you alright ladies and gentlemen we are here in the dashboard Oh a 2012 fo.1 7 series this is the same from oh 9 to 15 maybe 16 I always give that up but nevertheless your car looks different from this you have a different car so here we are we’re knocking out the stage one speaker upgrade which in this particular car consists of fourteen submit’ speakers 7 mins 7 tweeters and 2 ghost subwoofers one of course under each front seat we’re tackling those as well in this particular car we’ve got the shop open because it’s hotter than Hades here in San Diego today so hence we hear some news and delivery trucks and such was something I was going to mention about the under seat woofers ah yes that was a bit hot with the under seat well first you got to trim the carpet back a little bit from the edges of the carpet on the outside of the car we just don’t want the carpet sitting on top of the woofers it’s all hidden under the grille it’s completely invisible it’s just – we need that extra excursion because our woofers throw that much further than the factory so moving on to the center channel I always like to start with this because why not it’s really easy it’s really satisfying and it takes just a few minutes so they have sound toolkit available in your cart just add it to the cart everything you need is in there we’ve got our plastic panel removal tool which you will be using do not use the metal tool here so there’s just it’s very simple there’s just a gap between the panel and the – we just take our tool and that one actually popped out real easy boy howdy alright so look at that speakers all brown and gross and dusty and disgusting so here’s what we’re gonna do we’ve got some Torx bits here here and here we’re gonna pull this whole assembly out because we’re gonna do the tweeter upgrade up on our workbench so it’s real simple you can watch or not basically one two three four pull it out we’ll swap everything up on the table that you’ll want to see this part is not going to be particularly exciting but nevertheless you can watch so using our right angle tool that is included in your Bab sound kit we just come up here you’re not gonna get these out any other way so you definitely want this guy then for the rear ones you can use the show you these are notorious for actually blowing and giving you guys lots of problems so again this is a critical part of the upgrade the image in these cars sits high and center thanks to this processing and the DSP amplifier and having the center channel right here so this is a very critical driver to have performing properly and most importantly to get these god-awful metal tweeters so to get those back ones we use our other screwdriver again it’s included in the kit come back here just pop this guy out of here you’re gonna get a bunch of schmutz on your windshield so it’s great time to clean the car after you’re done with the install anyway it’s always nice to get some good tunes and then have a nice clean car especially when you take the seats out and do the subwoofers and find french fries and M&Ms and money any other number of other things that have gotten wedged down in the seat we found a water bottle in this car wedged in the seat mechanism you never know although over the years I have found some very interesting things all right so they’re all that loose we can just oh he’ll maybe you do have to take this out first I honest eyes don’t remember let’s go ahead and pull the speaker out and just see I can’t it’s been so long since I’ve been in this car and one of them rather yeah it looks like they’re using Torx t25 on these speaker bolts on the you know so I’m using a 20 right now but you should probably use a 25 the 20 old grab just be conscientious of that usually you can take the pods out I know in the rear you can pop the pods out without having to remove the speaker the exciting stuff lefty-loosey righty-tighty if that’s the first time you’ve heard that or are unsure what I mean by that you do not need to be

performing this installation on your own and I highly suggest taking it to a dealer all right so with the mid out because an how you take this thing out of here yeah just stuff hell I could have taken it out it was just stuff so yeah don’t worry all right so we’re gonna go up to our workbench and cover the process of upgrading the tweeter and the mid-range after I get the center channel I’ll always come back and grab these rear speakers because we need to do them both at the same time because BMW has used adhesive to fix the tweeters to the housings and we need to do the same when we put our new tweeters so I just like to do it all at once so plastic panel removal tool just like the grille up front and the gap throw it up just like that you lift up and then out you can see there’s little tabs back here on the rear edge so like when we put it back in we go in and down so just wanted you to see that and then back here we’ve got four eight millimeters just securing everything down we’re gonna take the pot out just like the center channel and take that up to our workbench and we’ll do these all at once just a hell of a lot easier that way so you can actually just break them free with your fingers and then they were breaking free with the tool and use your fingers pull the rest of them out so well pause right here and then come back with the workbench alright guys so this was our center channel which you recall you do not in fact have to take this out in the car you just do it on the finish so put the mid out return to the tweeter which in this case you can see just snaps right in so we’re gonna use our right angle pick and we just sneak back in here there’s a couple little tabs and quite frankly it usually just pops right out of here just like that take a little the passenger ironist there out with that and then in with our new center channel tweeter which has the integrated capacitor harness on it so make sure you this is the tweeter you put in your Center debt and your Center and not one of these guys which looks the same but is not because as you’ll see it does not have the capacitor harness so this is the one we want it just snaps right in just like the factory it’s very tight however I always err on the side of caution and add a little adhesive to this because the tweeters in the rear deck are glued and I always like to put a little extra because why not and we’re up here so I just put a little dab it’s a little dab there may be a little dead there there that’s it done the top back on and we’ll revisit that in a moment with the rear doors so now we can just take this guy turns out the shotgun not very scary end of the day just like that factory we can put this in the same location it’s pretty tight just like that and then we’ll plug this into our mid-range which we have right here and drops in like so and then I actually went to get our Torx t25 so it would use it which is over here our screwdriver this time I actually kind of do want you to watch this because there’s a process to it he’s adhering these drivers to the car he’s looking tight man that is the dog snoring she is asleep over there so what we do is we don’t wrench one down and then the other down and then the other down we get them all started I think so and then we come get it snug good snug get it snug and then we just work our way around snug snug and snug and now it is perfectly flush it is perfectly gorgeous it is perfectly ready

now for this which is we pull off this rubber boot we have some spatial concerns this is just acoustic you can use it now as a koozie or whatever I don’t think it’s actually an issue in the front of this but I always take them off just in case I can’t ever there’s so many of them I can’t keep them all straight and then I just take this plug in my tweeter here and then we plug this back into the car when we get in there to to wrap this up so that’s our sinner Genesis super straightforward and now we’re gonna head over and knock out the rear deck driver which same thing I think they might have used what a weird thing they only use the t25 on that front driver so the t 20s on the rear again nothing exciting but the adhesive process is the same whereby we just go little by little we don’t just wrench it all down at once because we do not want any fitment issues she is out like a light all right so unplug our tweeter from our mid and this one the tweeter is actually glued and to the housing you can see there big blobs of glue here here here here and here good news is the dish it’s the glue usually has hardened at this point and so it’s pretty darn easy to get out of there so it is I’m just using my go in there and I’m just breaking the glue free it’s not a big deal and then I just take my angle pick and I just provide the tweeter like so then you just do the same thing where we just pull out the tweeter and this is where our tweeter this is the one BMW manufactured since the new generation started back in ho to where the tweeter is a perfect fit and it snaps in but it’s not as snug as as I’d like which means it tells me that because this is the only car I’ve ever seen glued this aggressively that BMW is aware of that so that’s why we’re gonna put a little more glue just like the factory one and the reason I’m doing this all at once is because I want you guys to let this stuff adhere this needs about 30 minutes to cure so that’s kind of the process here which is I wanted to do all the doors at once or all the drivers at once at least the center channel in the rear drivers so that we could let that set up and cure so that we weren’t rushing the installation or improperly putting it back together so this one you actually need to let sit for a bit because we’re working on it so again the the flip side of this is we just attach the driver and then go drop it in the rear deck it’s really straightforward we’re not even going to cover that that’s just what we do but this needs to Stephanie your rear deck drivers we didn’t touch on this earlier it is imperative much like every other tweeter in the car that we have the capacitor harness in line between the mid-range and the tweeter otherwise you will fry the tweeter and I will send you a new one because I will know you have done that and I just will know so let’s not do it so anyway put it in tie it up be done with it rock and roll oh one door panel very straightforward front and rear doors identical in every way except the front door has three bolts behind this panel and the rear door has two bolts the speaker’s mount the same way there is no difference so when we do the front door consider the rear door the same way because it is – that little caveat so to start with this is the unique I’ve never seen this and I’ve been doing this 20 plus years this piece comes off but to free this piece there’s a little pin a little plastic vertical pin that secures this to this to the subframe behind it we have to extract that first and to do that I’m gonna have first I’m gonna have you guys come in and get tight on it so you can see it you give us just a second we want to make sure you can see it it’s just this little guy right here so I’m gonna keep the camera tight on that while I do this so using your right angle pic which is in your tool kit the way this works there’s a little indentation on that side on the outside of the pin we hook this into so you get this up in there and then we just pull this little guy now that starts to come out [Applause] you’ll see when it comes out here you’re like what the hell cuz that’s what I

said you can see it’s just this little plastic bin strange right anyway so with that out I mean now put that on the somewhere we’re not gonna lose it although I question its long-term purpose but nevertheless so now again plastic panel removal tool do not use your metal tool here we prop this off so are we starting this back edge it’s kind of getting it until he’s a little scary at first but it will come then you just get your tool back here and believe me it’s scary and for those of you wanting to just do like a a swap I guess on your colors here’s how you do it if you want to put wood grain or something good so just go free you come it just comes right off so you can see it’s just a series of tabs a couple little hooks really well done just beautiful alright well we can look at that all day and wax poetic about the design language in the car but we shan’t that reveals one two three Torx T 30 s all of which are in your bath sound toolkit we are not gonna watch me remove those so we’re gonna pause here and come back and get the rest of the door off the screws are removed now the tweeter pod must come off before we take the rest of the panel off so the the process here there’s a seam right here and that’s where we separate the pod from the rest of the car and you’ll see you know it’s funny I usually do this a very specific way we might as well just show you guys just come up here in this gap perhaps this front edge it just comes right out I always forget that’s the easier way and then the tweeter pod just comes off you unplugged the tweeter voila we’ll take that up to our workbench we’re gonna take everything up to the bench at once and do it all at once this car it’s just better to do it that way because there’s a little bit of glue here and there again from the factory so all right with that off now the general flow is there’s a series of clips around this outer perimeter that we pop free and once those are free we then lift up we lift the door up off of the lock mechanism and then we start unplugging stuff so plastic panel removal tool I always start up here feels good to get that first one and then we just follow I see my fingers are behind the door and then I just use my fingers the rest of the way around like that and so as I was speaking to the door is now loose so we lift up and back so we go so now you’ll just watch me do that and look at that the door is off now we’ve got to show you this first and foremost right actually it’s probably better to shoot from back here there’s a very tight little plug right here we need to get that first I’ll show you how we do that it is really tight and if you’ve got big fingers you really do need your right angle pic and so I’ll show you the tab you just depress this little tab on the bottom edge of this and then it comes right out you see these little tabs just do you you you and then the way we take the door off in this car we pull down and unhook which brings us up to the front of the door so we’ve got a couple this is where we use our metal panel removal tool included in our tool kit so everything has a purpose because we’re taking this wiring harness off we’re just unplugging so we’ve got a couple of tabs here so we get a couple of these guys off and then we just start unplugging just pulling just come off you don’t have to watch this this is pretty boring I think our shop dog is about to start barking if I’m not mistaken because someone is here so again if you hear her she’s just protecting us if you don’t hear her then the intruder has finally won this eight-year long battle of coming into

the shop and threatening to kill everyone and the dog did not do her job just unplugging unplugging nothing exciting this process is repeated of course on the driver’s door and as I mentioned is the same on the rear doors as well slight variations but we’re just removing the harness from the door ok leave a little time and so now we’re gonna take everything up to our workspace and do it all at once and now lastly at least if your garage to bench work is our front tweeter which you’ve been doing these the same way forever again it pops right out just like that out with those harsh metal tweeters in with our butter smooth silk tweeters which are also super sexy but that’s just a function of design acoustically there you snap right in there brilliant in every way so you don’t have to put any glue up here if you don’t want because they’re never gonna move especially when you put the foam back in which we are gonna do you snap the phone back in and we are good to go with our tweeter and stimulation wait you took where they put this out well they’re bringing it out on the backside okay well you can do that too I suppose you don’t see this anyway in fact why don’t we just do this you can just have a blade up here you can do whatever you want but I just will slit in that and then we can just bring the wire right out through the front okay because it’s just fun cool now the wire comes off the backside so that’s how we do that front tweeters it’s super easy so that’s all the kind of the the grunt work if you will now I’m gonna clear a little spot here we’re gonna come through is that me 6,000 or boogers no I’m going with you six nails alright so now let’s start with the front door again we want to make sure your workspace is clean obviously so here if we’re gonna do a little bit of work the most complicated thing and it takes two minutes so we’re gonna talk about sound deadening because these because an interesting place to mount the speaker so it’s mounted directly to a hard plastic which is then riveted to another surface so our goal with the sound deadening is going to be bridging these two surfaces together where the woofer and the mid and the and the panels come together so we’re gonna get the speaker off its held down by the eight millimeter nuts which again the eight millimeter socket is in your bath sound toolkit we have indeed thought of everything okay so what we do is we take the sound-deadening that we gave you we cut it in half half for the right front door half for the left front door and that’s what we got that’s what we’re left with here and if there’s anything left you can put it elsewhere it’s not that important on the rear doors because the way the soundstage is skewed in these cars it’s heavily front biased so that energy in those rear doors is not as nearly as intense as the front so what with what’s left you can absolutely do the rear doors and there’s no harm in doing it but we won’t really focus on the front so what I’m doing when I say that what I mean by that so we’re gonna start like this and we’re basically just gonna eyeball it like this and then we’re just gonna kind of mop you know we’re gonna invisibly just go so for me what that means is this I’m just going to kind of draw then kind of follow this line loosely and that gives me almost a perfect cut for what I need which is bridging all these panels now what’s tricky here is that we’re not actually going to do it right here we can’t so what we do is we got you know we’re gonna lay it down we’re gonna get it hot we’re gonna lay it down then we’re gonna cut this out with the speaker mouth but we’re still gonna leave that gap bridge so I just flip there sound deadening over heat gun or hair dryer and probably have a hair dryer you probably don’t have a heat gun if you do cool if not if you’re bald like me then you’re single and you don’t have a hair dryer well now’s the great time to go talk to that pretty neighbor lady would be a hell of a weird first thing to say can I borrow your hair dryer but I don’t know maybe she’ll think you’re manly or something for

working on your car I look I’m not a dating advice specialist I’m just trying to help disorder these are like 20 bucks on the Amazon Plus every man should have one of these so just getting it hot you want it really tacky not like that shirt tacky that you’re wearing but tacky isn’t sticky alright don’t buy your shirts at Costco guys alright so with that nice and tacky you kind of lay this down perfect you know be careful this is aluminum it is hot it will it will burn yeah so now I take the panel removal tool and I work this edge don’t do this with your fingers you will cut yourself and you would Brett it big time you can see what I’m doing here because Ed all we’re doing is we just want to tie these panels together that is the key and as a head mentioned up here you kind of have to identify or are those guys one two three so we want to go just around them like this I’m gonna go back and then you tie that all together I tied this oh and then I just come through here like that we can just take this piece back here that’s just kind of big and dead and not really doing much of anything kind of come back here tuck it in and just add some more mass back here to control this piece of plastic up here so again I’m just tying things together that’s how you control resonance and this one I need to cut a little more cuz I left a little bit too close to the grill cut that that over here so now we need these surfaces flat with the speaker mount so don’t have anything in there but we’ve still got it nice and tied together all through and through and then with everything that’s left I just start adding it in these areas here with the rest of that or again if you want to take that and use it in the rear door you can see it’s cut exactly the same as the front it’s just the inverse so you could do that same thing in the rear door as I had mentioned I tend to focus it on the front so we’ve got the harnesses reconnected we’ve tied up our excess harnesses here that are tweeter harness ready for the tweeter install you’ll note that there were two male blue connectors coming into the speaker one from the amplifier and one just daisy chain back up to the tweeter so on both of the front doors just take note of the harness that has the female connector up here and then you’ll find its corresponding male connector here don’t use that one use the other one that’s been coming from the amp so a little brain power goes a long way here so there’s that so everything’s connected last thing we’re going to do plug this guy in and you’ll remember this tricky little part down here from before with me door handle so we hook it like so and then we pull down the white part and then we plug this guy in and then the trick is lining that up so as I had mentioned it just drops down perfectly and then the trick of course making sure your tweeter harness is up there lifting up and you’ll feel all the clips they just settle right in and then you just use the palm of your hand reinstall those let’s do the tweeter real quick while I got you here plug in the tweeter and this is the part where you actually do want to start on the other side because we need to hook this back lip a little may be a little tricky to show you guys but again a little brainpower a long way here so we settle this in like so and then we just clip in this front edge and it’s done look at that perfect

oh no it’s perfect so we just snapped in that front edge oh now it’s perfect I’m pretty sure it’s perfect now it might not be all right then we reattach the t30 s we snap the panel back on you might as well watch this because we can talk about that little tab the mystery tab as it has been dubbed I still don’t know why it’s necessary hey look at that that happened and again because you can see where it attaches but there’s absolutely no reason for it I’m reasonably sure the dog is gonna start barking here in a moment so we’ll get ready for that so with this guy again we just open the door handle kind of line these things up like so you’re just gonna snap on like so then we take our magic pin you’ll remember the little funny side down stick it up BAM that’s it we’re done we’re rockin and rollin the dogs going to start barking we’re gonna join you for the tuning process and get rocking and rolling from there we’ve done the install this is this is kind of how we adjust the equalizer the processing the bass treble balance fader etc this is a logic seven or a Harman Kardon or a top hifi if you’re overseas this holds true across all the cars three five six seven nine etcetera there are nine series well there is now I just I just made it up so tone bass and treble flat balance fader middle equalizer surround surround you can turn it on or off off it goes volume settings PDC that’s your parking distance control turn that down it’s annoying gong turn it down annoying speed volume all the way down what that does as you turn it up it pulls out the lower frequencies from the music as the RPMs increase turn that off we don’t want that so go back over then we go into our equalizer and you can see I’ve got this flat for the most part that’s where you want it for you older guys that might be a little bit harder of hearing above 10,000 Hertz you’re welcome to fuss with that a bit they’ll play up to 20,000 Hertz not that you’ll hear it but you can adjust this up or down one or two you younger guys want all these this five and 10k is specifically flat one to two K that’s going to be most this 500 1000 and 2000 is gonna be our mid-range drivers so our hundred millimeter drivers in the door I like those flat 200 Hertz starts transitioning and rolling off into the mid Wolfers under the seats again flat maybe maybe at higher volumes down a notch at lower volumes if you like a little bit tighter midbass + 1 + 100 Hertz this is where just think of it in your mind as sub base just because you do this doesn’t mean it’s going to sound better at lower volumes it will but at higher volumes it needs to be flat maybe even minus one and depends on the music you’re listening to a lot of this is based on the recordings so the key is to having everything for the most part flat with minor tweaks at 2 5 and 10 K maybe 1 and 2 K are 100 and 200 Hertz bass and treble flat and most importantly perhaps is considering your source so we want it connected via USB if possible and if you’re using an iPhone or an iPod in your music settings so you’ll go settings music go down to there’s a three bank category where there is volume EQ and sound check we want the EQ off we don’t want it flat we don’t want anything we want it off we want the volume set about half way maybe two-thirds way and then we want sound check on that ensures consistent output a irrespective of the recording so if you’re listening to some old Pink Floyd that might be a little bit quieter on the output side and you listen to something modern which I don’t know any modern music maybe Katy Katy sire Perry whatever you know that’s probably gonna be recorded louder so turn that you know sound check on and it keeps everything consistent so that’s how we tune our logic seven harman kardon top hi-fi systems from here we are ready to rock we’ve done in this particular seven series the full stage one the full ghost upgrade the car sounds incredible hopefully you’re enjoying yours as well if not go visit a local hearing specialist he or she can help you and we will see you guys next time

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