hey everyone hope you’re having an amazing day at smart Queens I’m in Montego Bay Jamaica and when you think about the food of Jamaica probably the number one food that comes to mind is Jamaican Jerk Jamaican Jerk is a style of cooking meat it’s a blend of spices and herbs and marinade that goes into the meat and I’ll just be honest with you it is a way of life and so we are dedicating today to Jamaican Jerk and there’s gonna be two simultaneous jerk events that are happening today number one is we have a whole pig a whole hog that my friend Andrew who is a Jamaican Jerk champion he is gonna season he’s gonna give it his Jamaican jerk seasoning treatment number two is that we are gonna go to a place called the pork pit who our jerk masters of Montego Bay and one of the best places to eat jerk in Jamaica we’re gonna see their process of how they smoked the jerk especially the jerk pork and jerk chicken we’re gonna see their seasoning this is going to be an ultimate day of Jamaican Jerk in Jamaica before we get started with the neighbors stopping for a quick snack a Jamaican patty hahaha what’s up Andrew whoa place is huge I don’t know which one’s a chicken or which one’s Andy one beep is the one sorry thank you we’re actually on our way to the market but yeah we had to stop to get the juices flowing we’re having a Jamaican patty Jamaican pet people are passionate about Jamaican patties this is going to be my first time to try a Jamaican patty you get the the patties always come in a brown paper bag two in one and Matt and Andrew said there’s no way you’re eating one you have to eat two at a time pull this guy out and also the common thing too is to eat it out of the brown paper bag my first bite of a Jamaican patty oh yeah looks like flaky kind of like buggery crotch meat in there senator this one’s beef and then just like here’s a little bit of that spike you taste a little bit of the ferment all right yeah I kind of should’ve been switched in the mini taster plate those grown to be but they season and put it into the crust and bake it that’s just straight like comfort food at its finest Wow I have to keep on eating the flavor actually gets better I can understand why they’re so popular and why they’re so addictive yeah there’s just nothing not to like about even like on the edges it’s more crusty and flakier that is an addiction like immediately out of the pack I can’t stop we’re in the car okay start at the market but in the car I’m finishing off the chicken patty a Kirkuk about there’s awesome – I think I still prefer that chick the beef that’s the original but the curry chicken is delicious also and again you have to eat them fresh and hot so because it’s still really kind of rainy today not a lot of stalls are open a lot of cells are kind of have some plastic over the vegetables and ingredients but that’s okay a few places are open Andrew is getting work – immediately oh I see that basket full of scotch bonnets yeah man Andrew so you prefer the orange in yellow intensive yeah because they give you a better flavor okay yeah they carry more heat okay Scotch bonnets are essential and Scotch bonnets they truly are one of the greatest peppers in the world – not only for their heat but they’re amazingly fruity flavor and then also some of that Jamaican ginger some garlic I know we’re also gonna get some pimento which is allspice berries already smell that tiny yes and this thing named beetroot okay this may be juice as soon as they pulled out the fresh thyme the room of that herb you can smell it so vibrantly that’s one of the most vibrant aromas and your entire shop that probably has the most vibrant aroma that fresh thyme also getting scallions onions garlic Scotch bonnets everything is going into the jerk we’re just waiting on the pimento snow oh yeah it’s gonna be the dried pimento berries okay the berries the

secret ingredient for every jerk and so then we just got a couple big bags of pimento which is also known as allspice they’re the berries they have a flavor that’s similar to nutmeg cinnamon clove all together in one just essential essential berry and you need it for Jamaican cuisine in almost every dish but for jerk without without pimento it’s not judge it’s like a spice of life in the care of the anthem we got everything yeah cool thank you took out the weather is raining today because otherwise we’d be walking around the market but instead we’re cruising around the market I love it how Matt and Andrew just know like everybody throughout the market do we need we drove over to pineapple beach it’s a beautiful property the grassy area the trees were right next to the beach you immediately smell the sea as you exit the car this is not great weather it’s really windy the seas are really high in rough and just cloudy and drizzling but that’s not gonna stop us from having this ultimate jerk day we’re getting ready to season the whole pig Andrew and by the way Andrew is he won the jerk Jamaican Jerk championship he is a knowledge a treasure chest of Jamaican jerk seasoning and we’re gonna be preparing the whole hog and roasting it here at pineapple Beach the leaves are also used for the we use the leaves yeah in a roasting so the green leaves give off the smoke when it hits the fire so when the fire is on it smokes it flavors with the pimento well this is one of the most important culinary flavoring and that leaf it’s like it is even the leaf smells similar to the berries almost the same cinnamony yeah cinnamon II but like more refreshing the pimento by the way the pimento tree that produces the pimento berry or fruit or allspice berry this an OTEC an OT ET r ET ot interchangeable apples which is similar to a rose apple it’s delicious I’ll give it the shirt the shirt the shirt technique hmm also so incredible juice might be one of the motion juicy fruits except back here in this lean-to surrounded by bamboo poles this is the kitchen chef andrew is gonna get started on the jerk marinade for we have a whole pig it’s a suckling pig and you what’s this this is the fork season to try rope okay also first it’s a dry rub and then the wet rub would go like the blender bit bright and fresh places there are and you got okay so this doesn’t solve it’s right here right now okay okay so he blended up big like half a bag full of the allspice berries blended that up fresh it’s silly romantic and then again that goes straight on to the pig oh yeah you can smell that’s heavy on batch bunny have you done the Scotch dude he’s like at least like 20 Scotch bonnets plus the allspice yeah you’ve been into the jerk your whole life probably right yeah which one can been doing everything he coarsely chop sup that time it’s so aromatic and now garlic goes in garlic gives it it helps to tenderize the meat as well [Applause] you just he added in the ginger Jamaican

ginger as known to be some of the strong as some of the best again it’s incredibly aromatic blended that all together with the pimento with the Scotch bonnets and the garlic and there’s a bit of vinegar in here too and then just poured it into this bowl that just smells unbelievable because these are so potent you don’t use a lot of it minions yeah onions I’m strong in it yeah okay improvise okay in the second blender he added scallions onions and some more scotch bonnets so that’s like a layering of the scott funding and what’s amazing about the jerk is that it’s also a layering of the spice so we first put on that dry rub then the wet rub so the dry rub sits there on the skin and now the wet rub is just gonna like marinate into every single flush every crevice all those holes that he poked into it and just as he pours in that marinade you can just the aroma of the pimento of the time of the garlic and onions everything is there everything is present it’s so powerfully aromatic I almost cannot control myself I have like allspice berries growing in my nostrils this is the setup that we’re gonna use above ground style hoe Andrews lighting the charcoal now and balancing on these stumps so above ground getting the heat and the smoke and sitting on top of the pimento wood with pimento leaves as well that’s gonna give it a fragrance as well so typically now in Jamaica because too much deforestation too many cutting down of the pimento trees usually sweet wood is used in the jerk preparation but here on the property there was a pimento tree that was already fallen that had fallen down that like a while ago and so it’s already cut up so we’re actually gonna be able to use the pimento wood which is the traditional way that harmony of spices is just unbelievable one of the great jerking and you can even use jerk as a verb jerking is one of the great barbecue techniques of the world and so of course the the fire is on the ground below the great is on the stumps now and then pimento wood and then pimento leaves on top this is the the base before the pig and I’m already you can smell the aromatics of the pimento the leaves and the wood everything that’s in the marinade it’s just gonna be a little tiny layer of jerk seasoning and just aroma fragrance spice [Applause] what an incredible setup and just the layers so the pig went on top of the pimento we use then a great then like a zinc ploy to metal and then start coals on top of that so that the fire burns on top of that so it’s getting heat from both the bottom but the bottom is more like a smoke because it’s a it’s a less direct it’s not like a very harsh heat it’s gonna get smoked but then he also from the top and so that’s gonna all just like bundle in there everything is like directing itself towards the pig and the pimento the jerk pig is gonna roast for four to five hours but from here we are gonna drive back into Montego Bay and we’re going straight to the pork pit which is it really is one of the best places in Jamaica for jerk pork and they do it in a huge way we’re gonna see the whole grill we’re gonna get a little bit of a jerk snack before coming back here in a few hours to to reconnect with the jerk Pig oh yes step out of the van you can immediately smell the dimeric yes

smokiness and when you’re in Montego Bay look for the massive cotton cotton tree right in the center that’s the landmark you know you’re at the port pick just take a look at the size of this cotton tree the stump the diameter has to be like meters across what is your name I’m mark nice to meet you Oh mark mark I’m mark also yeah all right yes yeah nice to meet you thank you we’re in the pit now and it is just unbelievable it’s just it literally is a smouldering smoking sea of pig parts it’s like a very low very subtle smoking sheet because as you can see with the whole construction again like like we did that with the whole pig it’s a layering system and so there’s shelves so the coals reside below and actually in the back there there’s an entire there’s like a furnace of coals going so when the when they every now and then replenishes the coals to replenish the heat but it’s a tray of coals on the bottom and then the next layer the next shelf is wood that goes down an entire layer of wood and if actually if you put your ear close down to the grill there to that smolder and go you can hear kind of the hiss of both that would kind of like smoldering with that heat as well as the juices from the pork just kind of seeping out and then that entire planks the the the poles of wood are just topped with just just like pieces chunks of pork that have been marinating and all of that jerk seasoning and Matt was explaining to me that the the cork here at the part bit it actually marinates for a week a week that jerk seasoning is just like seeping into the meat before ever goes on the grill and then again it’s just a short it’s just a long long grill process so the smoke goes into it layer upon layer of jerk unbelievable process pork is your your mute of choice but chicken is also available on this grill so two grills going constantly all the time unbelievable process oh you have a barbecue sauce salsa that’s like a special barbecue sauce yeah tell me you like special it be special ask for it right Janie yeah then the process is you go inside and you make your order you pay inside then you come outside to the grill to the pit you hand mark your receipt and then he gets your meat whatever you paid for you in the morning you get the chicken he chops it up fresh boxes it and then you take it to a CT so we just got to order for a nice juicy one for you thank you excusing us the juiciest evolved G please thank you now I’m a Clio suppose you gotta try some peas tough Austrian pepper shrimp we got the food we got the rice if Matt also ordered some pepper shrimp there’s some festival which are fried dough stick there’s some Bamie we’ve got the jerk chicken and we got the pork and okay I just have to I have to begin with that jerk pork he chops it up slices it up you can get fatty pieces you can get more meaty green pieces but if you just take a piece take a nugget and look at that marinade that seasoning that jerk that jerk rub spice blend mixture you guys get in on here get in on there oh that jerk is unexplainably pasty let’s sit out ringer on it yeah my favorite place dude man whoever plays on the island to you it’s the smokiness it’s the pimento that allspice you taste the thyme in there

the garlic ginger all those essential jerk seasoning spices and it’s just a fuse on our goodness it’s a fusion of Jamaica yeah that’s all it is still jamia can I go in one bite one bite and one more step to the perfect pork jerk experience what do you call it this is a scotch bonnet pepper sauce and the promove promove tick off the top yeah you don’t want to that’s that’s way too small for you too small of a hole at the top a chunk you want the chunk you want to chunks out a scotch bonnet for the sauce yes I want as much that’s what you are looking for the chunkiness the bulk go back in for a nugget a nugget of jerk look look at that piece and I’m gonna use that to scoop up the Scotch Bunny and actually I’m gonna have to grab another piece of pork to the scoop on as much chunk scotch bonnet chunk and garlic there’s any little juice to top it off a little more juice and that there you have one of the greatest bites of jury service people will layer upon layer of flavor that sauce is unbelievable the sauce is ridiculous the ginger barbecue scientist isn’t ginger grits barbecue sauce a layered on flavor Jameer has the best ginger and we put it on ribs oh my god okay barbecue ribs them oh yeah actually the ginger is the first thing you taste that barbecue sauce is incredible Pender smoky ribs hmm and then yeah incredible awesome a sweet tangy barbecue sauce but ginger is like the first taste that you actually catch mmm it’s finger lickin up sweet banana mountain okay and now to switch up the meatiness of my mouth I’m gonna try the fried plantain oh I love fried pungent ooh but the yeah the sweet and sourness of it gets ripe and then the texture it’s almost like boozy on the inside this is the green green plant it is green plantain green plantain so it’s not not sweet but then the pieces are squished into like paddy formations and I believe fried more starchy much more starchy than the sweet version and again like in that pepper sauce it is outstanding okay we got to try it chicken stuff well yeah the moistness and juiciness is preserved because of that style of cooking and that sauce that drinkable just like infinite supply of that sauce let’s ring everything oh it’s here bring it and you want to ring it out it it’s so good hmm like gushes with found new juices and then that jerk seasoning and then that’s got fun I’ve ever that’s actually a flavor you just want to tuck into your cheek and keep it forever once you start your new you cannot even stop approximately eight minutes later the entire everything we had that was full on the table has been reduced to a few chicken bones and a few empty Scotch bonnets sauce bottles we’re going back to pineapple Beach where the whole whole big jerk is still gonna be slow roasting away that’s coming next should be ready in a few yes you’ve been pushing down on the

knife it’s just like falling through a time he’s adding a bit more charcoal stoking up the fire but it’s coming very soon and that this entire beach actually probably everybody downwind from us in Jamaica can smell that okay so andrew is just read basting it with the final just pouring on that jerk paste the wet rub one more just full full layer of jerk seasoning is ready this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for all day [Laughter] you want to try the first beat or should eyes yeah you do No Tedric dude gosh been waiting and waiting hours for this that’s just insane New Jersey and like you have the skin the fat to meet the pimento the time that you jerk dr. Barnett pepper Jamaican Jerk a whole leg bone okay you’re just saying break into strips I’m sorry oh it’s so poor dude I’ll take a whole bar anybody feel free to come come have a bite the pimento the drumstick yeah this is a Jamaican party but the thing is the flavor has penetrated all the way down to the bones it is unreal the entire pig has just been devoured in about ten minutes but there’s some of that some of that rub some of that jerk seasoning leftover on that banana loaf huh with the pork fat mixed into it the pimento that time Ananas Ananas chef Andrew well done man bump-bump we ended up just hanging out at pineapple beach such an amazing group of people so much fun to hang out so laid-back people with such big hearts and I want to say a big thank you to Andrew chef Andrew again he is the jerk he’s a jerk champion of Jamaica and that jerk was unbelievable that just every component every spice that went into it and then the method the style the smokiness the juiciness was unbelievable and Matt the food bus from Jamaica Food Tours he is just an amazing and amazing guy Matt thank you and so that’s gonna be it for this video I want

to say a big thank you to you for watching this entire Jamaica food series if you haven’t seen all the videos I’ll have the link in the description box check that out check out all the amazingly delicious Jamaican food please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you and if you’re not already subscribed make sure you subscribe for lots more food and travel videos and I’ll see you on the next video goodnight

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