As you can see, we will use existent naves that I used on tank, but they are welded inside so we will bring them to the turner so he can make hole in the middle

so we can place them here and weld, we’ll be back shortly Regarding front wheels turning, I decided to make it like this: fiber optic bar Fi 30mm will be welded on front machinery for turning and put 3 bearings and big shell

which will be weld on nave and it will look like this. We will leave this to the turner and lets get back to work On little thing I forgot to mention, this shaft will be drilled in here and weld from inside and out so it will be firmer Regarding rear double shaft, I decided to double this with iron because at the back you will have like mini trailer, of course, that adds weight and with just 4 bearings,

it will be not firm as I would like so I decided to put 4 more Now that we cut this part of shatf in half, we got 4 shafts. I did that because I will be turning easier with fronts. For example, if you turn with 2 full shafts to the left, all the wheels are turning with same power and speed, you won’t go in this direction you wanted to go. While you have 2 connected wheels on the left and right, for example, if you are turning on the left, left side of rear wheels is stopping and slows down while right side speeds up or have the same speed as it had and that really helps I did the same thing with kart and tricycle, you always ask me why only one side of my vehicle is working. This is the cheapest possibilty, of course, you have plenty of differentials, I will use one here, also I will connect all of this as it needs to be. Just naves and that’s it Meanwhile, my turner drilled a hole here and we came to better idea. He found in his workshop this nave from Yugo or Golf Mk1, it fits the nave that I brought him

and that’s great, look how many space we saved, now we can put here bracket and weld it much better. I like it, this is much better because it’s taken from a car, much simpler. Let’s weld now Now that we strenghten naves, now it’s time to work on handling system So, this shaft need to be welded here in the middle so it will come to turning by turning the steering wheel, but I took this PTO just in case so the shaft doesn’t bend. And that’s it. Let’s get back to work Now we came into problem, this is a steering system but this bearing is too big and I need to get smaller one, it will come in few days, but I will post this video without it So, this should have looked like this But we will make this without bearing so will connect naves with steering wheel and that’s it Now we came to the interesting situation, usually tractos clamps for tractors like my IMT 539, on one side it has this bearing with right angle, and on the other side is

little bit stronger than 90 degrees, but as you can see, if we connected all that, we couldn’t screw this right way so we must change this two joints Now that we connected clamps with naves and steering system, we still don’t have this bearing which will hold this shaft for turing so we will connect it with a tie and finally put wheels on naves And guys, I hope you liked this video, hit that like, share and subscribe button, write in comments what do you want to see on this project, that’s it regarding this episode, and in the next episode you can expect disunion of a car. Yes, you heard it right, that will be a real machine. We will use engine, clutch and shifter, all the installation from the car and put it on this construction. Enjoy and bye! It even has a parking pilot

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