where that seaweed you know manatee and island in the eat seaweed everything love everything we’re not seeing they eat grass there is grass well we do not eat parrotfish but fishy did not eat fish in your seed really yeah all right fish eat everything i really fish them you know you used to i think that peace pull up your [ __ ] every one of them easily read this [ __ ] every pirate fish when i go out there and look on the reef and that they might eat whatever you think nobody yeah they’re just munching and crunching on it at the big ocean anima santo that’s when they caught their moon you see inside them it blew you know green tea you know [Laughter] you know i heard different stuff about parrotfish other people that are like don’t kill it not because it’s nasty but because it’s so good for the reef it keeps it healthy and makes all the sand and that kind of thing you know on one piece with with people nokiono one day i pick up my gun and i shoot a purge one million fish look at any one player demo then i would never shoot that sword again no it looked like everything that country motor blue one million fish look a fine fish next to that inside you know then another trouble all right i’m done with parrotfish like me business who like me business in the mountain sometime or leslie corny people don’t know what is connie but we jamaica know what it’s called people will we’ll cook it and go down and don’t understand but it’s sometimes a good one and sometimes a bad one why you’re hunting now you’re going out you’re looking for something all the time at the hunter man but no no more like the cornelia hunter money in the jungle let them leave three cars that father human being no sometimes the hard see their flowers too you know and we have one with the good ones on the background we have another woman one from the one where we’re sick they just work like human like human being likely for someone last a month stop from a legend let them live you don’t want to leave life of a moment leave them you miss life you don’t make no life to take life let them live free suppose you are about there right now and people cut your shoes your foot in a bag that is not your lucky deal all right yeah but what about if you’re a frog a big frog on the earth well then they

i know by 15 minutes time again still bleed ayah [Applause] running back with camera so i think i’m uploading come around upon him tonight but listen up now be proud what is your to you is that dream kayatu of life and that the blood problem is dead to the first that’s so insane prague know again the crab they come here in a church no light at night every light is a bag and a hand and a chestnut head after dark at night just like the people and all them are killers when the night comes you know nobody told me after that got nobody not gonna come here crab you know the crabs they come here and in a church not like a light is above uneven bug is enhanced and convicted people have you seen the the turtles this year a lot of them i’d because the season was pretty recent right yeah it’s coming up because a [ __ ] thing in a water one damaging about one million tokyo women for one year that year we go back again nicey and blue blue laguna up so [ __ ] so [ __ ] fast and go down back then pretty your fault i want to look in our watch i don’t know when the kai was that clean you know one million people do you have to take it the boat to see them or can you see them from the shore or something way better on the little raft thing yeah no

and then they watch other with them you know it’s like to within there and they were that clean they make pictures on their spirituality and people in there so then [ __ ] you know m i think we’ve been but we haven’t done the boat thing we just went to look quick i really want to do a fishing thing too like go up on a boat ride and try to catch some i don’t have any no if you haven’t liked all kinds of good stuff did you ever do shrimp catching no of course not you didn’t do that what am i talking about rasas don’t eat shrimp you know i eat chinese oh yeah i was thinking that too because when i was a kid i loved pirate stuff so much and the fact that there’s an old pirate city right here oh yeah oh just by the airport right it’s just past the airport like one little island beyond i think yeah let’s go there i want to go to the um botanic garden and bath too i’m kind of curious about that place where they had the first bread fruit ever in this side of the world because bath that’s like a well-known thing well known well we got the car we can do whatever that’s awesome are you around the yard this week we’re here oh good perfect friday all right it’s on yeah i’ve gotten one on the face before i’ve gone under and been like i know them almost with people so i know this son of a [ __ ] think we’re not the stingrays are cool there’s no they don’t mess with you yeah they kill people well if you step on them you’ll keep going white man i want your uh really dead

you know that sounds badass jerk shark yeah it’s hard to say i would sell them to the hotel then then teach we made three here you account every warranty oh yeah i just don’t think about them when i’m out there into surfing or swimming i know they’re there i just don’t know i just don’t remember yeah well well you know you’re not true yeah yeah normally but nobody does but when they do it’s trouble trouble is real no one did it you know until you’re shot now you know i see you no not sure sometimes surfers get smashed no i keep it on that but then it won’t come here you know when um

sure i got 257 ross kitchen ideas and now there’s more bigger key man and the big fishing big boat from the combined line

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