hey guys for pure I hope everyone’s well as you can tell by title of the video today I’m going to finally do mostly my favourites foundation and video it’s going to feature all the different types of foundations I have then I’m obviously going to dwell on those that are my favorites or that I love yeah I hope this video obviously helps someone if you’re looking to purchase any of these foundations that I’m going to actually talk about in the video so often I get asked what is the best foundation to use the best foundation in the world and my answer normally is there’s no such thing as the best foundation because people with foundations for different reasons what’s one person they want a foundation to do they’d be totally different to what another person may want their foundation or why they may wear foundation so there’s no such thing it all comes down to why you’re wearing the foundation or what’s your skin type and what finish you would obviously once the summers dry off as a matte finish there’s on the child is the dewy finish there’s some of their lights there’s some there’s high coverage some with low coverage so the so many different things evolve your foundations that you have to your sleep bear in mind when choosing your foundation or one that will suit you best see a wide range of different skin tones and skin colors Symes it can be hard and quite tricky with choosing the right shaders fits your skin tone or skin color so normally I always say it’s best to go for a tester if you go to the shop sometimes you for instance for go to Mac you’re not sure what color you want to get do ups for a test then that way you can take it home outside a natural light and see which color which shade suits you best instead of you buy foundation trying it on wearing it so many times for you today take pictures and see that it’s not your color so first foundations I’m going to show you our actually going to be Mac foundations because I think those are the most talked about makeup products that I put comes to mind anyways when I think of makeup so I’m going to salt my Mac and I’m going to go down to different brand and so on and so forth so I just wanted to say this if I go on to starts to being to you about Mac dear Oh Mac workers all dark-skinned ladies are not an n w45 I just feel like in single time you walk into Mac anytime your taxi lady they just automatically just free and open file at you and it’s like how can me and my friend who use like three shades lighter than me being in w45 it’s not possible dark-skinned people come in different shades we’re not all one color and my the only one that’s experience this if you have experience that Mac workers always tend to give all of us the same shade leave you’re angry experiments down below let me know what it was but anyways foundation that I’m going to show you which is actually my first ever foundation that’s I purchased and this is actually the same bottle it’s not finished is the Mac Studio Fix and this unsurprisingly is in the shade in w45 think it was about 20 pounds something I’m not too sure I will link it down below and it did not come with this pump on top this has to be bought separately in order for you to use it if not you’re going to have just pour it onto your palm which can be quite messy unhygenic especially who you’re going to be using that foundation for different people I would consider this more or less a matte finish and it is medium to high coverage it’s the foundation that’s beautiful cover and blemishes this would be good because it will hide it so anything I think in light of all this I know something will describe is oil free but I’m June as a I found my face look like a sweat box it just looked early and after a while I thought it did oxidize on me I found my face with quite orange and you could obviously see I was wearing foundation which I don’t like good foundation however with me personally I thought that the Studio Fix made for my face look quite oily so you should definitely have your pressed powder minou if you do want to use this foundation I know some people have complained that it’s broke out their skin everyone is different with me personally did not very cut my skin masculine spy the next foundation which I have got from Mac is actually called the pro longwear foundation and this one as you can see comes with the pump and this one

is in the shade nc54 those are arts I feel like an NC 50 little spreader on my skin then the end up you fortify the colored I always tend to get is NC 50 so with the pro longwear it’s quite creamy in comparison to Studio Fix I personally would say this is high coverage this is the type of foundation that you feel that you’re wearing foundation it feels quite heavy however it’s good with obviously covering scars and blemishes I also felt with the pro longwear this tend to last the whole day how my makeup looks in the morning it was exactly how I look like when I was about to sleep before actually taking off my makeup so this is really good if you’re looking for a high coverage foundation that’s going to cover everything and have a flawless finish I will say the pro longwear it’s easy to apply as I say it’s quite thick so if you don’t like that feeling of my foundation I would say just stay away from Pro Longwear the next foundation by mac is called the face and body now this is a water-based foundation so it’s very very light very low coverage don’t have you seen low or light very low light coverage it has a dewy finish so it looks like you’re highly wearing any makeup it looks very young and fresh on your skin if you’re a person that likes to wear foundation that feels like you’re not wearing anything on and it just looks natural you don’t want it to cover blemishes but just once just to add something to your skin I would say at the face muddying however the thing that I don’t like about this is I find it hard to find the right shape because the shades are limited they don’t do and end up your NC this one is actually all I was given the c7 the shade above was way too dark for me and this one is the tiny bit light for me so I have to obviously put on powder afterwards for it to look okay you can probably hear it it just feels like you’re putting water on your face any time I wear this I actually forget I even have alright any makeup and then jumping bed and like oh my god I have foundational time to take it off for the whites so this is a really nice foundation I do like it however as I said the colors are limited so do make sure you test it out and see you’re going to get the right shade most people don’t recommend this for oily skin but personally I think after putting it on power going to party face wedding day it can be fine so there that’s it and the site is a quite a big tub compared to the rest so you’re getting quite a lot it would last you a really really long time the next foundation is called the matchmaster foundation and this is also by Mac and is in now with this foundations is quite big it’s looks similar to that of the pro longwear container but is bigger than it this foundation bills are really really nice on the skin has a flawless finish and say this is medium to buildable coverage I was given the wrong shade now this is way too dark for me and I was given the shade aids point five however I’ve been told I’m an eight point zero so I would say with this foundation make sure you check that your gets in the right shade because it can be quite tricky because some of them are quite similar this not an n WNC kind of foundation say this lasts a really long time high coverage so it is a foundation to cover blemishes if needed also it does feel like you’re wearing foundation sonĂ­s the pro longwear so felt quite heavy on my skin that’s the only thing I would say I didn’t like about it however if you do like that and that’s not an issue then also go for this yeah it’s going to be a 15 as some of the other ones and it’s quite big it would obviously last a long time I think that’s my thoughts partly my last Mac foundation that I have is for the studio tech foundation we should actually in like a compact case like this and this is in the shade NC 50 originally I had that NW 43 because the NC that end up which while it was way too dark this is how it looks like it comes with mirror on top and it comes with the sponge and then obviously the foundation in the middle with this one it’s really creamy and definitely a high coverage if you don’t like liquid foundation T once the foundation is high Qadri which I will last you a long time I would say it’s do tech however it does feel quite heavy so putting this on it glides on really smoothly when I wore this it did last the whole day it did cover blemishes as well and it was okay for my skinny bad oily skin I found it okay most of the times was using it I did often spray my sponge with fix+ whenever I thought they was too creamy

and did use that same point on my face and so yeah this is a nice foundation if you do want to get a liquid one I often get asked about Mac Foundation’s was an end up use and what isn’t empty from my knowledge I know an NC is for those that have cold tones and NW those with warm tones how I’ve translated or how I best understand it on people of color and NCS off with the yellow undertone people and NW so for all thought orange deeper undertone people that’s how I describe it personally when I take off my makeup I seem to have a yellow toned that’s why I think the NC looks better on my skin than the NW wear sometimes when the n-double use oxidizes it tends to look quite orange and cakey on my face so that’s my matte foundation citation I’m going to show you is the NARS sheer max foundation I’ve been told is for oily skin whereas the sheer glow is the one for those with dry skin tones I am in the shade New Orleans that’s actually what I’m wearing on today on my face it’s I would describe as medium to high coverage it’s good covering blemishes this last long day easy to apply and to get onto your face it’s really nice it’s definitely one of my top 3 it’s by its pricey as it’s nice well I don’t like about this violation is it doesn’t come with a pump so you’re going you’re going to have to pour it onto your palm to test it out I know you can purchase this from Selfridges or you can get this online but I would say go to places like Selfridges where they stuck it and obviously choose or test out different shades to get the right foundation for you skin it’s what I’m wearing now it gives me a nice dewy finish I don’t feel only during the day which I do like the foundation doesn’t oxidize on my face as the day goes by so it’s really nice I definitely do you like this foundation so funny thing we talked to you about our makeup forever so this first one is called the Makeup Forever HD foundation also known as the High Definition foundation I bought it in the shade one seven eight which is slightly a little bit too dark for me so fast white skin on what it gets in the shade one-77 so with the HD foundation this thoughts quite moisturizing on the skin which I dunno I’ll describe as a medium to high coverage foundation you think that I will adds in like it’s when I use this after a while my face or oily so I had to use my powder too to control the oils Harper does have a nice finish on the skin he has a dewy looking finished it comes with a pump when you obviously take it off you can see the pump which OC is good in the UK is quite hard to get this foundation I just did the person this foundation on either sides where you can poach the in the UK down below this video yes I mean it’s nice but out of the makeup for a foundation that I’ve tried I prefer the other one which is the mattes velvet in comparison to this one because I just for oily was using this one however it does have a nice dewy finish when you do apply on the skin and it’s not too heavy so I wanted to show you is also by Makeup Forever and this is called the max evolve it’s Fantasia and I am in the shade 75 as most of you already know this is my ferrets foundation in the whole wide world simply put I just like the way you finish it on my skin do you we the natural looking finish it’s not too heavy I’m not one that likes foundations I feel really heavy we location on the skin which with this one I don’t have that feeling it spreads evenly on my skin no thing about this is while supplying your face it does dry quickly so it’s best I would say to put it on your palm and do probably one side the person then the other side or be quite fast with a primates otherwise it will dry card to you blend out its quickly as its oil free however in all in all I would say is be nice because it doesn’t make me feel I like the color is not too orange and it’s not too yellow cuz it’s hard to purchase this in the UK so it’s best you do try and find somewhere where they sell it and go in SOI try it on play something this anything else that I can say it’s just my number one and then just love it and I just need to stock up on it the next violation is sheet by Revlon and actually came with a couple top which I can’t find and you can see it comes with a comp and I got the shake cappuccino and it’s called the Revlon Photoready foundation and it’s quite good it’s a nice foundation will describe as a medium to full coverage

which can be buildable I find this quite sooner to the studio fix it looks nice on the skin however after a while makes me milk white orange I do like that obviously as a foundation in general it’s quite nice it’s tough cover up blemishes if that’s what your own or purpose is for choosing a foundation however I would say the colors can be a bit tricky doesn’t have a wide range of colors that’s just from what my experience so do be sure or to test out that you’ll gain the right colour foundation if you’re going to get the Revlon Photoready yes this in the shade cappuccino which I study have a little bit dark for me I would say however I just mix it with a lighter concealer for it to look more wearable Abdo full oh I can feel that I’m wearing some kind of foundation with this cuz obviously not light so that’s my thoughts about the Revlon the next one by a cause is actually tinted moisturizer and this is by elf and it just says since moisturizer SPF 20 machine espresso I just opted for the darkest one the thing about this is it’s quite a night of Secrets tinted moisturizer sensing moisturizers the best one with those I have for me a really good skin or really cleared skin you know me if you have acne scars and blemishes when you tend to put on the potential motion then we will not cover it up so that’s the thing about it since moisturize up with this one in particular I thought that I thought if I did not shake it it seems to be a bit too pasty and quite sticky so I didn’t like the feeling on it however when I used all mixing with a moisturizer the thoughts better but without a moisturizer it was quite sticky and dolls only too fond of this so this person who was a no-no and however is cheap is affordable if it’s just something for maybe in the summer I just want something before an even skin tone me do you check it out but in general I wasn’t too impressed with this foundation or this tinted moisturizer the last one is from Iman and this is called the second to none luminous foundation and I was in the shade earth too it comes with the mirror it comes with the foundation and then it comes with a sponge so this is the powder foundation and with this one I was really excited because of I assumed refused on the X and a team how they applied on some models however I did not like this on my skin because they had too many sparkie particles where it just looked like I had dipped my face in some glitter or something had too many shiny particles so I think I would like to use it as a highlights I’m not so much as a foundation because if you have scars or you have blemishes on your skin on the skin all it’s going to do is bring attention and shine light onto those imperfections so I would not suggest you getting this practice in however I will even suggest or recommend this in general because it just looks like I said you put oil on your skin – starkly which are my top three foundations has to be these three who have to be the Make Up For Ever foundation will be number one number two be the sheer matte foundation and then my third one will have to be match master by Mac so these are my top three foundations that I like so lastly with all my foundations as I look I have oily sea and I always like to put on a powder afterwards for the foundation to set and I’ll always use the mineralized skinfinish by Mac and I am in the shade deep dark and as you can see I’ve hit pan depending on your skin tone determined the shade you get and I’m in the shade deep dark some people told me they think I’m the shade dark but I just opted for deep dark I normally always run to the darkest things when it comes to foundations so that’s what I use the second one that I use is by Inglot I don’t know what color it is but once again I opted for the darkest shade and just use that so these are the two things I used to apply my foundation ear the Beautyblender or the elf powder brushes I hope you found this helpful and I break it down it’s easy for you to understand and hopefully I made it easy for looking for a foundation or you like any of these foundations and he wants to know my opinion of thoughts about it lastly I wouldn’t want to say if any company is watching this and your high end product and you make foundations please do consider making software I start seeing ladies too because we do exist and it’ll feel it’s quite bizarre that sometimes you don’t consider making sums so shades for us too sometimes you just want to try the different foundation they here are the people were able to about and then go in then we’re disappointed because they don’t even

have your skin tone or the darkest shade is that of the kool-aid the one thing which is obviously waiting lights or someone like me so I hope you found this video helpful and if you did find it helpful you did like it few thousands of us always and I shall speak to you guys later I hope you have a good day you

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