hey guys it’s Jenna what’s up and welcome back to my channel today I am doing another one of my decluttering series videos I am taking on this drawer which is all of my larger palettes as well as this one right here which pretty much consists of I shadow bases smaller palettes as well as some single eyeshadows so let’s get into it without further ado does that make any sense I don’t really know but I’m gonna start with my single eyeshadows some of these are bases as well these are the tattoo ones the cream ones and I don’t know if these are any good anymore yeah it doesn’t look like it’s drying out that much that much so I have when that’s what is it’s called barely branded I have that’s the bronze it’s this one okay and that should be okay oh yeah still good so that’s bad to the bronze and then I have inked it in pink which I don’t know about this one mm-hmm you can see that it’s coming away from the edges a little bit but it’s still creamy in the middle so I will keep it and make sure I get using that up and then I have two of these batter up cream eyeshadows from the balm I got these on like a really really good sale at Shoppers Drug Mart and they’re still really really nice so I don’t know what color this is this is base hit kick cuz that home plate Kate Oh home plate Kate and base hit kit okay so I have those two I didn’t actually check this one oh that’s pretty yep that’s still good and then I have this little Smashbox full exposure it has two of the eyeshadows from the palette and I just got this in like a 500-point perk or something you know keep it there pretty um we have a NYX eyeshadow this is just like a grey color it’s really pretty all the way back here I have a Pacifica eyeshadow I actually need to start using this because this is like stunning just stunning so that I honestly think I’ll be getting rid of these three these are like loose eyeshadows which again you guys if you’ve seen my other ones you know that I’m not really liking the loose pigment kind of things so I just have like it’s like really dark wanna purple and I’m like a blue I’m gonna take those out of there next I have this little the bomb nude tude and this is flirty I think that’s the color and I got this in an Ipsy bag and it’s a pretty color it’s just an interesting color yeah we’ll keep it it’s pretty this is absolutely gorgeous this is a teeny beauty eyeshadow and I got this in an Ipsy bag again and this is like literally stunning like so so pigmented like you can see it right there that is just stunning okay keep in that I need to start using that this is an urban decay single eyeshadow I got this in like the Sephora favorites and this is in sin which sin is like stunning I have sinned in a few of the palettes I think it’s actually just in the first palette so I honestly use that all the time but once I run out of that I’ll have this single eyeshadow and then I have my three Milani eyeshadows that I love I’m gonna keep those obviously ones in Bella cappuccino Bella ivory and Bella champagne they’re all gorgeous time keeping those I got those in Florida because I can’t seem to find anywhere in Canada that sells Milani so that kind of sucks but whatever I have this tres steep eyeshadow stick and it’s in this like really dark brown color and it’s supposed to be used as like a cream eyeshadow or like a cream base but I never use it like that because it’s dark brown and I don’t want a dark brown face so I’m just gonna hand that along I think a lot of this stuff and this front thing’s gonna be filling looks like don’t use it very often this is a shadow tint and this is really cool because

it’s like a liquid but it dries as a powder and it’s like gorgeous like coppery penny color so I’m gonna keep that one that’s just stunning and I might use it eventually this is pixie loose eye shadow yeah I don’t think I’ll keep that it’s just it’s not really anything fancy I got it in an Ipsy bag yet again and then I just have this right here this is a Mary Kay to play this isn’t like a really really pretty like blue color so I’m gonna keep that in case I ever want to put like blue under my eyes or anything like that and then I just have a few like double-ended like this is the Urban Decay Naked 2 this is just you naked and then this is just a double sided I think this was from an Ipsy bag and it’s crown brush I don’t know where my other two brushes went I had the one for the Naked 3 and the smokey but I don’t know where they went so whatever I just have a bunch of samples of the Urban Decay primer potion which I really need to use I just have a full-size of just the original Urban Decay primer potion which I love this is the lorac primer it comes in the lorac Pro palette I have this Mac Paint Pot this is in painterly I’m keeping that this mecca Beauty cosmetics I think this is their eyeshadow i primer I really liked that actually I got that in an Ipsy bag and it was one of my favorite things that I’ve ever received from Ipsy and then I just have some of the Urban Decay primer potion in this little what is this called little plastic container I got a sample of something in here from Sephora and I decided to put all of e I think it was Eden primer potion in there just so that it’s easier to get at and I can just you know squeeze all of the packets into one tell me down below if you guys know where I can buy these oopsie just like empty little containers like this so that I can put all of my Urban Decay primer potion into them please tell me down below if you know where I can get those because I really want to put all of it into some of these and then lastly we have all of my little eyeshadow palettes back here this is one of my most recent things that I got in an Ipsy bag this is like a nick okay new york this is like a quad which is amazing I’m gonna put them up here but I’m not getting rid of them I have this Revlon Photoready eyeshadow palette I don’t really reach for this often but like it’s stunning like this color right here is like this gold color and it’s gorgeous I really need to reach for this more often because this is pretty yeah I’m gonna keep that because the eyeshadows in here are really good quality considering they are drugstore not saying drug source bad or anything I have this little trio C from ELF I’ve had this forever like literally and everything is still pretty good still very good actually they’re just really nice simple matte colors you could bring this along with you traveling and it would be really really good so I’m gonna keep that that’s really good this is a palette that I got in my most recent Ipsy bag and it’s like hip C and NYX together and as you guys could see if you watch this if C thing I wasn’t very impressed with the pigmentation of this palette so I’m gonna hand that along to someone that might be able to use it more than me cuz I have a lot better eye shadows than those I have this little quad from via bombshell and I don’t have a lot of eyeshadows in these colors so I’m gonna keep this because I really love this teal color like just wait it’s like stunning just stunning like that is oh that’s gorgeous and then this like dark bronzy like oh yes I love that I need to use that more that’s so pretty like I’ve never seen a blue eyeshadow that bright before that is just gorgeous definitely keeping that I got that in an Ipsy bag by the way I have this NYC trio here mmm they’re not amazing I’m gonna pass that along NYC’s a very cheap brand so usually they’re I shadowed aren’t amazing but they’re still good for the price obviously I have a bunch of these how many do I have five three yeah I have three of these NYC custom compact individual eye things and they come with like a primer and then like four eyeshadows and this like shimmery inner corner stuff which is really nice but I just find myself not reaching for these I had this one for a really long time

and I loved it and used it all the time as you guys can see I completely got rid of all of that like inner corner I’d shimmer stuff but I think I just might hand these along to maybe my mom or someone that might be able to use those as well next I just have this NYX eyeshadow trio I had a bunch of these and I actually put most of them into a bigger palette that you guys will see in a second but I kept this one because I didn’t really have a lot of these colors like again that’s like stunning pigmentation there I love this palette I don’t really have a lot of these like yellowy golden shades so I really wanted to keep it just so that I could have some of those shades and like those are stunning so I’m gonna keep that this one right here is just like stunning you guys can see right there like what that’s amazing like this is a great palette love this one next I have this little Revlon like cream eyeshadow thing I got this for free I want it in like a little like raffle thing and it was in like a bag with a bunch of different things but I have not even reached for this whatsoever so I’m gonna pass that along it has some interesting colors in it though and then lastly is just this little duo I think this is from Miss Adaro and I got this as like an Ipsy point perk thing and it’s like one of those like baked eyeshadows and you know I might actually hmm you barely can’t even see that what it work as like a highlight maybe who that might actually be a really good highlight I’m gonna put this in my highlight drawer and I’m gonna put this right here as a new highlight cuz that is really pretty so from what I’m keeping I can put all these back in here not many little palace I’m keeping but there we go I got rid of actually a lot from this drawer I’m quite pleased with myself Boop next moving into this drawer these are my larger palettes and I do have a lot of high-end palettes in here so I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of a lot to be completely honest with you there might be maybe one palette that I’m gonna get rid of but let’s get into it anyways I’m sure you guys want to know what palettes I have I have this here this is the boudoir eyes this one is really really nice I don’t grab for it as much as I’d like to but I think it’s really really pretty and kind of like sexy in a way and I think would look really nice in the falx it has some darker colors and look really nice so then I have this one here this is the Stila eyes are the window I think this is mind the mind palette and this one is one of my favorite palettes I love this so much this orange here is stunning in the crease whenever you guys see me with an eye look that has orange in it this is the palette that I’ve used because it’s just stunning next one I’m definitely not getting rid of this is like literally my favorite palette ever this is the makeup forever artist eye shadow palette this is the neutral one and this one has majority yea majority of them are shimmery satin colors just this black down here is matte and these are like the best eyeshadows I’ve like ever used in my life they are so so pigmented so so gorgeous I really want to show you guys what these look like like they’re just yes okay that’s not going anywhere next I have this this is the Stila in the light palette and I’ve had this palette for so long this is actually my first eyeshadow palette I ever got from Sephora so that’s really exciting I have the lorac Pro palette just the first one I got this in Florida I really like that one as well it’s really light and like good for traveling I have my Kat Von D monarch palette I love that one a lot I have the shade and light eyeshadow palette love that one I also have the Naked 2 and three a naked one is over in my everyday drawer and I love that one and then I have the Too Faced this is the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette love all of these definitely keeping

those this is the narcissist palette and I love this one this has stunning stunning colors this is a great palette if you like shimmery colors and like like getting all dressed up and going out and stuff it’s really really nice for like night looks I have this here this is a YSL little v I actually should have this in my like other drawer but I just like keeping it in this drawer because it’s real fancy and expensive so that is actually really really stunning obviously it’s YSL um and I have this Naked 2 basics I was gonna get the first one but I really like this one more because it has a little bit of darker colors and a lot of the times with the first one because it’s really light you can’t even tell that I’m wearing any eyeshadow so I didn’t want to get that one this is the Maybelline nudes palette to be honest I don’t really use this one that often and I’m tempted to get rid of it but it’s the only like eyeshadow palette that I have that is drugstore and like it’s still really good for drugstore I just have so many high-end eyeshadow palettes that I really don’t reach for this one that often but I might I’m nice I might keep it just to have some drugstore eyeshadows to use in the drugstore tutorials and stuff because this one if you are on a budget and you want good eyeshadows that are pretty cheap I would definitely go for the Maybelline the nudes or get your hands on the comfort zone palette from wet and wild or any of the wet and wild shadows are really really good I have my Mac eye shadow palette this is 15 of them I love all of these I will link the video down below that I did of this palette I went over all of these eyeshadows they are all amazing and they’re just like my top 15 Mac eyeshadows which I love them all so much this is another palette that I’ve definitely recommend if you’re on a budget this is the neutral palette from ELF oopsie just hit my camera this is the neutral palette from ELF and these are gorgeous as well they have really really good pigmentation some of them are a little bit chalky but some of them are like amazing so definitely if you’re looking for some good cheaper eyeshadow palettes the elf neutrals palettes really good as well as the Maybelline nudes I think I’m gonna keep both of those this one right here this is what I was talking about before all of these in the middle are all of my NYX eyeshadows that i depotted as well as a bunch of wet and wild eyes shadows like I said wet and wild has really really good eye shadows definitely the comfort zone palette which I believe are all of these right here I have a few other like trios and stuff but I’m gonna keep this these are really really good like these three right here just all of the wet wild shadows and the Knicks ones the elf neutrals and the Maybelline nudes if you’re looking for drugstore eyeshadows those one’s right there are a definite must and then lastly this was the one that I’m thinking I might just get rid of I’ve had this for so so long and I got it back when like Coastal Scents palettes were a big thing this is the Mirage palette and like they’re stunning stunning colors and I love all of these colors I just have so many other eyeshadows that I never grab for this this is just always in the back of my drawer and I never never grabbed for it my sister um Helvetia she’ll probably really really like this so I’m gonna pass that on to her and see if she wants it she likes doing eyeshadows and eyeshadow and stuff but she doesn’t really have a lot of eyeshadow so I’m sure if I give this to her she will love it and all of these colors are really her style as well so I will definitely pass that on to her so and then these ones can go back in here I have my V palette I got my Z palette from Sephora by the way and I have my Mac and then my two ones back there actually probably move these up a little bit so you can see everything so I know what I have in my drawers there we go move that over there we go so like I said I only got rid of one palette but it was a big palette and I think I did well even though I only got rid of one so guys that was everything for my decluttering of my larger eyeshadows as well as like my single eyeshadows and whatnot I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to stay tuned for my next one which is going to be all of my lipsticks I have all of them here as well as I have some over there on my desk so get excited for that one it’ll

be up in a few weeks and I’m hoping that you guys aren’t getting bored of these decluttering videos I love doing them and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it up if you like my decluttering videos and I will see you guys in my next video hi hey guys it’s Jenna what’s up and welcome back to another plan with me Monday I am so excited for this one this was this one’s last week and this is probably been my most favorite spread I’ve ever done I

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