well hello there once again friends and fans Raptor here welcome more wargame european escalation multiplayer footage but this time with little old Sammy that’s right it’s the Sammy special as he’s going one versus two on the map Three Mile Island we can see him playing on the side of NATO and on the side of pact is asked to mouth and JAMA Viper he’s a manager so anyway look at this map it is a beautiful Big Boy map here you got your nuclear power plant in the center you’ve got a lot of ridges on the outside it’s somewhat of a linear map in terms of you know it’s it’s it’s pretty similar I mean you can see the tree groves or you know and of course it’s not exactly the same but there’s a lot of similarity to each side of it and there’s a lot of points to capture here as well threes fours and a5 in the center as well as to I to islands on the north and south side of that you have Hotel Mike in India bringing in the biggest points along with Oscar and Delta on the outsides you also have echo Foxtrot November and Lima and a few points on the outsides as well to bring in reinforcements Sammy’s setting up primarily around golf here bringing in a h-60 for Apaches a few Wow actually for VAT pcs standard command that you start with as well as mephesto jaguars lucius amx 32 in the Abrams and one version of that as for the enemy over here looks like they still have yet to bring anything out a couple of fobs here for JAMA and then oh actually one more five in the rear along with the UAC on this side and Wow another set of four fobs in a u-az on that side very interesting don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe every comment is read and all those subscriptions really matter I know I don’t say it enough but we’re growing and that’s good and speaking of good it looks like GM has finally gotten together and called out some units but before we check that out let’s see what Sammy might be bringing in here I’ll guarantee that it’s going to be Delta Force we have some Hemet sand m110 a two artillery units here in the rear and I’m not seeing ah and a chaparral is just about to comment that there’s no AAA but there is AAA now looks like mammogram ahir is brought in multiple be teef BTR 60s t-64b zabi rm1 1k here and they rigged another u-az boy it really looks like they’re going for a quick capture here t-55 spam over here that’s over four groups of t-55s which means he has to be punished unfortunately you know spam is more like a sham because it’s shameful spamming and when you put sham rather when you put shame and spam together you get sham and we don’t play that way baby but he’ll be crushed guarantee you he will be crushed so anyway looks like Sammy’s ready to go additional bab and infantry units here and it looks like a chant three challengers leo to a forest big-budget over here Wow look at that martyr two Rowland’s three of them actually rolling twos and mephesto Sammy’s ready to roll alright so anyway as we wait for this to call up to countdown stay calm cool and collective as are collected I don’t know anyway there’s a lot of points on this map to enter from a lot of middle points to capture that are worth big points of course you can go two for two on the outsides here and just capture your spawn and the enemy spawn but everywhere there is a flank on this map it’s um it’s really flanked it’s gonna be a flanking frenzy I believe but anyway super Sammy here is now getting his units moving we’re just gonna stay in this overhead view in fact let’s just kind of going to the HUD view just so you can see this big map I mean war game is host to some huge Maps really just huge detailed beautiful worlds of you know small towns cities nuclear power plants but pretty soon war game is going to get even bigger alright now let’s zoom in down here and see what Sammy’s doing with the Abrams looks like the Abrams are coming forward along with Jaguar twos looks like the AMX’s are sprinting ahead here and also mephesto and lucius up front Lucius on recon here let’s get a look at this unit here a West German unit capable of firing its 20-millimeter autocannon as well as the mg 3 which is a 7.62 machine gun right there there will be more of these who do not worry there will be more more replays sometimes we don’t do them live because the lag will kind of ruin the game a little bit but when they’re good they’re good and you will see them gazelle coming up here to check out Mike and it looks like to be TRS with ATGM and aar coming over as well as an MI to 2 spot on the center and it looks like wow look at this looks like asta mouth was able to select all of his units and then select move fast wow what a very talented player with all of these units that were built before 1960 very very awesome yeah right

anyway that group of Blackhawks are now arriving Delta Force we’re going to be landing here around this nuclear the nuclear power facility and it looks like they are now landing and we’ll probably take a few buildings including I’m going to guess this large warehouse here and this perhaps a guard position or something here it looks like the Tunguska in the back is rolling up quickly MX 30 MX 32 s getting ready to fire mephesto is also getting ready to fire an Abrams getting ready to fire it’s not going to be a good day for the Russians now Sammy is already behind by 80 points but the Americans and the well the NATO forces will get the advantage here in just a moment t-64 s1 is already down it looks like another one’s damaged mephesto going oh wow a very strange curve three of the t-64 s destroyed already Tunguska retreating sammy coming out on top with 260 points the reason he’s winning is because he’s mixing ATGMs with mephesto sand it looks like the chaperones are firing a crazy amount of missiles at that mi 2m x 32 s did a good job of coming in with an initial hit on those t 64 is panicking them and Abram staying in the rear kind of finishing those off keep in mind Abrams are really really good t-72 and t-64 killers so long as the enemy doesn’t have ATGMs looks like the last of the t-64 s are gonna just be finished off now they’re not retreating but he’s getting the tunguska out of the way and a u-az out in the open meanwhile on the Left bmp-1 P is getting ready to fire those patents and roller rollers Roland’s that are sitting there he’s taking some fire you can be guaranteed that Sam is focusing on the area to the right and also he’s trying to you know he’s trying to do things in multiple areas so while he’s securing India and the large spam group is coming over and zsu 57s have been called out and Wow he should have sat as u-az still otherwise they would now they’re gonna call it be called out from the back Challenger ones coming over to India and Sammy has the tactical advantage here is already up to a thousand points to 280 points he has now killed a command in Charlie and is finishing off the BMP 1p here I thought that was an AEG I mean coming but it is not and it looks like Charlie has been cleared Sammy now has Foxtrot Delta and Charlie under his not control but at least his domain and in the center Delta Force have completely cleared out any enemy forces that may have been there but I doubt there were any in there to start with if I were the enemy I would retreat to a hotel lock that down and start saving for a defense around golf it looks like two ta DBS have been called out be TRS coming in with additional infantry over on the right side here t-55s are now arriving Wow great job of bringing out a ton of units and not using them effectively that’s why spams are shameful that’s right it’s a sham and speaking of a sham I don’t know what he ruse he’s trying to pull here with all of these zsu 57s but I mean I don’t get it he’s fearing a chopper spam or something but it’s just not coming and he keeps reinforcing for something that didn’t arrive now speaking of didn’t arrive I wonder where those Apaches win because once they were on the battlefield I don’t know if he took them off or if they’re hiding somewhere where could they be are they supporting an attack I don’t see them where are they mmm-maybe Sammy sold them at the last second to buy some other units but here comes the t-55s to move into India we’ll keep an eye on that and we’ll report back when there’s some more action there buck em Juan completely destroyed by the Lu leo to a4 and t-64b s are firing at the Leos one Leo hit almost completely destroyed here Leo’s returning fire hitting one of the t-64 Leo’s gonna fire again with its 80 GM’s you can guarantee now that one Leo to a4 will be destroyed here in the second volley Sammy at 1587 to 497 and as I predicted that one Leo to a4 was destroyed Paton here engaging T ad B’s looks like the Leo’s will probably turn to engage that as well mephesto czar gonna level off that t-64 group there ATGM spinning wildly into a tree after you mother nature that’s the Soviet biggest enemy looks like the mephesto here was finished off on the left or or rather the was a patent of some sort Leo to a four s are now going to be a flanked by two times by t-64 s on the right and ta DBS on the Left mephesto getting ready to fire again I’m not sure exactly what it’ll be firing at looks like it’s going for the t-64 s but it looks like that British armor has arrived baby those challengers pulled up nice and slow and they’re taking hits already but they’re already returning fire on those ta DB s Leo to a forest Krauts are routing kraut route we got a kraut but a critical impact here on the t-80 B & O two of them are down to half health challenger good exchange a fire here this is a big boy a battle right here oh man look at that look at the shells go in and out Sal Sal boats go oh wow i stabilization era eighty GM’s flying from the mephesto all on both t-80s destroyed in one fire from those French oh man the French units very cool

very cool to see that actually hit something usually when I’m using it it never does Patton’s and Abrams here leveling off the 80 GM’s just this mega armor fist of armor that Sammy’s just thrusted in the enemy’s face it’s just incredible conker is having a bad fur day of their own as they’ll probably be unable to destroy any of these Abramson it looks like they were able to damage him but not destroy them even from that close range Oh actually it looks like one was destroyed but still Sammy’s a plowing right through and that will be worth it because now he has the entire side of golf that the enemy was at least holding their golf has completely obliterated and it looks like GM over there is done for speaking of done for looks like the t-55s have rolled in on the challengers and actually causing some havoc some damage here you’d think their weapon would be inefficient against the tank that has nine front Armour rather ten front Armour and nine accuracy but they are routing I’m not sure if Sammy got his I don’t think he got his command out of there right away which was kind of a bad move enemy on the right but with so many successes on the left or when speaking of success you AZ just completely blowed up here oh that is not good Russia oh boy the Soviet Union having a bad day pact not having a good day oh boy tongue disc is coming in again from pop up biggie smalls over here like it when you call me and it looks like the looks like he’s whoa what is this maxed out levels of artillery oh that is a super noob spam if I’ve ever seen one so we’ve got multiple group multiple squads here of four MFR WBM 21s and a UAC sitting here along with fobs he hasn’t even used it Mike would be the place to use it and to time the time to use it would have been probably about five minutes ago but unfortunately ain’t gonna work looks like Sammy saw the hole here and called in another group of Leos challengers murders and mephesto t-55s are going to be completely obliterated here and with each one of them being only 15 points Sammy’s gonna get wet like ninety a ninety point lead or something somehow if he takes a loss maybe who knows I don’t even know so it looks like we’ve got mephesto here that are firing at the some unit that was there before UAC is still peaking at Sammy but managed amma here that’s right jama Viper has been destroyed Tunguska one of them Tunguska is destroyed by a Jaguar – looks like it’s getting ready to fire again with his missile it’s let’s follow this boy in on this Tunguska here over the river and through the woods to do this try that Tunguska it went and it just destroyed a beautiful beautiful beautiful a hotel is now under Sammy’s controls he’s got a few units around there and the enemy blob Atlee an India rather is being hit by those m110 a 2s my god Sam he called in all the right units incredible and that I don’t know what happened to those Apaches because those would have been great to finish the t-55 off with but artillery just landing right on top of those t-55s routing them Sammy laying down a line of defense not even risking any ATGMs or anything just going right in with that artillery and one of those two of those t-55s destroyed now possibly multiple other t-55 so nice work let’s look at let this map and talk little bit about what kind of just happened here Sammy pushed on the Left first at Foxtrot then at charlie and pushed the enemy off of a beachhead if you will that they didn’t even have a foothold of and went right into golf on the right Sammy got pushed a little out of India but the enemy saving up for all of their uh their their I guess artillery that knows well hold on a second whoa speaking of artillery holy crap now here comes that retaliation enemy rocket whatever those things are called I can’t remember the name but the BM 21s now firing it at Sammy’s artillery and perhaps there might be a kill here I don’t know 46,000 Rockets are now firing and not hitting anything it looks like it’s uh pocalypse or something his missiles are just falling from the Sun incredible I don’t even think Sammy lost a unit on that command getting out of there that’s for sure look at all the destroy all the smoking hole so um so this is why these units suck they’ve effectively each taken out half of four fobs just from one firing you’ve got what 160 missiles each oh my god times four times three that’s uh that’s a whole lot of new been going on there they’re getting ready to fire again so I guess this will be a nice finale to a battle that Sam he’s already effectively won he has more than half of the enemy’s points and I don’t know what that is French base program Oh or is a Kerbal space program who knows Oh bad day for you alright so here comes the Russian space program and it looks like this is going to end in the same fate as the French program here come all these missiles now coming right across to the areas between echo Delta and Foxtrot and

let’s see if I guess I don’t know if anything will get hit here but this is why you don’t call out these units now even though Sammy has an undetected or a rather undefended vibe and m15 a1 command they’re probably not even going to get hit or destroyed they’re really only for infantry it looks like the vApp did take another hit and is worried but I mean with all that falling around him and that and they’re just worried I mean these are what you need you need to correct it shot on infantry in a forest to use those effectively do not use large numbers of spam artillery like that if it worked people would just do that at the start of every game and that’s what it would be all right so it looks like these zsu 57s are nearly out of fuel here at Lima it looks like we basically have a win here Sammy set up his defenses here and JAMA I think is now calling in units from the right yep he hasn’t given up more atgms coming in these are probably I can’t tell exactly I’m gonna go with conkers though and it looks like a third volley getting ready for these these man what do you call them whatever were first I don’t know waffles these wow isn’t that pretty let’s just hide the HUD for a second here isn’t that beautiful oh look at that that is just awesome Wow I actually I think these are employees leaving THQ through xscape pods oh snap I know it looks like they’re crashing somewhere over near EA Games which is clearly on fire Oh lols inside game or jokes alright so let’s go over to here and oh man smokey the bear is going to be pissed I think over in the United Kingdom and those of you from the UK please comment below they have a fire prevention frog over in the United States we have Smokey the Bear which basically teaches you that when you go out camping make sure you put out your fires not only with water but to also put sand on them to make sure all embers are out oh wait a minute here here’s an Apache where’d the other one go what is Sammy doing is he waiting Oh Sammy come on buddy move in for the kill on those oh the BM 21s here getting ready to fire again I think they’ve definitely reloaded this will be their final volley if they do it Apache sitting up there though I don’t know if Sammy’s might oh I see he’s probably gonna push in here and destroy some of these forgot troops with the Leo hold on a second now we’ve got an engagement from the Leo for God’s firing it at the Leo it’s gonna hit it in the side oh wait no it’s gonna hit it in the river oh for God’s getting ready to fire again one be our BTR destroyed not even deployed either forgot troops taking out two Leos there Oh Sammy Sammy that was messy infantry should have been brought in there but he’s going for a you know a kind of a quick finish now to try to tighten the noose around the enemy so he’s bringing him whatever he can and Legion FAMAS now coming in to try and move across that river but in the meantime it looks like THQ employees are trying to escape again but Sammy’s bankruptcy blocker is going to be moving in here and it looks like it’s getting ready to fire that’s gonna be hell fires in Hydra 70 millimeters and and shaped charge of pain oh boy oh wow at French base program alright nice age 64 firing at everything here these are some I don’t know how much 140 points each oh my god Sammy pulling out now are pulling back to kind of keep things in range kind of keep on the move not a bad not a bad idea at all one hole MFR WBM 21s destroyed and by the way shout out to the person on the last video who told me what the designation of the PAH was which is like pawns of a dude never made a bet and I don’t have no idea but basically stands for anti-tank helicopter so thank you that’s very helpful to me and everyone else on the on the channel so thank you it looks like we’re down to our last three now I’m happy completely destroying those first two school well it’s basically gonna eliminate all squads unless this is Ziggler Oh Apache might have a bad day here autocannon oh wait a minute now Oh Ziggler did hit the Apache but the Ziggler oh snap dog Sammy completely destroyed the wow he completely destroyed the artillery and took out a Ziggler group with his one Apache and now it’s time for mr. Simpson here Homer to get out of the way to see that Simpson down there below under the yeah dope time to get out of there Homer so uh looks like Sammy’s attack here didn’t work so well because they you know now we have kind of a cold war of East vs West with the standoff here of all of these troops but there’s probably not gonna be an advancement and Sammy losing the Apache to the infantry that he knew was there all buddy come on now alright but it doesn’t matter because with all these t-55s out of fuel and ma’am and Jim up here just locking down with defenses and Sammy already achieving five thousand three hundred and forty eight points it’s pretty much

over now I don’t know how much it’s gonna go on this is of course my first time watching it that’s how we you know that’s how I get more of these quick reactions I should do a face cam with me going like wow look at that age sixty four but I don’t know I will probably do that eventually and I have some special things planned props and stuff coming your guys’s way so enjoy that when it comes to you but it looks like these Apaches are out now I would do in a couple doing some u-az hunting boys n’t this game beautiful I mean ignore the chopper here for a minute but just look at that look at the sky and everything it’s just beautiful the glare on the lens shout-out to huge in there for doing such a good job I happen Twitter as well wrap forecast gaming or no I’m sorry Raptor gamer I apologize at raptor gamer and we they follow me I follow them so if you want to follow them you’ll also get the latest on my post as well they usually give me a shout out so it’s time for me to give them a video shoutout as well giving a lot of shoutouts today shoutouts to those of you who click that subscribe button shout out those do you who respond shadow too-sami for just blowing up that you AZ that was completely undefended in Canada over here and looks like another UAC is completely exposed enemy coming back with a cat sea artillery now that Eagle now that he lost is highly inaccurate rocket artillery is going to call out highly inaccurate shell artillery lols perhaps these two Apaches here will finish off the UAC and will have an end of a battle I think this is a a 6,000 battle and these are interesting too by the way usually it’s 2 V 2 and things are very balanced and it ends in a draw but I do like when one player is at least able to kind of pull ahead and it seems like oh and there goes the UAC and they’re won an 8 oh whoa oh I saw I thought there was an a a missile coming in there but mi-24 disappeared my god soviet stealth technology prevails again so total victory for sami level 65 vs a level 11 and 17 all right I guess so you kind of clean the floor with those guys but hell who cares Jam a viper there in his shout-out to you if you’re in the military forces their Jam and you’re watching this thank you for serving your country and 18 minutes and 13 seconds lapped elapsed on that battle while of those kills and command points they’re not a lot of casualties for Sami compared to the other ones they were at least ahead by a grand 1k so anyway friends and fans I hope you enjoyed this and I love the fact that you’re all subscribing and continuing to watch these keep in mind more videos are to come including more metal war more war game European escalation but special announcement newsflash SimCity & Company of Heroes – those are games I’m going to be playing in the future so sit tight with me over these next couple of months I know they’re gonna be long or kinda in the dry season for games I’m gonna mix it up with some new stuff coming soon as well some minecraft and feed the beast so until next time friends and fans this is Raptor for Sammy reminding you to keep that password and pimp and strong baby oh yeah

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