hola I’m John Olsen welcome to next stop from Amazonas welcome to Amazonas brazil’s largest state on this episode we’ll go deep in the jungle for some adventures will tour the capital city of Manaus by foot and by air and we’ll introduce you to an amorous spider monkey our local music and cultural scene will blow your mind all this and more on next stop Amazonas the fun starts now Manaus is the capital of Amazonas and here we are with Alex our new buddy for a walking tour of this beautiful city we start here and this guy started Manaus right this guy is very famous because he’s young but sister to hit on onion he was the first governor so I like it that not only people hang out in the square here but actually the dogs come and hang out to it yeah yeah everybody come here like I say in the past everybody missed this place what I’m gonna miss ya I like this statue this is cool I like the boats what is that signify this monument is for the immigration and the date was November 15 when you made this time of the Portugal in Paris in Empire you see there like waves sure which represent the Amazon River and the Niger River and like wave this is the significance of this place here so then the boats are basically to open open commissary the rest of the world through the river the river the kimonos that’s the main thing say all right Alex to see how the local shop this is a typical fish from Amazon they call Janaki the very popular here everybody buy before ship and good beside there’s a lot of fish like tombak eat another one of their Sardinians see there another is satisha one of the larger ones physical come back here somebody come again what are some things uniquely Brazilian that we can find in this area all the equipment to fish does some fruit that maybe you cannot see in us lots of unique stuff around here else this is clearly the shopping district yeah so we got the local station in town there’s two TV crews in here fighting for space know before I post engagement you get water no Portuguese other vegetables does donezo take for English every time I go to I have to speak English every time for the makes me single tries to speak Portuguese yeah you are right I’m sorry we’re gonna be tough there me repeat after me so boy it’s a boy we continue our tour so we’re looking for something fairly unique I think we have found it who don’t see this like this what is this kind of me call me okay that’s your basic chicken the vegetables you said vegetables are really expensive here right yeah like my toes are really expensive this is just big goat cheese basically yeah so yeah in kg buffa leave em up ooh cheese in buffalo mozzarella yeah I love this market it’s something you guys have yeah we don’t but I like it so obviously they have to find a way to get everything into the market this is clearly how they do it that’s right that’s right this is the original point my house they live and sleep in this boat nothing like saving the best for last this is absolutely incredible the after house this is very popular came a lot of performance for the countries such as opera or tenors and dancing thing like this you have every year now well thank you for the tour this is you’ve got a great city what great memories here and I think we should go explore some more I hope that you see this in the US and they come to visit house why would you not coming up on next up we see a natural phenomenon by air and feature Brazil’s only hotel with a zoo when you think of Amazon you think of huge the best way to see this enormous area is by see flame okay Betty Islands River Thames River

corporate channel right side if every up the island over here I don’t know how you live on that island people are living there they’re here yeah what do they do let’s see the Amazon and they groan the enemy hey Derek now you can see the dramatic changes in Pella if you wanted to wear the meeting of the waters rub these up and never ever ever wondered el barco Ebola that is a very dramatic oh yeah really something to see how long is the Amazon River really see the waterways up here on the ground you don’t know how much water there is surrounding of the whole city oh yeah that’s a gorgeous building what a fun sewer oh great it’s the best way to see now from the founding Amazon’s up there oh yeah and listen to any waters that it has really really something Brazil is comprised of 26 states Amazonas is the largest of these states an area Manaus is the capital city and the largest metropolitan area in northern Brazil with nearly 2.3 million inhabitants Manaus is located at the convergence of the Amazon and negra rivers we’re staying at the lovely tropical Manaus which is much more than your average hotel it’s kind of like a city it’s huge yes this is one of the best of all time we have it here in Brazil everybody knows about it at Oracle here at the Mozilla it’s very favors and we have a lot of kinds of the room design types of different rooms here not yes we have the presidential to the standard rooms so we can receive a lot of groups and a lot of people around the world so the Presidential Suite is aptly named because President Clinton actually stayed there yes received a lot of president Watts the most importance is Clinton of course and entertainers shorts and a girl anis Morissette your location is awesome you’re right on the beach you’re right off the beach which we checked out yesterday it was incredible yeah this amazing place to Florida leisure you’ve got some restaurants here too that are pretty impressive your buffet is very enjoy oh my gosh the food is incredible you know great is great this is our grill not only for the guests but from the people from manaus one of the first things I noticed when we checked in the hotel of course is the lobby bar which is very open and very fun and inviting but I love your hallways they’re so long they’re very majestic yes majestic and other guys likes a lot because it’s different okay so we always like to find something a little unique about every property we stay at throughout the world here the zoo you guys have your own zoo who has their own zoo we as we have again maybe have a year is a perfect zoo and I think it’s the only hotel in the Brazil that have zoo hello I’m John Daisy nice to meet you I came here yesterday and I saw these animals and there was a cute little baby running around I’ve never seen animals like this what are they the name is Eason Mazepa curry very common the Amazon rainforest in the outer boroughs it so it’s kind of like our pig it’s like a pig in the US now you also have some very interesting monkeys yes what’s your favorite right my favorite a spider monkey my – lets go check out the spider monkey let’s go so these are my favorite monkeys – tell us about these animals hey spider monkeys the billion one thing that Mazzone enforced only a first piece justice and national registries Jason either living in the other states one of

these monkeys is a movie star you’re the movie star Nina Nina so I know what this guy is this is a macaw this is Bonnie here but see I have a problem I’m Kyra food and all after eating there indicates you haven’t I’m very impressive hotel and how many hotels have a zoo this is so cool thank you so much for sharing this with us this is very memorable it’s a pleasure for us over together there’s that thank you so much you might be wondering how we got here since Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly to Brazil coming up on next stop you’ll find out as we highlight one of their fantastic codeshare partners it’s always a pleasure to meet up with Alaska Airlines partners throughout the world and on this trip to Brazil we partner with American Airlines who’s experiencing some amazing growth some really fantastic changes starting right here at DFW what’s next generation yes we are standing in our first airport which is the next-generation concept design which is designed around the customer and really improving the customer experience putting the customer ease throughout the airport journey as well as keeping them connected so we have behind us here the ticket counter of DFW terminal a1 which features a lot of the latest technologies such as self tagging kiosks this is a big part of our brand and who we want to be which is an airline that is new modern fresh really keeping customers connected keeping customers at ease through through their travel journey and this is a big part of it is really elevating the airport experience for our customers here as an avid traveler I’m a connoisseur of brand new airplanes we’ve got that today the triple seven 300 yeah I think it’s it’s really the new American is really what you’re seeing with the introduction of the triple 7 300 it’s in our first and business class cabins it’s a hundred percent lie flat seats direct aisle access it’s a first for a US carrier our customers love it – there’s some good party lighting going on inside yeah so another cool feature about this aircraft is it does have a mood lighting system there’s several different settings that the flight intents are able to do throughout the flight one of them happens to be the party setting which are in the party mode as we call it it’s been very popular of course it has our brand colors of blue and red your coach is so bad either no in their own parentheses that’s right for myself included who would be flying in the main cabin we didn’t leave any stone unturned and so we really paid a lot of attention in our main cabin and that was really our goal behind this aircraft and and I think we I think we had a home run on that I think you did too now I’m in the market for a new car back home in Honolulu but I’m thinking why not just skip right to one of these planes how much just give us something about well this price let’s say about 110 million chump change chump change but it’s well worth it and you’ll get there faster I promise pretty oh my god if we’re taking a step Raziel you bet thanks a lot Alaska Airlines has an award-winning mileage program and is proud of its partnership with American Airlines which serves over 250 cities and 40 countries worldwide you can visit amazing places like Brazil take advantage of the bonus mouths issued upon approval of the Alaska Airlines visa signature card and start planning your next adventure today for more information visit alaska air calm we’re deep in the amazon about three hours outside of manaus at the juma lodge for some jungle adventures okay John we will start our hike from now basically some recommendation along the way just look before you touch any type of trees sometimes you have some spiky palm trees but basically some parts about the palm trees how to survive how we use our notion in the forest so we will learn some techniques how to climb the trees which is the material to use and many things to be using along the way welcome to the jungle area well now we arrive into a place that I would like to show you this how we have this knowledge from the ancestral people for a long time this here is going to be pull this this direction look when I pull it this direction here it will have one is good to remain it’s stuck back look so we do it a sphere we just swirl it this Wow voila did you expect that so this is the one that we use to make our roof principles so Juma lodge the other local natives homes are done out of this year

so I’m about to be United John of the jungle is fine now they’re in for it John of the jungle yeah you can use this here is a special farm tree it gives a limb for us it goes free to grab it we good up awesome you put it the Tenon’s ankle like this okay that’s how it’s not done so here we have a species of a monkey called howler monkey it’s a baby it’s a howler monkey yeah it’s a horror monitor yes in the Ennis area that will be real we have the black ones the tail is very strong you can see I can move the wrap around my neck right now yeah so how long is Jimmy Lodge been in existence this is a very cool place over 12 years almost Jumma Lodge is very simple very rustic so where’s the piranha Emma I’ve never fished for piranha oh so did they we have a little surprise we will go and look for them where we will choose a spot where we call it ego is a flooded woodland really water now is coming up it may be a small one Oh check it out well this is a small one is a black one but just take a look and see what this can do in a snapped in this seconds when it closes note everything that bites the expectation is to take out the whole beef today’s adventures at Jimmy Lodge were both fun and informative tonight we’re going Cayman huntin Joe is up there looking for Caymans right now we’re hunting Caymans in the Amazon it’s crazy he is well camouflaged in the vegetation you can see you don’t really realize it it’s under open your hand there formerly good right here great you can basically make it like a handbag or something out of this right yes it have been used for a while that’s belt wallet shoes they’re having now now it is a very strong heartbeat flowing you do a great job sharing your culture Thank You Nana you’re welcome my pleasure once again coming up on next stop we attend a boy booboo rehearsal what’s boy boomba stick around and find out for our local music and cultural scene on next stop from manaus we’re at a rehearsal for boy boomba it’s crazy in there right now before we could talk about what’s going on in there what is boy boo boo boo boo byes Kouta evolution that has in pairing teens it’s an island in the middle of Amazon River okay so it’s very interesting because it comes to Manaus and it all get together it’s an explosion of culture it’s an explosion of movement music dancing it’s wonderful explosion is a great way to put yeah yeah this is crazy and trying to sense and emotive it’s way more than just the musicians of the communities come together and it’s a big competition talk about that okay the competition is between two boys okay boy Baba’s the red one which is guaranteed oh and the blue one which kappa joseph so when the competition isn’t happening in they’re not practicing every single to the suicide should meet up and have a beer yes this is like really serious this guy in there right now that the people love singing who is that guy okay that guy’s blind okay his name is Ayaka he’s considered the Emperor of the musicians okay is

that the most famous singers of the oh boy boom bah expression wherever we go kids promote Amazonas we take a dancer okay a cup of – apologies boy bar and it’s very interesting whenever they start this and everybody goes along and try to do the same things but they don’t have coordination you know it’s quite difficult to get along with them I was passionate they’d have to play with the hands play with the legs you know and their expression they express everything that we have like ninja linearizations you know so we sit and people love it they come to do Pilates every year thanks for tuning into next stop from Amazonas Brazil obrigado to this show sponsors American Airlines the tropical Manaus the juma lodge and Amazonas tours thanks also to our title sponsors and very good friends Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card next stop where will we take you next make good memories everybody and ex-presidents for France Al Gore err sorry yeah Al Gore was president for France no no not only better the internet but he also was a real prize browser

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