hey guys welcome back to my channel so another month flew by at the month of April and now we are in the month of May and so that means that I am gonna be shootin like a roll favorites today so i’m excited because i stumbled across or i stumbled upon some really nice products that i reached for the whole month of april I’ve been loving them and I can’t wait to share them with you so with that being said if you’re interested in watching my April favorites then keep watching okay so if you’re anything like me my hair is flat and it’s um you know I wash it i can’t i’m not one of those sometimes I can skip a day of washing it um but I can’t go more than two days without washing it it’s just a no-go for me my hair my head tends to produce more oils than normal I guess and that may be because I watch it every day I have no idea but um I found a hair product that i’ve been loving and it’s nothing that i discovered on youtube because sometimes i get a lot of recommendations off of youtube and things like that and i go try them and I either love them or hate him or whatnot so this one is just something i was at Ulta and I was talking to this girl and she just kind of recommended the oscar blandi products and she said this one’s really good for volumizing and texture which is what i needed because my hair is really is naturally straight and sometimes that’s why I get it color that’s why I put you know highlights in it and that sort of thing because I feel that you know back whenever I got it cut short I cut about six inches off and that cut a lot of the dead ends a lot of the hair that we had been damaged over the period of time that you know I had colored it and you just processed it in that sort of thing so but then I ran into another issue and my hair was just I felt was just way too healthy now you’re probably thinking how can hair be too healthy well I just feel that although healthy hair is a good thing and it’s beautiful and it’s shiny and it’s um just all those things put together I felt for myself it became a little bit unmanageable so it was just too like to UM to flat and so I put some color into I don’t know if you can notice but I kind of just it’s called like the melting technique and they just kind of it really does look like like the color the highlighted color is melting from the darkness so so the texture and the volume really works well with my haircut that I have now I kind of just simply you know lift up spray kind of just like do that number and it just all of a sudden creates so much volume and it stays like that for quite some time unlike I notice that there are a lot of people that use dry shampoo for texture and volume and unlike dry shampoo from for myself I tend to I notice that dry when I do use a dry shampoo for texture and volume after an hour so my hair feels oily it feels a little bit more dirty and there’s no more there’s no volume anymore or is this product i think is specifically made for volume and texture so it really the longevity of this product is much more it’s much more longer so yeah it’s like the undead fulness I love it it was really been working its magic in the whole month of April especially when I’m outdoors sweating or products that I’ve been loving for my lips lately have been this one I don’t know I don’t know think this is in French but it’s this tube right here this is already I picked up a new bottle and this is the mint because they do come in three flavors orange blossom pair in mint and i gave the orange blossom because it’s like halfway through it i gave it to my daughter because she really liked it and she you know is more of a she likes lip gloss but she doesn’t really like the colored lip gloss she likes more of the clear stuff so she felt like this was better instead of you know dipping her hand in the carmex little jar and this is called I don’t know it’s something in French but at the bottom it’s a smile lip balm and I bought this at Ulta for like I don’t know I lost everything in the comments on the description box so yeah I’ve been really liking it like I said it’s a consistency of carmex in a tube and I know comics as a tutu but this one’s a little bit different it does last a long time on your lips without leaving like that quite or cakey residue and I also use this underneath my eye area which is truly amazing because you can feel like the mint working under the eye which I feel is really great for blood circulation which is sometimes what we need under there that’s what creates the dark circles in the first place so um yeah I don’t do it every single night but I have tried it like a few times just to kind of test it out and I really really I think I found a new tip for the end or the eye area so yeah and another combo that I’ve been loving are there by l’oreal and this one

is a lipstick and it is there l’oreal colour rishe 799 caramel latte and it looks like this and it is just like a sandstone sandy mavi type lipstick and it is really nice I really like the consistency of it it’s really smooth it doesn’t make your lips dry over the period of time and I do love on top pudding and I don’t I think the desert of new packaging I am Not sure but this is there this is nude ballet 601 and it is just it looks like this and it is just I think of lips lip gloss or something but I apply it over that caramel latte color and the combination is just beautiful because when it combines itself together some of the frost from the lipstick kind of like comes through with the lip gloss and it just makes it a really nice shiny lip product together so that lately I have been doing my nails a lot I’ve I typically am 12 like to go to the nail salon because I just like being pampered every once in a while I feel that you deserve to be pampered and it’s just a good feeling and I don’t know I just always feel like they do it so perfectly like I no matter how great how much I practice how great I can be at this these people I mean when you leave the salon you have just like magnificent nails so with that being said I’ve been doing a lot of practice and me the girls have been just you know doing our nails and even doing the cuticle thing and the trimming of the nails the sanding or the filing of the nails and three wonderful products that i have found the work amazing are the orally top to bottom base and top coats and all-in-one and it looks like this this stuff is amazing for the bottom coat and for the top coat it is a high shine and I do notice that my nail polish just last you know a day or two longer than what it has in the past because i’ve i’ve used quite a few others there i mean fairly pricey ones too and i have noticed the best results with this one now as a glitter because i think everyone needs sparkle in their life and i saw this at CBS one day and i picked it up it’s from Kardashian beauty and it is there glitter it’s fairy dust but it’s basically gold glitter and it looks like this and I actually have it on my nails as a tuck glitter over my nail polish today so I’ve been really loving that and normally I do like an accent nail and just like the heavy glitter like out pile on three coats of this glitter and it gives it a really nice look but today I just went for just like a one coat type thing so and to make them dry extra fast which this really works and I just I want to research this further because I think it’s amazing how you can just drop some drying drops by Nicole OPI um and yeah i mean this dry is like not immediately i can’t say it dries immediately but if you give it like five minutes or so okay maybe not even five minutes maybe a lot sooner than that but like yeah if you give it like maybe two minutes you will notice your nails will be dr now you can’t expect to put like tons of coats on your nails and then put the drying drops and it’s going to drive because i think the thinner the coats like sometimes for instance if i paint my nails sometimes the nail polish only takes like one coat for me and then i will put you know the top coat or the glitter or whatever and then the top coat and then the drawing drops now in that case your nails will dry a lot cooker so yeah so um fragrance of April that I’ve been loving and I actually had to buy another one because I went to Houston and I left it there and I didn’t notice until I got back and I was like you know trying to reach for it i was like where is it where is it and you know it’s it was gone and I realized I’d where I’d left it in Houston so I went up and picked up another one because like I said this is my go-to um perfume and they didn’t I actually was going to get the bigger bottle of this and this is Daisy by marc jacobs um oh so fresh and it smells so good it’s it’s hard to explain yeah but it’s a really girly sent it’s so perfect for the spring and the summer it’s like it just it’s one of those sense it makes you a happy girl you know it’s like fresh and it lasts so long on your skin like I know for future and perfumes are like you know if you have a certain chemistry with it it smells great it’s the chemistry’s not for everybody that sort of thing but you know I know a few people that i bought this for and it smells the same it’s like there i mean it’s just so Universal and i really like the rollerball or they

say it’s rollerball but it’s like a spray it’s a spray that’s great for travel you never have to worry the glass is pretty darn thick and I mean in this last forever like my other one I had already had it for almost six or seven months someone to say yeah cuz i bought it way at the beginning of the school year of the girls school years i was back in august and i just lost this maybe it was longer than that um yeah and these are like twenty-four twenty-five dollars at Ulta and they also somewhat support to but this is such an amazing fragrance it’s um you know whenever it comes to the spring and summer I tend to go for more the floral or the lighter fun girly sense whereas in the fall I tend to go for more of like angel or Mademoiselle from Chanel or what other ones Prada or Emory you should that sort of thing for the fall so do you get what I mean here like I don’t know but is 1 i’m not i’m not a florally type of girl but in this case this one tends to just I don’t know it just it’s a whole different floral you just gotta go to counter and smell up for yourself ok so everyone’s been talking about kitten and I finally tried it now I you know excuse my ignorance on this but I don’t know which one’s the kitten like are these both kitten I mean just maybe a lighter and a like a highlight and maybe like a different i don’t know but i have been using the Golder Goldie pinky shade here on the side and i have it on today i’ve been using it as a highlight I’ve also been using it as an eyebrow um highlight as well and I’ve just been loving it I I do i did buy one like at the beginning of april because like i said i wanted to try out i wanted to see what the fuss is all about and one thing I have to say these are very very very delicate because I dropped my makeup bag and you know mind you there was more makeup in the makeup bag and this was the only thing that broke so I had a you know made a mess and I had to throw it away and um but I had already tried it like three times so I already fallen in love with it so I I had to buy another one and I just why wouldn’t I don’t I don’t even want to travel with this anymore because I don’t want to make a mess or to get destroyed or that sort of thing so I just keep it kind of like on my desk for when I do my makeup at my desk type thing so I’ve been really loving it it’s not even that pricey for what it delivers but I will say that it is very very delicate so if you travel with this be where this might break on you if you drop your makeup bag okay so on my face um I I didn’t know that they started selling it cosmetics at Ulta so I was really excited because I really enjoyed a lot of their brushes they’d sent me some of their brushes and I even gave one as a giveaway I believe and I just really really liked the quality of the brushes and yes I was excited to try their makeup line and one thing I tried first was their vitality chic chic flush blush radiant in rows and it looks like this and I actually have it on right now and it’s a mommy color and let me tell you beware with this because it is darn potent it is like so pigmented it’s just very very it’s such a beautiful blush but once you get the hang of it you know not to apply so much because I swear I had like go very like a streak when I first started out with this blush doesn’t whoa someone had to go back in with my Beauty Blender and kind of like dab some out so if I look a little blushy today you know why but yeah this has been really great it’s great quality and I do like their packaging it kind of has in ours the outer packaging that NARS has that um well you know it always gets so dirty I’m who agrees with me my wrong for saying that it just it’s amazing you know sleek very you know cool packaging but the same time this is going to get very filthy dirty in your makeup bag or even from your fingers for makeup and that sort of thing but yeah this one’s really cool it’s really nice and small great for travel it has like their logo and their it cosmetics by Jamie Kern innovative technology cosmetics is what it stands for in case you didn’t know so yeah and while I was picking that up I picked up something by benefit which I have been hearing all the fuss about and I actually tried it out today which is what i have on my eyebrows and you know what they were not lying um they say these have real fibers in them it’s gimme brow by benefit and it looks like this and I got the what color is this medium deep color because there is like a lighter color and there’s only two colors I think there’s AG light color and then the medium deep and I got the medium/deep because my eyebrows are pretty dark and but I you know I suppose if you wanted to lighten

your eyebrows you could probably go for the light color as well and I think it’d be okay and what I did was I just got this little tiny brush and I just started going through my eyebrows like this and literally it filled it in it was like wow like it was pretty darn amazing and whereas you know before in the past i usually get my pencil by Anasazi of Beverly Hills and start filling them in and it takes a little bit of a you know some time but with this 1i was just so fast and easy and I just loved it and yeah I think this is my gonna be my go to product for a while like it’s been all of April where I’ve been using this and loving it so it just makes life so much easier and so much happier prime my face my go-to primer for my face was by benefit and it was your poor professional as it was a perfect yeah professional yeah that’s what and I really liked it because it did fill in your pores and it did give you that flawless finish I mean come on I know if you use it you know what I’m talking about right so I wanted to try something new and so I love to face products they actually sent me some of their brushes that I want to try they’re still in the pink little bag that it comes in so up and I picked up their primed and poreless pure oil free skin smoothing face primer for sensitive skin because my face is sensitive I mean come on let’s be real here so sometimes I can put some things on my face or products in my face and I will break out literally within you know the hour or two hours I don’t know what it is my face has always been sensitive so I really have to watch what I put on it and since this is for sensitive skin and it’s oil free I didn’t think I could go wrong there so i have been using this all of a professional except um I feel like there’s longer like I don’t know you just stay matte looking for a longer period of time and it does also give you that smooth finish just like professional by benefit and all of those elements of that um but I just feel like it just does your makeup does cling in more Klingon more to this product and but you know I I still love them both the same because there’s so many things about the Porefessional I like and there’s so many things that I’ve been loving so I’ve been really liking this and I like the packaging too it’s just white and it’s just there’s a lot of product in here whereas the professional does not have a lot of product and I in to use a lot of it so I run through that like four bottles a month so with this one I mean usually I mean this one lasted like all of april and i just bought my new tube yesterday or the day before what’s today thirsty oh i bought it on monday so yeah so this lasted all that month so yeah this might be a better purchase in the long haul um last but not least definitely is my my what i’ve been using underneath my or before you even start my makeup process i have been kind of loving a lot of Chanel products lightly and one that I’ve been completely sold on and infatuated with completely is the Hydra beauty cream it’s a hydration protection radiance and it looks like this and she just has like the regular Chanel packaging and this has gone a long way you do not need to apply too much to your face to really you know to be able to cover all of your face so you just need like maybe a dime sized amount and you just kind of work it on you know working in and I don’t use this for my night cream I use this for my day cream it does not have SPF but my foundation that usually does so I don’t really worry about that and I’m really never in the Sun unless it’s like a weekend and I’m at the beach we’re working out in the yard or that sort of thing so I use this in it I leave like I leave it on for about five to ten minutes before i start my makeup application just so it can soak in really nicely and you know just yeah because i tended by if i apply this and then apply my foundation it just does not it isn’t it just does not do it well at all it just it just looks sloppy so i apply this let it soak in then do my primer and then do my foundation and it’s flawless looking so yeah so that is all of my favorites for the month of april i hope you’ve enjoyed my video i have also been loving before i go i don’t know if you guys um have had this in your local stores but i live in florida and we have publix grocery stores here so I have been really really loving lately it’s um the on LI or online hibiscus pomegranate strawberry unsweetened and this is chef inspired and it’s sparkling all natural and it also has ginseng and it looks like this and it is so refreshing and for like a weekend

cocktail I would recommend this on ice with maybe an ounce of vodka and then squeezing some lime over the top and then a little drizzle of salt and you have yourself a perfect cocktail that will not only relax you but will keep you refreshed all evening long so it’s saying that thank you for watching I look forward to speaking to you soon don’t forget to tune in in to my blog where I have updates regularly or at least I try to I try to put tips there sometimes recipes like I said I have a lot of things planned for this summer including cocktail recipes facials recipes for facials and fashion and just so many great exciting things coming up so stay tuned and I will talk to you later bye

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