Give us a wave. Once you get your video connected. My name is Catherine from Michael’s. We are so excited to have you all here today And tell us where you’re calling in from or waiting for people to dial in and go ahead and tell us Or where you’re videoing and from in the chat. We’d love to know where everyone is coming from We will keep everyone muted per usual classes just to help with background noise. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please do not hesitate to Put them in the group chat, either we will answer them live for. You will answer them on the chat. Oh wow, okay. Dallas California Maryland Nevada, Colorado, Illinois. Okay, I think we’re definitely at this point, hitting every single state. All right. Do you see you as content or not. Hey, guys Welcome everyone. We still have a couple more people joining. We are so thrilled to have you joining us again today. And if this is your first class with us Welcome. We are so excited to have you. We know that this is kind of your one hour away from the world from work from your kids Are so honored that you want to spend this hour with us and we are so excited to teach you more about design space today if you’re taking notes. Don’t worry if You’ve missed something. This is going to be recorded and this will be hosted backup on Michaels comm slash on the boxes. So this will be live for you again Any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to put them in the chat will answer them as best we can, if someone asked a question and know the answer. Go ahead and answer it as well. We can use all the help we can get. We already have over 550 participants. So this is so great And again, we’re just so excited to have you here. So without further ado, I’m going to hand it off to join Jenny from cricket Hi guys, how is everyone I see my mile Catherine. Can you hear me okay I’m getting like Windows unstable connection I can hear you. And I got it as well. Okay. You can hear us. Can you I’m I’m Jenny and joy and I are hosting today’s crooked classroom online and we really wish we could be live and in person with each one of you, but Since we’re protecting each other and in lieu of keeping each other safe. I know we have to be physically distant, in a way, and this is a great way for us to connect with you But it doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant right so that’s what’s so great about these classes is their intended For us to have a conversation. So don’t be scared to ask a question, raise your hand at any point in time, get her attention. We’ll do our best We have Catherine and Christine and a couple other folks that are going to be on the chat that are answering some questions and joy I will do the same for you too If this is your first online class we’re doing several of these hosted by Michaels every week. On Tuesday around this same, same time, same bat channel. Same bat time And every class is just a little bit different. We’re doing different projects we might be highlighting design space. Some things to do and they’re like, we are today So just, you know, stay in touch on Michaels calm and their event classroom information and you can see the classes coming up And if you want to take all of them come take all of them with us we’ll be here. So we’re excited to see you. Last week we talked just the basics of design space. So just as a highlight from last week we talked about design space is really just your tool For designing everything that you want to cut Draw or score with your cricket machine. So we talked about just a couple of things like Let’s see, what did we talk about we did the Megan now projects. Great, and click on our project and make it immediately and just three clicks And then we talked about adding an image or some text. And then we also talked a little bit about manipulating the layers like different bads different materials we kind of highlighted those things So this week we thought we just dive a little deeper and play with some other, more complex things that you can do inside of design space so Joy is going to take it away from here. And like I said, if you have any questions, just let us know and we’ll jump in and answer what we can, when we can Absolutely. Thank you Jenny joy and we are going to take this dive into design space. I’m going to jump right into The program and share my screen. But if you aren’t familiar with where design space is Are or you haven’t downloaded it yet. You can go to cricket.com type in design space and follow the links to get your the program working. This is the program that runs your cricket machine. So I’m going to share my screen and kind of give you an idea of what the program looks like

And can you guys see it okay do you have, you see everything I can for my know how did you, how did you get here For everybody knows how to get to that spot Yes, in order to get here you you would go to cricket.com and type in design space and download the program. So then it once it’s downloaded it lives on your desktop. And then you’ll have a little green crickets see That you will click in in order to pull it up and see the actual program working. So, um, so these are the projects. I’m going to show you how to do today A little bit more on some Father’s Day projects because Father’s Day is coming up and I’m going to be able to dive into a few more of the The, the features that lay in the right side of the program over here. So last week we talked about how to use make it now projects we talked about these images that are on the sides over here and We’re going to dive a little deeper into these along with showing you on the right side how you’re going to work. Some of the tools across the bottom of your the bottom right of your screen And then how to work some of the tools that are on the top of your screen. But I wanted to just show you where we’re going to try and go by showing you these projects right here. Okay, so if you’re trying to follow along I have my mouse that I’m moving around and I’ll try and talk through as much as what I’m doing. When I’m clicking and what I’m touching as I’m doing it. So I’m going to go ahead and start a new canvas, I’m going to press on the New button And it’s going to ask me a project already exists on the canvas with unsafe changes Do you want to go forward, or do you want to replace it or what do you want to do. So this way you know you’re never going to lose anything that you’re working on And I already have the Save. So I’m just going to go ahead and press Save again and your project might not Make this window change right away. But you’ll see a green bar that goes across the top will see this throughout the class today You’ll see a little progressive green bar that goes right there. And that way you know design spaces thinking And you can just relax and let it go. Sometimes I push the buttons, more and more and more just because I wanted to go. But the best thing to do is just wait for that bar to go Okay, so I’m just to do a quick review. I am in my canvas space of design space. I can go to my projects that I have saved. So if I want to go to something that I’ve already done. I can visit over into this section right here It’s going to take a few minutes just to load To, to think about what I have in there, but I’m going to point out on the side over here. I can also go down here on this side and choose Images that I just want to look at, let’s say I don’t have any idea what I want to make. Yet I can come here to images and see all 100,000 images that are currently loaded in design space and I can start to choose from occasions themes, all kinds of different ideas. I can also go over here. This is one of my favorite places to go Is just free this week. If you haven’t subscribed to design space. Yet this is where you can find some free content that you can use But visiting these spaces just seeing ideas of what What projects I can make just from the make it now area in design space helps me to get motivated and to start thinking about thinking about what I could do with whatever project. I want to me. Okay So let’s go right to our campus. So, from here I can go right here to my canvas going to point out a couple other important things over here In this section right here. Sometimes I think exploring means look around, but really what it really means Is that cricket has three different types of machines. We have a cricket joy. We have a cricket maker and we have the cricket. It’s for family which could include An air one or an air, too. So you want to choose the type of machine that you’re working with. Today we’re going to use the Explorer family And I’ll just go right over here to the canvas. So I’ve just clicked right here on the spot that says canvas and this whole canvas piece comes up Now I know already that I want to make a shirt for dad and and I’ve gone through images and I found an image that I really liked

Since I had clicked on free this week, last time I’m coming into the free this week. Again, but I want to go back to all the images that I can look at and because I had found this and written down the number. I’m going to type in the number of this particular image that I want to use I could also do a search for it as well and find it. But this is a little faster. So I want to use this image that has the mountains and it has a car driving up to the mountains But I don’t want to use that car. So I’m going to show you how to take that out and I want to put it on a circle background so that on the t shirt. There’s a circle With this, the mountains and then I want to add a little message for dad and I want to add the kids names. So we’re going to do a few fun things here. So I’m going to click on this And it’s going to get a green box around it. Now, I do have a subscription. So this is granted if you don’t have a subscription and you’re looking at something that has a price, it’ll tell you what the prices And you can pay for it there. Or you can have your subscription. And then I’m going to go down here to the bottom right where this green button is and I’m going to click Insert image and that image is going to come up So now I want to add a circle because I want this image to be in my circle. So I’m going to choose from the shapes down here on the left side. I’m going to click on shapes and then I’m going to choose a circle Now that’s going to come up too small. I want the circle to be bigger. So there’s a couple things that I can do with a circle. I can, and I’m going to move it over a little bit here so we can see it separate from the design I can take these arrows that are here on the corner. And I also want to point out one other thing. Let’s say I didn’t have this layer selected or this circle selected If I click off of it. It won’t have those that square bounding box around it. If you’re, if you’re trying to figure out how do I get that, just click on it and it will show up Or you can go to the right side. And here you’ll see these are the two different images that I have on my canvas. So I can just click on it that way. So now I can change the side by just Holding and pulling on my mouse. So I would do a click and then pull my mouse out to get these arrows down here on the right, and this will keep The shape of an oval because the bounding box is locked the proportions will always be the same Let’s say I want this to be an oval, I would then click over here on this lock button click that and now all of a sudden my green arrow show up And now I can squish it up. I can squish it over and down around, I can make it into whatever kind of shape that I want it to be So I’m going to go over here and lock this though may know that I want it to be a nine inch by nine inch circle because that’s what’s going to fit well on the t shirt that I want to make So the easiest thing, I think, is to come up here to your the top of your canvas, where it says size and you have width and height And this little guy right here, this lock does the same thing. If I unlock it and I can. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical. But if I click lock, then everything needs to be symmetrical. So now I can click and highlight this way and type in nine And if I click off of it, it’s automatically going to change. I didn’t automatically change for me. Let’s do that again. I’m going to click nine here. I’m going to click nine on this side, too, because I want it to be symmetrical And it should be. Oh Because I had unclip the bounding box before. If you ever have trouble like this and click your bounding box and you can It should come back. Alright Let’s get back into circle shape And lock it here and lock it up here And we wanted to be nine by nine if it will not work. I will delete it and start over again, which is always the best thing, right, if anything, doesn’t work. It’s not broken. You haven’t broken it just delete it and start over again. But that’s what I had to do So now I have my circle. It’s nine by nine. And I want to add these mountains on top of it. But, oh, wow, what’s happening here. I can’t get a cake at this to go on top. It’s going behind. So I want this to go on top. I’m going to come up here to this little

Box here that says a range and I’ma say move forward. I want this to be on the top. So now I can put that on top of my circle. And I’m going to move All of these things a little bit over here. I’m not too far over. Okay, now I this is nice, but I kind of want the edges of this image to fit the circle So I’m going to just make this image bigger now I grab those arrows that I showed you a minute ago, and I just pulled on them So I’m going to look to see how big do I want to make it what what’s getting cut off on the sides if I don’t make it big enough. I’m going to get these weird These weird kind of pieces that are going to cut odd. So I want to make it big enough that I don’t get any of those weird pieces cutting. Okay, still have one right there. So let’s go a little bit figure And switch things around so that it gets where we might get and I think I like it like that, but I said before that I didn’t like this car driving up here. I don’t, I don’t want that part in this image So, because if I don’t have this highlighted my options down here in the bottom right don’t show up as options If I choose my image and I don’t want to take something out. I use this tool down here on the very bottom right, called contour And if I click it, I can see my image comes up in here and I can highlight different things. And I know I want to take the car pieces out and the road out. So I’m just going to click on those. And you’re going to, I’m going to move this over a little bit Scoot actually I’m going to do undo real quick. So I want to show you something. So if you want to undo. You can press the arrow here. Or you can do The command Z on your computer, but I want to be able to show you what I’m doing, at the same time that this is on the screen. So I’m just going to move this image down a little bit And re click on contour. So now we can see the road and as I click on these pieces. I can see down here in my image that things are going away. So I’m going to click on the road and the taillights of this car And now, all of that is taken out. Now my natural instinct is to then click hide all contours, because that’s not what I wanted. In my image, but if you do hide all contours. They’ll hide everything. So all I have to do now is just close this box and now those pieces are gone And I’m going to move my design back up To the place where I liked it just about right here And then Get a little bit more over So now I want to cut these pieces this mountain scenery out of the circle because right now imagine they’re two different pieces, they’re just sitting one on top of the other. I want them i want i want to cut it out So now I’m going to highlight both of these together. If I just click on one layer one of them. I’m only going to get one of the time, so I’m gonna take my arrow out here and I’m going to click and hold and drag my arrow So that I get both of these layers together when I do that this slice tool down here. All of a sudden, all these other tools show up My slice tool will show up and all I have to do is click on slice. Well, you might say to yourself, Well, nothing really happened. It just BLEEPED But you can see that now I have the circle right here and what you can’t see is that design space just merge these things together. So now all I have to do is click on this top layer and take it away. And I’m just going to delete that And then this outside wine that I’m just clicking in holding and dragging and that’s highlighting what was on the outside and take that away and then this. This is actually another piece right here inside my circle. I want to take that away Kind of like magic, right. I think that’s the coolest thing ever. So design space. Now I want to say something about best dad ever right so I’m going to type in best dad ever And I want to choose a font for this. I don’t really like the font that it just gave me So I’m just highlighting what’s in my text square. Oh, and to get the text. I didn’t tell you guys how to get the text I just clicked over here on the text box and this showed up and then I could type in there

Now I’m going to go up to font right here. Again, you might be overwhelmed by all the stuff that’s here. But really, once you start understanding and playing around with it, you’ll be like, oh, that’s not so hard So I know that I want this font that is called Ave de whoops Geneva, I went over to the search over here and I started to type in the name of it and it just comes up right here. And this is a single layer coming. Last time we talked about the different layers. I want a single layer font So I’m going to click that Look, I didn’t highlight my word This is what we want it to be in there we go. Now as I look at that, you know, I kind of want in my text. I think I would rather have a lowercase b, so I can go back into my text box And just tap in the area that I want and then delete and type lowercase b and do the same thing on the E delete quickie and then I’m going to add an exclamation point, because I think that looks cute Enjoy every single Question Go ahead. Go ahead. God I thought this was a great question. Are there any times when contour is not available on an image. Is that what you’re going to ask Catherine Answer was Yes, there are times where an image is not an image where you can take pieces out of it If it’s an image that you can’t do that with you’ll know right away because the contour button will not show up as an option So definitely something to play around with as you’re choosing your images. Good question. Okay, so, um, Even though I did lower case in this particular font. It’s going to stay as an uppercase. So that’s just the way that font works. Now I’m going to kind of out of this circle up here. So I’m just going to change the color and all I’m doing is coming up here to the To the piece up here and where this black square is I can click on it and I can change the color and I’m going to do just a yellow because it’s my favorite color. And it shows up really well Now, I want this text to cut out of this circle. The same way that we did before. I’m a lower this down a little bit, because that toolbar is going to get in the way So we’re going to come down here and first of all it’s too big. So I’m going to take those arrows, and I’m gonna leave everything locked, and I’m going to make it a little bit smaller. And I want to center this in the center of my Circle. Now how am I going to get it to be. How many of you get this text to go around. We’re going to come back up here and then leaving that I’m leaving the text highlighted, we’re going to come up here to the curve And this bar is going to come up and I’m just going to scoot the bar over and look at that the text just goes So now I can click off of that and position that exactly where I want it. And I like it there. Now these are two different pieces. So again, I’m going to highlight both of them. I’m going to come over here to the slice again Hit that slice and then I’m going to pull off best dad ever. And I’m going to pull out what I sliced best data So now I can keep those they are new files here. So let’s just say I want to have those as something to cut later on I can keep them. Or I could choose to just make them not be visible by Clicking that eyeball right there. That means that when when this design goes to get cut those pieces won’t show up if I don’t want them to show up Now, so now this is all one piece. And now I want to say the kids names because I think that’s super important. So I’m going to go over here to text again And I’m going to put in the kids names. Now, in my case, I’ll add my children’s names and I like to use an option with the number eight on my keyboard I press the option and eight, and I get this little dot And my kids are Virginia and Devon And my font is still the same. So that’s what I want. Oops Ready to go See, this is one of those moments where I’m like, what happens so design space was behind me. So I’m just going to start that over again And add add them in Virginia option eight get that little dot

Seven And I still need to slow down and wait. So this might be just an internet thing using the zoom and everything at once. And like I said, this is where I start pressing buttons, because I get impatient But I’m not sure. Oh, they’re there they are OK, now I’m going to do the same thing again and change them to yellow. See, that’s why I say I keep pressing buttons, because I get impatient, but I probably should have looked up here and that green bar was probably going, and I wasn’t looking so now I left there. Nice to be a little bit bigger. Yes We have another good question. Um, from tan. She said, Why did she called her the font yellow if she wanted to slice And I think we’re really just showing the opportunity to change the color. Number one, so the variation on your canvas, you can actually see the font, if it’s the same color as the image You won’t see it because it’s overlapping and the same color. So you can you can change any color you want The color doesn’t matter. It absolutely doesn’t matter. I just like as somebody who’s designing something I like to see a visual contrast so I can completely understand what my design is going to look like. So it’s just, it’s your choice. You can change the color or not As you as you please, but it is going to cut out so it’s not going to show up as a color. Good. Good question. Okay, so I’m going to center them the name here and I think I actually think I want them to be a little tiny bit smaller And Virginia. His name is much longer than Devon’s name. OK, so now this time I’m going to look to the curve and this time I want it to curve the opposite way. So I’m going to go the negative way on the curve feature And kind of get that where I like it. I’m looking at at sort of how things space out along the edges and along that center. And for some reason, I just clicked over to the other shape So I’m going to click back to here and I want this curve, just a little bit less of a smiley face looking okay so that’s how I like it. Then I would come press down and highlight that those two pieces together and then my slice is going to show up And then I can take The Names off and then take this piece out now A jewelry, something that, yes Quick. This is a really good question. Um, if you make the text white, will it cut out without slicing Yes, yes So car Oh no, I see what you’re saying. If you just make it white and put it on top of that circle know it will it, what will happen. So let’s say this text is white. I’ll just make it white And I put it on top of this design here ready let’s pretend I hadn’t cut the other part out. And I’m going to make this one So I can’t see it. If I were to send this to the machine to cut it’s going to cut this part on white and the other part On whatever other color I choose so slides is important because what it’s doing is it’s taking space off or away from the previous Piece that you had. So just making it white doesn’t do the same thing It looks like it’s way just because it’s like an absence of material on the canvas. So if I move the canvas around, you can kind of see the grid Mark underneath the pieces So now something that’s cool is now choosing your, your material that you might want to use. And I went ahead and picked a couple things. I’m not going to make this as we’re not going to show cutting today I’ll show you how to get to the cutting stage, but, um, I was thinking about what would this look really cool to cut out of And I know I’m on a screen share but I’ll do this again at the end. But in in fusible ain’t there’s some really cool patterns that you can do. So if I cut this from a pattern. There’s also really cool patterns in Iron on to. So if I use like a buffalo check or something like that. This could be really an added extra dimension is that pattern that you can add Okay, so we have everything right here Now I would go to make it and because this is going to be a t shirt. The most important thing I can do is to remember to click mirror that’s absolutely key. And then I would hit continue

And I’m going to wait for my device here. I know that my air to is has this name to it I have lots of devices hooked up to this Particular It’s going to take a minute It’s thinking the arrows are going, but I want to show you how to select your material because once you get to this point, you’re selecting your material and then Make sure my machine is still turned off Yes, it is still turn on Oh, there it is. So now that’s going to do the material. See, this is where patients, patients is so important and I sometimes and lacking in patients. So I have to just wait Remember to be patient, but it’ll, it’ll say my material and then I can choose like if I want this to be a glitter iron on or if I want it to be invisible ink or if I want it to be All the different types of iron on materials that you can think of Um, or if I wanted to do this out of a vinyl, let’s say, let’s say don’t want to put this on the t shirt. I want to put this on My husband’s car because I think that would be super cool. So I could do it as a vinyl or I could make it out of a card stock. I could put it on the front of the card. I can If I, if I’m a quote, sir. And I want to just cut that out of fabric. I can or felt, or there’s like all of these materials that I can cut from And look at all the different types of iron on Michaels has all of this. So one of the cool things here. Sometimes with this sport flex it if I’m, if this is from my husband and he’s Just he’s a runner and I want it to be out of an athletic shirt and I want that iron on to stretch with him I would choose sport flex, but there’s so many different choices that you can make for right now just shoes. Let’s get down. Let’s find invisible ink transfer sheet Done. My, my heir to has already made a little click. So then I would load my material and then I would hit cut and then I would just make my project. So I think given the time that we have. I have showed you the tools that we wanted to show. I’m going to stop sharing this and I’m happy to answer any questions. I know that’s a lot of information, it’s a lot to see we can hop back and forth. If you have questions Enjoy there’s there’s been a couple of good questions on this. Um, why would you choose slice instead of attach That’s a very good question. Okay, so that the difference. Attach allows you to say I have these objects on my canvas here let’s let me go back to sharing my screen again Also, while you’re sharing. Just a note to everyone watching you do have an option to minimize kind of your thumbnail of all the different Years, and that might help you see her screen more in totality. So if you’re having trouble seeing some of her buttons. I would recommend just kind of playing around with the video thumbnails Got it. Okay, so let’s say here’s the difference between Imagine I have three things on my canvas, and when I go to hit make it. Now when I go to hit make it if I don’t If I don’t attach those three things together because cricket is super smart. This program is super smart, it’s going to just take those items and position them wherever it wants to to conserve as much material as possible. And sometimes that means like letters will be get will get separated or image shapes that I want next to each other will get separated. So I’m just going to put A couple of circles on here again in a very good opportunity to say what would make this little smaller but a good opportunity to say duplicate and I put these three circles. I want these to be just right next to each other like back like on a dime. Let’s make this not visible So I can you tell us what fight you’re using. There’s been a few questions about that they liked it. We like it We like it. It’s called Ave NIDA calm When I come back I’ll show you what that will go into that fun But okay. So let’s say I want these to be exactly this way. Right. I set it up on my canvas. This is how I want it to be. Oh, I need to school Because let’s say I wanted to cut on the right side of my map because this is how much material I have left from something. Previously I cut when I hit that make it button. If I don’t attach them

Look what happens design space will say top left corner, here’s the here’s the best way to position these. So I’m going to cancel that. And then I’m going to click and drag my arrow and group these together and hit attach and then I’m going to hit make it Now, those three stay together And since they’re one group, I can say, No, I want them over here. I want them down here. I wanted over here. So that’s how you can kind of move those around and make the put them where you want them. And that’s what attached us, which is different than slice now We can also We can do something here. So if I go text and you wanted to know what that text was leaves Jenny’s name again That particular text is called avenue to calm. So up here when I go choose it Let me type it back in. One of the things that happens. And I totally get this because I’m guilty of this There’s like 100 million fonts in here, and I know I have a tendency to exaggerate 100 million is not how many are There but it feels like there are so many and choosing them can be super hard. So sometimes you just want to Have somebody give you a good idea, but it is cute fun isn’t it. Um, but if I were to just take this now. I like the way it’s positioned. I like the sizing and everything. If I just hit make it What do you think’s going to vote came together. Look at that. Sometimes it’ll take the letters and just jumbled them around so attaching these oh you know why because they were a group. So if they were under groups. Oh, let me show. Alright, I’ma show, you know, check This lead to a good to a good question. Actually, in the end, um, And let me find it Um, I can find it fast. Okay. Oh, because I already hit on group. All right. Either way, we can go from here. So remember how I hit that curve button before. Here’s an advanced fun If you hit the advanced let me highlight this group Let’s go I don’t, I have the button now group You guys see it’s always the challenge when you try to do something on the fly. When I try to teach on the fly. Okay, and grip that I’m going to go here This is a good. This is just a good trick when you’re trying to do something with Like cursive letters. This is not a good fun to show you this in so I apologize, but in in If you’re using a curse of like a brushed and the letters are each separate from each other. This is a great tool to use. So let’s just see if I can do this really fast will do, Jenny again And we’ll go up here into our funds and I’m just going to say search me a Calligraphy type fine Okay, I didn’t get any I didn’t get any options. So let’s do brush Oh, I have some options. Okay, so let’s pick this one. That’s kind of cursory right but it’s separate is all those pieces apart now my advanced tool shows up. I can click that I can on group the letters and then each little letter shows up on its own. So now I can take these letters because Now, if I were to do the makeup It’s gonna put see the curse of jays over here and Jenny’s here and then the rest of her letters were over here, it’s, it’s all a mess. That’s not what I want. So I want to Come here and connect these letters together. And I’m just going to do this super fast and and just show you a couple of things real quick So Jenny, this will be one of those fun fonts that kind of jumps your letters all over Now, I can Now group those together. Now I hit group and then if I hit make it what it will do is it will group them to group them together, it should group them together. But one of the problems is, I didn’t like these connections here are each individual still cut separate spots. So I’m going to

Delete this And then what I want to do here to make sure that all of those letters come together as one works. But when I go to take it off my vinyl on my iron on it’s all one I want to hit weld Because what that does is it makes sure that there are no cut places between my letters. So imagine if I had a square This is the best way to show it. And I have a triangle and I want it to be a house, see my little progress bar is going. That means we’re going to joy. Hang in there I’m going to show you guys What happens is, if I have the triangle and I have the square, you’re going to see a cut line So if I wanted to make this into a house Down. I want to make it into a house. See, there’s a cut line right there. So it’s going to cut a triangle and it’s going to kind of square and I would then have to put that together as a house What I want to do is have if I go to my weld. If I hit attached. Okay, let’s attach It still has that cut line right there. I haven’t achieved what I wanted to achieve still going to cut separately. So I want to hit weld and now see how that cut line goes away Well, you can’t see clearly down here and Jenny’s name is when I hit weld and made sure all those letters connected together So, hoping that makes sense if you guys are having trouble when you’re sending it to cut and everything’s getting separated, then That should help you to kind of understand a Little bit more about why they’re jumbling up All right Did I answer that. Well, or did I go too far on my tanta There’s so much. Enjoy. It’s overwhelming. I’m seeing lots of smiles and nodding heads. And I’m getting text messages from a couple of friends are like, Wow, my mind is blown I had No idea. I could use Some design changes Yeah There is a good question that Tom had he wanted to know, is there a way to nudge the font letter over like without dragging it manually can use your arrow key is that we can get a little bit more precise movement through like a pixel at a time. For example, You can. I mean, in my head. I always think like if I use that arrow key, it’s just going to switch it a smidge but it, it kind of snaps to the grid. So when you hit with the arrow, get my jumped further than you wanted And so, clicking and holding your arrow and merging it with your mouse is a little bit more precise than the arrows with the arrows. Yep. They weren’t You could do that It’s one of my favorite questions that I’ve seen, because I have personally encountered this is. Well, the one thing that you cannot undo Okay, so yeah that is that all right, I’m going to share my screen again. I know people are like, if I hit that well button is the world’s going to end. And the answer is no So, I mean, now if I were to set. If I were to have cut this and saved it. I cannot reaching I cannot change it. But if I hit that back arrow look well and then if I Then I can separate then then there’s there’s still attached, but you get the idea. I can take those apart. So once you hit. Well, the world is not over. However, If you’re concerned before you hit weld. Like if you just want to backup plan then I’m then I would say duplicate just duplicate your project Cut off. He’s safe. I come over here and I, well this and because I love it. So now, it stays and I can just either Make this one not visible or I can buy this x up here. I could delete it and make it go away entirely So does that make sense It’s great. Um, I have two other really great questions because a lot of people were very interested to see again how you got that dot between the two names of your choice Oh, you guys. You can do this in your regular typing. I found this out somewhere along the way and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world On my keyboard. It’s I’m using a Mac. So I press the option button and eight Basically, it takes any. And now, not all fonts do this. Not all phones have like little symbols that go along with the font Basically you’re accessing the symbols and that’s a shortcut key to that particular symbol. So if you’re sending an email to somebody you know today. Try option eight and you’ll get that Doc or if you’re on a Word document or anything

Another great question that came through. If you have a project that you’ve saved. You’ve, you’ve used at one point and you want to go back to it. You can you still edit object. If you wanted to tweak a few things Sure, sure. So let’s, um, again, I’ll share my screen To make sure I get the right one here. Otherwise, I just share you guys back okay so if I’m here and I want to go to a project that I’ve made already. Let’s go to the one that we did last week, so I can go to that and I can hit this button customize I So buttons buttons. Whenever you see buttons on things. One is sometimes highlighted, because that’s the one that the software engineers think you’re going to use the most Always look at the other buttons to because they are something you can click So I can now. It’s also reminding me hey remember joy, you have this thing here. Do you want to save it. Do you want to replace it. What do you want to do with what was already on your canvas will hit save and then I can give that a name, so I can call that I’m Michaels class Today, and if I leave this chat. That means is public. You guys could go find it on my profile. So I’ll hit save, although it’s got my kids names on it, you can take that off, put your kids names on it Um, So that saved my project, but I still want to go. I gotta wait for this to go away. So now if I still want to go back to another project And I want to go to this one. And I hit customize Then I can come back in here and it’s like, I have the canvas back all over again. So I could move things around. I can change things. I can unwrap things I could just take one thing that I wanted out of it and Then use that one part I could start all over again. I could do whatever I want. From there, How do you access someone’s profile I know you guys. I got it. I got to do that in the next class. Um, I have to remind myself how to access a profile. So tune in next week. That’s our cliffhanger We’ll show you how to access the profiles. Otherwise, here’s what I would do go to YouTube and type in, how do you access somebody’s cricket profile and I know this. I’m embarrassed. I don’t. So please forgive me If You have to do it how they’ve saved the file right Joy’s there. We’re going to make more sense if we’re able to show you how to do that. But we don’t have enough time unfortunately to do that I know You guys, you know, there’s a massive community of cricket folks that love to play with cricket and similar to enjoy our experts and all of the things. So reach out to your cricket official Facebook page, you can connect to Michaels as well on Facebook, as well as Michaels com to get recorded Information on these classes which is amazing. There’s also some influencers out there like Carly Hall, who does some fabulous. How to videos Also describes different machines and what those are used for for different projects. So there’s a lot of information out there In the world. So sometimes it’s just great to Google and say, Hey, I’m looking for this very specific information. And is there anything on there and you will be happy to find their most likely is Yes. You said Yes. And also, I think our website is top notch. One of the best I’ve ever ever seen and you can. There’s a learn section. So when you go there you can do cricket M dot learn or it’ll, it’ll prompt you. Would you like to learn more about this and learn more about that. There’s tons of FAQs in there. So if you have a question cricket probably hasn’t answered between Facebook groups and YouTube and our website. So please feel free to check it out. And whenever you start to investigate like you’ll see some other information you like, oh, that I didn’t even know I needed to know that. And then I will try to take you along in that path. So that’s fun And I would like to encourage you, you know, we get so much great feedback and guidance from you guys and in our whole goal of cricket is really to give you all of the most advanced tools that we are able to give you, to help you design and Admittedly, we are not perfect and you’re always looking to improve And that’s improving design space as a part of in our software and our platforms and

Make sure that you can do all the things that you want to do so. We love hearing your feedback, so please if you have, you know, Any challenges or you have an idea, let us know. We would love to incorporate it in one of our updates and I really think the worst thing you could do Is get your cricket machine, whether it be an explorer and maker, a joy and not take it out of the box. If you have any friends who have got a cricket machine and it’s still sitting on their like guest room couch or table in a box Pop them and say, hey, open that machine. And let me show you what you can do. I think it seems really scary when you learn something new. Right. It seems overwhelming, but the great news is You can’t. You can’t destroy anything right. Get in design space and play. Click on all that and see what works. See what doesn’t work. And really, the more you play inside of it, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll realize there are features that you’re going to use for your projects What Value. Do you have, um, or if you are having trouble getting your machine another box. Go to Michaels comm slash cricket one on one With the help of cricket and currently Hall, we have created a boxing video for all three of the machines and they are so helpful. I’ve learned from them even They don’t even walk you kind of through your first steps with design space. So again, that’s michaels.com slash cricket one on one and super helpful for any of the machines that you have and you need to get it out of the box Do it, do it, do it, do today But anyways, thank you all so much for joining us today. Again, we know this might be your one hour off in the middle of the day where you’re hiding from your kids or your work or your husband or your partner And we’re just so thrilled that you wanted to spend that hour with us. We love these classes we love doing everything we can to help you making creating You know, again, I know there was some concern, we do have to go a little bit fast on these, but this is recorded this recording will be shared on michaels.com slash online classes, along with the past classes Also we have a ton of classes constantly going up every day To sign up for so anywhere from cricket, or if you want to learn resin pouring. We’ve got classes for that as well. So we are here to keep you making And again, thank you so much, please reach out to us on social reach out to cricket on social Michaels on social we all have great customer care teams We are here for you. Even if you just need someone to talk to. So don’t hesitate. We love to hear from you all and thank you again for joining us today Thank you. Thank you Thanks, guys Have a great day Thanks

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