I’m from Michaels we are so so excited to have you all joining us today we really appreciate you kind of sharing your time with us we are here for the maker and this is so exciting that we get to continue to be here for you learn from you help you learn from us especially during these crazy times again we so appreciate you tuning in if you have any questions please please put them in the group chat we’ll answer them live this is gonna be recorded so don’t worry if you’re taking notes and you miss something we’ll absolutely share this back out with you and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce everyone’s favorite human in the whole world Joe from Caesar how’s it going everyone thank you so much I want to give a big THANK YOU to Michaels again for having me back I thought I was gonna be let go after last week I don’t know but I had a blast hanging out with so many people that I seed from time to time through the social media platforms people have seen that shows I see so many familiar faces and names on here what’s awesome to say as I could see some faces so it’s less awkward for me to just stare at my own face and know that like a hundred people are watching from wherever so this is so much cooler I love being on this platform this is my second time ever so just remember there’s any technical or anything that goes wrong this is a still a trial test for both Michaels and myself I am Joe with Cesar North America thank you so much you’re hanging out with me in my basement in the safety of our homes we’re doing what we’ve been doing I hope you’re all doing really well I am it’s so refreshing to see people still doing some awesome craft ideas and projects and people are still getting the ball rolling with new things and and testing out a bunch of ceaser products and I think we probably have a lot of people have used Cesar products before I’m gonna be this is gonna be my first lesson forever and it’s always how to proper we pronounced Caesar and this is an example of a Michaels role of Caesar heat transfer vinyl if you haven’t seen this before so at Michael’s store these roles right here that’s Caesar heat transfer vinyl so that’s kind of where I started off because I know we get a lot of sizes sisters you know sis sister people had letters it’s awesome so um if you tuned in last week I did a really fun project it was an awesome message I had a really friendly stranger drop off this cute little design she made for me and she posted it on my front door and I veterans it so I drew it and I made it into a shirt so her design it’s probably backwards here but it says be great and I used three different Caesar glitter heat transfer bottles so I had easyweed Electric is the heart I used our fluorescent pink easyweed for the bunny and then the lettering is the blue glitter and I do apologize for the lighting it may not be as tantalizing on a laptop camera but here you go so this is what I showed last week it was an awesome project again what I just kind of want to convey in all this is to have some positivity some good messaging and stuff like that to get back to the embark or meanly your your surroundings so a random stranger came up to my house made my day so this is my way of paying that forward I also offered the artwork for this too so if you are interested in getting this into a vectorized image to where you can make a t-shirt or make some decals or stuff like that you’re more than welcome together but today’s lesson is going to be the discussion that we get a question all the time at Caesar is can you layer Caesar glitters the heat transfer vinyl on top of one another so I’m sure many of you have pondered that question or probably tried it and maybe had a little bit of failure on the court the response that we give to people is know so when you act when you work with too different Caesar glitter heat transfer model so I already have this roll open that was the core dropping two different Caesar glitter heat transfer vinyls if you wanted to layer them on top one and one another on two garment it is not something we recommend we usually say no and that’s in the case of anything that’s gonna be laundered so if you’re gonna wash it like a t-shirt the problem with the layering comes with the way it’s washed so the washing it doesn’t

allow to fully bond to one another so what I’m going to show you today is with any design that I created another one that I would love to give you guys it’s another important message for me because right now in all of this situation I want to definitely acknowledge the people that are in our health care system right now and the people that are putting themselves out there in the front lines of all this stuff so my message here was not all superheroes wear capes and again this was a two color glitter Caesar glitter heat transfer vinyl that looks like it’s layered into each other and I hope you guys can see that it may be better in the second camera from though they’re Stacy for a second I’m not sure where it looks better but that is the design we’re going to work with today so if you guys can see that it gives the illusion of two different glitter colors together but they’re actually what we call the knockout method so it’s the way you set up your design to where it’s kind of pieced into each other but both of these colors are actually adhere to the garment so that’s what I’m going to show you today real quickly so again if you’re using any of the craft cutters if you’re using a sweater Cricut you can absolutely cut with the Caesar glitters when you get a roll of this Caesar glitter just like all our other heat transfer vinyls when you unravel it from Michaels you’re gonna have a tech sheet that comes with it so hang on to this tech sheet because this tech sheets gonna have some information for you to let you know what kind of fabric we recommend for that particular product the heat application instructions and then if you want to get our app which is very helpful you can use these QR codes get it right on your phone and what the app has is all the color swatches it has the application instructions and it also has recommended cut settings now these are very ballpark but if you’re working with like what I have here and I’m not sure if we can see it but I have a silhouette right next to me and here that is a recommendation here let me pull it in a frame so this is a an example of what you can cut with so silhouette cameo like I said it’s something you can cut the Caesar glitter with and we do have recommended cut settings for it because if you’re familiar with easyweed like this other roll I showed you and you are cutting between easyweed and glitter there’s gonna be two different types of settings and very very important to make sure that you do your test cuts in your settings before you do your run okay I hope that makes sense but we do have helpful tools in case you need it so I have my designs already cut and today I decided to go with the gold confetti glitter which is this piece here and I have lavender glitter so two cobbler and when you get a roll when you set it up on your vinyl cutter what’s really important too is when the roll comes out of the microbe like this you’re gonna have the shiny side on the outside so when you go to lay it onto your craft cutter you want to make sure you lay it with the shiny side facing down and the dull side facing up you’re gonna be cutting on the dull side this is your adhesive side so when you cut your heat transfer vinyl you’re gonna cut it mirrored so it’s also very important that you mirror it and I apologize for those that are already really familiar with this but I just want to make sure that everybody is on the right page and is caught up on what I just did so to get into the artwork side of it I am going to try to do the screen share just to show you kind of the way I set this up now I used a program called Carell now this is a little bit more of an advanced software but this is a program I used to design a lot of my artwork ready to cut so it’s very simple and I’m just gonna kind of show you what you need to do and what I did is I drew both of these and this right here is a type of bull font so the font I used to create this is called impact and I typed that out and I shaped it to wherever I wanted I distorted it which is just basically taking it and stretching it and making it look the way I want to look and then what I did is I drew this heart stethoscope and the thing is is what’s great is you can have put these together and Center them which to me looks okay but I decided to go this route so just to go back to where I was at I made it to where it kind of falls into that design now the way I have this set up

with these two different attributes I could cut these as is but in this case I want to use two pieces of glitter now if I cut all of this background as one piece I would not be able to layer my top piece of glitter on top of that bottom because again we don’t recommend layering it but if you decided to do easyweed as that bottom piece and glitter on the top piece that’s fine or if you wanted to do two different easy week colors together that’s fine so to get to where I want this design to be cuttable and label for two different Caesar glitter transfers would be to do a intersect method so what I’m going to do in this program and I’m going to show you in two other software’s just to kind of get the vernacular of what you’re looking for when you’re designing is I’m going to click that top layer I’m going to hold shift and I’m going to click that bottom layer now in this program you have these options up here that are weld trim intersect and simplify and these all offer different things if I were to hit well it’s gonna piece it all together like that I don’t want that the next one is where I’m gonna go which is trim and that cuts out it didn’t look like it did anything but now when I move my hard way this is how I want it to look you see what happened there is it created that exact or that trim out of my bottom layer so now this this art right here is set up exactly how I need in order to cut that so this is what I did with that artwork now does anyone have questions on this I can’t see it because I’m still on screen share so you’re good people excited awesome alright so this is what I did in Corral I’m not gonna go too deep I just want to Duke’s explain what I did there and how you make the artwork set up to do the knockout method and that’s in Corel so the term word learning today is trim and that is for Corel now I’m gonna shift over to silhouette studio because I have this the only one I don’t think I have that probably many of you have is the cricut studio which I do believe is an online software and somebody could probably assist on how to do that in there but in the silhouette program what you can do here is the exact same exact artwork so just like before if you were in here in my version of silhouette studio is actually the design Edition so I have a little bit more capability of doing more of the art setup if you have the basic Edition you can still do this functionality it’s absolutely something you can do but I already had this design created brought it in just to show you the term that you would use in silhouette is you would grab both of these just like I did before and then over on your right side there is a modified panel and you have the same option of weld and then right below it you have an option that’s subtract or subtract all and what that’s doing just like what it just did in corral is it just broke up the area for my foreground of the glitter I hope that makes sense I’ll just show you again I’m just gonna reverse it all again you want to make sure you are back so I have my two pieces all you have to do is click your foreground and your background together and then hit subtract all now this artwork is ready to be cut for two different pieces of glitter now that’s silhouette studio so we have Corral silhouette studio last week somebody mentioned this other program that I wasn’t entirely privy to and I just downloaded it yesterday last night actually just to see how it is and this is Inkscape so someone mentioned designing in Inkscape and i wasn’t really familiar with it but I got a save for an another free software that you can download right to your computer it has a lot of functionality to it I haven’t scratched the surface on the capabilities but I did just like what I did in the last one the only thing I’m not I’m not finding for this program it’s just like what I showed you before when I have my design like this and I click them together hey Joe just real quick it looks like we’re still on Correll draw we can’t see your screen for the Inkscape well Joe I don’t think you went over to silhouette you’re still

you’re still sharing the CorelDraw yeah so can you go back and redo that get to see the silhouette yep what I need – oh all right all right let me let me go so what one real fast again I’ll show you let me try the share screen okay I think I might have to like end up coming out of it and then going back in okay so I’m going to share my wet screen now did does this look great let me know much better thanks sorry about that all right so we’re in silhouette studio so just to go back I know you guys heard what I said hopefully in in silhouette studio I have this business Edition so I can do a little bit more drawing and vectorizing and creating but same as as the Corral software I showed you I have my two layers design this way now I want to do what I did in pro which was the term of trim correct so what i’m doing here is i’m gonna i’m gonna click on my foreground hold shift click on my background and then over on the right side there is a an option on my tools to modify and what you’re gonna get is weld which will bring it all together like that one we didn’t want to do and right underneath it is a subtract all and what that does once they click that like I did there doesn’t look like it did anything once you move that aside that’s exactly what we want is having one layer that’s gonna cut that shape of my foreground and then I have my other layer of glitter so in this case that file is good to go so in in Corral we have trim in silhouette studio we have subtract all and that’s how you’re gonna create that knockout method and you can do this with as many pieces as a one I’m only showing you two colors today but if you wanted to you can do three or four colors if you were savvy enough to do the art side of it and have them all intersect so if any if you have questions on this please let me know I’m gonna stop share so I can move on to the other other software now I’m gonna go into a third software this is what I was talking about earlier this software was some was one that a customer early an attendee had mentioned last week was Inkscape Inkscape is a free vector software and it’s really really cool like I said I haven’t scratched the surface on what you can do with it but I did toy with it a little bit just to see what you can do in it and it seems like it’s it’s got a lot of functionality especially for a free platform it seems like you can save all sorts of file types on top of one another from an SVG to an EPS to PDF on top of the raster images like JPEGs in PNG s but in this case I did draw my same design I used a type of font right here which is my impact I did the same designing as Corel now the only thing I noticed and somebody if you’re a little bit more savvy with this program in here I did not notice that they had the same function of trim or subtract all what they have is the only one I could find was this one up at the top that gives you how was it know it was up here I just looked at it the other day I think it’s yeah different okay but the problem is is now when I do what I did before instead of me just clicking difference it did the part for the second or the the bottom layer but my top layer disappeared so what I noticed is there wasn’t another option in order to do that so what you want to make sure if you’re working in the in Inkscape is you want to make sure you copy so control see that foreground so you want to copy that and then click the two together go up and hit difference now you can hit paste and it may not line up right away but you already know that that’s your foreground because you it doesn’t really matter that they’re not together as long as you don’t manipulate the sizing that’s very very important to remember once you have these clipped together and you do this you don’t want to go and manipulate the sizes you want to save that file exactly like that that that answers some questions because if you manipulate that now your foreground may or may not fit well probably won’t fit

into that background or vice versa so you really want to make sure that once you set that up and you paste it back down that you save it and now we’re good to go to cut any questions out of any of this no questions do but we did have a couple people that offer some really helpful tips if you’re a customer using design space the tool would be slice slice okay awesome so design space so that’s the Cricut platform is slice so trim subtract all slice and difference it’s all the same functionality just different words and that will be the word of the day or the the function of the day so now let’s move on we’ve already had the cut pieces I have my two cut pieces here ready to go the next the next step is just weeding which is pretty pretty basic if those that don’t know weeding is just removing the access material from your your cookies we can switch the second camera here we’ll do a little overview but just to show you for those that have ever used Caesar glitters Oh No we’ll have to spotlight you the other way sorry I was getting getting emergency messages from my governor right now that’s what just came in there did it work they go back no you’re back you’re good I’m sorry for the technical difficulties you know what happens not what I wanted to say is for those that sometimes people that have used Caesar glittered we get another one ask for kind of tips as to what they can view to maybe see the cut lines a little bit easier and as of now I mean we’re hoping that in the future we’ll have a really nice remedy for you quick wink but for this case what I like to do is what I call the reverse role and what I’ll do is on my cut side I’ll just kind of roll it a little bit against each other and what you’ll notice and it may be harder to see on the screen but you can see the cut lines start to pop up when you do that which makes weeding out your access a lot nicer or simpler to see any air cavities and stuff like that we were we did glitter Catherine you know I have I don’t have as fancy of a weeding tool as you have but you know maybe one day wink wink well what’s on your t-shirt though today I just have a nice Michaels logo I don’t know if any of you customers have seen but we have upgraded our logo to make sure that you all know that we are here for the maker and that we are so excited to have you all here there you go all right this was a pretty simple weed as you can see I didn’t have much issues in an ill lit basement but this is a two-parter probably can’t see it totally well but we’re ready for application may have had a casualty here but you know what’s really cool about this either easy or the glitter is that if you do have pieces that come up it’s got a pressure sensitive backing so you can lay it right back down to where wherever it fell off so that’s kind of cool about bad side now the application end of it if you’re using the whole mine that’s fantastic but I’m gonna I’m gonna probably make some people at Michaels a little annoyed today like Katherine because she allowed me to show you something today in action and I don’t want you to get too excited yet you know this is just a quick demonstration or something you’re gonna be able to do in the future now again if you do have a home iron that’s awesome or a Cricut easy press so if you have a home iron or Cricut easy press you can absolutely apply Ceaser heat transfer vinyls onto it just make sure you’re on a flat surface last week I did my application with this home buyer and I used a wood cutting board and that protected from any kind of abrasion on your surface it also gave me a firm platform to push down on so that’s very important to make sure you apply pressure and again on our tech sheets we do have the application for a home iron

provided right on these text sheets so make sure you do not throw those away but today make some noise real fast I am going to apply using this bad boy so this right here is the Caesar craft press that is not yet available at Michaels but it will be very soon this is just to show you a pretty fast application what you’re gonna be able to do once you get your hand one of these and what we have is up at the top here is my setting so right here I went and i justed my temperature I’m at 315 degrees I’m adjusted to 15 seconds and the next thing I want to do is make sure that I have proper pressure and my pressure knob is right here so this is what is going to increase or decrease my pressure when I close it and I’m gonna snap it down and it looks like I have good pressure now today I’m going to be applying on a hundred percent cotton t-shirt and at michaels they have awesome selections for t-shirts between the Gildan or their brand new editions the Bella canvas shirts which are fantastic this is just a cotton t-shirt that I’ve had at my house very comparable to both I do love those Bella canvas because they’re soft and stretchy but really exciting too we have extended sizes available online now at the Bella canvas shirt oh really yeah so there you go extended sizes that’s awesome okay so with the key press here what the dimensions are for that the surface we’re going to press on is 12 inches by 9 inches so 9 inches this way 12 inch inches this way it’s very important to kind of know your design dimensions so in this case mine is an 8 by 8 so for this case I know that I can apply it this way but if you knew that your design was a little bit longer you can switch your shirt to set it up kind of more horizontal than the vertical way so that’s going to be up to you to determine once you know the size of your garment or says your transfer but what’s great about this is what you want to do you want to preheat it for a couple seconds this is gonna bring any kind of wrinkles of moisture out of the garment which is important now when you are working with the glitter what’s awesome about the pressure sensitive backing if you want to line up your transfer to just get an idea of the placement of the two together you can lay them on to each other and there you have kind of one transfer to give you a scope as to where you’re gonna apply it and how you’re gonna place it so in this case I’m going to line it up with the sleeves of the garment and then with the collared shirt now what’s important is your heating element is this top portion so be careful do not touch that part but the bottom is not hot so you don’t need to worry about it now what’s very important when you do this and what I just showed you is to make sure that you take off your top lid because you certainly don’t want to apply them together because that’s not going to be a positive outcome at all so it’s cool about having a heat press and having the proper application temperature and pressure is once I have my one layer of glitter on what’s cool is all’s it takes is a one second tack losing things on my table and a hot peel so you guys just saw that live I know that the angle is not the best maybe we can switch the I don’t know if they’re the laptop camera angle so I just tack that down for one second now the reason for that is not only the fast application but it’s also when that much heat hits cotton what happens it’s like throwing your shirt into a dryer and so a 100% cotton t-shirt has a tendency to shrink right so with a 1 second tack it doesn’t give the time for that garment to shrink hot peel I have successfully placed my foreground right into the grooves of that that bottom layer and now this is my last layer so I need to make sure I go back and apply it for the full 15 seconds so right here two colors with ceaser glitter took me 16 seconds to

what for a full front but I’m gonna add on another addition just to make it actually unique I’m given this this shirt too and just to show you HOT feel it wasn’t CGI you don’t need a way to cool down on glitter now what I like to do cuz I always like to do something original and or something different but just to show you what our front looks like that’s a two color 16 seconds now what I’m going to do is apply one last design but I’m gonna do this on the sleeve of the shirt because this is going to be awesome so right on the sleeve of this shirt I have one design I also cut that the confetti glitter imma lay that down now what’s important too is you want to make sure you have even pressure so make sure that you have flat surface where you’re pressing again pressure is very important and then when you go to line up for a sleeve the way I always line it up is that followed the seam of the shoulder of the shirt and then follow that down and line that up with the center of your transfer that’s the easiest way I can recommend unless you get into the t-square type tools and stuff like that close this and press it again for another 15 seconds and as you notice I I kind of messed up with not having a cover sheet but you should use a cover sheet ideally and a cover sheet is just oh yeah just to show you I don’t need to wait around we’re good cover sheet you could just use a simple parchment paper this is a nonstick cover sheet that we’ve had for a while but before I go into more trouble that was just a quick application to show you the the press that will be available soon and just how quick that is now big reveal right just see if we can get it better what do you guys think hopefully this lighting is alright but that glitter is flashy look at that it’s actually bling in look at that that’s not CGI and then my last little message on the sleeve is I’m staying indoors so we’re doing our part I’m gonna hook this up wait give this to one of my friends that is in the healthcare system she was requesting a blue shirt of this anyways but that is the project for today what did you guys think loving it yeah awesome yeah my you the shirt I hope it wasn’t too painful again I you know I just wanted to give you guys a good look at what you have coming in the future with Michaels with some of the equipment you’ll have with seasoned products you know again another another positive message that’s what’s really important right now we just we gotta keep passing that message on and because we’re all in this together and to keep crafting and do stuff and again this your kids can do this is stuff we can be showing kids to get going on their business endeavors and get craft ideas coming because you know there’s a lot a lot of more lot more potential in the future for them in in regards of becoming young entrepreneurs right like let’s start it going now well yeah this is everything I just showed you today with the exception right now of the heat press is available with Michael’s so these are things that they’ve been able to provide on their website to this day and so if you have any questions on that part you can definitely knock on Katherine’s door for that don’t just say it someone comments thank you guys so much I’m glad you guys enjoyed the design I’m going to give the design to the Michaels crew and they will get it out to you if you would like to have this again not all superheroes wear capes let’s show the respect if anyone has last-minute questions please chime in right now if not I you know I don’t want to ramble to myself so let me know I’ll do it looks like everyone really enjoyed your lesson for the day someone has called you out for blushing so I wanted to talk about four blushing because you know that’s what I do I can also blame it on a heat press that’s 350 it gives you that it’s warm yeah maybe it’s support lighting I don’t know but yeah no absolutely I can’t thank you guys enough thank you Michaels big-time for having me on again if you guys like this I I believe I have another two more lessons

coming up in the next two weeks so next fry I think for the next two Friday’s I’ll be back here same time a new new zoom code will go out and we’ll we’ll make sure that everybody can learn how to set up but what’s real what would be great is if you guys helped us kind of keep promoting it to it feel free to tag friends to share the social media info and stuff if you know that this is projects that they might want to tune in on I don’t even know what I’m gonna necessarily be now I’m just kidding I have some ideas we also have Mother’s Day coming up and I know I’m talked to amazing mothers right now so it’s kind of gonna be weird being like I’m not making gifts for myself but you can make a gift for somebody right this is all positive we’re treating we’re keeping this all positive so I have a couple ideas up my sleeve and we are looking forward to coming back so please please be on the lookout for the next code for next week and we’ll go from there thank you guys so much and each and every one of you I can’t wait to do more of this Memorial Day project just saw that yes keep the ideas flowing keep them coming to me you know that helps me out I don’t like not talking about things you want to see so thank you guys so much Catherine if there’s anything that anyone wants answered to please let me know I can come back up and follow us on social media let me know you know you can follow me on social media on Facebook sees in North America we have us and obviously we are great partners with Michaels and so any any questions you have I’m more than willing to help you so just let me know okay and don’t forget we will be we have recorded this we will be sharing it out just in case you missed anything um like joe said please feel free to reach out to us on social media we would love to answer any of your questions or help you with whatever you need we also are doing classes every single day so please go to michaels.com slash online classes I made a little sign just in case you don’t know what I’m saying we have a ton of really great classes a lot of different topics like Joe said he will be back the next two Fridays I know that’s who you really want to see but again thank you all so much for joining I know this time is really crazy for everyone it’s really great for us to be able to get together with you all and a great day and a great weekend okay weekend all right thanks I’ll talk to you soon adios

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