hey guys I’m Ben from Authentech and this is my comparison of the GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero 8 black versus the insta360 ONE X now these are some of the very best action cameras out right now and at the end of this video you should have a better idea of the pros and cons of each camera and if you’re thinking about getting one which one might be the best fit for you I’m a little sick right now so forgive me for that no this video is not sponsored by anyone and as always all product links will be down below find me on Instagram for all my behind the scenes and let’s jump right in here’s the key questions and categories I’ll cover today pricing design footage workflow and most bang for the buck which one is for you and it sort of goes without saying two of these action cameras are shooting in 360 while the hero 8 is shooting flat so some of these tests are little apples to oranges but there’s of course lots of overlap as well today’s video is all about producing a final flat video not shooting 360 for VR these 360 cameras are all about over capturing the scene and then reframing afterwards so quick pricing breakdown the max is currently $500 the hero 8 is 400 and the insta 360 1 X 400 as well on to design durability and user interface now I prefer the form factor of the 1x best it’s slim and slips easy into a pocket and it’s most comfortable to hold single-handed the max is a little boxy and less economic trying to keep your fingers hidden from the lenses could be difficult now plus the One X has a quarter twenty tripod mount built right into the bottom which is the best however both the Max and the hero H have these little folding fingers on the bottom which is better than nothing just not as a universal or convenient as the tripod mount in my opinion I really like the screen on the max over the insas LCD screen which could be difficult to see in bright sunlight the max is easier and faster to change settings and shooting modes while on the fly plus we can use it as a viewfinder when in Hero Mode plus it’s great to playback your photos and video right there no need to connect to your phone another big deal is the waterproofing on the max and the hero 8 is built right in it’s a huge win for GoPro over the insta 360 which needs a case to protect it another bonus point to the max they include these two clear lens caps to protect both lenses when shooting more intense action shots now I say this is a big deal because I’ve personally scratched the lens on my one axe in the past and that’s not easily replaceable the only way to protect is the venture case which adds weight and bulk instead these low clear lens caps stick on tight and it’s a dead simple solution to this issue plus GoPro also included these two lens caps for travel nice little touches I appreciate I shot a quick footage comparison test with and without the lens caps on and here’s the results basically it looks like it softens the image a little bit maybe some specks of dust can be visible but it’s not terrible and a nice option to have now on to comparing footage both photos and video hands down if you need the highest resolution the best quality 4k footage well you’ll need the hero 8 it looks crazy sharp and crisp compared to the 360 cameras and of course it has more shooting modes resolutions and frame rate options over the 360 camps for both the max and the 1x even though they combine two different lenses into this massively large resolution canvas after reframing and exporting your video it down scales to 1080p maximum for 1080p they both look really good and of course widely usable for most people my wish though is that a 360 camera let’s say the max when shooting flat like in Hero Mode could export 4k video but sadly it cannot so what about video quality between the max and the One X well the GoPro footage looks much more vivid and punchy saturated colors and contrast now this will definitely come down to personal preference some people like the flatter image on the One X it’s maybe more natural-looking easier to color grade after the fact others will prefer the vivid colors on the GoPros no editing needed and I sort of lean this way as of now now I heard insa 360 is releasing some upcoming updates to enhance visuals probably for this exact reason but it’s not out at the time of this video stabilization is huge for these cameras and all three look pretty Rocksteady smooth just look at the wobble and the selfie stick to see how much e is is taking place and it’s pretty incredible when I start jogging they separate out just a little bit and I think my favorite is the GoPro Maxx with the 1x still looking really good but if we analyze the edges we can notice a little bit of camera shake and jittering and the hero 8 looks smooth as well but it’s so crazy to look at the

360 cameras as I flip the selfie stick over and under and they keep that ground perfectly level but the flat action camera like the hero can’t do this yet without editing after the fact now gobro has a horizon lock feature for the hero 8 but it’s not built into the camera yet which is kind of stupid and currently must be used through their GoPro app one thing to mention the crushed blacks on the max is a little too much for me we’re losing too much detail and they need to back that off just a tad but again as for sharpness and clarity between the max and the 1x well I think the max wins it here the 1x is just too soft and a little mushy looking this is an audio test on the GoPro Max this is audio on the GoPro Hero 8 black and this is audio on the insta 360 1x how does the audio sound audio test 1 2 3 4 let’s live authentic how does the audio sound audio test 1 2 3 4 let’s live authentic how does the audio sound audio test 1 2 3 4 let’s live authentic this is a far away audio test on the GoPro max how does the audio sound this is an audio test on the infant 361 X it’s super windy down here at the lake how does the audio sound it’s super windy down here at the lake how does the audio sound it’s super windy down here at the lake how does the audio sound a very interesting result on those three different audio tests and I’m actually surprised that the one axe sounded the loudest but it also was boosting everything so the wind noise was a little bit more apparent the hero 8 sounded good and even though the max sounded pretty good as well it has 6 built-in microphones so it could probably win for the best directional stereo audio extended far away on that selfie stick and if I boost the audio levels and editing this is a far away audio test on the GoPro max how does the audio sound this is an audio test on the infant 261 X the max sounds crazy impressive with that far distance almost like I’m wearing a wireless laugh and then on the One X we can hear the background noise is boosted and it’s not terrible just not as good for my taste there is no slow motion on the max and this was a major bummer to a lot of people now of course we can shoot up to 240 FPS 1080p on the hero 8 which wins in this test for slow-mo but the One X can also shoot up to 100 frames per second in 3 K + 360 field of view and you’re able to capture some insanely cool shots like this when you’re shooting in every direction so those are extra points going to the 1x this was sort of an eye-opener to me and maybe I’ll help some of you out there as well I originally thought that the hero eight was like here and the max was everything of the hero A plus so much more way up here but that’s far from the truth each lens on the max is recording much less quality than the hero eight for example the max can shoot in hero mode so it’s using only one lens and you just point and aim like any action camera but that’s not in 4k res it maxes out at 1080p or 1440 4 by 3 ratio at 60fps nothing higher my dream would be to have a max have all the same features of the hero 8 but then for maybe a hundred bucks more and on that second lens to unlock a lot more fun unique shooting angles over capture the world and reframe your shots later but that’s not here yet I’m guessing that cost might be a little bit too high on a product like that I’m not sure one big feature that the One X wins for me is the invisible selfie stick now I shot a comparison of this as well using the same thin poll and while the GoPro Max looks okay the 1 X can make it look just like it’s hovering midair which produces these incredible drone or crane jib shots of sweeping landscapes or fast action scenes with this test I also want to see which 360 camera did a better job of stitching the two lenses together and same again I think the One X wins for stitching and this is a pretty major deal hiding the stitch line is massively important for maintaining the magic of that hovering impossible shot big points to insta 360 here I have to step back and appreciate this technology overall the max for example each fish eye lens is recording a hundred and ninety four degrees I believe times 2 that’s 388 that’s 28 degrees more than 360 Saphira Cole so 28 divided by 2 that’s about 14

degrees a field of view on each lens that is extra for overlapping and blending together all of this in real time it’s very impressive technology that I appreciate GoPro max has this cool power panel mode basically one shot captures this ultra wide panoramic shot no stitch you needed and this is a nice feature to have all three cameras can shoot hyperlapse which are very cool and fun to experiment with the One X goes about it differently by recommending you shoot in normal video mode then in their app scrub the timeline to select the speed up fast-moving shots then create sections of slowed down normal speed to highlight key scenes now I wish they also had an auto hyper lapse mode like the others let me show you that the max has the hyper lapse mode built right in GoPro calls it time warp and the max export res is 1080p with multiple field of view options and multiple speed multipliers or that auto mode which is my favorite that’s where GoPro automatically sets the speed based on a few variables Plaza as this cool real-time button you can press on the screen mid recording so if there’s a section you want to record at normal speed then press it again to ramp back up into auto speed mode it’s very cool results the hero 8 I’ve covered that in the past it can record these hyper lapses up to 4k res and it also has multiple field of views and speeds or auto speed mode which I like clearly the hero 8 again wins for quality of the image but the other to open up that world of changing your viewers perspective to a new angle and sometimes when you’re recording you just don’t know what you’ll capture so I love the idea of over capturing the world and reframing later I shot a quick underwater test and I use the GoPro Max naked body because it’s waterproof built-in and even though it’s not really meant to be used underwater without a case the results were pretty impressive now of course we can see the stitch line but it produces some neat and usable shots next I tried the 1x underwater with it’s adventure case and oddly enough it does not look as cool or as good as I thought it would that transition line is way too distracting and I’m not sure if their underwater dive case would have greatly improved it here I’m guessing that would have but keep all this in mind don’t use the venture case for underwater shots honestly I wish the 1x had waterproof built right in like the GoPro max hopefully we can see this in their next model snapped a few photos and I’d say the GoPro eight wins again for sharpness and clarity but the max looks like a good second place and of course it can shoot much wider field of view over the hero eight the 1x just looks flat and natural but bit too soft the same goes again for low-light all these sensors are just so tiny so unless you’re shooting on a tripod with long exposures they won’t yield great results low-light video and again the 360 cameras will allow you these crazy wide-angle shots that can’t be captured any other way then it’s sort of fun and addicting to over capture your scene reframe later however there’s going to be a quality loss and here in the low-light well I guess they all three look pretty grainy noisy and soft the GoPro Max might win in terms of clarity but here’s what you can expect from all three now just as important or possibly more important than the footage itself is the workflow of editing your shots end of day with standard flat footage like on the hero 8 black I can simply copy those files right over to my computer drop into Final Cut for editing and go right from there as for the 360 cams will they add a major middle step to that workflow and that’s basically reframing your shots converting that 360 footage and a flat footage like 16 by 9 and that middle step could make or break the whole process a lot of it comes down to the mobile app as this is probably the used case for 80% of people out there it’s simply faster and more convenient to simply edit straight from your camera over to your phone wherever you’re located and this is honestly how I edit most of my 360 shots their mobile apps are much more efficient over their desktop apps and I’ll show you that in a minute so which mobile app is better go pro or insta 360 well I think insta wins it here let me show you firstly the GoPro app is not terrible and actually has some sweet features I wish and adopted for example when scrubbing through your footage the timeline scrubbing is much smoother than insa 360s GoPro has a nice keyframing implementation even with transitions like ease in out points or jump cuts we can easily pinch zoom rotate however I really need a horizon lock feature I couldn’t find this anywhere and this was an issue I ran into constantly needing to level the horizon while editing and it got really tedious and annoying with the insta 360 they auto lock the horizon by default so it saves me a lot of time

speaking of editing efficiency even though key frame editing can be nice it’s much slower and I prefer the viewfinder or over capture mode I simply move my phone to record the angle I want in real-time again instant 360s app wins it on this one as the GoPros over capture mode there’s no easy way of pausing mid clip to reposition the camera but instead the only visible button on screen is stop and if I press that well it auto export the clip no way of going back to continue unlike insta 360s which does it much better I can start and stop again and again on the same clip plus it saves those little sections on the timeline thus we can mix and match with key framing smart tracking and viewfinder mode all on one clip speaking of insta has object tracking so I can just tap and hold and a lot emotion track for you this is a great feature to have another glitch I ran into on the Macs was Wi-Fi and firmware updating issues now I’m using the latest iPhone and I was constantly running into trouble trying to connect the Macs to my phone I tried everything I can think of and it was totally broken I then had to manually download the firmware file from GoPros website to my computer copied it to the SD card pop it into the camera and then the Mac’s was able to successfully update the firmware this has fixed the Wi-Fi issues so far another quirk I found in the GoPro app after editing and exporting a photo or video I have to save it again to get those files into my camera roll this is just super inefficient plus GoPro is running banner ads in their app trying to sell me on their cloud storage I don’t love that and for a quick overview of their desktop apps I again like the GoPro one for smooth mine scrubbing and video playback same keyframing options here the man’s so annoying constantly needing to level the horizon and I did find this menu setting for mouse control traditional if horizon leveling is disabled yet when I’m shooting 360 on the max it won’t let me turn on horizon leveling in the settings and the horizon keeps getting tilted I’m not sure if I’m missing something here but it honestly shouldn’t be this complicated and an extra 10 points thrown to insa 360 for just simply working as it should out of the box editing in the gopro player app honestly takes me forever for just one clip so I personally will probably never use it the inso 360 studio desktop app is a little bit more powerful with customization it’s not as pretty in design and the timeline scrubbing is non-existent which is very bothersome but there’s a lot more utility under the hood and I can honestly reframe a keyframe rinse and repeat over and over much faster in here with keyboard shortcuts over the GoPros desktop app so which one is best well honestly if you’re thinking you just need a simple wide-angle high quality action camera with lots of shooting modes resolutions and frame rates well then the hero 8 might be your best bet it’s simple and straightforward if however you’re looking for fresh unique angles and you love the idea of over capturing the world reframing later well then 360 will open up a world of fun shooting possibilities for you as for which one well I sort of lean in both directions I really like the overall photo and video quality of the GoPro Max better even though it’s workflow is not as good as the One X I really like those protective lenses it’s built in waterproof vivid colors and contrasts great stabilization great stereo audio quality and a lot more but then again you are paying around $100 more for it which is where for some people if you’re on a tighter budget and you don’t have spare cash just lying around well that’s when I’d say go with the insta 360 1x it still has some awesome potential and features its editing workflow is better and fast sir it still produces incredible footage it’s smooth stabilization better stitching better invisible selfie stick now that I’m talking about it it’s a sweet deal for what you get and possibly more bang for the buck especially if you can find it on sale which I heard some killer deals are coming up this holiday season as always use my links down below to check out those special deals also remember the One X has been out for over a year now so a well done 2 insta 360 for creating a camera that can still stand up top-tier with the rest and be I don’t know when their next action camera will be coming out maybe the 2x or whatever but if you can wait a while well then maybe you should and I’m excited to see how cool their next camera is thank you guys so much for watching and if you’re new around here consider sticking around for a lot more tech videos like this posted every week

until next time but let’s live authentic

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