welcome to Hedgehog Hollow today I’m super excited because I get to share with you the entire blue blossom trend front on ik studios and of course it’s my favorite color combination of pink of course and blue and here I have absolutely everything in their release I’ve got a little bit of everything to share with you I’ve got some tips some tricks samples all sorts of bits and pieces and I’m going to be sharing some top tips and I have a coupon to share with you as well so let’s dive in and take a look I’m going to start off with the paper site to put those to the side before we start making a mess and so the basic paper in this collection is ballet pink as with all of the crop perfect papers they have that canvas linen Buzzle texture however you like to describe it on one side and on the reverse side is almost smooth which I really like because depending on our project we can then decide which side we want face-up and which side we’d like to put on the bottom and they come in 8 and a half by 11 here in the US or a 4 in Europe and then they also come in 12 by 12 so if you like to scrapbook when you want to do larger projects you have that option too now all of the papers come in 5 packs and that also includes the 12 by 12 if you buy the a for eight-and-a-half by eleven it comes in a ten pack so they’re your options with regards to paper packs then of course we have all of our speciality papers too so the first one we have is the glitter card stock and I know lots of you love this glitter card stock because whilst I do lots of things with glitter and I have a concrete floor and to me it doesn’t matter if I get glitter everywhere lots of you have that glitter phobia of mister being everywhere and having to do all of that clear up well with glitter card stock you don’t have that issue it is no shared so I can do this nothing comes off I’ve always frightened of doing that and some glitter coming off but it really doesn’t and you can die-cut this so you can make words or shapes or ornaments memory books you don’t really absolutely anything with her at all you can cut it out you make card bases really really great is the perfect thickness for die-cutting so really really love this and it’s that blue and silver so you can make icicles for Christmas you can do snick you can do all sorts of amazing things and of course this collection is great because we can use it the whole year round where you can use it for blue babies pink babies we can use it this Christmas in particular because if you’ve been through those big-box stores you’ll see that these are really trendy Christmas colors too and they also happen to be my favorite colors you’ll notice I have pink hair a lot and I wear a lot of pink too so I am loving this collection we also have the navy navy 12 paper I think it looks more black than Navy particularly against some of the others but they say it is Navy and it has these like damask flowers and you see how it catches the light this is actually embossed in there it’s a very tactile paper and absolutely love this paper it comes in an a4 size for those in the US a4 is slightly longer but a little bit narrower than eight-and-a-half by 11 I actually have a course coming very soon on different paper sizes different paper weights so stay tuned if you are interested in that we’ll add a link to the blog below you can sign up for our newsletter if you want to find out when that is coming up because it’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get about gsm versus pound and different paper sizes so that will be coming very soon but this isn’t a four size and it’s a lovely lovely paper a really elegant – then we have the satin cardstock I mean how pretty is this this one is called blue obsidian orb sidon love this paper and you all know how much I love my black velvet I feeling this is going to be one of my Christmas papers they released a few in the Christmas trend release I’m definitely gonna be adding this one in because this is just so so pretty look at that almost like a sapphire e-type color as well or tanzanite color and the thing about satin papers is whilst I love a glossy cardstock it’s sometimes or Amira cardstock if sometimes can distract from your project or I think it can anyway whereas a mirrored cardstock still has a little bit of bling to it it doesn’t reflect which is one thing I really like about it which makes it easier to photograph too so I think the guys here like that but it also just whilst it brings your eye into the project and it has a little bit of shimmer it’s not too much shimmer and I think it’s just a little bit more elegant than a boss tee cardstock too so that’s why I really really like the satins we have two handmade cotton papers here as well and I know I’ve gone on and on about how many cotton papers if you’ve seen in my trend unboxings before you’d have heard this tip but you can always turn these how many papers

over and they have a reverse side and they always have the same texture on the reverse side and you can see where I was trying this out earlier you can take a door bar with maybe something like embellishment loose this is the new one out the trend and you can take someone little daughter like this and you can change the color or maybe you want to take the same paper but you just want to add an accent you see how here I can just add a little bit of an accent here with that pink and it just changes the paper slightly so they’re great for being able to alter them excuse me or create them in any color you’d like so that’s another option that you have with those handmade papers then another one we have is this rose gold posies so these craft foiled card stocks are amazing we’ve had some already earlier in the year there’s now a whole collection of them again everything I’m going to show you is linked in the video description plus some exclusive coupon codes and I’m also going to mention at the Hedgehog Hollow members area where you can get an extra temps enough so if you join our community tonic are giving all of our members an extra 10% off the entire store so if you want to grab things out of this trend and I’m sure you’re going to see things you love you can save even more but this is great because this is really pretty just on its own I mean how pretty is that but you can take things like your mica myths your maybe your distress oxide sprays any dye based ink water-based ink your aqua flows you can use you can pop them over the top or even take you alcohol markers and color in areas but the great thing about anything die based is the foiling resists that color like an embossing resist and I’m what I do is I pop an embossing resist video that Greg and I recently did in that top right hand corner if you want to click on it but you can go in put it over the top and then you come wipe away the excess and it won’t sit on the foil whereas if you use alcohol markers it would color over the foil but it’s a really fun technique to do and you can just alter this and make it your own unique colors really really fun and then finally we have a pearlescent pink here as well really really pretty it’s called a princess pink just a little bit of shimmer in there again just adds that little bit of interest to your projects one final a lot of people we have is the blue blossom designer paper here you have 24 sheets in your pad you can see all of them are double-sided there’s eight patterns in total and I have them down the front here so this is one sheet and this is one seat so you have two sheets of blue and then you have two in the pink and I just took them out so you could see the different patterns and you can see them here on the front as well so you have the checks and the dots you got stripes and darts you’ve got the gingham and hearts and then you’ve got stripes and the grid on the other side so you have eight designs of total six sheets of each of the eight different designs making the 24 in total assam delinked lien free so if you are a scrapbooker they’re not going to affect any of your photos in there as well so that’s the blue blossom panelist in one of those for each of the trends this year too so lots and lots of fun things there now we get to dive into all of those beautiful mediums we’ve got embossing powders here when one is the pink popsicle and the other is Dutchess blue and here I have these little samples they can also give you a top tip with so when you open up your embossing powders you’re going to see these little pieces on top and they’ll have embossing powder stuck to them it’s part of the manufacturing process and what I do is I just hold them with my tweezers like this and then I take out my heat tool I hate it so that the embossing powder sets and that’s why I put in my swatch book or I did want to use to swatch just with a piece of cardboard I’d stick that on my swatch cardboard with my label above and then you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to stamp it out and reimburse it you just put that straight in and you’re watch is done for you really really easy no extra work for you so top tip in there we have a new glitter marker and do go and watch our video on glitter markers again I’ll link it in that top right hand corner for you because you can use the glitter markers as watercolor you can use them as an ink pad which is super super cool you can just paint draw it onto your stamp and then stamp out and it works as a glittery ink pad like truly truly glittery ink pad this is how it looks on your white cardstock you can see really pretty there it’s called slinky any press peony this one but it also works on your dark card stocks too look how pretty it is even on your darker and there’s not many water-based products this is water-based you can use on both hence you can watercolor with it as well we also have three new ink cubes so in here you have raspberry smoothies siren blue and midnight surf and I pre swatch them out for you so you can see here that gorgeous raspberry pink that’s gonna coordinate siren blue look at that pretty sapphire I’d really call it like a sapphire blue there and the midnight surf is that beautiful steely blue too so lots and lots of things we can do

with that and you’ll be seeing projects coming up using these supplies very soon but I’ve priest watched everything so I could show you of course we have a new glitter paste or glimmer paste this is strawberry champagne and again we have lots of videos on the channel if you want to go and check out the inspiration we have tonic playlists will make sure they’re all linked up for you but this is what the glimmer face looks like so it’s a more gritty effect versus the glacier paste that I showed you a few weeks ago but here is how it looks dry and I always think things look different dry which is like why I like to have it priests watched as you see here you can use it thin or you can use it thicker and it looks very different of how dependent or whether it is thick or thin so that’s why I have the two different options available to you so they’re your options that we have new alcohol markers in flamingo pinks and the nouveau alcohol markers are a little bit different because their price point is great and yet they still blend beautifully Copic markers are now around $8 a pen which is insane I mean I’m lucky I’ve had mine a long time when I’ve got my collection but Nouveau alcohol markers are around $6 for three so for less than one Copic using up all three of these they come with a chisel and a bullet nib and these are the Flamingo Pink’s these three here and they blend together perfectly so you can get a seamless blend with each pack I take my pee touch and I label all three of these so I know that these three and my Flamingo pinks and it is a tonic download so you can swatch it around a color wheel I know that those three go together because they’re numbering system is actually a product numbering system it’s not like the Copic system that we are used to so just to let you know on that but really really love these Alva markers we put them in the Hedgehog hollow box numerous times and then also on this chart here because I know some of you are more to colorize some of your mock alcohol marker colorist you know you have preferences we do have the aqua flow so the colors this time are pink lemonade which is the bright pink down the bottom here we have cameo pink and we have blue velvet and again I have done six ways in a video to use liquid watercolor pens because there are really versatile medium you can do things with rice you can use salt I mean all sorts of different kitchen things that you can use in your projects and then use them with dyes you can use with stamps and so go check that video out too lots of fun things you can do with them you will extend their life a lot just by actually using your glass mat or your easy clean matte scribble down and then grab a paintbrush add water to them mix your own custom colors as well they’ll last a lot lot longer so some more top tips in there for you when you’re using those mediums and I think you’ll find you have a lot more control if you put them down on a separate surface and then use a paintbrush with them but I think you’ll really love watching that video of six different ways to use a liquid watercolor brushes it’s really great video lots and lots of people have watched that one okay let’s go back to that noose I showed you earlier too which is called poppy pink again i swatched it on some Navy cardstock and then also on some white car you can see it’s a really really light pink it does add just a nice shimmer to your white card stock but if really poppy when you put it on too dark cardstock and if you’ve never played with embellishment minutes of course you know I’m gonna say there’s a video but you can use it as a metallic watercolor you can add it into your lightness spray bottles and use it as a spray you can use it as a paste you can use it as just a medium on a door bar like this you can use it in so many different ways really versatile again Nouveau products are great because there’s always more than one way that you can use them and of course that leaves me really nicely in to some of the confetti zand things that we’ve got so we have the Rose blossoms rose shell blossoms I should say so look at that pretty rose gold color but the really great thing about these is look at that it’s actually a little flower shape how cute is that so again the other thing is when you’re doing shaker cards and things so if you’re doing things like the tonic blisters which again we have videos of a two-minute shaker card and you literally can make a shaker in two minutes with those blisters you don’t necessarily these are actually tea light holders from Ikea and I like to make my own custom mixers in these and then just pop them into my carts this is the new Bluebell glitter which matches perfectly with that glitter card stock it has a rich blue with a little bit of a silver twinkle so you can see that in there too we have these peachy pink tutu with iridescent sequins and there’s multiple sizes in here so you don’t just have one size if you want to stick them on your cards rather than use them as a confetti mix you can do that I mean look how

pretty you can just see that your adjustment shimmer in there too and finally we have our Bluebell hearts so again this is a heart-shaped confetti and see it on my finger there but it has the blue color but also beautiful iridescent as I move this around you can see how they are iridescent absolutely really really pretty lots of fun things we do can do so if I wanted to I could pour some of these in there and then you can see how I can mix them together so now I can make my own custom mixes and then if you wanted to you can just pop it in a ziploc or little box the little sauce packets you get five guys you know when you go and get the ketchup if you ask them they’ll always let you take some home because done that a lot and you can take the lids home and you can also mix in a little bit of glitter and then grab your craft pick or your craft spoon mix it up and now you have your own custom shaker mix so you don’t necessarily just have to use them straight out the packet to make your own little custom mix and that one now that’s really pretty so I can keep that one for a future shaker cup so there’s another option for you so finally we have all of our mediums so we have two new mica myths we have midnight horizon and pink carnation and I have already spritz them out for you so you can see this is how they’re going to look when you’re finished you’ve got that mica shimmer in them here you can put them through a stencil you can spray them directly on your project or spray them onto your mat and then paint them on if you wanted to as well again we do have videos of maintenance from mica sprays because there are a couple of things that are really really important one is to store them on their sides the other is to make sure you shake them around and around not up and down because you’ll clog that nozzle and then when you’re done put it upside down spray until your nozzle is empty and then give it a wipe and finally then just run the nozzle under the tap and that will make sure that your nozzle works next time otherwise you’re gonna have issues with clogged nozzles and mica being in there but that just that general maintenance works really well so store it on its side shake it around it around and I didn’t tighten my lid beforehand shake it around and around and then when you’re done turn it upside down spray run it under the tap so they’re my top tips for that one this one is from where I cleaned it for when I did yesterday’s video then we have what we have next Oh new Nuvo drops to share with you so I have a swatch all of the new Nuvo drops out for you so we have a new glitter accents called a ballroom blue so that’s this one here so I did again do a and there is a download available at the Hedgehog hollow about the difference between bitter accents nouveau drops crystal accents dream drops on all the different drops available but this one dries more gritty so it has more texture to it and you’ll see with the glitter accents compared to a glitter drop the glitter drop dries more translucent and more smooth and this is your new glitter drop it is called enchanting pink so it’s got like that pink color and a little bit of pinky gold glitter inside of it they’re really really pretty again then we have a jewel drop which is called steel blue so it’s more translucent you also have an iridescent pink drop here which is your crystal drop called shimmering rose and then finally you have just a regular nouveau drop it’s not shimmery it’s a more matte finish and that’s called berry blue and they’re all going to dry opaque your regular nouveau drops whereas your jewel drop dries opaque translucent rather and again as I say we have a download telling you the difference and for those of you always say well like it Peaks in my nouveau drops and it doesn’t dry properly we do have videos to tell you how to always get the perfect nouveau drop we have a whole playlist on nouveau drops different shapes different sizes how to get the perfect one how to never get peaks on your nouveau drops how to make embellishments how to make hearts how to do all those different things so if you want all of those tips go check out all those different playlist on the channel hang around for a while bookmark them add them to your favorites come back later check those out lots and lots of different tips and tricks yet honestly you can find out lots of different information and we keep adding to them to make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring the bell because lots of tips and if you always have a request you can drop them in the comments we do compile this and we add those to our next videos that we’re going to make we always want to know what you would like to see here on the channel so if you’re struggling with something leave us a comment let us know and we’ll make sure we add it to our future videos list so the final thing I have for you is a new shimmer powder it’s called meteorite shower these again are one of my favorites because you can paint with them you can create backgrounds with them you can make sprays with them you can do all sorts of really cool stuff with them and this is how this one comes out here I was playing around with it this is lots of water this is just little bits of water there’s a color bus and it’s the only

one I know of that contains mica and mica means shimmer so you can see here it just has that like metallic shimmery finish to it super super cool again you’ve got blue you’ve got pink you’ve got black you’ve got purple lots and lots of fun colors you just kind of tap it out I always use the analogy of think of it like chili powder does start with a little oil you might want a lot by the end but start with little because you can’t take it back afterwards and then spray it with your light mist buffle I could even go in now reactivate it if I wanted to and put more water in and if you want to seal it you can absolutely do that the de-stress micro glaze is a really great way to seal it through the mail and once you’re happy with your finish if you want to do that so that’s what the shimmer powder comes out with if you want top tips you know the deal go check out the videos you can search the channel for those too even a nice to get myself a little blossom on there but doesn’t it look pretty it coordinates as always perfectly with the rest of that trend so that’s the entire blue blossom trend as I say check out the links in the video description below for the latest coupon if you’re not watching this in September 2019 you can’t go and check out one of our latest videos for the latest coupon codes we have them in every single month Ratanak but do join our community as well for even more savings and even better savings as well our favorite companies give us coupon codes every single month and of course we’ll be back at creative ation in january for next year’s trends tours of all the booths so make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring the bell for all of the latest videos we’ll be on the show floor first as always giving you the latest and best coverage and last year the official media partners so we might have some news on that very very soon or – thanks for joining me as always don’t forget to hit subscribe ring the bell hit that joint buns we parked the community and get all those amazing savings and receive your birthday card of course give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this review of the latest trend and some of those tips and tricks and I’ll see you again tomorrow happy crafting everyone bye

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