– Love what you’ve done with the place – [Josh] You like it? – [Hugh] It’s amazing – [Josh] Thanks, buddy – You know and just the choice of plants that you have? Minimal, but perfect – The feng shui is working for you? – It’s perfect It’s amazing, just love what you have – Always a pleasure Let me throw some compliments at you The Front Runner is excellent – Thank you – You and Jason Reitman collaborating for the first time, hopefully of many – Hopefully of many, and please say to him any time you see him Forget working with J.K Simmons in every movie, you’ve gotta work with Hugh Jackman – You’re part of the staple of the stars now, the actors He repeats, as you know – He does repeat – It struck me when I knew I was gonna sit down with you and reminisce, it’s our 10 year anniversary Literally the first time we ever sat down together was for Australia, November of 2008 – Wow – You brought a present obviously – How old were you? – (laughs) I was 12 – That’s amazing to me – Isn’t that crazy? – Yeah – So yeah, when I first met you, you had just been named Sexiest Man Alive – Right – Do you dread every year this time of year, as a Sexiest Man Alive, when you hear the new guy that you have to weigh in on this punk Idris Elba being the new Sexiest Man Alive? – See this is the first I’ve heard about it In my head, time stopped 10 years ago There has been no other people since then I mean Ryan does like to bring it up occasionally, but everyone knows that it doesn’t really mean anything now, but 10 years ago it meant something, because it was, and no, no, it’s sort of– – Everybody knows that, yeah yeah – Yeah it was kind of, everyone knows now, it was sort of, it was cool, it was genuinely chosen in a worldwide vote by the people Right? – Was it? – Oh yeah, people actually voted, and not just voted, they put, they had to write in, like envelopes, stamped, writing, hand-written, and they would send it in by the millions, and now it’s just like who’s got the best publicist, but I’m not bitter about that because you know, it’s like a whole different world we live in – At least Ryan hasn’t repeated We can say that, right? – That’s true Who has repeated? Johnny Depp’s repeated – You studied this, you studied this – It all came, no, in all seriousness, when I got it, the people from People said to me, “I just want you to know, that no matter what you do “You can win an Oscar, you can host The Oscars, “no matter what you do, – No, this follows you – “This will come up more than anything.” and I thought they were being a little facetious, a little arrogant maybe, thinking, but they were right 100% right, I get asked this, and by the way, thrilled about it, I don’t mind bringing it up – I feel like I’ve gotten to know you in kind of the best 10 years of your career, in that, like your 20s was probably there was some struggle, there was some theater back in Australia, your 30s was kind of the first rush of like success with Wolverine, and the 40s is kind of when it got really interesting, I feel like – Yep, I totally agree I’m lucky in that it’s felt, and I think probably in actuality, been a bit like this, and you know, I always felt like I don’t wanna do drama school, I just wanna like, the first year of drama school, I really like felt like the Dunce of the class It took me three or four months I wasn’t like, there was nothing about me, you know in high-school where I was a Lebron, people were like, “Oh, this is the guy.” I feel like I’ve learned as I’ve gotten in, and got better and thankfully, the opportunities have gotten better The directors I’ve worked with have got better, and I’ve really pinched myself now where I’m at – What do you think that the best professional decision you’ve made has been in your career? ‘Cause obviously in the early going, you’re just taking the best opportunity, sometimes the only opportunity early on in the career Is there, looking back, if there a choice that you’ve made in the last decade that’s really set you on this correct path, this right path? – You know the choice to really hone in on directors And that was advice I got from Nicole Kidman actually And then if you look what she’s done, and the variety of directors, but constantly seeking out independent film makers, new film makers, established film makers, commercial film makers, but she always, ‘Hugh, remember this is a director business.” Right, film is a director-led medium, so you need to know that your performance, and your craft, is in the the hands of someone who gets it, who’s not only gonna get what you do, but is gonna push you So that was advice that I took to heart, but when you were saying that, the first thing that popped in my head was the very first commercial decision I ever made when I was 23, and I was offered a part on Neighbors, which is a show you don’t know – I’ve heard of it, no it’s very good – Yeah, yeah, yeah, and it’s become quite famous, and a lot of people, it’s a Soap Opera but at 7:00 at night, so it’s supposed, like a in my day, a Melrose – Melrose Place kind of a thing – That kind of thing And I was offered a two year contract on that at the same time I was offered a place at a three year acting course, and I took the acting course And I look back now and go, that was a turning point for me – Was that because you felt you still needed to hone your craft, or you were– – Oh yeah I mean, I was aware that you learn a lot, like and being in a show like that, you certainly learn a lot about film-making, about working with people, about the demands of T.V, about technique, all of that, and I’m sure that you get very comfortable with it, and it would have been helpful, but my thing was, I really wanna go to the Raw Shakespeare Company and The National Theater I wanna be on Broadway Does two years on Neighbors make me feel internally, that when I turn up for that audition,

for whatever on Broadway, that I should be there Because I firmly believe, and I say this to young actors all the time, do whatever you gotta do to internally feel like you deserve the job ‘Cause if you walk in to that audition– – They sense the fear, they sense the trepidation – They do, and for good reason, because if you’re a producer or a director, as you know well, you want someone to take that weight off your shoulders No one’s more nervous than the director or the producer, right, so they want the actor to walk in and for them to go (sighs) – Yep, they solved my problem, they freed it up – Here he is – Yeah – Oh thank God, and by the way, I’m not gonna have to worry for the 94 days that he’s on set No, but these other 96 people I’m gonna worry about, and that’s what they want You need to do, see you need to do your work, but you need to feel you belong and that you deserve it, and those three years gave me that – So jumping ahead to, you were mentioning directors that you’ve pursued, and gravitated towards, You were saying Jason Reitman, first time you’ve collaborated with him The Front Runner is an amazing story, and it’s a story that I know well, because I was kind of like a weirdly, oddly, political journalism junkie as a kid, and I remember 1987, and ’88 Gary Hart was The Front Runner at that time – What, hang on I’m still pretty shocked – Don’t do that, don’t do it now – That you were a Gary– So that’s interesting, what was your sense of Gary Hart at the time? – Well I do vividly remember that scandal, the monkey business, all of it, and I wonder what a 12 year old made of that, because it was probably one of the first times I even knew about infidelity, and what a scandal was, but it was a first for all of us I think – Yeah, for everybody, including the campaign team – Right, I mean that’s what’s so fascinating, so this film really marks a shift in many ways, in terms of how politicians were covered, and what was fair game What do you make of that shift? I mean, this is very apropos to today where we talk about the personal lives of our politicians Do you feel like it was a positive shift for mankind? Do you feel like this was the tipping point where it all went to Hell, or what? – Well it, and I’m gonna quote my character Gary Hart, in his final sort of speech He said, “Some things in public life are interesting, “but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re important.” And he understood that He got that people kinda wanna know the name of your dog, and what’s going on with the marriage, or you’ve been separated a couple of times, are back together, you know, do you wear boxers or briefs, you know of course we loved it when Bill Clinton played saxophone on us, you know, all of it, you know when Obama crushes The White House Correspondence, we love that as kind of cool, and relatable, and great, but is it important, is it relevant? And so this was the shifting sands at the time You got Gary who was a private person, by nature, going for the most public position in the world, and one of the most important positions, right, leader of the free world, and there was a poll at the time, and this has always stuck in my head, where 64% of the population felt that the media had gone too far, prying in to Gary Hart’s private life And so you would think, oh 64%, well everyone’s gonna back off, but no The train had left the station, and this is where the change, and I don’t think Gary, or his campaign team, saw that coming The other thing people forget, and assume, is that this scandal brought down Gary Hart Gary left voluntarily So three months after he left, he was still poling 40% The next closest candidate was 16% So even despite people knowing this, he was up here, but he voluntarily said, I’m not gonna be a part of this I need to protect my family Every time I ask a question about Donna Rice or anything else, I’m talking about the mother of, my relationship with the mother of my children My children are adults, they’re listening to this And also, am I gonna sully the political process forever? Not dissimilar to what is going on in the movie with Ben Bradlee at The Washington Post That’s what’s fascinating about this story It’s looking at this time where a bunch of humans, not just my character, all 20 characters, the stakes are high, and they’re grappling with never having been this situation before, and grappling with conscience and principle – It also is shocking when I was looking at this film in relation to others who put fate in their career, in that I don’t think you’ve ever played a real person I mean, you played P.T Barnum, that’s another hide ins of a thing – Right but not, who was alive Who is gonna see the movie – Right, exactly, exactly So were you surprised at the pressure that that put on your shoulders? I mean you must have known going in that there would be a different set of expectations and eyeballs, namely Gary Hart’s – Right, I mean there was pressure playing Wolverine, but no has actually ever seen him – Not that we know of – And I reached out to him a lot, and he never, so I’m not 100% sure if he is alive I mean I know everyone says he is, but like you know? – Right. (laughs) – Not sure But in all seriousness, yeah the pressure was high on this For many reasons It’s a real person, human being, still married, for 60 years, and I met him and his wife, spent time with him studying the house, spent time with their children, and this is the worst three weeks of their life

Right, so it’s never gonna be easy, even if we completely nail it right, it’s gonna be hard, and so then it was very important that there was a good reason to tell it, and that he knew that I took it seriously, that I honor his legacy, and that I was making the movie to start real conversations – Right, do you think that you being Australian born, obviously made much of your life here in America, the last 20 years, that gives you a different interesting perspective on our political system? – Possibly I think maybe that distance helps, because I’m not sort of embroiled in the lot of the partisan debate, and things are very different in Australia For example, we have compulsory voting, so everybody is a part of the process whether you like it, or you get a $50 fine, so you know – I wanna try that one out – It’s a game changer, it’s very different, but I had to learn a lot, but you know essentially Jason Reitman is originally Canadian, of course brought up here, son of Ivan Reitman, and big part of the industry, but you have to understand, and I, and you probably know this, you’re American There’s that famous saying, when America sneezes, Australia catches a cold You know, it’s weird linked We’re linked not just as allies I don’t know if you know, but Australia’s been to every war since the second World War We’re the only country to go everywhere America has gone, everywhere we’ve been asked There are American bases on Australian soil, and we are linked, we’re linked, I grew up on American television, but now what happens in the world so much is predicated by who is The White House – Going back, I’m just curious, when you started to make your life here, was there American aspect of culture, custom, that you could not wrap your brain around, that felt altogether foreign? I mean you talk about the links between Australia and America, but there are significant differences as well – Sweet pumpkin pie (Josh laughs) Marshmallow on pumpkin pie – This is a great thing is what you’re saying – It’s actually great, but I resisted it for awhile, I was like whoa I only like pumpkin, the amounts you get when you go to a restaurant, the food Also the amounts of serviettes and disposable utensils I’m one guy, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these 18– – Have you seen the way we eat? We’re just monsters – But the amounts of food is– No, I mean, I have really embraced it like, and I tell you what I’ve embraced more than anything is the spirit of Amer, the generosity, and the positivity, and I know for sure, that if I’m gonna say there’s 30 Australian actors doing really well, right? In Ame, at least 30 – Oh yeah – I doubt Australia would allow three American actors to come in with Australian accents and take the plumb jobs, but not only here is it allowed, you get a, “Great, man, you’re doing good, I love what you’re doing.” And it constantly amazes me I think it must come from a, like – [Josh] Generosity of spirit It’s also– – 100% generosity, and also confidence It’s okay, like we are an immigrant sort of, we’re young too, we’re three, 400 years old Everyone comes from somewhere and that’s okay You know what I mean, New York, as you know, the hybrid of New York is people who come from another place, whether it’s another state, or you know – We were saying that when we sat down we were reminiscing 10 years of talking The first time I ever saw you was at Comic-Con, which is altogether more poignant now, 2008 Comic-Con, and you and Stan Lee were in the same room I have actually, literally, I was going through my phone, I have photos I took of you guys together on that carpet – I remember that carpet I can’t believe, I would love to get a copy of that photo – I can show you the photo right now – Really? – It’s kind of really pretty special, because– – I remember, it was 2008, I’d done three X-Men movies, we’d announced Wolverine, like– That’s unbelievable – Isn’t that crazy? As I recall, you didn’t know he was gonna be there, right? – I did not know he was gonna be there at all, and when I first met him, I was not 100% sure he knew who I was – [Josh] That wasn’t the first time you met him? – I think it was – No kidding – Yeah it was the first time I met him, and that’s a more amazing, please send that to me – I will of course – Because if you’re Wolverine, and you go to Comic-Con, it’s a good day for you, right? You know, I was getting some love, and I remember that carpet really well, and when you look, all of the cameras were like And I looked down and was like, huh we got Halle Berry over here, and I was like (gasps) that’s Stan Lee That is cool – Did Stan ever say anything to you that was particularly special or poignant? He was obviously just a huge spirit, huge life force – I was really like taken back by how relaxed and happy, And I got the sense of a man who had become a God within a sub-culture And this sub-culture had become mainstream, and at age 75, getting respect and adulation ON this, and he was, I don’t even wanna make it so like, and he was like, yeah, he was like,

I can’t believe it, this is amazing, we’ve been sort of, we’re the kids in our basement drawing pictures, and we know a few people, and then 30,000 of us get together, there’s 30,000 of us dressing up and Star Wars, and this and now there’s a million and a half And then all of a sudden, everyone’s courting them, movie studios, everybody was courting them, and it was, you just got the sense of, he is a kid in the candy store He still loves what he did, he was like a kid And he was just really warm, and hey man, like we would turn up to do all those cameos I think, and this is the greatest, I’m in an X-Men movie, they’re bringing in, this stuff has been in my head and on the page, they’re bringing it to life – I mean there’s no man more responsible for the culture we’re living in now, probably, it’s crazy – No, and now you realize what seemed to be comics and maybe not that important at the time, and it was often, should be like children’s literature, there was a point where comics, it was like, oh it’s just for kids, and this and that, and you realized, all of a sudden, X-Men was really about Martin Luther King, and you know, Malcolm X Then you had Black Panther, you had women, you had all these really subversive, strong, powerful social messages that were happening, and that was changing the world as much as any march – You couldn’t have gone out on a better note obviously than you did in the collaboration with James Mangold – Yeah thanks – Really good, I mean, unbelievable performance, unbelievable film That being said, and this is not coming from me, Ryan Reynolds will not shut up about this Every time I see him, every time he talks to anybody – Tell me about it (both laugh) – So this is not even my question, but is he wearing you down at all? Because it doesn’t seem like he’s giving up in trying to convince you– – He is, ’cause I used to take the calls, I don’t take ’em anymore I do not go to his house anymore It’s funny, I meet up with Blake and the kids, and I ring Blake, and I go, “Is he on set?” and then like, “Oh, Ryan, I popped in, you weren’t there.” – But he wants obviously your character and Deadpool together, ’cause on paper, and that would be magical, but– – I kinda get that, and when I saw Deadpool, I was like wow that’s cool, and it’s just a matter of timing It’s a bit like, you’re at the greatest party you’ve ever been at, you’ve been dancing for an hour and a half, and then you’re just like, it’s time, okay? If I stay any longer, it’s gonna get ugly It’s like, it’s time, and on the way home, someone calls you and goes, “They just put Michael Jackson on, “you gotta get back here.” and a little part of you goes, I like Michael Jackson, and then you just go, no I wanna go to bed – So you’re staying in bed? – I’m in bed – You don’t need that, you’re in p.js, the lights are out – Yeah, but I’m cheering for him, you go, man, go dance away, go for it – For posterity, do you wanna make one last declaration, I, Hugh Jackman, will never play Wolverine ever again – I just hate those declarations (Josh laughs) But I’m done, I’m done – Okay, fair enough – Those things haunt you In some way, they haunt you – That was my whole goal – I know, I know, totally – You know what I’m thinking Are you also curious, just now as a fan, to see what X-Men will be like in the hands of Kevin Feige? – Oh yeah – 100%, Kevin was there as X-Men one When I went for my first audition, the audition that was really not a real audition, because Dougray Scott was gonna play him, and I think I was sent up there just to kind of send a message back Mission Impossible 2, like you better hurry up, because we’re gonna start looking at other people I didn’t think it was a real audition Even then Kevin Feige said, let me drive you to the airport I said, “Dude, you don’t have to drive me to the airport.” Like I was kind of saying, it’s okay man, I know I’m not getting the part And he said no no And not only that, on the way he says, come on, let’s just grab a bite to eat, and we just sat and him, Tom Desanto, and myself, had dinner, and in my head I was just kind of, you’re a good guy And when I got the part, I remember going in to his office Wall to wall comic books, and by the way, comic books were banned on the set ‘Cause Bryan Singer had this thing that people would think, he really wanted to take comic book characters seriously, as real three-dimensional characters, and he said, people who don’t understand these comics might think they’re two-dimensional So no one was allowed, everyone, it was a contraband And people were, I’ve never read X-Men, so people slipped under my door, I’m having a look, I’m reading these things I’m looking because I go, these are brilliant, look at the physicality, and so I would go in to Kevin Feige’s office, and I would say Kevin, and it was wall to wall, not only comics all over the, like posters, but about 600 figurines of different characters, and I’d be like, what should I, what should I read? What are you, you gotta read this one, and you gotta read the Japan, you gotta read the origins, and so he was flipping me stuff, and we’ve stayed friends ever since, and nothing makes me happier to know that someone who is purely creative, purely a lover of the legacy of those comic books is this successful You know you hear all the time, oh Hollywood’s run by suits And I go, Kevin Feige That’s not a suit If it’s a suit – That’s real passion that’s– – If it’s a suit, it’s like got a cape, and it’s an X-Men suit There is nothing corporate about him, and yet he’s incredibly successful, and I love it

– Do you think you would ever play another comic book character, and say DC character? – Oh yeah, I’d be open to that – [Josh] You would? – Yeah, for sure I mean, for me, I never saw it as a superhero Even when I got Logan, and I didn’t know much about the X-Men series, or comic book series, I was like, these are great characters All of these people are flawed characters Sure they have extraordinary abilities, right, but they’re all really flawed, and that’s what the movie’s about That’s why people relate to it There’s a wish fulfillment of like, I wish I had claws, but ultimately I’m like, yeah, I know what it’s like to be marginalized I know what it’s like to be not taken seriously, or misunderstood If only I had the bloody claws, you know So I see why they have been so successful, and I’ve kinda been blown away Its certainly exceeded every expectation They’re getting better, and better, and better – Yeah, okay so correct me if I’m wrong, I think you have two teenagers at home – I do, yeah – Do you feel like they’re keeping you in touch with pop culture that you otherwise might’ve not be– – My son, no He kinda rejects almost everything about pop culture And he’s serious minded, and he talks to me more about Joseph Campbell than he does anything else Which ironically, Joseph Campbell was the impotist behind Star Wars, right? – Star Wars – So anyway, he, mythology, history, anthropology My daughter yeah we’ll be going to the Jingle Ball together (both laugh) – Okay, having said that, I’ve got a pop pop culture quiz for ya – Oh yeah yeah, we’ll see – Let’s see how well she’s actually– – Cardi B – There might be a Cardi B question here Here’s a pop pop culture quiz for hugh Jackman What is flossing? – Oh, it’s a type of dance And I only found that out about a week ago I was about to give you an old man’s very boring dental hygiene answer, but no – Were people flossing on your birthday party? – No, but I wish – What album did Cardi B release this year? – Cardi B’s album, can’t tell you that – Untitled Cardi B It’s actually Invasion Of Privacy Do you have a prediction as to who will end up on the Iron Throne? And do you know what I’m talking about? – I don’t know what that is, no I’ve gone straight ablutions, and bathroom, and toilets No, that’s throne’s, no? – No, I mean you could call it what you like, but no that’s Game of Thrones I’m talking about – Ah, never seen it, and I feel so bad about it, because my brother in law is stunt coordinator on it, and has won a bunch of SAG Awards, and Emmy’s, and I feel, sorry, Rich – You only have about 85 hours to catch up on, so I think you’re up on your pop culture, you’re good And congratulations in all – Thank you for The Front Runner You’re always, I love, I mean what’s exciting now is kind of post-Wolverine, you’re getting all these kind of new opportunities, you can really mix it up with film makers like Jason Reitman, you always have a spot on my weird couch, in this random loft – Really? As I slip in to obscurity, you’ll still have me? – I will support you, no matter what – Thank you, my man – It’s good to see you, buddy – Thanks, buddy – To 10 more years to come (both laugh)

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