no everybody and this is sure this is crap I’m sorry this is thomas wright and i’m actually gonna try to record Oh match me playing counter-strike instead of you know having like one minute three minute long crazy ah videos of me only 19 people unless you got a record whole match and the server I’m playing on have like 20 minutes matches so enough I think son of a [ __ ] oh and this ah and this is the map of stuff too I’m paying at terrace right now and on have no one idea what the [ __ ] is going on right now swears okay whatever see I’m gonna call this whole match oh I’m gonna record whole match and and if this turns out to be good and you know funny and nice we’re gonna keep doing this AB again so let’s see how this goes yeah yeah and this is actually one of my favorite maps it’s probably one of the most emo played maps also different our game yeah at the end of my killing spree Oh God mm-hmm you know we’re actually winning paused yeah [ __ ] do this art and when I’m terrorists I usually go with it she goes ak-47 it’s my favorite weapon but on a terrorist side it’s probably my favorite weapon I think yeah I usually find out we have the mind for it don’t have the money for now you say by life mp5 or something c16 before I like a pistol or something you’re wet out so now we get up see me play some real fierce and not only go around knocking people that is what i like to do also i have kind of like me I think good cook oh I already kill him ah SI [ __ ] him tonight [ __ ] i get him no crack see if i can somebody hair like that yeah a bum bum oh yeah this is a swedish server called the like I mean this is actually exactly a plan a clan sir the planet give me for some reason now you notice the dead Hakuna Matata sweet exactly a Swedish Hakuna Matata again out of the bottom yeah this is a plan sir I also play on this there’s gonna be a lot of pretty stuff so you won’t understand everything but if you finish of course it will be very funny i think that i think the game volume is a little high for your favorite hear me I don’t know thing is you have to have the volume kind of high to be able to hear the footsteps okay toasting t-thank you got the import instead I like that one better that’s exactly my favorite weapon in the entire game I call almost oldest by this when I’m counting counterterrorism when I’m Tara sorry almost every time to get up when I see it sweet and i usually go with the silencer on because if he had the silencer on and the accuracy is a little better more shoulder do it oh ah sweet you do a little a little bit less

ah [ __ ] no oh crap that’s how I was going to say you do a little bit less damage but it’s much more accurate so I like that mmm I’m top of the list oh my girl with Seneca yeah this is one of the this million members mr. Hawley numerous a shogi five the guy at the bottom there he’s actually my cusin I usually place he goes with that we go ah lil bit yeah i think i’ve been playing for like two hours or something it’s [ __ ] crazy [ __ ] crazy crazy crazy but I’m usually very unserious on the play I don’t know I tend to play better that way I don’t know why of course when I’m really serious like super concentrated slay good too but no it’s either a super concentrator or super what the [ __ ] guy started talking to me out of Logan apparently has some fetish [ __ ] 10 pitch or cats or something else man does it no sir okay no noise no I don’t know it hello Swedish people all over really on the same stuff that can set the layer okay never mind never mind try to ignore him also kept the phone with a pod just a distance a uni move up don’t care about your stupid flash telemakos ringing okay a loop when you’re jealous rush it come on Hey Ya Allah Allah oh I guess so play see everyone please please please please please I rush it Allah Akbar ah oh that was with tomato ah ah I can’t see [ __ ] ah ah ah I can’t see [ __ ] again I’m gonna kill him i don’t know i don’t think i did all I’m flashed again ah ah I I just kill anybody i think i would kill somebody haha I’ll behind us oh that was all uh-huh there’s one guy left Oh a scene here what we wanted i sees ball no I wanted to knife him throw you back your bar another while our gut moves i’m oscar boom boom in store skater we go ah come on move it move it don’t stand here I’m lag crap crap oh crap Eddie met sorry craft ah we gotta stop sucking yeah the guy he died oh [ __ ] that guy died too now I want to stay here [ __ ] ah ah the marble tile in here and I better then dormant oil but fix our data peganum huge amount of a pound for pound Papa Papa Papa papa ah oh we’re gonna lose this one up guys getting kills he has a nice picture boobs oh here he goes with the jokes again a little bit show a little boob damn it i bought the wrong weapon

[ __ ] whatever excuse it never go with the scalp because I stock at i’ll just smoke got them oh he died him oh oh oh and i don’t give me other weapons fast sorry suga can’t respond to you right now the hell are we doing we need to get old we need to get the bomb oh thank you saw me I guess you didn’t oh wait wait wait worried there’s a guy up here Oh 99 19 times uh-huh we might actually win this see why we’re not going around the bomb is there keep your [ __ ] [ __ ] ha ha ha it’s probably down here guarding the bomb no no simula come on No ah rage rage yeah your mouth Bolton here’s another weapon I kind of video and it’s kind of like the m4 it uses the same doneita ammo it has a little coconut really like it save it it’s a little bit more on a crab let’s go however the name for but still Canada and scope is really accurate aw crap I’m gonna die ah why was their guy guide us ain’t nobody killed him hahahahaha hey sweetie there’s like only seven minutes left on this match so yeah the matches are quite quite short this sorry I don’t know I in my opinion this should be 25 or 30 minutes long I think I think quinta minutes a little bit too short yeah doesn’t matter now what happens yeah if you like this please say so and like oh my god just do more comstock it was so [ __ ] funny oh I think it was boring like doodoo you’re wasting your time don’t do this I won’t do it you know I’m I’m experiment experimenting with my videos and I know what to do and what not to do anything tell me what you think or shut up and enjoy the show nah this guy’s gonna die so yeah whoops like now I I really don’t have that much money i usually go with the outer a little empty fire I like that one of my favorite sub machine gunners like this guys wearing he I’m not go going mid with this one Oh ah there was guy or either going there that matter run run run run run run Landon let’s go being said lalalalala lalalalala ah sorry nice to do that Ashley fire on my own teammate that guy’s lagging what’s your ah ok let’s go to a damn it move did you kill a guy yeah look far I’m not flashed I don’t care what you think wait there’s nobody ha ha

lucky ah ha move don’t block your summer now it’s gone ah yeah I’m still in the lead oh that’s nice hey hey come at them meow oh thank god the palapa on yourself oh now i have the bomb ah wish me i don’t want to go bi suck be my Lou my long I oh ok ah crap i do visit let’s stop let’s go play along well save it all alone oh I’ll he saw me he’s on me yeah this was much better we’re not help me help me help me huh I like a nobody follows me when I go in I go in everybody should follow them like our lock Bob I said [ __ ] him plant the bomb in my head and go in like ah but like stand still had to defuse on my car yeah that with a bit of best tactic am i right bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb oh there’s guy kill him kill him shoot him [ __ ] off come on there we go can’t do that come on finish the [ __ ] round I’m gonna play again I have an addiction and I means for sauces which basically is that gravy if that was called yeah sauce exactly salt mmm I never thought of it but sauce sauce like the Swedish word sauce it’s like a suite at highest form of the english word sauce no never thought of that Alexa there’s a lot of words or like that I don’t think he’ll know he will not make it yeah there’s 10 seconds left and it’s not even near the ball and now he’s dead hi how will you yeah my dad said the times and stop doing it mm pistol time cystal time I love this pistols it’s the dual elite okay I’m tomb raider dalawa of course nothing beats that do this with eagle you’re actually able to go mm face-to-face with thing the guy with a normal weapon whenever oh whoops there’s nobody catwalks I’m not going there no what’s the guy man oh there’s the catch on a knife you come on get over here ah come on get over here get over here get away okay get over there you [ __ ] hey Donna bah [ __ ] ah [ __ ] I didn’t get the knife I get so cranky with other one okay well this is the last round wait if they kill this guy plugging in five seconds yes not around Hey ok this is the last pot coming up now now I have like no money perfect well Matt look Oh too long okay or like there to keep it where extra like yes we know he’s dead ah where’s the bomb oh

it’s up there al-akhbar you sweetie that’s the last thing i do see flash or comment yeah but it’d you and that guy’s mad he’s lagging like shite off anyway so yeah tell them what you think about this you think this was funny or it sucked at this is the end of this match actually after this round max oh and then there’s a new map mixed map is oops the next map is piranesi LOL order but yeah I’m haha to record yeah come what you think it this was funny or bad I guess it was fun to see me play normal to you for one second and not only like craziness a curve like can I think people all the time yeah yeah yeah and however either way if we win or lose this round will win the match because there’s a 64 you see up their own score counselor is 154 times we won six times so if they win it’s 56 if we win it’s 47 so if we win anyway so yeah we want this match hooray congrats ah show gay take it easy so yeah yeah this was this match hope you enjoy it and there might be more if you like it so yeah

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