(laughing) – What? (beep) – What’s your numerology number? – Who? (beep) – What? It’s so Aquarius, what are you talking about? (beep) (seventies music) – Hey guys, welcome back to Clevver Style We are sitting here on a couch which is kind of a change up for us We wanted to be super comfy because today is all about exploring (ethereal music) our personal souls – Wow – Our s-, is that the video I signed up for? – [Loryn] I didn’t sign up for that – So what Sinead is talking about is today we’re gonna be doing an astrology exploration where we’re gonna dress like our signs but with a twist – Right, so we’re not gonna dress like our signs, we’re gonna dress like each other’s signs – [Erin] Yeah – And make it a competition We have been encouraged to use props in our outfits which is very interesting You guys might need to go to Trader Joe’s and get some wine – You’re a Pisces, what’s your sign? – I’m an Aquarius – I’m a Aries – We are doing three looks total and each one of us will be judging our sign You will judge the Aries street style, I will judge the Aquarius formal wear, and you’ll be judging the Pisces lounge wear – And to be clear, I will be dressing as your signs – Right – And you’re gonna be dressing as my sign And then I get to judge what you guys picked out – Right – For myself – We’re gonna judge the outfits on an emoji – I’m gonna do fire – I’m gonna do the emoji with straight tears (baby crying) – I’m gonna do – Black heart? – Yeah let’s do the black heart because that’s rebellious and apparently everyone in this entire office has thought it’s so weird and nobody’s ever said anything – At the end whoever has the most points, apparently they’re telling me right now, oh yes, yes, that we will be winning a prize at the end but none of us know what the prize is But the only hint that I have is that it’s really, really good – That it’s actually a prize this time – [Erin] Science stuff – I’m prize motivated – I’m free-stuff motivated for sure – I am, too – Well I don’t know much about my sign at all At all – We know more about your sign than you do – Should we start with Loryn’s birth chart? – No, why? – What’s your numerology number? – Who? – You don’t know what time you were born? – Do you? – Yes, 4:16 p.m – 8:35 in the morning (crickets chirping) – To be fair the reason I think I don’t think I know much about my sign is because Pisces are the least interesting sign – The Pisces are really sensitive Sorry, babe, Neals Is a Pisces – How are we friends? – What do you mean? Neals is a Pisces – I know and you’re so blunt – I love him, I love you, but you guys both drive me nuts (laughing) – I usually don’t like Pisces for a fact (crickets chirping) – Crickets! – So as an Aries you are outgoing – Ding – Passionate – Ding – Independent – Ding – Competitive – You are competitive in these videos – You’re competitive (bell chiming) Keep telling me more about myself – Okay, okay, okay – Alright, sorry Courageous – I think so, moderate – Have you seen your outfit? (record scratching) Hey-o! – Keep going, next one – Energetic – Yep, sometimes – Life of the party, no (buzzer sounding) (laughing) – Well that was real quick – I think Might have focused or manic energy – Yeah, I don’t need Adderall as much as some people do – Rude – I don’t know what that says about my style but – Speaking of your style, Erin, these are the style characteristics of Aries Love attracting attention with your outfit – I wear weird stuff but not because I think other people Like I don’t dress for other people (buzzer sounding) – Do you love the color red and black and white? Literally what you’re wearing – She’s not a natural red head, you guys That was a choice – And you’re wearing black and white right now – Oh lots of hats and hat accessories and a giant head – Oh, giant head’s in there? – No – Yeah – Yeah I love hats – Such an Aries thing – You do wear a lot of questionable hats – [Loryn] Doesn’t your husband hate your hats? – [Erin] Yeah my husband hates my hats – Sporty and masculine looks, that couldn’t be further from the truth – Yeah you’re wearing, but she’s wearing biker shorts right now – This is not normal And I also haven’t shaved my legs in like three days so that’s pretty masculine – Is that on here? – Think French girl meets grunge – Not me (buzzer sounding) – This is very confusing – I don’t think this is you at all – No – So next up is Sinead’s characteristics as an Aquarius Rational and analytical – Dude you analyze (beep) to death – Yes and no (giggling) Because rational, I think rational analytical are two different things I’m gonna analyze exactly what this is right now (sped up talking) I guess for the most part I’m pretty rational, definitely analytical – [Loryn] Yeah – That’s why we’re still talking about this – Okay, independent – Yeah – Easy going – No (buzzer sounding) – The OCD is not an easy going trait – Definitely not easy going – Okay, doesn’t get stressed very easily – No (buzzer sounding) – No Curious – Yes I ask so many questions all the time – Yep – [Loryn] Okay takes time to make decisions – What do you mean, yep? Why are you saying it like it annoys you? – Well we, it’s all known that you talk a lot – Yeah that’s true – Okay takes time to make decisions – What do you think? – Takes time to do anything – Time is a, yeah – Takes time to drive, to do our makeup – Doesn’t display emotions very often but is very internally emotional – I don’t think I display emotions on the outside a lot – You do if they’re like, anger (growling) – Okay let’s go through your style – Okay – Artistic meets chic – [Erin] Yes – What are you talking about? – You wear stuff that like, is so cool – I wish I was chic though I don’t ever feel chic – I don’t really know what that means – Chic would be like, “I work at a magazine”, which we do, oh – I feel like on Instagram she’s chic – Maybe we don’t know what chic means – Experimental, rebellious, unique and unusual looks I totally see that – 100%

I think unique 100% Everything you wear I’ve never seen anybody wear or how you wear it or the things you choose Like that’s why whenever we do these fashion episodes we never pick out the same things – That makes me feel so nice ’cause I literally, I never think I have a style, ever – Oh my gosh, your style is more stylish than anybody here – Yeah, 100% – Yeah, for sure So your colors are violet, turquoise, electric blues, anything vibrant and red – For jewelry I have tones of like, turquoise, teals, purples, things like that But clothing, you guys know, I wear black and I wear white and mostly black – Oh, accessories are a statement That is so you – That is so you – The category for you that we’re shopping for is formal wear – I would say channel Harry Styles He gender bends a lot with his style and I think that is part of being an Aquarian Well ’cause it could be dresses, or it could be like pantsuits, or it could be two pieces – So that is chic, then ‘Cause you said you’re not chic but that feels very chic – We don’t know what chic means (crosstalk) Moving on to Pisces, which is what Loryn is It’s a water sign – She knows nothing about her sign – I know of my sign and I don’t feel like it at all – Creative – Yes – Great intuition – Yes – Sensitive, you cry all the friggin’ time – Yes – You didn’t know that until like five minutes ago You just said that like, you literally have it written down in a book Love to daydream – Daydreaming sounds boring (buzzer sounding) – Can find beauty in every situation – 100% no (buzzer sounding) – When she doesn’t like something she is done – And she will tell you – Love nature – No (buzzer sounding) – Wait I feel like you’re always snowboarding – So here’s the thing I love snow but it covers up all of nature So when I was a kid and when I was growing up, I’d go play in the woods and there’d be bugs everywhere and I’d get gross But then when it snows, I will go outside, I will climb the trees because everything’s clean and the bugs are gone – That is so funny – That is so deep That’s so deep So for style characteristics – Yeah – Romantic and flowy, yes – [Sinead] Absolutely – But she only likes big flower prints (laughing) – [Sinead] Or hearts, she loves hearts – And not small flower prints Very feminine, I would say yes – [Sinead] Yes – You think I’m feminine? – Very, very – I absolutely think you’re feminine – Oh – [Sinead] You have a very delicate style and delicate fashion, you know what I’m saying? – Okay – Delicate styles – Oh wow Did you read that before you said that? – No I didn’t I really didn’t – That’s weird – [Erin] Wow, that’s weird Whimsical, ethereal – No (buzzer sounding) – I wouldn’t say ethereal Soft fabrics? Who doesn’t love soft fabric – I mean, yeah, that doesn’t – A Pisces thing? – Like polar fleece, ’cause you know I’m all about that – So true, if you guys are doing lounge wear – But what if I did like a satin, like silky thing – No, no – She doesn’t like that – Nothing lingerie, nothing sexy Am I gonna vote for it? No – She’s not wearing it, we’re wearing it – Oh that’s true – I won’t vote for either of you if you’re wearing lingerie – Just the idea of it upsets you? – Yeah. (giggling) – Alright, your colors: sea green, violet, indigo and gem tones I could definitely say gem tones – [Erin] Gem tones – ‘Cause you don’t like pastels – For sure Accessories – Sea green, as opposed to what, regular green? – Have you watched “The Little Mermaid”? – [Sinead] Yeah – [Erin] It’s that green – [Sinead And Loryn] Oh – That’s a nice green – Some other famous Pisces: Justin Bieber, Millie Bobby Brown, Camilla Cabello (gasps) – I love Millie Bobby Brown’s style and what I was learning about modern interpretations of Pisces is that they’re young at heart and they tend to gravitate towards younger things So that is so funny that I love Millie Brown, Bobby Brown so much and she’s a Pisces – I don’t really know what to do with this information I’m gonna have to dress like Loryn in order for her to vote for me – You guys can do whatever you want, just make sure you follow all the rules – Alright to the mall we go – Alright, so we have our plan, we have our strategy, we’re shopping for three categories, two looks each – Yeah – I’m doing Aries street we-, Aries formal wear – No – No (beep) – I’m doing Aries formal wear – No – No You just said it the second time the exact same way – Oh my God (beep) – Aquarius formal wear – Yes – Aries street wear – And I’m doing Aquarius formal wear and Pisces lounge – Yes – But not lingerie, not lingerie – Not lingerie And I’m doing Aries street wear and Pisces lounge wear, but not lingerie, not lingerie – Not lingerie – Okay, and I’m just gonna buy some lingerie (laughing) What would an Aries do to get us off on our way? – Huddle – Okay, that’s not a huddle – Wait, what do you mean? – What are we doing? Oh my God this is so embarrassing, what are we doing? – One, two, three, let’s shop – Let’s shop? – Astrology? – Shop ’til you drop – One, two, three astrology? One, two, three – [In Tandem] Astrology – Wow that was so sad Why did we all whisper? – None of us wanted to actually draw attention – ‘Cause Aries are uncomfortable in public – Astrology! (laughing) – I’m walking behind Sinead and Erin and they look so confident There they are, not a care in the world Aries and Aquarius, just killing life Meanwhile, Pisces back here stressing Oh we’re passing ’em I feel like I’m in Mario Kart I just passed Erin – So I’m headed to Windsor I’m looking for my Aquarius former, formal wear I’m looking for a pant suit mostly because Sinead said pant suit And then also I’ve never owned a pant suit and I want to so, it’s a win-win for both of us I think so, let’s go – Alright you guys, my (fumbles over word), my strategy is pretty straight forward I’m just going to try to embody Loryn and Erin as much as possible and then put the rules as my next priority, even though I love following rules I think I know that they don’t pay as much attention to rules so

I think I need to try to channel them but I mean, I’ll probably still end up following the rules because I really can’t help myself I need help – Do you like this? Is this street-y? – No, I would never wear this is in the street, only in the sheets (laughing) – Ouch, poor Matt Turquoise? I keep getting distracted by things that I want Is that a Pisces trait? – Does this say like, “I’m ready for the job, I’m qualified I have lots of special skills, one of which includes Microsoft Word”? – Alright I’m wearing my sunglasses because I have to wear this 24-hour makeup for a separate video and it looks awful I am in H&M right now and I feel like for the Aries street style I really like the idea of doing maybe like a more feminine skirt and then like putting the grunge on the top Surprisingly enough I’m not mad at this skirt Really I’m just thinking about what I want to add to my wardrobe – I’m so conflicted emotionally What else is new? – Ooh, you know what I was thinking would be a good accessory? Come here Yeah? It’s not her birthday but it’s love jewelry that has a meaning – I think if I wear an actual face mask with the outfit maybe I’ll get points for creativity Holographic, maybe? It’s a shame that they don’t like, have like eye patches that say, “give me wine” on them ’cause I would definitely win if I could find that (upbeat pop music) – Well it said bold unique accessories, that’s so Sinead I’m gonna hold on to these two things I think Sinead would kill me if I went this formal I might go back to my original plan of like, electric blue It feels like more of the Aries colors, vibrant There’s violet, there’s electric blue and she likes black Ugh, Sinead you are so hard Do you think? – I like this one obetter – You do? Okay – I just think it’s more – More interesting You’re such an Aries – There are too many things to think about And it’s already hard enough when you shop for yourself thinking about the things you like for yourself But to try to then find things that other people would like for yourself is just so many layers of inception that is really is mind blowing I think I might need a hard adult beverage after this – Okay so my idea for Loryn ’cause hers is lounge wear and since she has very specific taste when it comes to pajamas She doesn’t want anything lingerie, nothing sexy, so I’m like what if I get like a cool tie-dye set as well but like different, a little bit different from the one she had Maybe like, a little off the shoulder On Amazon you can get iron-on patches And I’m gonna get an iron-on, wait, hold on It’s my competition I was about to share my like, my awesome plan for my Pisces outfit but Anyways, so then on Amazon they have these iron-on patches so I’m gonna get a white, white claw iron-on patch and make it look like a white claw set Right? That’s amazing I’m super stoked about it, too Thank you – Okay this is sort of along the line of what I was looking for but the wrong color Is this a skirt? Oh my gosh, what are kids wearing these days? – Okay so being the intuitive Pisces that I am, on our way out of that last store Erin like was touching a couple jackets and looking at them and I know she was not looking at them for what she needed to get for me or Sinead, so I think she just looked at it ’cause she liked it So now I’m gonna back here and I’m gonna buy it I’m thinking denim, these denim sparkles are very unique but comfy So I found this really cute little camo dress that would look really good with her hair but it’s not her, it’s me who has to wear it So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna buy it smaller than I might ordinarily, squeeze into it, hope I don’t stretch it out, and then if she does actually like it I can give it to her ’cause I don’t like camo, but she, it looks so good on her, no wonder it’s like part of her style, hopefully I hope, I hope Erin That’s cute, too – I got some stuff from Forever, like a black choker, a hair bow and this belt bag Just because I know for a fact Erin likes stuff like this and I felt like that was a good way to appeal to her as well but also keep it like grungy And then for the top I’ll go a little bit more feminine and then like a bright red lip and then I’m done I just don’t have any props for that one, I’m gonna need some help Oh, headphones, I do! Oh my God, I should just accept my prize now Do you wanna tell me what it is? – [Erin] Okay – Oh darn I thought this said “driven” – Our shopping is complete, well at least at the mall – Mostly – Mostly, we all have to do some online shopping – Yeah – I feel like – You guys got a lot of stuff – A lot of stuff – I don’t have to do as much online shopping as I thought I was gonna Just maybe prop, accessory, shoes – Shoes – And that’s it I got all my main pieces for you guys – Oh I definitely don’t have all my main pieces but I do think I nailed a lot of the accessories – I’m excited, I have a really great accessory for you – I wonder – I have a surprise accessory for you – I hope it has like a 14% alcohol content

– See you back at the studio – We’re not actually walking away because – Oh, you’re supposed to cut already – Our producer’s holding the camera so we have to all leave together – We can go We can go – Don’t let her fool you (beep) Alright, we have completed our shopping endeavors – It’s time to finally assemble our outfits that we have put together I don’t know what accent that is – So we’ve compiled outfits, props, lots of surprises – I know there’s like food being delivered or something I can literally smell the box from here – What? – Yeah, I’m cool – Guys! – I don’t know what it is – You know my donut sensors go off – Stop looking at things – Okay, it’s fine – Loryn we need to get you – I didn’t think that anybody was gonna get me donuts – Do we have any Fireball? Oh, okay – Alright and we are of course going to judge these ’cause it is a challenge that we have named “I styled the sign” ♪ I styled the sign ♪ ♪ And it opened up my eyes ♪ (crosstalk singing) – We have to vote based on the emojis that we chose – Are Pisces forgetful because I don’t remember what emoji I chose – I think it was a fish – Or was it a cry face? – Maybe it can be a crying fish – I don’t think you can just invent emojis – Our editor can – And there will be a winner – And there’s a prize (burping) That’s not it It smells so bad – Like salmon, like fish? – You just had salmon – Ew – It smells like Pisces – So we will be rewarding each other with emojis in three separate categories: Would I wear it? Does it match my sign’s style? – And can I eat it? – The last one is actually creativity – Okay I’m gonna judge the first round so you guys go get on your lounge wear – Okay – And I will wait here as the Pisces that I am Actually we’re really impatient, so hurry up (pop music) Ladies in lounge wear (panting) Oh my God, oh my God, hi! – Do we look just like you? – We actually look like very similar – Like we’re going to the same pajama party – Oh my God – [Erin] Did you see? – Oh ’cause Pisces are extremely creative so I made sure to add a DIY element – I will upsell her because I got one of these bags for you as well – [Loryn] It’s really cute – So you get to take one of these home with you – Oh! – Well you also get this Harry Potter water bottle – Aww – And, and this lightning bolt necklace – Oh my God! – To match the Harry Potter water bottle – Guys, I feel popular I feel like, I feel so loved – So I think my biggest thing was I wanted to at least incorporate some of the sign’s, like the whimsical feeling The blue actually really worked really well into that And then, like, I was like oh gold, and then like maybe like, some sort of like hair clippy thing – Yeah – Like things like that – The details – Like the details – I feel like I’ve seen you wear something like just like this like on stories with your cauliflower escapades I feel like the bow – I had one on earlier – I know I like saw it as I was checking out, I was like this is something Loryn would like I just thought this like felt very like, underwater, aquatic. (record scratching) Is that a word? – Aquatic – Aquatic? – It’s like you combined the sound a duck makes (duck quacking) – This is so hard You guys did a really good job I am honestly impressed and surprised Okay, so, I’m going to rate you for the first category, would I wear it? Five emojis! – Yay! – I knew she was psyching I knew it – I was so nervous – [Erin] I knew it – Do I think it fits my sign style? This is tough ’cause I know that you were totally basing this off of me I feel like it doesn’t match as a whole So I’m gonna give you – I’m sorry, what? – A four – That’s fine – Creativity is where you get all the points The fact that you DIY’ed that yourself So I’m gonna give you five for creativity You know what? I’m gonna give you two extra points for all the Harry Potter stuff – Yeah – Which has nothing to do with Pisces but it is very personalized to me and my love language Okay Erin, would I wear it? Clearly, this is a five I really like the matchiness of it all, it looks super cozy, very comfortable Next one, do I think it matches my sign’s style? I really do I think this is a five for match my sign’s style I’m gonna give you a four for creativity – If there was a fireball in this bag things would be different – I thought there was going to be ’cause you said that – I know I thought about it once it was too late – It’s still creative, I like everything you put together You just didn’t DIY anything – [Erin] I know I didn’t DIY, I didn’t – I’m gonna give you two bonus points ’cause I get to take a bag home and it’s really cute – Yay! – So who wants to go next? Oh God you’re soft Holy moly – Okay I hate to do this to you guys but I will judge the next one which means you guys both have to take off like your really comfy cozy lounge wear and stuff and put on formal wear

It’s okay – Well we knew that It’s fine, I mean (pop music) – I’m gonna get that camera pregnant It’s on birth control but it don’t matter – Three, two, uno! Oh my God you guys look great – Oh Sinead, oh wow – First of all, I feel extremely under dressed So everyone’s aware – Oh, you didn’t get the memo? – And donuts – Yes – Teacher’s pet over here – Cosmic donuts – I didn’t really wanna go too far Aquarius ’cause I know your style is so really not that You wear a lot of black, you wear a lot of white – You look great Like this is a really nice sleek chic outfit I like it, you look super cute – Thanks, thanks – Alright so I know that Sinead is a stickler for the rules so I really went hard on the Aquarius side The electric blues, the like deeper bright colors, I definitely leaned into that And then I know she loves accessories and she usually picks like out of the box accessories I know that you don’t like to show your toes – Nobody will ever see my toes – Have we never seen her toes? – [Sinead] Not like actual heel heels – Oh my God, what do your toes look like? – Ever – Okay, I don’t know that Aquariuses are all about their accessories but I know that you are so I threw some hair clips in, I got the sunglasses, I got the bag Of course you’re obsessed with donuts so got ’em to go – Those look so good – And this isn’t for me, this is for you You get to have these, I mean I’ll take one – Get a room (laughing) – I’m so impressed, honestly Like you really did a lot So, would I wear it? I mean I would wear something very similar to the style, so like personally I’d give you like a three What?! It’s a c-bell accessory – Yeah and this is the worst part – [Loryn] I knew you would never – Of the whole outfit (laughing) – [Loryn] What? – What?! it’s so Aquarius what are you talking about? – Everything I think I know, I don’t know – It is safety! – You’re taking away from something that’s so sleek and like nice and like (phew) – If I took it off I would be nude! – I’m okay with that I’m like way too much of a mom, I’m gonna cry myself – You’re fine, it’s okay – Is it my star sign’s style? No But there are elements definitely of it that I think really do work more so with my style Like the sleekness and the edginess of it for sure I think I’m gonna have to give you another three, please don’t be mad at me – Oh I’ve been mad at you, it’s fine – Okay, so – Can I have one of those? Does it have booze in it? – She’s taking a long time to judge – Yeah She talks a lot, remember? – Okay I do, I do talk a lot – Dang, these are dense – Creativity, creativity Formal wear is hard so I think that in order to make it look as formal as you did, is like still a really good, a really great feat So all together for creative I’ll give you a (laughing) – What? – [Loryn] What a heart – I’ll give you a five for creativity – What? – I’ll give you two bonus points for incorporating my two favorite colors, black and white Alright Kesha, let’s go – Hi, Kesha? – So, would I wear this? There are a lot of things I would wear about this I would wear every single one of these accessories, those shoes are amazing actually – Thanks – And the style, this is my style Yeah the colors are a little – Aquarius? – Predictable, in a way Like the rhinestones match the rhinestones match the rhinestones, you know what I’m saying? Would I wear this? I’d give you like a four, honestly Is this my sign’s style? I mean I think it’s pretty obvious that you are a five because Aquarians are obnoxiously obnoxious when it comes to colors – Yay – Yeah, creativity, I mean your creativity is like off the charts – You’re holding my creativity – It’s delicious as well – Yeah, creativity is like off the charts So for creativity I would give you five Obviously I have to give you a couple bonus points for the donuts – Well, as an Aries, I’ve been waiting for my moment to shine, slash judge, the heck out of you two And I have already taken notes based on how you’ve judged me – What? I gave you a donut – It’s time for me to judge my street wear – [Sinead] Oh no I’m in trouble, she’s mad – Uh-oh, you did it – Don’t poke the bear (pop music) I don’t wanna look – C’mon, just do it – What the (beep) is going on? What is happening? – We look so totally different – I don’t know what the Taco Bell is – Bitch loves tacos – It’s dope – But doesn’t it look like a purse? (laughing) – I feel like both of these outfits are from like, I don’t know, Lizzie McGuire or something – Are you kidding? I look like you! So I know you have a big thing for hats, so I got one – It’s a head accessory as an Aries, yep – Yep and red is the fire sign color so that’s why I picked red – I saw you touch this jacket when we were shopping I don’t know if that was you touching it ’cause you thought it was God awful

or if you liked it, and I also know that you always wear your jackets like this Green looks really good on you and you like camo but this felt like a cute camo But also, fun fact, this dress is your size Doesn’t fit me, it’s not zipped up You get to take it home And then I got you tacos ’cause I know you like ’em – Very interesting, okay Let me just clarify In the Billie Eilish video there is a point in that video where I say I don’t like everything that I touch but I just can’t stop touching everything – Crap! Hold – True, true – Hold, turn that way (devious plucky music) – Okay – Well what about now? (laughing) I couldn’t decide – I actually like this better – Oh, okay – Believe it or not I feel like it looks more intentional – Yeah this is all very interesting – I don’t really eat Taco Bell very much – Oh, but you tweet about tacos – I do tweet about tacos – I do though, so So for my look I tried to channel the Aries that was like French girl meets grunge But then I also wanted to appeal just to things that I know you kinda like So I know that you really like plaid, and like booties And like even though I’ve never seen you wear anything this edgy I do feel like these are something you would actually enjoy – I like those – The plaid like school girl skirt, I feel like that’s so you Another thing I know about you is that you love like, studs – Yep – And like details like embellishments in a way, you know, like – Oh like rhinestones on a denim coat? Apparently not – So this is probably like the least you but I wanted to just really try to tie in like, that French vibe so I got a button up shirt and a sweater like they do in the movies, and then of course the matching burgundy headphones – Anyway, okay Gosh I have to start rating now? This is really hard because I’m gonna be real I hate both of these outfits I would like literally never wear them However – Then why did I get this in your size? – I would wear it if it was here and I had nothing else to wear, I just threw up on myself – Y’all I wanna do my round again – Out of five I would give this, would I wear it? I would give it like a three I do think it fits my sign’s style pretty well with the red hat and like kinda just being bold and like making a bold choice So I’m gonna give it a four for that For creativity I really – Tacos, you’re holding my creativity again – That’s true So I’m gonna give it a three ’cause there was effort there and I appreciate that I have to give bonus points to Loryn because food is the gateway to my soul and spirit I’m gonna give three because there’s enough tacos here to feed a stadium of people – Dude, you would never wear that outfit in your whole entire life – That’s not what bonus points are for, Sinead – The bonus points are here in this box and I’m gonna give it a three – Alright maybe I’m taking this bag and these headphones home with me – So Sinead, would I wear this? On a scale of one to five I’m gonna give it a two I like plaid but it’s kind of like a bland color But I do feel like it does fit the French vibe of like the Aries like look so I think I’ll give you like a three for hitting it on the head for the Aries look You did like accessorize and really like think of the red – [Loryn] That was pretty good – I played soccer for 10 years – So did I and I can’t do that (laughing) – It’s my round! – Sorry, keep going – Okay – I’m not even mad just keep going – Creativity, I’m gonna give it – C’mon now, let’s call a spade a spade I’m creative AF right now – You do have a lot of accessories so I think I’m gonna give you a four just because there are multiple accessories So those are my final scores I don’t know what our final final numbers are, though Okay, the votes are in The source of the tally is in my bosom (intense violin music) This is shocking news Breaking news everyone, there is a tie – What? – So who’s the runner up? – The runner up is Sinead – Oh whatever, your guys’ all sucked, so (laughing) (beep) Listen, your styles are so similar that this makes sense I was targeted (laughing) – But you didn’t lose by much You had a score of 25 emojis Loryn and I were tied with a score of 29 emojis, which is weird because I felt like I did not do a good job in this video – So you guys can open your eyes So you have won presents and prizes – What is it? – Spill it already – So we have a tarot deck, a Mystic Monday’s deck, a deck for the modern mystic – You can have it! – I can’t take that home – It’s for you – It’s too scary – No, no – I think it’s too scary – Some of these cards in the deck, oh my God! You want me to take this? I guess if the winner can’t fulfill their duties as being grateful for the presents then I will take it – Is that wine? – No – Is it close? – No – Can I drink it? – It’s for water, tea and for water – What? – I want that one – Oh I love that – No I want that one (crosstalk) – It is a crystal infusion bottle,

this is cute – Oh that’s really cool – And you put crystals in it – Is there something in there? – It’s got gemstones in it – Ooh, thank you – Gemstones, wait! But that’s a Pisces thing And they’re purple – But I’m an Aries and I make bold – Aries are thieves – Accessory statements – Thieves

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