so hi my glam beauties and welcome to my channel this is a look we’re going to learn today I hope you like this look and this would be my daily look and routine when I go shopping hanging out with friends or even went to work I call this look the natural beauty keep watching enjoy the tutorial hey guys ok so I use a DC lotion with sure butter on my face and apply it all over my face especially my dry spots since I’d have very dry skin and tend to fail at times which I hate I use the leg studio pro fix liquid foundation in NC 30 and apply it on my foundation brush which is the Sephora Pro jump stippling brush as my foundation I place dots on my forehead both cheeks nose and chin with your foundation brush make sure to cover your entire face including your neck so that your face can match the rest of your body next I use my concealer brush and my contouring kit which is the product is tattoo you I use a very light cream base and mix it with the medium light cream base and apply under my eyes in a triangle formation then I fill in the triangle I repeat the same steps with my chin place a straight line on your Cupid’s bow place a straight line down your nose and up towards your middle of your forehead apply a smash formation on the middle of your forehead I can be silly sometimes I use three beauty blenders for planning purposes I don’t like to use the same blender since I don’t want to mix products from light to dark I’m just weird that way but most people use the same wonder you repeat the same steps on your chin nose Cupid’s bow and forehead or blending purposes from Maya shadowing I use the Maybelline fit me foundation in shade 355 coconut make sure when contouring you use a foundation cream or powder two shades darker than your foundation color apply at the top of your forehead close to your hairline all the way to your temples and down a little below your cheekbones apply on the side of your nose and below your jawline this technique will help your nose look smaller and your face look narrow blend until you notice it looks blended you are done blending you will take your contouring kick in base and place the color medium chicken below your cheeks then blend you at times you will see a line form while blending your shadow so just simply take your foundation brush and apply it to where you see the lines and do this in a circular motion this helps eliminate the line B bobbidi boo i use the elbow face powder and Mac Studio Fix pro in NC 35 and apply it throughout my face this part of the video it does not show what products I’m using but I am using a powder contouring kit using the lightest powder to apply on my highlights which is under the eyes chin nose Cupid’s bow and forehead I am using the elf tapered brush next products I used to apply on my shadow I use Mac medium tan and apply

and the same with the same brush as I use from a highlighting normally some artists would add powder to the side nose but for this look I limited the snap you to have my cheekbones more defined I use the morgue the eyeshadow palette and use the brown base powder apply it on the side of your cheek in a Down formation then I start to blend it in you then i use the elf angled eyebrow brush and the morphe palette in colors brown and dark chocolate with dark chocolate I outlined my eyebrows to give it its shape then I coloring the dark chocolate in the back of my eyebrows and then the color brown and the front of my eyebrows and I fill it in you I am shaping my eyebrows to try and make them look even but sometimes it does not go that way someone once told me you may try and make your eyebrows look like twins but they will always be sisters with the same concealer brush and cream base kit I apply the lightest color below my eyebrows this will help sharpen your eyebrows for I primer i use the Urban Decay primer potion and apply it on my eyelids then with my fingers since I’m not only using one I start dabbing causing the product to blend next I use the elf HD powder and place it all over my face this powder at times these residue as you can see which I end up removing later in the video next I use the eyeshadow brush which I call at the Orlando premiere hair shell and use the Urban Decay eyeshadow in the color of fate and apply it on my lids as a base Joey for my eyeshadow i use the morphe eyeshadow palette and mac 217 brush and use a light brown to form a sideways triangle on my crease doing this helps

me form a shape on my crease and gives me an idea on how my eyeshadow is going to love next I use the dark purple from the same eyeshadow palette and place it in the end of my eyes to the beginning tip of my side lid where i will be using the mac 217 brush to blend next I will use my g20 morphe brush and spray next to you spray to help pick up more of the eyeshadow which the eyeshadow brian i’m using is called buxom and color mink magnet i dab the eyeshadow on the lid then i use my l contour brush and buxom and color sleek sheets shot eyeshadow and apply that in the corner of my eyes near the tear ducts I use a elf ankle brush and use a dark purple eyeshadow from the bottom of my eyes then I take the black eyeshadow morphy palette and use it under my waterline above the purple and blend it in the black eyeshadow is pretty much my liner so when I apply the gel liner over it I know where to go and it helps me come back to your mining skills sorry about the movement my husband is not the best video person but I love him for his kindness and support in helping me film this tutorial haha love you honey i use the mac gel liner in black which is called black track and the of angled eyeliner brush to do the link minor i will soon do a tutorial on how to do a winged liner with the cell with the same gel liner I line to the product below my waterline where I place the black eyeshadow as I mentioned before and do the same for the other eye next I apply the white eyeliner in my waterline which helps your eyes look better and it helps it stand out I use a product prestige in the color white I am using the Urban Decay big fatty mascara and apply it on the top and bottom of my lashes I apply my scare before I plane lashes to apply eyelashes I use a duo glue brush applicator I love it because you don’t have to do with no mess and a dries faster the morphe brush g20 i applied the black more of the eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes and smudge it around then i take them mac 217 brush tool to the front and form a bit of a line where you can see above my eyelid and a little lower than my acree I use the g13 brush to continue

blending a little bit of harsh lines i use a mac brush in the shade of some Basque and use the oath angled brush and apply it where I dark into my cheeks before with the Marquis ballot i’m using the Rimmel London lip liner 014 wild clover i line my lips all around as well color in the side inner parts of my lips as well for a line straight down in the middle of my lips you are contouring your lips make sure to exfoliate your lips you for applying lip liner lipstick or lip gloss because your lips sent to peel and dry I need to exfoliate my then with a lip brush I use a dramatic lipstick in nude which I love love love so much I found my new favorite lipstick products it’s the best hands down cosmetic lip gloss and near it’s the bomb com hey everyone Clark is kind of leaning here so welcome to my youtube channel yeah I know I officially have it done I got my whites my makeup and of course say oh I want to go ahead and welcome you to my YouTube channel and I know some of you know who i am it’s a me Jones most of you don’t even know who I am so I’m going to go ahead and tell you a little bit about myself my name is Catalina summer and i live in florida will tow exactly where but in florida and i’m married to a wonderful man who drives me crazy but it also makes me happy so you know it’s a balance there i have two beautiful children i have a two year old little girl who’s my little princess in her name is autumn and then a seven year old little boy whose name is alex and joins me Google’s so I have a crazy family what I love them who doesn’t have a crazy family that’s anathema life but anyways i am from gawas photo rico i am Puerto Rican I name half Cuban so a lot of people think that I’m either Greek Italian or a Middle Eastern because of my look going on to be here but um that way to hope you guys guessing that I’m actually Hispanic I am just excited to be here today and I really really hope that I can make an impact in your lives and continue to have you guys follow me so subscribe my page and look forward to more videos because it’s gonna come up soon and you have no idea of all the craziness that this crazy latina has so eight the ones who shared my post regarding the YouTube channel you guys rock I mean honestly the support the love that you got I’m getting from you guys means a lot and just the fact that I got already 20 subscribers it might not be a lot for everybody but it’s a lot for me because that’s just a start and this is a start so thank you so much I am so looking forward to I’m excited and thank you wait so love you guys have a great night bye can you guess what the next time video tutorial will be stay tuned you you

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