hi everyone its Laurie its April 2017 and Cricut design space 3 has just been released in the public beta which means they’re still testing and working out a few bugs but it’s here for you to use and enjoy and I couldn’t be more excited to show you some of the new features and for those of you who are new to Cricut I’m going to walk you through how to use design space and navigate through the workspace so let’s get started here we are at the home screen and right away we see new features first of all we have all kinds of great deals and offers across the top and you can navigate through these by using the arrows left and right next we have my projects this is new this is an easy way to get to your saved Cricut projects these are projects that you have created and saved into design space and also new is we now get a preview of our projects before we just had the name but now you can go through and see your projects you can click on them and get a bigger preview these are some coin envelopes that I uploaded into design space we can rename our projects which I love and you can delete them from here and also you can scroll left or right to see all of your projects in design space that you have saved we can also create a new project from right here and we can create a new project from right here in the upper right next we have what’s new this is what’s new for Disney and you can click a gun the arrows left and right or you can click see more and be taken to a and I was playing in design space I’m just going to hit replace so if you click see more you can see a bigger preview of each image and then as you pick the image that you want you can click on it and these are make it now projects and I’ll go into that in just a moment let’s go back to the home screen next we have kind of a trending category here and this shows you know Mother’s Day is right around the corner so they’ve got Mother’s here this is definitely a trending topic right now so these are all kinds of Mother’s Day projects and again you can scroll through these by going left or right click see more to see them all in one screen these are vinyl projects so all of you vinyl lovers or those looking to get into vinyl can find some easy make it now projects right here that include vinyl we have an iron-on category same thing we have cards category and a home decor now what these projects are are called make it now projects and if you click on a make it now project I’m just going to click on this first one right here it’s going to bring up a nice new big preview window of your project it’s going to give it a name it’s going to give you a skill level which this one’s considered easy and a proximate timeframe it says about 30 minutes less than 30 minutes it’s going to give you the finished size of the project the materials you need to cut it anything else you need to assemble it as such as transfer tape or adhesive it’s going to give you a description of the project it’s going to tell you what you need to do to prepare to make the project it’s going to tell you what you need to cut it and then it’s going to tell you how to assemble here are some tips and trick videos that Cricut has put together to help you assemble this if you need to and then it’s going to tell you the images and fonts that are used in this project and you can see like this one all are part of access images or free images so it wouldn’t cost you anything to make this if you are an access member you also have two other options down here at the bottom of each of these project to have customized and you have make it if you click make it and again I have to replace because I was playing in here so you click make it and this is going to take you right to your cutting mat you don’t have to do anything crickets got it all set up for you those of you who have had design space in the past are going to notice the screen looks very different and it is amazing I love it everything looks so clean it’s so streamlined and will get into the screen

a little bit more but I want to go back to the make it project so that is if you just want to make it exactly like it’s shown then you just click make it however say I wanted to make this but I wanted to change something so we could go into customize now if you go into customize Cricut is going to put this on your canvas so that you can do whatever you want so maybe I wanted to make this envelope a different color I could do that so that’s the difference between customize and make it let’s go back to our home screen so again all of these projects you have those two options you can say I want to make this just like it is click it click make it or you can click it click customize and customize anything to your liking the other thing I want to explore right here is this little menu bar you can click this and you have access to the home page canvas printing cut calibration we’ll get into that in another video manage custom materials we’ll also get into that in another video new machine setup if you’re new to design space you can click right here and it’s going to walk you through setting up your machine update firmware account details link cartridges if you were just setting up your Cricut and you have cartridges from a previous machine this is where you’re going to link those cartridges Cricut access settings some legal information if you just want to brief summary of all the new things in design space you can click right here and they’ve got a nice little kind of slideshow for you choose your state or your country help menu and if you want to sign out so let’s go back to home so we’re going to create a new project so you can click create new project right here or you can click right here either one what’s going to take you to the home screen and here we are this is the canvas this is where you create and put all of your images together the first thing we have up here in the left is a new button so if I was working on a project and then I wanted to start another project I would click new we’re already in a new project so I’m not going to click that the next button we see is projects this is going to take you back to make it now projects so again here are all the make it now projects so why we’re right here I want to take you up to this button right here if you click this you can sort the make it now projects or your projects by different categories so say I just want to see let’s say I just want to see baby projects so that’s just going to bring up the baby projects so maybe when I’m in baby I want to see a baby growth chart so I could just put in growth chart and that’s going to bring up a couple of projects that are ready to go that are baby growth charts so that’s how projects work so don’t forget to use your filters it really saves you a lot of time scrolling through a lot of projects when you can kind of zero in by following one of these categories to what you’re looking for so let’s go back to the canvas by clicking on canvas the next button we’re going to click on is images and this is going to bring you to the Cricut library one thing you’re going to notice is we have a much cleaner library everything is streamlined and it’s fast everything loads really fast we also have bigger previews of our images but watch this if we click this button here they’re even bigger so this is a really nice feature you’re going to notice that these little a’s right here on many of the images that is for cricut access if you have a access subscriber and for those of you who are new to access Cricut has a couple different subscriptions that you can subscribe to and they’re called access if you subscribe to access you can use any of these images with the green flag on them as many times as you want as often as you want it doesn’t cost you anything other than your subscription you can use them all the time while you are subscribed now if you stop your subscription you will no longer be able to use those images unless you purchase it if you’re not an access member and you want to use any of the images whether it has the green flag or not there is a purchase price right here in

the lower left so this one I can purchase for $0.99 if I were to purchase this image for $0.99 I can use it as many times as I want for as long as I want whether I’m subscribed to anything or not it’s my image and I only have to pay for it one time so I get a lot of questions of the people wanting to understand the difference between buying an image and being an access member so for instance even though I’m an access member this image is not part of access so if I want to use this image I need to purchase it and it’s going to cost me the IE nine cents but after I pay that ninety nine cents I can do whatever I want with the school bus as many times as I want and I’ll never have to pay for it again so I hope that clears up that for you now there are thousands and thousands and thousands of images here in your library and if you’re looking for something specific you’re not going to want to have to scroll through everything so they have some ways to sort that out for you here we have categories if we click on categories we can look at what’s free the week and they’re these always change so all of these images are free in access or free in design space in this week let’s go back to categories we can search by most popular or recently added and this is fun just to go in and check every once in a while just to see if there’s some new things that have added that catch your eye it’s a fun way to just see what’s been going on when you weren’t looking let’s go back to categories they also have categories by topics so baby anniversary Cinco de Mayo Easter all kinds of topics there for you and those are ways to you know maybe Valentine’s is around the corner and you want to see there’s a project you want to make and you also have a filter by brand so you can say you know I want an Anna Griffin image or I want to Lori Whitlock image and all you do is click on that and this will bring up all of the projects by Lori Whitlock so once I have the Lori Whitlock projects up perhaps I just want to see a box by Lori Whitlock so it’s going to bring up boxes that Lori Whitlock has or their the name boxes in the name like these are box cards so that’s another way to filter so let’s delete that let’s go check out cartridges okay this is going to bring up different Cricut cartridges and you can search cartridges by name so say I want cartridges by cartridges related to Christmas so I’m going to type in Christmas and hit enter now what this is going to do is bring up any cartridge that has the word Christmas in the title so that’s a easy way to search out a cartridge this one I haven’t purchased so I want to show you this if you want to buy all the images on the car you could buy them all for $29.99 which is a pretty good deal there’s a hundred and twenty four images on here they’re each $0.99 so you save a lot of money that way if you want to do that or you could just buy this one bird for $0.99 okay so let’s go back to images and I’m going to put flower and we have one other way to filter our images and that is by clicking on filter right here and here I can say I want to see flowers that are part of access so I’m going to click on that and this is just going to bring up all the flowers that are in access so it just removed all the stuff that I don’t have access to and it saves me the time of trying to sort and find what I’m looking for so here we can also filter it out by cards that have flowers or frames that have flowers or multi-layer projects that have flowers so you can use these filters to save you some time from scrolling through all the different objects and while we’re here I’m just going to grab this flower by clicking on it and click insert image and we’re going to go back to the canvas and I’m just going to use this to demonstrate some other items but we’ll put this off to the side the next button here we have is text and this is where the fun of design space 3 really shines

I’m going to type I love my Cricut I’m going to move this up here so here I have some text that I have put on the canvas Cricut has moved the edit menu up here so there are some fun things we can do here with our text let’s move this actually I’m gonna move it down about right there okay so while the texts selected we now can change the font up here it used to be over to the side and you had this little tiny preview but look at this this is beautiful too see a better preview of the text that you might want to change your font – and this is has your system fonts as well as your Cricut fonts everything moves really quickly it loads your font much quicker we have style right here we can change it to regular bold italic bold italic we can change the font size you can use the up and down arrows to change it or you could change it this way we also have letter space which makes more or less space in between each letter this comes in handy when you’re using script we have a line space which puts more or less space in between lines of text you can see those are getting further apart we have alignment which we can justify left we could center or right justify if you have multiple lines of text if you look over in the layers panel you’ll see this text is let’s get this flower out of our way you’ll see this text is on one layer right here if I turn it off everything turns off so if we click on the text and we click ungroup two letters watch the layers panel now you see every single letter has its own layer and the beauty of that is if I just want to move this letter C over a little bit I can do that if I just want to make this letter C big I can do that the other thing that is new is that now even though I have ungrouped all these letters to their own layer I can just change the font of that letter if I want you couldn’t do that before so that’s really a fun feature now let’s click undo get this back to where it was and we’re going to I’m going to undo one oops redo okay now we’re back to where we were all the text is on one layer okay now watch if we click ungroup two lines what that did is make this one layer and this line one layer and again we can still edit this text we can still change the font we can still change the size we could ungroup just the letters on this so those are some fun new font features one other thing I just want to mention quickly when you’re working with fonts a lot of times people will message me and ask they want to cut words out for maybe a bulletin board and they want each letter to be 2 inches and so they will select or type their word and they’ll type 2 inches in the size what happens when you do that is it makes the word or whatever you have selected two inches from left to right you see that’s two inches if you want each letter to be 2 inches you need to do ungroup two letters select each letter and change that to two inches that’s just a common question that I get a lot people want their letters to be a certain width but you have to undelete ange each letter okay let’s get rid of the text and let’s explore the next button this is shapes these are shapes in design space these are free you can use them as much as you want their basic shape square circle triangle diamond hexagon Pentagon star octagon heart and your score line so you can use these as many times as you want as often as you want and they’re always free next is upload images this is where you’re going to go if you want to upload your own images you can use JPEGs gifts PNG

bitmaps SPG’s or DX X DX F Files I’m going to have a separate video just on uploading images but I’ll just do one really quickly just to show you how simple this is you click on upload image and you can drag or click a browse and I’m just going to find an image from my desktop I’ll just do this PNG file and we’ll click open there it is we have a transparent background the simple image and I’m just going to click continue here I have some options and again I’m going to go into all of this in the next video so we’re going to click continue you have a choice to save it as a printing cut or a cut image and I hope you’re noticing how quickly in response of this design spaces here we could tag it and I could tag this as journey and click Save and here it is I can click on it and that easily I have brought in an image that was not a Cricut image into design space and this is ready to cut so now we’re going to grab our flower that we grabbed earlier and we’re going to explore this edit menu up on top we have undo and redo when you click undo it takes away the last thing that you did so I just move that flower from here to up here if I click undo it’s going to put it back where it was if I click redo it’s going to redo it so that’s pretty simple we have a select all select all is going to select everything that’s on the canvas we have edit once you have something selected you can click Edit and it’s going to give you the option to cut which is the same as delete also this red button is delete and copy so if I click copy and then I click Edit I now have the option to paste and that’s going to paste whatever you copied it keeps it in the memory so if I were to do some other copy that and do some other things and then come back later and click paste it will remember that I have that copied the next thing we can do is click align so if you have more than one object on your mat we do we can select them both by drawing a box around them and I just click and drag to do the box click and drag and now I want to align these two flowers and say I want to align them to the left now those are two flowers are perfectly aligned on the left the next option we have is a range and this flower you see if I move this flower it goes behind that flower okay what a range does is it changes the order of the layers so if I hit a range move to front now this flower is on top of that flower that makes sense the next item we have is flip I can flip this image horizontally or I could flip it vertically the next option is the sizing now there are a couple different ways to resize an image you can always resize an image by clicking on this arrow and pushing or pulling to size it but say I had this flower and I need it to be exactly 3 inches wide I would type three point and now it is exactly three inches wide you notice this lock up here what this does is called lock proportions and when it’s in the lock position the lock is closed and it’s the same as this button right here you can use either button when it is in the lock position like that if I resize this 3 inches wide it’s going to keep the height in perfect proportion it’s going to automatically adjust the height for me however if i unlock the this and say I make this six inches wide you see what happened it kept the 2.83 for the height and it only adjusted the width so let’s click undo similarly we can unclick the lock this way and now we can when we move this arrow we can move it down we can move it out so we can manipulate this image in all directions whereas when it’s locked

we can only proportionately resize it so that’s how the sizing works and the lock button next we have the rotate button and this is convenient if you’re doing something at angles and you want to make sure everything is at the exact same angle you can key it in and you can also use the up and down arrows or highlight it and to say we want that rotated 45 degrees the other thing you can do to rotate is use this button right here and this is a freestyle rotate however if you hold your Shift key it’s going to rotate at 45 degree increments the other next option we have is the X and Y axis and that just tells you where it’s at on the canvas so it’s saying that this flower is at five point seven nine on the x axis which is this and it’s at one point four three on the Y which is the horizontal you don’t you really won’t use those a whole lot now that we have the align feature it used to be more handy when we didn’t have the align feature but now if I want you know both of these flowers to be perfectly in alignment I would instead of going up and typing in two point five six on each one I would just hit a line left so that’s what those buttons are for now we go over here to the layers panel and the color sync panel and you can see I have flower one right here it’s highlighted and this is flour to the first button under the layers panel is group it’s not highlighted because this object is grouped together and what that means is we have flour and then we have all the related layers to that flour right under it if I move one if I click on this it moves the entire group of layers the next button we have is ungroup now watch what happens in the layers panel when we hit ungroup I just ungroup that flour and now instead of all of those layers being nice and grouped under the word flour each layer is separate and if I click to move this I’m only going to move one piece at a time ok let’s click undo get back where we were so let’s select it all and group again and now you see this is all grouped if I select one layer everything selected so what do we use this for well we use this to keep things in place like this so that we can move it without having to move every piece and line it all back up again but we also use it if I want to say I’m going to cut this flower and I want to resize it I want to cut it this big so that I don’t have to go and resize each layer by hand I group it so that I can resize it the way I want it all at one time so it’s going to resize all the layers at once so while it’s still grouped I can still manipulate these layers a little bit I could go in and change the color of this layer for instance but by-and-large anything I do to the grouping is going to do it to everything so if I just want to maybe resize this blue layer to be bigger than it is I would click ungroup and then I can grab just this blue layer and make it really big so maybe I wanted to do I don’t know why I would but maybe I would want to do something like that so that’s why you group and ungroup if you just want to manipulate one part of something you’re going to ungroup it if you want to just move one part of something you’re going to ungroup it so let’s undo get this back to the side that’s supposed to be so this is all ungrouped and this flower is grouped do you see the difference in the layers panel this is the grouped flower and this flower in order to move it I’m going to have to select all of it to move it otherwise I’m just going to move one layer at a time so that’s group and ungroup the next option we have is duplicate so I’m going to select this grouped flower and click duplicate what that does is just make another one just like you would think it does it’s much similar to the Edit copy and paste however it saves the step for one I can just hit duplicate I don’t have to paste it’s just going to

immediately duplicate but the difference is with the Edit menu if I hit copy and then I do something else say I go over here and I play with this layer and make that big something like that I can come back and I can hit edit and paste and it remembers what I did where duplicate is only going to duplicate whatever is selected so that’s the difference between copy paste and duplicate and then we have the delete button and in design space there’s always more than one way to do things so I could click delete right here while I have an object selected delete I can select an object I can hit edit cut that’s going to delete it I can select an object and I can click this red X so there are multiple ways to delete and again the button right here okay the next thing we’re going to look at in the layers panel is when we have a image on the mat we have different layers here what a layer is think of the as your desktop so this blue paper is on the is touching my desk and on top of that blue paper is this pink paper and on top of that paper is this red paper so it’s kind of like a paper stack and then you know this one is on top of this set so this is the bottom of my layers panel this is my desk top and then this is the order that all those papers are so that’s how to think of the layers panel when you’re trying to understand why something’s not showing or you need to get it on top okay there are a couple things we can do in the layers panel I’m going to select this flower and I’m going to ungroup it so that we can work with different layers here and you can see what’s going on so the first thing about the layers panel I want to show you is when you have a layer that you don’t want to cut but maybe you don’t want to delete it you want to leave it you’re not sure or maybe you just want to get it out of your way you have these little eyes off to the side that means if you can see the eye it means you can see the layer if I want to turn off say this pink layer so that I can grab this orange layer easy easier I can just click on the eye and it the layer is still there but it’s turned off so it’s not going to cut it’s not going to do anything if I want to bring it back I can but I can turn a layer off oftentimes you’ll bring up an image in design space that will have a shadow layer and it’s automatically turned off so if you want to use that shadow layer you need to turn it on so always look in the layers panel see if you have any eyes turned off okay the next thing you’re going to notice in the layers panel is the preview of the image if you click on the preview of the image it’s going to bring up some options it’s going to let you change the color so I could change the color of that image I can choose a color that’s pre-made for me right here or I can use this little slider and find a color this way can move this up change it to the purples move this around and choose a color that way it’s giving me the RGB code right here so that’s how you can change the color I also can change this from cut to right if I want the Cricut to write it with a pen I can change that right here so now it’s going to write that layer it’s going to draw it with a pen and I can choose what color pen color I want it to tell me to put in I can change it to score maybe I just want that layer to be scored and then I can change it to print if I just want to print that layer so you have the option here to change it to cut right score and print and you can change the colors just by clicking on the image so let’s click back on the canvas panel okay so down here at the bottom of the layers panel you’re going to notice some other features the first one is slice how to slice work well if we had this the middle of this flower and this piece and say we instead of putting this piece on top of this piece we just want those holes to be cut out of this piece what we would do is select both of those I’m going to hit a line Center make sure that’s lined up and you’re going to notice I have two layers selected you can only slice with two layers that’s very important so only two layers are selected here and I’m going to hit slice and watch what happens

I just cut those holes out of that piece let’s try it again with these two pieces so perhaps I want to make an outline of a flower I’m going to select these two layers make sure I only have two layers selected in the layers panel I do I have the pink layer and the blue layer right here and I’m going to click slice and now I have sliced that piece out of there think of slice like a cookie cutter you’re going to take away one piece from another piece the next option we’re going to go over is weld this is how I would use the weld button say I wanted to make a flower border I’m going to grab this piece right here I’m going to duplicate it twice and I’m going to space these out like so and I’m going to select them all and hit align align bottom okay so I have them aligned I’m going to make sure that they are touching a little bit overlapping each other okay so once we have all of those selected we’re going to click weld and watch what happens you see that these are all now one layer up here in the layers panel and they are connected so I just made a flower border the other time that you use weld and I get asked this a lot is if I have text they change this to a easier text to read just love the text feature if I have text and I want to make it isolate ungroup two letters and I want to make this text all cut out as one piece and again you could align this and use your letter spacing I’m just trying to show you this quickly select all and weld and now we have one piece right here so those are two common uses for weld is to take two shapes and kind of melt them together or to take text and make it cut out as one piece so I’m going to delete that the next button we’re going to explore is attach this question comes up a lot I have three lines of text here it says I love my Cricut and you should too let’s click make it and see what happens you can see that design space is set this up on the mat to cut out like this and what it’s doing is cutting it out to save the most amount of paper so it doesn’t look the way I want it if I want this to cut out exactly like I have it all set up and all lined up I would select all and click attach now look what happens when I click make it it’s going to cut it out exactly the way I have it set up another way that you use attach and probably more often would use attach is okay let’s put a shape in square all right I’m going to click on this square I’m going to make it white say I’m making a card all right and I’m going to put text and I’m going to say happy birthday and I want to put that text on the card so I’m resizing it this is just for illustration so I wanted to say happy birthday on a card if I were to click make it right now there’s my card here’s my happy birthday that’s not what I want what I would need to do to get that to print happy birthday on the card is select both of the objects and I could click attach now what that’s going to do is cut the happy birthday out of the card because I attach the happy birthday which was a cut file to the card but I can go over here and click on the happy and I could change that to print and I’m going to change my font to black okay now when I click make it I have happy birthday printed on the card alright let’s undo that another way if you want to print something you’re going to select it and instead of attach and then switching it to print we can click

flatten the only time you’re going to use the flatten button is when you’re changing something to a print then cut image so if I just click flatten it just did all those steps for me so if I hit click make it it knows that’s a print and cut image so flatten is only used for print than cut images say I decided I wanted that happy birthday bigger I could click on flatten and then I am able to manipulate that again so that is the flatten button we have one more button here in the layers menu I want to go over with you and that’s called contour so I’m going to grab this image I’m going to ungroup it and I’m going to take this middle of the flower and say I didn’t want those circles to cut out I would click contour and this gives me all of the images that I can get rid of so I could get rid of all of them which means now there are no holes in that image you see that click undo let’s click it again click contour say I just wanted to get rid of I just don’t want quite so many holes I can do that and if you watch right here as I’m clicking on these it’s getting rid of them if we click off of it see we removed some of those cut lines so that’s what contour does okay we have one more button to discuss over here and that is color sync right here what color sync does is say I want to cut this part and say I want to cut the pink and the blue out of the same colored cardstock all I have to do is right here grab the flower and pull it down to the pink layer or maybe I want to cut these flowers in the red layer I can do that it’s just an easy way to without individually going in and changing each layers color hope to see you in the next videos don’t forget to check out the cheat sheets I’ve got them linked below and I’ll see you soon bye bye you

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