Hey everybody its Dekinosai and I’m here with Sonic Adventure 2 This was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast. And since then it became a port on the Nintendo GameCube and It became one of my favorite games I used to play this all the time as a kid, and I’m really excited to get into this and relive the experience of Crashing on Sonic Adventure 2. Oh My god, hey everybody its Dekinosai and I’m here with Sonic Adventure 2 Originally released on dreamcast and then it came onto the gamecube and now we’re playing it on the PC Hopefully it doesn’t crash as soon as I complete this save file because oh my god Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sorry I’ve been dealing with a lot of crashing issues when it comes to this port Yeah, it’s been very murder some anyways we’re gonna start with the hero story then we’re gonna come to the dark story and then after that we’re gonna do whatever remains because a Story unlocks after you complete both of these stories. So we’re gonna do that, too In terms of completion. We’re not aiming for a 100% completion. We’re just playing this game for fun and to relive the classics basically That being said, this is Sonic Adventure 2. I hope you enjoy Now we start off Captured in a helicopter and we’re gonna break out and our goal Becomes to escape from the forces that seek to capture us And I found this very peculiar because I mean when you first experience the game you’re like hey It’s Sonic Why is he a prisoner right now? why are they trying to capture him? And you have no idea in the story, of course Everybody’s probably played Sonic Adventure 2 by now, but I want to relive it in that way like oh man Why is sonic running from the cops? You know That being said for its time this is a fantastic introduction to the game. You have so many questions and you’re just thrown into it It’s pretty awesome so this is City escape and as the name implies you’re escaping from the forces that are trying to capture you and you’re using the wing of a helicopter or some Fragment of a helicopter to go through this city and you tear apart cars And all these things that Sonic would normally not do like these are civilians cars and look at that absolute destruction that you’re unleashing upon the city like Come on It’s kind of entertaining in that fact, like there’s a chaotic vibe to it and I just really like that about this and Then you have this section. It’s a platforming section. So you switch from that surfing mode to platforming and I find that a really great introduction to to like the mechanics of Sonic Adventure 2 and Those of you who have played this game before and like, know the mechanics and stuff like that You’re probably like hey, you’re playing like trash are you know, what’s going on? Yeah, it’s been a while Komi’s gonna roast me in the comments from what I understand, but I’m just trying to have fun. You know, I’m not really trying to go for any like super crazy high score or 100% I’m just playing the game and having a good time That being said I did really miss this and I love playing through this every so often and I was curious about the PC port because I Just want to relive it again. I don’t want to have to break out the GameCube even though I totally could do that It’s just chilling in a box What the heck? Yeah, it’s just chilling in a box in a storage room so I could break it out But I don’t have anything to capture it with you know, so I figure I’m gonna play the PC port anyways Might as well record it and Just do stuff for YouTube that’s my whole channels initiative right now is to just do it with what I’ve got and the time that I have I’m Spending time playing games anyways, so why not? Why not experience a classic? with everybody So that’s my goal behind Sonic Adventure 2 I’m not really trying to do the best coverage of the game or do the best gameplay of the game I’m just looking to experience it So in that regard, I hope you guys enjoy because

It’s been a long time since I’ve had any sort of content out in the first place And I’m really looking to get back into YouTube and this is how I’m going to do it I’m going to just play games and enjoy Now that I think about it like I’ve always considered these chase scenes to– Ah it’s Big the Cat! Nice. I always consider these chase scenes to be kind of cliche but at the same time like Cliche works for a reason right? They’re they’re classic for a reason They’re good. I wonder how I did I probably did horrible probably like a C. Let’s find out Yeah, it’s a c Definitely a c So now that we’ve escaped through the city or at least we think we did we’re gonna run into The reason or that but after this after this, we’ll run out the reason Yeah, we’re just gonna pretend that didn’t happen Yeah, so this is Fighter Troop: Big Foot he’s a really simple boss and Komi’s gonna roast me in the comments what the Komi’s gonna roast me in the comments But it’s okay. The typical way to beat this boss is actually just the wait for him to land and then Attack the cockpit though. You don’t really have to do that You can get on the boxes and just hit him and apparently you can do it over and over. I’m not really sure entirely how that works, but Again, I’ve never tried to speedrun this game or anything like that. I’m just playing casually so it’s like whatever, you know I’m trying to give screen like screen time to the posters in the background like that phantasy star online poster Because I’m really hyped about when that actually comes out. I have a feeling I’ll be playing that a lot Some of my friends are hyped up about that as well and they want me to join them So I’m kind of just going through that I’ve never played it before but apparently Komi’s a big fan of it, too. So, oh wow, I’m surprised that didn’t hit One more hit shouldn’t take too much longer But yeah, I’m kind of curious about how y’all are doing actually like are these the type of games you like to see Would you prefer to see something else come from this channel? These are thoughts that I have right now and while I’m doing this kind of just have fun I would also like to kind of see What is a good idea to do out there, especially for my audience if? Sonic Adventure 2 isn’t exactly what you prefer definitely leave a comment in the comments letting me know what you would like to watch and Maybe if our interests align, maybe I’ll do a video series on that So now we have shadow and he’s got a Chaos Emerald and That’s what he’s been after the whole time. And it’s why Sonic’s reputation is ruined right now When I was originally going through this game scenes like this were badass to me I just liked the concept of chaos control And in a way I always found that it was really Really strange how like as you collect the Chaos Emeralds in the other Sonic games? They don’t have any individual power like they don’t do anything unless you collect all seven of them So it’s really good that they added something in this game To give them more power on their own like individually. So anyways, we have knuckles and Rouge to the bat now And they’re fighting over the Master Emerald. Rouge wants that emerald. But Knuckles is the protector of the Master Emerald And yet Eggman is like hey bro, I’m gonna just grab that real quick But in about five seconds knuckles is about to do the stupidest thing

He could possibly do in terms of making sure he gets that emerald back And that’s to inuyasha it Boom we are now on a quest to find the shikon jewel shards. I Also don’t get like how he just looks so out of it when he’s being choked like that Crazy But then again, I mean if he’s attuned to the Master Emerald, then maybe shattering It kind of disrupted his senses for a little bit But anyways, yeah now that Eggman has done that knuckles and Rouge on a quest to find the master emerald pieces before the other can So our job is to find them first, let’s see… What’s the hint? A suspended ceiling I’m pretty sure that’s up here. Just let’s see. Oh Well, okay I could just randomly find one like that bet Let’s see another hint a high place All right, I’m definitely in a high place Huh, we’re gonna oh, I see it. I literally see it. It’s right up there All right, we got one more left as Knuckles said so Let’s try and find it. Maybe it’s in this area Since I didn’t really find anything over here. Well, actually maybe this was the first place I found it Who knows? Oh, yeah, sometimes it’s just random chance that you find it other times You need the hint boxes to help you along your way. It looks like I found numbers 1 & 3 but not number 2 Let’s see… I feel like I’m really close by but I just don’t see it Let’s see You know, it’s probably up here somewhere Let’s try Nope it’s back there Okay, I’m getting closer and it’s probably– yeah it’s down here somewhere aha Gotcha. That wasn’t that bad. It was kind of slow and maybe my use of like the hint boxes might have Lowered my rank, but surprisingly I got a B. All right, I’ll take it And As we complete levels, of course we get emblems as I said, I’m not going for a hundred percent I’m just going to Beat the game and enjoy it for what it is And honestly, I think some of them are like really hard to do too anyways tails is Basically going to prison island He’s doing that to save Sonic And scenes like this are Really comedic to me because it’s like Eggman literally has a gun pointed to Amy walking her off the plank Like what did she do? What what is she capable of doing that Eggman just needs to do that Like if I was Eggman, I would just leave her alone honestly, it’s kind of like What’s the point you know Eggman could do much better things with his time? Anyways for this battle, I like to just walk up to him and Do that little like springy thing that spring action thing that comes out of the front Kind of like what he just did to me. It’s a really easy fight You could honestly probably just walk up to him and continuously press walk I like X on an Xbox controller or Y on a GameCube controller and it was just easy peasy lemon squeezy fight Every time I see this scene. I see I think of a particular scene from SnapCube’s Real-time dub of Sonic Adventure 2 it’s hilarious. And if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it I really wish they gave Amy like a stronger role Like as a character But I kind of understand why they didn’t Because it’s like for the hero story they have three characters for the dark story. They have three characters

It’s balanced as all things should be you know, anyways this is prison lane or Whatever this level is called prison. I’m just gonna call it prison lane We’re on our way to break sonic out of prison because he’s on a prison boat Aaaaand yeah Lot of people tend to find Tails levels rather tedious and I Don’t really find them all that tedious to be perfectly honest I find some of them to be entertaining but some are definitely annoying to go through not in the sense of You know some are just challenging and some just kind of feel like they cheat you a little bit in terms of like oh Hey, you died to that ha ha ha ha ha, you know And I guess I guess the main reason for people Relatively disliking it is just because– am I really just doing this right now? the main reason that a lot of people might feel that they dislike tails levels is Just because it’s not the same as like a sonic or Knuckles level You you’re driving around this mech. It might feel a little clunky to you It might feel a little railroaded Just a little bit more than the other levels that That being said I kind of enjoy it because you’re just kind of running through a place blowing stuff up and you’re Tails So to me, I think that’s kind of funny. I just find it comedic because again your tails and you’re going through this whole thing and you’re blowing up a Jail cell and speaking of which who designs a jail cell like this like like a like a cargo boat like this Who is this meant for to where there’s so much like? military force present within this facility like Why? Why is it necessary and also with all these bullets flying around? How are we not sunk in the ship yet? Because this is a cargo ship Open please. Thank you Because this is a cargo ship and– oh I did that didn’t I? I got one I Always let those fly So I’m not used to actually getting one of those But my reaction times getting a little better It’s been a long time since I’ve played any kind of game like this. So I do feel a little rusty, but you know what? De-rusting is part of the process. You know, you’re not always gonna be The best at a game and stuff like that. It’s more about just enjoying the experience You want to play something play it that’s really all it is We’re nearing the end here just got to open this gate and There is one thing that I want to bring attention to there is a gate right here Well turns out that there’s a enemy hitting Hiding right up there and once you kill that and unlocks this, but we can’t really get in there until later So we’re just gonna leave that for later. Ah Ah, we got a B! Okay, cool. Not quite an A, but I will take it It’s whatever. I did get hit a few times and I didn’t really get the most rings that I could have gotten so It’s whatever Now we’re chilling here with Sonic he’s in jail just pacing and in comes Amy And I gotta hand it to them they made her a little more useful as a side character than the other side characters would be because she has a freaking card and she just Like you have tails just berserking through an entire like cargo thing and then you have Amy just coming in and She slips in here with a card to break sonic out stealthily So I’m like, where’s Tails in this cutscene? What’s Tails doing? Is he just blowing up the ship for the heck of it? Like what’s going on? That always concerned me actually, the writing on the wall here? I’m not really sure who was kept here, but I find stuff like that interesting Anyways, this is metal Harbor It is one of my favorite sonic levels. I

Will say that about a lot of them. I generally like all of the sonic levels But this one more so I just I don’t know I found myself running this exact level a lot as a kid and Don’t let that Make you think that I’m any level of good what the Don’t don’t make that thing don’t make that let you think that I’m any semblance of good at this kind of level because What I did back then is not exactly what I’m doing right now Anyways, in Sonic Adventure 2 you can get accessories that give you special abilities This one in particular will give you the light dash and it will do exactly this You might have seen it in other Sonic games. It’s the same exact feature. Pretty awesome. I liked it. Oh god Yeah anyways You might be interested in knowing that I haven’t actually played Sonic Adventure like the original one I’ve seen it played a few times But if you’re ever interested in seeing me run that blind maybe I might at some point, who knows This is a great experience honestly, and I really hope it doesn’t do the thing that it did before… it looks like the time’s Correct. So I think I might be able to get this? Maybe? What I’m trying to do is reach the absolute– I’m not gonna be able to make it Yeah, no, I’m just gonna go for the normal one But yeah There’s a there’s a stretch you can go on further to get higher than this on the rocket and it might give you some Cool stuff. I think it’s just a 1-up that you get honestly I’m not really sure but I always found it like a cool thing to do. It feels worth So now we’re just going down a gigantic silo and I don’t understand really the functional purpose of this because it seems to connect to a path and It gets me asking like who designs cargo railways like this that No actual person would drive through this, you know what I mean? Like who is this built to serve? How is it efficient? I don’t get it, but The real answer is it’s a level designed for us players. So Realistically, there isn’t much of a problem with that. So anyways now we’re landed in this jungle And we finally face off with our counterpart The fake Hedgehog I Always enjoyed this cutscene because it’s like Shadow’s still going off on his monologue and he’s just like I’LLMAKEYOUEATTHOSEWORDS Like just really fast–What are you..? Hello? Can you can you please get down here? Thank you face me like a man or a Shadow, I don’t know Yeah This is the main action. You’re gonna see in this fight It’s gonna be a lot of this until you actually get like a decent iframe like non iframe to hit him with The camera glitches around a little bit see that It’s it’s just one of these fights where you just go crazy Until you actually land a hit. I don’t actually know the proper strategy for this. I just do that Oh Sonic coming out here with the aggression Do You Know Who I am Alright so this one is gonna be the last level that we complete before ending the session here I say that just because I See we’re going on like 25ish minutes now, and I do want to give you guys content but if I record so much then Yeah, it’s gonna mess up stuff. So yeah, the islands about to blow up and all shadow has to say about that is HUUUH? WHAT OH So sonic has to escape the island now that he’s overheard that the islands gonna blow up soon and Yeah, I just really wish that shadow would have had some kind of input but that’s okay, you know I love how they immediately like keep putting in Light speed dash points and just like how they use that Okay, cool anyways This is another one that I always liked to try to get through as fast as possible even dodging enemies though

Obviously I’m not doing so well at that right now But yeah, I just really enjoy this level the rush of trying to get out of here in under eight minutes is Well for me now it’s not really that big of a deal because I know that I can just make it but Like as a kid, I was like, oh god. Wow, I I gotta go now, you know, it’s It was a bigger thrill for me back then than it is now, but it’s still it’s still like a thing, you know There’s only– can I go, please? There’s only a couple more Levels that have a time limit to it One of them has to do with shadow and the other one has to do with rouge the bat And the Rouge one is actually the most More panicky than this honestly because you can find yourself just lost for what to do for the longest time and that can get kind of concerning because once you find like Ah my god. I don’t know what accent that was, but it was an accent Yeah, just just know that there there are a few sections that I will have trouble with and it’s gonna be great I’m just gonna stop trying to get the lights speed dash off on sections like this except for that. That was kind of cool Man sometimes you just want to let the game speak for itself. This is a really entertaining Loop and Then you get the speed shoes here So you go super fast over this loop-d-loop like I gotta appreciate the classic level design that exists here I wish more sonic games existed like this Like don’t get me wrong some games like Sonic Generations and stuff like that. Oh god, where am I going? Some games like Sonic Generations and stuff like that. They do it pretty damn good but I Don’t know. It doesn’t have the same vibe as Sonic Adventure 2 You know what I mean? That’s that’s just nostalgia talking. I just want a Sonic Adventure 3 You can have the other side games and stuff like that. Just just give me a Sonic Adventure 3 All right, so now that we’ve escaped that place we reach a stage called pumpkin hill it’s the next Knuckles stage, of course And you know That wraps up this episode of Sonic Adventure 2 I Do have to end it here, but we’ll be back next time with pumpkin hill Thanks for watching. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism or anything like that Please go ahead and leave those in the comments as well If you have specific titles or games that you would like to see on this channel in the future also Please leave a comment with your suggestions because I do pay attention to that and I am interested in becoming more active on YouTube so Just let me know. What’s up and if you like what I’ve got going on here and You just want to see more of that then just let me know that too Anyways, thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed Until next time take it easy and Deki harder

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