good morning everyone today we were going to learn something really new and it’s something I have been doing now for about 15 years in fact I would like to claim the one who learned how to do this first but I have no idea but this is something I came up with many many years ago and what we’re doing is we’re taking grocery store herbs and we’re going to reap them so we can have our own plants for the year this works amazing I enjoy making this every year rosemary does not overwinter so we have time we have rosemary we have mint all of these little all these little sprigs are actually going to turn into plants they will root they will grow and then you can plant them out and you can have them out on a pot on your deck or you can have them in your garden so I’m going to show you step-by-step how to do it I am going to be using something different I’m using some rooting hormone other years I’ve never used it and it works great but this year I’m going to try the rooting hormone because this way it’s going to be total success when I did it in previous times I may have one or two that wouldn’t work but the rest would but I’m going to try to read a woman I will give you a link in my description box this was only five dollars and fifty cents and that included shipping so we’re going to try and I wish it so I’m going to show you how you can route grocery store herbs into your own plants this works for only the soft branches so this is called soft wood it would not work for chives or things like that if you have a woody stem this one’s perfect so let me show you how fun and exciting this little project can be you’re gonna need is you’re going to need a bowl and this is only so when we cut some of this off that we don’t waste anything you’re gonna need something with dirt in it preferably a small plastic container you’re going to need baggies and you’re going to need your herbs now mine we’re only $0.99 so that’s really cheap I know some people in different areas it’s gonna cost them more than that but wait you see how many plants we’re gonna get out of this so this is time and time is something that is a perennial in other words they’ll grow up back each and every year so what I’m going to do is we’re going to actually put two plants in one of these pots so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to shred off all the leaves at the bottom half of it so it’s going to look just like this so I took the leaves off we’re gonna make a brand new cut on an angle we’re going to dip into water and then dip it into our our hamon powder then we’re going to put it right into our pot it’d take another one find one that that looks the healthiest so let me see what we can do here I’m not going to use all of these I’m just gonna find one that looks the best and this one’s a nut wow that is not very good let me see them fine alright here’s another good one they’re like this always cut off a little piece so you have a fresh cut always dip it into water and always put it into the rooting hormone you don’t have to have the root of more mone it just the root hormone does help it may give it more successful rate but I’ve never used a

rooting hormone before this is what they do in a lot of greenhouses but I’m just using store-bought herbs all right now let’s go ahead and use the rosemary because that’s really what I’m interested in the rosemary is very expensive when you have to when you buy the herb so this is perfect so this has given me four so I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to do two at a time so we’re gonna go ahead and strip off the leaves our rosemary smells absolutely amazing so I’m gonna do two of them at one time and the rosemary is what I do every year but I wanted to show you that you can do it with other herbs as well we’re gonna dip it into our hormone I’m gonna put it just like that rosemary is the easiest one to route so if you want to route something we go with the rosemary and rosemary is also an expensive herb to buy at least in our area it is go ahead I’m gonna snip it off I think I slipped it off the other ones if I didn’t it’s still a root it’s really not that important now this one I forgot to dip in water that’s alright we’re going to be watering it and I’m going to show you the critical part at the end of this what it’s going to make this grow so here we have some mint mint also really works well mint is very easy to root just gonna go ahead take the leaves off this one here has a really big stem mint is probably even easier than rosemary yet okay that one didn’t do so well let’s try this one this you can even route mint in water all righty did some of my rosemary because this is what’s so important to me so this rosemary is somewhat bent so we’re just going to cut off some of it I’m going to finish up these herbs and then I’ll show you the last step which is the most important step all right so now here we are now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pack the

the ground so we’re gonna pack the dirt really close to it pack it down real good you don’t want no air so use your fingers or however you choose but you pack it down the key is you have to have this in a Sunday the key is you have to have this in a sunny windowsill you have to have Sun it’s not gonna route it’s not going to grow if you don’t have Sun it has direct sunlight it has to have that that’s why a lot of times it doesn’t work for people because they put it somewhere where it gets shade that has to be in on a south-facing window so because we are going to generate a lot of heat also needs a lot of heat in order to route one thing I am very good at is growing plants I do have a real a real green thumb I always have so some people it doesn’t seem like it works and then other people like me this is so simple and easy it’s one of those things you’re gonna have to give it a try for yourself to see if you can get it to work for you but soft woods like this these kind of plants work great I want to smell so lovely alright so now the important part of it you got to take a watering can or something like this now I bought these these came from China they were only 30 cents apiece I love them I don’t know if you can still get them but they’re so neat so we use this to water our plants so now we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to water it pretty good because we’re probably not going to water it until we get to plant it outside until it’s rooted and I’ll show you why in a moment water real good now for the most important thing if you want to have it successful other riru ting we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna take a bag you have to cover it with a bag we’re creating our own little greenhouse effect so you have to have a

bag covering it I’m going to be showing you week from week how these grow we’re gonna leave the bag on until it’s well rooted and we’ll know it’s rooted when you start seeing new green that starts to grow don’t be concerned if your plants the first two days are wilted they will wilt that’s okay they’re not dying they will wilt but then in a couple days till week you’re going to see some something different happen it’s going to be exciting for you because it’s going to be growing if you’re planning on doing this every year like I do I would strongly suggest you buy the root of hormone it will last you many years and it’s really really cheap now preferably if you have a smaller bag all right Brooks and I still miss banks that I had my Dollar Tree ones are growing my Dollar Tree ones are growing really nice there’s my Dollar Tree once you go ahead while I’m here and water some of them they really don’t need it much but we’re gonna go ahead and water it there we go as they grow we’re going to rotate them so that they keep growing straight that’s what it looks like now we don’t need to do anything at least for a week and then we’ll have to check to see if we need to water them or not but that’s why you put the plastic bag over them because it makes condensation which helps give them a lot of nutrients and also helps give them a lot of moisture so now what do we do so now we’re gonna take a container and take all of these leftover pieces of all these herbs we’re going to make ourself a cleaner this cleaner can be for your kitchen or anywhere you wish so we’re gonna take all of these and we’re gonna put them into a glass jar so nothing gets wasted we’re gonna take our this is 99% alcohol which if you go to the Dollar Tree it’s going to be 50% which is fine it doesn’t really matter and we’re gonna go ahead and pour it in here and we’re gonna let it steep for about eight weeks and now we have a cleaner that you can add to anything you can add some water to it if you wish but I use it straight and I will use it for all of my cleaning needs for my bathroom to my kitchen we want to make sure we have enough that it covers all of your herbs to keep them preserved so you always want to make sure you have enough there’s no air in and there we go now we have a cleaner so there we go now we have a cleaner with all the extras that we cut off with our plants help me give this project a try I know it’s a little more advanced for some people but give it a try and see if it works for you and I so strongly suggest you do get the root of hormone it will make a difference and I plan on doing a lot of reroute you can reroute so many things you go to a friend’s house and maybe she has a flower that you would like to try go ahead and you can just snip off a piece of that and give it a try and reroute it at your own house take care of one we’ll see you guys tomorrow hey everybody wait a second if you like videos about my daily life and you like

to see how do I do things here on the homestead take a look at all these videos below it’s three years worth of beautiful videos that I get to share with you my life and my dreams for the future take care everyone

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