(upbeat music) ♪ This town’s so lame ♪ ♪ I’m feeling so wired ♪ (group laughs) (woman laughs) – [Man] That didn’t work out (woman laughs) – So we’ve got food expert Nikole Goncalves in here joining us, thanks so much for being here – [Nik] Oh, thanks for having me (upbeat music) (group cheers) – 34 weeks and a half (man and woman laugh) – The bed’s (indistinct) – No, no, no, no, no, no, no – Off, off, off, off – You silly monkey, you silly monkey – Good morning health nuts, it is early I’m drinking my little coffee latte Good morning, Matt – Morning – How you feel? It’s our daughter’s first birthday party – (laughs) Well, not quite (Nik laughs) I feel good – Matt’s making some toast – How many do you want? – Two, please So I’m actually just about to hop in the shower, but I thought I would just say good morning and kind of show you guys a little sneak peek of last night’s festivities Wow, we had all the girls, all the familia here last night working so hard, honestly I’m always reminded I have the best family They just put up with me and my crazy ideas I just wanted like this perfect Pinterest baby shower and they honestly brought it to life So I’ll give you guys some sneak peeks Kind of looks like a crazy hot mess in here, but it’s all gonna come together Basically last night, my aunt and cousin came over, my mom, Cloe, my sister, and my other older sister, Pam And we just tackled like all of the more crafty, time-consuming stuff and things that can be prepped ahead And then today, we’re doing like all the food and stuff So I have my best friend Yvonne picking up some platters from Cured Catering which I’ll show you guys later They always do an amazing job, I feel like I have them at every event and they’re the best So we’re bringing all the food today, the cakes got dropped off yesterday I probably should maybe tell you guys like what this plan is because it’s a little bit unique, woo So it’s kind of a different setup than a normal baby shower We have two this weekend Because of obviously like circumstances, I wanted to split up the shower into two smaller groups So today’s Saturday and we’re doing family, my family, Matt’s family And then tomorrow we’re doing friends So we just thought that’d be the best way to split things up and it’s basically the majority of the party is actually going to be outside The limit just changed, basically in the last week from 15 people to 10 No wait, what was it before? It was 50 people inside Which I wouldn’t have had 50 people anyways But we had two small groups of 15 on both days and now we have to do, like basically do it outside So the limit now is 10 inside, 25 outside So we’re basically just having the party outside It’s gonna be so nice today, I think it’s 26 today, 28 tomorrow I love September It’s like you get hot days, you get cool days And we are still going to have like a lot of the food inside and we’ll just do like shifts coming in It’s a bit weird, but it’s what we gotta do and I’m just so grateful to be able to celebrate and have a party with my close friends and family And we’re all gonna be safe There’s sanitizers, there’s masks And like I said, the party is going to be outside and we’ll just have like food and stuff inside But we’ll do games and presents outside and I’m so excited to see everyone Like so many people coming haven’t even seen me pregnant at all just because of you know, ‘rona So very excited I’m gonna hop in the shower and start getting ready I have like a crudites table to put together today, I have a Caesar mix, we have to put out the food There’s still so much to do, but it’s all good My girlfriend’s coming, Cloe’s coming, and we’re basically going to show you guys how to make the ultimate boho floral baby shower. (laughs) By the way, I’m gonna have a full blog post on everything we did like DIY’s, printables, like all this stuff on the blog So check that link down below if you are planning a baby shower for somebody or for yourself I just feel like we found a lot of fun ideas and I want to share that with you guys in a full recap So, gonna hop in the shower, see you in a bit So this is my breakfast, I’ve been keeping it really simple Just spread a toast with peanut butter, honey, and chia seeds And this is a little sneak peek of what happened last night

My sister, I have to give you guys a close up, my older sister Pam is so talented I basically gave her a photo inspo from Pinterest and she created this This is a stick we found at this forest that we always walk through It was already like detached on the ground But it just looks so cute So we’re gonna have all the desserts on this These are boxes from the HealthNut shop that my aunt Kris wrapped in craft paper And then she actually laser printed these letters out of some scrapbook paper I think it looks so cool It’s just like a little floral, whimsical dream in here Then this table kind of looks like a mess, but we did a bunch of floral arrangements last night We have snacks and stuff that we’re gonna be putting out We have some games I printed out a bunch of cards for all the food So I’ll show you guys details once everything is prepped And then Matt has some of the Philips lights on the bottom, they’re really cool They have like a little hue glow But this is going to be the drinks station So I got rose, Caesar mix that I have to make today, this will be citrus infused water And we also have little sanitizer bottles all around and then that will be for ice and stuff Can’t wait to see it all come together (upbeat music) I love this stuff So Matt is taking Miss Cashew for a hike, get her energy out, cause if you are a dog owner, you know if you’re gonna have a bunch of people over, your dog needs to be tired So the plan is to have Cashew at the party, we’ll see If she’s acting too crazy, I might get my brother to pick her up But I think she’ll be okay, and I want her in like some photos and stuff so She’s pretty good with like my family, like large groups of people To be honest, she kinda sometimes gets overwhelmed and then goes to the basement and does her own thing So I think we’ll be fine I’m going to moisturize my belly with my blue belly oil I have a whole IGTV video on how exactly I make this This is amazing, also good for your face and your whole body but I’m gonna put it on my belly, so I’m gonna turn off the camera while I do that (upbeat music) Ow, just burned my ear We got the bestie here! (Yvonne laughs) This is Cashew’s bestie, oh my gosh – Hi Cashew – [Yvonne] Everybody’s bestie – [Nik] Cashew, who’s that, is that Yvonne? She loves Yvonne. (laughs) Alright, so we got the sisters on balloon duty How’s it going Cloe? (laughs) So this is supposed to look like a hot air balloon We’re gonna have a little stuffed animal there It’s gonna look really cute, can’t even see Pammy Yvonne is researching a Caesar mix and this is what’s happening So this is the Caesar station I am actually doing a crudites table with greens from my garden as the base I got this idea from Cured Catering They always do this and I’m just taking inspiration and trying to do my own It’s probably not going to look as pretty, but it’s definitely going to look DIY and organic These are just like Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, and collared green leaves So these are all the veggies I got I’m gonna chop everything up, wash it, and then start just displaying it on those leaves So Yvonne did the little Caesar Q-tips So cute, got some pearl onion on there, tomatoes, pickles, lemons and olives We got the citrus water, I got the rose, we’re gonna fill it with some ice Also, I need to label this cause that is vodka and someone is gonna think that’s water On this spread here, we got these amazing charcuterie boards from Cured Catering I will link them down below We used them for my cookbook launch party, and she always does an amazing job Have some deviled eggs that Matt’s mom made Then SmartSweets hooked us up They sent us a bunch of their peach rings Love these, I’ve been eating them throughout my whole pregnancy And these are my honey roasted sriracha cashews, also from the cookbook And then this is the fruit platter that Cured Catering did as well Oh, figs, I feel like I’m gonna steal those Alright, so this is the outside

Some florals, some hand sanitizer in these really cute amber bottles We have a table there, We have baby sign Cashew, no pooping No pooping in the back yard, okay? – Come, come here, come here (women groan and laugh) – No Don’t you dare – Stay over here, sit Sit down – [Nik] Aw, good girl – [Cloe] Good girl – Wow, all right, I need to quickly get dressed So this is the dress and my mask that I’m wearing I never thought I would have to coordinate a mask with my outfit I got this really cute dress from Honey This is what it looks like I hope it still fits I got it two weeks ago, and my belly has popped a lot So let’s see if I can squeeze myself back into this All right so here is the dress It fits, it’s actually so comfy, it’s not even maternity and she said a lot of moms get this dress So I feel like when you are getting bigger, it’s more flattering to get something that’s more like form fitting But I’m so happy with it, I love the color Okay I’m gonna just fix up my hair and makeup, and then I’m basically ready for the party (upbeat music) ♪ This town’s so lame ♪ ♪ I’m feeling so wired ♪ ♪ It’s 4 am ♪ ♪ I’m not even tired ♪ ♪ We’re in your car ♪ ♪ We can drive away ♪ ♪ Oh yeah yeah ♪ ♪ We’re almost there ♪ ♪ I’m loving this feeling ♪ ♪ Of something new ♪ ♪ Just right what I needed ♪ ♪ Take me there ♪ ♪ We can drive away ♪ ♪ Oh yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Listen to the midnight radio ♪ ♪ Listen to the midnight radio ♪ ♪ We can drive through the night ♪ ♪ Sing along to the midnight radio ♪ ♪ Don’t wanna wait all my life ♪ ♪ Can’t remain, no delay ♪ ♪ Gotta let it go ♪ ♪ A gentle breeze ♪ ♪ The night’s got a fever ♪ ♪ To the moon and back ♪ ♪ Playing loud in the speakers ♪ ♪ You and me ♪ ♪ Can I marry you right away ♪ ♪ Oh yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Listen to the midnight radio ♪ ♪ Listen to the midnight radio ♪ ♪ We can drive through the night ♪ ♪ Sing along to the midnight radio ♪ ♪ Don’t wanna wait all my life ♪ ♪ Can’t remain, no delay ♪ – [Nik] We got some familia here Got the Tia, the mama, the cuz – Hello hello – Cloe just getting some more behind the scenes – More pictures, steady – It’s all about the photos And we’ve just gotta get some little servers and stuff for all the food, but I’m thinking, I think we nailed it ladies – It looks so good – [Cris] It looks really good – [Nik] We were only working until 11 o’clock last night – (laughs) It all came together – The minions were all working into the wee hours – I know, I said Welcome to my baby shower, boho floral style So over here we have like all the little nibblies and stuff We got our platters, and this is where you get your plates and your napkins and your cutlery And then over here, (doorbell rings) oh guests are arriving! And then over here, we got like all the dessert This is basically an early birthday cake for me cause my birthday’s on Monday and I’m so excited to try Oh Cashew’s leaving the building Everything looks so freaking cute Like this, it like popped out of Pinterest I’m so obsessed with it And all I can say is I have the best family ever So, I’m probably gonna cry today at some point I need to show, award for best wrapping ever Oh the books, the baby books Look at this bow, so cute I think, I’m pretty sure I have an outfit coming in this exact print for baby Acorn I love the packaging (upbeat music) (group laughs) – [Nik] I can’t do it! – [Woman 1] Is it too small? – A potential winner – [Nik] Wow, mom you knew – [Women] Mommy knows best

– [Mom] I know, right? – [Nik] Okay, no, everyone cut around the same – [Woman 2] Yeah, I think we It was the two plates – [Woman 3] Yeah – [Nik] (laughs) You’re like- – [Woman 3] I did stack those pretty good – Stephanie, I think yours looks good – [Nik] Wait, I think – [Stephanie] I don’t know, I think Grace actually nailed it – [Nik] No – [Woman 4] Not quite – [Nik] But, okay hang on, wait, this is yours Okay, yours is in my right hand (woman speaks in a foreign language) – [Woman 5] A tie! A tie! (women cheer) – Move over – I think it’s the same – I think Stephanie’s a little longer – [Stephanie] Wow – You got one more here (woman speaks in foreign language) – It’s like, it’s you’re feeling lucky – [Woman 2] She might be right – Oh – Si, si? (women cheer) – Perfect, I don’t even have to suck it in! – She didn’t even have to suck in, either – [Woman 3] (indistinct) is the winner – [Nik] Five bucks for one pacifier? – [Group] Yep – Okay, baby lotion, $13.27 (women incredulously shout) – Oh wow – I’m under, I’m under I put $7.99 – [Woman] I put $7.99, too – I did get sunscreen – Who’s lower? – Nine, I put nine bucks – Thirteen – I put $10.99 – $10.99 – $3, no – [Woman] Five? – [Cousin] Anyone over five, anyone over five? (pleasant music) – Am I reading these out loud? – [Woman] Yeah, I wanna hear – [Women] Yeah – Okay, to (beep) I hope books like this one bring you even a fraction of the magic that they’ve brought me in my life I can’t wait to meet you and see the strong girl you grow up to be Love Prima Caitlin Your gift is on its way from Caitlin and Cloe – [Caitlin] We got you the hamper and the wooden blocks but- – Aw! – They’re on (indistinct) One’s on its way and one is still back ordered so like yeah, we (indistinct) – [Woman] You wouldn’t know how to – And it has a base, and then you can tap it to dim it, or like you can take it around with you like a lantern Oh – [Woman] It’s a mommy hook – Oh, I’ve seen these before – [Woman] What’s a mommy hook? – Well, if you have, like if you have your stroller – I would never have thought to put this on my – [Woman] Eggs or stuff like that Like I got one as a gift – [Woman 2] That’s a great idea – [Woman 1] and I used it all the time – No, that’s a good idea What the hell is this? What is this? – [Woman] Okay, so, Nikki When you’re washing the baby’s hair It’s soft, but it scrubs and it lathers – [Woman 2] I thought they were, like, pasties for nipples or something – Oh, I see, oh, that’s soft – [Woman] Cause you try to use your fingers to scrub their heads, I started using one – I thought it was a nipple thing – [Woman 2] Me, too! I thought it was pasties for your nipples or something (women laugh) – [Woman] It’s like little baby scrubbers – You could use it for your face – Good morning, it is day two of baby shower Just finished doing some stretching, got my yoga mat out My body is feeling really tight these days So I just did a nice little stretch and Matt’s been amazing Already setting up for day two So we’ve washed everything last night, he’d already started setting up all of the platters and the little cupcake holders for the popcorn Got the flowering stuff We’ve just been munching on yesterday’s charcuterie board We have another one for today, but it’s a delicious breakfast We’ve got all of your staples and we’re just gonna be setting up We got those washed I gotta fix this balloon, some of them fell The background flower twig feature wall has been doing really good They look like they’re drying out a little bit, but it’s still super cute I just misted them with some water this morning, and we’re pretty much ready to go Matt’s just getting rid of the boxes from the gifts Thanks Matt! I put everything away in baby Acorn’s room, and we’re just going to like fold up these bags My mom always reuses them, so I’m just gonna give them to her We got the drink station ready to go Looks just as good as yesterday I kinda wish I could have rose, it looks so delicious I miss wine. (laughs) And we have the Caesar station Caesars were a hit yesterday, so we’re definitely making more of those, and we’re just gonna be getting some ice, putting ice in the water, in the ice bucket and in the rose bucket Cashew and Matt went on a hike this morning Did Daddy and you got for a hike? You were so good yesterday She was such a good pup She wasn’t jumping on anyone She was just so chill and well behaved – Come here (women groan and laugh) – No, don’t you dare – Stay over here – It’s because you’ve gotta tire your pup out before the party, okay? So I’m gonna get myself ready cause I kind of look like a mess I also, my face probably looks like all oily and stuff I was doing some gua shaing this morning because it just felt like my face was puffy Probably just from like snacking on like sugary and salty stuff yesterday Going to start getting ready for day two of baby shower This is honestly the weirdest thing ever, two parties in two days

But I will say today I feel way less stressed Like the decor is done, the food’s like ready to go, we just have to like put it out and it’s gonna be a really smooth day Some people had to cancel today just cause like they weren’t feeling well or the kids weren’t feeling well But we’re still going to have a really good group and it looks like a nice day, so we can all just chill outside in the backyard safely Yeah, just play some games and eat lots of delicious food Okay, I’m gonna go get ready because I cannot wear this to the shower Let me show you the bump It’s getting so big Alright, this is the bump update Oh my goodness, she’s big Like she big Also, look at this really cute Polaroid of Cloe and Caitlin they took yesterday Aw, we have to get some more up on here We kind of forgot about it yesterday So I’m definitely gonna get my friends to fill this up today Okay, let’s go get ready with my beach ball Alright, Mama Gigi’s here making her meatballs – [Mom] Secret recipe – [Nik] What’s your secret? I told her, make it easy, just get the Costco meatballs – I usually make them myself, but – [Nik] This is easier And then we got the marinara sauce, this one’s really good from Costco We’re gonna put those in the crock pot, get that going You also add some red wine to it – Yes – [Nik] And onions and stuff – And a bay leaf – [Nik] There you go. That’s the secret – That’s the secret ingredient, the bay leaf – [Nik] Cashew likes them she’s coming – The bay leaf and the wine, the red wine – [Nik] Matt is setting up desserts Look at you Matt, you’re a party pro now Wow, it’s so nice out today – Are all three on here or was one on there? – [Nik] I think two and then one on here with the hand sanitizer – Brandon’s babysitting? – [Nik] She already went to Scanlon for a hike – You’re gonna be tired again – [Nik] She woke me up at 4:30 Her ears are bothering her – Aww, allergies, you got allergies? Me too – [Nik] Looking good, crew Looking good – Yeah, man – [Nik] Good job Cashew – [Voice On Phone] Coochie char de board Shit, we out here with that char-coochie board Char-coochie board, char-chu, charcoo, charcoo, coochie, charde board (laughter) – That was better – [Voice On Phone] Shit, we out here with that char-coochie board – [Nik] Cloe’s been waiting to do that for so long We got the dessert table done, cookie dough bites, kettle popcorn, these delicious gluten free vegan donuts from Tori’s bake shop And this beautiful homemade naked buttercream vanilla cake from Baked I think it’s the Instagram account, she did such an amazing job Over here we just have some mini pies and tarts Alright I am ready, I got the same dress on It’s just as comfortable, although I swear I’ve already gotten bigger Matt goes “did you eat more, did you eat a lot of food yesterday?” I am feeling good, I feel like my hair looks better today than it did yesterday So definitely gonna have to take some photos today So excited to see all my friends and just have a really nice chill relaxing day outside It looks so nice out I think it’s gonna be about 28 degrees, which is perfect because I am wearing a dress and I’m ready for like just one last burst of summer before fall I mean it is fall, but I’m really liking this weather Yeah, dress is so cute Highly recommend this if you are a mama-to-be and you need something stretchy to fit the bump This does this trick and honestly is a really, it’s really stretchy, so comfy, highly recommend I took some of the eucalyptus and put in my bedroom I got my oils diffusing Matt put my shoes there so Cashew did not chew them I don’t know, sometimes she’s like getting into shoes right now So we’re ready to go I’m just gonna do like the last final touches with the food before everyone gets here, and then I’m gonna pour myself a virgin Caesar cause I’m thirsty and I can’t have vodka yet so virgin it is So Joy’s party gift – This is the best gift ever – [Nik] Right? You can also take a succulent on the way out – Yay! – [Nik] She’s got some Swiss chard and kale – So awesome – [Nik] I’ll be waiting to see what you make with it – Oh, I cannot wait to eat this – [Nik] Cashew, it’s your friend Hank! It’s your friend Hank! – [Woman] Oh my God, look at them – [Party Attendees] Uh oh, uh oh – [Nik] Getting hyper, here we go! – [Woman] Wait, wait for it, they’re yeah, two puppies are crazy together (people laugh) – [Man] I think he’s like a male version of (indistinct) – [Woman] Do you want to move that drink? – Hi! – [Nik] Run, run! (upbeat music) Fight, fight, fight! (camera clicks)

So it is the next day It’s officially my birthday today actually, and I’m eating leftover baby shower cake I got leftover balloons that are falling down, they’re slowly deflating And we just did a little birthday photo shoot and I’m also wearing one of my new shirts my bestie got me Bonjour motherhood And this is my last birthday officially before being a mother, which is kind of crazy But I just wanted to end the vlog and say thank you so much for just being a part of our special day slash like weekend virtually It was honestly not what I ever expected for a baby shower, but it was the best thing ever Like everything came together, the decor, like my vision for the party My close friends and family that were able to make it Obviously there was a lot of people that weren’t able to make it for different reasons and it was just so great to, and special to be able to celebrate with people and under these circumstances, you know, we made it work Luckily we had really nice weather outside and I just couldn’t have asked for anything more and I just have like the best family and friends to like support Matt and I during this time and help out with the event So today, like I said, is my birthday and we did a little birthday hike this morning that was really nice It’s still been really gorgeous weather But tonight, we are just taking it easy I think we’re gonna do a little dinner tonight and just enjoy these last few weeks before baby Acorn arrives But I just wanted to share this special weekend, this back to back baby shower weekend with you guys I guess, I bet you don’t know anyone who’s had two back to back baby showers with the same decor, same dress But it was definitely one that I will never forget So thank you so much for watching Be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it I’m gonna have a full blog post with photos and links to as much resources as I can give you if you guys are like planning a baby shower or you’re pregnant and you wanna do something similar A lot of the stuff we did was just like DIY We got inspo off Pinterest and stuff, so I’m gonna have a full blog post with detailed photos for you guys to check out But I am gonna finishing eating Well, not all of it But I am gonna finish snacking on this cake and just chill and relax and recover from my baby shower hangover and I will see you guys on the next vlog Bye guys! (upbeat music)

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