I heard a story once in which a girl uses her tattoo She actually kills a girl who also has the same kind of tattoo on her body And people think of the murderer to be the victim It will be a murder case, Arjun ‘Unsaid – Part Two.’ Was it Sneha Patil who died? What was it about Sneha and Arjun’s love story that nobody was aware of? Or was there anyone who knew about this and was he just silently witnessing all this? Arjun Sharma was working with us until February 2012 Then were did he join later? I don’t know, ma’am Mr. Grewal, do you have a branch office in Chandigarh? Is there any other company you think he could’ve joined? No, ma’am. I have no idea He left the job all of a sudden here Resignation? Which company are you moving to? Sir, I am not joining anywhere for now Arjun, the market is down right now I suggest you to stay here until you find something new Or else, it will be difficult for you Sir, I have thought of something What? Will you do something on your own? Yes, sir Arjun, this is not the right time for a start-up Sir, I have already made the plan and I can’t change my decision We even organised a farewell party for him But he didn’t tell us what he was going to do next But, ma’am, why are you searching for Arjun? He is a suspect in a murder case The girl’s name was Sneha Patil Was it the girl with the eagle tattoo? That’s right Mr. Grewal, I need a favour from you Yes, tell me Can you please find out if there’s anyone in your office who is in touch with Arjun? Can you find out if someone here knows about Arjun? Arjun has changed his name too He is now Sanjeev Mishra Did he change his name? Hello! Dipika Sharma, Sub-Inspector Deshmukh here I need to do an enquiry with you Sir, I have already told Ms. Sheetal whatever I knew But you didn’t tell her that you were in touch with Arjun We have Arjun’s phone records He was using his SIM card with the name Sanjeev Mishra He made calls to both Sharan Pandey and you Why did Sharan Pandey turn off his phone? Where is he? Sir, I don’t know Who is Sharan Pandey? He is my cousin, sir That means, he is even Arjun’s cousin Right? Yes Auto rickshaw Will you take me to the railway station? Did you know that there was a dead body in the suitcase? Sir, how can the driver know what’s inside the car? It was my time to get done for the day I was going home when this man waved his hand at me and I had to stop Was it him? Yes, sir. It was him Railway station? – Please get in I even helped him in keeping the suitcase inside the boot I didn’t know that there would be a dead body in that He didn’t seem like he is carrying a dead body in a suitcase I couldn’t have asked him to open his suitcase and show it to me, right? Every news channel and newspaper carried his news And you didn’t come to us by yourself that it was transported by your car Sir, I see many suitcases in a day How could I have given special attention to this? Even his photo wasn’t published in the newspaper Mr. Govind was searching for him in the same of Sanjeev Mishra I recognised him the moment I saw his photo and I told him everything, sir You can ask him Sharan Pandey He was in constant touch with Arjun on 14th July May be, this was after Sneha’s murder Arjun called up Sharan at 11: 15 p.m from Sanjeev Mishra’s number At 11:15 p.m The taxi driver said that he met Arjun at Karve Chowk at 12:30 a.m But he didn’t say if Arjun had someone else with him I don’t understand what you are saying Say it slowly. – Sharan I need your help in something But promise me that you won’t tell this to anyone What did you do? Why are you scaring me?

There’s a problem Keep this a secret But tell me what you did Dipika, Arjun was in touch with both Sharan and you And we are sure that Arjun told the both of you about that girl’s murder Now tell me, was she Sneha or is it some other conspiracy here? Sir, I don’t know anything about this Your call records say that Arjun spoke to you in the month of May and June and then, he called you up on 13th and 14th July in morning and evening We also know that Sneha was murdered in the flat in which Arjun and Sneha were staying as Sanjeev and Disha Sir, all I know is that Arjun wanted us to sell our Mumbai’s flat That’s why he called me up, sir Mumbai’s flat? – Yes, sir It is our dad’s flat We used to stay in that flat Dad is now no more Arjun wanted us to somehow sell that flat so that he gets half of the money Arjun, where were you from the last one year? And you’re talking about selling the flat all of a sudden Dipika, both of us have right on that flat So, you want me to sell that flat without telling mom? Dipika, I don’t want to bring mom into this Arjun, what’s wrong with you? Dipika, I need money I want it Then come home and talk to mom Dipika, I am not coming home You sell that house and give me my half share Sir, I was fed up of asking him why he needed money He was persisting about the money And you say, that your mother didn’t know about it Yes, sir Sir, I don’t know where my son is or what was his relation with your daughter. – You’re lying! Your son brainwashed my daughter He hid my daughter somewhere in India He cooked up a story on Amsterdam and you say that you know nothing about it Even you didn’t know about it that’s because Mr. Vinayak Our children didn’t tell us anything Your son Arjun has brainwashed my daughter Sneha I heard that he even brainwashed his sister to sell your apartment in Mumbai I’m hearing this for the first time Nobody told me about it Neither Dipika nor Sharan told me that Arjun used to speak to them Nor they mentioned about your daughter Then, why did he kill her? Where is Arjun now? I’ll sniff him out if you don’t help me I’ll do the same what he did with Sneha I promise you that Sharan has made a mistake if he is on the run He’ll fall in trouble Sir, I told Sharan not to be afraid if he is innocent I told him to take police help But he left without informing us We’re not even aware of what he knows We don’t know what Arjun told him Sharan knows nothing and I sure of it So many times I asked Ms. Sulekha about Arjun but she never used to tell anything Sir, I don’t believe Arjun would do something to Sneha We don’t even know Sneha, sir But Sharan knows where Arjun is We’ll definitely find him On the morning of 14th July I didn’t contact Arjun I mean, the call had come but not Arjun, that girl had called. – Wow! I’d asked you so many times but you pretended as if you knew nothing Sir, that’s because I know nobody by the name of Sneha On the phone, that girl told her name as Disha Mishra I was in my office when Disha called Who are you, Disha? Why are you talking about Arjun? I’m his wife Whatever he has is mine now So, I’ve the right to tell you to sell off the apartment in Mumbai and give Arjun’s share – Arjun’s wife? Yes. I’m his wife You’re my brother’s wife and I don’t know you But now you know me I know who you are You’re my husband’s wife I even know that if one sells that flat in a hurry it’ll fetch a cool Rs. 75 lakhs – You don’t have to tell me what amount will I get Arjun and I will take care of that If you don’t listen to me, I’ll slap a case on you Do whatever you want Disha.. Whatever your name is Neither I know you nor I want to talk to you Tell Arjun to call me if he wants to have a word with me I don’t even know who that girl was, sir How would I know that her real name is Sneha Patil when she introduced herself as Disha? When police came to our house to find Arjun I found all the incidents very strange, sir

I couldn’t apprehend that why my brother was doing all this Then, whom did Arjun kill? Was the dead person Sneha or someone else? What are they planning? Sir, when I don’t know, how can I tell you? You know everything, Dipika Even Sharan knows everything That’s why, he is absconding Sir, I can only say that today, Sharan was in contact with them When Sharan asked me what Arjun was doing I never spoke to him about Disha’s demand But I knew that he definitely knows something So, you helped him to run away. – No, sir Sir, I didn’t help him in running away I advised him over the phone that he should tell everything to the police But I don’t know, why he ran away The police starting searching for Arjun Sharma and his cousin Sharan Pandey Inform all the brokerage firms in and around Mumbai Definitely, Arjun will go to them for a job Arjun’s photo should be everywhere At any cost, I want Arjun and Sharan Arjun Sharma and Sharan Pandey’s photos had reached all the railway stations in the country All the airports had been alerted for Arjun Sharma and Sharan Pandey Their photo was sent to all police stations Along with the search of Arjun and Sharan the police started to inspect Arjun and Sneha’s phone records and bank details, after they’d reached Chandigarh Sneha Patil never went to Amsterdam In fact, she had gone to Chandigarh and Arjun was with her But why did they lie and planned to elope This was such a mystery that nobody had the answer Did anybody know about the relationship between Arjun and Sneha? I’d met Arjun, Vinayak What? Rekha, you knew everything before hand but you didn’t tell me What else do you know? Dad, it’s nothing as such It slipped out of her mind It was me who reminded her that we’d met Arjun What else do you both remember? What other facts have you kept away from me? Dad, nothing else It was Sneha’s birthday and you’d gone to Hyderabad All her friends had been invited Happy birthday to you! After looking at both of them, I felt that perhaps there was something going on between them But my suspicion could not be confirmed then And daddy, I too didn’t notice anything like that But if there was anything like that then why didn’t you tell me? How could I tell when I wasn’t sure myself if they were in a relationship or not That’s why I even talked to Sneha on the next day Who was that boy? Which boy? The boy whom you didn’t introduce us to He had come with Pooja and Radhika Yes, Arjun He is Radhika’s friend Sneha, is there anything going on between you? Mom, will you meet my office’s peon? I fed cake to him too You can ask even him if he has anything with your daughter? Sneha! Is this how you answer your mother? Then this isn’t the way either to you talk to your daughter and ask such meaningless questions I can see everything and I had seen it too how he was wiping the cake off your lips Mom, he just cleaned the cake. He didn’t kiss me Neither did I kiss him What’s going on in your minds? But you were suspicious You should have told me What could I say, Vinayak? Did our daughter ever talk to us properly? I still can’t believe that our daughter told us such a big lie and run away like this with Arjun And daddy, Sneha never told me anything either And even both her friend, Pooja and Radhika, never thought that she would lie about going to Amsterdam and plan all this What did you Sneha? Why did you do this Sneha? Why? Why did Sneha and Arjun chose to hide from everyone which created troubles for everyone around them? Everyone were baffled and worried as to why Sneha and Arjun had changed their names or why did Arjun murdered Sneha From July 2012 to May 2013, for 11 months

there had been withdrawals from Arjun’s and Sneha’s bank accounts In these 11 months, their accounts had been wiped clean Any movement? After removing the old SIM from the phone two new SIM cards were used in the same device This means Sneha and Arjun used two numbers each? Yes sir First movement was to Chandigarh From 12 July 2012 till October 2012, that is for four months they lived in Chandigarh Sneha, look what I got Did you get a job? Yes, that too two jobs for both of us The truth is, Chandigarh has started to bore me a lot But we aren’t planning to settle here We will work for a few months Then we will go anywhere you want Why should we be here even for a few months? Let us pack our bags You take out India’s map I will throw a dart We will go where the dart lands So you really don’t want to stay here? No – I felt what if we were to stay for a year There are 12 months in a year 365 days. 8760 hours It has been four months here Now enough No more Okay madam As you wish My dart hit Patna No. Not Patna Let’s go to Kolkata Okay. Kolkata it is You got what you wanted Both of them withdrew money from the same ATM From the ATM in Sector 17 Where did they go then? Then another number was used in the same device From November 2012 till February 2013 The location is Kolkata What shall we do now? Let’s first finish our food I am not hungry But I am hungry Arjun, think Think of what we will do? Sneha, do you want me to finish my lunch or not? Let me have my lunch We can’t procrastinate We must think of something Yeah, you should have thought about it earlier I have only a little money left in my account But our life isn’t over yet. We will find a way out We can’t tell that I am Arjun Sharma, you are Sneha Patil Do you remember our deal? How can we get jobs if we don’t tell our names? We will think about it and do something Then do something Why are you sitting idle for eight months? Eight months. I am bored over these eight months I forgot my real name after telling everyone the false one I have forgotten my identity as to who I am Sneha. I understand what you are telling But there is no point in thinking of the past We will chalk something out together We will get a solution I am missing my family a lot I can’t lie to Divya anymore I am tired of telling stories about Amsterdam whereas we are rotting in this room in Kolkata Calm down. I said I will set things right Then until February money was withdrawn from an ATM in Kolkata By February end, the Kolkata number was switched off Then Arjun Sharma started to use the number that he took in the name of Sanjeev Mishra What do you think what they were doing? Don’t know They withdrew money for the last time on 10 July in Pune After that the account was totally empty Have something You can have it, Arjun. I don’t want to eat I am going back home What will you tell them? – Anything Okay. Then in that case, do what you want to You are not doing anything You said you will ask the Mumbai flat from your sister It is a flat worth lakhs. Not a chocolate I told you I am talking to Dipika Something will materialise What will we do until then? Do we have money? Sneha, I am here I will arrange something Trust me I too thought the same over the past year But you are not doing anything either here nor did you do anything in Chandigarh or in Kolkata Look we have come back from where we started We should have never started this relationship Sneha, try to understand me We can’t just work anywhere. That too in Pune We worked here before, isn’t it? If we start working here any of our old colleagues may recognize us How will you handle that situation?

We will be trapped We are already trapped We are trapped from every direction What happened, Sneha? You look sick Yes It is just work pressure Why don’t you take a few days’ leave and come over here It has been a year anyway Don’t you want to come to Pune after going to Amsterdam? Sneha and Arjun. Who were they running away from? I think we must search at Arjun’s old hangout It was a safe haven for them and Arjun can return there Only Arjun can tell us who they were running away from Either Arjun or his cousin, Saran, can tell us this I want both of them What type of a love story is this? Now Arjun will tell us why he killed Sneha Find Arjun and Sharan Your qualifications are very good Your previous job in Hyderabad was very good Why did you quit that and shift to Pune? My wedding got called off, sir So, it became difficult for me to stay there But I won’t be able to pay you the amount that you received in your previous job No problem, sir I’m ready to accept whatever you offer me I cannot understand one thing Why do you want to leave such a good marketing position and join my small trading firm? No, sir That’s not the problem I trust myself and my work I can reach from zero to 100 again You can come from the 01st of next month The police was looking for Arjun and his cousin, Sharan Pandey On the other hand, Arjun was trying to move on in his life One team of the police reached Sneha and Arjun’s old house in Chandigarh where they lived previously The other team had found out their hideout in Kolkata But the police couldn’t find out the place where Arjun was and they couldn’t trace his cousin, Sharan Pandey Mr. Vinayak, Arjun has not been arrested yet We haven’t be able to catch him You couldn’t arrest him because you don’t want to Neither have you questioned Arjun’s family nor have you threatened his cousin’s family Why can’t you understand? He is my daughter’s murderer Mr. Vinayak, your daughter is also involved in all this She was staying with him in Chandigarh and Kolkata You told us that she was in Amsterdam You didn’t even know that she was here and she was staying with Arjun Sharma who has done all this We have reached so far in search of Arjun and you are saying that we do not want to catch Arjun Why haven’t you found him yet if you want to catch him? He didn’t inform us and murder Sneha He hasn’t told us where he’ll be hiding too The population of this country is 125 crores How would we know where your daughter and Arjun are roaming and they will end their journey with a murder? We have checked all the details and you are saying that we do not want to catch Arjun If I knew that my daughter was lying to me and staying with that boy I would only go there and kill her Mr. Vinayak, is this the reason why your daughter and Arjun were changing cities and saving their lives? Why did your daughter lie to you that you are in Amsterdam? Why was your daughter talking to you only through the internet? Neither did your daughter tell you the truth nor did Arjun tell the truth to his family nor did we find out anything from our investigation Why? Mr. Vinayak, we have not lost hope yet And we will not give up till we catch Arjun and Sharan We also want to catch him and find out why he did this to Sneha Why did he kill her? Hello Dipika – Sharan? Where are you? Don’t ask me, Dipika Sharan, the police is tapping my phone Don’t run away again You will get caught I don’t have money to run anymore My card is also not working The police has blocked your credit and debit cards Where is Sharan? He is in Kolhapur Call the police immediately Mom, he told me that he will come and surrender on his own No, I don’t trust these people anymore Dipika, inform the police right now Deshmukh, I don’t want to take any chance I don’t trust Dipika or Sharan Take the help of Kolhapur Police immediately Track Sharan’s real time location Catch him before he runs away I’m sure he knows where Arjun is now Tell me, where is Arjun?

I don’t know, sir He didn’t tell me He didn’t tell me where he would be going You know everything, Sharan You also knew that Sneha and Arjun were staying in Pune and Arjun was going to murder her No, sir I didn’t know that I just knew that Arjun was in trouble S-Sharan, I want your help But promise me that you won’t mention this to anybody What did you do? Why are you scaring me? There’s a problem This has to be kept a secret Tell me what you have done I have murdered somebody Arjun, what are you saying? Whom did you kill and where are you? You knew that the girl who died was Sneha Patil You must have seen it in the newspaper You knew everything, Sharan I knew it, sir He had asked me to bring a car to dispose the dead body I’m sending an address Come here with the car right now I can’t keep the body inside for a long time Arjun, I’m not coming Do what you want I don’t know what he did after that I don’t know how he took the body Don’t act innocent, Sharan It was published in the newspaper that the body was found outside the station in a suitcase I had seen the newspaper But I had no idea that Arjun has done this When I met him the next day he didn’t tell me anything even then Did you meet Arjun the next day? He was asking for money Tell me that whatever you told me last night was a lie I didn’t lie, Sharan I don’t know how it happened Did you bring the money? I had only Rs. 20,000 This is sufficient for the time being But why did you do this? And who was that girl? Where were you all these days? Sharan, I cannot tell you now I’ll have to go But where will you go? Why don’t you go home? Come with me Arjun, where will you run? You won’t mention this to anybody at home Don’t tell my mom or Dipika You had promised me, right? Keep it a secret I don’t find this right I am scared for you and me Even I am very scared But I will get caught if I don’t run away I shouldn’t have got involved in this matter Don’t disclose this to anybody He didn’t tell me where he would be going I read in the newspaper later that a body has been found in the suitcase But the name was not mentioned in it When the name was revealed later I understood that Arjun has murdered her Where is Arjun? Sir, he didn’t contact me And my phone was also switched off Do you think your problem will end by solving this? We won’t let you go Till we find Arjun Sir, I don’t know where he is I just got caught in this I shouldn’t have hidden anything But what else could I do? He’s my brother He’s a killer A wanted killer You’ve helped a killer abscond You won’t be able to go out until you tell Arjun’s whereabouts I don’t know his whereabouts You better not speak about Sharan’s innocence If you’d so much trust on him, why did you help him flee? Sharan is innocent He’s sharing whatever information he knew But he didn’t do it when he was supposed to But Sharan hadn’t committed the murder According to law, even the one who covers up the crime is equally guilty as the one who commits it Shall I tell you all the charges that will be pressed against him? We are helpless The court will do the needful When you’d cleaned the cake on my lips, my mom had a doubt

that our affair has gone too far Just imagine if she comes to know that we’ve been having physical relationship, then? I am thinking what if she really comes to know Then from the very day, she’ll keep preaching and taunting me in order to cleanse my body and mind To the extent that instead of putting up with all that it’s better that I run away Come, let’s elope Really? You want more than this? I’m thinking of getting married – Will your mom agree? No idea But no matter what happens, we’ll stay together Shall we elope? Yes. Far away from all this, people, home Let’s make a fresh start far away from everyone The idea seems romantic Will your parents agree for our marriage? How did you even think about it? If I talk to them about marrying you, they will make my life miserable Then we need to elope I am not taking the risk Won’t we tell anyone anything? Not like that We will tell them that we are going But we won’t tell them where we are going What do you mean? Then what will we tell them? Tell them that you are going to A-Amsterdam Amsterdam! Does your relative stay there? How does that matter? We just need to tell them so We needn’t go there What will you tell them? That you are going to Nepal? Who is going to ask me? No one will ask me where I’m going and what I’m doing Amsterdam! The idea seems to be good! And it will work out You just need to tell them that you’ve got a good job over there We shouldn’t have stopped phone tapping of Arjun’s family I am sure he’ll contact his family at some point No idea, sir Arjun didn’t contact them even after so many months after he went missing Although, Sneha was lying, she was in touch with her family I am going on my new posting But I’ve a feeling of regret that I couldn’t nab him He is a killer, shrewd, and even alert I guess, he must have fled to Bangladesh or Nepal Maybe I’ll make a move ‘There was routine transfer and Inspector Ashish Kulkarni’ ‘went to Solapur, outside Pune far away from this case’ ‘and dust started settling on the file of this case’ ‘waiting to be closed.’ See you ‘Sneha Patil’s family always kept wondering why Sneha’ ‘eloped and got killed.’ ‘Even Arjun’s family didn’t get to know his whereabouts’ ‘and why he committed this murder.’ ‘Murder suspect and helping Arjun abscond..’ ‘These were the cases filed against Arjun’s cousin’ ‘Sharan Pandey, in which he got the bail.’ ‘It was surprising that Arjun never came under’ ‘the police’s radar.’ ‘2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018..’ ‘The days passed by but the police’ ‘found no information about Arjun.’ Was this a perfect crime? Because the police could never get to him But was Arjun able to escape from this murder case? Post Sneha Patil’s murder, he was hiding for five years But destiny had other plans Something that’s not found in the law books Dr. Vaghmare I am Ravishankar Dighe Please come in The patient had been admitted two days ago His kidneys and liver have been badly damaged Oh, my God! I had called him He didn’t answer my call The patient told me that he has no family He shared your number Yes, Doctor He has no family His parents aren’t alive Mr. Ravi, he won’t live for long His condition is very bad The organs are so badly damaged that they can stop functioning any time Does he know about it? – I guess he could be knowing because he came and got admitted on his own He must have got an idea that he won’t survive I don’t know whether or not I should tell you this

Please do me a favour, sir – Yes, tell me What do you want? There’s a number I guess it must be still active Please call that number and tell my mom that I am dying What are you saying, Punit? You’d told me that you have no family I had lied to you, sir I have told you many lies And my name is not Punit I am Arjun Sharma Please dial that number and call my mom immediately 444703629 Sir, we have got information about Arjun Sharma Arjun Sharma? Of Sneha Patil case? Arjun Sharma, that tattoo guy? Yes, sir Somebody called on the mobile and told that he’s hospitalised At Anand Gore Hospital Anand Gore Hospital in Chandan Nagar, Pune? Yes, sir I spoke to Dipika You called her up? – Yes, I had told you, right? What did you tell her? – Sell the flat or else, I’ll file a case – Sneha, I was anyway talking to her, right? – Fine, you may, Arjun But do something further rather than just talking This is not the kind of life I wanted There’s just no fun – Even I’m fed up, Sneha I’m returning home – What will you say going there? That I was kept here forcibly I was made to lie about Amsterdam You mean to say, I kept you here forcibly? You have ruined my life, Arjun You have made heck out of it Really? Have you not ruined my life? It’s you who made me dream big You asked me to elope Why didn’t you refuse me earlier if you had so much problem? I was crazy but I’m fine now I shouldn’t have come to this extent with you Yes, Deshmukh, how are you? – Fine, sir. How about you? Absolutely great What’s going on there? Sir, I have an update for Arjun Sharma’s case You may surely be interested – Where’s he? I’ll meet that scoundrel in the lock-up You can’t, sir I found him in Anand Gore hospital in Pune We couldn’t ask him anything much He was dead by the time we reached here His kidneys and liver were totally damaged Where was Arjun hiding for all these days? Right here in Pune under our nose He was in Chandan Nagar, ten kilometres from here We were searching him everywhere else except our own city Sir, I never imagined he could be the wanted criminal, Arjun Sharma He submitted the certificates with the name, Punit Goel He was a nice worker, a good human being someone who was only cared about his work No one could ever imagine he could be a criminal He said he doesn’t have a family But I got a doubt when he spoke to his mom and sister Did Arjun tell you why he killed Sneha and why they had absconded? No He just said, he killed her and he couldn’t live, thereafter Nor he told me about his illness He directly got admitted to the hospital But Arjun would have told something to his mom or sister As to why he killed Sneha or why they absconded No Actually he was dead before we reached the hospital He didn’t tell us anything – How will we get to know why did they take such a step? – We won’t get to know We can never get to know ‘After all, why did these two escape?’ ‘Why did they change their identity?’ ‘Why did they made up story about such a place’ ‘where they had never been?’ We can only make a guess they must have been worried that their parents will not accept their relationship But the fact is that the biggest enemy of their love story was their frustration and their thoughts that they can never unite Neither this relationship was forced on them

nor they were questioned for what they did The saddest part was that their own frustration killed Sneha first and then, Arjun Arjun spent the rest of his life with some other identity They decided to get rid of their identities But what they got in return was not less than a nightmare Why didn’t they both talk to their parents? Why did they just do what they felt like? Why did they both choose such a path to go ahead with their relationship? The external danger can be sensed It could be some exaggeration or any other kind of activity But we can’t sense the danger rising within In spite of knowing there was one such point from where they could return But they didn’t realise it as a result of their frustration what they should have actually been cautious about I, Anup Soni take a leave from you all See you soon with yet another case Remember this The only thing that can keep you away from crime is how cautious you are Be cautious, be safe Jai Hind!

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