hey everyone so today I am doing a bit of a collective makeup haul as you can see from the thumbnail before you clicked on this video there is a lot of stuff to go through this video would probably be like 12 hours long I hope you’re prepared grab some snacks first off I want to show you what I got from a ghulam bot I heard about gland bought from the Taylor on YouTube I’ll link her down below glambot is a place where you can basically buy like new and used makeup I think and you can find like limited edition stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff oh man I’ll link the website down below it’s kind of hard to explain but basically I was browsing on the undersides make a purchase because there were a bunch of things that I really wanted to try plus some stuff that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile but it’s really expensive so I just got some like used stuff which sounds really nasty but it’s all like sanitized and everything by the glambot team it’s all like super legit but I figure like at least I can just try stuff out without paying full price you know try before you buy it even though bought this you know what I mean so it’s definitely come packaged really well it’s like double bags and bubble wrap on the inside and favorite thing to do a bubble wrap is like twister so it says fine okay so the first thing I picked up oh look it’s even sealed by Glanville that’s kind of cool this isn’t sponsored by the way of what was myself I don’t think I bought even know who I is here this is the bare minerals ready Luminizer in daydream I love the packaging oh it’s really pretty it’s like a luminizing a pink blush I’m not going to swatch everything I bought because there is a lot of stuff here I was out the two-faced lip cream and this is in the shade country star and this is the shade oh it’s so pretty look at it it’s almost like pinky peachy so your really cool color I also got the Mac fearless patent polish look until I love these I’ve got like most of the colors you can’t buy the me more so I stopped to pick this up and see they just kind of like chop it off as well learn to sanitize it it’s a really nice deep kind of pink color I also picked up these Chanel met Lumiere foundation in at number 30 I really been wanting to try this out at Ages so I thought I might as well just pick it up from that website I was I saw one of my colors in the makeup for the HD foundation so I picked it up this show here is in 1:20 it’s the I use when I’m a little bit paler like when I don’t have so much fake tan on next up is a buxom blush and a breathless I’m a bit bummed because the packaging is like fully broken on this one so I don’t know if they’re like a listed it on the inside I just didn’t read it or walk but oh well it’s not my god this you want she prism again blush and euphoric orange the colors are so pretty it just mixed together look at that color oh my gosh it’s so stunning okay definitely happy with that neck I definitely didn’t order this bag so I guess they gave it to me for free which is quite nice I also got the clinic chubby stick and this is in the shade super strawberry I’m sure I didn’t buy this either did they just give me some free stuff I don’t know and a brush I definitely didn’t order that I mean a tokidoki artist palette I don’t remember ordering this either this is what it looks like it’s really pretty I’ve never tried this brand before cars are really pigmented okay I definitely remember purchasing this this is the cubic Wan creamy glow blusher and rubella that’s what the color looks like I’ve been really loving cream at blush lately just because it’s a little bit more hydrating on my skin during the winter oh and I remember buying this too I’m so excited this is like my most err exciting part this is the Guerlain I can’t remember how to pronounce it I’m a brand but it’s the Terra Cotta spray bronzing powder mist and it’s supposed to just be like a bronzing spray obviously apparently you can use it like on top of your makeup so whoa I don’t know if you can tell on camera but it actually did give me like a veil of bronze like it looks like I’ve just bronzed up my skin so that’s everything I got from glambot overall I’m pretty impressed not sure about that one that was like broken but maybe I just didn’t read it on the website I don’t know the neat stuff is thanks to you guys and cuz it makeup seen me a bunch of things they emailed me and said hey like a lot of your viewers have been saying that you’ve been sending people to our website because because makeup is a website I use myself I buy my Laura Mercier and my nozzle they’re a lot like it’s a really great website at ships to New Zealand so when people ask me where to buy stuff and get it shipped to New Zealand I tell them this website apparently they’ve heard about that and they wanted to see me a thank you gift so that was so nice of them so they see me a bunch of things I’m quite excited to see what’s in here Plus this mega bag is so cute can we talk about it right so I already see some stuff from brands I’ve never tried so I’m so psyched I’ve heard a lot about this brand but I’ve never even tried it and I love trying new brands to my favorite thing like with makeup that’s my favorite parts like trying new brands new products so this is the lash curling mascara in jet black I’m not going to open it because I want to keep it fresh because I’ve got so many mascaras on the go the packaging is really cool super super sleek they also sing me the

cabinet Quan pure powdered globe this is in the shade chador I love Cuban aplan it’s one of my favorite brands and such good quality oh my gosh look how it cool that this is I have to use this in a tutorial look how vibrant that is obviously you would use a small amount and blend it out like if you can see that oh my gosh I am in love I can’t wait they also sent me these Smashbox bronze lights bronzer and warm matte I don’t think I’ve ever tried this I’ve tried a lot of Smashbox products I don’t think I had this oh it’s super pretty I love going wrong is just like warm up my face and I’ll relate to contour but just to add like a warm glow oh my gosh they absolutely spoilt me they see me at Beauty Blender which is great because my other Beauty blenders like won its last legs right now this is so cute they see me the new PD blender with the bling ring which is like a little stand to like put it on when you’re like living it dry water better oh my goodness there is so much stuff oh this is so pretty this is the nose lip gloss and it’s in the shade Born This Way I think look how pretty this is it’s such a nice like milky like lilac oh I was like where’s the one but it’s entitled brush one I may or may not already have this I’ll have to check before I swatch it because if I already have it I’ll be able to give it away this is the NARS audacious lipstick and Claudia I think I do have this one such a beautiful like pinky kind of neutral color I also got this NARS I paint and this is in the shade Solomon island oh my goodness like how cool is this oh my gosh you’re killing me I’ve been wanting to try this for so long they sent a big sample of the glendalough power mud chill cleanse treatment I really been wanting to try that and then just the glam glow youth mud as well and a bunch of other samples in there okay honestly when they email me saying that they wanted to see me ago I thought they would see me like a couple of things and like a card or something not oh this map there’s so kind okay this is this is a second nail polish I feel like this is a nail polish but it’s really big it’s by Smith and Colt and it’s called pillow pie oh my gosh it’s really pretty like light kind of paint at the perfect color this is the kind of color I wear on my toes all the time so yeah they also sent me the dr. Dennis gross gross gross Hydra pure vitamin C brightening serum I love me some vitamin C and the fifth pick I pick is all a beach wave spray what oh my gosh that smells so good okay I’m excited for this this is the mist fragrances New York grapefruit scented candle I can smell this already a bit even opened it up yet holy this is one of the best candles that because it’s not my life it kind of smells like cheesecake mixed with grapefruit like grapefruit cheesecake oh my gosh Hamish is going to die but he spouse’s okay little secret Hamish is obsessed with candles but don’t tell them I told you obviously all of the stuff I’m showing you right now like all of these friends are on Kissimmee cutter New York calm and kissing makeup New York calm do to New Zealand which it’s great and I’m finna leadership like worldwide they also sleep me this Tucker grapefruit and cucumber hand cream and this kills creme de corpse all over moisturizer for extremely dry and flaking skin thank goodness because my skin is both of those things right now smells good it’s not too overwhelming it’s just a very soft scent a little Laura Mercier sample this is the florist skin face polish I’m going to try ad Laura Mercier skincare I love their makeup though oh my god this is so great because this primer this is their Laura Mercier foundation primer and protect I love their oil-free primer this will be perfect traveling and then again another light sample but these samples are really big and this is the tinted moisturizer and then laura mercier body and bath arm into coconut milk oh my gosh this is gonna be good yep that smells amazing okay so there’s everything from his makeup thank you guys so much it was incredibly generous of you like you totally didn’t have to do that I was totally happy just buying your stuff myself but that was so surprised so thank you I got some new Giraud cosmetics products which I will share with you I thought the two new highlight is the packaging is so cute this one here is in the shade Lucy this one it is a deep kind of bronze color and then the other one is my favorite it’s called Marilyn and this one is more of like a champagne glow and it’s so pretty I haven’t used all my face yeah bunny swatch day I don’t know if you can see that because the lighting is so awful in my room right now but it is so reflective and just such a fine beautiful powder also their new lip gloss and in medicine Avenue I think I saw Jaclyn hill wearing that someone a Pichet Orioles recently maybe and it was so beautiful long hair some sausage that I have it it’s just a really pretty like medium kind of pinky nudish color and then I also got two new lipsticks I don’t know that we’re making new colors of their lipsticks but they’re really

pretty this one’s french toast it’s like a deep kind of warm brown and then the other ones like a purple it’s called lilac moon so there you go super pigmented so most of the rest of the things in this box are from I can’t remember which website it’s another Korean makeup website I’ll link it down below sent from the one I did a whole long last time I’ll link my last Korean makeup haul down below but you guys loved that one so much that I decided to do another Korean haul and I really want to do a full faced makeup tutorial using all Korean makeup and that was mostly the reason I made another purchase because I had like a bunch of things that I had to pick up like for the tutorial oh wait one more thing before I go into that I got the new Nastasia Beverly Hills color in blood line the liquid lipstick okay so from that korean website which I will link below cuz I can’t remember it was I got the vanilla Co clean it zero so my subscribers said that this is one of the best makeup I’ve ever tried apparently it’s like a bomb and it literally just gets off every little inch of makeup so I’m excited to try that I also got a clay mask I’ve got a bunch of Korean branded clay masks which I really really really like and so I got another one this one is the cervical Jeju volcanic clay mask it helps to tighten pores and prevent blemishes I guess it’s just like a black clay mask and guessing oh it’s actually not it’s like a creamy kind of color I definitely just got this because it’s white chocolate flavor there’s a circle soap in white chocolate it’s a moisture slope okay it definitely does not smell like white chocolate at all it’s not really really bad so next that I’ve got the admission perfect about BB cream and actually use this in the past if you’ve been watching me since like the beginning of my youtubing days then you’ve probably seen it before it’s just a really good BB cream it gives a really good coverage and it’s a little bit darker than most BB creams because obviously I fake tan so I needed something a little bit darker for my tutorial they checked in some free samples as well which is amazing we always love some free stuff with our purchases right I also got the tea tree 90 essence I love tea tree oil for when I’m breaking out so I thought I would try this because it says it’s for controlling pimples and it’s a moisturizing formula which is good because usually tea tree can kind of make your skin go a little bit dry and then it says power bright in English I’m assuming means it’ll help to brighten the area rather than it be red and scary-looking I don’t know I got a in is free no sebum mineral pact I think this is a pressed powder looks like this I tried the loose powder before I actually quite liked it it’s just a translucent powder this is a good buy blackhead by circle poor control black kid off sheet as you guys know I sometimes use to like head like repiy offi things not very often because they are bad for your skin and so I only do them when I desperately need them okay so it comes with like a bunch of peds I have no idea how this works I’m going to have to google it because I’m pretty sure the instructions are in Korean I know it’s got English so it’s basically the same is a poor strip but it like it pulls out the stuff and then you wipe it off with like a cotton swab I also got another 3 concept eyes glamour cream eyeshadow because I already have one of these and it is so good and so pretty so I wanted to pick up the other color which is a spotlight it’s so pretty it’s basically like albatross by nas but in a cream eyeshadow oh my gosh it is beautiful I feel like you can even use it as a cream highlighter okay I totally brought this to make Sally Jo jealous if you saw my last haul and you saw a snapchats and stuff we were going mental over this like banana hand cream I got a banana lip balm this is the tony moly Duncan banana pong dang lip balm this is literally on one of those like a phone Dunkle’s like you could attach it to your phone I don’t even think phones have those anymore moment of truth it’s in a squeeze tube oh my god it smells like banana milkshakes oh my gosh here’s another blackhead clear mask and it is by CMP laboratory it is the blackhead and sebum removal mask I also got a couple of blushes I got this Tony moly crystal blusher and it’s just a really soft pink it’s in the shade too I also got this one by skinfood it’s the rose essence soft cream blusher look how cute that packaging is and then on the inside that’s what the product looks like oh my gosh the color is so pretty look at that I also got the a turd house precious mineral any cushion I don’t know what this is so you have your little like sponge and then the product comes out when you push on this and these have been like all the rage in Asian countries lately I’ve noticed like Lancome started doing one and a couple other like more like Western brands have started doing them as well so I’m excited to trade it out I’ll probably use it in my Korean makeup tutorial video I got this off eBay just side note these are like eyebrows stencils I really wanted them because there’s like a flat shaped eyebrow and I really want

to like just give it a go just for fun I also got another blusher this is by the brand I don’t know how to pronounce this simple smile BB blusher oh my gosh like who I died look at that look at this cute little card apart of oh my gosh it’s so soft and the color is just a really beautiful peach and it’s got a really cute and grieving in the actual pattern don’t know if you can see in this TonyMoly crystal blusher but this looks more like a highlight powder in the shade eight I also got a signature science blank pet I have no idea what this is it comes with a refill I think it’s a pressed powder oh there’s our item here underwear in here I got these underwear from farmers I just wanted to show them to you because they’re really really cute they’re the Heidi Klum ones look how cute anyway I also brought this to make Sully George Ellis this is the pandas dream brightening eye base so I think it’s like an eye primer I died yeah it’s like a white eyeshadow primer this is what cutest thing I’ve ever bought in my life Oh another thing off ebay quickly I got the Loreal infallible Pro matte foundation because everyone and their mom is like talking about this and raving about this I don’t know if it’ll match me I got the shade of golden beige so I might do a first impression on it tell me if you are interested in seeing that I also got a triple eyeshadow from 3 concept eyes this is in the shade no no no it looks like this the colors that are really really pretty for autumn and then I got to Misha lipsticks and this one here is in the shade hmm I think it’s o3 it’s just a really nice deep kind of bright pinky root and then the other one is in the shade over 4 and this one is more of a soft kind of pink a jumbo lip crayon by 3 quantifies this show you here is in the shade cream orange and that is it there so that it’s all of the Korean makeup you’ll see it in a tutorial at some stage I don’t know when I’m going to film it but I will be doing one eventually I picked this up from farmers this is the AC on tour palette I know Britney Saunders loves this and I’ve also heard people hating it so I’m gonna give it a go and see what my thoughts are so yeah as I said the rest of this stuff is from Nordstrom I got two more clinic pop blushes you guys know I’m obsessed with these I’m like slowly building my collection I really want to own all of them this one here is in nude pop and it’s just a really beautiful nude color I find it hard to find a really pretty nude blush that will show up on your skin and I feel like this one will work perfectly and then the other one I’ve got because it’s totally out of my comfort zone it’s something that I’ve maybe even like used or owned before this one is in the shade of color pop and it’s like a deep kind of bearing brownish color really want to swatch this one but what’s actually super stunning like when you actually blend it out a little bit like down here there’s such a beautiful color okay I’m so glad I got that I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup so I had to pick up two of her new release I shoulda like cream eyeshadows then called the eyes to mesmerize and I got Mona Lisa and Cleopatra so this is what Mona Lisa looks like it’s just a really messy kind of textured eyeshadow and then Cleopatra is the most beautiful deep kind of peacock green I also picked up one of the Tom Ford cream eyeshadows as well these are super pricey so when it got one there was like another one that I really wanted as well but I passed it up maybe if I love this one I’ll get the other one this is the cream to powder eyeshadow in golden peach and it has the cream on the bottom and again it’s a mousse II kind of like cream eyeshadow so I’m gonna take a rose gold color like if I swatch a little bit yeah it’s kind of like a rose gold like a deep rose gold and then it has an eye shadow in the top which is quite cool and this is like a kind of bronze II like coppery color and then the last few things I was super naughty and I picked up some more Rouge the lapped lipsticks because I love them I’m not sure if the video is out yet but I did do a swatch video on my collection of Rouge relax by YSL so I’ll link it down below if it’s ready uploaded if it’s not uploaded yet it will be hung out soon this shade here is number 7 it’s a beautiful deep kind of fuchsia this one here is in the shade 265 this is a deep dark read I love dark reads I just think they look super sexy this shade here is 59 and this is a perfect kind of peachy it’s almost got like a little bit of gold roof light to it the shade here is 52 oh it’s a really kind of bright dark pink and then the last one here is number 66 and this is a deep brown because I just love Brown lipstick I don’t know why so there’s everything from my guide guide antic so that is everything from my gigantic collective haul I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know what the last makeup product you brought was down below I would love to know let me know if there’s anything I should pick up next like what do you want to see all my channel is there any certain products or brands you want to see if you joy this video please give it a massive thumbs up I love you guys so much and I will talk to you in my next video bye area because we all know my Phoenicians 20 shows too dark me today and then a little bit on my cheekbones as well as gonna say for hitting in cheekbones and then taking it my blush this is one of like a newish ones by next I don’t remember how new or how old they’re but they’re really really good I really love

this color and side note the highlight shade I used holy crap it’s amazing like so pretty and then onto my lips weird super super node for Ashley Ellen’s eyelash opening so I’m going

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