much obliged part you could playing with sneeze ah I’m not actually putting up this live stream but he’s in this Lobby where is he there he is there he go oh well he is a great herb outpost for those of you who don’t know alright since I don’t I probably won’t get much content I will just show what I I’m going to do so scrap TF I have some metal let’s see what class I’m going to probably make some Scout and then I’m signing steam I did change my name so people wouldn’t really notice me but some people still notice me a few dudes are like who’s that and servers nobody even knows recognizes me or knows me so that’s a good thing since people don’t want me to be getting trades just for the name which is truthfully a smart idea so I will remove that name and keep it a bit more real to make it seem a bit harder make it a lot harder to get trades case so I’m going to do some scout ones just going to do melee one so I can craft those one two I’ll just get random ones one two and there’s two more one two that’s what I hate the only thing about scrap TF that I hate is you can only have three scrap total so six gnomes and I on weapons I think that is C look someone’s like who are you so yeah I guess this guy knows who I am holy moly the robots are trying to scrap Bank what ha UK remove from Q maybe there’s a different bot that’s not as crowded dang why is it so crowded one where are you awesome one pouts gifted to one – where is the wrist one – there we go finish holy moly alright so I’ll just be back after a while that actually will take a lot longer just to get that trade okay got a trade from this man or woman or whatever it is the person is uh her watch and like that hat Hulu this guy is sharp I think this guy’s a shark someone or he’s the one who got sharked I can’t remember but um yeah one ref psychopath yes guys did you shark – dude off of his strange sapper for like free breath yep he is the shark that’s why he’s asking for wonderful Michael ol what you know how to was one point three green when one craft Jesus well now you guys know who to avoid as well hey it’s just Brian oh so he’s never changed his name before so yeah just look out for this guy 1.66 I’m good that’s not cheap I’m buying cheap hats I need to figure out another way to buy cheaper hats because I mean not way to buy cheaper hats another technique like tickets I’ll use a tech ticket technique I can’t use that anymore because being over using the tickets prices are rising even though the price on the store is staying the same so yeah I don’t get it he’s arising even though on PayPal or whatever you can buy them for like half the price of a regular store price so I’m not sure how they’re rising why they’re rising

but there’s really no point to rise soon because after a while there’s not going to be much Keys left because everybody’s buying them off PayPal or the the steam store steam market for cheap case crap dot TF bots finally added me after an hour or two of waiting I’m just kidding it didn’t take that long oh wait I have a wreck okay let’s say crap I’m about to be screwed please don’t lag out that would be some BS because I waited so long for this trade I’m probably locked out they need to add more scrap TF BOTS so we don’t have to wait oh he can provide change it not realize that so I traded a bot before realized I didn’t have metal well I did have metal I just had too much metal and and I left trade and then waited for cue again which was a horrible idea now come on trade come on man that’s that’s right just put up three scrap that’s one rack um but yeah so a little update on what I did see the smoking doctor sack I ended up trading it over – oh my God he’s lagging out I ended up trading it over to my main account links sheller well it’s made with weed signs and stuff and then um I traded it off for a bubbling what was it it’s a bubbling under the name bubbling hat with no name and then I ended up treating that hat with no name for a well I added a two festive sets um from 2011 which was just last year just last oh my god was he doing this last Christmas and then I ended up trading that hat for a planet salty dog and that planet salty dog I ended up treating that for hey bud well the dude added like eight keys to the deal for the bubbling one oh there you go you got changed now I’ll trade God there we go so what is not acceptable ref anymore I mean you’re claimed or something so yeah and then with that but I added it with my demo fro and then I created that fro I mean those for that bombing run that I just got so as you saw I shed a little clip earlier it’s probably going to be the first clip um with that little item sorry for getting all mixed up because I was getting annoyed at that but I Fred it takes three and with you they’re there and mad milk cake boom and then we need melee so one two three graph dings succeeded do it anymore that’s it hi one on two wasn’t it treatable that’s worth like a reclaimed so no I don’t have enough let’s make a scrap here backburner are nice both know that’s not treatable and you do that there we go crafting class weapons now I have to make another male a token in another scrap no piece of poo okay I’ll be back I’ll have to wait for some more so yeah other than that I’ve been doing quite a bit of trading on my main account I’m just getting bored of this I’m not sure what to do because I have to wait all day just get a trade from these BOTS why couldn’t they be why couldn’t they

invest in more BOTS instead so I’m just gonna use all my wrath for crafting break down these proclaimed so these bots don’t log out I mean lag out when I’m offering them because that’s so annoying kay I don’t know yeah I saw the way through a long line got a trade oh he’s fine there Tommy neither sweet that’s good considering so many words that were claiming to max on backpack got TFS recommended price or voted on price okay now I saw someone else selling a bunch of random stuff for a scrap let’s see what type of stuff they’re selling where’s the guy a rainbow or something there it is Rando boss I think it’s just this guy off chitchat scroll up yep guy clean up good and you kind of organize this by grabbing tight and I keep getting hotter by three pie dude let’s see what they’re selling for a scrap each see you’re we’re not even halfway through the line oh yeah not even halfway it’s kind of gay scrap no just weapons of course she just said specific that did it hmm I’m craft I better all better be one scrap for all otherwise I’m gonna call my nub just scrap each I’m up drop out son a little respond to me no tanks one scrap Beach so it’s gonna purchase that now I need to find something else so no where’s this rescue ranger worth rest can render they need to make a strange one of it it’s like an alright gun but it’s good for mecha ng cuz like I could put up this prepare it from here wonder if you can upgrade let’s see see if I can upgrade this from here nope oh yeah sucks okay it has a fairly decent amount of damage like I wish I could do more damage but it’s not that strong it’s more of just an nvm type weapon because you need to repair at any chance you got I wonder if it takes metal if you repair it if not then you could just spam this on your machine or whatever you’re using let’s see everybody’s camping down here 18 damage so try to destroy the chakra maybe sure their dispenser there’s a lot of people oh so yeah it’s a pretty good weapon let’s see this guy’s buying this only special levels wonder what level mine is 26 nothing special about that did it do hmm thing 1 scrap each hope they don’t come back whoa anything is duplicates of so I’ll do that say is my list fuller his fool but they are very nice oh it says excited him hey oh wait I should ask for me what’s little oh we’re just for scare works

he’s on ban probation oh my god care and probation doesn’t do anything into me now give me those weapons thanks idling pays off you get get all the free lips you want oh wait let’s craft something me she quit I was about to end the clip there but now 1 scrap each no thanks who don’t want to buy scrap each one I can just go on scrap TF and buy them their crafting slot gonna make a melee now I can just craft that one OOP let’s make it move back can I make a scrap not enough only risk some of my Scout weapons but there’s no point in doing that cuz I can make another class a scout token scope okay and we’ll just make one care my medal is uneven craft candy cane wonderful do I have another no I don’t I don’t have a slot token crap slam wreck here another wreck here and my bags are almost completely empty is to scrap here and a token hey I need more wet power so I just play a bunch of random Scout weapons and everybody spamming looks like the bot just got me while I’m making my trade there let’s make that trade and put up our three scrap here and get ready to craft and what Oh someone accepted a ring god what’s up with people and wasting their $100 dumb yeah how you doing look at all those kind of cadence Jesus what’s up and lagging out every time click on to trade by 10 what the O’Meara places with the reclaimed look really reclaimed every time I put in a new item they seem to lock out like that hey it’s me refresh one Claymore hey hey that’s a neat bug with these dumbots oh there go okay finally didn’t take like a whole hour like it did last time seven new wets that I find one I found a Sandman wonderful wonderful I don’t slop shoot melee with melee tonight I survived another and melee more good enough c-can I eat three right there for Scout 1 or I could do that without that I’ll just make another Scout one class Scout go choose that on and off to buy or whatever I get if I get garbage I can just use that to craft another Katie was this seem to be impossible oh that’s not bad I’m even I’m crafting a scout item I got that it’s not bad ok do I not I don’t another melee now I got this freedom stuff let freedom ring who and so me like to wreck I think but I had always wanted one of these because

it looks sweet it doesn’t so tall you can’t even see it but that looks nice looks pretty darn nice mother kay let’s get some more scout scout scout now I don’t know I scoped on my spot wait Emily is that one two three four let’s get two more Millie’s going on here and scout I should get melees finish no and now we’re added to queue it’s not that long anymore let’s go beat someone up with this see if it actually shows up like a nice little icon roll dice scary bullets doesn’t that instant kill or something see oh but don’t do anything Oh scared him okay that’s cool but I died already I’ll be back once I get some more weapons traitor okay actually like this freedom stuff I just hate how it’s like stuck in the top corner you can’t really see the gold part but not it looks pretty sweet just like unusual you can’t see it yourself but other people can see it and they’re amazed scrap sweet you’re actually selling to to melee weapons for scrap I probably should have put it must be craftable but this guy knows what I mean when I say buying some way pounds need for scrap for two-year littell an Abe said set to four I mean one scrap / – hey we’ll go nuts on crackers that’s him right there – I’ll be 17 in tuna bit months – then said Ron grumpily and then I’ll be able to do it by mistake is good perfect thank you oh no he’s not ready oh he took it out oh no you just want one scrap related come the size of a grape Dumbledore stay calm what the heck someone is spamming some awkward stud okay let’s just just take this off apply okay there we go no more game like spamming okay yeah that dudes the one who gave me the rescue ring you’re okay do I have enough yes I do okay craft slot Boop where is the other one there it is uber saw uber saw fabric paid class weapon craft oh yeah yeah yeah yeah screenshot that bad boy you’re you okay let’s see what you’re saying now tea now do kill myself ah Wow there we go I think that makes back that money we just use to craft one what these are worth is this almost done yes I am almost next back pack up TF probably not worth much anymore so three oh this is to ref still wha three three room blade so it’s all well worth it in the end hello there bot I’d like some more with

pounds okay one two three click click click I wish people could trade that fast like Jesus like everybody in this queue takes like an hour ok I only have to scrap left so let’s see slot no class scoped scoped Scout Shaco for to define melee melee melee and now fabricator crass where pound another fan BS okay so now we just have to sell this ribbon blade and the freedom staff and maybe we’ll have our money back by then so Kai paying it one for three okay then law what aa trade I found this guy on outpost he’s paying the 1.30 no not 1.3 he’s paying 0.6 t-64a freedom staff he offered on my trade so wallah um well I probably could have I could get a ref out of it maybe if I spent like a year holding it that wait free yeah whatever twenty six six two one ref so I’ll just take the ref I mean the to wreck better than nothing to me considering I’d crafted it unintentionally attempting to get the pretty little three room blood selling three roomed blade for offers trade to make an offer good enough for me control-c and voila got a little spammy thing Oh set up and ready to go so I guess crafting is okay I bet some people get more luck than me but it’s usually commonly because they don’t craft as much so they have a higher chance that stuff like that I like the three runeblade because if you smack yourself will make you jump higher why didn’t he hurt me those weird he was shooting right in front of me but he didn’t hurt me I’ll take that medical pack rerun blood oh no no no it looks pretty like this I look at my health 69 wonderful nobody’s trading probably the three-room blades too old at this point so you’ll jump and then I’ll just smack myself and it will like make me fly in air more HP than that I just hit myself dead oh let’s go back to find someone buying through and lads bladezz i got a trade load the trade son k hello there you got something for MA Trevor and Brad point I don’t have any pretty hats like that one woo hot Sun craft uh pipe that’s what I can put in I guess I can’t nine pipe nine oh yeah I’ll do that I’ll take that it’s worse 2.33 to 2.66 according to back backed up TF on craft those price I remember when this was worth quite a bit long time going 3.33 worth yeah that’s true so we’ll take it yeah yeah already no more scout let’s go to medic and pimp out this olive that’s fail you can wear the glasses over it without pyro vision goggles yeah looks ridiculous just wear the badge in the skull but the glasses aren’t showing up well too high oh you probably has glasses off or something evening afternoon that’s cool I know there’s styles like specifically for the glasses and pipe selling dirty nine pipe problem okay let’s see close 900 close-ups other

trades close and a – oh not bump I want to close that Plus tonight it’s called nine pipe problem isn’t it yeah the nine pipe problem and then MEP – and then we’ll go bump our dota trade just for no apparent reason I don’t think I have half those items anymore I might I’m not sure I’m not missing all my I don’t have any Medicaid ohms but that looks nice now of an unusual oh it’s an unusual it has a little smokey effect ah it actually does technically there we go now I can look at my little unusual effect I got a trade already nice hopefully it’s not the same guy because I don’t want that tree room glad back it’s not I don’t think it is at least cow Mangler is this for free we touch for free I’ll take it because I like that weapon and I have a bison still so that’d be a nice little matchup and I just fly around killing people with that I do not have a Sydney sleeper sadly I don’t but I have jarate I’m craft that’s craft okay POW wow-wow-wow you forgot about this medic back over here nice this guy’s good with his little guillotine okay that was a random trade nein all right now search probably somewhat MA piss in a jar Rotty Oh craftable clean I don’t get why people differentiate uncrashable and craftable at this point because you can’t get craftable any I mean uncraft Belen II more so I’d actually price it higher rather than lower and making it worth like half the original price of the regular hats so I don’t know just like gift wrap texts I don’t really if I don’t really understand why that affects price because it’s not like you see it in-game anyway oh I think he’s buying craftable yeah only craftable nine pipe clean quick sell no no no no no I’ll just wait for people to offer me because it seems like everybody wants clean at this point at this year an age of time okay just buy two more – we’ll craft it um I don’t think I’ve a scrap now poop [ __ ] breakdown over clean then I claimed in two scripts crap any to you token give me a staff all I know Tom and eyes are you kidding me this is just a waste of money ah well I can live

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