My name is Chandrakana Nandi, and I’m a fifth-year graduate student in the Programming Languages and Software Engineering Lab in the Allen School Computer science itself has been an incredibly successful field And within computer science, I found programming languages and compilers to be extremely exciting because everyone who works in computer science, in some way, uses compilers and programming languages Furthermore, I was really interested in computational fabrication because there has been this new revolution of democratized fabrication, where a lot of people can actually now afford desktop manufacturing devices, like 3D printers Manufacturing is not just meant for industrial purposes anymore To that end, I have built a tool called Reincarnate In my project, I used programming languages and compiler techniques to make desktop manufacturing devices like 3D printers more reliable and easier to use by end users Imagine that you want to print a simple candle holder What you can do is you can go to these online forums, and you can actually download preexisting models that are uploaded by other users Unfortunately, if you actually look at the file that I just downloaded, you will see that it is actually not in a very human-readable form And because of this, it is actually not that hard to print this directly, but modifying this design to customize it is actually really difficult So what Reincarnate does is it actually automatically infers a higher-level program that represents the same model Instead of that huge unreadable format, this same model is now represented in a six-line program Let’s say, that instead of having six sides, you just want to make it three sides You change the 6 to 3, and you re-render it, and you can see that you have a different shape After making this change, if you’re happy with the design, you can go ahead and print it The way that would work is you would export it back into a mesh And then we will actually use a slicer to generate the G-code for it And once you’ve done that, you can put it in a USB key, and you can go to the Fab Lab and print it I think that making fabrication more accessible and usable can have a huge impact in our society Right now we are printing the model that we modified off the new model that Reincarnate allowed us to modify So here’s an example of what we started with and what we get after making some changes to it My name is Chandrakana Nandi, and I am CSE

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