Hey folks, Mike here from the mjm sand furniture company and today we have this Automotive seat that needs to be repaired. You can see it’s pretty well torn here. I also need some foam repair now this particular seat come out of a Chevy truck and One of the issues that you run into a lot of automotive work is it’s it’s very difficult to match the color of the original fabric It is possible to match the original fabric But even if you do get the exact same fabric chances are pretty good. The color will be different Some reasons for that and one is dye lot They only died so many yards for the color and every time They do a different batch or there’s a possibility that the dialogue color will be slightly different And also an automotive see is exposed to a lot of weather Ultraviolet rays in particular and they do have a tendency to fade the fabric also in a truck seat unless this one is to get a lot of People with dirty clothes and that tends to soil the seat and that can affect its color So even if you do get the exact same fabric It’s highly unlikely. You’re going to get an exact color match in this case The customer is not interested in An exact color match is more interested in just repairing the damage and the upholstery to keep the seat from getting any worse Obviously the first order of business in Making this type of a repair is to get the seat out of the vehicle Very optin you can run into problems with rusted bolts that tend to break If you have air bags that have to be unplugged when a/c is removed You may have to take that vehicle back to a dealer after everything is reassembled because when you plug the airbag back in it’ll throw a code on the computer and A dealership or even a mechanic that has the right computer can clear that code for you Once the seat is out of the vehicle as it is here The next thing we have to do is remove the backrest from the seat On this particular case the customer has already removed the knobs before he brought the seat to me So what we have to do is remove this plastic cover Every seat is a little different. It’s really Difficult to say exactly how each one comes apart, but there is a lot of information online especially on YouTube on how to take these seats apart if you have any questions You can refer to the YouTube on your year, make and model of your vehicle and very often you can find what you’re looking for if you are not able to find how to take the seat apart in your particular vehicle I Just have to take your time go slow and watch everything because some of these fasteners can be pretty well hidden. I Got the plastics off this seat and I’m gonna show you how they were held on And see right here They had several of these little metal clips And I just had to pry them out of the hole that they go into very carefully And they also had a little plastic Parts here And just clipped in and out of the corresponding holes On the other parts of the plastic right here Once the plastics have been removed There’s just a couple of bolts On each side and the backrest will come right off the seat Once the back has been removed. We can turn our attention to removing the upholstery in this case The tracks or the runners that move the seat back and forth cannot be removed from the rest of the frame on a lot of seats Your tracks can be removed and the whole metal pan here Can come off of the tracks but in this particular case, it’s all one unit Once we turn the seat upside down we can see That there are these plastic tabs that hold the upholstery onto the frame

in several places now what we have to do is Pull this upholstery forward and read and pull it out Away from the frame Once the clips are removed from the frame we can pull the fabric up and we can take the foam right off of the frame and The upholstery will come off with the foam Now this part of the upholstery comes right in here If you flip it over you can see is held onto the foam in here by some clips You can’t really get in there to see them very well, but there’s some plastic clips in here that hold it in We just need to pop those out It’s there you can see it just a little wire in there a little plastic clip This will push back in this plastic wire we’ll just pull out of there some seats have velcro Some seats have what’s called hard rings? They’re all a little different Once all those clips have been removed. The upholstery can just be removed from the phone Once the upholstery has been removed the damage to the foam because it’s really apparent First thing we’re gonna do is fix up this this foam here So the first step in repairing this foam is To cut it out and make it kind of a rectangular shape so I can glue some new foam in this place. Oh And I’m using just a carving knife for this and I’ll let your carving knife works really well for cutting foam rubber Once I cut this all squared up, I went and I cut a piece of High-density foam. This is a firm foam just match the firmness of the Seat foam as close as possible and I’m gonna glue this right in here And I’m going to be using a special foam adhesive for this Now I’m gonna let that adhesive setup for a few minutes and then I’m gonna take the carving knife And I’m gonna cut off all the excess Once we have the foam replaced and carved out to the basic shape

I like to go over that and with a layer of muslin and I use the same foam adhesive The first thing we have to do to repair the upholstery is we have to remove The upholstery that has been damaged in This case there are two pieces that have to be removed There is the top piece here as you can see and then there’s a part that goes on the side And that’s sewing in from the front and it runs along the side. So these two pieces Have to be removed from the cover What I’m going to do to remove these is turn this inside out. I’m going to use a razor blade I’m gonna carefully Cut the thread that holds the scene together Once I have the affected pieces removed from the seat cover I Have to remove the two pieces from each other Which is a scene that runs right along here and Why I’m taking these apart? I’m going to use these as a pattern to make new pieces There again, I’m gonna use just use a razor blade and carefully pull the seam apart and Cut the threads with the razor blade as I go. I Also have this piece here, which is called a listing layer that held the seat into the That held the upholstery to the sea It’s a good idea to mark this In this case I can use a sharpie just because this old cover is not going to be reused again So I know where the where my listing will fall when I make my patterns and I’ll know where to sew that back in So I now have the two pieces separated from each other, okay What I’ve done here is I’ve taken a couple pieces of black cloth and I’ve come out in rectangles Basically to the size that we need For these pieces and what I have to do is sew this cloth onto a piece of foam once I’ve got the Fabric sewn on to the foam. I can just cut the foam out. This is a special foam though It’s called a soul foam or some people call it a backed poly foam and on the back of it It has like a knit fabric Adhere to the foam and it helps hold the stitches When you sew to it Once we have the excess foam cut off we can lay our old piece on that We’re going to use as a pattern and we trace around this I’m going to be using a piece of white chalk

It’s easy to see and it also comes off the fabric easy It’s very important that we get this bottom pattern traced As exactly as we can to the old one Now I’m going to take this to song machine I’m going to sew along this line here and then we can cut our piece out Now that I have this first part cut out I’m going to do the exact same procedure on their second On our second one here Once like that in this piece, I’ll cut out. I also transferred the plastic tabs for holding it on and This one here also has a piece of velcro on the back and the next step is to sew these two pieces together Now this piece soles on for this one here Now that I have these two pieces is repair pieces that we made so them together I can sole them onto the original cover Maybe sewn on like this And when I saw those on there I will resew this listing attachment okay, but before I do that, I’m gonna mark where it goes Remember on the old one. I made the marks so I know exactly we’re gonna place it It’s always good to use a piece of chalk So, you know where to put this but also a chalks not gonna bleed into the fabric if it should get wet That’s something that you have to always be mindful of to mark your fabric with something. That’s not gonna bleed through Now that everything is all sewn back together. It’s just a process of reattaching The upholstery onto the foam and putting the phone on the deceit frame and reassembling the seat Well, there’s the finished project hope you enjoyed watching and we’ll see you next time


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