everyone and welcome to my channel I haven’t filmed a video in a while I’ve had a lot of things happening my grandma passed away and then I got a raise so I had to prove myself at work and I just have been really really busy so I couldn’t film but today I want to do my get ready with me I am going to apply a combination of like orange reddish and a bit of yellow in my eyes and just keep my face quite rush and ready for spring so I’m going to be using some new products small product its culmination of everything so if you wanna know what I’m going to do on my face just keep on or watching I’ll start off with priming my eyes with a Mac – prime – and for our extended eye base base for lit you or something which is French I’m going to just add a tiny little bit of it on my fingers and something like this I know this looks like a lot but not too much the right amount out of it between my fingers my ring finger because it’s the eye area anyone be super gentle here is it you don’t wrinkles or premature wrinkles and then softly I’ll rub it on both my eyelids like that then I’ll take a meet Matt rimoni I pallets from the wall which has a combination of some beautiful kind of reddish tones as well as some nice transitions here you have a purple and up top you have like some well I’m going to use this to set my eyelids first I mean you’ll see as I go what I’m going to end up doing I’m going to use the shade Matt Lin which is this one over here to set my eyelid I’m going to use the Smashbox what is this Bush hold I think this is the shadow tapered or tapered shadow brush and I’m gonna I’m just going to sweep it all over the eyelid to set the eye primer and give the eyeshadows a nice smooth base to blend over top off then I’m going to grab for the crease brush from Smashbox as well and the color Matt Lopez over here the one underneath and I’m going to apply it in my crease or like that extra bit of definition I really like this color in the crease I just think that gives them enough warmth and definition at the same time I’m going to rub for my like tiny little metallic pilot that we got with menstrual cycle pads and I’m going to grab for this sheet over here the orange you want fill the orange one this is Mac orange funny I’m going to grab just a tiny little bit to increase the warmth all around and I’m going to blend it as much as possible I’m going to keep blending until it just looks super duper Smokey and hazy and not like this intense orange line I could also use a bit of matte linen to kind of blend it as well rub a bit of a small brush so I’m going to have a whole giorgio and four sticks which is quite with it which is much much smaller than smashbox one and I’m going to grab sugar pale eyes shadow and water cupcake let me show you which is this matte yellow shade just my grab it a little bit of it and then I’m going to apply it in the inner crease so

like right here don’t really know how well it’s translating on camera but it looks very very pretty and then I think you can see that definitely I’m going to go back to my crease brush and I’m just going to give this one really really good blend now that my heck holder brush is rather clean I’m gonna grab for my warm toned eyeshadows from Mac from man forever these are on that I’m going to grab for the suggesting scott Morello cherry or something like that or my mother red I don’t exactly remember Morello for sure and I’m gonna dip my hat hold a brush egg and I’m going to use it in the outer crease and keep blending then I’m going to grab my crease brush and just keep going back and forth to make sure that the color is blended and we’re going to try to cut off go back and meet the orange a yellow situation I’m going to grab a little bit of for the orange with the brush and in the middle here I’m going to apply just a touch of orange to make sure the blend goes even smoother I’m going to lick to my hug hold a brush rest I’m going to grab a mirror weight close to me to make sure that I’m doing things properly I’m going to use the Mac to 1-7 to keep blending we’re going to grab a little bit of math in Oakley’s again which is the little bit which is the transition color I use first and I’m going to just apply it in my upper crease so this is the current I look and I’m just going to add a bit of sparkle on the actual lid using my L’Oreal infallible eyeshadow in the color and brush which i think would I have a look together very very beautifully it looks like this is just like a rose gold and I go just apply it with my finger on the actual eyelid and I’m going to blend it later with um the smallest brush just to prevent or any kind of why I like this I look a lot just to prevent anything from a blender too much or the glitter from going everywhere because this is definitely glittery kind of eyeshadow those infallible for Lauria they are definitely glittery now it has gotten everywhere so I’m going to clean that up but I’m going to actually admit that I am very very pleasantly surprised with how make up forevers eyeshadows along with this sugar pearl and the matte land even even the ham meat macaroni actions didn’t really fall down that much on my eye and there is now I’m just blending the eye look with my small hakuhodo brush G or for six I’m gonna grab a little bit oh yeah I think that would work I grab a little bit of my Morello cherry red and relevant red whatever it’s called and I’m going to apply it a little bit on the outer corner of the

eye with circular motions then I’m going to grab my mat two one seven and I’m just going to blend use a small brush like the Mac fluff brush sorry the end my gosh fluff brush and go to grab for Mac nylon which is this one with a huge pan showing and I’m going to apply it on the brow bone of both eyes forth and then with the crease brush from Smashbox it’s going to do one final thorough so blend we’re moving away from the eyes just for a while to work on the face I’m going to use my stable illuminating primer as usual this is what I always use to prime my face I have like this kind of amount on and I’ll just apply it and smeared all over I love it I love this primer alright now for my current foundation concoction I use a little bit of Mac strobe cream in the color pink light which is just essentially like white not really pink arrow once alright squirt it on my phone line on the back of I am you’ll see it’s just white maybe there’s a baby pinky tint but on the face it doesn’t really translate into anything pink it’s actually very clear cream and I’m also going to use about a pump and a half of my Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation in 52 here they are I’m going to blend them together in the finger and then do the dotting method do not all.you method that sounds all very technical with a Beauty Blender I’m going to come every little dot in consider it’s going to be my beautiful shaped teeth from Tarte this is my favorite consider all time I think set my under eyes I’m using my do your powder loose powder and my favorite brush to apply powder with is from Wayne Goss and this is the Wayne Goss air something something harder I don’t know airbrush I think the airbrush a limited edition from think you can get it and um what so it’s a gold ah beauty list yes yes it’s beautiful and amazing oh so soft oh my lord soft and the powder for the rest of my face is the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush powder which goes very well with the name of the special I guess they’re meant to be I adore this powder so the brain ward I mentioned to my face I’m going to use the balm Bahama Mama can wait no not a concealer it’s a bronzer with my Tarte something-something brush that looks like a dark much better and I guess also probably dancer I won’t use this to bronze and I want this I won’t use this all over wait I want to use it to contour and I want to this over my face this I reserved for my forehead because

I just think it’s a bit too dark all over the place I’m going to contour using my Mac 109 or 106 I’m not sure with the camera want sculpting powder I’ve always done this I always contour the same my method is exactly the same it’s just another video if you want me to kind of do an in-depth contour like base sort of like how I at the bronze a little bit of like an in depth and in depth cut explanation of how I do so the brushes the techniques the areas I would avoid if I had a certain face shape or whatnot let me know you know that I’m very high maintenance so I happen at the bronzer for the rest of my face I have my Gillan broken haha bronzer this is as you can see very well loved extremely extremely what loved and this is how I applied I just love how this bronzer applies it’s my favorite bronzer I think now I’m going to use a blusher and the birla the blush I’m using is from Marc Jacobs this is the mark airbrush a purpose today please everything’s about air and this is in the color line and last night I love this shade I think it’s beautiful I’m using my Mac 116 this blush I get interrupted by the telephone but this is the blush and it’s just stunning such a beautiful color for spring and summer oh just absolutely wonderful and then we need to highlight all over the face with before I hire let cheekbones I use my el maquillaje lo um first a little bit in the center of the forehead no in the center of forehead on the chin Cupid’s bow for a nose and then for the intense big fat highlight we are going to use champagne quad from Becca and we’re how do I open the sleep this is onion you’ve seen it so many more times like a billion time and this is what’s going to happen this is it I’m going to apply the combination bun well I’m going to apply the red first on the outer corner then I’m going to use a dot of the orange in the center and then lastly I’m going to use the yellow first I want intensified and I’m going to use it on the lower lash line I’m going to line my waterline with a purple eye shadow eyeliner which is from cream uh collage back nylon in the inner corner for lips I’m going to use my poo pub I’m proof a lipstick in the colour 103 I love it it’s beautiful I mean this is the best color for warm dialogues to top it off I’m going to use my Dior lip maximize your collagen active lip gloss it’s essentially a clear lip lip gloss supposed to be plumping I don’t know about that but I love it so this is the final look I hope if you liked it if you did please give me some thumbs up do not forget to my channel to watch more videos to

come the future and I will see very soon leave me like subscribe and comment and bye

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