Greetings. Welcome to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100.’ In our society, kids and women are often made the victims of crime But why do the culprits only make them their victims? There can be many reasons like greed, jealousy and revenge for committing a crime But it’s been often observed that the first step taken on this path means that you’re at a point of no return Sir, there are ring marks on the victim’s fingers but there are no rings What if she was murdered with the intent to loot? If he wanted to loot her, then why did he murder her? On top of that, her face has been brutally ruined so that we can’t identify the body We need to find out who she is Okay, sir. Meanwhile, I’ll send the corpse for postmortem You’re doing this for them, right? What do you think? I won’t find out who is behind all of this? You think I’m a kid? You think I won’t find out? Quiet Don’t make noise No matter what you do, I won’t be afraid! Once I leave this place, I won’t spare him Sir, here’s the postmortem report of the corpse Sir, according to this report, that lady was made to sniff chloroform first She was then rendered unconscious and after that, she was strangled to death Then why did the killer smash the victim’s face with stone? This means that he wanted to hide the victim’s identity so that we can’t reach him What’s the time of death? Sir, the victim was killed on the 19th evening between six and seven Is there a missing complaint which meets this case in any of the police stations? No, sir. But in the report, it also says that there was a pacemaker installed in her body Pacemaker? Raut, this pacemaker must have a serial number We can track this to the person who bought it Do one thing. Get the details of this pacemaker from all the hospitals in the area, where they perform heart surgery We need to find out who this woman is We’ve to inform her family Perhaps, we will find a lead in this case Okay, sir Brother, were you able to call her? Her phone is still switched off Sejal, I think that we should go to police What are you saying? We can’t go to them no matter what Hello? The killer has destroyed her face Despite that, try to identify her No, sir It’s hard to recognise her through her face We found certain items next to her Try to identify her with those items We found this sari on her body Identify it Brother, this is mother’s sari Mom! We found a pacemaker in your mother’s body through which, we reached you I just wanted to know one thing from you Your mother, Radhika, has gone missing for 24 hours

Despite that, you didn’t file an FIR. Why? Actually, it’s been 48 hours since mom went missing, sir Actually, on the evening of the 19th at six I went to the shop so that mom can go home and rest Mr. Patel will be here by eight His order is ready It’s in the locker And yes, before you go, check the account book All right She left for the house, but She never made it home Any particular reason for not filing a missing complaint? On the morning of the 19th, we had an argument What was the cause for it? Actually, a family had come over to meet Sejal Greetings, ma’am Greetings. – Greetings When did you come? What brings you here? Radhika, our family has known you guys for many years Our kids are grown-ups too So, I was wondering that it would be good if my son gets married to your daughter Well, that’s good Are you all right, Kunti? My daughter, with your son? My daughter is a doctor and your son works in an ordinary newspaper agency He can’t even earn enough to keep my daughter happy How dare you even think of this! Mom! You dreamt of making my daughter the daughter-in-law of your house? Get out! Greetings! Mom often got angry for no reason When we lived in Kandivali Naveen’s family was our neighbour So, we had an argument over that matter Well, tell us, where do you guys live? And where is your jewellery shop? Sir, we live in Oshiwara and our shop is roughly 15 minutes away from home It’s by Jogeshwari Behram Baug How did your mother went home from the jewellery shop? Mom used to walk, sir Actually, mom had heart problems so, the doctor had recommended her to walk Well, how many members are there in your family? It’s three of us, sir My sister, and that’s my daughter, Yogita And your wife? We’re divorced It’s been 11 years Brother What was the need for you to tell the police about Naveen? What else could I do? Tell them the truth? Should I have told them why we really fought? Raut, I don’t buy Kamlesh’s story No matter what, there is a twist to this story which he is hiding from us Raut, do one thing Go to Kamlesh’s shop tomorrow and find out if he was there on the 19th In the meantime, I’ll question Naveen and his mother Okay, sir Eat something If you want to give me something Get me a smoke I need one. Go Is this your age to smoke? You’ve kidnapped me Don’t be a saint Get me a smoke Go I am not going to do that And look, we are here for a few days. So Hey! Is this a shelter? I told you, I need a smoke! Bring me one! If you don’t get it, then take your food away! Yes, sir. We went to Radhika’s place on the 19th morning We also had an argument with her After that, we did get furious but not to an extent that we’d murder someone We did nothing, sir We will find out who did what Tell us, where were you on the evening of the 19th Sir, I was at home I had to prepare some articles Sir, Radhika never spoke to anyone properly And because of that, she had many enemies What do you mean? What do I tell you, sir? Her children weren’t happy with her either Money was everything to her I had also heard that her son, Kamlesh worked at his own shop for an ordinary pay What should I tell you about the departed, sir? If you don’t trust me, then you can ask Radhika’s sister, Ambika She will tell you everything All right Listen

We need the footage of this CCTV camera for the 19th All right, sir Look, we have found out that your sister, Radhika didn’t get along with anyone in her family Is this true? Sir, she was livid at times. Strict too Some people also said that she was stingy too But she did value money, sir After husband expired, she went through a lot In this male dominated society it’s not easy for a single woman to survive, sir She killed my sister Whom are you talking about? Prerna, Kamlesh’s wife The one he divorced She used to call Radhika repeatedly and warn her She wanted to get her children back from her Children? As far as we know, Kamlesh has only one daughter, Yogita Kamlesh has a son too. Parth I have two children, sir Parth and Yogita I wonder what all that lady told my daughter and instigated her against me She doesn’t even talk to me Yes. Parth talks to me at times When did you talk to Parth for the last time? A few days ago But when I called him up again, his phone was not reachable I went home to meet him I want to meet Parth Parth is not at home He has gone on a school trip What? But his phone is not reachable He has lost his phone He calls from a PCO whenever he gets time You? Why have you come here? With a cursed face I don’t want to see you here again Got that? Go from here – Mom. – Keep quiet Mom – Mother-in-law, Parth Your mother-in-law’s sister, Ambika, said that you used to call Radhika and threaten her Reason? – What else would I have done? That lady ruined my life After marrying Kamlesh, I learned that he would only do what his mom asked And not just Kamlesh Everyone used to fear her No one dared to look her in the eye and talk to her That lady got us divorced intentionally She even took the custody of my children She won’t let me talk to my children over phone No matter anyone’s curse affects one or not but a mother’s curse does I had cursed her I’m not upset by her death Think about it, sir Why did it Kamlesh hide from you that sister and he had a son too Sir, I think, Kamlesh has done everything Raut Check Prerna’s call records Because one thing is clear She hates Radhika a lot And she has stayed in that family She knows everything about that family Sir, I’m also thinking the same If Radhika was killed between 6 to 7 p.m and she used to leave shop at 6 p.m every day, it must be taking her 20 to 30 minutes to reach home And the place where we found her corpse is at a distance of four kilometers from her house That means, whoever has killed, knows about Radhika’s route and routine well He attacked her on the way all of a sudden and then left after disposing the corpse Sir, if we get to know who all went to the place where we found Radhika’s corpse, then we might get hold of the criminal One thing is clear, the one who has committed the murder is very cunning But, sir. Why did Kamlesh hide about his son from us? No matter who the criminal is, I don’t get what Kamlesh is up to ‘Your son, Parth, is with us.’ ‘If you want your son back, arrange for Rs. 10 lacs.’ ‘And if you try to seek help from the police’ ‘we’ll kill your son.’ I’m sorry. I’m sorry, sir. I was helpless

I didn’t have any other option That’s why I lied to you I wish I would have admitted him in a boarding school He would have been safe What do you mean? Is someone in particular threatening Parth? No, sir Not from anyone else but himself He has started drinking, smoking after getting into bad company One day, he crossed all limits Where are you coming from at this hour? Tell me – Dad Group studies – Group studies? Were you studying or drinking? Have some shame. I’m getting the smell What’s your age? – What’s going on? What’s happening? Are you drunk? You are drunk? You are drunk? Do they teach you all this in your college? Go Mom.. – Go – I’ll make him understand Nothing. Go – Mom Mom. – Go Go inside – Mom Stand here – Mom, what are you doing? Mom Mom, what are you – Keep quiet Mom Mom If Parth was in wrong company, who kidnapped him? And when you told your mom, Radhika, about the ransom she must have given the money Because Rs. 10 lacs is not a big deal for her Sir, it matter when someone is important to you Mom Mom, I want to talk to you It’s time for me to do yoga I’ll talk to you later – Mom, I’m worried and you’re doing yoga Listen to me I don’t trust that guy at all Who knows? He must have planned his own kidnapping I have stopped giving him pocket money Mom – Just think When we are so rich, why did he ask for Rs. 10 lacs only? He would have asked crores Kamlesh, I’m into gold business I know what is right and what is not We’ll seek help from the police if he doesn’t come back in some days Can’t Ms. Radhika’s doubt be true? No, sir Parth is into bad company but he can’t do all this He can’t And how did you get the letter? I received a courier at the shop Sir Sir, I checked Prerna’s call location She was at home when Radhika was killed And, sir. Her call record is clean Raut, we often miss the truth And what we perceive is often not true Did Prerna hire any killer? If there was an angle of a professional killer his number would reflect in the call records But Prerna’s call records are clean There is a possibility that Parth has really been kidnapped and Radhika’s murder is related to this Or else, both these cases are independent and there is no connection between the two But we cannot ignore one thing Kamlesh wanted Rs. 10 lakhs He asked Radhika for the same And Radhika refused to give it Did Kamlesh himself kill his mother? Sir, I checked the CCTV footage of the jewellery shop When Ms. Radhika was murdered which was on the 19th between 6 p.m and 7 p.m Kamlesh was in the shop the whole day He didn’t go anywhere And even if we assume that a professional killer was hired then why didn’t he use to his phone to contact the killer? He was very busy with his work that he didn’t even look at his phone I checked the CCTV footage twice, sir Do one thing, Raut Check Kamlesh’s call records We may find something there Yes, sir Tell me one thing How long can we use this? There is nothing as such There is a child in my house and a dog too The dog is very mischievous So, I was asking this for the dog Sir, make sure that the child is not close by when you are using this because this is very powerful It can be dangerous if he intakes it in excess amount Thank you Your money Hello How many days more will I have to take care of him? What? There was one case of kidnapping and one murder case in the same house What was happening in this case?

Who was this person who had kidnapped Parth and why had he done this? Was a third person involved in Parth’s kidnapping? What was going on in this kidnapper’s mind to make Parth keep his mouth shut? Was he thinking about harming Parth? Take this Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000? I don’t have Rs. 5,000 Return the packet if you don’t have the amount You keep this now. I’ll pay you the remaining amount later What is this? – I have only this much now How can you get drugs for Rs. 1,000? Go from here – I’ll pay you next time I’ll pay you next time It’s a promise I’ll pay you the next time – Pay me the next time, okay? Yes. – Go now – Okay Sir Sir, I checked Kamlesh’s call records But I didn’t find anything suspicious Raut, Kamlesh will definitely withdraw money from the bank to save his son Do one thing Keep an eye on his bank account Inform me immediately if he withdraws any huge amount He doesn’t want to take help from us due to the fear that the kidnapper may kill his son Go to the courier office and find out who sent the courier and from where Okay, sir Excuse me Can you tell me who sent this parcel? This parcel has been delivered in Pankaj Maalu’s name Pankaj Maalu? – Yes, sir I want the CCTV footage of the day when Pankaj Maalu sent this parcel Sir, the CCTV is not working So, I cannot give you the CCTV footage Do you remember how he looks? Sir, many people come here It would be difficult for me to identify him I want all the details of this person I want his name and address Okay, sir. I’ll give it to you in a minute Okay Sir, the details taken down by the courier staff was fake Raut, trace Parth’s sim card and IMEI number continuously We should get to know his exact location if he switches on his phone even for a minute Also find out where he had switched on his phone last time and when Okay, sir Hello We will have to wait for a few more days It’s been just one week since mom passed away and many people keep coming home I don’t know what to do Yes, give a dose of 30mg He will be fine I’ll call you later Bye Get up Eat something The dosage of this drug that you are giving me I have become addicted to it Eat Tell me. How much are you getting paid for locking me here and for injecting me? Tell me I have seen your face Tell me the truth if you don’t want me to complain to the police How much are you getting paid for this? Remember one thing I’ll tell the truth to the police the day I go from here I’ll tell them about you and grandma Sir, Parth’s last location is his house His phone is switched off from the 17th But his call records are clean Hello Yes Okay Sir, Parth’s phone has been found

Where? Sir, some people here told us that a man was running behind him Look at this, sir We found two things during the search operation This phone and these drugs How did he get Parth’s phone? Round up all the drug dealers in this area. – Okay That man should be arrested at any cost. – Right, sir Send the body for postmortem Parth’s kidnapper had locked him in a room where he had tied up Parth’s hands and legs tightly How was the kidnapper killed then? Was Parth involved in this murder? What was the truth behind this incident? Had Parth escaped from his clutches? Where was Parth and how was he? Now, the police was looking for the person who was spotted running from the scene by the public The police started questioning the history-sheeters of that area based on the statements given by the eyewitnesses Sir.. No Sir Sir.. No I haven’t Don’t beat us up – Gawde, stop Will you speak up? Sir, I’ve mended my ways after marriage I’m no longer involved in such a business Sir, why have you brought us here? Sir, we used to peddle drugs earlier But now, we have reformed Is that so? How dare you lie to me? Sir, you are looking for Rafique Who is he? Where is Rafique? Sir, I’m telling the truth I didn’t kill him That was an accident He was my customer I sold him drugs Enough! I want my money! This is all I have now I will pay the balance later What’s going on? What’s going on? I don’t accept credit I’m sure, you have money Mister – Stop! I don’t have money It’s a nice phone Then why ask for credit? Shall I teach you a lesson? Shall I? Shall I? Please don’t switch it on Please don’t switch it on. – Get away! Please don’t switch it on Don’t switch it on How dare you hit me? Don’t do this Don’t do this Do you know him? Sir, he is Hiren He used to work in my shop some years ago But how did he get Parth’s phone? We will find that out Do you have his contact number? No, sir Wait a minute Hello Parth, how are you? Why? Aren’t you shocked to see me? You might not have expected to see me so soon What are you saying, Parth? Are you fine, dear? Stop faking it I know that you got me kidnapped Tell me how much did grandma pay you for this She is no more Will you complain against your father? Why are you mum? Won’t you complain against him? Your father has conspired it Both of us are being used by him I’m sorry Please forgive me, dear I was in need of money Please try to understand Is that so? Please explain Do you know what I’ve been through in these three days? You could’ve told me that you needed funds from grandma I’d have agreed to be a part of your plan You need not pretend now Don’t you want me to keep my mouth shut? I want some money Give me your ATM card ATM? – You heard it

Don’t try to locate me Parth! It was yet to be known why Kamlesh got his son kidnapped Had he murdered his mother? Were the incidents of kidnapping and murder somehow inter-related? It was not easy for the police to arrive at a conclusion On the other hand, drug addict Parth was withdrawing a huge amount of money from his father’s account It was important for the police to find a clue as soon as possible Sir, I just got a shocking news A sum of Rs. 50,000 was withdrawn from Kamlesh’s current account from an ATM in Bandra Rs. 50,000? Rawat, this cannot be a ransom amount But still, it’s a huge sum of money Keep tracking his account Let me know if any big transaction takes place One more thing Ask a constable to keep an eye on him Keep him under surveillance round the clock I want every information on him Okay, sir Brother, didn’t you report to the shop? I I am not keeping well So, I decided to take some rest I shall leave for the clinic Fine Hello, sir Sir, I just came to know that Kamlesh has booked a hotel room in Bandra What? Are you sure? – Yes Either the hotel is very expensive or he has booked it for a long time That’s because he has paid Rs. 40,000 using his card He has even bought many expensive items using it Rawat, that’s not possible Why, sir? He is at his place The constable just informed me now Which hotel did you just mention? – Hotel Parkview Let’s go If your grandma didn’t pay the ransom it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you This is not the reason to not return home Tell me How did you escape from the kidnapper? One fine day, when I woke up, I didn’t find the kidnapper there I was not under the influence of drugs How did you get your father’s card? He gave it to me Sir, I have a spare key Kamlesh! Kamlesh Dad! – Kamlesh! Dad! Shinde, send a forensic team! Read it ‘I’ve always been unsuccessful in life.’ ‘First, my marriage didn’t work out because my mom’ ‘never liked my wife.’ ‘Owing to her stubborn nature, today’ ‘my kids are living without their mother.’ ‘I wanted to do something for my son’ ‘so that he has good company and completes his studies.’ ‘But since his fees was high’ ‘my mom refused to pay for it.’ ‘I had no other option. Because of my mom’ ‘my life has been ruined.’ ‘I had neither my wife, nor my kids.’ ‘I thought of a plan.’ ‘I figured that I’d have Parth abducted’ ‘and demand a ransom from mom.’ ‘Even though she didn’t pay for his studies’ ‘she would certainly pay the ransom’

‘upon hearing that her grandson has been abducted.’ ‘But when my mom refused to pay the ransom’ ‘I got furious and I killed her.’ ‘It’s my final wish for Parth and Yogita’ ‘to live with their mom, after my death.’ ‘Kamlesh.’ I don’t know why dad did this He couldn’t have killed grandma, sir We had spoken to him Whatever he did he did it for us For me He can’t murder anyone, sir Raut Take them out Okay, sir Parth, come You too You, sit I need to talk to you The day Radhika was killed, where were you? I was at my clinic, sir But why do you ask me that? When brother has confessed to his crimes what’s the point of asking these questions? People often leave the world, but the truth doesn’t And it’s our job to reveal that truth to the world Kamlesh didn’t kill Radhika because when Radhika died, he was in the shop And he didn’t speak to any person whom we can suspect Where were you? Sir, I’m telling the truth I was at the clinic Fine, let’s assume that you were at the clinic But your boyfriend Naveen.. Where was he? We know what’s going on between you and Naveen We have your call records Yes, sir Naveen and I love each other But had mom found out about us she would have killed us But Naveen wasn’t among the ones to give up He wanted to win mom’s heart and ask her for my hand And when she didn’t agree and insulted Naveen both of you planned to kill her How can you even think of that, sir? No matter what, she was my mother We didn’t kill her For real, sir Instead, I brought Naveen to have him meet brother We figured that if brother agrees to it then we’d be married at the earliest Whether you get married soon or not the culprit will be certainly caught soon And remember In this entire story, if you are found to be guilty then your entire life will be ruined Go Raut, get the mobile locations and call records of Sejal and Naveen, for the 19th Okay, sir Sir, here are Sejal and Naveen’s call records from the 19th Sir, their call records are absolutely clean Then who killed Radhika? And why did Kamlesh write in his suicide note that he has killed his mother? When in fact, he was in his shop on the evening of 19th, and he hadn’t even left the place Whom is he trying to protect? Sir, Kamlesh loved his kids a lot What if Yogita has killed her grandma? And in order to protect her daughter, he took the blame on himself? But a sudden suicide? He was all fine till now Then what compelled him to take this step? Raut, I want Kamlesh’s call records and mobile locations dated today Okay, sir For Kamlesh to commit suicide all of a sudden was quite shocking What was the reason that compelled Kamlesh to take such a drastic step? Was Kamlesh responsible for all of this? Had he really killed his mother? Police was still busy looking for Radhika’s killer She was killed when she was walking home from the shop But the police didn’t find anyone or anything on the way which would help them find the killer Sir Sir, before reaching home, Kamlesh’s last location was Goregaon I was right! Take them Sir, you’re mistaken I didn’t kill Radhika Sir.. Sir, I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything Then what were you doing there at three in the morning where we found Radhika’s corpse! Don’t say that you had gone for a stroll! Otherwise, I’ll thrash you so much that you won’t be able to sit properly, let alone walk We have your location details as evidence Will you speak up? Tell me! Sir, it wasn’t my plan Then whose plan was it? It was my plan I wanted my son back I had found out that Parth has been kidnapped But Radhika wasn’t giving the money for the ransom Someone has kidnapped Parth What! When did this happen!

Forget that Think about bringing him back Anyway, grandma has refused to pay the ransom Can you do something? That lady had ruined my life I couldn’t stand watching my son’s life getting ruined That’s why, I planned to murder her Mother-in-law Well, I wanted to talk to you for two minutes We had left our phones at home so that our location can’t be traced It’s too bright We can’t dump the body yet That’s why, sir, we initially kept her corpse in the car We got rid of it after it was dark We first took away all her jewels so that the case appears to be that of loot After that, with a huge stone, we disfigured her But you ended up making a mistake! While going to get rid of the body you carried your phone with you! And because of that mistake, you two were caught! Why did Kamlesh take the blame on himself? Parth had taken Kamlesh’s ATM card He had come to my place Prerna! Kamlesh – Where is Parth? Parth! Parth isn’t here I know he is here Parth! Kamlesh, Parth isn’t here! He didn’t listen to me at all. He went running into the bedroom, but there was no one there Right then, he saw Radhika’s ring Tell me what’s the matter What’s this, Prerna? What is this! Mom’s ring? Did you Why! Why did you do it! Why! Why! Only to save my son, Kamlesh But if you want I’ll confess my crime before the police But I did this only for my Parth When he finds out about this he won’t talk to me Tell me, Kamlesh What do I do now? Upon hearing this, Kamlesh was shattered Because of his mother, whatever wrong he had done to me, he regretted it That’s why, he went home and killed himself Whatever Kamlesh did, he did it for his son Parth He wanted his son to have a good life by taking him away from bad company When Radhika refused to pay the money then perhaps, Kamlesh couldn’t see any other way and he was compelled to take to the path of crime But what Kamlesh did can’t be justified at any cost Prerna was arrested for murder, under section 302 of the IPC and Vinay was arrested under section 201 for tampering and erasing the evidence Both of them are in judicial custody right now It’s important for all of us to remember one thing No matter how lofty our goals are the path that leads us there, is beneath our feet It’s important that we never lose our patience because the one step that we take towards crime will change our lives forever On that note, I, Anup Soni, will take your leave We will meet again in the next episode with yet another shocking case Till then, take care of yourself and your family and keep watching ‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’ Punishment to a criminal serves as a lesson to all Jai Hind!

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