now I’m a chef and baking is my passion then I cook modeling I tried all sorts of things like being a car mechanic and interior designer then I found cooking and that was it since then I’ve worked in restaurants on my own business and I’m gonna share some chef’s secrets with you for me baking use anything that cooks in the oven sweet and savory classic dishes delicious new ideas and baking you really thought never going to do but you can make things not always fast but it’s always easy everyone loves the smell of baking but baking does have reputation for being a little bit long-winded so I’ve got some fabulous recipes when times off the essence in pastry world – super fast canapes totally lazy mini sausage rolls and sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary permeate the shortcuts secret is shot bought puff pastry and there’s no guilt attack whatsoever then cookies and cream fudge brownies I’ve had a lifelong love affair with them and I have a super speedy recipe and there’s more in the quicktrade category flapjacks totally divine and what’s not to love about this French patisserie made in a flash the skinny tarts have all the glamour of French pastries but they’re easy on the waistline and on the clock and I haven’t finished yet how about bread in a hurry a wartime inspired no need doris grant lodes unbelievably quick and delicious served with baked camembert and roasted garlic the fastest most incredible baked treat this is speed baking I find one of the best shortcuts in baking the shop-bought pastry it’s not a dirty word and there’s no shame in it at all you can get everything from filo to short crust for the one I need today is puff and if you can get the all butter puff versions your win every time now what I’ve got in mind are some shortcut canapes made with puff pastry I’m thinking a sun-dried tomato with Pommier and some good old fashioned sausage rolls you know I haven’t had sausage else can you do so puffs start off with lots of flour she’s only sticking to the board and I’ll roll it into an oblong and before you start to use it get out of the fridge about five minutes before so it’s not too hard and it does take a little bit experience to get it into a perfect rectangular shape so don’t worry if it goes one cake you can just trim it down afterwards it’s not a problem at all when you do buy puff try and get the most expensive puff you can afford because often the cheaper ones have lots of oil in that doesn’t taste that good okay now the sausages so I’ve got these lovely port and leek sausages you can use any sausages venison lamb whatever you like or even veggie just get the best sausage as you can and I’m gonna cut them in half okay so I’m gonna put my sausage down there and then cut all the way down so need sixteen of these okay I like to flavor my sausages even though these taste of really good already you can use some rosemary or thyme anything you want just get creative I’ll sprinkle some time over put them underneath I need to give it one little line of egg wash so the pastry sticks nicely around the sausage so I need one egg slick just brush it like that roll it up there you go one gorgeous sausage roll now for the next 50 so quick hand wash and then I’ll pop sausage rolls in the fridge for about 20 minutes so they keep their shape in the

oven so these have been shelling for 25 minutes and now they’re lovely and firm let’s take off the cling film I’m going to prick them with a fork for no other reason than I think it looks pretty you can use a knife do slash marks if you want or nothing at all’s good – then they need this egg glaze the glaze makes the sausage rolls look so lovely and shiny try not to get it down the sides like I have there let’s wipe that off because we do want the sausage rolls to puff up a bit and if you get the egg wash on the side of the sausages it’ll stick the layers together and you won’t get that wonderful rise that is so characteristic of puff pastry I can’t wait to eat these okay so into the oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 200 degrees sausage rolls aren’t the only superfast kanaday I can make with puffs these little beauties are called Pawnee and I’ve made them as sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary this is where I’m up to so far first I got the 500 grams of puff pastry onto well floured board and then I rolled it out into a large rectangle until the pastry was about as thick as a pound coin I chopped up the jar of sun-dried tomatoes that were drained and spread them all over the pastry sprinkled it with some rose meat and with the shortest edge facing me took the long edges of the pastry and rolled them up to meet in the middle got it onto a baking tray and let it chill in the fridge for half an hour now get a really sharp knife and slice them into about one centimeter pieces so you can make these as all sorts of different things tapanade or some strong cheese parmesan or cheddar the other day I had them sprinkle with icing sugar and then they serve them dipped in chocolate and they were just good and I need to go on a baking tray and get blazed you can put the egg wash all over it and because these are flat it doesn’t manage to get it all over the sides and edges and these need to go into the oven 15 minutes where the sausage rolls sausage rolls Pommier in no time at all this is Whitney where I grew up and where my brownie obsession began and my obsession was so bad that when I was 8 years old and he did more money to fund my brownie habit so I hopped on my bike and scoured the shops for gainful employment finally the ironmongers wife took pity on me and she paid me a pound an hour to iron their s’mores and sheets so I had enough money to support my brownie habit needless to say now I have fantastic super-fast recipe for chocolate brownies so making the brownies couldn’t be easier I’ve melted 165 grams of butter in the pan and then turn the heat off just finishing grating 200 grams of dark chocolate and when you go to the cooking section with all the flour is in the supermarket often they have baking chocolate avoid that’s it just doesn’t taste very good at all so I don’t like bad Marie’s and all of that for melting my chocolate this is just a super quick way to get in your chocolate melted I’ve got three eggs in here and two yolks and

my favorite thing the vanilla pod just all the way down the center of the pod split it open and then get the back of the knife and scrape it off get that whisking we’re gonna make a sort of foam because there’s no raising agent in this so the only air it’s gonna get is from whisking brownie purist to shoot me down in flames but I like to use brown sugar for my brownies it just gives a little bit more the panelized 165 grams this is now perfect it’s really important to add the sugar in to Lots this way you won’t knock out all the air and you’ll give it a chance to whisk up again in between go I can’t tell you how much I love brownies and I love experimenting as well I’ve had a few disasters but this one really works I’ve run the other half in you give it another whisk so I’m not looking for this to increase like 7 times off a big meringue but it will get a little bit more luminous see how that’s frosted up a little bit but still got some lovely bubbles in there and my chocolates all melted because we don’t knock bubbles out just pour the chocolate around the edge of the bowl oh look at that I’ll have that later with a teaspoon two tablespoons of flour and I really never bother sifting and one of cocoa powder for extra chocolate enos a little pinch of salt and we’re going to fold it all together out folding is very different to mixing it’s a very slow and gentle process a lot of people use metal spoons but for me I prefer a spatula because you can really scrape down to the bottom of the bowl like that and it does take a little bit of time but that’s fine keep folding it around so that’ll do for me there’s a few lumps in there but there’s no point losing sleep over that next add the chocolate and Queen cookies so just crumble them in I’ve got 100 grams here I like to put half in now and then once I’ve popped the mix on the tin I crumble some more and afterwards so just a few more cookies on top and then I’ll pop it into the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes at 180 degrees but do check after about 20 minutes cause brownies need to have a little bit of gooeyness in the middle and you don’t overcook them and ovens vary so much once they’re done leave them to cool completely in the tin and then cut them up sprinkle them with icing sugar back dense gooey fudgy I always like to take pictures of the things I bake just a really good way of keeping records and I’ve already professed my obsession for brownies but there is another super quick tray bake that I like to make flapjack just melt 112 grams of butter in a pan over low heat dip a brush in the butter and brush around the baking tin that’s been lined with baking parchment then add 175 grams of golden syrup and the same amount of Muscovado sugar to the butter and heat it through very gently once the sugar has dissolved take the pan off the heat and stir in 350 grams of porridge oats followed by the finely grated zest of half a lemon pick the mixture into the baking tin and really squash it down make it nice and flat then bake it in the oven a hundred fifty degrees for about 40 minutes and then once it’s cooked get it out to cool 15 minutes and cut it into 12 squares flapjacks that’s it lovely I used to live and work in Paris

and I spent a lot of time just walking around staring into patisserie shop windows like these just so perfect it’s almost like a work of art this edible tapestry stunning really inspiring and now this is one of the most famous patisserie in Paris I’m going in Wow look at these you got mob Blanc’s little gateau saint-honore these beautiful strawberry Charlotte’s and their fruit tart merci now it’s fruit tart just like these that got me thinking I mean wouldn’t it be great to have something that you can make at home it was a little bit easier on the waistline and wallet so I came up with my skinny tarts this recipe calls for filo pastry filo is my absolute favorite pastry it’s very very thin so you have to handle it really carefully just have a look at that you can almost see a hand through it and because it dries out so quickly it needs to be brushed with loads of butter I like to use bristle brushes because you can get so much more butter on it the silicone brushes you just can’t get the same amount of butter on all this butter is going to stop it from drying out whilst I prepare it and from burning when it goes in the oven and it’s the only naughty bit of the whole recipe so you need a really sharp knife to cut the filo pastry and I am cutting it into squares for like that large enough to fit inside the muffin tin cut it all the way across and then take one leaf and put it on the board take another one and put it slightly offset so you’ve got like a star the reason why you layer filo pastry is because it’s so flimsy that needs lots of layers to make it sturdy I’m also going to brush the tin because sometimes it sticks and it’s very difficult to get them out so brush all around and then just layer it over the top of the tin gently ease it down really carefully because you don’t to put your finger in it but if you do it’s no big deal and to help you push it right down into the corners just take an off cut roll it into a little ball and then just push it right down like that there right now I’m gonna get on with the rest okay pop them in the oven 5 minutes 180 degrees and they will crisp up perfectly once these look crisp and golden brown take them from the oven and just leave them to cool completely in the tin whilst they’re cooling I’m gonna make my filling so 500 grams of yogurt this is low fat but you can use no fat I like to flavor the yogurt with vanilla it’s best to use vanilla pods and not their extract then some honey a big squidge they give a good mix pilot high was as much yogurt as you like because it’s a skinny mix after all now for the fruit I like to use different types of fruit to top the tarts you can use exotic fruits or just basic fruits I’m gonna start off with these black grapes always seedless and then these fabulous dragon fruit they’re from Thailand but you can get in from the supermarket you just cut them in half and inside they have this fantastic white almost poppy seed texture and then you get a spoon and just scoop it all the way around I love that pink color look at that just keep it out and then just cut it I’ll put those in there and figs oh I love figs simple wrapped in Parma ham but for the tart they really give some nice height beautiful red currants just to finish it off so nice and shiny how beautiful does

that look oh here’s a Chevy tip bowl a couple of dollops of jam raspberry and always seedless then get some hot water and add a drizzle just enough to loosen the jam up a bit okay mix it well together look a beautiful gorgeous skinny tart in under an hour when I was at college we made this really interesting wartime bread and I’ve just been doing some further research on it now I even bought a book of the internet about it and the fascinating thing about it is it has a really quick technique to make it most people don’t make bread at home because I just think Oh bread way too much fat but this bread the Doris Grant loaf has a really good shortcut because it doesn’t need to be needed I’m gonna start with my wholemeal bread flour and I need 225 grams now home flour is really good because it has this grain that gets left in the sieve and this grain can be used to sprinkle over the bread when it bakes makes it look really pretty right I don’t bother sipping my strong white bread flour we need 225 grams of that so you might be thinking well why she using white and wholemeal flour because the Doris grant loaf is a really healthy loaf but if you use just wholemeal flour it will be really really spongy and heavy so the white flour just helps the lighten it a bit 7 grams or fast-action dried use the salt is one of the most important ingredients in bread it can make the difference between a good loaf and bad life so I’m going to put in 1 teaspoon of salt just table salt fine and then mix it all together and then make a nice well and I’m gonna add 300 mil of water make sure it’s warm because it helps the yeast work more quickly I’m going to add a big tablespoon a bit squidge of honey to make it nice and sweet you can use some brown sugar or even castor sugar just to sweeten the crumb slightly this is quite a sticky dough but as I say with bread the wetter the better with a nice wet dough you’ll get a lovely big rise a nice soft crumb so it’s all come together so a little bit of flour on my hands I’ll just take it out of the bowl the extra flour will stop the ball from sticking to my hands I’m not gonna need it I’m just gonna bring it all together and I fold the edges to the center and squeeze it together and then rock it you get a nice soft top flip it over put it around like that make it a nice ball shape and then straight on to the tin don’t get any flour or grease so now the bread needs to rise I find the best way to do that is to get some cling film and spray it with vegetable oil doesn’t have to be anything fancy this is fine and I know some people like to cover their bread with a damp tea towel but I prefer clean film and spraying vegetable on it will stop the dough from sticking to the cling film so now the bread needs to rise and I find the best place for this to rise is on a chair next to a preheated oven and the technical reason for that is I don’t have an airing cupboard after about 30 minutes when it’s almost doubled in size take the cling film off slash the top of the bread with a sharp knife or you can use a blade and then the bread gets brushed with milk I like to sprinkle over the bran I saved and when I sieve the flour throw ten ice cubes in the bottom of the oven and

they’ll produce steam this will make sure that the bread Rises before the crust sets so you get a lovely big puffy rise and the bread goes in an oven heated to 200 degrees for about 30 to 40 minutes oh my patience is rewarded I’ll leave it to cool completely in a tin and then I’m gonna serve it with baked garlic and camembert sometime we’re gonna come home from work I just don’t feel like cooking so baked garlic with camembert is ridiculously easy to make and it tastes divine so what you need is two cloves of garlic you don’t you have to peel them and use a really sharp knife because they’re quite tough so I’m going to put both of those into the bowl upside down rosemarie nice sprig of rosemary in half hung that in there I’ve got two bay leaves all three in for good measure pinch of salt some black pepper couple of twists to black pepper big squidge of honey and about 40 grams of butter and finish off with some extra virgin olive oil a nice big drizzle if you want to be exact about 80 ml okay that’s it done I’m gonna pop it in for 40 minutes at 200 degrees easy-peasy get your camembert mmm take it out the box and if there’s any paper or plastic take that off – and sometimes a little sticker so peel that off pop it back in its box and just do a cross on top the beauty of this dish it was not much much enough and then check it in the oven for 10 minutes next to the garlic and I know it doesn’t look great it tastes so good the other way around so that all the flavor from the oil and the rose made in gold and I says okay I’m going to go in come on the c-130 so good but this is not baked food a lot a day only is it have you got a date or business meeting the next day best of all dear

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