that should not be eaten logi6000: got it just need to nuke china. I’ll go get the codes now. ( FBI agent I’m joking don’t worry. I couldn’t get the codes if I wanted to anyways) SpaceGhost8: i missed the ending last night, are we building a lab? benchai18: @usisuvach0 Mongolian delicacy is rats, btw Krakken_TM: i found an epic conspiracy theory thats not so crazy and backed up by very logical stuff. u want me to send u the link from youtube so u can watch later if u into these things? 😀 Usisuvach0: bullshit benchai18: Fucking gross Usisuvach0: eating rats benchai18: Swear C0deCane: @Usisuvach0 thats a little far for me but seriously they just need to regulate some things. im fine with cultural beliefs but for fuck sake mik12f4: can twitch alert people when channels are streaming? Usisuvach0: disgusting as fuck thecoder15: yo turn your volume up @georgehotz

thrashtazs: @georgehotz did you end up buying a bunch of lab gear last night dzid26: is our body temperature related to tempreture at which viruses die? brownyyyylocks: im a vegetarian atzehji: i don’t have a textbook. but in bioiinformatics next semester i will study: basic molecular biology; NGS technology TGS technology; idk if it helps AresRai: 😮 Landowner555: LOl i found that out like a few days ago too l1ght5p33d: v-diff corona.alpha corona.beta Natschz: don’t get attached to it! Jehhred: deep fry the bats AbsydeAuberon: cute coronavirus absydeUWU Appz_x: you mean it doesnt come from beer? Time4Boom: corona = crown (spanish) cellophane11578: the cutest viruses get all the attention dog_runner09: uma delicia benchai18: @usisuvach0 For real. A close business associate of mine is like a filthy wealthy Mongolian, and this bitch starts showing me what we’ll do in Mongolia if I come visit. Fucking rat snacks 5_betbluff: you see Fauchi said covid might be seasonal? Ayyyy420Lmao: sopa do pangolin dingus74: Dont eat bats Gamer_nohope: @dog_runner09 lol cellophane11578: can bats eat us? Gamer_nohope: esses BRs mr_stochastic: @cellophane11578 Yes, they’re called vampires C0deCane: I guess thats what you have to do when you have a population that large ????? ron1n541: @cellophane11578 not if we eat them first cellophane11578: lol l1ght5p33d: ACE 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OlympusDev: Hey Appz_x: i was reading that certain blood types make you more susceptible to corona knilecrack: hey man Zipzipcekirge: if we bite bats do they get a virus? logi6000: I only know about the cannibinoid receptor C0deCane: we would actually be in shape in america if they ate cows like we do LUL vruthlessv: so bats are immune to all corona viruses? benchai18: According to some scholar Chinese guy (critical of his own government) claims that it’s the super rich elite that eat the disgusting shit t00big2fl4il: Yo what up? Mac n cheese and a sick Stream! dingus74: Is eating bats Keto ron1n541: not pangolins? architectzs: yo knilecrack: so feel free to eat bats mritzing: https://www.rcsb.org/news?year=2020&article=5e74d55d2d410731e9944f52 here’s good images of corona benchai18: @dingus74 Nah. Paleo tho C0deCane: flying rats dude ron1n541: i thought the interm carrier was the pangolin bufferovrflw: @vruthlessv If they were immune, bat coronavirus would die, sicne it can l1ght5p33d: called what bufferovrflw: *can’t propagate knilecrack: on steroids eric_hansen: @georgehotz take a look at this paper titled “Coronavirus Genomics and Bioinformatics Analysis”: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3185738/ roystang: from camels vruthlessv: but they are carriers architectzs: what’s a good windows manager for windows? echobrother: can you do hacking tutorials aj37z: 100x lev Jehhred: Bats are carrier pigeons for corona virus architectzs: ^^ knilecrack: South Korea had incident vruthlessv: its like mosquitoes logi6000: @echobrother this is hacking l1ght5p33d: get your vaccinations kidssss SpaceGhost8: great, another pandemic to look forward to wholesome_pepe: can we hack the corona to a therapeutic RNA sequence instead of a pathogenic one via crispr? HexaField: @echobrother hacking tutorial is an oxymoron. teach yourself foti_kasparov: But is it possible to try the vaccine on bats rather than people? Gamer_nohope: “Approximately 35% of patients with MERS have died” mr_stochastic: @architectzs Default, you’re not gonna get much more on windows benchai18: I wonder if there’s a MERS vac architectzs: idk how to use default lmao benchai18: Vax scarbromangler: @benchai18 i don’t think there is benchai18: Fuck scarbromangler: funding dried up a few months after sars lol DrakenZA: it seems viruses have a limited set of resources and they can be super deadly, but not spread well, or spread well and just be super deadly SolarBerry: this is the equivalent of plague before antibiotics informalgarlic: George is great at everything except econ mr_stochastic: @architectzs Ha, start with alt-tab 😀 tsAllySparkles: fung & liu? more like lung and flu architectzs: ik that lmao benchai18: @solarberry What is? Covid?! echobrother: @hexafield: no its not amedhussaini: amedhussaini subscribed with Twitch Prime guinness84: heres this big fucking word that no one knows but ima use it so. i get published ron1n541: or intel circa 2019 ayyyyyy HexaField: @informalgarlic the first law of economics is that everyone is terrible at economics benchai18: @solarberry Corona for sure isn’t like plague. Black Death took out I think 25% of Europe echobrother: @HexaField: how is this hacking

knilecrack: all bad things happen in europe 🙂 logi6000: yeah it’s where the lysosomes get their driving license. the dmv benchai18: I don’t mean fatality rate, I mean 25% of ALL Europe does benchai18: Died* logi6000: rough and smooth er knilecrack: yeah guinness84: just put in an order for $1200 worth of weed ron1n541: ER is bio101 dude Mint2bSpiced: Here is another book recommendation if you want more stats stuff: Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R and Bioconductor, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology) bufferovrflw: I really like the vibe to this stream guinness84: :bless: wholesome_pepe: ACE2 could be a good target to deliver drugs to lungs or GI tract if we can exploit it with engineering HexaField: @echobrother you are incoherent AntiVax_SoccerMom: plague is still around logi6000: rough er has ribosomes over it Usisuvach0: black death=bacteria SpaceGhost8: says bacteria right there Usisuvach0: yersinia pestis benchai18: Bacteria alicyka: we should know because it showed up at Comicon 3 years ago 360Plato: ? its in the first line Ayyyy420Lmao: it say amoeba right there AresRai: Bacteria were so tough aMANT3: damni thought the beep was for me spockshocks: black death is basically SARS logi6000: George do you want a basic bio quizlet Landowner555: @aMANT3 it sounds very realistic echobrother: @HexaField You don’t know the definition of incoherent brownyyyylocks: awful diet benchai18: Bacteria not virus. Bubonic plague was the most known form. Yersinia pestis is right Landowner555: arent all bacteria prokaryotes? foti_kasparov: prognosis of deaths is much better cbrahDavid cbrahDavid pz3300: Pro Ayyyy420Lmao: @Landowner555 not in this stream benchai18: BLACK DEATH was the name of the outbreak Zipzipcekirge: china again SpaceGhost8: also in China LUL wholesome_pepe: @Landowner555 some bacterium dont have a nucleus echobrother: @HexaField how can you teach your self hacking? benchai18: Consumption was NUTS. Tuberculosis. White plague Landowner555: @wholesome_pepe exactly, tjats a prokaryote logi6000: George do you want a basic bio quizlet AresRai: no anti biotics, bacteria had rent free pz3300: Poor nutrition chucknorrisbeard12: black plague 200 million? Ozonemaster: they eat with hands in the floor in india Bloodswordz88: HahaThisisfine SpaceGhost8: medicine wasn’t even a thing back then alicyka: What do you call 20 million dead Chinese people? a Leap year Ozonemaster: its amazing that it is not happening atm knilecrack: how much Spanish flue killed people? Appz_x: spanish flu 50 mill brownyyyylocks: @ozonemaster No, they don’t knilecrack: damn 1monkjuice: poverty 500m knilecrack: that’s like most deadliest isn’t it? shissle: spanish flu -120M died cellophane11578: rip vruthlessv: It’s hilarious coz if you remember there were loads of memes at the start of 2020 about there being “plagues” every 100 years on 1820, 1920 and 2020 bufferovrflw: @georgehotz How did they “beat” the black plague? Or did just enough people die for it to not spread anymore? OlympusDev: I have way too many channel points benchai18: Here’s a fucking thought. What happens if bubonic plague mutates. It’s gonna rape all of us to death echobrother: How can you teach yourself Hacking benchai18: @bufferovrflw Quarantine. That was the start mrhdr: Write something special below and give it some glitz in chat! see_you198: H y SpaceGhost8: -380 🙂 Ayyyy420Lmao: shiny mesage OlympusDev: Something Special mr_stochastic: @echobrother Just start programming on some project you’re interested in. Learn as you go knilecrack: @benchai18 no. It does not have where to mutate wholesome_pepe: a lot of therapies are focused on delivering drugs to the cytoplasm cuz getting into the nucleus is hard bufferovrflw: @benchai18 How long did it lasT? benchai18: @bufferovrflw Then, anti biotics JesseSkinner: hows the research going? goldensoap_: geohot how can to learn myself hacking alicyka: Highlightest messages are blackface for twitch l1ght5p33d: This is the 1337est stream on earth knilecrack: @benchai18 if it didn’t foind something else to live in OlympusDev: Something Special! eric_hansen: looks like a buffer overflow attack LOL benchai18: @knilecrack But what about in rats?? logi6000: @goldensoap_ first learn English echobrother: @mr_stochastic But programming is different then hacking masee14: So what are we doing here? knilecrack: @benchai18 let’s hope they die fast, and we don’t eat them goldensoap_: @logi6000 (

benchai18: @knilecrack Amen, but it came to us from rat fleas. Not eating rats benchai18: New York could be fucked mr_stochastic: @echobrother Depends what you mean by “hack”, but either way programming is involved :d ron1n541: oh shit nature is using ASLR prostidude221: @echobrother ??? alicyka: new york fucked = fine by me echobrother: @masee14 We are hacking the coronavirus knilecrack: @benchai18 well that can be tricky brittonx2: Cheer100 Usisuvach0: https://www.ovulation-calculators.com/coronavirus/ pwnbutt: @georgehotz what is this that your coding? 🙂 Usisuvach0: are china hiding Usisuvach0: no new cases there at all knilecrack: @benchai18 but if organisms die fast that are infected by the virus, then it’ hard that is going to mutate. That is why corona is serious d3estruction: !commands 0xatul: China numba WAN NullJupiter: hey there m113v: corona is not apple, u cant hack it Kappa Ayyyy420Lmao: compress your genome with frameshifting NullJupiter: wtf are you doing? Usisuvach0: usa=10k new cases gill_bates_macrosoft: wassup boys knilecrack: ola knilecrack: gill bates 😀 davedavidsonfromdavis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrv78nG9R04 masee14: What does “hacking” the coronavirus mean? logi6000: @knilecrack yeah the CEO of macrosoft. you don’t know him. the only CEO with down syndrome pz3300: Make a vaccine before bill gates does george. Or were all fucked! starone5: can someone explain me what he’s working on, or is there a link or something I can read about it? C0deCane: apparently there are seven known coronaviruses that can affect people SpaceGhost8: I thought Elon was going to save us Ne0Zer0: it means pretending to reverse it Kappa Ayyyy420Lmao: the underscore means the end of a codon Ayyyy420Lmao: the underscore means the end of a codon benchai18: @bufferovrflw It wasn’t one event. It recurred until last century. But the HORRENDOUS outbreaks were in the 1300’s I think. And BTW, the death toll was 30-60% of Europe C0deCane: Elon’s down in his private tunnel just chillin with all the toilet paper l1ght5p33d: gaining all knowledge of the system allows better hacks bigduddas: HACKERMANS he cracking this benchai18: @bufferovrflw outbreaks kept occurring. Europe, and also the Middle East via traders I think SpaceGhost8: Tesla shifting all production to toilet paper PogChamp Digital_donger: PogChamp Bloodswordz88: :O NullJupiter: what are you doing @georgehotz ? Bloodswordz88: HahaSnowhal pwnbutt: can someone tell me what he is doing?

foti_kasparov: the vaccine NullJupiter: lol AntiVax_SoccerMom: pwnbutt 99% of use dont know either Ne0Zer0: hes doing his homework pz3300: If you touch your face again george you will surely get corona Appz_x: reverse engineering covid 19 Digital_donger: @pwnbutt studying the virus ankitc: fitness twitch is a thing logi6000: @pz3300 he’s in quarantine spockshocks: hes getting investors right now, it all looks really smart 🙂 C0deCane: new drinking game while under lockdown, everytime you hear the word corona take a shot LUL hahahaha nitrixen: I followed along, but I’ve never touched python 🙁 foti_kasparov: But George said to tell that he’s doing the vaccine if anybody asks NullJupiter: he is learning from wikipedia lol parviz_gc: hi t00big2fl4il: frameshift = offset? AntiVax_SoccerMom: nothing wrong with wikipedia pz3300: But it will get in through under the doors echobrother: what language is he coding in? Digital_donger: @nitrixen just learn it 4Head mashafique: @echobrother python logi6000: @nitrixen it’s fairly simple. you can prob get fairly good in a week with sentdex tutorials Appz_x: python cellophane11578: python is very readable and easy to get into echobrother: @Appz_x It does not look like python to me C0deCane: @AntiVax_SoccerMom except over 3 million articles are written by one person LUL foti_kasparov: it is python mr_stochastic: @echobrother It’s certainly python NullJupiter: it is just in the jupyter gui Digital_donger: he’s using a jupyter notebook mr_stochastic: @NullJupiter That’s the IDE MurdocLIVE: Could you give a quick summary of your progress so far? I haven’t had a chance to watch all the previous vods yet @georgehotz logi6000: I can’t stand jupiter echobrother: @mr_stochastic What IDE is he using shekshas369: @MurdocLIVE same same logi6000: what’s the point of jupiter mr_stochastic: @logi6000 Cuz doesn’t support vim? 🙁 C0deCane: @MurdocLIVE he said he will have this thing cracked in 12 weeks, well now 11 mashafique: @echobrother jupyter notebooks mr_stochastic: @echobrother Jupyter Notebook logi6000: @mr_stochastic I mean that too C0deCane: Kappa GFWL: there is good emacs implementation for jupyter 🙂 mr_stochastic: @GFWL How’s that pinky doing lol pz3300: @logi6000 I was gunna take cs50 on Edx to get started. Is that course worth taking? MurdocLIVE: @C0deCane Ah thank you! Is there something he learned/discovered that led him to say that? pwnbutt: Is java handier than python? Aiming to study 2 year program of java Penguino138: Come on George move them groceries GFWL: @mr_stochastic evil mode man NullJupiter: jupyter is nice if you want to test something out logi6000: @pz3300 huh yungdeli_: what you eating? mr_stochastic: @GFWL True dat. Spacemacs user? nitrixen: Is it me or is the entire DNA field some programming in disguise? The code of life logi6000: edx? jmv_chin: welcome back; how are you enjoying stream life Mirw_: He’s porting covid19 to osx pz3300: Online computer courses

Jehhred: Those groceries will stay there for the entire lockdown period shekshas369: @nitrixen simulation theory i see what you did there whycopper: lmfao syns0r: !claim dingus74: jackoo1Weird_SG yungdeli_: isn’t there things in there that need refrigeration? GFWL: @mr_stochastic I never tried spacemacs, only have tried emacs gui. I thought doom emacs look interesting Battlestein: Battlestein subscribed with Twitch Prime knilecrack: i didn’t understand a word you said foti_kasparov: SCAAAAMM TRAAAINNNN logi6000: how about level 5 and we smoke weed bufferovrflw: I like the groceries where they are rn tho pz3300: Computer science. I’m a noob guy_ross: guy_ross is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 13 in the channel! guy_ross: guy_ross gifted a Tier 1 sub to Emanuell45! guy_ross: guy_ross gifted a Tier 1 sub to publishcoffee! guy_ross: guy_ross gifted a Tier 1 sub to ICAntF331MyFAce! guy_ross: guy_ross gifted a Tier 1 sub to cactusvacuum! guy_ross: guy_ross gifted a Tier 1 sub to DecayingSkullz! entangledbeing: What’s level 3 lol AntiVax_SoccerMom: SCAM TRAIN? PogChamp Digital_donger: PogChamp grocery relocation goal dingus74: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp TriHard peter35_: PogChamp yungdeli_: SCAM TRAINNNNNN Ayyyy420Lmao: stolen credit cards gang PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp cactusvacuum: damn thanks @guy_ross 😀 logi6000: ooooo gifters shekshas369: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood Kreygasm Kreygasm knilecrack: @AntiVax_SoccerMom rofl @ your name ahahahaha dingus74: scammed LOL AresRai: PogChamp scam train choo chooo gift me mutrx: dodged foti_kasparov: Need 3 100 bits cheers syns0r: LET’S GET HYYyPPPPEEEDDDD mrhdr: guy_ross dodged 🙁 whycopper: choo choo gordinhodaora: lol guy_ross: hype! theonlymonkas: we want gaming whycopper: let em rot xD foti_kasparov: GO SCAAAAM TRAAAIN logi6000: level 5 and we smoke weed AbsydeAuberon: PogChamp100 entangledbeing: Can someone explain level 3 pls MurdocLIVE: Could you give a quick summary of your progress so far? I haven’t had a chance to watch all the previous vods yet @georgehotz mr_stochastic: @georgehotz What is level 3? pwnbutt: @georgehotz whats handier to learn, java or python? or is there no big difference in the big picture cellophane11578: Make another goal to set a washing hands record of 20sec AresRai: @MurdocLIVE so hes earning biology 101 so far dingus74: MercyWing1 TriHard MercyWing2 brownyyyylocks: twitchies revolt!!! mashafique: whatcha eating there Geo devm0d: Fish in its natural form knilecrack: did you wash your hands bro? before eathing that knilecrack: eating* xmalware60: enjoy your meal theonlymonkas: are you trying to scamm us? devm0d: Scamsticks logi6000: level 5 and we smoke weed entangledbeing: Hearing Geo eat ASMR ankitc: how big is your monitor Jehhred: You live in La and aren’t eating kale chips, what gives?!?! Usisuvach0: onion rings? Ayyyy420Lmao: tamoxifen mr_stochastic: @Usisuvach0 Calamari sidthescikid: monkaS Ayyyy420Lmao: and theres aromatase inhibitors Ayyyy420Lmao: why? Slippery3: what are you up to @georgehotz ? ymelnyk: ymelnyk subscribed with Twitch Prime logi6000: level 5 and we smoke weed Usisuvach0: oh ok @mr_stochastic nitrixen: @georgehotz Is it just me or the entire DNA field resembles a whole lot what we do in programming? But chemically entangledbeing: Start an ASMR channel eating your satsumas 😂 11plus4thinking: what are you eating 🙂 Ayyyy420Lmao: fishdicks mortalal: @georgehotz what we programming today? 11plus4thinking: describe taste 🙂 hootdaflute: have you heard of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, 100% fatal yungdeli_: @mortalal no programming whycopper: do you own a pornub account whycopper: lmfaoo hordead: LoL Andremm2: still scary 4zimut: it’s fine guinness84: knowledge calms the soul Kappa theonlymonkas: where is the tea? knilecrack: rofl eric_hansen: go take a look at virusite.org it’s a website extracted from NCBI sequence databases and has features such as sequence searching nitrixen: @whycopper I’ve worked at Pornhub, lol Ayyyy420Lmao: can jet fuel melt steel beams? NullJupiter: It’s scary for economy @georgehotz yungdeli_: going through history hm hordead: You skim through the papers… you don’t even read them whycopper: @nitrixen how was it? yall get discounts? mutrx: @nitrixen is nothing NSFW then? informalgarlic: Do you want coronavirus? I can get you coronavirus? @georgehotz entangledbeing: Can u make a truths list and share it eric_hansen: @georgehotz go take a look at virusite.org it’s a website extracted from NCBI sequence databases and has features such as sequence searching foti_kasparov: What’s going on that new shit virus that started in China? Jehhred: If anything I’m now more scared of SARS xxblueshift: @georgehotz love from the UK nitrixen: @whycopper We had access to the database, so yeah, of course we do 😛 informalgarlic: More 11plus4thinking: if only 5% gets corona virus and the deathrate is 4% 16 mil will die mutrx: look at SAMPL6 competition @georgehotz Gamer_nohope: “doing corona virus marathon any %” sidthescikid: 150k ! whycopper: @nitrixen dam son did you get to fuk whycopper: lmfaooo jk HellxNebula: what you would say to a beginner who wants get into coding , what language should be his first and how to get better @georgehotz jermss: https://pubpeer.com/publications/B4044A446F35DF81789F6F20F8E0EE# Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: preliminary results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial Ayyyy420Lmao: good times pagepuga: these deaths could overlap too because sick people die mostly hordead: @georgehotz When is everything going back to normal?

Ayyyy420Lmao: i remember that time we had a bull market after the death plague Digital_donger: but the second wave NotLikeThis thecoder15: lol zennydmt: have u been to india Ayyyy420Lmao: black plague Appz_x: what if it mutates MonkaS meta_man: Yeah, going to be some overlap with some people who would have died this year anyway hordead: @Digital_donger second wave ..?? theonlymonkas: how many new corona cases? guinness84: 1m people is almost two times the population of wyoming Bloodswordz88: should I start eating ass again Geo? Usisuvach0: @theonlymonkas here Landowner555: ok thats it im leavin the house Usisuvach0: https://www.ovulation-calculators.com/coronavirus/ t00big2fl4il: Teamwork makes the stream work Landowner555: BREAK THE QUARANTINE HexaField: it’s not the deaths that i’m scared of, it’s the fact that we are so much more globalised and our global economy is so much more fragile than 100 years ago yungdeli_: do you talk like this around your house when no one is watching? 11plus4thinking: more than a million will die from coronavirus AresRai: the expert that went on joe rogan said the same thing, 500k deaths supersaltpack: I thought they are worrying about the exponential growth of the infection hordead: @georgehotz Am I going to day a virgin???? thecoder15: @georgehotz they asymptomatic study was proven false their tests were just false positive cemck: still too much for the 21st century Zipzipcekirge: not acceptable if i die 11plus4thinking: this is just the beginning theonlymonkas: @Usisuvach0 thanks Digital_donger: @hordead historically pandemics sometimes have a second wave murkythunder: @11plus4thinking no way, wont pass 50k foti_kasparov: @bloodswordz88 Not George here, but for sure AzzoDio: other forms of death will also increase if hospital can’t treat other causes Ayyyy420Lmao: @Digital_donger like feminism? that one got to the fourth or fifth 11plus4thinking: @murkythunder think of all the poor countries them come back to me xiic: is this taking into account deaths due to overwhelmed hospitals from otherwise preventable illnesses? cachedtv: economy will still be rekt wholesome_pepe: there are genetic and environmental factors that contribute to how many ACE2 proteins your body expresses AntiVax_SoccerMom: CurseLit shekshas369: 4Head mikey9988: LUL yungdeli_: LUL Digital_donger: @Ayyyy420Lmao I guess LUL Ne0Zer0: LUL cookienz: LUL whycopper: rookie murkythunder: @11plus4thinking poor countries are doing better, the worst countries are countries like UK and US, where people give no fucks and are spoilt Ayyyy420Lmao: @AntiVax_SoccerMom sick name Appz_x: SHOULD HAVE FLIPPED IT NullJupiter: f AresRai: LUL brownyyyylocks: wow cookienz: just hire a chief AzzoDio: my sister needs emergency surgery this week, luckily her hospital is not a hot zone yet. 2 weeks from nkwt? 1re1: this also doesn’t account for hospitals filling up right? aflow404: Classic LUL alicyka: People don’t think that there’s a point where people go from dying of the virus over to dying of poverty because nobody’s working AntiVax_SoccerMom: Ayyyy420Lmao SeemsGood PotlePS: of just permanent lung damage, estimated 20-30% will have permanently decreased lung capacity (or something of the like) hordead: @georgehotz is that a studio? fuzzywuzza: they just approved the $2 trillion stimulus bill murkythunder: LUL dog_runner09: mother of ducklings knilecrack: how is US lockdown functioning ? are you not allowed to go outside ? theonlymonkas: but what does recovery actually mean? they can get the virus again? PiroFloydian: TARTER SOUCE shekshas369: classic George the iq of a god but the cooking skills of a potato cookienz: LUL Landowner555: this is the man whos gnna save us from corona folks echobrother: @HexaField The global economy is not more stable It just was growing so much more Vackin: i am more worried about the people that will die from causes because hospital are overwhelmed with covid19 wholesome_pepe: LUL Mint2bSpiced: However, isn’t this assuming, when we open our borders back open, we don’t see a second wave? pz3300: I’ll eat them Jehhred: can make a car drive itself but fail at cooking… priorities m00chan: is the curse worse than the disease in this case m00chan: cure rather NullJupiter: Its scary for economy @georgehotz Usisuvach0: @georgehotz check this thing they say it might help search on google sumamed shekshas369: clearly knilecrack: yeah AresRai: WutFace 420lokki69: yes mescal33t: sure AzzoDio: a very high percentage of doctors will also die. it takes an incredible amount of resources to train a surgical specialist hordead: fuck no shekshas369: same knilecrack: looks like it’s human life > $ DecayingSkullz: @guy_ross Thank you localcanofdutchgold: not if it’s my teeth shekshas369: we talking about a teeth Ayyyy420Lmao: nonissue, that’s the presprective of a central planner echobrother: no granti7: if its a hot chick, yeah AntiVax_SoccerMom: philosophy stream sregister: that a lot of teeth 420lokki69: yep shekshas369: to safe a life AresRai: nop Nussinov: i will kill to prevent my tooth from getting pulled without anaesthesia Kappa Paw_4: I think it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the suffering and the pain 1monkjuice: depends on who C0deCane: Honestly all we can do is hope that no serious natural disaster happens in the next few months or something worse like another war starting jmv_chin: what mouse ya use happypuppppy: LUL foti_kasparov: That first rule of alchemy alicyka: My philosophy has been that a person’s life is worth the net profit of a person’s life, so any suffering can be extrapolated to that value. I haven’t thought about it much though FancyDawg_: utilitarianism shekshas369: @Paw_4 agreed orami: what if the person dying was about to die anyway 420lokki69: its one tooth per person, not million aflow404: whiskey will do for me LUL PiroFloydian: We can stop the trolley and save all these people but if we do the trolley company will lose profits what do we do? 420lokki69: hell yes its worth it mikey9988: true LUL mashafique: well people can give a number they think is worth it but which people are actually willing to have their tooth pulled to help save that life? m00chan: Nobody wants to be blamed DecayingSkullz: Hello everyone LocoLuka: true AresRai: Hopefully it does clean the political field x) m00chan: SO theyre going overboard Appz_x: this is a virus created to target old people and get rid of social security happypuppppy: what’s gonna happen to Bernie BibleThump opus_000: Navy pelosi looked like she had a fever shekshas369: well if talking about a teeth any teeth is worth a life anotherkidnamedaustin: whats the bell curve? the media? the std dev? foti_kasparov: Sacrifice people to save people Ayyyy420Lmao: no t00big2fl4il: the politicians are freaking out because it is poking holes in their legitimacy shekshas369: clearly 420lokki69: yes mashafique: no echobrother: yes shekshas369: yes AntiVax_SoccerMom: sure kidjulien: yep AresRai: no hordead: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Paw_4: yes eric_hansen: no plazmacsgo: yep Ne0Zer0: LUL shekshas369: YES mescal33t: yes Ayyyy420Lmao: nonono m00chan: yes localcanofdutchgold: bye @georgehotz LocoLuka: fuck no aflow404: foooookkkk noooooo knilecrack: yes Foxxy_xx: ofc Major_Spicy: NO KEKW hordead: NOOOOOOOOOOO Appz_x: your dead bud FancyDawg_: George is a utilitarian CONFIRMED? stillgeting: NOway eNoq: no cachedtv: yea bufferovrflw: been there done that shekshas369: 10000% guinness84: which tooth purplegreenpanda: no 🙂 matvey_ryabov: noooo guy_ross: any day of the week 4zimut: sure, get me an iphone tho orami: HELL NO yeoswaKEK Vackin: nope dr_set: yours, ok MrStereoX: Do you know the company “Black cube” @georgehotz brownyyyylocks: nope Bloodswordz88: the bat is the innocent one here dzid26: do we really suffer though? sidthescikid: N OMEGALUL Goooshlrific: no dog_runner09: yes StopitDonk: if you teach me python yes foti_kasparov: NOOOO wootawee: the real question – would you rather get a tooth pulled or bet 1 in 500 you die now hordead: noo aflow404: VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay nitrixen: Everyone who says no gets banned GoodOlSmokey: @georgehotz simple. tie the tooth to the door firmstool: fuck no LUL C0deCane: what would you do for me dude? Digital_donger: I think so 🙂 pz3300: Ooooh SoulRedding: I need that tooth man opus_000: give me 7k Vackin: with or without

thecoder15: lol caligula443: NICE KNOWN YA Bloodswordz88: it hurts tho pz3300: Tough spot shekshas369: i mean imagine form a relgious point of view its a freeticked to paradise for pulling a teeth purplegreenpanda: i only have one left alicyka: I’m drunk as FUCK so I’ll get my toe pulled off for laughs my dude Jehhred: Nah, you’re dead bro theonlymonkas: LUL yes knilecrack: ezbut noone gets the point of corona. If transmission rate of corona get over 10 it has a much more chance to mutate to something much worse then a lot more ppl gonna die alicyka: OnceI sober up I’ll kill you for pocket money shekshas369: like saving a lift for a teeth shekshas369: ez done AresRai: some people would die from the pain LUL devm0d: I’ve done that a couple times, dentist is very good and saves me time cellophane11578: which tooth? pz3300: Will I still get updates on my comma? AzzoDio: @georgehotz I don’t think there’s a scenario where you do no mitigation and the economy is just like before. all the chaos and all the deaths and all the hospitals overwhelmed will also hurt the economy l1ght5p33d: exploits foti_kasparov: DO IT FOR THE BROOS! hordead: @pz3300 as long as you run aot update sidthescikid: I hate those questions because we will never be able to answer them. I guess that why its important to talk about them Landowner555: do you believe that herd immunity will actually help prevent the spread? if there is selective pressure for the corona to mutate, dont you think that its more likely that will happen? GoodOlSmokey: @georgehotz your house could easily be Welcome to the Game 3’s environment kev061895: Hello peter35_: do you know the philosopher david pearce? benchai18: @chat Any of you guys use Discord? If there was a fully built out Unofficial george Discord server for these and other related topics… anyone even interested or not really??? t00big2fl4il: is it logrithmic atzehji: hospital stay 4 days? mashafique: how does on stop being a lazy piece of shit? asking for a friend Kappa AzzoDio: @georgehotz also advances in therapeutics and serology. monoclonal antibodies by September alicyka: IRC 4 lyfe kev061895: It’s so bad homestarr: are you doing anymore sequencing analysis? Landowner555: @mashafique lmfao Ayyyy420Lmao: just take drugs Abnico: just do it? nitrixen: @alicyka o/ Abnico: listen to nike mineyful: are onion rings literally deep fried onions l1ght5p33d: whole med / insurance such a scame MrStereoX: @benchai18 Sure Achi! localcanofdutchgold: 4Head obviously l1ght5p33d: scammmm SlaterUSA: did our man buy the little gene-gadget last night? shekshas369: agreed Landowner555: wtf, no way benchai18: I didn’t ask u Georgie lo. UNOFFICIAL Ayyyy420Lmao: dna vaccine? l1ght5p33d: MARKET RATE TREATMENT AresRai: 10 years in bio field is not really 10 years SoulRedding: what is “economy” HexaField: @benchai18 join the portal discord, it’s an unofficial discord and the most active IDW discord, over 4000 members Lizardan: People die sometimes 4Head pikomane2: is corona virus North Koreas Christmas present they were promising? 11plus4thinking: just make an agi that is way smarter than us 4Head devm0d: You have to remain curious bro guinness84: this went from biology to morbid real quick wholesome_pepe: yes. if we had the infrastructure to do PCRs on everything we would have the insight hordead: what??? comma ai have seels? xiic: meh, the world isnt going to forgive China this time benchai18: @hexafield Portal? Explain. Not the game, I presume? NullJupiter: EU economy is breaking down lol @georgehotz Landowner555: @wholesome_pepe 4Head Ayyyy420Lmao: mind = blown AntiVax_SoccerMom: i can feel my brain physically growing homestarr: !discord SlaterUSA: trickle-down economy, nbd right AzzoDio: @georgehotz Here is a timeline for treatment options: https://synbiobeta.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/COVID19_Timeline_SynBioBeta_LeapsByBayer.pdf 1monkjuice: automate production and delivery wootawee: xiic if by china you mean US then yes Paw_4: @AntiVax_SoccerMom HAHAHAH Vackin: economy is a trust in a system benchai18: @antivax_soccermom Not if you’re an anti vaxxer it’s not dorkmo: open your dishwasher sidthescikid: China LUL Natschz: how many donate blood to safe lifes? it’s probably not as painful as getting a tooth pulled? burzum_: what experiment? i wasnt here m00chan: progress of humanity is more important? NullJupiter: Which experiment? @georgehotz Lizardan: @Vackin wrong alicyka: I’m young and dumb: Isn’t it weird that we’ve had like 5 “pandemics” in the last 18 years since SARS? I feel like there’s been nothing between Spanish Flu and SARS dingus74: “the experiment” ? hordead: you need the protein mannn Landowner555: AWWWW roystang: i can read lips pikomane2: F can’t hear knilecrack: bro you didn’t mute Goooshlrific: read lips localcanofdutchgold: read his lips ez aj37z: bog shekshas369: aw men dorkmo: CORONA TASK FORCE PHONE CALL granti7: elon musk is calling shekshas369: come on purplegreenpanda: no streamer TriHard eric_hansen: any deaf people good at reading lips? shekshas369: so close Ayyyy420Lmao: bruh its not muted knilecrack: ahahahahahha 1re1: turn around so we cant read lips METH_HEAD_MIKE: not muted LUL Lizardan: KappaPride pikomane2: audio ??? opus_000: lol cachedtv: lmao knilecrack: ahahahahaha knilecrack: NICE ONE GoodOlSmokey: i can read lips guys here we go aj37z: bog dump it bufferovrflw: haha foti_kasparov: READ HIS LIPS thecoder15: lol Joftus112: Rip burzum_: who knows what the experiment is about? alicyka: Spend bits on unmuting stream shekshas369: @1re1 damn you SlaterUSA: “hello yes? what… google wants to hire me again?” mescal33t: RPGGhosto NullJupiter: he is smiling its a girl lmao shekshas369: exposed peter35_: we need to hack our appliances and stop them from beeping at us l1ght5p33d: What does Elon want? Abnico: bog called shekshas369: lipreaders METH_HEAD_MIKE: cocaine dealer monkaS kev061895: @goodolsmokey 👍🏼 4zimut: he got us nitrixen: The oven glass door. ENHANCE. ENHANCE iIyaRPV: monkaS Ayyyy420Lmao: @NullJupiter it’s a male girl 0R4NG3: monkaS dorkmo: you left and i dont know how to work the oven

Natschz: can someone see the vibrations on the bag ? xiic: Parts of the US are very fucked but China could have prevented this if they hadnt lied and suppressed information and destroyed evidence foti_kasparov: cbrahFor cbrahThe cbrahBoys cbrahFor cbrahThe cbrahBoys hordead: @METH_HEAD_MIKE yupp loll lordBzzl: lool, fear of the unmuted muted button mrhdr: coke dealer has arrived squadR aMANT3: using the planet leaf vibration to recreate the audio benchai18: “Hey bitch, send me dem pix hooker” 0R4NG3: 3 letter agency agent joined the chatroom monkaS ankitc: he did not leave us at OBS pikomane2: welcome back hordead: cokeeee dealer????? l1ght5p33d: Elon wants the comma ai model burzum_: what’s the experiment @georgehotz ? t00big2fl4il: Yo! benchai18: “Hey hooker, lemme get sum dem fish sticks” knilecrack: rofl pikomane2: lol AresRai: LUL mescal33t: beastyLULWW beastyLULWW beastyLULWW rtcspxstn: alicyka it’s largely because it’s much easier to transmit things across large distances now PiroFloydian: LUL Ayyyy420Lmao: funny thing is that it’s true shekshas369: LUL LUL DansGame DansGame t00big2fl4il: what experiment wholesome_pepe: LUL eric_hansen: KEKW sidthescikid: LUL foti_kasparov: gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts gmbenjTruthHurts dawaeSHW: LUL LUL LUL SlaterUSA: ask him if he takes payment in twitch bits happypuppppy: have you looked up any realistic genetic/molecular animations on youtube? AresRai: probably true cellophane11578: pistolCop hey buddy let me see your hands lordBzzl: synthesize some in jupyter wholesome_pepe: price gouging dealer monkaS sidthescikid: “Yeah the markets aren’t cooperating bruh” SoulRedding: price gouging during an emergency is ILLEGAL aflow404: LUL eric_hansen: it was a girl wasn’t it @georgehotz echobrother: is he joking sidthescikid: “No supply” t00big2fl4il: What level are we at? peter35_: think of the cokehards FeelsBadMan benchai18: Got that 8 ball in ur pocket Landowner555: @foti_kasparov ben finegold fan ! l1ght5p33d: I love it buy BTC Major_Spicy: @georgehotz its funny, my dealer said the same thing shekshas369: haha t00big2fl4il: What level Lizardan: Bro, I was going to start a $130K job and now they’re telling me I have to wait BibleThump dorkmo: cutting your coke with virus powder bufferovrflw: This IDIOT won the drug war with this ONE SIMPLE TRICK SlaterUSA: cocainavirus solitarynative: Kreygasm shekshas369: when your coke dealer cares about his farmers devm0d: @echobrother Of course wholesome_pepe: i got u on a pico gram for 1k shekshas369: money well spend burzum_: the experimeeeeeeent ankitc: why are you smiling linkrager: never play f6! granti7: receving calls from AI girls aflow404: LUL echobrother: @devm0d How do you know NullJupiter: What experiment did you mean? @georgehotz Landowner555: coronavirus HALTS the war on drugs microx0ft: you are the best benchai18: George u joke, but a bunch of junkies are in crazy withdrawals on the street rn burzum_: we will never know foti_kasparov: @landowner555 🙂 devm0d: Can someone update me on what we’re hacking on today? Ayyyy420Lmao: 1 paper per hour Kappa not even that really, this pace LUL snapcs1: we are hacking coronavirus eric_hansen: coronavirus drops drug overdose rates to 0% SlaterUSA: @devm0d the planet shekshas369: @devm0d technically the Virus itself lol microx0ft: geohot what monitor are you using? nitrixen: Assert dominance. Make the virus fear you homestarr: 2010 kinda old lol Paw_4: @devm0d he is hacking the fucking pandemic 0R4NG3: DansGame devm0d: @slaterusa Ahh hack the planet!! SlaterUSA: precisely SolarBerry: DansGame opus_000: hack cicada benchai18: “Hey bitch, ill give u my strand” alicyka: I read the lips: “hey georgie whatcha doin <3?" "Trying to figure out how many people I'd kill to get my tooth pulled" eric_hansen: didn't wash hands DansGame Major_Spicy: Yellow hands DansGame WaeHaKe: Cheer100 Cheer100 when we talking politics? mik12f4: your going to spoil us with all these back to back streams mikey9988: DansGame MrStereoX: @benchai18 are you opening the discord? eric_hansen: HE TOUCHED HIS LIPS hordead: Lol that's after you had your hands in your mouth zennydmt: how many hours of sleep do u get per night 0xatul: why does my meme comments gets auto mod'ed microx0ft: what monitor areu using sidthescikid: Util is an optimist's coping tool Abnico: economy as a social construct shekshas369: i always wonder about that tho tbh C0deCane: I heard some boomer today say "back in my day we didn't get this kinda shit, but thats cause we worked out in the fields and had real immune systems" LUL dzid26: no. it's great purge of the scam companies devm0d: I sold everything, I’m out. It’s all a scam snapcs1: what an idiot lollll @C0deCane PiroFloydian: @georgehotz https://twitter.com/JustinWolfers/status/1242641219517366278 AzzoDio: @georgehotz If the hospital system collapses, if doctors quit or get infected and the medical system collapses, that's ALSO a terrible economy. Try to model the effect of the economy of a having no hospitals for X months HexaField: George are you opposed to an unofficial discord server? I have experience running them and if you aren't opposed I'll start one. Done well they can be a great resource and organisational tool, and anecdotally so. Up to you alicyka: I feel you, I'm making jokes. 10000 people not making food for a month eventually = 100 people dying because of high food cost C0deCane: Nobody probably even knew honestly foti_kasparov: How to prevent it? shekshas369: well if it hit us back than without the internet you hell as bet can be sure quarantine at home wouldn'T be this effective devm0d: Twitter shekshas369: Pornhub saving the world 1 fap at the time devm0d: Twitter caused this madness shekshas369: LUL benchai18: It really does feel like all these outbreaks are recent. SARS, mers, h1n1, Ebola, corona.... all this shit wasn’t happening when I was a fucking kid SlaterUSA: @georgehotz did u buy one of those gene gadgets last night? firmstool: physical symptoms? benchai18: Oh interesting C0deCane: dude if you look into psychology just the minimal part of it this whole thing becomes really scary AzzoDio: We know about it because of a surge of atypical pneumonia in Wuhan, even before it was sequences or tested MrStereoX: Do you know the company "Black cube" @georgehotz xiic: you think the affected people wouldnt have recorded such an event in their history? firmstool: small pox etc. physical symptoms

robinbrinkler: “Antiviral Agents From Fungi: Diversity, Mechanisms and Potential Applications” Abnico: social distancing will stay after the virus, look into it hordead: @C0deCane what do you mean? HexaField: @georgehotz are you opposed to an unofficial discord server? I have experience running them and if you aren’t opposed I’ll start one. Done well they can be a great resource and organisational tool, and anecdotally so. Up to you Ayyyy420Lmao: @Abnico twitch user not affected l1ght5p33d: Sample bias * Infinity jasondesante: 90s was pretty dope shekshas369: the 90s were pretty dope tho devm0d: I had a pool in the 90s SlaterUSA: confirmation bias foti_kasparov: except people shekshas369: that was my point earlier like by how much do you quantify suffering ? bufferovrflw: This is taking 90s nostalgia too far NullJupiter: but population expanded too faraday_lenz: we need blockbuster again jasondesante: all games go back to point and click, and yea you’re right George I’m just bustin yo balls Abnico: new york was trash in 90s lmao 1monkjuice: log scale that knilecrack: 90s were crap shekshas369: cause people in the 90s lived pretty good entangledbeing: Nice in some places shitty in others alicyka: 90’s was dope socially, but today is to the point where the bottom shelf shit is the same as top shelf shit in the 90s knilecrack: only good music nothign besides that was crap Ayyyy420Lmao: im autistic i dont do restaurants C0deCane: @hordead your own thoughts can cripple you and studies show that when you consistently hear one thing you believe it and your mind can actually trick you and your body into becoming sick. That will definitely overrun our health resources with cases of this virus that don’t actually test positive C4TFive: Pager stonks gunna booooom! AzzoDio: @georgehotz As a thought experiment, pretend there’s no mitigation or quarantines possible. How much damage does the economy take from the surge of deaths, medical system. Who is going out to eat in that scenario? Dow still crashes IMO weedlord666: we used zagat guidebook bro t00big2fl4il: Bitcoin memphisFPS: my house was trash humid and cold during 90s cellophane11578: the 90s were nice because we were young and dumb? xd optimizely: @georgehotz how do you choose what project to do next? SlaterUSA: we had these things called maps 😀 entangledbeing: Hard to see the reality of the economy sitting from an ivory tower weedlord666: paperback yelp soisoisoi: you’d use maps aflow404: ASK SOMEONE m00chan: we dont know how good we have it Abnico: ussr was the goood old days benchai18: But why would that stuff disappear? cankunwang: it only means the stock market is a huge bubble? axlebear: In the 90s everyone was carefree Lizardan: @georgehotz do you believe this crisis is going to help Trump get re-elected? I think so benchai18: Why would phones disappear? SHAVEYY_: @georgehotz install arch linux for a stream xiic: payphones are not a function of the economy, they’re a function of technological progress. We’re not going back to payphones C0deCane: stress can weaken your immunity as well HexaField: George are you opposed to an unofficial discord server? I have experience running them and if you aren’t opposed I’ll start one. Done well they can be a great resource and organisational tool, and anecdotally so. Up to you sidthescikid: Wouldn’t later generations view the 2020’s in that same light tho? hordead: @C0deCane can you link me to one of these studies? benchai18: Bro he lives in the ghetto xiic: The rate of it is happypuppppy: elon ? xiic: not the state of it wholesome_pepe: i wish i were born in the future where everyone else has done all the leg work opus_000: physics Ayyyy420Lmao: aliens masters8: ?? Lots of people living in current day USSR miss those times benchai18: Лол cellophane11578: in soviet union we infect the virus Kappa Reelix: Eh – Look at the ZAR VS the USD over the past 30 years – Some places go up, some go down :p shekshas369: i mean you guys are talking about an era of Internet vs no internet pretty unfair comparison zombiedigital: some countries will become out of this as a winner Abnico: @HexaField all discord servers fail optimizely: @georgehotz how do you choose what project to do next? SolarBerry: monkaS iIyaRPV: monkaS shekshas369: wouldn’T it make more sense comparing the economy of 2k10 to 2k20 rather than the 90s ? slim_bhris: dam that honda is loud HexaField: @Abnico only because they aren’t run well WaeHaKe: dickhead in a maserati? aj37z: theyre puring putside Ayyyy420Lmao: ending the apartheid was a mistake t00big2fl4il: yes but. Jobs and Woz were blueboxing payphones prior to the 90s snapcs1: damn that guy revving his engine must be so cool HexaField: wild generalisations there aj37z: purging devm0d: Bring back Phone phreaking pay phones! treestompztv: vrrrrrr SpaceGhost8: stockTank granti7: are we reverse engineering the economy? pog foti_kasparov: @optimizely He just waits for a virus to blow up I guess HexaField: i know many that work just fine and have for years and years sidthescikid: Yes because Africa’s econ is stable Kappa nitrixen: @georgehotz Technology can develop because a minority supports the essential needs of the majority amedhussaini: you ever try to hack the market? like algorithmic trading, etc? Abnico: @HexaField i dont know of any good public ones entangledbeing: The economy may go up but the standard of living you experience is not the case for most people in America devm0d: Who’s got a captain crunch whistle? iIyaRPV: RUB vs USD is so monkaS rn aj37z: kappa C0deCane: @hordead its actually a psychological test that was done with advertisements you dealing with symbols and songs and other things like that i don’t have a link right with me but im sure i gave you enough info you can google it, or you can just disagree with me idc eldred57: There are people here who are talking about communism as good old times. All of them were in a privilege position with the party 😀 Lizardan: true l1ght5p33d: Same expense probably as 2010 all R and D cankunwang: true aj37z: cost 20 bucks to make i nchina aflow404: dude after 2008, so much gentrification @georgehotz Ozonemaster: what is rnd? dvdutch: You figure this shit out yet sidthescikid: research and development @Ozonemaster stillgeting: ??? ayushsharma: Rnd is bullshit knilecrack: yes on credit cankunwang: I remember iPhone was such a luxury thing in 2010s peter35_: getting a gf was better in the 90s for average guys FeelsBadMan Lizardan: Debatable shekshas369: is that true tho Abnico: europe has higher standard than us stillgeting: thats not right weedlord666: how do you square that with the “decline of the middle class” Ozonemaster: @sidthescikid aaa ok. its ID in my language Ozonemaster: thx sidthescikid: rnd is necessary tho pz3300: People in us are no better off than in the 70s benchai18: For sure we do Lizardan: The first iPhone I could afford was the 4 HexaField: @Abnico keep looking. they are out there. Eric Weinstein’s the portal is highly active and growing. Rebel wisdom is fairly active, there is the science network of around 10 servers that are huge Ayyyy420Lmao: europe higher standards than usa LUL ICAntF331MyFAce: @peter35_ FeelsBadMan knilecrack: USA lives on credit entangledbeing: Yeah your probably right benchai18: Broke ass kids own iPhones and MacBooks wholesome_pepe: if we measure by life expectancy then yes. cuz time = money = value HexaField: Bridges of Meaning is JBP’s and it is very active too sidthescikid: Me too 🙂 cachedtv: what do you think will happen to tesla since no one will be buying luxury goods? Abnico: @HexaField i will check them out! thanks ummyeah1929: i know people in tiny little pueblos in mexico who own the newest iphone LUL

C0deCane: American poverty is fuckin nice compared to Chinese poverty xiic: Look at the wealth gap over the last 20 years in the US, that’s where the decline of the middle class can be seen mattdougherty22: @Abnico Check out The portal un3okapi: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2018/10/01/bottom-percent-are-still-poorer-than-they-were/ axlebear: The happiness index has continued to plummet though knilecrack: I grew up in the 90’s 2 wars in 5 years 🙂 it was very nice queencitydisco: middle class has shrunk but has lost people in both directions Abnico: okie lostindetails: Is wearing face masks underrated? benchai18: I broke up a broke ass bitch in LA knilecrack: corona means nothign to me Ayyyy420Lmao: @axlebear that just proves the unabomber right echotaco: Happiness is a function of perception, people will get used to whatever happens m00chan: in musk we trust heyitsrama: tsla is doing good because holland is getting rid of subsidies soon entangledbeing: What about increasing wealth inequality? Does trickle down heyitsrama: they gotta get the cars into the countries HexaField: @georgehotz are you opposed to an unofficial discord server? I have experience running them and if you aren’t opposed I’ll start one. Done well they can be a great resource and organisational tool, and anecdotally so. Up to you HexaField: tell me to shut up if im spamming ayushsharma: Is the economy inflating ? foti_kasparov: @knilecrack Are you from Kosovo? snoozejunkie: this channel is fire weedlord666: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_inequality_in_the_United_States#2007–2016_reduction knilecrack: No. I’m from serbia shekshas369: they are pretty much the same knilecrack: but I was born in croatia shekshas369: jokes on you pz3300: How much a loaf of bread cost mashafique: I had some pretty good ramen bowls in 2019 LUL treestompztv: https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyBrightKathyKappaPride this past clip of you LUL m00chan: not mcdonalds fries sidthescikid: Mc Donalds turned into a budget salada ngl m00chan: used to be made with beef tallow eldred57: Tesla is selling more and more in China and its factory there is up and running. GM will be significantly more fucked t00big2fl4il: the tech is good that economies allow, but the skills to create and innovate are better and are born from necessity snapcs1: ????????????? cankunwang: I saw my own eyes these days, ppl used like 5 credit cards but not able to pay for food at Walmart m00chan: until saturated fat scare SpaceGhost8: interior sure, but look at those OG burgers l1ght5p33d: meh roystang: @georgehotz inside of a mcdonalds != qualty of living Ayyyy420Lmao: mcdonalds has turned low quality with celulose fillers so they can keep price the same hordead: @georgehotz it’s just aesthetics atzehji: what we pay is hours of work at the end. efficientcy of production processes won’t go back. i feel like economic problems will be very temporarely entangledbeing: Do you believe in trickle down economics? Reelix: 1990 -> US$1 = ZAR2.50 — 2020 – US$1 = ZAR17.37 – I’d prefer 1990 thanks :p aj37z: now you got pink chicken nuggets devm0d: My income went up over time so yeah my meals got better picklesareok: dont you think thats more of a representation of the company’s health more than individual people? snapcs1: evaluating the economy by mcdonalds restaurant design galaxy brain weedlord666: what a strange anecdote picklesareok: health or wealth zwisch: dark meat > white meat dzid26: buildings with fake decorations Ayyyy420Lmao: inflation adjusted pls HexaField: @georgehotz are you opposed to an unofficial discord server? I have experience running them and if you aren’t opposed I’ll start one. Done well they can be a great resource and organisational tool, and anecdotally so. Up to you Major_Spicy: @snapcs1 i mean, it is super popular, so it is kind of okay LUL AlwaysTilted_: What’s your order when you hit up McDonald’s? heyitsrama: lmao its the same plazmacsgo: the income increased because of inflation pz3300: Mac Donald’s only make money from rent memphisFPS: cars have became really good too compared to 10-20 years ago heyitsrama: 61k -> 63k Ayyyy420Lmao: real means inflation adjusted devm0d: Didn’t your 20 year scam chart show ya that wages are stagnant for last 20 years?? knilecrack: talkin about economy: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/795/988/c92.jpg lordBzzl: maybe by sheer repetition things get better SpaceGhost8: slightly up, but not much overall t00big2fl4il: fiat currency vs bitcoin pz3300: Yeah inflation without electronics l1ght5p33d: i am the recession Natschz: so if the economy falls far enough we will live in castles again? heyitsrama: georgehotz your disconnected from teh test of america my brotha 5_betbluff: this gotta be the most intelligent conversation in a twitch chat lol HexaField: Geohot discord server. https://discord.gg/VYdj5dx George, if you don’t want it to be a thing it’s gone. I have had good experiences with them dzid26: cars are barely different nowadays compared to other technologies pz3300: Yes Ayyyy420Lmao: “inflation tracks economic growth” ??? SpaceGhost8: right nitrixen: Second chart is adjusted Reelix: Yes t00big2fl4il: 500 in 2009 bitcoin Ozonemaster: cars are waaaaaaaay better treestompztv: @georgehotz https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyBrightKathyKappaPride dingus74: Lol yeah cars are 10x better raystriker98: they were junk memphisFPS: dude cars are so well equipped nowadays sidthescikid: LUL Ozonemaster: turbos had gotten better Appz_x: 2019 honda civic with comma ai is the best pz3300: It should be food not electronics Ozonemaster: more hp benchai18: Why median and not average???? Natschz: if the economy gets to worse tv’s will get black/white again? lordBzzl: lool, used to have tape players cemck: for technial goods but how was it for food ? bromku: any data on food prices rn 360Plato: 2000s had shitty networking solutions pz3300: For inflation Reelix: @memphisFPS Assuming you can buy a car made in the past 15 years elephantpandas: id say from 2010 up for most cars are good informalgarlic: How does capitalism work in a fully automated society? @georgehotz Ayyyy420Lmao: average is higher devm0d: We’re off topic t00big2fl4il: what about vintage tech? nozpheratu: I’ve been driving a 1995 volvo for five years now, built to last if you’re not a moron ummyeah1929: mean gonna be skewed benchai18: Average is for sure higher. Median is like meh pz3300: We still in recession from 2008, they just fudge the numbers Lizardan: Trickle down ecomony 4Head t00big2fl4il: I saw a boombox in best buy yo weedlord666: electronics and tire compounds have advanced a lot in consumer cars heyitsrama: @nozpheratu got my 73 240z 🙂 weedlord666: the rest not that much SolarBerry: we need to solve coronavirus tonight hordead: @georgehotz , ai wan’st around back then.. times are definitely better now memphisFPS: all i am saying they are better products than they used to be, we have been building cars for over century now l1ght5p33d: Every job should be automated to some degree

pz3300: Inflation adjustments should not includes electronics nozpheratu: heyitsrama Got me beat Ozonemaster: what u mean by that plazmacsgo: true ummyeah1929: because exponential inflation? heyitsrama: nozpheratu ill wip the volvo SpaceGhost8: much safer, more fuel efficient, probably has more horsepower Mariosavitch: hello mr hotz devm0d: I bought a 10gig hard drive at staples in 99’ for $330 and it failed in 3 months Lizardan: Are cars cheaper now? Ozonemaster: one can argue development is independent to economy shekshas369: isn’T that innevitable since technology gets exponentially better lordBzzl: definitely agree memphisFPS: my car from 90s doesnt have seatbelts in read seats LUL t00big2fl4il: 8trak Natschz: So TV’s will get back and white again?? @georgehotz shekshas369: and thus exponentially faster obsolete? xXICEW0LFXx: Finished my assembly lab homework 360Plato: midtier car beats a sports car of the 70s Ayyyy420Lmao: my car has none of those feelspoor axlebear: Things are more disposal today xXICEW0LFXx: that took me 5 hours lordBzzl: do cars have cd players still? plazmacsgo: I think he mean that your perception of moneygrows less and less with the more money you get memphisFPS: rear’ xXICEW0LFXx: I hate assembly ShredderSherlock: not if you don’t pay for the extra packages Reelix: Will your car from today still be working 20 years from now, since your car from 20 years from now is still working today t00big2fl4il: I remember when seatbelts became a law in california atzehji: i think you should compare the same thing for inflation though. and thake the average. it doesn’t hold for tec xXICEW0LFXx: that’s also a lie, i don’t hate assembly sidthescikid: New cars have seat warmers PogChamp 11plus4thinking: why do people still buy apple products pz3300: What’s your point though george? informalgarlic: How does capitalism work in a fully automated society, Mr. communism is [email protected] Ayyyy420Lmao: @sidthescikid a friend has a 20years old volvo with seat warmers Jehhred: your car has power windows plazmacsgo: ohh I see theonlymonkas: my car doesn’t even have seats LUL AntiVax_SoccerMom: 10 MCCHICKENS? devm0d: Back to VIRUSES SpaceGhost8: buying a mcchicken for $1 LUL Mariosavitch: buy 10 of them cemck: how with real estate compared? plazmacsgo: makes sense HexaField: unofficial george hotz discord server. https://discord.gg/VYdj5dx George, if you don’t want it to be a thing it’s gone. I have had good experiences with them pz3300: Two hookers sidthescikid: @Ayyyy420Lmao Ahead of their time Mariosavitch: buy 100 mc chickens l1ght5p33d: more cats t00big2fl4il: 1000 iphone 11pro 360Plato: craftsmanshit is more expensive localcanofdutchgold: 2? shekshas369: @pz3300 priorities haha memphisFPS: haha hordead: @georgehotz Why are you not verified? SpaceGhost8: let’s start a cult 🙂 eric_hansen: however the purchasing power of the us dollar has declined significantly from the 1900’s to now @georgehotz Ghost_001: LUL montecarlo: @HexaField he hates you! erlsek: tanoviOK l1ght5p33d: 200 kittens instead of 100 kittens = 2x as good WaeHaKe: lmao t00big2fl4il: gold standar? Mariosavitch: ?? foti_kasparov: lul pz3300: No you dont HexaField: sure thing man. it’s gone. 🙂 thekittyslayer7: @SpaceGhost8 i’m in nozpheratu: I’m going to start a official a discord now flickapotamus: the further u go up the more minscule the difference is say 50m and 100m OlympusDev: Sounds good lets all start a Discord informalgarlic: How does capitalism work in a fully automated society? @georgehotz MrStereoX: @HexaField its ok you tried 🙂 Ayyyy420Lmao: im starting a discord channel too t00big2fl4il: gold v bitcoin ummyeah1929: we’re toxic FeelsBadMan 4zimut: irc? montecarlo: @HexaField he doesnt hate you! foti_kasparov: Discord is waste of time Ghost_001: D: happypuppppy: @HexaField you still the real MVP my dude plazmacsgo: @georgehotz how do you start contributing to a GitHub project. When I look at it , I can’t understand it l1ght5p33d: we like your streams a lot t00big2fl4il: teamwork Mariosavitch: @informalgarlic why should it not? sidthescikid: monkaS No Discord plazmacsgo: and its overwelming MrStereoX: Discussing what ? @georgehotz shekshas369: but i will hate you and your discord server if it causes him to stream less brownyyyylocks: twitchies revolt informalgarlic: How does our capitalism work in a fully automated society? georgehotz mashafique: Discord servers = places where people go to post their anime waifus plazmacsgo: gotchu pz3300: Booooo mikey9988: LUL k3hvari: Vaping? t00big2fl4il: get to work hordead: is that soda? 360Plato: Make it a bioinformatics discord foogs_: are we choppin or what? alicyka: Bitch I will post my anime waifu anywhere, anytime, I don’t need discord theonlymonkas: work work Mariosavitch: the same way it works in any society @informalgarlic nozpheratu: Let’s make a “Not George Hotz” discord server informalgarlic: @mariosavitch how do you buy goods with no money cause no jobs? mashafique: @alicyka LUL sidthescikid: @informalgarlic cap would collapse leading up to it i feel benchai18: I already made it. With a pic of u from Lex’s podcast looking angry AF Landowner555: @alicyka lmfao benchai18: I’ll delete benchai18: Now l1ght5p33d: run command ::: create attribute burzum_: he never said the experiment, did he foti_kasparov: @mashafique LUL Ne0Zer0: turbotax is still a scam LUL Mariosavitch: @informalgarlic the fact you think no jobs would exist is your false premise knilecrack: did you hear about AMD hack? Lizardan: @Ne0Zer0 its’not if you know how to use it informalgarlic: @sidthescikid yeah agreed

Landowner555: man that stove is loud hordead: that’s the coronavirus trying to brake in sidthescikid: I bet he smelled the fish DansGame l1ght5p33d: is AMD hack x01 instead of x00? foti_kasparov: Cooking bats theonlymonkas: LUL Ne0Zer0: @Lizardan $80 to file cypto tax is a scam lol Ayyyy420Lmao: inb4 corona19 has nothing to do with covid19 and is caused by a different virus ICAntF331MyFAce: monkaS 👉 🦇 🥣 informalgarlic: What do you think fully automated means? Regardless any unemployment over 30%?would be horrible @mariosavitch benchai18: I WOULD PAY $1000 TO SEE GEORGE CHAT WITH Duncan Trussel FOR A FEW HOURS axlebear: Until the fire nation attacked devm0d: George clearly has nuerolink installed with the speed he reads these benchai18: virii nitrixen: Imagine if covid-19 is bening and it’s activated by something else Mariosavitch: @informalgarlic who builds and maintaines the automation? sidthescikid: monkaS 👉 Discord SpaceGhost8: didn’t they record 17 days on one of the cruise ships? Bloodswordz88: activated by 5G Kappa PotlePS: 17 days on surface, what the fuck nozpheratu: Depends on the surface, only a few hours on some metals pz3300: Hard surfsces ummyeah1929: a week is under perfect lab conditions i think Mariosavitch: who mines, ships, processes and packages the minerals? @informalgarlic benchai18: I got a hard surface every morning NullJupiter: Do you guys know the Kurzgesagt video on corona? ummyeah1929: under sunlight/humidity itd be much less i think benchai18: I got a hard surface rn actually vruthlessv: what text editor is that foti_kasparov: vim gaffo: are you learning by wikipediaing? granti7: @georgehotz did you take a look at chloroquine azithromycin to see why it would help fight corona? luigifrcruz: A non peer-reviewed paper says it can stay on certain surfaces up to three days. http://the-scientist.com/news-opinion/sars-cov-2-can-live-on-plastic-and-steel-for-23-days-67260 vruthlessv: does vim custom themes or plugins C0deCane: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html Ayyyy420Lmao: classification by lineage i guess Mariosavitch: @informalgarlic what is the final price of a good if its completely automated? If you say anything above free, explain to me where that price was derived Ayyyy420Lmao: genetic divergence Mariosavitch: @informalgarlic i really think you have no idea what you are talking about benchai18: The beta’s are little bitches t00big2fl4il: alpha beta aar0npham: aar0npham subscribed at Tier 1 Ayyyy420Lmao: @Mariosavitch lmao at marx’s price value theory t00big2fl4il: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5744139/ Reelix: Bats – Not Rats

zwisch: sars also spread from civets t00big2fl4il: alpha vs beta https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5744139/ hordead: Genius hootdaflute: well it is a coronavirus..lol wheely_mcbones: Cool, what is causing those changes? pz3300: I always lose with Ace 2 Mariosavitch: Ace Venture 2 Receptor? m00chan: what the hell is a civet C0deCane: @Reelix bats = rats wings Reelix: @C0deCane Fair enough Waldoqq: Did you cuere the coronas yet? wheely_mcbones: Civet is that animal who poo coffee bufferovrflw: @georgehotz How come that nCOV is so much more “infectious” compared to HCOV? entangledbeing: @wheely_mcbones Yes C0deCane: @bufferovrflw simply because its less deadly entangledbeing: Bucket list item Landowner555: yeah Landowner555: they have a discclaimer on pubmed Rohitbokade94: What are we eating today? guinness84: deez nuts entangledbeing: So someone ate poop coffee and gave us all corona snapcs1: bat soup theonlymonkas: LUL wheely_mcbones: China is making it free and China is producing most of the papers Fosade: heyy brooo benchai18: Well plug my baby and call me Norman Reedus …..WE’RE IN DEATH STRANDING NOW BOTS wholesome_pepe: @bufferovrflw some scientists speculate that there is a mutation in nCov that makes it more airborne and therefore more infectious jimmyadaro: I’m back, what’s he doing? gaffo: @georgehotz the laancet is making covid-19 papers free so I’m assuming many others followed suit hordead: why do they even sell the papers… they should be free benchai18: @jimmyadaro Should I send u the GitHub link lol gaffo: loos like elsevir did as well jimmyadaro: @benchai18 LMAO jimmyadaro: Sup @benchai18 dongmuya: I missed when Hotz used to call us “twitches” 🙁 wheely_mcbones: @hordead agree Ayyyy420Lmao: @gaffo no way elsevier went free l1ght5p33d: smol monies only Ayyyy420Lmao: those dutch jews only care about money Landowner555: @Ayyyy420Lmao they actualy did for covid jimmyadaro: @Ayyyy420Lmao Who? LUL Reelix: @hordead From a strictly financial standpoint – To fund the people who made them to make more wholesome_pepe: if u cant beat sci-hub u gotta join them LUL Mariosavitch: have you found the patch yet that would fix the beer virus benchai18: @ayyyy420lmao I resent that biatch. I’m an American Jew and I too only care about money l1ght5p33d: @benchai18 knew it sidthescikid: okay, I think its time to devolve corona? Pop the red bubbles chat hordead: @Reelix information should be free Landowner555: so what makes this anti-viral???? FoxMcWeezer: FoxMcWeezer subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! You got me into CS years ago. Worked at 2 Big Ns thanks to your mindset wheely_mcbones: @Reelix most good scientists don’t do it for money, the ones who get the money are businessmans Reelix: @hordead What’s your credit card number, CVV, and expiry date? Mariosavitch: Meat Landowner555: papers are publically funded, and yet not able to be accessed by the public zwisch: taking zinc all the time is not good for you Landowner555: iconic hordead: @Reelix sure.. Give me a second let me get my card

C0deCane: hospitals are considering universal do not resuscitate orders for corona virus patients jimmyadaro: cowabunga it is Appz_x: make sure you take copper with zinc Landowner555: @C0deCane thats bull Landowner555: lies miiiiiiim: @C0deCane ? eric_hansen: @georgehotz do you take magnesium? miiiiiiim: source FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: what are we doing? l1ght5p33d: treating a patient should be up to the doctor pz3300: Fuck them supplements George. Just eat proper food man Reelix: @wheely_mcbones Could claim the same about the creator of any product FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: research? Pedroso: Hey George, How do you manage to be so disciplined? hordead: @C0deCane nonsense Landowner555: where are you storing this info???? l1ght5p33d: thats why hospitals pay them so much Abnico: @benchai18 lol i laughed a lot hordead: @Pedroso Just do it wheely_mcbones: @Reelix yep, what this says about our society? l1ght5p33d: if theres a loss in profit I’m sure doctor would be able to optimize that if his job required it Reelix: @wheely_mcbones That people would prefer not to do manual labor if given the option Ayyyy420Lmao: @wheely_mcbones what does it say about you? why arent you working for free? gimme ur money hordead: @Reelix Not a reasonable comparison C0deCane: @hordead just saw it on the news washington post but i don’t believe much news anyways extremelywide: LOL hordead: So any discoveries about the Chinese virus? wheely_mcbones: @Ayyyy420Lmao I’m actually working for free in college, making jobs in an area I’ll probably not work just to spend my time with people I like C0deCane: I like the kongflu a lot better LUL @hordead Reelix: @hordead It is if you extrapolate several levels backwards. You need food which comes from farms which are currently not automated and require manual labour which requires payment peter35_: i learned about introns and exons from mgs2 LUL el1s1us: good evening, say hi to brazil mr george Ayyyy420Lmao: @wheely_mcbones ahahaah he does it for free 5_betbluff: gotta think a lot involved in farming is already automated or can be pretty easily Landowner555: tbh papers should be available to the public but wheely is a tool Landowner555: just use sci-hub tho Reelix: Sure – It can – But then people complain that its not natural and so on Landowner555: thank me later sidthescikid: hey chat, is it possible for a machine learning algorithm with access to the internet just ‘learn’ or is there some external limitation?

Pedroso: @hordead Thanks, haha nitrixen: Chat, is there an organism with not too many genes that we perfectly understand to use as learning material to get into this stuff? duncansclarke: @sidthescikid What do you mean by learn? Landowner555: @nitrixen ecoli Reelix: @sidthescikid They work via positive and negative reinforcement, so it would need to know what it should be learning Ayyyy420Lmao: @nitrixen bacteria or multicelular eukaria? FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: that the thing their talking about up there lol benchai18: @nitrixen Yes. @ayyyy420lmao‘s mom FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: this is a great stream FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: thanks @georgehotz l1ght5p33d: @nitrixen what is “not too many genes” pomprocks: biology is like some sort of alien technology 10000 years ahead of own 5_betbluff: Any one got advice on how to stop being lazy Ayyyy420Lmao: @benchai18 woah cool it she died of cancer hordead: @FreddiesDeadieButHasAces nice name peter35_: in vivo wheely_mcbones: yeah it can learn, but if you don’t define it will probably “learn” things that are useless FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: thanks @hordead peter35_: “in glass” pz3300: Yeah benchai18: @ayyyy420lmao I’d say the same…. even if false wholesome_pepe: in vitro = testube. in vivo = body RNG_S0uL: NY is so fkd man it’s getting scary here pz3300: In vivo Landowner555: in-vivo = in a living animal theonlymonkas: yo vivo happypuppppy: @5_betbluff just don’t be lazy 4Head sidthescikid: @Reelix Ahhhh, I see l1ght5p33d: with the Pure 100% AAA default Enzymezzz 5_betbluff: in vitro, isn’t that a nirvana album foti_kasparov: cbrah420Pepe cbrah420Pepe benchai18: @ayyyy420lmao u know I love u don’t worry Landowner555: in-silico = on the goddamn supercomputer tkdboy555: @georgehotz is this relevant? https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/jgm.1111 tkdboy555: @georgehotz “An efficient RNA‐cleaving DNA enzyme can specifically target the 5′‐untranslated region of severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus (SARS‐CoV)” Landowner555: ur computer is burning up dude Landowner555: its so loud C0deCane: well honestly to produce real data that we can rely on we need more time l1ght5p33d: “An efficient RNA‐cleaving DNA enzyme can specifically target the 5′‐untranslated region of severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus (SARS‐CoV)” l1ght5p33d: u mean a nuke Abnico: what is with the autists asking how to code and not be lazy, is this stream cursed Landowner555: LUL Reelix: @sidthescikid For example, a ML thing for Mario would use an increase in the X axis (Moving right) as positive, so it would try a million different ways to do that, and follow the pathways that work benchai18: @abnico Lol Landowner555: @tkdboy555 what is that called btw foti_kasparov: @abnico Seen a lot of them peter35_: Abnico have we had an adder*ll ref yey? Kappa peter35_: yet* tkdboy555: @Landowner555 I posted the title of the paper after the link C0deCane: @Abnico teach me code pwease >( l1ght5p33d: An efficient RNA‐cleaving DNA enzyme can specifically target the 5′‐untranslated region of severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus (SARS‐CoV) and nothing else ever for eternity and beyond Ayyyy420Lmao: @tkdboy555 i dont think the dna can get inside cells in vivo, they used electroporation or some shit in the papaer i guess?? Waldoqq: IM BOUT MY PAPER LIKE A MUH F*CKIN SCRATCH AND WIN foti_kasparov: Coming from r/depression and r/getdisciplined Abnico: people over complicate things to give them excuses i assume

wheely_mcbones: are people coming here from ibs? Tyoo_: hey george, opinions on renting vs owning? do you own your apt? wheely_mcbones: I came from Lex Friedman Landowner555: @tkdboy555 ty benchai18: @abnico hOw I HaCk aNd bE sMaRt aNd GeTz goOdZ jOb aLsO wHaT aRmChAiR rEsT u UsE Reelix: @sidthescikid Like “Moving 10 pixels right gives you 100 points, and getting a coin gives you 50 points – You have to get to 10000 points – Go” C0deCane: yeah and only people in group 3 can go there LUL AzzoDio: This one was better than the chloroquine study, where all the deaths were in the treatment group. You really want to compare outcomes but all these so far just do viral load Landowner555: @Ayyyy420Lmao yes, obviously sidthescikid: @Reelix So if the goal for this hypothetical ML alg. is to interpret text, I would have sample data that compares the tested output to the correct answer and reinforce is respectivley Abnico: @benchai18 hello what version of osx do u use? dontbeameme: Did we find out how deadly it really is? pz3300: Chinese people got skills. Dude in a back alley can make an iPhone from scratch benchai18: @abnico I’ll tell u only if u tell me what resolution your monitor is set to. Please dontbeameme: Sacrifices need to be made for the good of the economy people sidthescikid: Me 🙂 foti_kasparov: @benchai18 Should I go in college? Ghost_001: not me 🙂 granti7: who wants to try fap? Kappa gazny: Stick it in me doc Risx: 0.2-0.6% if we go off SKorea & Germany mashafique: Just blend all those meds into a strawberry smoothie and stick a straw in my mouth benchai18: @foti_kasparov What time should I wake up in morning? bufferovrflw: rip Prince Charles Abnico: @benchai18 should i go to college? wheely_mcbones: 1% is really high pz3300: George mengalin there! 360Plato: How would you do the placebo lol guinness84: ventilator death rate for <40 y/o? AzzoDio: @georgehotz Theya are doing that. They used remdesivir on the first patent in the US benchai18: @abnico Should I wipe forward or backward? Reelix: @sidthescikid You would need to give it various levels of "correctness", and "wrongness" and input practices it can use (Eg: Click a link), and it would go gazny: Do it to help prevent more deaths cankunwang: only if ppl get treatment then 1% dorkmo: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/03/plague-inc-rolling-out-new-mode-where-you-fight-to-contain-the-outbreak/ Hawklite: what are the chances of death if you don't go on a ventilator? masters8: Cause that's how placebo works happypuppppy: Bernie is 78 monkaS anotherkidnamedaustin: comma.bio Abnico: @benchai18 what underwear are u wearing? pz3300: 50% of all medicine is placebo Landowner555: WHAT sidthescikid: @Reelix So tools and score wheely_mcbones: if you know is a placebo is probably not gonna work 360Plato: @masters8 he doesnt get it foti_kasparov: @benchai18 Should I start drinking green tea too? Ozonemaster: i was afk i missed on that one Ozonemaster: whats that treatment? Lizardan: @pz3300 facts t00big2fl4il: Favipravir? sidthescikid: Trump is 73 thoo dontbeameme: It’s the patients fault for not knowing what to tell the doctor Ozonemaster: will do Reelix: @sidthescikid Yup. It will try every tool in every possibile combination, and discard the pathways which give a low score / don't increase the score fast enough, and carry on going nitrixen: Hydrocloroquine opens an ion gate that lets more Zinc in the cells. Zinc binds with I dont knwo what that stops the replication wholesome_pepe: the direct cause of death is actually the symptoms from the immune system going crazy and flooding your lungs bufferovrflw: @georgehotz commit the changes? zwisch: why do you /asdf every time you :w ? iopanics: How can I find covid 19 genom sequence? Do you have a link? nitrixen: @zwisch Presumably he doesnt know about :nohl alicyka: "Sorry sir, we can't give you the medicine you want-- for your own safety, because some people don't want to take the risk" benchai18: @abnico @foti_kasparov should I fill up unleaded 87 gas or 89? Ayyyy420Lmao: @iopanics first google hit https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genbank/sars-cov-2-seqs/ dorkmo: plot twist, george is Jude Law's character in the film Contagion CorgiDerp CorgiDerp

peter35_: does caffeine fuck with it? PotlePS: FORSYTHIA murgmasallam: @iopanics For the Wuhan genome , https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/NC_045512/ Stegosaurian: dude how does he read so fast? iopanics: @Ayyyy420Lmao thank you ryanm0012: George come fix my computer Ozonemaster: trainedf wheely_mcbones: should I watch contagion? pz3300: They even do placebo knee surgery’s now and they out perform the real surgery. No shit google it Reelix: @zwisch To make sure the window is currently focused wheely_mcbones: @pz3300 I heard about that J0hncr055: Can anyone explain what he means by ‘reverse engineer coronavirus”? Like research for a potential cure or something? Stegosaurian: I am trying to catch up but he scrolls before i finish the paragraph lmao Hawklite: he doesn’t actually read he just reads a few words and then guesses what the text says sidthescikid: @Reelix Okay I understand. How would I start to do that? I kinda just want to know whether ML can get access to Wikipedia or Google and autonomously navigate and understand new topics Stegosaurian: oh J0hncr055: PotlePS Forsythia LUL darkclemo: I have literally no idea what’s going on but it’s so interesting to me t00big2fl4il: sequence https://www.gisaid.org/ mashafique: @J0hncr055 just working backwards from the virus and figuring out how it works and what its made of wheely_mcbones: @J0hncr055 god or nature engineered he is trying to reverse engineer it to understand how it works Reelix: @sidthescikid Finding an ML example in your programming language of choice would be the best way to start J0hncr055: mashafique ahh gotcha thanks! dorkmo: found the fure bros https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forsythia AzzoDio: @georgehotz here’s one more treatment to consider, quercitin zinc, explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE4_LsftNKM&t=6m11s entangledbeing: Final coronavirus stimulus bill is 880 pages long mashafique: @J0hncr055 no problem sidthescikid: @Reelix Im sure there are python ML libraries murgmasallam: Are spike proteins unique to a particular virus? Reelix: @sidthescikid TensorFlow is common nitrixen: @J0hncr055 Viruses are sequences of genes. The genes turns into different proteins that do various things. It’s just like reverse engineering a codebase, to find out what are the functions and what they do, so you can patch where it’s going wrong l1ght5p33d: @dorkmo “containing several winged seeds” agreeed t00big2fl4il: excellent graphic https://www.gisaid.org/epiflu-applications/next-hcov-19-app/ Stegosaurian: @mashafique do you think the information found on wikipedia and the basic definitions on the websites is enough to really understand the virus? I fear the info there might be a bit too generalized and simplified wholesome_pepe: patent troll incoming? nvda9: scam scam scam dontbeameme: Wikipedia is not trusted source sidthescikid: @Reelix I’ll eat up that documentation then eric_hansen: @georgehotz are you looking at homeopathic treatments too, such as isatis root wheely_mcbones: little change in the molecule can cause huge changes in the effecst granti7: did you check this? https://chemrxiv.org/articles/Repurposing_Therapeutics_for_the_Wuhan_Coronavirus_nCov-2019_Supercomputer-Based_Docking_to_the_Viral_S_Protein_and_Human_ACE2_Interface/11871402/4 wholesome_pepe: just change one of the double bonds. ez profits dontbeameme: Plz someone edit the wiki George is using nitrixen: @Stegosaurian He’s opened over 100 papers since the beginning of this Reelix: @dontbeameme Until you try edit something only to have it reverted 5 minutes later by someone citing 10 different references mashafique: @Stegosaurian I think Wikipedia can serve as a good starting point for understanding the basics of terms and whatnot. There are also references on Wikipedia that you can follow and read from there Nussinov: wikipedia’s absolutely sufficient for his purposes here xhunter0001: But you promised you wouldn’t be here today sidthescikid: Wait thats actually a molecular-level scam LUL AzzoDio: @georgehotz This is another zinc ionophore strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE4_LsftNKM&t=6m11s quercetin nvda9: ca ionelaipatioaei: !uptime nvda9: can we trust Wikipedia

Juankinator: can you trust anything? mashafique: @Stegosaurian I think to truly understand the virus you would need a thorugh understanding of virology and access to lab equipment to actually study it. George is just learning what he can and then trying to apply a programmatic approach to understanding the virus alicyka: Store-brand Adenosine wholesome_pepe: u have to write a convoluted af patent that no one understands Reelix: @nvda9 Scientific / Medical things are often edit-locked sidthescikid: @nvda9 its better cited than any other website hordead: @georgehotz Do you regret not becoming a doctor now? RobMonstaFlex: isn’t adenosine what caffeine blocks the reuptake of? xxghom: what is he doing exactly? TheFallDamage: whats ur kb? Landowner555: isnt adenosine in caffeinee? dontbeameme: @xxghom He finding the cure TheFallDamage: LOL kamtb28: Are your notes online anywhere? darknesscrysis: is he developing an ai to find the cure for corona? and every other virus while at it :p hordead: fap ratio? mashafique: @Landowner555 Caffiene is its own molecule eric_hansen: @kamtb28 it’s on his github: github.com/geohot sidthescikid: monkaHmm Landowner555: @masters8 i know that, i think they act on similar receptors though Reelix: @darknesscrysis Currently attempting to reverse engineer it, and understand it as he goes along nitrixen: @xxghom @darknesscrysis Viruses are sequences of genes. The genes turns into different proteins that do various things. It’s just like reverse engineering a codebase, to find out what are the functions and what they do, so you can patch where it’s going wrong sidthescikid: Imagine your body falling for the scam horlabholu: @georgehotz what are you doing,what are trying to achieve? wholesome_pepe: this is basic drug discovery? mashafique: @Landowner555 yeah i believe it acts on teh adenosine receptors RobMonstaFlex: same trick different patent maybe LUL UniversalGeneve: these antivirals look like DNA base pairs since their action is to bind to the viral RNA kamtb28: @eric_hansen thanks! msuiche: Just got in, same question as @horlabholu wheely_mcbones: small changes in the molecule can cause huge changes in the effects tkdboy555: @xxghom he’s currently identifying the molecules that can adhere to the enzyme gates through which Sars-Cov-2 enters the cell, thereby preventing the virus from penetrating the host cell msuiche: I didn’t realize you were streaming every day, that’s awesome! AzzoDio: @georgehotz FYI zinc is only one possible explanation of the mechanism the malaria drug might work : https://twitter.com/CurlyJungleJake/status/1238864747035942913 Reelix: Changing to — in a program can also cause a majorly different outcome in a million LoC app :p xxghom: thanks chat wholesome_pepe: scammivir Stegosaurian: @mashafique you would think there would be a thorough and detailed explanation about the virus or how it functions online but there aren’t that many. I always assumed pharmaceutical companies publicly shared info like this ryanm0012: george do you still fix computers? mik12f4: Maybe we can vaccinate with Mosquirix or they can customize it? l1ght5p33d: python is only one possible explanation Landowner555: 50% of the effectivness of the drug boils down to how its delivered Juankinator: cant we just nuke coronavirus? Juankinator: Kappa tkdboy555: if you can prevent the virus from entering through the gates that can fit into on the cell membrane, it can’t survive Landowner555: other 50% from structure Ozonemaster: inmunodepressant is a bit risky isnt it Reelix: @Juankinator You could – Sure – But you’d eradicate almost the entirety of humanity in the process mashafique: @Stegosaurian Viruses are pretty complicated. And there are different types of coronaviruses. If I’m not mistaken, coronavirus just refers to the virus shape Abnico: just execute the infected, simple pz3300: It can’t survive a healthy person immune system Reelix: @Abnico China literally locked infected people in their own house – It worked pz3300: Or we wouldn’t be here Ozonemaster: adenine is of dna mashafique: @Stegosaurian you can definitely find info on how viruses in general work I’m sur eonline btpisroot: Bio study group PiroFloydian: Adenosine is the sleepy chemical that caffeine mimics in the brain right @georgehotz

Landowner555: im so lost rn l1ght5p33d: 3d diff l1ght5p33d: with charge weight matvey_ryabov: They do be a little diff matvey_ryabov: ))) Abnico: hell yeah looks tasty l1ght5p33d: plus folding probability mashafique: It’s pretty wild how much of a difference functional groups make wholesome_pepe: functional moieties and active binding sites Kreygasm Ayyyy420Lmao: you can probably even find a NMR of a cristalized resecptor with cocaine bound pz3300: Fuck synthetic drugs UniversalGeneve: @georgehotz a molecule isn’t “fully” engaged when in effect, i.e. only a portion of it is an active site that’s recognized by whatever it binds to wheely_mcbones: people who snort ritalin to play MTG all night know it l1ght5p33d: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0HLqrKjl4c brewery85: LUL TheFallDamage: thats just because of the bond with Oxygen they look similar Abnico: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisdexamfetamine Reelix: They both have lots of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen – The same as the air we breath :p zwisch: is George confusing adenine and adenosine again? Reelix: Coincidence? ;D williamjennings1: what is caffienes half liife? Stegosaurian: @mashafique I know but I was surprised to see there was a culture of pharmaceutical companies keeping their research private while making it public would only do good. but C.R.E.A.M I guess lol brewery85: timeout hootdaflute: adenosine is also used to treat arrythmias of the heart AzzoDio: Best case scenario for the world, drink 4 large ice coffees every day and you recover 100% nitrixen: Imagine if people drinking coffee is what activates coronavirus lol eric_hansen: i think the sleepy chemical is serotonin @georgehotz Reelix: @williamjennings1 About 6 hours mashafique: @Stegosaurian Oh yeah, money is def a factor wheely_mcbones: @hootdaflute this explains a lot PiroFloydian: yeah i cause thats why coffee naps work williamjennings1: caffeine latest time to take caffiene and go to sleep on time mikey9988: monkaW pz3300: Herion is sleepy chemical swill_: POG AzzoDio: If I had to quit caffeine to avoid coronavirus, I am not sure I would survive quitting honestly. Dead either way Reelix: @williamjennings1 I can have a triple espresso and fall asleep 2-3 hours later – It affects everyone differently swill_: first stream ive caught live hi goerge mikey9988: would explain the uproars in the us and italy KEKW @nitrixen zwisch: papaya has a lot of papain alicyka: You could definitely use the last hour to convince a CNN reporter than coffee makes you susceptible to the virus zwisch: papaya papain papaya papain Abnico: @AzzoDio there is wayyyyyy better stim alicyka: the iphone hacker said so EduardoElGAMO: what this guy is doing ? Reelix: @zwisch That’s because papain is named after papaya l1ght5p33d: that paper looked legit af zwisch: Reelix that was a simpsons reference Reelix: Aaah wheely_mcbones: did he described learning? Ayyyy420Lmao: @Reelix then pikachurin was found in pikachu? TheFallDamage: CoronaVirsu human made? hmmm soawesome33: Maybe, george hack the coronavirus l1ght5p33d: making a chart for the abbreviations only in your own paper = boss level Reelix: @Ayyyy420Lmao Assuming we lived in Pallet Town – Sure – Could happen FreddiesDeadieButHasAces: this is awesome, I alas must sleep, good night all

williamjennings1: Cool chair Stegosaurian: George is gone. let’s talk about how great of a company facebook is soawesome33: George save the world THX1342: hello Stegosaurian: before he comes back quick nvda9: it’s morning here wheely_mcbones: @TheFallDamage human interference leave a signature in the RNA, the Corona Virus don’t have it UniversalGeneve: wanna see something crazy? the current ncov19 virus had been speculated since 2013: https://www.nature.com/news/deadly-coronavirus-found-in-bats-1.13597 williamjennings1: o: TheFallDamage: @wheely_mcbones but they vaccine they are making is using the CHANGED RNA mik12f4: Why wouldn’t they consider using a vaccine for Malaria for Covid19? Mosquirix MrTriharder: @georgehotz Facebook online hackathon is live right now. Topic is corona virus related work. Please participate theonlymonkas: :0 hootdaflute: @UniversalGeneve uhh where have u been? MERS and SARS is a strain of corona Ayyyy420Lmao: theres an even older on from 2007 wheely_mcbones: @TheFallDamage is close enough but not the same Ayyyy420Lmao: https://cmr.asm.org/content/20/4/660 2007 t00big2fl4il: https://www.gisaid.org/epiflu-applications/next-hcov-19-app/ pz3300: Bill gates is like “ I took in told you” THX1342: did geo buy the pcr kit? TheFallDamage: @wheely_mcbones hmmm. yeah but that shouldn’t be the case because a vaccine is a dead virus or weaker version of it Ayyyy420Lmao: even a broken clock is right once in a while, like those goldbugs calling for market crashes tkdboy555: @georgehotz check this out my dude https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3151162/ Reelix: @mik12f4 For the same reason that you have different vaccines for different things btpisroot: Hey everyone, I am predicting that I will die pz3300: A broken digital clock is never right MrTriharder: Idk how China managed to get one more virus in the span of 6 months alicyka: If you want GIS data you can usually find a REST service using the developer console mashafique: @btpisroot remember 100% of people who drink water die RNG_S0uL: the movie contagion hits different today… spooky how similar even the talking points are williamjennings1: congratz @btpisroot Reelix: @btpisroot Within the next 75 years? Highly likely wheely_mcbones: @TheFallDamage you are right, they are trying to engine a weaker version that is close enough, when they accomplish we’ll have a good vaccine Reelix: @mashafique Ban Dihydrogen monoxide? :p Ayyyy420Lmao: molecualr docking = drug discovery how is that offtopic lul mashafique: @Reelix that stuff is scary bro LUL Stegosaurian: amazing how we don’t know anything about how viruses evolved or what they evolved from since they can’t fossilize l1ght5p33d: corona 2020 MrTriharder: monkaS TheFallDamage: @wheely_mcbones but they are not tho. they are just using the CHANGED RNA to make the vaccine not to engineer a weaker version Landowner555: @Stegosaurian viruses are just an enigma l1ght5p33d: we want dashboards l1ght5p33d: WE WANT DASHBOARDS Reelix: @georgehotz WAY slower hootdaflute: @Stegosaurian did u read the wiki page on virus lol pz3300: Virus has low iq duncansclarke: drinking black coffee out of a glass? wheely_mcbones: @TheFallDamage I think you are wrong, if you are right this is risking the life of the subjects duncansclarke: alpha move Thotshotgg: Just tuning in… Any progress?

Reelix: @georgehotz Only the people who care to learn about it will research it, whilst it doesn’t discriminate peter35_: don’t they talk about giant, ancient viruses frozen in Antarctica and permafrost and stuff? l1ght5p33d: whole o chem graph THX1342: can you link that paper @georgehotz please l1ght5p33d: o chem data structs wheely_mcbones: in Brazil at least we just reproduced to know about the behavior l1ght5p33d: whole o chem data python l1ght5p33d: whole one nvda9: vi UniversalGeneve: here’s the one after mers: https://www.wired.com/2013/10/bats-next-sars-pandemic/ darkclemo: what could happen if george finds something extremely likely to solve covid? send it to scientists? mikey9988: 5Head ahhh yes williamjennings1: 5head? prostidude221: !uptime Abnico: ucla lab still open bro TheFallDamage: @wheely_mcbones YES THAT’S WHAT I AM SAYING. They are doing it because they know the coronavirus was created and the CHANGED RNA will work. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE not worried about subjects its just the matter of time so no one would suspect anything Landowner555: dood its bsl3 prostidude221: how the fck can you focus on something for so long NotLikeThis mikey9988: it’s a BTTV meme , basically means big brain sarcastically or unsarcastically @williamjennings1 wholesome_pepe: we solving protein folding now? if we can determine that from genetic data then that would be Pog williamjennings1: i have a 5head ackxhpaez: It was predicted in a 1981 Dean Koontz book! mashafique: you should enable bttv on the stream @georgehotz for the dank emotes wheely_mcbones: @TheFallDamage this CoronaVirus is not created, you have expert articles explaining that nvda9: oh ye Ayyyy420Lmao: he read that b4 stream to seem smarter mikey9988: PopChamp @williamjennings1 nvda9: oh yea mikey9988: PogChamp @williamjennings1 Landowner555: man fuk if anyones injecting me with that ryanm0012: favorite paper ever? TheFallDamage: @wheely_mcbones do u believe those expert articles? who posted them? SAME PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT 360Plato: Is there any way to even know if a virus was engineered THX1342: does anyone have the link to this paper? Thotshotgg: Kreygasm NotLikeThis Kreygasm NotLikeThis UniversalGeneve: you’re probably more than most other labs can, since science research is defunded dprophecyguy: Hey @georgehotz some people are also saying that virus affect slow in tropical countries like India and Pakistan l1ght5p33d: find microscope output Reelix: @TheFallDamage Programmers make viruses – Programmers make anti-viruses – Coincidence? ackxhpaez: The virus wasn’t lab-created, they were simply trying to weaponize it, but it got out wholesome_pepe: making a mutation on a couple codons cant be detected as a hack subconix: what have you learned about covid-19? Ayyyy420Lmao: @360Plato if it has dna identity to diferent viruses jmp0ut: yo geohotz williamjennings1: @dprophecyguy those people are pretty immune because they live in not very good sanitary conditions already forr years ackxhpaez: Like anthrax jmp0ut: pharmacology is what you need t00big2fl4il: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta coronavirus jmp0ut: genome lyasing on side channels jmp0ut: like serrapeptase TheFallDamage: @Reelix thats what I am saying dude jmp0ut: and MCT interstitial micronization THX1342: williamjennings1 stfu Ayyyy420Lmao: heat button? gonna burn some gasoline snapcs1: @williamjennings1 thats not how it works lmao nvda9: is he taking notes on green text, can’t read them TheFallDamage: @georgehotz why china didnt close its border when they found the first case Landowner555: @jmp0ut i swear ur making those words up Reelix: @TheFallDamage Electricity in your PC – Lightning kills causes fire – Therefore… PC’s cause light!

Stegosaurian: it already has two strains. luckily even if manages to evolve again. it won’t evolve to be more deadly. because the deadlier the virus the less infectious it will be jmp0ut: not at all williamjennings1: im just guessing lol 360Plato: @Ayyyy420Lmao thks jmp0ut: you can look up every word wheely_mcbones: @TheFallDamage the arguments convinced me, I’m open to new information, but the ones saying it was not engineered looks stronger to me now jmp0ut: and it makes sense hordead: @georgehotz ny is going to start using the blood of recovered patients to help those critically infected.. isn’t this all we need? l1ght5p33d: Nueron protiens? Brain virus. name my band Reelix: @TheFallDamage The same reason no-one else did pz3300: He’s got a point though. We over sanitize our homes jmp0ut: not my fault if you’re not literate to use word searches peter35_: TheFallDamage maybe they figured they could contain it in their country and western countries would fail mikey9988: not a 5Head after all @williamjennings1 jmp0ut: proteases are very useful mashafique: More like 3Head ela12 williamjennings1: have u seen india sanitary conditions snapcs1: its not cool to spread misinformation TheFallDamage: @peter35_ CHINA didnt announce the first case when they had it. they waited so long to announce the virus Landowner555: “genome lyasing on side channels” Landowner555: that sounds dumb man jmp0ut: A protease is an enzyme that catalyzes proteolysis, the breakdown of proteins into smaller polypeptides or single amino acids snapcs1: if you dont know something dont talk like you do jmp0ut: you sound dumb man l1ght5p33d: bro india hasn’t seen indian sanitary conditions nvda9: a Chinese doctor imprisoned for 3years for making genetic modified baby jmp0ut: why dont you want to resolve what i mean jmp0ut: that’s jank nvda9: *genetically jmp0ut: get dunked on Landowner555: i already looked it up, nothing important comes up TheFallDamage: @peter35_ simply but making an assumption by containing the virus in their country caused so many people’s death tkdboy555: @georgehotz the reason why I shared the molecular docking paper is because molecular docking and molecular dynamics and intertwined. You will need to implement statistical distributions of molecular docking methods into your program in order to highlight the behavioral probabilities of whatever drug/molecule you decide to simulate as a receptor blocker jmp0ut: because you’re expecting a cookie cutter solution jmp0ut: numpty Stegosaurian: @nvda9 modification to what? can you link the source? Landowner555: relax Landowner555: yikes jmp0ut: wake up nvda9: it’s on new York times jmp0ut: tyke, squirt, champ nvda9: wait l1ght5p33d: wtf is numpty l1ght5p33d: is this numpy l1ght5p33d: only numpy here dprophecyguy: Hey, @georgehotz Can you also tell how you read these papers so fast and without slowing down? I really wanna pick how you look for pointers and navigate through paper t00big2fl4il: Rae1 UniversalGeneve: you can buy those btw nvda9: here it is https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/30/business/china-scientist-genetic-baby-prison.html Landowner555: @dprophecyguy increase IQ 4Head Reelix: @dprophecyguy I’m decent at software dev and such, but bio completely destroys me – No idea how he does it hootdaflute: primase is taught in basic bio Landowner555: @nvda9 is that relevant to corona? nvda9: no Landowner555: thats old news man xmalware60: Nidovirus? dprophecyguy: @Landowner555 It’s not about IQ, IQ might be related to the speed at which he is synthesizing information. But what i am talking about is, how he skim through the paper dprophecyguy: I see that there is a pattern of how he is reading and skimming through by just looking at keywords

Landowner555: @dprophecyguy i mean iwas jk, but i think thats also related to IQ UniversalGeneve: @dprophecyguy every bio paper has an “abstract” section in the front page, read that and you get a summary of the entire paper. you dig deeper into it of you think it’s relevant for your study/research wheely_mcbones: @dprophecyguy pattern recognition, therefore IQ Reelix: It’s looking for specific familiar keywords to latch on to to get a jist of what its about l1ght5p33d: 6 10 Kawhiet: Will viruses like this lead to more leeway on genetic testing? DecayingSkullz: I have 4,040 channel points williamjennings1: @DecayingSkullz congratz jmp0ut: now you’re looking at phosphorylation dprophecyguy: @UniversalGeneve Maybe that’s case DecayingSkullz: @williamjennings1 thx jmp0ut: welcome to nerve gas VX production gang mashafique: @UniversalGeneve I think every proper research paper has an abstract Ayyyy420Lmao: spend them jmp0ut: organophosphate poisoning is some seirous business THX1342: gdbio happypuppppy: @georgehotz have you looked up any realistic molecular simulation videos on youtube AresRai: its decades Penguino138: Did you end up buying the DNA reader? jmp0ut: last i heard of cheap chiral centers for nerve agents it involved borneol l1ght5p33d: Nothings wrong if you generalize enough and add caveats jmp0ut: bathtub VX gas UniversalGeneve: @georgehotz here’s a cool vid on dna replication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hk9jct2ozY wheely_mcbones: a lot of it is certainly wrong because of how academic articles work, confirmation bias Ayyyy420Lmao: @jmp0ut uncle fester is that you? dprophecyguy: @UniversalGeneve Are you from bio field ? tshields44: https://github.com/bigginlab/OxCompBio/tree/master/tutorials/MD tkdboy555: @georgehotz Molecular docking is extremely relevant to ligand-protein interactions, which is basically what is happening when sars-cov2 binds to jmp0ut: 🙂 tkdboy555: @georgehotz ACE2 Landowner555: @wheely_mcbones thats such a ridiculous statement lol wholesome_pepe: cryo electron microscopy is the furthest we’ve come to observing it. before it was x ray crystallography UniversalGeneve: @dprophecyguy yeah, trying to move into SWE tho wheely_mcbones: the most renowned probably are not because you’ll become famous by proving them wrong tkdboy555: @georgehotz “Rapid Context-Dependent Ligand Desolvation in Molecular Docking” https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ci100214a jmp0ut: 26 years of science in my belt jmp0ut: including hacking polaritonic systems wheely_mcbones: @Landowner555 most of them, the most important are not bs AresRai: they need more computers in bio TheZarkxs: and still do not develop a vaccine, thats how they spend our taxes tkdboy555: @jmp0ut is my post relevant then? Emanuell45: are we in qna Landowner555: another WEEK>” LMAO Emanuell45: ? Lana_Lux: get them on stream Landowner555: naw man williamjennings1: few weeks zelkh9: another week and had to google n terminus yeah ok bud tkdboy555: @Lana_Lux you a beast sliceserve: do you have one glass to the left, and another to the right? ziggyzergling: true LUL Lana_Lux: LUL jmp0ut: @tkdboy555 sure is, good find tkdboy555: @georgehotz “Rapid Context-Dependent Ligand Desolvation in Molecular Docking” https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ci100214a nvda9: locust Landowner555: the people who run these studies are mad smart wholesome_pepe: we dont have the necessary tools to watch the components of a cell move around theonlymonkas: but why bats don’t die??? mehdi_tw: common geroge we know that if we give you few weeks you will create a new virus man AresRai: get another virus expert LUL Lana_Lux: @tkdboy555 haha C0deCane: LUL thats how America does things iamaaronbowley: i have better things to do yet im here 🙂 cookienz: start a gofundme and rent ur own lab ez Ayyyy420Lmao: @Lana_Lux are u the girl that called him on the phone earlier??? bulksquat_thrust: Probably doesnt give the pharma companies enough money murgmasallam: Do you have any idea about the vaccines in trials in the US? They are doing it already gazny: We need Agile development in bio

aj37z: lmao jmp0ut: like solving narcolepsy, not enough money jmp0ut: they just want drug addicts t00big2fl4il: throw the genome data at qira Landowner555: fever drop to 0 4Head hordead: a company will take all the credit wheely_mcbones: yeah, and even after all that people still doubt vaccines jmp0ut: noopept helped me retrained my brain Lana_Lux: @Ayyyy420Lmao no bulksquat_thrust: daily corona standups Appz_x: lmao tshields44: https://github.com/bigginlab/OxCompBio/tree/master/tutorials/MD happypuppppy: isn’t that what the github issue told you to do TheZarkxs: coronavirus is a pretty cool name not gonna lie UniversalGeneve: what’s hard is that bio isn’t really something you can just visualize. i’m a visual learner so i struggled with the subject for a while tkdboy555: @georgehotz This will help “Rapid Context-Dependent Ligand Desolvation in Molecular Docking” https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ci100214a theonlymonkas: imagine all the people mashafique: My main issue with academia and the reason I didn’t bother pursuing a PhD is there there’s too much focus on fighting for grant money and pumping out papers instead of actually focusing on quality results. Add that to having to teach and other beaurocractic stuff that slows down progress l1ght5p33d: Thats what university students are for t00big2fl4il: corona genome data input -> qira jmp0ut: money is jank roaded localcanofdutchgold: lul jmp0ut: bank road is jank road now bulksquat_thrust: @mashafique same Ayyyy420Lmao: that happens so much with omeprazole, they give it out for no reason THX1342: LUL wheely_mcbones: the system is broken, maybe in the next years with crowdfunding SolarBerry: martin shkreli Thotshotgg: STAY INSIDE Ozonemaster: qiravirus Landowner555: @mashafique typically good papers require good quality results Landowner555: @mashafique nature papers etc l1ght5p33d: glory > money xalariian: thoughts on toilet paper situation bulksquat_thrust: omeprazole made my acid reflux worse jmp0ut: at the end of world war 2 it took psychiatrists to rebuild japan, they were the drivers of the economic reparations post nuked japan not economists williamjennings1: hotz university Hawklite: why would you start your own university instead of trying to reform public schools? ImpalerV: have we made any progress so far? tkdboy555: @georgehotz “Rapid Context-Dependent Ligand Desolvation in Molecular Docking” https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ci100214a jmp0ut: when psyops mutinies on five eyes dprophecyguy: @georgehotz Why can’t you apply the hacker culture but in open source kind of way Landowner555: ur going to school!? jmp0ut: it’s always a party UniversalGeneve: Isn’t a PhD basically “work on a project, specialize you knowledge towards your project, and learn to teach” Joeliftstuff: how many prog. languages do you know? TheFallDamage: Trump University wholesome_pepe: how universities gonna compete with open source knowledge tho? l1ght5p33d: is this a scam ideology_sniffing_raccoon: LUL l1ght5p33d: are we being trolled pz3300: Did you say your starting a university? JdPaulBlart: trump university 2.0 Ayyyy420Lmao: @bulksquat_thrust yeah but the thing is that they give it out alongside any other med nowadays, at least in my country, they bought all the doctors or something, they say it’s a ”stomach protector” Landowner555: @UniversalGeneve Phds are meant to teach you how to think critically and scientifically about a problem, and solve it. everything else is secondary informalgarlic: super happy fun time now university Eternallightning: WYOMING ? Kawhiet: Is this like Kanye’s ranch? gazny: What kind of weather we talking about tornpaperyoyos: OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq imafungi53: whats your net worth geo? C0deCane: CULT 100% mashafique: @Landowner555 exactly but often you find yourself trying to get something out there to keep getting funding l1ght5p33d: WYOMING??? deep5: SAT KEKW Stegosaurian: is it going to be free? l1ght5p33d: double or triple bunk beds TheFallDamage: Internship at Comma.ai guaranteed? Jehhred: comma.edu sounds good wheely_mcbones: like “prove you really want to learn and know how to learn new things” pz3300: Fucking the teacher yaus_baus: george hotz cult Landowner555: @mashafique thats more on the end of the PI though l1ght5p33d: not quad bunks zwisch: just don’t pull a Siraj coloneljerkoff: Will polygamy be allowed? dprophecyguy: @georgehotz Like Recurse Center https://www.recurse.com/ It’s for programmers Landowner555: @mashafique though yes grants are competitive dorkmo: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Factor_e_Farm williamjennings1: hell yeah Stegosaurian: how will you select teachers? l1ght5p33d: this is troll af jmp0ut: so what do i do with the automated robotic warehouses pumping hypersonic weaponry for the space race jmp0ut: nvm coronavirus happypuppppy: can you just pay me with github stars THX1342: just keep the MBAs out of it and it will do fiine iDoMathss: LOL “WHAT DO YOU NEED MONEY FOR” TheFallDamage: everyone in ur universities gets an internship in comma ai bulksquat_thrust: id take a 20k paycut to work at a research lab like that RadricCSGO: D: phrixus_bro: after 10 years you learn the real truth about Xenu Ayyyy420Lmao: @georgehotz you think we will get to mars in our lifetimes? Hawklite: $30k/year to watch youtube in the classroom UniversalGeneve: LUL Landowner555: HAHA dprophecyguy: @georgehotz What’s the point of being together at one location ? l1ght5p33d: geohot dont compromise your morals jmp0ut: hating on greedkeeping babyfuckers iDoMathss: FYI check the price of a thermocycler jmp0ut: we are in a CBRN simulation

optimizely: @georgehotz how do you choose what to work on? SolarBerry: not in the corona future DecayingSkullz: What’s your D2F? jmp0ut: who breeds in such environments Emanuell45: sounds like fun ngl mashafique: It would be cool to have a community for focused on learning and sharing information. I would love to participate from a math&physics perspective and learn from others and help others learn mik12f4: i agree pz3300: Headmaster George! wheely_mcbones: @iDoMathss money is a pretty antiquate to measure someone contribution to society, it only works if people believe in it Ozonemaster: odd view 360Plato: I never had that…. Just studied pdfs and wrote code DevGabr: eae mano tira o corona da bahia pfv Thotshotgg: WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO? Landowner555: *drops mic* Ozonemaster: LUL tornpaperyoyos: sphere itself WEEEEEEEELL_ITS_KNOCC_OUT: SeemsGood Kawhiet: Just drink pure zinc Emanuell45: *walks away* theonlymonkas: like prison ICAntF331MyFAce: atpOld Kawhiet: Got it ziggyzergling: LUL sliceserve: first time here, oddly interesting 360Plato: lol TheFallDamage: which countries will do it first? Landowner555: USA man TeaLeafi: fascinating pz3300: Getting high together TeaLeafi: and true Parkpark1997: commaai cures covid-19 theonlymonkas: wash your hands xmalware60: france Parkpark1997: instant news headline Eternallightning: “The only thing to fear is fear itself (unless ur >70 years old)” Ozonemaster: this guy manages the desktop windows Ozonemaster: like a master hordead: LUL jmp0ut: yes Ozonemaster: my desktop is always shit Natschz: What do we have to do?? xD imafungi53: okay that was not 20 seconds Eternallightning: Alt Tab Joeliftstuff: what do you thinks gonna happen jmp0ut: such bindoze Landowner555: the only thing to fear is sphere itself – flat earthers TheFallDamage: @georgehotz u washed ur hands for less that 20 seconds Thotshotgg: Is Monolaurin a good supplement to take? innerbean: this is really fascinating Emanuell45: your hands a dry bulksquat_thrust: bulksquat_thrust subscribed at Tier 1 sliceserve: is that the sleeping bed to the side? tornpaperyoyos: imwaspS imwaspS imwaspS imwaspS imwaspS imwaspS imwaspS Emanuell45: are* xmalware60: Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds jmp0ut: pl0x signature so janked Parkpark1997: washing hands dont cure coronavirus Stegosaurian: @georgehotz What’s the sickest you’ve been? why aren’t you afraid of catching it? Eternallightning: just dont get it 4Head imafungi53: i missed it why shouldnt i be scared again? Landowner555: h4ckerman DEBUNKS coronavirus 360Plato: its not like you got it by pissing on your hand 4zimut: tomorrow we are going to see a bigger pile of groceries xmalware60: you don’t have a table to eat? mashafique: don’t forget to hydrate George elaChug optimizely: @georgehotz how do you choose what project to work on sliceserve: he DOES have one glass to the left and a different glass to the right murgmasallam: Dont do it man theonlymonkas: shkreli has the cure for corona in prison tkdboy555: @georgehotz here’s some super-relevant biophysics https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ci100214a# WooraWoora: Are you not putting other people at risk doing that? jmp0ut: i eat holding my plates tornpaperyoyos: Hacker DESTROYS coronavirus with FACTS and LOGIC peter35_: well a girl would def get me out of the house t00big2fl4il: what do you think about trial and error jmp0ut: good to be conscious of what you eat at home Landowner555: @tornpaperyoyos LUL jmp0ut: never lose vigilance jmp0ut: always erect THX1342: you don’t hang out with older people, right? lanaluCat stale2000: monkaS societial breakdown Landowner555: can u tell us what this graph shows THX1342: `geohot kills VCs THX1342: LUL Joeliftstuff: monkaW jmp0ut: fuck the economy TheZarkxs: who is afraid of the boomer remover? corona is a very light virus jmp0ut: asterank dot com RadricCSGO: they dgaf LUL stale2000: The only thing to fear is fear itself costcospizza: thats life buddy scarbromangler: https://neherlab.org/covid19/ scarbromangler: fear is the mindkiller Stegosaurian: there won’t be societal breakdown but an economic collapse is inevitable I think Emanuell45: imagine starting retirement then get taken out by the rona scarbromangler: @stale2000 hi sliceserve: easy now dprophecyguy: @georgehotz Why don’t you use tor browser ? tornpaperyoyos: Hacker DESTROYS coronavirus with FACTS and LOGIC jmp0ut: http://www.asterank.com/ SolarBerry: imagine wage slaving your whole life and then dying of corona innerbean: so there’s no option for you to modify behavior for a short period of time to contribute to a greater good in doing the things that is understood to be effective in getting through it? jmp0ut: how do i pull the 1000 trillion dollar asteroid with klystrons yesterday iDoMathss: @wheely_mcbones Not saying anything about measuring contribution to society, I’m all for a university based solely around learning (we actually need more of this) Ayyyy420Lmao: imagine wage slaving Ozonemaster: Well in Spain we ran out of space for the dead bodies. but apart from that we cool LUL DiosDIO: Is the Coronavirus man-made? foti_kasparov: So what do we do? Penguino138: Do you think there will be a resurgence in China now that they’re opening travel back up? ahahahaitslit: brazil’s prime minister is literally a corona virus denier lmao 360Plato: this will cause a debt crisis guaranteed bulksquat_thrust: A lot of old people dying would actually fix the social security debt issue as morbid as it is alicyka: I feel like economic collapse is in the chamber so who knows what the fuck is going to pull the trigger bufferovrflw: @georgehotz So would you rather have more infected/dead people than economic collapse? mik12f4: dont be another statistic https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/investigations/why-more-young-males-in-san-diego-county-test-positive-for-coronavirus/2292888/ Ayyyy420Lmao: sneed’s feed and seed, formerly chuck’s dprophecyguy: @georgehotz don’t you think politicians know them already but they just don’t give a fuck wholesome_pepe: on the bright side. we have way more infrastructure to keep us alive on the cheap than 50 years ago hordead: @georgehotz China was able to do it for 2 months gazny: So you agree that we should go outside by April 12th? I feel with every country but china will lose so much by closing the economy so much. Almost like china gains a lot from all of this

Stegosaurian: there are some economists estimating that unemployment will reach 30% innerbean: Again…. so there’s no option for you to modify behavior for a short period of time to contribute to a greater good in doing the things that is understood to be effective in getting through it? nohnamw: here in Brazil it is being very difficult Stegosaurian: companies will go bankrupt and will need bailouts TheZarkxs: half a million of infected, and only 21k deaths, mostly very elder people. corona is a joke, open my favorite italian restaurant NOW! jmp0ut: if the internet is considered essential jmp0ut: it becomes a utility THX1342: if only people were rational jmp0ut: this changes net neutrality does it not Ayyyy420Lmao: 30% is casual here SolarBerry: completely different world back then Ozonemaster: check for unemployment in Spain LUL LUL jmp0ut: merica jank roaded silicon TheZarkxs: 6,9% AntiVax_SoccerMom: ask two economists a question and youll get 3 answers thesevoicesareloud: unemployment numbers come out tomorrow wheely_mcbones: “some economists” peter35_: when they ease lockdowns they should make sure masks are available imo DiosDIO: The coronavirus is more deadly if the hospitals are saturated tho SofiaLouise: there are a lot of different ways to meassure the unemplyement rate WooraWoora: @georgehotz those numbers aren’t comparable when people are actively being told not to work, not losing their jobs because of a depression leftyytwo: scam localcanofdutchgold: lul alicyka: lol scam fields Kawhiet: spreadsheet tracking unemployment right now https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WLJ1j7igM88C2XysCuN4lMH7W2NUdZq4dnO0DbyR7H4/edit#gid=0 tkdboy555: CAN WE TALK ABOUT how congress is trying to pass an anti-encryption bill right under our fucking noses amid this entire coronavirus epidemic? Shit’s fucked, and they will be able to access everyone’s data williamjennings1: two biggest scams lol Penguino138: cause theyre both scams lol jmp0ut: RIFK pec_adillo: basically both government run sliceserve: this is like watching a movie Ayyyy420Lmao: the biggest scam is chainlink Landowner555: theres no % wtf TheZarkxs: water, electricity, etc SolarBerry: govt jobs DansGame 4zimut: scams everywhere C0deCane: yeah sure back in 2018 covac123: nothing phrixus_bro: get paid Eternallightning: red tape pwnbase: dick all pz3300: Zero hours workers Ayyyy420Lmao: push papers DiosDIO: nothing wholesome_pepe: the military is the biggest employer dingus74: lool ICAntF331MyFAce: get a paycheck no matter what 🙂 bulksquat_thrust: Lots of security clearance holders too aj37z: plan meetings dprophecyguy: @georgehotz In India the government has imposed curfew already for 21 days. And day to day workers does not have anything to go by. Police are already beating the shit out of everybody they are finding out on roads aj37z: then plan meetings for planning meetings theonlymonkas: LUL nothing C0deCane: a lot of them quit their jobs after trump closed down the gov for 30 days tkdboy555: @georgehotz usaspending.gov UniversalGeneve: 14% ooF mattdougherty22: military is quite bad though in spending l1ght5p33d: Plato Republic with King GEOHOT!!!!! Penguino138: That’s a lot of slaves jmp0ut: ZAMBIE! gazny: This quarantine is getting me ready to live on mars! Emanuell45: yh road workers happypuppppy: LUL ackxhpaez: china just buys bonds to manage their currency Landowner555: lol TheZarkxs: less boomers thank to corona=less spending XiuYee1: LUL C0deCane: thats not current tho pz3300: Skim l1ght5p33d: I vote Geohot for King vonhoganon: DMV slaves l1ght5p33d: all in favor leftyytwo: these statistics are made up by the government!!! scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at the URL Joeliftstuff: banana republic good stor Stegosaurian: maybe it includes the military? nvda9: @dprophecyguy LMAO jmp0ut: hack the planet, they’re trashing!!! guinness84: what do you even mean banan republic Ayyyy420Lmao: foodstamps Emanuell45: police counts as goverment right? bulksquat_thrust: think DMV worker Eternallightning: disability / nursing home ? 360Plato: ugh oh hes going down the rabbit hole tkdboy555: LOL vonhoganon: DMV, military, law enforcement wheely_mcbones: is actually a good number, compare it to greece rafalive: george my ball smell nice during this time of covid ackxhpaez: Also, that’s state and local government deep5: It tells you percent distribution pwnbase: those figures probably don’t include goc contractors either pz3300: How you gunna pay China the 15 trillion theonlymonkas: WutFace WutFace WutFace Ayyyy420Lmao: im surprised he didnt know it xmalware60: Compare it to france aha tkdboy555: bruh your mind is getting blown right now alicyka: Entire nation is just people helping people helping people helping people helping people helping people helping people helping people helping people Eternallightning: proffesional Kawhiet: Information l1ght5p33d: LEET AFFF Stegosaurian: the private sector and small businesses are going to be hit the hardest 360Plato: information TheZarkxs: people who get social asistance innerbean: isn’t the debt vonhoganon: information Joeliftstuff: information hhhasan: Mining happypuppppy: software engineers = nonagriculture self-employed ackxhpaez: the categories are based on SOC codes https://www.bls.gov/oes/2018/may/oes_stru.htm iDoMathss: @georgehotz do you think we should have an economic system at all? I.e we go back to non-specie systems of trading innerbean: something someone would have to try to collect on? hordead: information Kawhiet: 80/20 rule innerbean: who will come get it? TeaLeafi: i like this lecture TheZarkxs: thats literally wealth creation Ayyyy420Lmao: they produce value otherwise they wouldnt get paid on the free market jmp0ut: actually i’d put them in Agriculture, because if software developers like Sean Harris aka Wiz didnt farm the ground and crops are shitfucked rafalive: rough rafalive: but true jmp0ut: what are you valued for Ozonemaster: “restaurants” *laughs in McDonald’s* tkdboy555: REKT ackxhpaez: and the industries are based on NAICS codes https://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/ wheely_mcbones: US is not really producing value, it buys value from other countries and sell it in a high value, the are like old cars salesman TheZarkxs: i do not think you understand economics my friend

guinness84: naval ravikant derivatives 360Plato: let me guess engineers are log value SofiaLouise: How do you define value? If someone wants to eat in a restaurant, they create value, right? pec_adillo: i think you mean production not value maybe? DiosDIO: Farmers are important theonlymonkas: exponential? ackxhpaez: BLS doesn’t collect data on agriculture eric_hansen: D jmp0ut: Josh Harris aka |Wiz jmp0ut: my bad aj37z: monopoly jmp0ut: been so long ackxhpaez: agriculture data is collected by the Department of agricultural statistics tkdboy555: Value is relative to the job that maximally contributes to technology that defeats death. No cap leftyytwo: nobody cares about the tool only the result foti_kasparov: So what’s your point ? gazny: This has happened before, literally the renaissance where people developed new tools and we progressed jmp0ut: when guys like Josh Harris went from billions to nothing in dot com bust they probably felt the same SpaceGhost8: huh? tkdboy555: We’re trying to defeat death here jmp0ut: but to turn into like potato farmers 360Plato: LUL were next to actors vonhoganon: LOL jmp0ut: lmao localcanofdutchgold: they run em in the movies williamjennings1: What are data centers? kaiokenx90: puts or calls? theonlymonkas: LUL Kawhiet: Truckers? tkdboy555: #TranshumanismGang cookienz: LOL so acting is just as important as visa’s paywave service ok bulksquat_thrust: hopping off for the night, gotta work early, take it easy chat Geohot Eternallightning: those are some of the most opposite sectors you could choose vonhoganon: mechanics? TheZarkxs: any king of money exchange is wealth creation, and the robbers of the politicians get their part 360Plato: military mik12f4: what about P and B services AntiVax_SoccerMom: KKona DEEP STATE Penguino138: Govt ppl gonna get bailed the fuck out aj37z: print money brrrr vonhoganon: military, law enforcement wheely_mcbones: well you are using it now ackxhpaez: Schools Emanuell45: police officers bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Check the definition? SpaceGhost8: brrrrrrrrrr eric_hansen: @georgehotz lots of bureaucratic red tape to create no-value jobs l1ght5p33d: prevent anarchy DiosDIO: Actors and Sportsman people make more money than the military and the state williamjennings1: push paperz Incurs0: dod 360Plato: and law enforcement TheZarkxs: administration probably roystang: is this live alicyka: Military is ~%3 dr_set: schools AntiVax_SoccerMom: DWP zwisch: military, police, firemen, etc Waldoqq: military police teachers XiuYee1: MonkaW wheely_mcbones: roads, information, security, laws vonhoganon: but then again taht doesnt make sense bc military is 1% or less of the total population im pretty sure robotboy987: transportation dr_set: schools are a big percentage Waldoqq: city officials hhhasan: Apparatchiks jmp0ut: a growth expectancy of 4 million by 2028 tkdboy555: they do nothing SpaceGhost8: the gubberment KKona SolarBerry: can someone tell me who runs the world wide web tkdboy555: shitty data science jmp0ut: what’s the birth rate of the U.S wholesome_pepe: military or private contractors for the department of defence? williamjennings1: just sneezed 😮 gazny: Simulations about corona lol, and deep space satellite spying on each other wheely_mcbones: sanitary system, flying logistics, measurement patterns jmp0ut: and immigration rate? UniversalGeneve: the militiary serves as america’s greatest past time: dick flexing on other countries tkdboy555: they do shitty data science Ayyyy420Lmao: @SolarBerry Al Gore Lourned: city people do nothing and they get paid nothing C0deCane: Border patrol Kappa flickapotamus: military and school’s 360Plato: military has operations on every continent Eternallightning: start the repo nvda9: schools a SpaceGhost8: makes money move l1ght5p33d: repay societal debts innerbean: is that just federal or all, local, state and such? eric_hansen: @SolarBerry google Tim Berners Lee nvda9: schools are JonBoy11: military, politicians, local city jobs, post office, etc, etc, etc Stegosaurian: Where would you categorize artists and athletes? do you think they create value? Landowner555: twitch streamers are the value destruction people 4Head foti_kasparov: What if we use the human resources of military to create value? tkdboy555: straight up, government jobs do shitty data science based on the 1st page of their google searches peter35_: journalists AzzoDio: rent seeking businesses cookienz: sec are value destruction Parkpark1997: o 360Plato: next to actors UniversalGeneve: @Stegosaurian artists make value. athletes? Hmm Landowner555: athletes are next to baristas Eternallightning: entertainment value ? bufferovrflw: https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2014/article/federal-work-part-1.htm cars1n: @solarberry nobody. It is just a connection of servers so the server owners kinda and the infrastructure owners Ayyyy420Lmao: athletes do ofc if you include soccer DiosDIO: Athletes arent necessary TheZarkxs: ? robotboy987: irs, fbi, sec etc bufferovrflw: ^ federal gov sector innerbean: how complicated is it to managed hundreds of millions of people? THX1342: athletes are just entertainers Landowner555: music is pretty legit tho innerbean: it’s a big job AzzoDio: high frequency tradin m00chan: making life better isnt value? 360Plato: we should just broadcast war and call it “american sports” bufferovrflw: https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2014/article/federal-work-part-1.htm <<< federal gov sector Landowner555: artists make tools, athletes r tools cbrahAyy scarbromangler: what about the pornographers theonlymonkas: FBI open up wheely_mcbones: yeah! eric_hansen: technically HFT is a zero-sum game @georgehotz cars1n: @scarbromangler artists lordk3k: violent flash animations williamjennings1: who gives the most value ? PiroFloydian: can you rehash n and n squared people? @georgehotz Emanuell45: homeless people take value? Ayyyy420Lmao: what about NEETs relying on gobernment gibs to buy chicken tendies?? PiroFloydian: i missed that jmp0ut: the stats in 2019 say about 4 million jobs accounted for from immigration and births but illegal migrants number in the 20's of millions Landowner555: grad students take out value Keepo Bloodswordz88: Sex Workers 360Plato: Rentseeking is the term your looking for foti_kasparov: Should there be more toolmakers then the ones that use them? Ayyyy420Lmao: what about NEETs relying on gobernment gibs to buy chicken tendies???

innerbean: that’s populous value…subjective appreciation, who are you to judge it’s ‘value’? ThirstyDrank: Is take-value > neutral positive Stegosaurian: Do you think the government should bail out large corporations to avoid a recession or eventual depression? Lourned: not in russia LUL Pedroso: what about the distortion of the media dr_set: how about contamination and waste? They produce contamination and waste btpisroot: what if that coffee is the tool that helps someone be exponential? nvda9: B) scarbromangler: it’s linear vs non-linear DiosDIO: Doctors are REALLY needed these days vonhoganon: doesnt HFT create very high liquidity in the market though? SpaceGhost8: and equipment Bloodswordz88: Do Sex Workers count? Ayyyy420Lmao: what about NEETs relying on gobernment gibs to buy chicken tendies?? alicyka: Active Military are 0.9% of the population, so I don’t know where the fuck the other 12% comes from l1ght5p33d: The stock market shouldn’t even exist probably ThirstyDrank: Productivity of farmers is probably exponential already. Where agriculture would be linear ackxhpaez: Farm statistics are done by the USDA https://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/farm-economy/farm-labor/ SolarBerry: HFT does provide liquidity jmp0ut: so if about 30 million unaccounted for undocumented migrants live in America the employment sector’s stats are janked Landowner555: @DiosDIO news flash, doctors wont be coming up with the cure for the coronavirus Ayyyy420Lmao: nothing, doctors are a living wikipedia SofiaLouise: Find a diagnosis? foti_kasparov: Do prostitutes create value? 360Plato: glorified encyclopedia phrixus_bro: I heard that hooking people up to ventalators was very involved knilecrack: it’s not hard K177: get a monkey to do a xray scan LUL iDoMathss: @georgehotz So the act of innovation is the generation of value in your eyes? knilecrack: because you have a doctor Eternallightning: Researchers add the value doctors distribute it vonhoganon: @K177 doctors dont do xray DiosDIO: @Landowner555 Taking care of eldery people is important tho xalariian: what about scientists RadricCSGO: they just prescribe whatever the drug companies tell them to prescribe l1ght5p33d: Crowdfunding with HFT in the middle Ayyyy420Lmao: what about NEETs relying on gobernment gibs to buy chicken tendies?? Landowner555: @DiosDIO NURSES and PSWs do that dr_set: You said the other day that was an argument to make that a person born today has negative value, if you agree with that, then doctors are not very useful scarbromangler: It’s the nurses who do most of the hard-work, I think knilecrack: Yes but they know how human body work K177: @vonhoganon ah yeah true jmp0ut: 190435.9 would have to be the stats THX1342: doctor’s make decisions and decide where assets are put into AresRai: gen x Bloodswordz88: what about cam girls foti_kasparov: Do elderly people create value at all? jmp0ut: for 2028 stats of total jobs wholesome_pepe: doctors = symptom mangagers wheely_mcbones: acatually deciding what medication will treat someone without killing this person because of another disease SolarBerry: retirement homes were abandoned in spain and they died williamjennings1: nurses work 60 hours a week innerbean: If the money gets laid up in huge amounts in accounts doing nothing it lowers the amount available to circulate. so makes many more, the rest, ‘poorer’ scarbromangler: what about e-girls vonhoganon: what about hentai creators PiroFloydian: what about sex workers @georgehotz ? bufferovrflw: https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2014/article/federal-work-part-1.htm @georgehotz Federal Goverment jobs breakdown solitarynative: What should I spend my trumpbux on? scarbromangler: what about the okay boomer girl Ayyyy420Lmao: what about NEETs relying on gobernment gibs to buy chicken tendies and shitpost all day?? do we create value? DiosDIO: @Landowner555 Nurses can’t do all the work alone coloneljerkoff: Whats the value of pontificating twitch streamers? Kawhiet: Value is subjective hordead: doctors are being replaced by google Pedroso: what about the media distortion PiroFloydian: workers create value wheely_mcbones: you probably would I think Landowner555: @DiosDIO you have no idea what ur talking about man jmp0ut: whats the cost of 20 million jobs phrixus_bro: what do you think about the value of the finance industry jmp0ut: thats what america is budgeting to lose foti_kasparov: I thought Apple was a scam l1ght5p33d: Jobs was pretty scammy Woz was the product innerbean: create or capture? solitarynative: What should I spend my trumpbux on? 360Plato: Stock Traders are their to efficiently allocate ressources happypuppppy: where do people who spend all day on twitch chat like us fit in? darkclemo: starship stacking is going on right now @georgehotz peter35_: that whole starship thing is so cool innerbean: value capture tkdboy555: So MAYBE we should be creating a society that focuses on helping people help themselves raise their base value, so that there is a higher percentage of the population that gets to “Elon Musk” tier darkclemo: pressure raptor test next 3 weeks edu4594: geo is grad in…? ooMariaoo: oh phrixus_bro: nooo edu4594: bio? edu4594: cs? SpaceGhost8: LUL vonhoganon: hedge funds/prop trading nothing of value? mashafique: Jebaited Ayyyy420Lmao: what about NEETs relying on gobernment gibs to buy chicken tendies and shitpost all day?? do we create value? Santiago_LHC: @edu4594 hacking Emanuell45: thats a bad human being williamjennings1: stop with the neets Stegosaurian: Why do you think largest companies threaten mass layoffs unless they get a bailout? edu4594: @Santiago_LHC hacking at UCLA Eternallightning: visionary yaus_baus: tendies stimulus package foti_kasparov: @edu4594 Check his LinkedIn for details dprophecyguy: @georgehotz do you think having a vision with a dick attitude is okay ? 360Plato: whatever bro wheely_mcbones: I think society should be happier and not necessarily more efficient, I’m not sure if both go together jmp0ut: so 4 million jobs will afford the cost to lose 20 million jobs and process everyone and require atleast 2 jobs at minimum to capture every person Emanuell45: lmao boengels: Morning George! peter35_: Ayyyy420Lmao n-no FeelsBadMan l1ght5p33d: but why cant you put music on it? PiroFloydian: For watching off stream. Why elons boring company is bs: https://youtu.be/4dn6ZVpJLxs?t=18 @georgehotz l1ght5p33d: BUT CANT PUT DATA ON IT jmp0ut: so you need 60 million people at minimum to process 20 million undocumented migrants DiosDIO: @Landowner555 Try not having any doctors in a hospital for a week in any hopsital in the world then edu4594: @foti_kasparov i cannot, i don’t have a linkedn l1ght5p33d: NO DATA ON IPHONE dorkmo: suicide nets l1ght5p33d: no data funwayz: apple fanboy Kappa alicyka: George, Table 2 shows which department federal employees work https://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2014/article/mobile/federal-work-part-1.htm if you’re interested; Table 2 dorkmo: lol Lourned: Commodore 64 was far more superior computer Parkpark1997: but u are android of self driving AzzoDio: Apple still makes quality hardware though their software is terrible Ayyyy420Lmao: @yaus_baus just buy popeye’s stocks and when u buy chicken tendies you get your money back K177: thats assuming that a different company wouldn’t come up with a touch screen concept for phones and push it out Hawklite: is he really implying apple is the innovation behind phone technology? scarbromangler: Kind of surprised you’re not an android guy Eternallightning: @georgehotz why are so many people not as passionate about a good prooduct as jobs ? risesinner: The boring drill fits exactly in his rockets jmp0ut: jank roaded tkdboy555: SAMSUNG? jmp0ut: simple math tkdboy555: uhhhh foti_kasparov: @edu4594 Create a trash account

Kawhiet: Teachers count too edu4594: @foti_kasparov ok vonhoganon: jesus christ the VA Pedroso: Omg, you read so fricking fast Ayyyy420Lmao: veteran affairs? wholesome_pepe: all those pensions we have to pay monkaS Penguino138: Jerk off verterans dorkmo: VA hospital williamjennings1: push paperz Eternallightning: VA hospitla ? 360Plato: manage ptsd bois vonhoganon: veterans healthcare wheely_mcbones: there is a book called bullshit jobs who talks about the mental breakdown of people who do useless jobs phrixus_bro: healthcare for veterans alicyka: Veteran Affairs is the VA, infamously terrible and useless innerbean: oh, so the ends justify the means even if it means screwing others? ugh Parkpark1997: take care of them latenightbj: military loans pec_adillo: care takes and state run hospitals scarbromangler: department of VA fights the war against the Colin Kaepernicks of the world risesinner: helps them navigate the VA and Veteran resources l1ght5p33d: i want to run apk on iphone THX1342: are veterans considered employees of that dpt? AzzoDio: no president gets elected by promising to cut the military budget DiosDIO: This is part of the Military Stegosaurian: Do you think the large military budget is justified? Kawhiet: There’s a reason it’s called a government job entangledbeing: Government could include university professors and researchers l1ght5p33d: we want apk on iphone Emanuell45: thats some stalin shitt vonhoganon: they include doctors and other medical staff as well to take care of veterans Parkpark1997: ask trump l1ght5p33d: APK ON IPHONE ONLY or apple dies wholesome_pepe: cuz they fought in ww2 and vietnam coloneljerkoff: VA has a huge system of hospitals tkdboy555: @georgehotz USASPENDING.GOV risesinner: each county has a veteran rep JonBoy11: everyone that works at a VA hospital technically. all the way down to the guy cleaning dishes risesinner: that is why they are so many foti_kasparov: @edu4594 I mean u won’t regret it 🙂 risesinner: they make almost no money tkdboy555: @georgehotz usaspending.gov K177: so theoretically if hitler had a positive impact in the future then he was a good person? LUL Lourned: USA = military industrial complex LUL risesinner: each county has one bufferovrflw: Nerd-sniping: The Stream l1ght5p33d: why can’t i run apk on iphone innerbean: hmmmm, managing how many vets? That’s not efficient mikey9988: Chair force LUL hordead: remember there are 52 states 360Plato: So Israel should build Hitler statues? entangledbeing: State university professors and researchers may fall into gov williamjennings1: how would you eliminate them ? 😮 😮 risesinner: each county has 1 and they make about $20k/yr edu4594: @foti_kasparov i hope lul l1ght5p33d: y no apk on iphone tho PiroFloydian: Mao executed landlords cant be that bad @georgehotz Ayyyy420Lmao: wrong he dided in 82 in paraguay pec_adillo: tru just give the vets their money, let them figure out their own care ahahahaitslit: lMao bufferovrflw: Well, due to Hitler and the Nazi Germany, we’ve got rockets AzzoDio: maybe he has a secret diary where he invented cold fusion pretty much the only scenario 2600: that’s one of the arguments for UBI, is getting rid of the the administrative structure deciding who gets what tornpaperyoyos: Well most of the employees in veteran affairs are veterans themselves dr_set: or in latin america a couple of years ago kaiokenx90: do prostitutes add value? Pedroso: What you think about vertical lockdown in Brazil? foti_kasparov: Heil the Führer AresRai: killing 25million people w all their potential is a lot of unquantifiable bad 360Plato: oof K177: LOL Stegosaurian: What do you think of the large military budget? Is it justified? Penguino138: @georgehotz what do you think about China reopening it’s borders, possibly letting the virus back in? dprophecyguy: @georgehotz What about instagram influencers ? Ayyyy420Lmao: nazi scientists were kidnaped by nasa so we could go to the moon cybergenik: We got research into medicine, Noice vonhoganon: isnt much of modern china mostly due to xiaoping? hordead: hitler still killed more people than the coronavirus tkdboy555: government officials are themselves lobbyists for useless government jobs and inefficiency in the federal government system PiroFloydian: oh they are 100% latenightbj: rapidward.com innerbean: I think the same positive value can be created without screwing others over, it just gets distributed fairly Landowner555: the nazis did a lot of experiments on humans optimizely: Looking for an idea to work on next solitarynative: stalin Emanuell45: lmao Landowner555: something we’ll never be able to do again probably Lizardan: Hitler Parkpark1997: hitler vs coronavirus vonhoganon: the military offers $100,000 signing bonuses like its candy mikey9988: Hitler is Covid-420×69 ? williamjennings1: OMg Parkpark1997: EDUCATION SpaceGhost8: hitler ez DiosDIO: Now, hitler K177: LUL Nussinov: we should have nuked corona virus when we had the chance williamjennings1: yikez scarbromangler: coronavirus isn’t doing anything wrong. it’s just being itself PiroFloydian: military industrial complex is maybe the worst @georgehotz saygan_: if Hitler was good then do I have the right to enslave my neighbors if I can prove it will have a positive outcome in a few decades wholesome_pepe: darpa literally funded the basic research for the corona virus tho LUL solitarynative: Stalin worse than both wheely_mcbones: sovietic union did more to end the nazis than the US but they are not receiving this much money for their veterans, is not about merit pikomane2: is it 18 million veterans divided by how many patients per psychiatrist tornpaperyoyos: They tell you that you only have to serve 4 years but its a minimum of 8. 4 active duty 4 reserve 2600: hitler vs coronavirus who would win Bloodswordz88: HahaSnowhal SofiaLouise: WW2 : 75 million cars1n: Society would be much more advanced if we kept having world wars because preventing death is the absolute best motivator @georgehotz btpisroot: Eh, let’s go with WW2 pz3300: Yeah abdcw: i mean hitler was a bad guy but at least he didn’t force me to stay inside and not get pussy foti_kasparov: HITLER WITH CORONAVIRUS IS THE WORST THING EVER K177: ccp data monkaS PiroFloydian: try US @georgehotz Bloodswordz88: HahaLean Kawhiet: Mao killed more people than hitler logi6000: what did I miss hordead: just go by the amount of jews he killed AntiVax_SoccerMom: monkaS Hitler with super aids Nussinov: adolfovirus DiosDIO: Did hitler kill anyone himself? Landowner555: stalin and mao are the real villans THX1342: expendable, right? williamjennings1: 43million what Ayyyy420Lmao: @hordead how many is that? tkdboy555: bioweapons is a cold-war thing SpaceGhost8: uh pz3300: Himself? THX1342: -.- logi6000: @pz3300 well yes pikomane2: hitlers still alive l1ght5p33d: i wanted to run a single apk on my iphone. it had ONE JOB Stegosaurian: world population in the 1940s was around 2.6 billion

Ayyyy420Lmao: @pikomane2 in our hearts raystriker98: India is gonna get fucked, our PM is a joke logi6000: what would you name a search engine foti_kasparov: @ayyyy420lmao No, in Argentina PiroFloydian: @DiosDIO he killed himself Kawhiet: Mao killed more people than hitler SpaceGhost8: EZ hordead: @Ayyyy420Lmao 1.3m tornpaperyoyos: OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq OWL2019200iq PiroFloydian: yeah Modi sucks lmao Ayyyy420Lmao: @foti_kasparov no he went to colombia, then argentina, then paraguay, died in 82 DiosDIO: @PiroFloydian Fair enough Hawklite: what’s the economical impact hitler vs corona though? KaleSC: @georgehotz do you think it’s good that all the old people are dying ? 360Plato: whats the ACE2 prevalence for Indians? Stegosaurian: Africa will be hit hard AzzoDio: isn’t India hot climate? K177: wait, does your coronavirus projection factor in overwhelmed hospitals? l1ght5p33d: sweet justice kaiokenx90: Are you saying there wouldn’t be a difference in response in the US from Trump vs Obama? alameda13: do u think human killed hims3lf more or viruses @georgehotz wheely_mcbones: like 1 million were japanese nuked that did not needed to die 4zimut: careful we have twitch staff K177: ahh aight Ayyyy420Lmao: @hordead im surprised you could give the actual figure and not the meme number DiosDIO: The virus isn’t killing itself wheely_mcbones: is not all on Hitler AresRai: are tropica countries less at risk ? martinkirilov: And we still talk about Hitler. If coronavirus turns out to be worse, imagine the aftermath of that Bloodswordz88: People die on the Toilet everyday hordead: @Ayyyy420Lmao what’s the meme number? AzzoDio: 2x just corona deaths? what about death from other sources that also need hospitals? Tyrant_01: GEORGE DID YOU STOP HACKING ? K177: cmonBruh AzazelTheGoat: how many people has mcdonalds killed? WEEEEEEEELL_ITS_KNOCC_OUT: monkaS solitarynative: cmonBruh tkdboy555: The US government should contract AI companies to calculate which jobs are most able to be automated and then to actually automate them. We would cut federal spending by BILLIONS, if not HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS AzazelTheGoat: is mcdonalds worse than hitler? 360Plato: shut it down SpaceGhost8: projections thus far have all been wrong, to be fair, and I hope it remains that way logi6000: George I like that idea from yesterday about organizing the worlds information mikey9988: monkaW raystriker98: no dude, he made us bang utensils and applause for no reason at all.. I’m not kidding Google India utensil banging coronavirus DecayingSkullz: Twitch is going to somehow make an issue of this RNG_S0uL: speaking of nazis here comes twitch staff Ayyyy420Lmao: @hordead 6 milions Penguino138: Will more die from the economic impact of the virus than the actual virus? K177: KKona wtf innerbean: death measuring contest? gah UneducatedZoomer: monkaS optimizely: How do you choose what to work on next? TeaLeafi: nah your good? DecayingSkullz: Hitler convo wheely_mcbones: Obesity vs Hitler williamjennings1: mhm kind of want mcdonalds right now Parkpark1997: free speech btpisroot: I think we said too many trigger words jomkingal: Hi George greetings from NJ DecayingSkullz: Yeah exactly TeaLeafi: free speech is awesome! K177: yeah free speech is not a thing on twitch LUL DiosDIO: Twitch isn’t about Free speech TeaLeafi: Twiutch can go succccc it lols hordead: @georgehotz Conclusion.. Hitler was a deadly virus knilecrack: you are insulting corona DiosDIO: is about E girls SpaceGhost8: Shkreli save us K177: Kappa tkdboy555: The US government should contract AI companies to calculate which jobs are most able to be automated and then to actually automate them. We would cut federal spending by BILLIONS, if not HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS TeaLeafi: Twitch is a scam latenightbj: will obesity rates increase becaue of social distancing ? mutrx: is this end of stream q&a Ayyyy420Lmao: we’re adults? Kappa kruzustv: yo my ese got a cabrona virus 🙁 vonhoganon: twitch = free speech? LUL phrixus_bro: DLIVE BABYE C0deCane: This is purely scientific K177: PogU AzzoDio: every time you talk about world War II you start getting people talking about Neo-Nazi stuff eventually, they somehow find every twitch channel theonlymonkas: SCAM TeaLeafi: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH localcanofdutchgold: lul knilecrack: private twitch yeah 360Plato: dlive stream innerbean: haha yea, the SAD diet vs all the tyrants TeaLeafi: !!!! zelkh9: what if we get obese sars-cov-2 btpisroot: comma.twitch TeaLeafi: YEAHGHHHHHHHHHHHHH Parkpark1997: go on mixr raystriker98: Mixr Lourned: like mixer LUL williamjennings1: just go to mixer Natschz: GO TO MIXER IF YOU GET BANNED xD theonlymonkas: LUL fullcind: twitch free speech KEKW ICAntF331MyFAce: POGU PiroFloydian: comma.stream TeaLeafi: comma.twitch dorkmo: hi im 12 AzazelTheGoat: i didn’t see a “this is an adult stream with mature subject matter”. im triggered alameda13: chat is 12 years old K177: mixer PepeLaugh TeaLeafi: comma.twitch !!!!!!!!!!! tkdboy555: automate the government THX1342: LUL hhhasan: comma.tv THX1342: comma.thot TeaLeafi: comma.twitch Parkpark1997: comma.tv 360Plato: famous last words lul theonlymonkas: NICE aar0npham: Lol edeustua: have you ever used gaussian processes for anything? hordead: There;s no free speech on this platform Emanuell45: there are 3 moderators here lmao kaiokenx90: can u reverse engineer my farts THX1342: thanks, mods Stegosaurian: George what do you think the future of human evolution is? kruzustv: OOOF SpaceGhost8: comma,dank TeaLeafi: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH aar0npham: Comma.twitch TeaLeafi: got em! AzazelTheGoat: lol gotem optimizely: Interesting project to work on ? UniversalGeneve: call it spasm LUL TeaLeafi: gotem mutrx: @georgehotz did you look at SAMPLE6 bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Probably “Hitler” is a keyword that alerts Twitch Staff? TeaLeafi: gotem!!!! newlastaccount: How many animals have you killed? mounnrocc: !uptime UneducatedZoomer: @georgehotz could you hack me rn if you wanted to DiosDIO: How many people has cancer killed? logi6000: I like your idea of organizing the worlds info tkdboy555: like automating government jobs? jomkingal: Do you stay up late most of the time? Lourned: @georgehotz hey i used your jailbreak on my iphone 5 back in the days, thanks 😀 solitarynative: more like sample dicks amirite hordead: @georgehotz How many hours of sleep do you usually get? theonlymonkas: do you still want to be a serial killer ? C0deCane: a lot wheely_mcbones: well you don’t want neonazis making reunions on twitch, is no good for publicity optimizely: Any Interesting project idea? innerbean: it’s not being used offensively to sow hate l1ght5p33d: “Have you ever used gaussian processes”——- – Is this a troll? Emanuell45: There is 1 staff here lmao solitarynative: monkaS phrixus_bro: hi staff williamjennings1: where Ayyyy420Lmao: @stale2000 hello janny TeaLeafi: staff lols TeaLeafi: staff is lame RNG_S0uL: do you think us new yorkers are fkd? foti_kasparov: Should be more I guess PiroFloydian: that was in 1 year georgecruece: hi gasol TeaLeafi: cancer is a scam 360Plato: its ok guys the twitch staff is Warhammer player so he probably’s a fascist anyway LUL TeaLeafi: CANCER IS A SCAM! logi6000: staff is a scam DiosDIO: Everyone can have it SpaceGhost8: I’m waiting for WA to update their count because all I see is this bullshit message “The state’s notifiable conditions database is currently experiencing a slowdown because of a 10-fold increase in the number of lab reports received. Our IT team is working to correct the issue.” AzazelTheGoat: AzazelTheGoat subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! there are so many different types of cancer yaus_baus: cancer is a shill alicyka: You usually get cancer at the end, yes mounnrocc: cancer is induced by inflammation i heard vonhoganon: obesity -> heart disease alicyka: It’s just the end might be at a young age lol mounnrocc: but im dumb so AzazelTheGoat: I heard turmeric helps with inflamation Penguino138: The cure for cancer is changing peoples’ habits and behaviours innerbean: cannabinoids and mutated cells research is fascinating too THX1342: Did selfies kill more than coronavirus in 2019?

Landowner555: look up prevalence of cancers in children/young adults DiosDIO: There is no cure to cancer also boengels: Hey George, what sources would you use to find out real corona death numbers vs gov reported in other countries? thoughts? Ayyyy420Lmao: autism rates also on the rise mounnrocc: food related fosho KaleSC: the Bubonic Plague triggered the Italian Renaissance because all the wealthy (older) people died and younger people inherited the wealth to spend how they wanted on arts for example… do you think something similar could happen after covid? btpisroot: Twitch staff are fans of the Hotz martinkirilov: Yeah, but cancer has been out there for a long time. Imagine covid19 being out for the same time, though probably we’d find a vaccine Penguino138: @georgehotz The cure for cancer is changing peoples’ habits and behaviours PiroFloydian: They do now pepeLaugh theonlymonkas: the hotz UniversalGeneve: dna has a half life of ~120 years. you get cancer since as you age, a lot of your DNA start randomly breaking. you have enzymes that repair that, but they’re “stupid” enzymes alextodoroki: im gay and lubed and ready to go boys KaleSC: the spanish flu killed 50 million logi6000: obesity epidemic like it’s God damn polio. Americans are spoiled. Lazyboy got it right williamjennings1: ): PiroFloydian: depends optimizely: Death is a scam hordead: @Penguino138 lol PiroFloydian: on what the raw numbers are AzazelTheGoat: thats a crazy number AresRai: check Japan numbers 🤔 PiroFloydian: if suicide just goes way up and nothing else changes thats bad @georgehotz but the other way is good yeah ThirstyDrank: wow that looks like a correlation in the middle hordead: coronavirus is just speeding up death by cadiovascular disease ThirstyDrank: where they had the intersect cars1n: Mental health is = physical health theonlymonkas: LUL innerbean: the increasingly toxic environment and diet filled with free radicals means alotta cancer boengels: @hordead that is true AzazelTheGoat: is that death of a broken dick? unsafe sex? DiosDIO: COVID-19 is also killing more smokers THX1342: is selfie inflicted deaths on the rise or is it plateauing? K177: KKona SpaceGhost8: vaping CiGrip Lourned: vaping PogChamp 360Plato: Dying from too much food Penguino138: Smoke them ciggies btpisroot: sigh AzazelTheGoat: hey guys remember that vaping death epedemic? that was like covid-18, or covid lite aj37z: smoking weeed Emanuell45: VAPE SEGMENT COMING SOON C0deCane: smoking is big is Asian areas i heard SpaceGhost8: vaping saved the tobacco industry Kawhiet: lmao russia pec_adillo: takes a generation to phase out smoking deaths Ayyyy420Lmao: smoke every day dudes DecayingSkullz: Newton formulated his theory of gravity in quarantine in the time of the black plague. Pretty interesting logi6000: we need to listen to the obesity part of underwear goes inside the pants AzazelTheGoat: i was surprised to hear vape shops were still open during this pandemic bufferovrflw: What’s up with Greenlad? bufferovrflw: *Greenland innerbean: oh, wasting disease in deer? if that jumps over it will be ugly DiosDIO: @C0deCane China’s pollution is fucking disgusting THX1342: that graph is brilliant williamjennings1: woah K177: LOL mutrx: TRUE SpaceGhost8: terrorism monkaS knilecrack: terrorisam williamjennings1: heat disease knilecrack: ahahahaha williamjennings1: heart* SpaceGhost8: LUL 360Plato: 1/3 people killed from terrorism would be living in Yemen Penguino138: 33% terrorism = fear mongering mutrx: we live in a society tkdboy555: LINK PLEASE Lourned: where is gaming? asanti20: good ole heart disease boengels: scary really peter35_: now it’s muh russia mutrx: did you watch Joker @georgehotz optimizely: Show us a scam deep5: every minute 60 seconds pass boengels: how much we are being lived innerbean: i like the style of this stream…hah zwisch: interesting to see stroke is about right T3chHS: Give us link please Penguino138: How many deaths a yaer from Ligma? C0deCane: LUL i fuckin hate the media AzazelTheGoat: but mcdonalds employes a lot of people. is the cure worse than the problem? Emanuell45: 1 IN 3 people die of cancer? PiroFloydian: corporate owned media is shit phrixus_bro: crazy alameda13: link? williamjennings1: so 1/3 of chat is going to die from heart diesease boengels: george can you share that link boengels: plz wheely_mcbones: McDonalds DiosDIO: Media says Terrorism kills more than cancer LUL tkdboy555: link pleasee gamerguy009: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Lourned: I guess video games are under terrorism LUL tkdboy555: elink please boengels: Link please? tkdboy555: link please sigmund_graphics: media is garbage UniversalGeneve: @tkdboy555 https://ourworldindata.org/causes-of-death boengels: georgeeeeeeee T3chHS: Paste the link here please!! boengels: linke please? williamjennings1: too many energy drinks boengels: hahaha littleZIPPY_92: be pnemonia UniversalGeneve: THE LINK: https://ourworldindata.org/causes-of-death

asanti20: and heart disease is usually linked with obesity AzazelTheGoat: is higher respitory disease from smoking dank bud? boengels: BEEP BEEEEEPPPPP wheely_mcbones: the flu wheely_mcbones: Corona is lower respiratory disease logi6000: we need to listen to underwear goes inside the pants wisamalrawi: Yes AzazelTheGoat: yep PiroFloydian: yeah ive heard of it logi6000: yeo Tyrant_01: GEORGE SHOULD I STOP LEARNING CYBERSEC AND GO WORK WITH YOU IN COMMA? SpaceGhost8: my dad is dying of COPD, yeah gamerguy009: Dont touch your face wisamalrawi: Quite famous actually innerbean: yea boengels: Thanks @UniversalGeneve innerbean: commercials wisamalrawi: Smoking causes it RNG_S0uL: yeah my dad has it AzazelTheGoat: its something i heard about and I live in canada. Not sure if thats why DecayingSkullz: What are your thoughts on using a Neuralink implant to cure neurodegenertive diseases like ALS or dementia Ayyyy420Lmao: wtf is this Landowner555: LOL? SHAVEYY_: geo is bedtime Kawhiet: its like half of the death causes can be attributed to McDonalds SHAVEYY_: go bed wisamalrawi: They carry oxygen tank with them omniilista: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis aj37z: this video is cursed SpaceGhost8: LUL Ayyyy420Lmao: i’m addicted, i’m addicted to marihuana Lourned: 420 AntiVax_SoccerMom: LUL SpaceGhost8: LMAO localcanofdutchgold: BANNED DiosDIO: LUL gamerguy009: I want neuralink innerbean: cannabinoids are dank mutrx: F Emanuell45: lag? ankitc: you got throttled son Ayyyy420Lmao: third world country internet ankitc: charger MrTriharder: F hordead: tos bloopsterr: lagg koreanfoodyum: snort weed erryday williamjennings1: f xmalware60: lag zwisch: frames dropped out the wazoo ankitc: its the charger gamerguy009: Lagg peter35_: yeah lag AzazelTheGoat: prescription drugs killed my mom. I have a deep hate for the problem of over prescribing MrTriharder: Corona affecting the internet monkaS hordead: tossss braininavatt: lol I thought it was me LUL Emanuell45: twitch ai probably caught that naked guy whycopper: why is my pp hard wisamalrawi: Lagg here too 4zimut: !tabs ankitc: charger throttled it localcanofdutchgold: actually banned Penguino138: major lag neto3113: upload constraints? Ayyyy420Lmao: injecting a whole marihuanas every day foti_kasparov: cbrahTune cbrahTune cbrahTune cbrahTune anup_kodlekere: youtube has reduced bandwidth MrTriharder: Kreygasm anup_kodlekere: pretty sure twitch will too SpaceGhost8: better Hawklite: it’s good now williamjennings1: gonna get a snacky Landowner555: TWO chargers mutrx: twitch staff is censoring monkaS gamerguy009: Bad Lagg AzazelTheGoat: twitch is throttling the stream becasue there was a bum AresRai: losing a lot of frames Lourned: saved wisamalrawi: bandwidth probably Penguino138: video killed the bandwidth mounnrocc: laggy boye btpisroot: not enough ram hordead: your internet caught the coronavirus ankitc: yes its fine now koreanfoodyum: making use of that thunderbolt 3 bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Wait, Macbook/OSX supports multiple chargers? damn Landepbs: you need to download more RAM Kappa Ayyyy420Lmao: must be cold with all those iwndows open MrTriharder: Ok now peter35_: stack overflow monkaS cars1n: Wow ram doesnt grow on trees innerbean: if the thc-a isn’t dried or raised above 180f it doesn’t turn to thc and it’s not psychoactive iDoMathss: Chromium over safari? Asking since I’m not sure aj37z: need windows11 DecayingSkullz: @bufferovrflw yeah you have four thunderbolt ports gamerguy009: Geohotz create a better twitch site AzazelTheGoat: these lyrics aren’t 100% bufferovrflw: @DecayingSkullz I know, I didn’t know that you could use multiple of them, I though only one port would be used for Power Delivery, even if you connected an additional charger MrTriharder: @georgehotz we need comma.tv now AzazelTheGoat: accurate* m0ld_0n3rz: remember when this was on the radio in like 2004 pz3300: I thought that said lady boy. Phew m0ld_0n3rz: it was a pretty big hit THX1342: LUL C0deCane: LUL hahahhaa pwnbase: t h i c c mashafique: LUL asanti20: OBESITY aj37z: very hard indeed Lourned: cheesecake Kreygasm SpaceGhost8: definitely not on the radio un3okapi: leading cause of death: capitalism williamjennings1: WOKE C0deCane: 55 gal drum of coke LUL ankitc: i am obese koreanfoodyum: No one cares about the obesity epidemic, but everyone freaks out when there’s a pandemic SeemsGood asanti20: thiccness oppression wheely_mcbones: Corona is lower respiratory disease ahahahaitslit: stay woke m0ld_0n3rz: yeah this guy had like two hits that made it to the radio Stegosaurian: TOUGH QUESTION: for the sake of evolution should medicine not be perfected and should natural selection be allowed to propagate and perfect humanity? pz3300: See George start eating proper food dude foti_kasparov: Supersize me Incurs0: I want that drum of coke btpisroot: Stay coke neto3113: burgers and cheesecake though ankitc: strapons pz3300: No lol

alicyka: sounds like aesop rock or busdriver ackxhpaez: Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes aj37z: socialism is the future DecayingSkullz: lmao mounnrocc: localist capitalism ftw mashafique: No LUL Santiago_LHC: @Stegosaurian Nah, evolution has its own agenda, and it’s only reproduction pikomane2: if capitalism is so good why is the birth rate in africa 8x higher Landowner555: ^ Lourned: capitalism is bad when government is ran by capitalists peter35_: the problem is cheap hyperpalatable foods innerbean: capitalism has killed more people than religion…well, ‘greed’ has Emanuell45: lmao Ayyyy420Lmao: if capitallism so good why bad things happen?!?”1111’1’1 PiroFloydian: capitalism can be blamed for the people that stave bc theres more than enough food wasted for them. same with preventable medical deaths @georgehotz tornpaperyoyos: @innerbean LUL markydothh: Oh shit! Sup George! AzazelTheGoat: does comma.ai have an underwear inside the pants policy? robotboy987: doesn’t capitalism mean less government workers MrTriharder: Comparing anything to religion to win arguments DansGame THX1342: the answer as usual is: it’s complicated Eternallightning: @pikomane2 that’s not a good thing amedhussaini: capitalism provides incentives Ayyyy420Lmao: if capitalism is so good why was i born so retarded to fall for socialist memes? wheely_mcbones: thanks to medical sanitary revolution, not to capitalism innerbean: is it an argument? SpaceGhost8: *applies to comma ai* innerbean: i discuss AzazelTheGoat: soap pikomane2: obamacare aj37z: ^ PiroFloydian: tchnology solitarynative: capitalism bad, me moral and good person alextodoroki: lol does comma ai do internships mikey9988: weed monkaS tearisten68: He is taking the bait! THX1342: penicilin aj37z: thanks obama THX1342: LUL Emanuell45: capitalism = better technology = better health care = longer life wheely_mcbones: compare life expectancy growth between US and China SpaceGhost8: science SpaceGhost8: bitch vloood: i’m not a capitalism hater, but like mexico has the same lifespan and a tenth of the gdp lol pikomane2: aliens innerbean: technology has lengthened lives Lourned: capitalism is doomed because you need to profit all the time and when there are no other place to profit it eats itself bro Ayyyy420Lmao: if capitalism is so good why cant i get a gf? Stegosaurian: MEDICINE & URBANIZATION increased life expectancy koreanfoodyum: all capitalism is guilty of is using the 99% for the 1% vloood: health has almost nothing to do with capitalism lol PiroFloydian: smart people innovating irrespective of the profit motive @georgehotz robotboy987: China did that innerbean: technology built fortunes neto3113: the will to be better and do better ? braininavatt: bruh vonhoganon: capitalism is life monaliso: what are you drinking george pec_adillo: capitalism cant kill as its an absence of violent restriction and coerced monopoly pz3300: People don’t live any longer than they did 100 years agp localcanofdutchgold: @vloood they buy the technology that you researched asanti20: capitalism is an only fans C0deCane: I think its amazing the problem is when corrupt people take advantage of it alextodoroki: HOTZ does comma ai do internships UniversalGeneve: hypercapitalism, like the USA, is a double edged sword robotboy987: china build technology PiroFloydian: market socialism is a thing @georgehotz Santiago_LHC: capitalism = free market tearisten68: communism is better when done right, problem is it never can be done right solitarynative: USA is not hyper capitalist wtf mounnrocc: communism is impossible, really Lourned: true Stegosaurian: capitalism isn’t sustainable in the long run THX1342: the issue is centralization Landowner555: the american dream is dead mutrx: Law of Equivalent Exchange – fullmetal alchemist @georgehotz un3okapi: @georgehotz leading cause of life is capitalism, but life always leads to death innerbean: capitalism is an ideology that values profit over any other consideration wheely_mcbones: US is not most of the world mounnrocc: who the fuck is gonna give up that amount of power for a stateless society Parkpark1997: apple pikomane2: yes go off king name the fed ThirstyDrank: Transference of value, but based on industrialization. That comes at a price of environmental costs in long-term innerbean: the market is not capritalism AresRai: @tearisten68 maybe it will when robots are presidents instead sigmund_graphics: 😮 koreanfoodyum: what if you took the top 10 richest peoples money and gave it to the rest? solitarynative: US is closer to a corporatocracy wheely_mcbones: US is the exception of the world, the rule is India and China markydothh: George! I promise i will subscribe once I make some money….the baby gets priority! PiroFloydian: market socialism is a thing @georgehotz amedhussaini: NIMBY knilecrack: so they get value pz3300: Denmark mortality rate 1918 = 10.1 Denmark mortality rate 2018 =9.8 Landepbs: the problem is monopolies alextodoroki: m8 does comma ai do internships williamjennings1: Lets be positive mounnrocc: marxs critique is spot on. the solution not so much 360Plato: they would waste it Ayyyy420Lmao: @PiroFloydian oxymorons are a thing yes AzazelTheGoat: the problem is capitalism made things easy and a side effect was it made people lazy monaliso: is that wine george? Santiago_LHC: That’s the tendency of capitalism though. A broken system alwayxtoxic: you’re so right Stegosaurian: when you consider the ever increasing world population, capitalism isn’t efficient when it comes to resource management aj37z: we need better math teachers wisamalrawi: What does San Francisco allow that stupid zoning to exist ? vonhoganon: so true PiroFloydian: @Ayyyy420Lmao no you just dont understand what socailism is lmao ThirstyDrank: It’s trickle-up economics Ayyyy420Lmao: @PiroFloydian no u THX1342: the 90% would buy shit made by the 10% and make the 10% rich again LUL mounnrocc: absolutely DecayingSkullz: BIIITCONNNEEEEEEEECCCCCTTTT mounnrocc: LOCALISM BABY C4TFive: A server wipe would be dope though braininavatt: do you think billionaires should exist? JdPaulBlart: give me my freedom dividend before i riot @georgehotz THX1342: YES. decentralize PiroFloydian: anarchosyndicalism is decentralization @georgehotz vonhoganon: libertarian geohotz MrTriharder: Bitcoin admiralJoy logi6000: let’s go something I believe in extremely Lourned: solution is pay government employees better and hire smart people AzazelTheGoat: is localism nationalism lite?

wheely_mcbones: decentralization is the reason US has more problems with Corona than China did ThirstyDrank: Explain centralization and its issues plz tkdboy555: @georgehotz how about universal basic income tied to inflation/quantitative easing, essentially preserving the buying power of every American, it can be implemented with blockchain, in fact it would be best implemented through blockchain pz3300: Lazy people are lazy wheely_mcbones: but is also a good thing alicyka: anarchy means you get your socialist world, I get my capitalist world 360Plato: nah you need to centralize to compete with malevolent players pikomane2: could u explain how blockchain would make rent seeking impossible? pz3300: Yes koreanfoodyum: very tru innerbean: capitalism uses false scarcity and denying access for increase profits but if it becomes the top and often only priority it’s corrupts a society PiroFloydian: anarchosyndicalism is decentralization for gov @georgehotz aj37z: Decentralize budget allocation ankitc: truuu wheely_mcbones: @PiroFloydian yeah tkdboy555: UBI IMPLEMENTED VIA BLOCKCHAIN solitarynative: @innerbean brainlet take pz3300: Reddit sucks dick ahahahaitslit: take a hit PiroFloydian: take out profit motive of healthcare w/ M4a @georgehotz fartdog2009: hey, i think that this might help williamjennings1: we just need to meditate brah bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Thoughts on “Social Democracy” ? dorkmo: i so badly want to go to waffle house The1theycallmonk: George is speaking the truth tonight! wheely_mcbones: why is so expensive? political lobby pretty much whyZaya: Poor people care amedhussaini: the question is.. what is the quickest path to a post scarcity economy? tkdboy555: NO alfyfav: Omg this live keeps up Lourned: $350 for STD test bro, 350 fucking dollars The1theycallmonk: Healthcare is too expensive. Spreading the cost isn’t the solution un3okapi: why not decentralize the schooling system? wheely_mcbones: but free market results in a lot of Shrkrellis robotboy987: Google is bad because all this big websites have good seo bluejimmy168: 600 dollars for a healthy adult to get insurance iin my state is dumb aj37z: @dorkmo capitalism innerbean: it’s not about a binary between capitalism and socialism, either extreme is unbalanced tkdboy555: I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT YANG’S VERSION OF UBI BUD 360Plato: @wheely_mcbones thats a bad thinbg? AzazelTheGoat: houses shouldn’t be as expensive as they are mattdougherty22: atoms is harder than bits, that’s where we need to focus even more tkdboy555: I’M TALKING ABOUT UBI TIED TO QUNATITATIVE EASING AND INFLATION PiroFloydian: innovation happens irrespective of the profit motive @georgehotz THX1342: georgehotz I am all for decentralization but I always get hanged on ‘big projects’… like moon landings… who tackles them? C0deCane: @georgehotz LUL show these people poverty in america compared to poverty in other “great” places in the world with socialism ahahha AzazelTheGoat: I work full time and am struggling to get a house. it literally makes no sense wheely_mcbones: @360Plato yeah dorkmo: robots pikomane2: thats that colonizer mentality logi6000: truth Emanuell45: its not about bringing the top down its about bringing the bottom up ThirstyDrank: Yes, but that’s at the cost of the environment again wheely_mcbones: things are cheap because we made education universal, not because of capitalism or free market mutrx: bernie2020,24,28,32!!!!! jomkingal: Hi George! Sorry off topic but greetings from NJ! boengels: but increasing the economy also seems to destroy the natural world pec_adillo: IP is bull dprophecyguy: @georgehotz What about its impact on scciety and the way it affects people ? koreanfoodyum: LOL LIMEWIRE AzazelTheGoat: is apple a metaphor for… apple? mattdougherty22: what do you think of Income Share Agreements versus student loans to help keep schools accountable? innerbean: i hate sounding like this but it’s about the distribution of the total wealth C4TFive: George Shapiro LUL gamerguy009: Dont pay hockey players so much PiroFloydian: anarchosyndicalism is what youre looking for @georgehotz gazny: We need an opensource society dprophecyguy: You can create wealth but nobody is giving a fuck how it’s fucking up with the environment koreanfoodyum: do what you want cause a pirate is free, cause you are a pirate! wheely_mcbones: this is true, information should be free latenightbj: whos the guy with the gun ? dorkmo: but but open source 3d printed guns theonlymonkas: i like how this guy thinks THX1342: georgehotz I am all for decentralization but I always get hanged on ‘big projects’… like moon landings… who tackles them? Twitch Prime SofiaLouise: dont you thinks patents are important? dprophecyguy: This graph doesn’t talk about environment impact 360Plato: ok IP law is necessary to incentivize research wheely_mcbones: this graph happened because education became universal opus_000: cash flow Parkpark1997: :d knilecrack: how can you like capitalism and then talk about IP like that ? alfyfav: To end poverty you don’t have to end richness dsqst: The graph is distribution AzazelTheGoat: hockey players provide a service, and it’s something i couldn’t do so the value is there for them to get paid a lotr innerbean: that’s exactly my point, thanks for making it so clearly…..hehe mutrx: giraffe extinction solved extreme poverty confirmed l1ght5p33d: This is my garden and i like it except the chain link fences those suck tkdboy555: SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE? 24786d: Just change the definition of poverty EZ Penguino138: Preach @georgehotz edeustua: how would you deal with rent seeking via blockchain? Lourned: define extreme poverty Kappa innerbean: we can keep printing money but it keeps going into fewer and fewer hands dsqst: There are many who have nothing and it’s not artificial to them vonhoganon: just remove it 4Head AzazelTheGoat: HUNTER GATHERING TIMES BOYS theonlymonkas: Nice book! any other recommendation? C0deCane: Im telling you compare the poverty in America to the poverty in other countries they are way way worse off Emanuell45: lmao dingus74: lol sigmund_graphics: lol williamjennings1: u lived in the woods? markydothh: The problem is that the system is RIGGED b/c politics is CORRUPT. Lobbyist, big corporates, these fking policitans are CORRUPT! EXSNarrow: LMAO localcanofdutchgold: 3 lul braininavatt: three? braininavatt: more like two Lourned: LUL wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane compared to sweeden, japan or scotlan? are you kidding? EquiFox: best content on twitch rn dorkmo: extreme poverty = nyc in the time of coronavirus logi6000: wait a minute this mother fucker just said he tried to live in the woods

ankitc: as a software developer i earn less then 400 dollars a month tkdboy555: DOES THIS TAKE INTO ACCOUNT INFLATION. I’M GUESSING NOT C0deCane: compare it to a super power @wheely_mcbones mutrx: 2.0 per day gang 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 360Plato: so tree fiddy is a lot innerbean: distribute the power equally not based on capital as the highest value, it’s about people, we the people, not the capital DecayingSkullz: Geohot should write a book dprophecyguy: @ankitc get a good job man jomkingal: We are programmed from birth. To be dependent on these things that we were taught that we need Emanuell45: @ankitc wtf, where do you live? AresRai: @ankitc what country curious Ayyyy420Lmao: obviously yes Lourned: @georgehotz so $2 is not extreme poverty? LUL wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane you don’t have any 1st world big country ankitc: Nepal tkdboy555: lmfao, but what the REAL value of inflation mutrx: it says adjusted for inflation @georgehotz tkdboy555: these numbers are busted jimmyadaro: Sup foti_kasparov: @ankitc Makes sense boengels: what is extreme poverty Emanuell45: @AresRai must be 2nd or third world knilecrack: for 2$ daily you can have one pljeskavic per day MrTriharder: @ankitc Just move to India innerbean: and sex…can;t forget about that. hehe alicyka: Government is just an HR department / middle management for humanity, fuck it rorhug: Call someone you trust to discuss AresRai: @Emanuell45 2.5 LUL AzazelTheGoat: but is there quality of life any good? markydothh: Thats b/c of CHINA wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane you can’t compare it to 3rd world countries because of story, imperialism and stuff AzazelTheGoat: their* whyZaya: pljeskavics should be illegal dorkmo: and look at a population growth chart too knilecrack: it’s because of 2nd WW HellxNebula: ppl who starved died before reprodtuce and the most wealthy survived and it goes on thats way gamerguy009: Cant survive on minimum wage markydothh: CHINA’s ascent has probably accounted for half of the 40% dorkmo: adding people logi6000: but now the real question is how do we get out of the simulation mattdougherty22: what smart people do you interact with most? Those at comma? appreciation1: @tkdboy555 just think what a poor poerson has today vs what a miner had in 1850 in a “first world country” it does take infaltion into account Emanuell45: @AresRai LUL LUL innerbean: yes, very good…..because of technology knilecrack: it’s good that USA was not destroyed in WW2 otherwise EU would come back now on it’s feet innerbean: the market created that Ayyyy420Lmao: @mattdougherty22 us the twitch chat chads williamjennings1: dang amedhussaini: the chinese market reforms started at around that time amedhussaini: early 80s Stegosaurian: the world’s economy is based on a broken financial system C0deCane: @wheely_mcbones japan is not a super power i was speaking more about china russia they poverty in those countries is far worse off then the poverty in america even the rural areas in america are way way better off koreanfoodyum: isn’t china full of starving people? that’s why they have the wet markets that had the bat which transmitted corona? isn’t that extreme poverty? 😮 Emanuell45: you can say what you want about the chinnese, but they do good things for their countries population mattdougherty22: hahah sadly not @Ayyyy420Lmao look at your name. We are watching him solitarynative: ANELE Clap markydothh: India? 360Plato: they dont have the culture markydothh: NO PiroFloydian: @koreanfoodyum wet markets are a rich people thing aMANT3: !time jimmyadaro: @Stegosaurian What?? Jehhred: no wonder the chinese are so sringy rorhug: Call someone. Bring a guest onto the show and discuss this wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane you are ignoring world history behind that AzazelTheGoat: I dont trust stats provided by the CCP. im biased. or is a third party getting this info THX1342: look at braizl koreanfoodyum: weird rich people then noobaj: all lockdown williamjennings1: !time tkdboy555: @appreciation1 except they actually knew how to grow their own shit in their backyard, but instead, now we just have hyper-green grass for our dogs SofiaLouise: it has slowed down with modi markydothh: India wont have the same ascent that CHINA had MrTriharder: @georgehotz I am from India. Economy is crumbling a bit 🙂 PiroFloydian: @koreanfoodyum yes Kawhiet: China -> India -> Africa gamerguy009: North Korea is starving mutrx: @georgehotz can you speak chinese Ayyyy420Lmao: @mattdougherty22 i just smoke weed to lower my iq from 180 to 140 dprophecyguy: India only few cities are in good position aj37z: 4head t_lokus: extreme poverty is really very poor metric of global economy, it’s just a very basic measurement that has so many problems.. it’s like the chapter 1 in economics and dropped so fast, there are a lot of arguments on why is so weak metric ThirstyDrank: China has super cheap food innerbean: profit can be a motive for it, if it’s the only and top motive it corrupts the system koreanfoodyum: nk is def starving tornpaperyoyos: Why did you spend a year in china? dprophecyguy: Nobody is starving in india also aj37z: 4Head tsAllySparkles: you spent a year of your life in cities opus_000: they can’t produce enough food ThirstyDrank: but comparably, healthier but less caloric than ours tsAllySparkles: try going around rural china C0deCane: @wheely_mcbones thats the point why capitalism is better if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be that way in those countries simple as that foti_kasparov: Having 1b population is hard MrTriharder: Only Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad chennai is good in India @georgehotz DecayingSkullz: @architectzs if you ask about that you’ll get timed out mattdougherty22: @Ayyyy420Lmao same, how old are you? What do you do for a living? wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane this is not because of capitalism, is because of universalizing education in the last century 24786d: You’re likely attributing correlation to causation. I like to think we’re in a period of peace and stability, which really helped Ayyyy420Lmao: @mattdougherty22 im a 35 years old neet living on government housing and welfare dprophecyguy: @georgehotz In India the standard of living is pretty bad. People do not care about how they live like they are used to being oppresses it seems ThirstyDrank: what about their dystopian app social rating DecayingSkullz: @architectzs everyone asks about that joker2k999: damn. talks getting deep l1ght5p33d: no SpaceGhost8: right, it’s state controlled but its really not all that different fundamentally wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane you have more capitalism in US than you have in Germany or Sweden dorkmo: visit a reducation camp 😛 C0deCane: @wheely_mcbones what the hell does that have to do with the how life is in poverty areas in america and in china wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane still they have better living conditions koreanfoodyum: that’s what I’d hope, in private, even a communist reign wouldn’t keep you from shit talking winne the pooh 😀 innerbean: eh, there’s some issues for sure but different than the ones in the west MrTriharder: Wuhan monkaS mattdougherty22: @Ayyyy420Lmao how did you come across geo? jimmyadaro: What about Africa? mattdougherty22: lol im 20 markydothh: How’s your mandarin? Talk some dirty Mando to me appreciation1: @tkdboy555 you are shifting the goalpoasts now. Also you are free to grow your own stuff alnd is very cheap in the rural areas especially in poorer countries you need around 2 baseball fields of land for 1 person to live off of logi6000: George have you read Fahrenheit 451 AzazelTheGoat: thats interesting williamjennings1: 9times dprophecyguy: @georgehotz And also in india lot of people relate politics with religion and they also associate their politician with god like figures ThirstyDrank: They have starvation during droughts innerbean: east and west both have their issues C0deCane: @wheely_mcbones LUL dude AzazelTheGoat: i guess the same is here in canada. The reservations can look pretty depressing when driving through robotboy987: India has more “linear” segment of economy eg. farmers architectzs: can i not be curious?

dprophecyguy: @georgehotz Currently in india the PM is like god to more than half of the country mattdougherty22: what smart people do you interact with most? Those at comma? theonlymonkas: have you been on latin america? Lourned: if starvation was every a problem in the world population would decrease not increase, no? DecayingSkullz: @architectzs no you can’t PiroFloydian: what book were you talking about earlier? architectzs: explain? THX1342: India is going on a baaad road Ayyyy420Lmao: @mattdougherty22 i know about him since the iphone thing, youtube recomends shit about him sometimes brownyyyylocks: India is beautiful! mattdougherty22: Peter Thiel all about not declining @georgehotz theonlymonkas: permutation city innerbean: what if the mic on their phone catches it and webo records it? boom….busted hehehe gamerguy009: Canada is good wheely_mcbones: @C0deCane US is better than China, but is not because of capitalism 360Plato: @brownyyyylocks you should travel more williamjennings1: stock market is scary Kawhiet: Why do you think the emoji is like that? mutrx: @architectzs scroll down to see the rules, keyboard = timeout alicyka: There’s nothing sadder than a beautifully built house covered in mold, hidden behind 4 feet of grass MrTriharder: @georgehotz if u come To Mumbai, I’ll show u around. No indian will be able to scan u with foreign prices 🙂 gamerguy009: Geohotz move to Canada C0deCane: the rural america i live in is better now than it was 4 years ago Lourned: cant exploit China any more, they are getting rich now FeelsBadMan AzazelTheGoat: i think victim mentality is a major poison on a culture dprophecyguy: @georgehotz You won’t find more welcoming people anywhere in the world than in India tkdboy555: @georgehotz @appreciation1 IN THE 1800S, 90% of the american population lived on farms. At least back then we actually grew our own shit. This whole poverty thing is relative because we are ascribing wealth to a monetary metric, instead of actually material possession. The entire philosophy of this metric is busted http://jaysonlusk.com/blog/2016/6/26/the-evolution-of-american-agriculture architectzs: do people really ask that much lmao PiroFloydian: when the market goes up it doesnt help most people. when it goes down they all suffer @georgehotz DecayingSkullz: @architectzs yes mutrx: @architectzs yep opus_000: stock market is basically gambling DecayingSkullz: @architectzs scroll down and read the only rule of this channel solitarynative: what states are you talking about? martinkirilov: everyone is so used to the stock market going up, most people buy in expecting to make money overnight. you should expect to lose, hope to win jimmyadaro: @opus_000 Hell na architectzs: thats interestinmg rorhug: Call someone George – bring a guest onto the show to discuss brownyyyylocks: @dprophecyguy Which parts of India have you been to? dprophecyguy: @georgehotz You should live in India for some time not just visit India. Talk with people and maybe can start a university here. There are way more talented people here than USA but with no guidance wheely_mcbones: The world can’t consume as much as America do, the problem with capitalism is in the wealth distribution around the world not around america Ayyyy420Lmao: do you speak any foreing languages? tsAllySparkles: what interstate jimmyadaro: @wheely_mcbones Shut the fuck up with your communist shit lmao ThirstyDrank: Do you think deregulating would help stimulate the economy, like with weed 360Plato: you should visit the caucuses Lourned: what country is the US and friends going to exploit next for cheap labor? mattdougherty22: any podcast fans able to give me feedback on this episode format? http://mattdougherty.online/Podscribe-mock/test/test2 wheely_mcbones: @jimmyadaro I’m not wrong tough dprophecyguy: @brownyyyylocks I am from India tornpaperyoyos: @wheely_mcbones you are though jimmyadaro: @wheely_mcbones Hell yeah you’re joker2k999: any crazy Bangkok stories? LUL brownyyyylocks: LOL koreanfoodyum: AMERICA, FUCK YEAH! tkdboy555: LITERALLY 90% OF AMERICANS LIVED ON FARMS IN THE 1800s, NOW ITS 2%, PLEASE DON’T RELATE POVERTY TO MONETARY ACCUMULATION ahahahaitslit: USA!!!!!!!! solitarynative: Is adderal the best way to stimulate the economy? Ayyyy420Lmao: @wheely_mcbones cant be wrong if i say im not wrong, smart move! AzazelTheGoat: haven’t you seen crazy rich asians? rndmsqnce: where in california is truly rural? C0deCane: LUL you can become a billionaire in china overnight if you come out with a hit product innerbean: they catching up jimmyadaro: Capitalism has took out the 90% of population from poverty, what the fuck man Belowzer0w: We need a graph for happiness. Does happiness and wealth correlate? I mean if you have more than food and water, how does this reflect in happiness? vonhoganon: @rndmsqnce riverside PiroFloydian: @rndmsqnce eastern i think jimmyadaro: @Belowzer0w Will create some kind of Kuznets curve dprophecyguy: @georgehotz Do you care about nationality? MrTriharder: @georgehotz America Iceland Russia and kazakstan consume the highest fossil fuels in the world per capita HellxNebula: sweet data 360Plato: @solitarynative speed used to be over the counter amedhussaini: california is very rural outside of sf/la/san diego ThirstyDrank: I think a big problem now is that people are pushed on depending on others to distribute value, rather than producing innerbean: probably more consumers worldwide than in NA AzazelTheGoat: my parents grew up on a farm, i grew up in a comfy house with central heating. its crazy THX1342: any graph showing % of americans that are home owners vs rent? appreciation1: @tkdboy555 I get that. My problem with that argument is that farming is a grueling and backbreaking task and i’d rather go and live in a moderately big city and do my office job. and most people tend to agree with me because most people live in cities instead of homesteading which is definitly possible in todays world in most moderatly rich countries. also specialization makes the same lands yield more food so the best farmers make more food for all of us. famring is a skill boengels: no opus_000: heroin dprophecyguy: @georgehotz Happiness Index moonwalker15: No, it does not AzazelTheGoat: happiness to me is security tornpaperyoyos: @MrTriharder how tf is iceland on that list foti_kasparov: OMG indians just blasted in the chat wheely_mcbones: good point solitarynative: @360Plato damn lol dprophecyguy: Search for happiness index mutrx: look at all the celebrities who are crying bc of quarantine in their mansions @georgehotz vonhoganon: money = happiness C0deCane: There is definitely an algorithm for happiness im sure Ayyyy420Lmao: ofc it subjective so u just ask ppl ‘are u happy m8?’ Lourned: west virgina PogChamp innerbean: my pants MrTriharder: Just make Finland as the winner for happiness 🙂 admiralJoy theonlymonkas: no rndmsqnce: state of jefferson? innerbean: was that wrong? sorry dprophecyguy: There is official happiness index tkdboy555: @appreciation1 the entire point is the poverty metric he used is bullshit. people in extreme poverty back then were well fed as fuck, no cap joker2k999: acceptance, laughter, arguing w/ a friend and winning, and having a few bucks in the bank

innerbean: it’s in the declaration of independence martinkirilov: “Happiness is your biggest enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose!” – Rush BibleThump DecayingSkullz: How do you think we should measure intelligence? innerbean: pursuit of it dprophecyguy: @georgehotz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Happiness_Report Check this out Hawklite: happiness simply means one’s expectations or desires are being met ahahahaitslit: will you ever write a book opus_000: happiness is perspective Ayyyy420Lmao: @Hawklite what if u have no expectations or desires? The_Troll_Toll: i lived in SF (retreated to a bunker a month ago) and know ppl who lived with you at the crypto castle jimmyadaro: @Hawklite That changes all the time innerbean: the constitution is to promote general welfare? how to measure that? tkdboy555: @appreciation1 life was food appreciation1: @tkdboy555 oh I agree that it’s bs. Bad measure of poverty. better measure would be imo. What did the emperor of china have vs the average poor person today 360Plato: I think fufillment is more important. I much rather be Russian then German Lourned: happiness is relative Hawklite: @jimmyadaro so then when it changes and your expectations/desires aren’t met, then you aren’t happpy gaocaandra: did you check out weinstein dprophecyguy: Checkout happiness index. Top 5 Countries are scandinavian AzazelTheGoat: they were too tired to think about trivial shit like that The_Troll_Toll: ted kacynzski bro innerbean: i like happiness….haha C0deCane: Get back on coronavirus LUL HellxNebula: hapiness is all about perception Ayyyy420Lmao: @360Plato i’d rather not exist than be german or rusian sigmund_graphics: Possibly happier to have something ot do solitarynative: physical pain give you purpose and meaning bro Belowzer0w: Working with your body is satisfying innerbean: joy is better tkdboy555: @appreciation1 yes, wealth inequality should be extremely relevant to the metric but it isn’t boengels: George have you ever seen this??! https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/cafeRestaurantNoiseGenerator.php?fbclid=IwAR1f5EQ9Zov7PHukgYq6DnPvw-8zbDUz8Dan0eJ1RfuADDYgm4ZRaGsftmg Emanuell45: no dude boengels: perfect for study time 😀 innerbean: fulfillment is the bomb Ayyyy420Lmao: nope The_Troll_Toll: think of all the pussy you’d get Ayyyy420Lmao: fuck social score and shit like taht AresRai: no dude emperor in china had 3000 wives @georgehotz martinkirilov: You can’t measure happiness, everyone has their own concept of it The_Troll_Toll: the armies you could command THX1342: think about all the sick parties tho innerbean: at peace is divine 360Plato: @Ayyyy420Lmao St Petersburg is comfy un3okapi: getting pegged is painful boengels: cafe noise generator appreciation1: @tkdboy555 when was the last time some1 died because of a bad harvest in america? happend all the time when 90% of the population was farming C4TFive: kings could use people as toilet paper though innerbean: hehehe,,, how much to buy it? mutrx: im annoyed i won’t be able to witness the crazy shit that’s going to happen in the future @georgehotz Emanuell45: the social status of a king would be way better than slaving away at a apple sweat shop localcanofdutchgold: forsenCD AzazelTheGoat: thoughts on ending the welfare state? @georgehotz pz3300: They shore were healthier tsAllySparkles: if you were a king in 1600 you’d go to war with the land of sony solitarynative: forsenCD nice AresRai: concubines joker2k999: Damn. but those castle’s tho bro innerbean: not physical pain….psychological suffering…self suffering, that’s the difference HellxNebula: why the hell you want 3k wives one is enough HellxNebula: xd C4TFive: 3000 waifu’s maybe jimmyadaro: LUL Ayyyy420Lmao: gengis khan fucked like 20k thots appreciation1: @georgehotz emporor of china had 20 different foods to chose from I have more with takeout murkythunder: for hotz 3k is chump change bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Not at once I hope dorkmo: in one afternoon on tinder aj37z: chad innerbean: yup C0deCane: LUL thats Viagras roots joker2k999: LUL AzazelTheGoat: lol dprophecyguy: @georgehotz How many sex partners you are aiming for ? mashafique: The Hotz Harem LUL 360Plato: Welfare is a practical necessity at this point mutrx: @dorkmo maybe for women 🙁 doctorgenus: how many sex partners do you have? Emanuell45: if you end the welfare state, crime is going to go through the roof logi6000: @hellxnebula one just didn’t cut it for that Chinese emperor brownyyyylocks: 3k do you know what women are like?? AzazelTheGoat: @Emanuell45 thats true PiroFloydian: hell yeah Snobbysteven: only 3k? pft, that’s just a Tuesday night ooMariaoo: loll Ayyyy420Lmao: sex yikes braininavatt: it’s gonna be sick! (literally) pz3300: What, you don’t have 3k bitches? SpaceGhost8: fuck coronavirus lets do that localcanofdutchgold: this guy tkdboy555: hahahahah brownyyyylocks: ewwwwww C0deCane: how many kids do you think he had? HellxNebula: @logi6000 i guess he could throw her somewhere when to blabla began THX1342: that’s good stream content: hacking STDs innerbean: I’ve found things in a dumpster that kings of the past couldn’t cream of robotboy987: fucking alimony for 3k wives doctorgenus: can we do that for the next stream? dorkmo: 10 a day for a year brownyyyylocks: gross ooMariaoo: relax lol @TeaLeafi foti_kasparov: @TeaLeafi Are you really that interested dude solitarynative: I’m halfway there 🙂 ideology_sniffing_raccoon: COOMING every day fyezool: lend me some of your power george l1ght5p33d: all about selectivity 360Plato: I mean over 20 years once ever 1.5 days brownyyyylocks: 3 koreanfoodyum: set your goals high, go for 3.5 billion! ^-^ davidvilla700: by order of the peaky fuckin blinders murkythunder: u a virgin bro ? pz3300: You luuuv politics george bufferovrflw: I don’t think most of the 3k weren’t voluntary sex partners braininavatt: comma.bio jimmyadaro: You eliminate welfare, you create The Purge… Boom, no poverty, no crime, no shit LUL joker2k999: ..give or take huh THX1342: cure aids, instant king theonlymonkas: LUL doctorgenus: would u have sex with a sexy robot?!!!!!! shieeeeeeeeet: what is the path from reverse engineering covid-19 to curing it? Jehhred: Less than 3,000. big surprise there appreciation1: @tkdboy555 we agree when it comes to the problems I think SpaceGhost8: LUL AzazelTheGoat: can’t cure aids, more money in the treatment than the cure jimmyadaro: It’s taken innerbean: obonervirus alicyka: Oh here’s a question: What project would you want to work on if there was no government threatening you? Still what you’re doing now? braininavatt: no if I buy it first Kappa MrTriharder: @tealeafi Cause u suffer from autism C0deCane: ez latenightbj: comma.xxx logi6000: do you believe in ai girlfriends koreanfoodyum: comma.tv dorkmo: epic domain grabbbb phrixus_bro: too late opus_000: lol solitarynative: TriHard yoink THX1342: LUL jimmyadaro: You eliminate welfare, you create The Purge… Boom, no poverty, no crime, no shit LUL localcanofdutchgold: Kapp bluejimmy168: Yoinked pz3300: I’m on about 1000 now theonlymonkas: but how many of them were humans? SpaceGhost8: mine now 🙂 Ayyyy420Lmao: shit i was searching for my CC already mattdougherty22: just bought it bub braininavatt: comma.xyz bluejimmy168: mine now 🙂 foti_kasparov: comma.gov tkdboy555: how about artificial sentience? 360Plato: eugenic bear fighting Lourned: he works for the government Kappa brownyyyylocks: oh its q&a time AzazelTheGoat: blink twice if you’re not safe george koreanfoodyum: comma.edu pz3300: About 200 civilians and 800 hookers doctorgenus: if sony didn’t sue you, would you be doing what you’re doing today? Santiago_LHC: comma.vaio squiggly_nibba: how’s your other company brownyyyylocks: i love q&a time!! tornpaperyoyos: I already bought it

logi6000: do you believe in ai girlfriends koreanfoodyum: comma.darpa mattdougherty22: ill sell it for an autograph bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Thoughts on disinformation campaings on Social Media? Any idea what we could do to solve it? l1ght5p33d: good stream THX1342: how many times have you stopped to think “how can I exploit the system?” edeustua: thoughts on Chris Arnade dorkmo: have you seen the movie HER? 1monkjuice: would you accept an offer from the army? edeustua: ? Hawklite: what set of beliefs are you going to push in your university? ahahahaitslit: have you used ocaml pz3300: You buy it off me Ayyyy420Lmao: can jet fuel melt steel beams? braininavatt: do you have any sony devices? solitarynative: do you like cbt? Abnico: how is your weighted blanket? koreanfoodyum: comma.ngo would mean u ain’t a suit :O phrixus_bro: yaas PiroFloydian: true AzazelTheGoat: spooky THX1342: why do people use social media to inform themselves anyway pz3300: That’s what you think tornpaperyoyos: Are you gonna DESTROY the coronavirus with FACTS and LOGIC???? mutrx: are you going to try sous vide @georgehotz SpaceGhost8: cbd CiGrip dorkmo: continual variable transmission pz3300: Lol Lourned: edgy news are fun LUL rsten: cock and ball toture moon2MD latenightbj: twitch included as smc solitarynative: yes cbt localcanofdutchgold: cbt the other one PiroFloydian: cbt is also cock and ball torture i think @georgehotz ? pwnbase: cock and ball torture JdPaulBlart: cbt as in cock and ball torture DecayingSkullz: That’s not what he meant by CBT innerbean: both rock SpaceGhost8: ALL IN ACB stockMoon jimmyadaro: ARE YOU WASHING YOUR GODDAMN HANDS GEORGE? doctorgenus: what pills do you take everyday beside zinc? pz3300: Is it worth taking cs50 course on edx online? Piqcyl: ELI5 past streams? Are you modelling it genetically? Or are you simulating its formation orrrrrr bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Well, yeah, but the disinformation campaings are the side-effects of those optimalizations MrTriharder: @georgehotz government is passing a bill to remove encryption DansGame Ayyyy420Lmao: do you have a pepe the frog image collection?? SpaceGhost8: LUL ICAntF331MyFAce: LUL shieeeeeeeeet: what is the path from reverse engineering covid-19 to curing it? braininavatt: LUL AzazelTheGoat: show feet rndmsqnce: hows you coronavirus love life Santiago_LHC: Come on you guys! braininavatt: do better chat solitarynative: sorry guys bluejimmy168: lol guy_ross: i tried the hype train logi6000: no better quality brownyyyylocks: When all this is over I cant wait to go to Bondi Beach!!! localcanofdutchgold: read any good math book? jimmyadaro: Eat garlic George, and raw onions mf dorkmo: chooooooooooo Belowzer0w: I love you bye joker2k999: lol bluejimmy168: Show feet HellxNebula: what language you recommend for a beginner haircutjimmy: what are Microsoft doing with ai? pz3300: Both Santiago_LHC: Engage intellect! ideology_sniffing_raccoon: is there a discord for the twitch channel? THX1342: georgehotz if you had one space ticket to anywhere, what body would you go to? mashafique: Any plans to do any physics oriented streams? @georgehotz onichJu: @georgehotz have u found out something interesting while i been gone for the last 3 days? tkdboy555: @georgehotz one day I’m gonna start a company to develop artificially sentient super-intelligence, wanna contribute? theonlymonkas: what book are you reading right now? koreanfoodyum: ~/fun/corona oh Ayyyy420Lmao: can you recomend me a good porno scene gerorge? l1ght5p33d: I sent my solution about the commai Speed Challenge can you look at it it sucks jimmyadaro: The opposite to “Microsoft” is “Macrohard” DecayingSkullz: HYPE TRAIN boengels: Time to go to work anyway. Thanks for your thoughts George opus_000: is groovy worth learning for ml ParaLizard: Any opinionated advice for a CS undergrad? Emanuell45: @georgehotz how do you keep motivated when solving hour long probelms innerbean: how would you attack it? doctorgenus: if I do all the leetcode problems, will you give me a job at comma? ICAntF331MyFAce: get hype VoHiYo AzazelTheGoat: can you find the cure for flat feet? i desperately need arches george wheely_mcbones: learned a lot today PiroFloydian: Scam train? EquiFox: do you get a lot of custom car port request for comma ? Lourned: i love corona virus, no more traffic, no more lines, love it yousodead: are you poor begging for bits noclip32: Cheer1 Cheer1 dorkmo: Party1 Party1 Party1 solitarynative: PogChamp 64pillars: do you have an artistic ability? DecayingSkullz: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Emanuell45: @georgehotz how do you keep motivated when solving hour long probelms. , UniversalGeneve: @georgehotz watch this offline, good visualizations of DNA replication processes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hk9jct2ozY dingus74: jackoo1Weird_SG l1ght5p33d: whats your favorite movie abdcw: what is the minimum amount of money one needs to be paid to suck dick where it isn’t gay? tkdboy555: @georgehotz one day I’m gonna start a company to develop artificially sentient super-intelligence, wanna contribute? jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)?? localcanofdutchgold: which ones do you not answer? logi6000: me is broke boi Abnico: thoughts on scale ai? Emanuell45: @georgehotz how do you keep motivated when solving hour long probelms ICAntF331MyFAce: VoHiYo1 VoHiYo1 VoHiYo1 onichJu: LUL koreanfoodyum: PrideCheers PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideCheers innerbean: how would you attack covid? brownyyyylocks: twitchies revolt!!!!!!! l1ght5p33d: favorite food THX1342: LUL jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)? foti_kasparov: GOOOO SCAAAM TRAAAAAINNNNN CHOO CHOO cbrahTune cbrahTune theonlymonkas: LUL onichJu: you really are the ultimate capitalist @georgehotz doctorgenus: why is your grocery bags still out? THX1342: S C A M dingus74: ResidentSleeper Ayyyy420Lmao: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis FerFap: Gearge you should check WORLDOMETERS for the coronavirus they have lots of good grphs for each country shieeeeeeeeet: *crickets* DecayingSkullz: CHOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Abnico: scale ai ahahahaitslit: how do you get a hype train ooMariaoo: oh mashafique: Professional scam trainner LUL privacyisnowhere: how many times do you beat the meat per day? l1ght5p33d: best country jimmyadaro: :LUL: Penguino138: LETS GOOOOO Landowner555: @jimmyadaro yes i have, right now mutrx: CHOOOO CHOOOOOO logi6000: well jimmyadaro: LUL HellxNebula: @georgehotz what language you recommend for a beginner and how to evolve joker2k999: too much pressure LUL ankitc: CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Abnico: scale ai yo jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)? martinkirilov: Damn, selling out again, I see @georgehotz yaus_baus: its a scam ankitc: CHOOOOO theonlymonkas: choooo chooooooo alicyka: George is threatening to withhold his intellectual property in exchange for money kyxstreams: hypeee doctorgenus: is there milk in those bags?!!! PiroFloydian: I’m poor someone else do it! ICAntF331MyFAce: Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 yaus_baus: dont do it ahahahaitslit: how the fuck do you get a hype train mikey9988: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET ooMariaoo: guys D: jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)?? ankitc: CHOOOO tsAllySparkles: ok boomer THX1342: s E L L o u T mutrx: POGUUUU dorkmo: choooooooooooo chooooooooooooooo Piqcyl: CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DecayingSkullz: TRAIN SpaceGhost8: bye george localcanofdutchgold: no one wants to be scammed onichJu: damn koreanfoodyum: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoi tkdboy555: sorry im poor af opus_000: what’s your social security #? happypuppppy: nooo AzazelTheGoat: how do you make a hype train? jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)? theonlymonkas: LUL LUL yaus_baus: scam Ayyyy420Lmao: SCAMMED logi6000: choooo tornpaperyoyos: How does one hype train doctorgenus: what do you mean by hype train? C0deCane: stupid train LUL jimmyadaro: goddamn it 64pillars: PepeHands HellxNebula: @georgehotz what language you recommend for a beginner and how to evolve! ankitc: CHOOOOOOOOOO theonlymonkas: 🙁 Abnico: OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog l1ght5p33d: best stream brownyyyylocks: boooooo u whore jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)?? phrixus_bro: thanks for streaming mikey9988: Jebaited latenightbj: <3 happypuppppy: BibleThump braininavatt: SwiftRage you suck chat UniversalGeneve: UniversalGeneve is gifting 2 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 10 in the channel! UniversalGeneve: UniversalGeneve gifted a Tier 1 sub to theonlymonkas! UniversalGeneve: UniversalGeneve gifted a Tier 1 sub to williamjennings1! jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)? l1ght5p33d: BEST STREAM 1000X FOREVER MrTriharder: DansGame DansGame DansGame braininavatt: too late Jebaited doctorgenus: did you watch lex yesterday? UniversalGeneve: damn, that usually starts it Penguino138: @georgehotz Thanks again for the streams, keep on going and keeping us calm ahahahaitslit: allahu akbar onichJu: LUL EquiFox: do you get a lot of car port request for comma ? theonlymonkas: ¡@UniversalGeneve thanks! jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)?? ICAntF331MyFAce: PogChamp HellxNebula: @georgehotz what language you recommend for a beginner and how to evolve? SpaceGhost8: :) iIyaRPV: PogChamp Ayyyy420Lmao: i'm not tho ICAntF331MyFAce: PogChamp YOU DecayingSkullz: HYYYYYPE logi6000: thanks. bye pz3300: Hype Lourned: PogChamp ooMariaoo: oh joker2k999: no, bro... don't read the comments. lol dingus74: lool MrTriharder: PogChamp dorkmo: hype train historyyyy Emanuell45: true mashafique: PogChamp privacyisnowhere: what do you think about Genetic Algorithms? Landowner555: i relate with the comment above it n0_0xygen: PogChamp opus_000: 🤔 AzazelTheGoat: everyone go like that comment mutrx: Poggers jimmyadaro: 2020 mf ICAntF331MyFAce: PogChamp tornpaperyoyos: 2019? mutrx: PogChamp jimmyadaro: Have you ever been scamed (online or not)? ICAntF331MyFAce: LUL bufferovrflw: @georgehotz Thanks for tonight stream. I really REALLY enjoyed it koreanfoodyum: HELLO FUTURE PEOPLE READING THIS VOD! bigduddas: Pog localcanofdutchgold: Pog SpaceGhost8: sitting in my house ordering amazon prime now ooMariaoo: Pog funwayz: HI SON I WAS HERE THX1342: LUL braininavatt: Im so proud BibleThump UniversalGeneve: history == COMMA.BIO LUL LUL jimmyadaro: @georgehotz Have you ever been scamed (online or not)?? brownyyyylocks: @dorkmo yeahhhh buddyyyy alicyka: aight sick I'm gonna jerk off to anime for 3 weeks doctorgenus: everyone will google geohotz github corona once he cures it! ahahahaitslit: alllllaaahhhhhhh mutrx: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp C0deCane: LUL ahahahaha Penguino138: @georgehotz Keep streaming and keeping us all calm we appreciate it Lourned: lets riot PogChamp localcanofdutchgold: OMEGALUL ooMariaoo: loll MrTriharder: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp mounnrocc: i dont but thats ok MrTriharder: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp foti_kasparov: WE DON'T ICAntF331MyFAce: PogChamp tornpaperyoyos: My mommy says I matter mashafique: LUL SofiaLouise: damn TeaLeafi: i matter more then u 5head heheheheh latenightbj: netflix time l8 Ayyyy420Lmao: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis MrTriharder: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp joker2k999: i want two boxes! sold logi6000: organize the worlds information leandzz: PogChamp ahahahaitslit: ALLLLAHHHHHHHH asanti20: Change the world by getting the corona virus brofessorbob: San Diego hit the inflection point today ICAntF331MyFAce: PogChamp 👋 Piqcyl: XD doctorgenus: peace out bro braininavatt: I am special cuz I've lived this far BibleThump AzazelTheGoat: i did my part Belowzer0w: hive mind matters koreanfoodyum: bye PiroFloydian: gnight THX1342: I N S P I R A T I O N Kreygasm Stegosaurian: N O O N E M A T T E R S yaus_baus: what a memer noobaj: PogChamp mashafique: BibleThump foti_kasparov: bb logi6000: bue Incurs0: PogChamp TeaLeafi: wowoowowooww TeaLeafi: rip Lourned: TIME TO RIOT wheely_mcbones: nice motivational ending ooMariaoo: oh dr_set: BibleThump bufferovrflw: <3 localcanofdutchgold: no loop PepeHands AzazelTheGoat: see ya chat innerbean: all trolls matter asanti20: Woooo THX1342: hahahha thanks geo, gn tornpaperyoyos: MY MOMMY SAYS I MATTER YOU ASSHOLE braininavatt: time for HYPE TRAIN pwnbase: HeyGuys TeaLeafi: noooooooooo foti_kasparov: CLIP THE END SOMEONE UniversalGeneve: goodnight marcosbrolkin: nice phrixus_bro: tyler1H1 tyler1H2

ooMariaoo: oh hype train logi6000: time to go check out pornhub premium

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