good afternoon and welcome to fire in the belly today we have myself mighty pleased Monson and joined to you with Christie diary could after interesting good afternoon pig good they say thank you yes so Christie who are you what do you do give us a quick headline yeah chance to blow the trumpet I guess 43 years of old re I’m the old with one charge he’s 10 and I’m the oldest of three children I’m grew up obviously from Derry I’ve been in sales the last 20 years my vocation was pretty much a vacation so I was looking in Spain Portugal Italy to buy I’m the United States so you know 20 years at the front end and sales so I’ve learned a lot from that I’m also and I guess I can stay today that I’m an author I’ve just published the first book is getting out of it I’m an entrepreneur I have a couple of businesses that some have been successful always haven’t properly invest are few horses that I have here in Derry which can keep me awake at night and yeah ever I mean you know so then it’s well combined this as well I’m a boxing coach and that’s one of the big passions for me the box inside and bring it all at the gala thank you that’s name so what I say I find the Bally mean to you Oh I mean Pig I met you for the first time back in October November it was a he organized a mastermind think tank grip at the book I was a Beatle hotel it was a brilliant day you know and I you know I encourage everybody is watching this they did get involved in that type of thing but for me I was fire in the belly you know supposed to do an exercise and that morning um I’d never magic I there was no agenda or a brief but very quickly after the introductions not knowing anybody in that room you’d ask this thing you all get up and down and give a TEDx of what your goals are what you’re wearing where you’re out know where you’re going what you’ve done in the past what’s your a fire in the belly and I guess without any script with any knowledge or any understanding of oh everybody’s you know characters in the room they get up and stand for 14 minutes without a script and get more passionate more driven more focused and actually that’s what fire novellas for me because I got fired novella that day and it also opened up while I was on stage what was it on stage I was the first stop so I had they lead the way if you remember but been able to talk and then ideas coming in and then going right no yay no yay get the fire in the belly is no I get where I want to go and you know that for me is firing a belly that dry fashion come up man it comes naturally as well and then it’s a spur G to do everything else is debate brilliant cognizant about her love that it’s fantastic tell me take us right back I see some work where are you from where you born and Europe brain obviously born and bred and area of come full circle and back here and I and I grew up in the shadow of Sahara Gulf Club I’m Abraham which is a phenomenal place to grow up I guess you know you’re surrounded by that the Golf Club is a backyard and which meant we just hopped over the fence three or Baldur and cracked away and we did that me and my trawler and a couple of friends for 10 or 12 years you know it’s the most you know most prestigious golf club in there and nobody you know it’s doctors lawyers judges you know all sorts of high-end michael i were the members yet us little scallywags were hopping over our fence throwing up all down and we even do the sting members and they thought we were members never paid for a game of my life ever until it became out until it moved away from from her hand but talk Wilbraham the woods the football pitches the building hoist the great outdoors and i give me the sort of the passion a love of all things outdoors because it was on our doorstep you know we kick ball in the street but we played in the woods we got up the old sorts of kyo-ahn and yeah it was a fun time I was that I was the kid in the street that all her kids Mahler’s told him that they play with you know you know I write me name and every wall could have markers I was I was disruptive in a way but you know and my best friend’s father I just told me there he just looks across the street I was as bad smile I always knew he’d I don’t like they were never kids but we were just talking a few weeks ago having a beer before all this Kohlberg stuff I he did say that after all these years I was a lovable rogue as a kid I don’t like saying I’m common but there was no harm on him so I think that sort of gives you a back row another sort of character double rogue I love that I love that so so this whole school theater age came out great I didn’t have a great attention span I wasn’t academically brilliant I was kind of clever enough but yeah I didn’t like it my mind would wander too you know football boxing golf when I started remembering back to school I got to leave the old better baller and the playground as as people do but ya know in me younger your school was good it was a small school it was with 15 people

in our classroom and it was a small school just I’d say he bowled once and just I’d say to study and yeah it was good I enjoyed it with a grid a little football team because we were such a small school we didn’t have an 11 I say a team like some of the bigger schools we with a really good father say payment for two years in a row we were five I say champions are Northern Ireland so you know because we couldn’t we probably only had seven players but it was half of that team went only play for OMA claireandkaren Terry said a soul King so they’re really competitive and you know that’s the standard for quite a sounds like you were always at night then you were pretty much an outdoors can I tell yes never wasn’t a gamer didn’t fall for the you know the tides and amstrad’s and with some friends were playing that stuff never really bothered me it was more you know the golf courses in the back door you know I would a hopped-up over if nobody wanted to play it or went away myself I’m play I also would have gone to go in the woods and master boy got a little dog and a little star pitcher Pole terror he went everywhere with me so mother was growing up Kings day I thank heaven 12 13 14 all aboard so yeah always outdoors it was because of where we grew up I guess bruh han you know was three miles from the city but was surrounded and it wasn’t engulfed in Woods in golf courses and then the record show he had everything they’d already stayed so there was no I’m cross my mom you know oldest were three kids get I can enjoy yourself don’t be hanging right here so there was that you know we were forced out as much as anything what so I’m sure your mom had her hands full looking after you guys thanks oh oh yeah and me in particular my brother is a sort of gentler soul quieter he’s following me and the seals I got him I did he was a jack of all trades and managed to get him on these seals which is a very different type of sales personality they may he’s probably camera more relaxed and um and then my sister she’s on earth but she was obviously you know the daddy’s girl growing up yeah I guess I was at the one getting on that they were they went on the secondary or the college and grammar schools and stuff I didn’t make it throwing that right so I was a sort of one that was that the I should have been leading by example I said I wasn’t I don’t think you the baby the oldest you know this room okay yeah two years between my brother and me and then two years between my younger broad sister so four years in total so yeah well there’s a good spread between us yeah who do you take afternoon your mother or father or somebody else um hey I’ve often thought that uh as I get older I’m definitely turning more fun under my dad which is freaking me out a little I’ve taken um they will try for a few times that I can see I can see things that I’m doing mannerisms and talk and live etc so but you know my mom’s the my dad’s the sort of business my father’s own business you know for years and counts of like mommy and paws nests and stuff but my mom mom’s the sort of positive go-getter began the spirituality and call set and all that sort of stuff so if you’re taking up elements of both I guess you know what I mean definitely so it’s its neighbors answer but I can see myself and my dad and more Phenom but I can see my mindset I guess and attitude to learnin three my mother who’s our lifelong there now as well your mother and father even that well mom as a civil servant for you at Department of Agriculture and was involved and all sorts of stuff she had a song in a dairy cow elk wire so football Clinton in the White House a very talented singer and choir singer I guess is a grip there was a group of them all would went America for some Patrick’s Day my dad well the Daugherty family were quite well known in town the Eglinton era for over the years they were men and my grandfather set up in the authorities potato merchants we supplied all the supermarket’s chip shops on some land I can their so they were Americans my dad’s the oldest of 13 I’m so when my Grandal and we get too old so my father took over the business and then obviously with supermarkets and tassels and the change and buying and sourcing products I guess going multinational it just became smaller and smaller they ran and 2073 but I ran at the who sadly so we give it up two years ago but you know don’t very well I’m very well respected and yeah so we said he’d never worked for anybody for all his life it was just and business the whole time and I guess when it was when I was growing up we used to used to have mobile shop so he was always doing something our there was a shop a physical shop that I purchased and around for a few years and then sold it back to the owner and then when I was about 15 16 he had new the Vans a driver in the house in estates and beeps the horn and the locals come out and buy their bread milk and eggs and stuff and cigarettes so they had one of those that went very well and I think that’s why I got introduced to smoke another young age thing in cigarettes after my shift I was getting paid he’s getting paid in pennies for vixen and thanks it was a

crash course in dealing with customers fourteen fifteen sixteen and then the room element say to me is they steal a pack of cigarettes for the boys and they head off under the Perham woods and hop around and smoke at am Park Regal folder and a record five minutes and then call for way back the house thinking a smoke you know so that’s the sort of ship of the day that we can’t I got off those kids I’m sure I’m sure your parents kind of – especially what was going on oh yeah my dad started realising then that angry go folder was a top seller back then so he kind of knew it wasn’t stacking up the numbers and I doesn’t think it would ever catch on but I did so and the Republic State Park Drive these are the ones where’d the folders nobody really bought them so we don’t really care about them but he was one of the rolls Rico felt they were going so we started stealing hard drive and angled up and smoking those and we smoked one of those he tempered a light or in for about 20 months their hair Kim rapid never that strong but yeah oh all good types so what was your first I first job was with my dad well you know I was weighing way and potatoes and they two kilo 2.5 and five kilo bags I was driving on reverse and lies around ten or eleven under the backyard um I’ve enjoyed that more than when sports as we call them and then I got under the shopkeeping side of things but I guess the first real job where I got paid because he don’t get paid when you care dad he just we just do it and it’s learning curve but um I worked and own stores I got a job I can’t remember what agent wasn’t still at school and only secondly score dairy cake and I got a job and own stores and I used to have to go out to the warehouse and load up well I was in the drank sale and load up this big cart with you know six packs after two liters of Fanta and stock I’m as high as you can and then push them out onto the shop floor and then he had the coach really hard to get this trolley to move then we get the momentum and then when you come through the doors the warehouse item to the shop floor you’ll be met by a customer come on a trolley and you had the polar brakes and slow toy I didn’t have the the mentality that I was very short for you if they crack up as for want of a better word and I just they get frustrated so the manager said listen I’m gonna move you and to the warehouse you’re better behind the curtain as opposed to out there because yeah so it was a was a rocky start but I thought about a year to you know was in the warehouse and already enjoy that get make beer tokens as well the weekend was was the most important thing remember what you were painted Oh enough to buy beer yes I can’t remember what it was a to be honest it’s gone back so long but there was 504 pine and IRS on my got a three something uh not even but you know we were just attack it was it was it was really you know you burned it on twenty hours a week as well you know what folding us a couple of Thursday Friday late nights and then a pull down a Saturday and maybe if he’s on the aerosol it was I’d love to keep you going and by back down as well it was the least amount I’m on air was ever Aaron and obviously it’s my first job but I was wearing it the air is closed I don’t know where was getting them on it was buying a Ralph I red shirts and the days old James and the Nike Air suburbs you know everything had to be the best of the best five man yeah well I’m sure why would you come out yeah yeah dad you know local you know we used to have a few beers at the preamble Tice um get the Dutch courage open and walking from the boat Ison and the line across the bridge and I get a bus from 4th Street down to the police call Devaney and then you can’t gravitate it out of the van you Jeff place called the point then so he got a boss from Santo Derry don’t look like them which was Quigley’s point muff direction yeah so yeah then you put back then in those younger days it was euro Devaney and some of the bars or any silly Santa and you know thanking you for the top dog that good stuff great things so secondly skin learn how is up for you good um I can of relays when I failed my 11 Parliament undesirably school and all my all my best friends had or went they said comms College the Geller I’m stuck in a class didn’t know anybody the class was five times the size no gone from a class I can 11 or 12 15 people whatever it was their class of 35 and you’re like whoa this is that one um and I think of a seconder school kind of way stop only button was like you know I’m gonna have to work a little bit harder pay a bit more attention but say I went there Mexico integrated Catholic Protestant boys engaged I’m so it was good you know came from um Xterra as well so you know what we the pre hair was very maxed Catholic and Protestant families and it was a bizarre but the school gone into the school the camera more school was just a was good they meet people that I would never met because I’ve got them for ham and shelter there’s people from all the sort of Craig and area and

they’re a the Bogside and then people from gosh Quinn and all sorts always good it was it was a melting pot and yeah I suppose that’s when the interest engaged developed as well you know first a shake and you know lease Mobley gears in the classroom that I’ve never seen her own up the feet is upper hand I’m like alright I’m gonna enjoy this I love it you tell me what your favorite subject in school Yakko graphic and that would that hands to I Java fair and I guess that’s why it’s by no coincidence that in later life you know if they look at maps the world and just stared Kappa here I come I guess they memorize all the capitals of these populations and studies what the ecosystems and natural physical resources all that stuff I still have an interest in that so we had geography was at and then obviously at patty age I knew I wanted to travel the world you know I mean that’s why I looked around was that’s why I looked at maps and I want your mayor a fascination with America have an American please I could live there and I for one so but it was a young age and that’s come back you know who’s an encyclopedia Britannia said that my flowerpot the had in the high say is he just look at volume 20 which is your maps and countries and stuff I was fascinated by that so geography and I guess that’s why I knew he was going to travel the world with the job but my lover he was a childhood or where did that come from my uncle call Chris Mahler my mother’s brother he lived in America he’s from Strabane shipped out to San Francisco loved and died there for 30 years he sadly passed and San Francisco working to him what I love they just took a mass of favors unfortunately there before he hit the ground but no and Chris that’s how he would have wanted to go a real character and an uncle little up to like the lab as well because it was it was you know when you’re growing up he’s sewing and they gave you the crack as well when it came home closely you see same gifts back all the time packages from America that had books and flags and American stuff that he just didn’t get there and you were just the later they get so yeah he was the sort of you know Chris then I was named after him I guess Christopher it’s also the patron saint of travelers for anybody that gives it talks about that but yeah so he traveled and I guess it was my destiny they travel as well so you went through secondary school then what’s the exit out of it I went three secondary school what I’ve done the whole I’ve done the whole five years got the GCSE if I go that’s xdc essays and the options were were limited I went I went under construction of a Northwest Regional College a construction course I was stunned on a bold and say it about two weeks on there but some tripod thing or even the world was and I’m like what am i doing this is this is not for me this is not for me tried to go back I said to the course guy you know can I need to change course this doesn’t for me I don’t even know why I apply for it I just like the idea of construction but I need to get on Besson so god nd because this class was full but I want to get on the business I should have went though in Business and Finance anyway they couldn’t put man and they moved me into leisure and tourism which was a mixture of both you know the laser been the sporting element and tourism didn’t sort of geography side of it so for me right okay okay better go visit G every Q I think they were called flew through that and angered on them I don’t after hadn’t done the a charity Israel moved from because that’s a finance and on a hitch handy so that was a sort of take years for youth we have three or four years I think I spent at Northwest College and came out of it where distinction HND and yeah good times again again for the tech was meeting lots of people from all not just area and they were coming from all over the northwest the the the social side that’s when you really start going on and join beers and the student unions and and guarantee I guess as well you know all those things so the take for me was kind of met friends at the Tech to you guys in particular that I’m stalled very very close with to this day your old Martin Dome okay I from Daria and I got John Paul next and we stayed friends yeah I mean it was all McMartin the we are is last night and what’s up on a crash wagon we went be Germany together sort of a program at the tech were rolling we look for three weeks it was just our laugh among us you know so memories lifelong friends were bored from from from a Terry heck was so really they really enjoyed the experience I think a tech for me in you know the start say but let’s go ahead and weigh stop to the ways of the word I was when I was doing attack there was a career teacher there and they can I said you know if you want a man they asked what do you want to do you want to tell them what I wanted they do they really gonna have to knock on they’re really gonna have to apply yourself you’re really gonna have to because it was very easy to take when you’re at school you’re at school you come in at nine in the morning you go home at three o’clock and you have to be there they freaking have a roll call you’re either present or you’re not and

you can’t just come in the morning slip off the take he could you know there was a snooker hall at the bar on the street you know I could have went down to play snooker which was really tempted go for yeah go for a beer all sorts of things so you know it was really there was the flexible attack and I was warm for abusing that flexible they both was wearing a career stage I said you gotta know Popeye you have a wee boner potential so if he could not go going that would be great what is it that you wanted to do at that time you know what was the reason for not going down what’s outside you saying at the time you you know there’s something you wanted to do what was that you know I I get higher always wanted to be in business I always wanted in my head at the tech it was I don’t make you learn this stuff see this freaking finance module this human resources this operations this market I’m gonna work for me I would take over my dad’s business Bob Baer was really flavor maybe 10 or 15 people working for him you know I’m just here because I have to be here – you only go on their business but in my head I was gonna do you know I always had that back-up plan for Hyundai the family business or set something else up but you know it was only then so that’s what I want to do be in business yeah do you remember the name of the creature patterns hey I’ll tell you this I should can something because it was actually the business that we have noise station B&B which is 18 bed being being there a particular tree forest are it just debates a 200 year old Victorian Bolden no there’s a tunnel from the B&B the rolls right underneath the B&B right underneath the Northland Road a trot cheer a dart at where is know the dairy K and it just to be he has to be this just to be the house or the superintendent of the asylum and the asylum was doing in the port area cuz most of this the superintendent had a little walkway from his grand residence tying to the asylum welcome back to on the yeah but can freakin hell what doesn’t in he is my career all careers teacher who’s retired mythic he’s the president of the sort of historical society or that era so once we renovated and spent the significant amount of money renovating the B&B he we were on the mark parish and sure believed talking about it and he was sleeping haired and said I’ve got to meet these people so he came up with all these artifacts and all this stuff and he the hysteria the bold and the host of the superintendent and you know the significance of it all and then when I came through there I could see him look at a man going I know you where do I know you from and I was kamek or Mac that’s just came to me I knew it would it’s just um so yeah his name was ki McCormick and I’m yeah he was the careers teacher of it so I said hey you’ve got about a you know cold or you know what you want you’re very focused in German but your attendance is awful your run annoying here and you’re you know you you’re speaking to the teachers you could ability need it but you could could be better was you know a common theme and my reports Pig dingbat it could work harder it sounds like he put an impact on it was anyone else that really stood out for you again hey there’s I got into a played football in those days old football coaches passed away you know I are safe from cliftonville football local one of the better teams in the study you know we’re always up we’re up there there are there about Samba 13 15 17 um a lot of time for oxy when I was younger he was the sort of gathered me you know I was always probably one of the shorter scares on the pitch you know when I was growing up playing football but but I liked playing center forward I like score goal but you know back and they to buy heavy defenders just start throwing your voice so low is it tougher often like getting stuck on buttocks a move me possession remember said I think you’ll be pregnant so he teased me their left back I’m right forward don’t know what he was trying to tell me but it worked out a play here you know a cup of good gear plan for ground their hearts and stuff as well but yeah oxy if there was one of those coaches hold your side and talk key after the game and making a good even if we had a bad game so always just remember you know if you had a bad game or you got skinned by a football you were big five no and you know you’re gonna ask you know what stuff assign coming back buttocks there’s one other guys that sort of spoke me walking I come on other change rooms and you know what you were going to back on X Knightly training and I yo day it was the first real valued experience of a coach excited apparently you know the network at home not ever had and I was from all other 1315 and say everything okay that sort of local dairy investor to have a football okay so tell me also you through uhm distinction what was happened then

um hey needed money money was everything then I guess needed and needed beer tokens I’d finished up like me I think it was and I I was actually I’m a wire I was supposed to go to Dublin the Portobello Business College I did go to table in the Portobello Business College on lasted for two days and you’re all got accepted hated it hated Dublin and notice I just don’t like Dublin even to this day it’s just not being and I’ve got a Google up with a boxing that’s unfortunately with the National Stadium us but I just don’t like it or them only love there I like it but I don’t want up there I think some part of the batter weapon and came home there was a company called trans tech um which was a like a an engineer comin at me had sold her head gaskets foot forward and Buick and all the bike on there I can call my shadow plane them can say and word was they were paying very well nobody told me at the time you were entering the para health as a work environment it was a fine jury you know hot sweaty dirty smelly the stench of the molten metal and stuff so but I didn’t know that I went on you know and the goal was hey I need somewhere somewhere mommy I need some I need a guitar into trance I’ll go into trance there I’ll do it in the summer and then I’ll go to Maggie go here go there whatever oh where the child stick and nature saying done first night shift and I remember just gonna nag I think she do your work station and I give you a little battle it’s like a needle and then the cast the solder the product would have came out of machining but it was a sound it was a cast a sound cast but it had flex a sound or word my job for 12 hours was just the pedal sound offered so and then pass it to the next guy and he would do something in the Norman come out of the machine and I couldn’t give me a hair growing this with them oh oh you tell me I have to do this but what else that I have to go in well no no you should stand here the machine will come right the castle Koide you sound the tone you give it the next point and we’ll do that for the next 12 hours but the mone was good by tangles away 1400 final molds no that’s 20 or 22 years ago whatever more than 23 years ago so I was going from faints Kent you know all the time and you work it on a supermarket and get all that money from folks take getting 1,400 Haemon so what what I did been quite impulsive straightaway which tied me under the working environment a man that was not to go back to school was I went got a car HP I don’t know why I was a Tamara mommy I had one page left three face looks three weekly payslips back there and that was enough do you have a job you have to have a payslip yep okay what’s he want I got a courser sr a little black Porsche and that was at school was hurt it was over and I’d settle only the the worker night because I had no I come up mix I had icons and I had I had you know yeah a wardrobe they they keep up with it and then and I like I already pay for and yeah that’s it you can watch your head all right you can’t get out you know you’re come at it and that’s that was that was the start of the road to to work I guess and I could something to nature the time you yeah I was 18 I nosy female out there 18 maybe 19 at that stage I was a trans tech with first real real cropper full-time job I guess and you know four nights on three are free on four twelve two weeks a days two weeks and nights don’t not for about a year it a mouse and it was actually something good something bad happened but something good it could I come I was at the end of my you know I’m getting outta here any day I can’t do this the rest of my life for health their lungs or smoke and stuff that was coming on and then what happened was there was a any aiming gas tank right by our machine and somebody didn’t the operator didn’t install it on properly and then fired up the Machine and the gas tank playoff and sprayed the same in gas so we were all children pretty bad and you know back then you know were like Craig so I was off to work for about a week two weeks I was you know quite ii quite no reason quite a lot and out of breath quite I love and wasn’t even doing angry was just everything so um then one of the guys that was on the on the on the lane what Mike said hey you know what we’re away to see patty McDermott the solicitor we’re going to put a claim on and bit of it so they will put a claim on and I thought right well it’s good for them it’s good for me I’m stole not on the brush and so they’ll put a claim and I think trans dick offered really quickly just give you to ground and look back in to ground was to girl the guys just took the first claim and I said no you know why don’t we get a sec I playing I’m gonna go to a doctor’s I’m gonna go up to see their asthma chronic and all that

sort of stuff and I had agreed and these things and my lung capacity was greatly affected so the good thing that happened there was it was a right then you don’t take the to happen there’s some damage from your own search absolutely medically no doubt about it and I was open Belfast seeing a a specialist and you know AXA got a significantly you know double digit cash paired and that was the good thing that came out the translate because it was only 2021 or whatever and I bought my first property I bought a prop a property which I still have and so yeah that was the sober line in the camera a very very hard baptism of fire in the workplace so talk to us then about your first properly well I here’s what happened well it was untrusting I was on a car crash it was a pretty bad one someone had on the back yes we actually did get in a church claim 2300 pine and was what we got here it was a tire and a boot that saved our rights and I was back model I should have been the elephant come through that it was a spare tire took the impact that went you know there’s the church guy said the car was just mind so that saved our lives three of us me in particular got two and a half grand a lot lady we got the two and a half grand cashed it and walked out of Bank Ireland and walked across the Thomas Cook which was right across the street but the holiday deep south upon sir and I think I flew lease out the Ponzo ever in 1800 point in cash that’s high recklessly right there I don’t remember coming back way any but I do remember my dad really go on date I know mayor by house shippers and responsible etc so when they all are clean came through the the double digit one from from trans thick he took control you’re not getting here there’s some money to go and enjoy yourself but you’re going to invest that you’re at that age because I still haven’t got them saddled I’m best mindset but ended up buying a four bedroom semi-detached maybe father I went looked at it he’s gone for 40 stories and cofán and and daring a red brick Georgian style white windows white door locked apart front and backyard and a nice leafy suburb area paid at by it and we go to went ahead and go to the tail Don I own my first price and very quickly and learned the highs and lows up in a landlord and dealing with various types of tenants but still have the house I raised money and had various businesses and stuff so when I bought it for 43 I think we’re gonna like tear the years or something remember getting a fire you know the salmon there someone’s like wow this is easy took more money over on our house better than some businesses and as a business and a ground for fee or so they could finance it up they were underground once day but it was worth a hundred and sixty at the peak 2007 I would value 260,000 I should have sold 95 on it I should have sold it I was invited to sell it and $2.00 three properties and doesn’t and then we all know what happens with the credit crunch and the lights went out and that house dropped by a day I don’t think it ever went negative it just Sadek that’s why I need an ID but it was working on during sex there one stage so what’s my 20 out when you cook the first person yeah I mean if I could turn back a clock I would have done things a lot different I was free and OPEC or 80 to you you know I should have probably would’ve invested ways or probably could if I had an expert consort mentor like them I wouldn’t have found a or a partner or a mastermind which is a big keyword no you know I could have used that equity when I had a quenelle all over the hoses they just bowled and grew a my support well I guess it did I got on the overseas property which will come out and you know that was in our face and yeah we bought some property over Shea so I forget turn back a car go to dumping things a laptop on later the weight of it that’s that’s a fact but I didn’t make any major mistakes you know back there mone mone was just something that was easy come by I thought you know if I won’t they are looking on it they are in it and these these houses are just going up and up and up and up and up and up I didn’t know that the cap I did some stage because I decide hey I’m gonna take an hour care ground I should be there in the year ago it’ll be back at equity and it was a learning curve you know I wasn’t a property investor by no means but my dad got me on did they invest the money and I’m glad with that but you know the there was no strategy behind it you know Noi a bang strategic wealth lock buzzes plans and goal said so I banned there was no strategy was just I mean you probably weren’t aware I suppose maybe the time of the the 92 recession to you so then like some other myself you know I sort of oblivious that you just didn’t school you did everything else so as you say when you get into property and it’s it’s rising at that speed never the mouse and you

have the keys and why is it I’m not doing this I die black couldn’t get way as everyone not doing this and um yeah like you said it just seemed easy Monet and there’s no this the good things will never end this is just this is phenomenal pregnant Harley’s cars clothes you know stupid things were easy comeback be back working at this time is rather um uh that’s a left round stick and I’d thought a job and see it as a production operator because I was a production operator and translate see it was the big American they make a hard race for computers and you tell and ABI man everybody under storm wasn’t stolen Terry but I worked in Nevada planters but I joined see get it was wait three four hundred people on it I’d create about 1800 people very quickly production just ramped up and ramp up with that that’s when I can’t agree or but was unseated you know and started get a wee bit older and met me no wife Shetland ona we bought more at the weekends and things went wonders hectic and crazy and I’d moved out of there to make folks house but I seen an opportunity and seeing it I was only in there a few months and I thought this is a it’s not a smell it’s cleaner than translate but it stole my yeoman way did I not story wait a minute cool good get a degree should have got a degree or me mates or and banking or lovin over in England and doing managing bike tassels and wealth advisors and all this stuff I’m gonna I’m a factory after all no disrespect to anybody that is another environment I enjoyed it but how do I get out of this and that’s when I started plotting the course stand on an HS it was mine on them work how did I get out of this hi how can I grow oh well you know I usually look at the managers and I stole do this and I think it’s a good trade I’ve always had is they look at the people of both mango what does he do differently what’s he do wonder what has Parker knows watch him how do you operate how they speak to people how they communicate how they roll a guess and them you don’t go right where’s all her people that I work with on the wine years ago can’t stand him he said he said he’s at that care I can’t know so I looked them looked at them with fascination that’s where I want to be I don’t want to be with you Morgan to say Jeff onyx rest of my life here doing my new this is what you’re meant to be I want to be where he is over there and how do I get over there and that’s when I started really get Monday sort of starting to read a wee bit more and watch him what say you know bear to mind back there and when you’re in a factory successful people are the freaking managers that’s the sort of perception of success you have it’s not you know it’s very different you know work with CEOs and entrepreneurs and pastors and stuff so back then my first understanding about all these principles and laws and success works the successful people were to me with a managers and see again how can I get the baby one of those guys the job came up it was to be a technician support or something and the wish water treatment plant that was being bolted see get part of it but prior to plant part of the factory I guess and I went for the went for the pillar put on for the job as that half of a factory everybody’d seen it was a chemical honorable there was a point twenty and I were raised and what we were basically on for Who am animal rights but it was a raisin a progression off the floor which is more important to me the next step in the ladder there was four jobs one per shelf obviously so and I got it I got one for the chef’s that I was on so I was the first school said okay you can do any say you know I seen the job I want that job I’m getting that job Hank’s down on this Lane I but don’t get in I’m leaving so apply for the job chemical handler got it um and I was on there about six months and then it was it was a technician support junior technician then there was an our job came up I think he cut a long story short mother country every day or month or a year of the Seagate career I think in seven years eight years I wasn’t seeing it I started as an operator and I got five promotions over eight years and left there as a lead technician on on the shelf and that was just driven by holy I get heard I become better heard I get what I get what he’s doing home when I was a technician what I had my and my boss’s job or the next taking the lead technician open there was the lead technician the shelf chef lead how did I get to the shop me so we talking about the guy above he was doing and trying to follow replicate and what the mindset of I’m coming after your job um I was younger boys I still have that but it’s day I guess but I was that was the way I was programmed and then when he reached the top is as far as you can go without a degree in environmental engineering and I think that was my boss at sea it was a day worker he was a bio mantaur engineering manager you know he did a first class honours degree in chemistry and that’s what he needed in his rule you know I

don’t have that but I wasn’t going the he was saying you should be you should be he always encouraged me to do courses you know tuition reimbursement all saying off any course you’ve got potential and I haven’t long engineering at all right track construction was business I wanted a run of a sales supervisory management unbeknown day home I put on for a couple quarter here’s the sort of craft a devious say no and I’m a couple even saying this but I applied for a few courses took him up he signed him off but I can’t a covered what the course was can I get I’m talking to do a course what’s a ton of Ironman go engineer nurse ortley I attach wastewater treatment and all that sort of stuff he’d sign it off court mutters of course my hanky row the maximum was a frozen part a year you were alive not so gets twelve hundred pine and I’ll pay the balance right okay and hate saying it off I don’t know my mortgage exams I became I see my mortgage advisor working it’s a hit he didn’t know who so because I knew you I need get out of here and I’m never going to be in the day I’m never gonna be an engineer I don’t have that mindset but I would like to get in the seals or what a late to get anymore because that was owned property I know where some people were saying a few know that see map you can have a task for me of a very well-respected mortgage advisor in the survey and yeah I got mortgage qualified I became a management course well as it my nature can see it and I also got involved in or began the path day personal development or nature fuel burn my way around smart small team of six technicians we were in a lab above the factory floor with walkie-talkies I on nature unless only whoa really through they say there was a problem within the plant we can’t have a you know we’re playing we’re like firemen one guy was sleeping our guy – you guys are playing cards one guy will navigating the internet because the Internet it just sort of blew up at that you know it wasn’t we were constantly working we can’t work when we were needed some lady may have never got a second it was just chaos I’m gonna go over the plan all right it was like the fire service you know you could have got asleep um so I used that planning to story get more qualifications so when I did come over to see it you know was a fully qualified equity release mortgage advisor um and I had a certificate in management general management sort of it you mentioned even they’re sort of earlier on when you’re clapping the course you talked about rating at that point won’t be rating do you remember I joints on the club and got a whole load Batman I was really interested in military experiment and they Ryan and stuff I was loved the sort of Special Forces type works as well that mindset you know how what does it take to be okay how do they train how do they how do they operate um talks and books I used a brain and books on box and kickboxer and stuff and read books I was all like reading books on focusing nutrition so um which gave me those books and autobiographies you know Alex Ferguson I remember reading that and night shift you know and Duncan Bannatyne there was all sorted of an autobiography said that interests me business and it’s forged autobiographies well you know mainly I used to read books you know military books and on particular Special Forces books it wasn’t then too there was an event happen further to him you once I didn’t have see it okay I mean I was unseen here’s the thing oh I was in see it I’d worked the night shadows on about 1800 pound a month in and my war which was great money back there however there was still not enough monk stolen enough money for the month um so what I meant the zbrush can’t you know week before he paid a so a friend of mine told me that you know I knew I wanted right and he said we’re having a beer and he said awesome I think you’d be good at sales I didn’t give a great at selling insurance um I want you on my team you don’t have to leave at the a job on your days off I’ll come come over me I’ll train you I’ll get you on the road I’ll get you a couple of Dayton’s um it’s a very bad man it’s just you know you just go ahead he’s saying the form and that she trained and watch what I do and then copy what I do do as I say get them the same out for him so long story short was a Friday night I was off do back on D see you on the Monday night we gonna have Friday night at a range boy with this guy my first ever Sales Manager first ever sales calls we drew in a place called Aldo Donegal we’d left Gary drove and I are on the West Ireland and wonder it was Cayman with Riaan it was miserable night and he was oblique positive and just the energy and the crack and the panther was on rail so I was enjoying outside of it first hoist we came if our strategy was simply knock on a door not we’re going to make piquant in here and pizza forever it was if you see a light tell me I’m will drive and I did or was very barn and they’d might see a light in the

distance and we’ve just had off not the door our target was builders open contractors we hit squads a man working on Tobin we offered accident sickness unemployment covered for him and his teams you see the light on you would see the vine and knock the door he’s not on you can see him I even think you know the target and this went on for a few hours and I really I really really just couldn’t take any more and then we got one woman brought us on the husband commode 20 miles far and over the kitchen table to try and get a seal and Annie he he rejected now objected I’ve got I don’t need you could you believe we left so I was like Carrie do you want to call it a day it’s not it’s not happening no no no no Parker persistence I guess the old boy Lee sales manager knew better now we’re not living on earth eight o’clock called on their house again standing with her coach Brooks overheads and the underneath the back door because was raining so hard guy brings I said I had a lost all motivation at this stage ice this is getting out of here I’ll just do it he brought me down he’s driving I can’t really get out of it long story short we go on he preaches a husband who wanted no no no no not interested not interested Garrick a bottom then it goes right you know what let’s do it Samuel so just gala me objections looping back come back tears back fine well you told me this here and this was important he’s still gonna be great you know guy saying right that’s let’s get let’s get all this clown Gary the sales manager give me a shake and said full you and Christie put it in your name that way you’ll get some Commission that’s your first sale I don’t mouthing I just sat there like a northern called it on walking out I’d never felt anything like it I didn’t even do you ever hang that was just the energy and chef than seeing a sale take place well that’s amazing brilliant ah importantly she just made yourself 500 quad you made yourself a thirty percent they you’re sorry just it was only two or three three hours we right at this stage so to me it was like wow I just made fire on the finite so then I was like right that’s let’s go to the bar let’s get off the roads accorded a name bring it I’m super excited it’s Friday night but the Whaley old sales when I turn it was better he said no no no no no what you don’t understand is the best thing to get uh sale is when you’ve just got a sale we are too tough on our energies flow and we’re posing no let’s go knock on our door you I guess what happen when we knock on our door we got on our sale I just made a thousand pone again fold in the form so I’m a close up I know so I’m driving up the road back to Gary Posen couldn’t wait to get home the two of us pause and energy and laughing and a gas stove personal friend on the crack waves Navy I love seeing them and we I say going there so what did you think and I secure me only as she is Deena man objection I don’t know if I’m caught oh you know I’m coming down off the high and I don’t know if I could have done would you done the hand on those objections I may I give up I may have somebody said no I walk away and I don’t know if I would have kept gone as long as you would have Bob you know I admire everything he do but I’ve done office for me you reach that little box packed out the book called Think and Grow Rich threw it across at me and said listen I know exactly where you’re coming from I tell you I’ll pick this book you just make yourself eyes upon you’ll be paying next Friday enjoy your weekend your head under work Monday night click the book we have a you know check them off you know come by him in a month might kick them off to read the book the clue is on the book goes well it’s got a carbohydrate gets on stage enjoy it high if you read the book and it’s now for you then you have toys I’m playing out nothing gained nothing lost is that a day ok so I went on to work on the Monday night and opened the book Think and Grow Rich and on when I came off the night ship which was when one bleachy through Thursday morning I was smashing his daughter like a man possessed with my goals my definite major purpose my affirmations my new version of a a new life and sales and and business and said right where that lets go that’s that book and then I thought you know this anyway that but follows me I read it read 15 20 times once a year pretty much but that was the thing that changed it that’s when my reading you know stuff the military books stuff the geography autobiographies everywhere it’s just been concerned in sales books and books on personal development so say and thangka garage and and that and to you to the managers on that sales committee who loved by those principles or love by that book it worked for them and and the big hugely successful it could be a lot more successful but they’re happy they’re successful their love and their purpose and they’re really good at what they do so that was the thing that changed at all and no more I would only see again said Ike for the first time could see the way out I ain’t gonna be in this racket section or thing and I was smart enough they

realize nothing rome wasn’t built in a day I could see the way I could see the future and you know there’s an old saying you know the the the the the wat always comes before the high you know so I was kinda like I have got my goals of karma question like I know what I wanted to you know what I was born today but let’s just get back to the day job back in reality I’m just keep loving these Bank encourage a little common you know we within six months I was over there I’d also set a goal let’s say I was 120 grand 22 grand a year I was actually targeted by by by my manager you know what do you want to air parkland 40km was a lot of money to me when you’re 20 parties a lot or you know 20 to 40 doable and before they seemed yep it was realistic but it still seems so far away I don’t know how to do that how do i how do I get from I’m in a factored hard I get before the short story as I got there within six more short after six months and the thing is it just all happened I I didn’t you know wasn’t cognizant of all these different little things happen because it just lets the universe or nature or whatever you want to call just take its cause I just cruised on kept a positive attitude stuck to the goals work hard stop with the data even if you’re not happy and it’s like well but stay happy turn up show up and go the extra mile but it was when I was doing that that all these things are happening in the background you know the law of attraction the people places opportunities and then you know six there’s already eight months if I’m honest I got offered a job I’d moved on the overseas property no there’s a story behind that as well good night a Seagate but and you know the first the guy with a meeting a guy with on a couple of weeks of meeting them and selling some property for him but was in Bulgaria and Cyprus doing it from my from a phone and my days off he said I can’t afford to pay commissions over it the judge selling properly I’m gonna have to give put you on a salary and I’m gonna have to open an office and Derek he was at Manchester I’m gonna have to give you a different Commission rate and I’m gonna give you shares in the company I can’t afford a you’re killing it and he said so the sorry I want to offer you it’s gonna just go come on would you take for it it goes in part is that bass sorry and I’ll give you five on the panel one for your car and then here’s the commission and here’s that so do-do-do-do-do-do you know what’s going through my head you know so that was the goal when you step back oh you have no idea how you’re gonna get for it now no idea but it’s loving and work and the principles of the thinking garage philosophy stick them with a day job and you know it happens and then you get before you go hmm well okay I get this day Avik now the transpire your area is a basin when we were all for it I think of a so you know we were and more with Commission’s and things like that as well but you know just shows you that’s when I started getting deeper and deeper and deeper and to the story of the mind I guess I’m gonna say that they they so into sort of metaphysical or deep on there no just I was just infatuated by I deal with this more people here’s my take on F more people knew this highly visualize and circles and be positive and driven and focus and persistent more people knew this actually get factory before an empty nobody be working in there they work and doing what they love to do you’ll be work some of some people as well what I look really important at maybe it’s not all about the money it’s doing what you gonna be doing so that’s what I like to do that’s my job when I was unseeing I read that garage the goal was for a crime as a financial target but not because they asked you to say at a target my boss said can he said what would you like there and forty to me was WOW what it was what would you like I don’t want that they travel a world I want that they sell sale i had just happened to be selling property and mortgages and I was in Cyprus Spain Portugal Bulgaria all over the world so like I said at the start my vacate my vocation was a was a freaking vacation and everything was expanded so not only did was a mecca no Mona I wanted but I was actually love money on purpose that’s a very strong statement living on purpose yeah it is well it’s it is exactly what you do in your lovin you’re in the job you want to do you’re helping people achieve their dreams goals or aspirations and um you’re freakin happy and get significantly well pay for it as well so that’s lovin on purpose you know that’s fire in a ballet that’s jumping out of bed in the morning going can’t wait for today wait for today can’t wait I help somebody it’s all somebody’s problem and yet their way I smile that’s that’s back you that I are in the belly so that don’t for sale I mean not that sort of it caught up with the insurance me you must be more 25 26 yeah yeah yeah right now yeah there’s a few years and say get out

away you know on working through working through the different promotions and tough and cool so how do probably a goal set and background unconscious to me you know the unconscious common and conscious confidence so it was sort of I want to be up there but I don’t know nothing about setting goals and facial I see visualize and definitely knew nothing about right negotiator and a goal so yeah I would have been in the and the you know but I’d always strove to get more promotions I need to get up there and he get I want his job and then so yeah much one takes literally twice no I think I was seven years and see it may be a so it could have been about five was definitely it took about an eight month chart you of course you get I want said really set and think encourage have an Arab Monday night of nature day actually you know things don’t happen your goals don’t happen overnight you know you can’t expect them to so you’ll be patient like I say the the the wat always comes before the high but you know as long as you know what that what and the Hollywood manifest over so it took eight months allowed to happen wow so you were insurance you’re into the property at this point as well you were really sorta firing and all something it was just sounds like you found your purpose yeah yeah I don’t think the common denominator was just selling making people you know I got good at selling insurance I went out to my guys off and bam cruised around the problem insurance and if anybody’s you may know from his clawbacks it’s all good getting a sale and then next thing so many councils or in our savvy insurance guy goes right and speaks the earth prospector your customer and he’s gonna new farmer and new policy the other thing we insurance companies they don’t like to pay out as we know so my customers and this was a pain for me people who’d give me the time and welcome down to the house people who needed this cover they were self-employed that needed a income while they were injured genuine nice people that I thought I put my face in photo when injury or adversity came when the insurance company being insurance companies we’re not paying out because of this or we need to review the case because of this or we need them to go and see this specialist in Dublin when this guy’s land and thought I call we’re broken back and table doesn’t really an option until we pay out and you know and these guys may have two or three months and come to keep them and then they’re under and they’re in the that’s for want of a better word so once a couple of things like that started happening I’m like you know what I need get out of this insurance guy the company don’t people didn’t get paid but they were making it hard I was getting from happy phone calls and people shaking my hands and thanks for getting us started the people showed him going the phone and you know you’re not welcoming and this part of Donegal again if you’re ever seen down here and it wasn’t me I sold it so that was a sort of you know insurance then the love affair way insurance and that type of sale move died I flew to Bulgaria me and my good friend James we were I was I was I was fully mortgage qualified I had a jack a he has a prophetic way for dairy so they very well-known and today was a very well known mortgage advisor and he wanted me to come on board so I knew rose gold gonna do more because we Jack and as I flew Amira a friend to say to we buy Bulgaria baguette started all this so we flew to Bulgaria on a claim with a company we met in London Gatwick at a meeting point flew out the Bulgaria on the plan was like not something I’ve never seen before air Bulgaria Bulgaria air the Queen still had ashtrays and check you know was really all them but it was just a cell and best everybody was on that plane it wasn’t February and we were going to this sauna sauna some resorts which are dere really covered nice so you only people reason people were playing to Burgas was to buy property or to be sold property inspection trips and it was just I never seen anything like it the entire plane as if people doing Danes hand I cards brochures clients and I couldn’t believe it one of my best mates that I grew up what was on the plan he’d moved to Manchester University told his engineering degree don’t very well in software and then all of a sudden he’s not my business partner at the B&B my business partner Lee our sale say we’ve worked at Mozza Harrisburg but long story short he was like what the hell are you doing what are you doing on the planet he was working for he was setting up a international property development company he was ever has boss to CEO that’s gather the money and he he said whatever you do do not buy off any of these guys on this play I want GDC our products I want you to see what we’re doing we’re doing this stuff right here in the coasters crap it’s the ski resorts were exact we’ve got a quality product guaranteed ground come on come don’t buy and I remember meeting them in the last night and Bulgaria we formed them where you guys they came and met us in the hotel and we shook on a daily and then that’s that’s where I started come back home and started sailing under national probably from my form from the kitchen me and my partner my friend good friend stole this daybreak Jim James McConnell and we’d sold about a million

pounds worth of maybe one point nearly two million pounds of the property and about a twenty three month period from from from our kitchens just fallen people and saying hey Danny come down and see we’ve got just to come back from Bulgaria a phenomenal investment opportunity it’s guaranteed rental income and that’s any avoid tomorrow you literally call corn and gone dine but a brochure and saying people up and that’s when the guy said we I can’t afford to pay you guys anymore you’re gonna have to come on the books and yeah that was the start of the journey and they were see we had an office and dairy we flew and Big Show and there we flew in the bulgarians property developer and our Learjet the Edmonton Airport there had never seen any like this before we had it was just the good things good things ruin I was given an OD a for a yeah a Ford convertible was my company car you know all from just setting goals and reading thangka rich and believed in it and just let nature take its course supposed to me what 2003-2004 I yeah why not yeah 2004 five you we were – well yeah because I had a couple of really good years so on Bulgarian suppress Spanish and Portuguese property then we I the the over-invested and stuff and long story short they shot down in their native our Christmas Day I was a given a phone call as I was locking the unit and dairy and ship he shrieked there in the city centre to go for a few pints before the Christmas night I I got the call from the boss and said whatever you do have a great night have a great Christmas use the comedy card max the crap out of it because I’m winding things up I’m there’s no you won’t be opening in the new year and what enjoy tonight and so that was a but about 21st December Friday the 21st of December couldn’t tell the rest the team on a Christmas night oh that would have sort of set the tone but yeah by the that was 21st December by saginaw January I was on a plane to Italy to work I got head hunted the next day of Saturday morning as I have no idea how this happened but I got a phone call from a guy called – summons they own vfi overseas property they made the news and other of the piping Mr Fitzsimmons was my first real mentor he was also just a phenomenal operator he phoned me and said listen I knew the company was on the Commodores working for was in trouble but he had put my CV out there I was a qualified mortgage advisor and I was rolling on overseas property company so you have a mixture you can come with investment approach but you’re also on sales and he said I seen your CV I want a copy I am a Belvoir got hectares of land multiple projects and so this this and this and we’re going to partnership I want you to join me King down there and the rest is history on January the second I may hire litany reporter I think it was or stands there and flew their play and spent a year living it up cell and when one door closed and our just came bursting open apartment salary and they said Adam warranty sale on property I want you being I want years a mooring devisor with set up a mortgage for me so let’s say ping galantin on his wife’s comment on Sheamus is going to take him Rona chill and all the properties that we have our plan he’s going to pitch the crap get him sold if he can’t get him sold on on the emotion on the project on the physical aspects and then we’re going to bring them under you and you really do to generally sell them on the investment the return and you’re gonna get them signed up more more h3 Barclays and overseas mortgage which the company gotta like kickback so you know it was beautiful there 60 days coming under me every more prospects that were not everybody went with a mortgage but it just shows you the scale at high was that it would do 50 properties a month with the pig you know phenomenal my tamale multi multi my dinner but you know just that was that was a crash course the other thing that’s where I learned the difference type of sales as well I haven’t turned the alumina rate and I really pay no mind it just you know won’t one commonly just wrapped it up I and wave goodbye it about 30 or 40 grand commission that I never seen commonly searched if the way it was and I’d left the butter PO I arrived on in Italy and you know the car park was of the offices were full of Maseratis you come tight Range Rovers all with Spanish plates all the guys had malaria which is the property hot spell my gown a real day and moved the Epley because it was a new hot spot I had recruited the best of the best of all these over she took all the guys I’ve had been selling pain Sharon’s paying these guys were you know and then you walked them do the the sales office in Italy it was just an turn boyhood it was just a hive of

energy a company everybody stood no wolf of wallstreet stuff you know casual make a 30 40 grand a month selling property they were wearing a bear suit sharp as a tack good-looking guys some guy you know they just you’re like whoa I’m a definite word here you’re coming from our we office their sales obviously you guys just buying in phones and enjoy any charge banter no I’m on on international sales office way you’re the best of the best these guys are you could tell better talk the touch their way they spoke the way they their mother rapport the tonality and their closing skills they were just part shark part genius you know and you want a like this at dawn unless you got you only got your bomb on a seat you stood until you got to see some people stood all day because they were energy and there there are tolerate a sale or tickle it was much better styling well hey that was that was you crazy tenants you know a lot of money being made by guys and you know I was doing quite well as well um not as much as the sales guys and bought the ID no property sales guys but we we create times ignite every night in bars and restaurants and you know gone under work you know stole sharp as a tack the energy was so much even if you’d sat drank and they sex a.m. you’re an Elvis at nine o’clock shovels attack the energy and the push this brightly right it was just deal crazy it was boiler room and it was some well again that came crashing on as well but yeah it spent a year there I came home to get my ride and I never went back probably gonna pass rampant that’s pretty much wasn’t a lot a back so yeah but I still stay approached Bihari he’s in Belfast now and Italy but sorry you know there was all sorts you know you we couldn’t write a book on some of the the math I was involved international money laundering all sorts of things pointed at Hari and as business which he was cleared off I may have well you know the market that exists and I play was just in the years to come under the office sharpest guys really nice token and sugar and we were in Calabria so learnedly so we were looking across at Sicily put the Calabrian Martha were the biggest mafia and the most active mafia in Italy and are still are turning brown gotta international reach from drugs extortion you know everything human trafficking so there they were taken the Sicilians and what them also came a breed of violence at this sang Entertainer moved away from the sightings were more businesslike political these guys were farmers it was a person if you split a Calabria awesome Utley it’s the first country in Europe per than Albania so that’s fact so the Calabrian came with new liver perch hold farmers sheep farmers life is cheap all of a sudden they formed this bike gang and exploded that’s why so learn early so other developed you couldn’t montemagno has been extorted from developers and boulders and companies they can’t Bowl that they just couldn’t they build a motorway and it took 30 years they bow because every five or six miles there was a different pathway family taking modern money but yeah the years to come on with they knew we were doing so well so on so much of it just come on very businesslike quarreling sex fellas you need you to sell it so high and the tornado just talk with a businessman said and yep okay we’ll give me the brochure and we’ll sell them they got paid their commercials so they don’t exist you don’t see them they give Hari a course can as a gift one plane right and I was hari’s go-to guy for all things finance or thinking how for me one day and say Chris day and it did come from the kelabra MA for that is fact and he we how for me into them and hold the hotel Palermo in Sicily I made some finance guys and we’re talking about you probably find out from some Pike projects I’ve got a 600 well apartment complex with a golf course and my clients he’s always always head by plants I need you to come they I need you from going to make these people you and leave my business partner I mean he’s get home to do a couple of reports open you come down and give it the punch I want you wanted to Irish guys don’t do tell in an English guys novice I want my own down here cease and so where they dragged the Palermo which is like Sarah Whittle car so I I said and I said what wall driver I said take the ticket Porsche took a Porsche Cayenne Turbo right okay so I took a Porsche can just went and looked at the keys or the bank manager to ask where are they there and Richard was in there and said vital care to the keys I was halfway to the border halfway to the ferry and I seen you know they had over they’d Sicily when I got a call from the manager in the office furiously saying who told you to take the keys of course what the hell’s going on here and I said how I told me I’m gonna meet them Palermo right and he says what are you and saying he said that by majority I had pushed the number plates on that Porsche are linked to a mafia boss who’s based to kelabra who

are at war with Sicilian Mafia and we’ve got two Irish guys nerds ejp head now into the anime harder the enemy’s territory and their annex my bosses gee are you crazy and we were like you know what this will be this is before then I’m gonna – yes so we drove the whole way to Palermo in the and a present from Calabria rival mob bosses Porsche Cayenne tomato and love to tell the tale holy smokes that’s interesting times oh yeah others there’s some some crackin my experiences that we got over the years he must have been he was coming into 2017 and was it would have been because the lights went died in 2000 it really slowed early you know 30 40 50 60 meters a moment and that was millions for 30 40 40 grew up the first mob deal maybe two or three things a week and Anna Cana you know more and more people to market and the ramped up America and all of a sudden people are kind of going from Scandinavia Russia massive amount of Russians England Ireland they’re an office and Dublin office in London and stuff and their agent so of a sort of 1850 Morgan just to do a month fifty people buying property and when I think it was when Lee I made up in September 2008 it was you know the credit crunch happened slightly before but people stole but no I think the the kicker was the lame umbrella Christ September 28 2008 it was just lay tight we were shut out that office was shot a month later so yeah but yeah so mm it the answer your question yeah Suzanne’s was during the time when you got married yes 2008 yeah I got married and came back from my honeymoon me no job so I was about weird you know we were and I was in Dubai and then deflate them all these when I got word that the office not only was closing them it’s you know it’s it’s don’t worry you’re not coming well my wife had already told me you know at Lake forget about LA so I knew it was gonna be looking for an hour job I had put some feelers right but the plan was to go back that way until I got something you know I knew have my head the wife just doesn’t know it was the guys at our work closely with formats and I it’s over we’re just wrapping up what do you want us to do you angry your stuff was pretty much what they said your laptop’s down here and their stuff your blackberry remember blackberries that a little blackberry for work we can post a D or get some shirts and suits in the office and it’s just like yeah don’t but it’s no it’s no yesterday it’s it’s over you know and I was let me put the prayer ester after when I thought you just come back from a hive of them the week before you get married the height of your March day I’m looking to buy remembers to make first name divides fans late number time enough on the line I’m on my honeymoon I also got the currency conversion wrong so it wasn’t an intentional thing but you know it was just good canes and then you know just felt great jar thing was the night before we left to buy to go to them all these at that news came through you know care was the end of a near the property markets they’re the mortgage markets there that’s what I’ve been doing you know right I’ll enjoy my element but in the back you’re here with your and you know trying they saw me you’re you’re going water helm icon idea I’m starting I’m starting again and it’s finally you know there’s millions of people and are probably going through that as we speak know with the covert stuff so you know I have loved through which for me which was a which it was a major life-changing game-changing economy world changing event the Kratt approach but three teachings of being self-taught and personal development goals and absorbance not just thank origins from the brand traces at John Assaraf so Jack campaigns that Lisa Nichols acceptor and the secret the movie was a baby bug where you know okay that’s not that’s the store shell store and here that’s not that’s that cry that’s not when you know that’s not theirs where there’s adversity there is opportunity and no I took a few more soffit Simonian see events and then all of a sudden it was nearly a year later to be honest that had heard about and furnished off some mortgage stuff but you know was half-hearted Welkin and I was you know stole looking either man you know junior think it was from from back after my honeymoon might October it was around June 2009 that the opportunity there with a positive mindset I guess presented itself and that was with the software company monsters huh how do you accumulated material property two-pointer I had I had a pole dota 1 and at least because there’s no longer I had one on a cracker and Utley and I had a pod because a to Bulgaria and ski resort and Bansko and 3/4 day I won my home pulled over the

one not early because I was the guy doing the mortgages and then because of the credit crunch the lowly value ratio had dropped down and then the deposit and just the mortgage is just where you could have got an 80% mortgage you know you’re looking at you know 60% or not 20% time and also they were pulling the product for non-residents it was like whoa this is too risky so the ugly one most of you I didn’t deposit no but I could have accumulated a lot more you know if I had a being more strategic and they sort of probably investment but yeah I got your back you back home you know so software company talk to us about that yeah well I got name I call it of the blue from a guy that he used to work for in America he had a software calmly when Liam is his top sales guy and this all the company they a by giant and it was a start-up and Marcus the CEO made a lot of money wound up the company he’d been watching Allium for awhile newly as an overseas property probably put two and two together and said he’s probably not doing anything anymore you can’t be like a Marcus their global credit so he had come up with this concept of like a virtual concierge a touchscreen for the hotel lobby it was the start of a power generation anyway and he said like within qyz and pike hotel wow this is wrong open interact with the I don’t like type of concierge as you know you ask them where’s the best restaurant or in here and they give you a half bag you know McDonald’s could be the point he just you know somewhere it’s different on verge anyway so the best restaurant the concierge might be the best restaurants where he plus I have to give him ten $15 lab privilege was a tough so he came up with this idea what if we could use digital technology that’s available today you know giant iPad 42 inch touchscreen in the lobby which is power back content management system hotels can update all the promotions their offers local restaurants could advertise on earth and give him directions and so with that eight software product was born but I needed a sales team I’m so it falling lame and said you’re out sign out there and I think I’m putting the pieces together and I and by September I would like you know putting a team together I want you to be available to come to Oklahoma City and we’re gonna kick off this startup we’ve got some funding a lot of money severed up and I want you here on Europe I want you to build the team but and talk us through you how you see I’m gonna show you the product it’s it’s it’s a day that I’m on open in September of a full product they show you and get your get your feedback and long story short we named said right well you want a sales team and I know some ladies you’re gonna have they want me to build a sales team that I’m bringing somebody with me because I know who you my go-to – for sales that happened to be me as luck would have it so um September October 2009 we we flew to Oklahoma City and we came up with we don’t even make a comment on have a name company doesn’t have a customer and the company had a small team of it very intelligent from software people there Morgan Gary their creative guy and couple of Irish sales guys and it was born I moved through we were self-employed originally we came up with a business model how much money Whitney on the back of a napkin and I hop and Marcus said how much do you think he need to get this gone I think we said 50 a Homburg on the ground and we should be we should the good will be generate revenue I think he pulled and cracked a joke well he was about six million on the whole Christie he told me rough day grandma did or does sex my game I still haven’t cracked the global code fortunately I we moved through we helped set the company up with some phenomenal people we developed the product and we used to call it hotels just you know and a table and ILM is our first customer um mama Papa tells three sales craft balls and just version we we started sparring with with the Holton corporates and started just a Mumbai girl we want of a better word thank and beggary Mumbai girl lofty goals for you can we take the company from our mom-and-pop hotel technology community a global supplier or vendor of choice partner not even a vendor a partner or global ok no chance we can we go on we spent hours days weeks months rock we craft and value propositions role plays training back and forth and just being you know I was always known as hungry as hell you know knock on doors making phone calls somebody said and I learned up from my sales manager I can see my first sales encounter but we just never gave up kept going kept going and we got from from back of a napkin the millions and millions of dollars of revenue per year on contracts with Jumeirah and to buy I

the birch the contracts with Travelodge Hall AHG which on overhaul in London hotel saw that one personally seven thousand hotels and an API integration and b7 there are someone else both we we travel the world you know seals teams of multiple countries Apple became our biggest partner the pro apple TV and Apple devices the crew communications across staff and hotels housekeeping teams maintenance teams optimize them improved efficiencies across the core hotel brands a bus brand-new hotel brands we got our first corporate deal with novotel 400 hotels I can assure you we we went a writer up after that me and Liam again just by you know sales you know no real strategy with the core just constantly staying on front-and-center somebody’s mind the vice president of gas technology he was never untrusted not product but it just shows you one thing you have to be in sales was persistent and persistent somebody might not be interested today our first contact with a guide today to be actually saying the global contract for 400 hotels across 16 countries you know could have been a year all of a sudden has priority shifted all of a sudden has guest needs across the yogi worked in the Concord office but had the they will franchise like 400 or hotels novotel Dana Brown once they define their new strategy our technology because we were constantly sending them stuff white papers you sent him hello emails craft and stuff you know just letting you know we’re still here with Dominus we’ve been proved that read this case study when he needed that product or when that product became of importance guess he gets the phone call and that’s how it happened and check that product you know from startup to a phenomenal concept ruled aright across 60 countries they’re still going very strong I stole consult and help hoping to get back over and do some training the CEO wants me to combine the new kingstown you calmly I left after allaire K and a half years I left in September by mutual consent at I was vice president of global sales I started as a sales man sales executive and again having that mindset from which I picked up and see get as an operator how do I get to here how did I get there I was turned down and two or three different promotion attempts somebody else got the job you know it’s how you responded all sort of events that will determine your icons in the future I got a G I was turned on when I felt the I got the job instead of picked myself up and you know been been buddy about it you know I worked with a new sales director help them ask them for ideas and top Samanta they learn off from all of a sudden a year later guess who you over tech some when the vice-president job came he thought that he was getting it’s because he was already the sales director and very shortly he was reporting to me as global vice president of sales and he was the sales director for the UK so the the point of I guess is you know no matter where you start on a company I’m no matter what you know it’s told me what workers work work work she don’t really set their goals have your version don’t really work hard practice persistence tech action go the extra mile your we traded that job that’s month Aires as if it was our company even though we were just employees that’s we were frugal with expenses in the UK we didn’t report I’m there every day they’ll see you remember bold in here but we managed expenses tightly we doubled up in hotel rooms just to save money we treated it like our own business and I was it was appreciated and was replicated when when you know the CEO will talk about grow on the team and go on the people so and then gives you a crash course we weren’t run on our own business but we were treated as of our own buzzes button over on their own buzz but is like without paying years experience running a business which just happened they are multinational global hospitality software company that’s paying very well well that’s it’s a phenomenal journey and you’ve obviously I mean all that’s really come I suppose from Think and Grow Rich and what other training was released it out for you and all that what was that sigh was what are the training and you know developments tonight you know to give you all that knowledge and experience I mean when you were gonna really think of courage I went on to look at all her you know that thanking her which was the first thing that stood out was what son say here you know and their party they create and develop and bold and you know the parties with um not one I would look at their each day events and try the gated where I was looking to go and I was always in fluent by what was happening on me I would say once you realize this was happening on and say and the power to create your own reality your own

mental movie your own movie of your life the other book that was really that that I read there and but ten years ago when I after thanking gorge 15 whenever was was the cybernetics psycho cybernetics by of mocking notes because I don’t have a bus I really had a bad experience doing a public speaking event many years ago and it affected the cell phone which to the point where being a mortgage advisor was easier than sales person because of my hair I don’t want to gave them with you you know I can do this face-to-face sales interaction I can’t speak on a bike stage because I had a major we’re on a complete melting fluff my legs got agitated anxious and then what happens there than my in clarity you’re not you just can’t speak at stage or you can’t speak there with 500 people or room it’s so I wasn’t expecting five was a role play as part of a course I was doing and we had the final day had they do these rule play live on stage business it was a sales interaction was part of a business course so we’d be prep board and we’ve been working up there for two days as part of the bootcamp and we were told we will be doing it in the hotel at the bitter grip but Amba know and they’ll stop mourn and then they were bringing people from all the all our colleges and business schools in Northern Ireland own so I just knew the hotel seemed a la Paz area a lot of people here today and happened today in the room they brought these students don’t they watch these business of management students the real place so eyeballs my hand up completely and the it was a bad experience and they me it was like I’m just not good at speaking publicly and the over there was a mental block it was a matter where thinking Quaritch doors you know it helped obviously set goals and then I became very clear and where I wanted to go I knew then everything’s you know driven by my made my thoughts my images my behaviors however it was maxwell maltz pirate cybernetics psycho cybernetics it changed myself I make psychology and then I became a driver so yep they go go rich over here but Wow if I read and practice what Malta’s telling me I can change my self-image I know so I give it up and I mention also that teaching some a book have been critical they’re the cornerstone because if you don’t have a good self I may choke yourself you don’t see yourself as a high-performing podcaster sales coach a boxer whatever it might be then you know nothing else is gonna happen because you can’t really perform or I’d fold a cell phone which you might come across or act as up and put deep dough and if you’re not you know you haven’t got that cell phone which crack then it’s all when I fall down the house of college is gonna all gonna fall apart and I was very aware I suppose by using the strategies and the maxwell maltz books parasites able cybernetics i was able to change my cell phone which threw you obviously the mental movies the affirmations the visualizations etc being consistent with that training so you know I am don’t speak in front of a couple of thousand people and apples by the sales event in the world so going from having a meltdown to flame the Cupertino to give a presentation on Holi sale MultiAir software part on an Apple TV mm their top sales people from around the world so that book had a massive profound impact on training and reprogramming the cell phone which which is I mean success or whatever mindset it’s like a combination of a lock you know thank them great ink only did it self it’s on your piano there’s always there’s some other concepts you know NLP there’s meditation been able to arrest the brand ID there’s the thank you garage philosophy there’s the cellphone much philosophy there’s a success principles from Jack Canfield as well you know a little supper so you can I think ignore it just just one concept or one sort of there’s like 13 principles on it but you gotta use that alongside some of they all are patients and the medications and then there’s new there’s new combinations coming out on you codes to the lock and NLP and all the things like that gnosis or all I haven’t totally you can’t I gotta get all these things that lined up dachshund ro for the lock the open I’m gonna say it a lot to be open I mean the success that you’re looking for the career the financial relationships the on Jack campaign I really resonated we has teachings more than the Bob Proctor Napoleon house we know was is no longer with us so it’s not like you can say nothing Napoleon Howe podcasts or in the poi hos online course and engage with them unfortunately um Aaron Aiden Gillen all those guys so they said the next generations your bar partners and your Jack confidence I’ve I went down the jack counter but where the success principles that have just made much more sense for me it was also a concept that I thought I could teach the people better than the sum of the ball Proctor so which is quite cake quite deep if you’re not you know fair domain when I

was looking to teach these principles it was to sales people and you know what some sales people some things are very what’s this mindset yet I don’t need that crap you off your head you know there is that attitude it’s changing so I started the jackpot I became a certified success principles coach through Jack happily program spent a few thousand pine got me accreditation and I’m gonna Canaan using so that was an art profit training that really held me the reason I went during the jack count we worked as well as I want them to teach us there are people some of the our programs were more and eventually focused you know this is going to help you help you put the jack Conference it’s going to help me but then I can teach it at is a certified trainer program so they all ours were more this is all about GE and then once she gets that Michelle and then there’s all the programs that you can do and then you can teach this sort of stuff but this is about but the me I was already fixed I wasn’t broken I can’t had a good understand and how the main work and my passion was how can I cook just the other people and so yeah I went on the the Jack camp it took me about a year to go through the online training and a couple of webinars and I was supposed to go to an event I couldn’t make it three travel I wasn’t the buyer with work so and it was in Washington so anyway long story short a year Jack Canfield certified success principles trainer I know that’s Drive and what’s what I’m not gonna do going forward and teaching sales things these principles teaching small business owners teaching boxers these principles as well talk to us about boxing when wounded document to play for you and I got into it I got him to identify when I was very young and my uncle’s a boxer cousin the names of Mayors champion and they then told me if I already bring the boy so I didn’t got on there for a while but Barry my Golf was my passion when I was younger I love Nicole course it was pretty good at it too very little handicap I’m six five and six at one stage and then so golf was the thing that was on the doorstep boxing and my father had the flash work in common ticket so it wasn’t always accessible our consistent because I had work when self-employed he wasn’t always able to do it so the boxing photos of his younger and then I got back on did in mud 20 subjected kickboxing I got him to three or friend started without the pilot horns training love the kickboxing love the smells and noises it was a room for 25 guys and a little shack that were just waiting alongside HR I just loved that you know falling out of love of the Wits the gym I’ve been on the jump since as party afterwards I for Myrtle also got on the kickboxing for friends he was a very very good kickboxer and took a couple of fights you know number of fights in kickboxing and and then I was asked by guy they said could you oh click box a problem there I said listen we’re going on event would you pick a fight I thought yeah yeah pick a fight it’s 25 26 accept could you come down for a sparring session and I thought yeah yeah yeah I’ll come down and train a note in the kick boxing club I know everything I need you know about boxing you have anything maybe know about fighting up and under loads of them just love what I love the fight know I love as far and I love it so yeah they said no you really need to come down to the boxing club and get a spark with a boxer came down um he told this little guy as on my twenties quite muscular quite well bolt very lean been sparring I’ve been taking the kick boxing club and he told this little guy he’s about 16 lot later glove up get your shirt on did your hair Cara Marie Christie you’re gonna go on with Allen or whatever his name was and I’m like are you serious too much like he used and good kissers negatives nickname personal fan for him since playing football so onion-like bridgie serious cast what he just about I just don’t do it he said he’ll be alright they’ll just take me around I’m like see how you know you’ve been condescending to me he’s gonna kick me your own I’m gonna kick him out so long story short we get under the ring I thought I’ll just I’ll just take a nice and label job around and move and use me experience and all that stuff through a job Mustang a happy – 301 – you mustn’t give up before about a month and a half and I’m like oh my god I am out of my this stuff ain’t gravy you know in cake box and people just came forward and just it was just a slow fast and kicks and punches and elbows and in boxing it was painting the moves and slots and docks and all that’s our so after getting punched her in the ring with I’d lay about single go of I came out I looked at Eugene the coach birch and said I need to learn out I need get ironed out what ages he and a kickboxer if you had pair like 15 fights you were very experienced you know guys in our gym had 50 fights a more European champions armored-car phenomenal 15 fights just what I had is European champion so I looked at the

little boxer Karen’s oh hey thanks for I appreciate it that we had any fights oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I man if I tell you how it goes rough day so boxers tougher they have been fighting all the time having completeness it’s a national sport man it’s almost like successful Olympic sport so there’s little events every week happens so the experience they get the and I like I never went back the kick boxing ko I started loved and breathe boxing took a load of fights and box and got involved and you know became a fundamental member of the club but I will say this it’s and you know I dance because one of the older guys in the club and there’s a lot of younger I was also helping like tikani on guys on pads and doing the drills and calling and taking a class essentially and all the coaches weren’t there and then I went through all that of a couch in barges at the pitchi space or even stole their credit but what a dude realized was I was a way better coach and I was part so even though I never lost any other fights but I just knew I prepare the coaching I was moving out I was just I’m a better coach I prefer working with the people I like chopping them through the jaws I’m quite technical I like breaking a thorn I like building people’s confidence even if they’re not great I like just Boldin in their confidence when i have them on the pods and I can see you young kids just to come on and cue you’re behind me and say Winnie can you take me on the part so I knew it was pretty decent out and I had a flair for the coaches when you say fire in your belly as well one thing that stands out about boxing you know we were quite successful had nine areas champions with four area champions on one day your club and Ireland I don’t you know so we’re done in the dog owner for we driving up the road with four areas champions cousin we have prep know he’s loving with Ricky happen and Manchester he just he’s gonna be huge she’s gonna be a world champion you know we work with them as a club I coached them a lot but Eugene co-ceo so it’s a club effort effort your breaths probably grab his first pro/5 and this is over the Coburg just Ricky Hatton’s on skateboards talking about him last week we could some since he’s 11 years of age moldable he maintains areas champion junior Commonwealth silver medalist Shaun McGlinchey Rakuten who’s going to be I’m working very closely with Sean on success principles going to the Commonwealth Games with Sean you know working rolling on the roads it’s 6:00 in the morning trade doing hard work at 10 o’clock at night getting on from 102 kilos the 81 kills and I know very records you know three months through the help of nutritionists puts tear on his ass training work on being the coach there’s the mental aspect when you’re losing that much weight the main starts wandering helping them visualize focus plan goals affirmations using the trillions that I knew that’s the stuff maybe at 4:00 a.m. and my alarm clock went off in a winter’s morning I bounced out of bed because I’m going on the docks mission that’s how you know your fire in your belly and you know you’re passionate about something I remember being really really stressed we work one day at home working from home sales doesn’t things weren’t going my way at five o’clock in the evening and I thought you know I’m gonna get a bottle of wine and I don’t want to put the fake up and just stop America stopped their sales and form a text message from Eugene and Boxing Club said King you take the club tonight really Nicky body and I thought yeah no I thought of all the things I’m freakin disgusted I’ve had a puzzled a little or a snake I came as an army all my life as an army no I have to go over this effing boxing club I was in the box of club God the man slammed the doors a come on Christoph’s drove over there like I’m a nag got under the club can’t tell by me but saddened by the mother entered the environment well then we care – it wasn’t have to get no more I’m dropping was on the ring taking again pads and that’s when I knew that’s when I started the stress of strains and worries and general post office just left it and that’s one was going this is what I should have been doing earlier on today I could have came over here that’s when I knew you work with a massive chore turned on their massive pleasure and I was like right I meant they be doing this and I’d lost it so that was our sort of Shepton pointed this no matter how bad I feel image as well as get yourself over to doing something you go like the box and cochin get stuck on it because and that’s you know I I just love it just love it it’s great to say that the fact that you know it’s as you say it’s almost a it’s an energy release for you so you’re getting this pent-up stress and strain from business but then this is actually and I’d read for you right yeah yeah so night left but it sparked it – you know I love nothing more than watching your even mover to inspire a she’s just certain I get butterflies I still get butterflies I’m not far just getting the boys ready and getting everybody into a corner and it was just a balls it’s it’s maybe our butterfly it’s it’s good it’s just an energy that fixie they have far better place for me Annalee I’ve learned a lot in boxing from boxing from you know Chamizal Commonwealth Games I was at the High Performance Institute having four months before in preparation for the games these guys start training six months out for the games but like Olympics when you’re four areas champion

Joe guys we’re going to Dublin every way to the Irish High Performance Institute the Olympic coaches and you’re watching them teaching on boys and I learned a lot from boxing language parks and cups techniques moves and mindset that has paid off in business sales and likewise you say I mean when you’re when you’re boxing view I take it your senses are heightened though there is that you know yeah I mean when you’re fighting when your first couple of fights you can be overrun by emotions all the pollen and train and visualization and hard work good spawn once you go to Mike Tyson said and once you get up on you know everybody’s got a plan you get a punch in the face what happens in that plan turns on they just are so I got March and they’re you’re doing your pre can’t breathe the more you do like anything you become more conscious of everything your training kicks on the hard work so boxing then becomes very you know you can see every shot you can say Never Shout you’ve got your two shots ahead in your head right I want to do this but I’m going to have a my life and then move and then your footwork when you start boxing it’s fight or flight mode and it’s just training people to get over that having them come back be consistent and then you know damn box and become something that’s very very strategic and it’s not two guys as a coach who you you bring some of them maybe an oil train Diana just like us to you guys slow gonna talk but when you’re cooler than you’ve been there and you’ve been on the fights and you’ve been on the spars and you know what goes on at every training camp with every fighter you know this isn’t this is super tactical super skillful and super focus work so we’re doing where you are today I mean you’re almost your two passions or are coming together there really it’s you know and sales favors we can say there is it’s something now you know you’re fast experience and it’s a lot of experience in sales I mean that’s 20 plus years and in sales and you know and then actually the boxing where it’s actually the day compression side for you but also heightened senses so those words are coming together for you right now right probably the I would say the event that you hosted was helped pace out the guy remember doing the 14 month TEDx which is Python and they say you know there was no scrub there was no preparation can he speak for 14 my mother about your goals it was you and the our valued members of the mastermind on that particular day said do you realize it your energy level shifted considerably when you we know you’re in sales and we knew you know what you want to do in sales but every time he talked like boxing do you realize it and then the sales fighter your mom was born the stood here was born up came a day or that concept was born out there so yeah it has come to Golconda Geller and that’s what’s given the fire in a ballet no I realize well my two passions can come together because every sales person has to be a fighter in a way and it just makes perfect sense to me yeah it just makes perfect sense the sales fighter I’ve fought for every see I fought for every promotion we’re fighting with ourselves were fighting with our Kali mix things up fighting the one business you know your spawn every day with business people or prospects we don’t want your product I don’t know that they needed to you’re in a fights and aisle we my coach on on sales and my approach approach to sales was the same as fight a boxing the ladies in the world fighting but boxer knows you got a plan you got to put the hard work up you got to do that the you know train hard and you will fight easy if you preparation I’m and understand your customer and have your objections your value propositions your your slide decks your pets your script yeah and your your visualization don’t mean you go on to the boardroom it should be a very easy place to be and it’s the same in the boxing ring if you put the work on the room work the sprints the spars you with your coach tell G the the a fight a ring although a tough place should not is not as tough as it could be when you go on with no plan no prep and no trainer it’s quite interesting there you saying you prefer boxing to use the term boxing not fighting can you explain that to us I think every well I think don’t get me wrong I got on demand if I can scrap but just if I call by when I was younger I was a football the play go in the street part of being a boy I guess and ironin um I think when I got into boxing even when it was boxing or kickboxing it was still fighting you know fighting tomorrow night don’t come down to watch us who are fighting I didn’t gonna moved under the coaching rule I thought well maybe it’s just getting older and I understood and scotty boxa is these fan wires on youtube and hundreds of lots Tanza books on boxing and then you realize what box and i was it’s not it’s happened don’t get hurt it’s a science it’s an art it’s a skill you can’t go this doesn’t fight you know when you’re trying to talk to some people my sister to get my book

getting kids that you know when I’m recommending box and nerdy people get him and a box and it’s not just get him on day fighting get him on the box and it’ll teach him so much self uh supply metalworking fuckness his main Sarah’s confidence and he’s learning a really good it’s not about fighting anymore it’s about learning our skill and our movement your you know the first thing I teach people in boxing isn’t they throw a punch there isn’t they throw at ya basta it’s your fate working a thing we call a box using the box get combat first it happened don’t get in the position get your shout outs out get out so that isn’t fighting past boxing and ironically I mean that’s very similar to sales right you know it’s to get in there it is to be effective and you know almost watch your footwork yeah and he–exactly get on don’t get marked up um get your hub to hub shake hands and Garrett get the date on and move on to the next because this actually I mean and boxing him there’s a lot of respect really isn’t it our respect and a lot of you know because as you say if someone mister mistakes the term fight which you know it’s not there but boxing is really quite it’s quite respectful is quite honorable sport it has i mean i sing when i when i moved from kickboxing world where you were changing on a changing room across the hall from your you know Clary over hotel letter can i was usually the venue 900,000 people in the room away things over here home things over here then so he don’t see the fire he smites aim at the way and you might not put your letter like say him across the room you don’t know who that yeah and you know it was it was tough earn it was I mean when I but when I got on the boxing and param a there was a younger starting to go guys would be 13 14 15 euro box well you know on the same changing their clubs knew each other from years no other coaching the two coaches with the key will be done on having a cup of tea yet they animate of tea so it was different for me sailor from that side but the respect in boxing and kickboxing as a she age yep you’ve got to be a warrior you gotta get on there and respect for a fight you’ve got respect and the ring but we’re now serving the bell goes you’re there to do a job you everybody just want let’s just say everybody wants the one everybody wants they look good and everybody wants to show that they’re you know the trainer has paid off I mean when I heard my first kickboxing fight it was an absolute war and there was no longer I got one the referee for China throw an elbow it was just you in the heat of battle the other guy to a couple of low blows and about teacher knots and it was war no Lava names from Mergen kick boxing club Lurgan bulldog so it was a war hi the biggest warmest embrace from the bell when the tears were 15 months later wasn’t having a beer and just enjoy and you know so you know there’s other element to it there’s definitely no Bob Loeb and as all usually about respect also it’s very like your first trip I’d you know I’m selling insurance you know who sort of that initial sort of turned down and then sort of keeping going until you used to the contrary your personal in the second sale that’s it system space yeah so I love the way you’ve actually said the book you you’ve put a bit of a structure to the book as well and can you talk us through that yeah again you know the power of a mastermind I guess you know you might have an idea but when you share it one mind being open up to four or five hours you can get some the the team together you know give me some some thought bringing us fighting out of the box an element sales fighters as opposed to sales boxer obviously works much better and that respect but yeah you know the idea when the book was taken the concepts of boxing 12 rounds you know the various stages novice UVA become an elite novel only got a novice everywhere starts as an amateur and office amateur they need the highest point he can be is an elite amateur then after your lead to become a professional and every professional was the belle world champion so and as we know in the championship sandbox and there’s twelve rounds it could be a word shopping you gotta go 12 rounds to be crowing world champion the championship ridings 10 11 12 so the idea was the both the book around that you know that’s instead of having 10 chapters a nicely the mastermind king said we’re gonna call them right right that’s a great idea let’s this jacket with us and then what do we do 12 as opposed to care right okay um I think he might have been the one that said that and cause me they have they found two more chapters they paid their rate of it which is which is work well and so and then each run cannibal dionisio so it’s 12 hours they main set success for sales people and there’s going to be element of Brandon its what’s worked for me in inbox and I’m the tail so you know starting with a the number one from every wrong our principle bowls off they are you can’t be successful and parts on without the job so you know the basic

fundamentals in round one rowing to you they’re moving up and ho dick punch up so each round in my mind of mother make me a change of flow but each rowing balls off they are in my head as well it’s like a sort of Netflix effect you know when you watch a great documentary you read one round or watch one episode and go need to watch the next one and then I watch the next one each one both because that’s the way it’s being designed and then you come to the end for 12 rounds and then there’s a bonus right so just like boxing everyone builds off it that’s teaching you from the fundamentals to the stuff that the high performers do the world champion state and if you make it through the 12 rounds and you love and breathe these principles and strategies which has a mix of there’s theory on there that’s right there’s the theory that has to be said and taught and understood there’s real-world stories and those good stories could be coming from the word our people a lot of them are coming from my aunt somewhere so it’s and there’s exercises did you got to do so there’s a blend of everything in each each chapter each writes from Theory understandin it’s written as well not by an academic grammar specific you know author it’s more from the heart of a sort of a sales guy that’s been in the trenches who’s wore the t-shirt I guess and it’s speaking and sales and small business owners and then anybody’s language what am i doing I’ve already got ideas for other sort of books it may be reworded barrage and poem will be different but these are for the sort of sales fighter I can again a small business fighter because that’s and it’s currently with an editor who’s not like I’m not much edits to it because he likes the tone and style after give another brief so you know all been world that the the avatar that sales guy that’s looking to do better or the fields guys doing great that wants to do even better be the vice president of a given his own business hopefully when they read it the tone resonates from a start and we’ll just keep going through the chapters then their online earnings and the half-day workshops you know the workshops could involve some spa who knows that’s great well I mean that’s I mean showing that energy and very much you know as you say you’re almost your natural but let’s say one for sales and to you for coaching you know so it’s a natural marriage come together that’s you know you can help people to either again we got a they got to get out there and they got to throw the punches themselves so you can’t do it for them but when they come back into the reset they come back in for you know they sort of come back in from that realm that you’re there to help them the support them yeah tortured something another part of the book as well I’ve touched on engaged 12 sales people that have known over the years they’re all vice presidents or consultants or Mike Weinberg one of the most respected that offers seals offers an ordinal number of were Amazon and New York Times bestsellers I’ve reached out to a few people and said listen here’s what I’m doing I want to do a but I’m between each rhyme it’s called the Coach’s Corner coaches top you know and let’s explain and that particular concept well they go said take an action or persistence how do you use persistence Mike can you give me a quick been twelve people have so yep there’s the road the theory they story and then the action they got an action or exercise and then there’s a cup form of respected sales later as well the Coach’s Corner so and it’s I said when you’re writing this Panama if you heard Lee spigot you’ve got a monitor because that’s all you get in the corner you don’t get three five you get warm on it in fact it’s less depending assets don’t know but time you get them off a chair its I’d say more like 50 seconds so if you’re writing it don’t give me a book just give me a paragraph and yet they said didn’t know they for there for three seconds and that’s what I’ve got I love that says no you know you’re not sort of given as you say it’s written very you know in such a way that’s easily digested what it’s also it’s compacted so it’s not you know pages and pages a verse you know it’s something you can quickly pick up you can read it and you can understand it and then provide it or exactly yeah you know what I mean like you’ve like how many courses and how much have you spent and you know this is years coming into one book I mean would you have any idea how much you spent tears can stand off I since I guess from books courses seminars one-day events to day events Margit and some I’ve got value from some I haven’t saw my sugar dome or on some I did too much on hey this this process that we’re on this journey is lifelong learning it’s it’s it’s I’ll spend on our tens of thousands is what I’m trying to say so yep I spent thousands I’m in the market they spend more always look at the layer and always look at the girl work on my mentors work on with you know there’s so many online courses I I can’t focus on three or four teacher so I don’t want twenty different you know I’m part of the jordan belfort to work with Wall Street ballpark I like Mike Wayne birch dolphins for the old coach and coach Joe Congress and you were three

top cool to people in sales because it covered the three biggie be a DC and the soil straight line there but you know Bob Proctor John Astra from Jack Council you know I do Vario Teemo you’d be on the personal development say and then looking at different market now you know Brian Deese knows guys so sales marketing and main set of athletes or areas that I’m focused on and go on and obviously boxing you know boxing coaching box and coaching courses so it’s been ten two thousand so probably spend on RFU tens of thousands between uh punished and what ass ad sales people is pirates doctors firemen army soldiers they are constantly training they’re constantly investing themselves or somebody’s embarrassed that’s something for them we are noted for and unfortunately in sales is that when I have leg company sales things I always put on for mommy that’s they’ve kicked the strain and let’s get that but if that’s not available to you then the guy that goes the Toxocara forms his own you know takes a portion it was uncommon instead I’ve blown it on whatever he’s put back on the part on their course of their problem something so that’s it’s so important lifelong in we know definitely to a boxer it’s time in the ring it’s you know the number of practices is going the extra-mile is the early start right absolutely we say that the every boxer not some of my boxers as well our boxers this is what you gotta do if I’m you know unfortunately I won’t be in the ring with you yeah what I always say your biggest you know one thing that got me out of bed when I was training was you know don’t get me wrong an alarm goes at for when you’re fighting and and and it’s warm and Dan and it’s you know sometimes if you dip little word you could feel the call than they earn or indirect second I’ve got HIV don’t go all they do this whole sprint at 4:00 in the mornin and the coaches we do it at 4 o’clock on us on a Sunday morning because that meant the people don’t go drink it on a Saturday night he called a house friends at Donegal you couldn’t see that where we were it was just a vertical hole but what the driver for me was what’s my opponent there he’s probably doing as husband so if you know you do all the work then when you’re stylin looking across over I never gay and I tell us that boxers if you’ve done the whole Sprint’s if you’ve done the spine if you’ve done the hard work if you come to every train and if you have listened to your coach and you’ve done the mindset stuff there’s nothing left right you’ve done it when there’s no point you look at across the ring and going I wish I haven’t went that don’t those three miles and there’s so many mornings or wish I had a got a couple ruins two extra spawn because once you got enters your head on the right or a damp with your head in a boardroom you know if I haven’t probably you’re bait hmm that’s the first punch landed with I’ll and and without the gas or what a punch you’re on the road eat the fake so don’t believe it the chance don’t leave it the boardroom don’t leave it there standing across from your point get it done beforehand training hard fight easy like that just out of interest I mean what lessons would you give to you know or advice would you give to younger self how would you have listened I would I mean it kind of worked out for the best a work out if you you know I would do it don’t a lot of things differently I would have probably listened to me follow a lot more because it was trying to be getting influenced when I was going way word underneath so that listen to you in the respected elders a little bit more and I probably would I can’t say I would have studied harder at school because I my client it’s all word though I guess you know it’s when I left school and realized shed I should have studied harder but now you know it’s too late neither it’s just a yes and get under that and stay positive so yeah it’s hard that’s a tough one you know it’s kind of worked out if I if I wasn’t doing what it was doing writing books or work on my sales teams our consultant then maybe I’d have a lot more criticism about my younger days and I and I have but the quizzes cannot work a happy healthy family acceptor then you know but I would have listened to probably didn’t follow it might have been so loose I mean what what sort of daily traits do you have that allow you to keep up keep up your routine and keep up your structure um I try I’m not the greatest sleeper don’t know if I’ll ever be flexed with like medication or alcohol so long you don’t want to go doing that right too often both something the night shift that’s exactly I I usually sleep well when I was on they just want to come off from and slept used to sleep during the day very well but not sleep at night so yeah I’m weirdly I was always very that’s why I started so hard and HF because of my mind but I can’t break in at night I couldn’t certainly read books and do courses went through all the CMAP exams from the record time I don’t so yeah it could be something maybe I’m just born to bein a toy but yeah getting up in the morning stuck you

know and a Sunday night I’m up like the week ahead a Google document and remainder me for Brian Tracy calls up and so on the night don’t plan the week so for me just like fighting just like boxing just like sales this is taking it there by your level climb the wink I have no plan for the mating but so getting up a we buy their urges they might paying for the mindset of a better visualization and remember your mastermind group breathing techniques in which I’ve just got they those are the things that as I’m older that I’m getting comfort or relaxation and car die from visualization one thing I do pretty much most asus CU seven areas of my life goals I can I write them I’ve ever had crayon Tracy introduced without bait note your calls every day so seven and seventh of my day is one thing lastly as well just the structure the pyro I try to do the pie or every day and that’s 20 months of prep work of meditation 20 months of jump in the morning 20 months of reading and if I get bad on then everything else is simply some seems to go well that’s quite a quite a it says it’s a great set up for the day and to bring you in but I’m curious as well obviously I suppose even like with a fight you know you are having to plan for you know one room is fine but you to go the whole way you’ve really got to be structuring yourself and your time and your energy right yeah absolutely absolutely David this this well you know I thought when I was training for fighting or trainer even if gym for sales that I find the hardest part was that sort of sometimes the minds actually I was easier to go to the gentleman smashed up I get pads get a fever in sparring it was easy the client opened visually or a mob Boyden do put the girl a deck for presentations for portland’s well the hardest things to do is sit down and actually count on your main you get at the saddle and focus and visualize and you know I’m mad at if I could never do it for years you know so some of the hardest parts is is just getting that sort of stuff it can be the most taxing it seems them people would think it’s the most easiest yeah it’s the easiest thing the ribbons probably one of hardest jobs a lot sudden down and visualizing and calming the mind and being able to and being consistent or if they make time for that as well you know you know there’s times I thought you know a lot of I’ll just go get my hair punch them in the box and Clubman so fine and do this 20 minutes in meditation I have no mouth as well so yeah it’s hard work because you know when if you want to be successful thank or if you’re got goals and aspirations it’s not just turn off their work but showing up and working hard and being positive but you’re good there’s there’s all the background nobody sees me or you you’re anybody certain visual aids and I meditate during the day but there’s stuff that has to go on behind the scenes it’s like a commodity oxer nobody sees you I’m getting out of bed at 4:00 in the morning and pound in the roads on his own wares had sat on you know in the dark so there were stuff that goes on behind the scenes that nobody sees that is what paid you back well said I mean it’s not just the muscle alone is not enough it takes it takes the technique in your skill and being happy being a smart boxer being a smart fighter because otherwise as you say it’s all change with a punch to the face and all I the plan because I thought when you get a punch in the face and that’s Mike Tyson said that a debentures to me well what is what is success for you what do you younger Chris they would have said money fame and champagne and schools I guess yeah but they don’t learn oh you is just better hop in and join them what you do I’m being a coach a guest no I’m being in sales over one of those leading serious clean something on businesses is given by anybody typical you know if someone stays or something they have a great stay or a great experience if somebody reads the book that they get something for a lot of somebody if I sell some of their hotel or a customer or whatever might be a consultant and mentor Nokia as well did they get value so that that’s important that success so many coming back getting that review you on TripAdvisor know you’re getting that reference for the website are getting that somebody saying Christie thanks for much for selling is that system or whatever does I want you to go and speak each all over here he could you know that’s no success I guess for me once this is all very I’ve goodbye clouds to get back they all kickboxing parameter was consulted in Manchester for six month seven months before I was out of the box and coach insane I’m just in a box and clubs farm and I’m supposed to take a fight nipper as well you may have noticed on some others have made like is a couple of times so you’re getting really back under the trenches and love on it but when I get by no successes I’ve got a goal getting some way from I would love to get a little gay kid about eleven years of age and my bike is you know I was they got some natural raw account but they come to the Irish ulster irish gray through daily can turn pro and be something special so

that’s for me a call on the box and say that i’m going to be focused not it’s almost the same what you can do with you know people going into sales as well is starting up bring them through the ranks and yeah yeah trading exactly up to so today i’ve made maybe my gonna do first when i got and they thanked ago which I wasn’t done that sales cow it’s probably a struggling to understand the concept got under the book read it started it and then it changed so a lot of us mindset i know it’s like a sales training it was just main saturated so that’s why dad book i’ve got a lots of sales training annoy tactical strategic and all sorts of courses I’ve been on that the books about mindset so I think that’s if I can teach somebody that might be struggling in sales it’s had all the tactical sales training but his form don’t in the commonly aboard he reads the book and reaches out to me and we can change his thoughts and visions and goals using sometimes the sales tactics and strategies change every day and the buyers change and the private proposition change or hang-up not gonna change his mind that’s there forever and how you use it and what it can achieve so if I can help one person go from the bottom of a scoreboard to the top then I’ll be happy so for you fire in the belly how would you summarize it in one word a couple of words um just loving on purpose just loving on purpose doing what you were born to do we used to say selling on purpose when you were you got good at sale so you you say sell and you could do your I Schoology walk on the river just pump on he doesn’t need a scrub he doesn’t even need be ask half a factory and quit it just came and you’re helping somebody you were emotionally and logically Elena and their needs and getting on my cell fire in the belly is that is loving on purpose jumping out of bed high-fiving yourself in the morning and just getting on it and drove on every monitor what you’re doing because it’s passion it’s come up man it’s it’s dedication but it’s also taking you be where it’s getting you from where you are to where you need to be and and the fire in the belly will get you just as being for no no and listen I thank you for your time here today look forward to the book coming out and yeah I look forward to getting you back here is obviously where you going well that’s that’s the fire in a ballet no I’ve said all this stuff so goddamn it put the could the the the the later under the belly under the fire a pour petrol on the fire so to say I’m really good at ignited great to see you great to see Christy thank you so much for attacking a be sure today must be doing pressure

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