hi everybody today we’re going to show you how to set up a an encoder using the new DSP from shoutcast as of this recording the new version is version 2.0 point 2 if you’re using 2.0 it will not work with older shoutcast version so you definitely want to upgrade to 2.0 point two first thing you want to do of course is go into shoutcast comm and you want to go ahead and put that address up here and then once you get to the webpage you want to go ahead and go to broadcasting tools up on the menu bar click on that scroll down and you’ll see shoutcast DSP plugin for one amp and you want to go ahead and download that save that to your computer somewhere and when once you have it saved go ahead and run it and install it into your winamp once you have it installed in your winamp go ahead and fire up your winamp now if you’re on Vista Windows 7 or any OS after windows 7 make sure you open it up as an administrator so that it does save the settings and you do that simply by right mouse clicking on the windows icon and selecting run as administrator that should save the settings in the DSP so you want to go ahead and go into your preferences you can do a control P but just click on preferences you want to go to which says going to scroll down to where it says DSP effect and you’ll see up here it says meltzoff shoutcast source DSP version 2.0 point 2 if it says 1.9 points something all that means is that you have not removed the old one it’s ok you’ve still installed it ok but you just didn’t remove it so it’s just going to say the old version 2 ways you can do that is you can go into your windows plugins folder and remove it and then reinstall or just leave it and and it’ll work fine so you want to go ahead and click on that and now we have our a VSP open and on the DSP and I’m going to go ahead and close this window here and on the DSP here I’m gonna click on output and I’m going to go ahead and go to output number two I don’t know why it’s defaulting to three but I’m gonna go to number two if you recall on the older DSP output 1 or encoder 1 had some difficulties so it’s gonna look a little different and here’s what it looks like did you stream uses in the older shoutcast server a version one shot cast server not the version 2 which is only in beta at this recording so we’re going to be setting it up for that if you have version 2 there are a couple of elements that you’d have to input which we’re not sure how that works just yet but first thing I do is want to go ahead and put your web unity aware practice your of shoutcast server address and this is something that’s provided by your provider and for our purposes we’re gonna go ahead and do it this way and then you’re going to put in your port number and remember to put everything in very carefully and to manually type it in don’t copy and paste copy paste the blank space can actually crop up somewhere without you knowing it leave stream ID alone leave username alone and go ahead and go to password and carefully type in your password automatically connection on connection and failure leave that checked off that’s in case you dropped you want to reconnect and you can change that 3215 if you want definitely don’t do anything like change it to 3 or 2 or 1 or 5 heard many radio stations have troubles connecting because somebody keeps reconnecting quickly when they forgotten to disconnect so don’t do that since we’re using an older shoutcast version since we’re using a version 1 shoutcast server you want to use the legacy shoutcast and you’ll see that user name and stream ID are now not able to be edited they’re not even highlighted so so this is your setup now for your server click on yellow pages and for some reason your description if you don’t change this for some reason the yellow pages comes up with an error so go ahead and put something in there if I can type and if you want it could be your name it can be your radio station name your club name whatever it is you’re using it for under genre put

whatever the genre you want to put in there I’m just going to put in various use winamp that’s for the track title so it’ll show whatever track you’re playing up here in in winamp it will actually show the name if you use that okay and that’s it for the yellow pages that’s all you’ve got to do you can put the URL whatever you want the URL to be could be the name of your radio station your club if you have a webpage up to you so next click on encoder and you want to go ahead and you want to select mp3 and you want to go ahead and select the bitrate you want to stream at I’ll choose 96k at44 collects stereo and so that’s it for that let’s go back to connection now if you select Auto Connect I believe it’ll just always be running I really do not suggest you do that but we’re gonna go ahead and try and connect to the to the server now I’m going to click on this connect button and hopefully the status will show that I’m connected and it is as you can see I am now sending information and I’ve got my song playing here and as you can see it’s working I’m connected everything’s playing wanted to check to make sure that I am connected I’m gonna go to my DNA s page which is nothing more than your server address : port number and they hit enter and as you can see here it is I am connected and everything’s running perfectly here’s a song that’s playing so I’m going to turn the music off so I can hear myself and that’s how you do it that’s really how it all works out it’s actually very simple to do this connect just goes right there if you click on this input tab you wanna make sure that when amp is selected in case something goes wrong if you want to use your sound card input because you want to talk that’s a whole different ball of wax but you can do it that way however I think you might run into difficulties with Vista and Windows 7 if you try to do that so that’s how you set up the new DSP 2.0 point 2 to use with an older shoutcast server which is what 99% of the servers out there are we will certainly update this video once if we ever upgrade to the version 2 server which would then make use of the user ID and the stream ID so hopefully this helps you all and we hope to see you soon somewhere on the Internet take care everybody

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