Aly Dosdall: See, it’s kind of hard for me to see that well just chat for a minute while we’re getting everybody in class Aly Dosdall: Okay, am I so i can i Aly Dosdall: Okay, I’m not able to Aly Dosdall: Want me to go ahead or Hello everybody. First, letting everyone kind of pop in so just give us just a minute or so And just so you guys know that we will have everybody on mute. And just to kind of help keep the noise kind of the background noise quiet And if you don’t have your chat open, you can go ahead and open that up and tell us where you’re joining us from so far we’ve got Arkansas, North Carolina Hello, Bonnie from Houston Looks like we have pretty good from Houston. So hi, I’m Michelle from my goals. I’m so glad that you guys are all joining us Amongst these crazy times. But, you know, our goal here is to keep everybody making and creating and we’re really excited to be partnering with We R Memory Keepers And we have Allie da still here with us, who is going to be taking you guys through a fun project, you know, she is our paper experts. So with that, I’ll go ahead and kick it off And just remind you if you guys have questions throughout. We’re going to do our best to answer those live through the chat. So just make sure that you are Asking through everyone and not specific to the host. So with that, I’ll go ahead and kick it over to you, Allie Aly Dosdall: Great. Hi guys, thanks so much for joining me and it’s Monday morning, or I guess midday. For some of you, and afternoon for some of you, Aly Dosdall: I am ALEC docile and I work with. We R Memory Keepers I’ve been with them for about 10 years. I started as a Aly Dosdall: crafter creating sample projects for their advertising and their catalogs in their marketing and then I took over their blog and then I took over their design team and Aly Dosdall: Now I’ve become a teacher I travel and teach for them. And I do demonstrations at trade shows, and I do television spots for them and videos for them. So I’ve taken over their YouTube channel so it’s been really fun Aly Dosdall: I absolutely love crafting I’ve been scrapbooking and paper crafting PR for over 20 years. It’s a passion of mine and I’m so grateful that I can do this as a job and share my love for crafting a paper crafts Aly Dosdall: With lots of other people, and my one of my favorite parts is meeting you guys when I get to travel and that’s not possible, right now, but I’m really grateful that we have this technology. So we can meet virtually Aly Dosdall: And I’m really happy you’re here. So let me just explain a little bit about the project, we’re going to make we can get a quick overhead shots of this Aly Dosdall: Project. This is a journal and it is so important. Right. Right now, especially, I believe, to record document your experiences, your feelings and what life is like during this historic time Aly Dosdall: And so we’re going to make a memory book. This is a kind of a memory journal. And so here’s the cover and flip this open and we’re going to bind together some just some plain papers Aly Dosdall: And then we’re also going to bind together some of the pretty papers from this collection. Now I’m using this paper collection from Joe and it’s a recollections paper pad and the Aly Dosdall: Description is sorry, the product is in the description for the class that you can use whatever you want. You can use any paper collection Michaels has a great selection Aly Dosdall: Of different paper collection. So this doesn’t speak to you. This is my personal style if you’d rather use something different Aly Dosdall: You’re welcome to just whatever works for you. I really believe that memory keeping needs to be a personal thing. So, this this album this journal has a lot of spots that you can add Aly Dosdall: journaling that you can add photos. Here’s an envelope that I’ve bound right into the album. And so you can put place a photo in here you can place journaling in here Aly Dosdall: There’s a lot of different spots for whatever you want to do to to document this experience Aly Dosdall: We’re going to do some die cutting. There’s a little bit of stamping in here. What I love about our tools that we are member keepers tools as they really allow you to stretch your paper stash

Aly Dosdall: So you’re die cutting and you’re using little scraps of paper and you know you’re stamping and you’re personalizing Aly Dosdall: You know what you want to say in your album. So we’re, we’re actually what we’re going to do in this class is we’re going to create this album bind it together Aly Dosdall: And we’re going to decorate the cover and then I’m just going to show you, you know, go through some of the ways that I’ve embellish this and allow you to Aly Dosdall: Get creative and embellish your journal however you want. And so we’re going to get started and Aly Dosdall: What we’re going to do first is create the cover. Then we’re going to go through the pages and that bind the pages Aly Dosdall: And I’m going to show you how to make this now again. If this does not speak to you this particular style. I’m a sucker for florals Aly Dosdall: If this doesn’t feel like the right vibe for you again. Go ahead and switch this paper collection out for whatever works for you, whatever fits with your personal style Aly Dosdall: With how you want your memories from this experience to be documented. Alright, so Aly Dosdall: Let’s get started. We’re going to go ahead and make the cover. And so let me show you. This is the paper pad that I used Aly Dosdall: And I love this because it has it’s double sided that’s part of why I picked it, but it’s also my personal style Aly Dosdall: So you have double sided papers and that’s great for for paper crafting because you’ve got a pretty surprised on both sides Aly Dosdall: And so I recommend using a double sided paper pad. It’s got some pretty metallic accents on some of these pages. This is really heavy sturdy card stuck at 60 probably 60 to 80 pounds Aly Dosdall: So that’s going to help your journal to last and be a little bit more sturdy. So let me show you the page that we that I used for the cover Aly Dosdall: Is this one that has polka dots on one side yellow polka dots and it has this beautiful floral Aly Dosdall: On the other side. So that’s the one we’re going to do. And the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to cut this apart Aly Dosdall: And we’re going to leave at 12 inches wide and we’re going to just trim it down to eight inches. So you have a paper trimmer. You can use that if you have scissors, you can just use a ruler and like measure out. So this is eight inches tall Aly Dosdall: And we’re just going to slice off the top Aly Dosdall: And I would hang on to these when you cut them apart because you can use this for the die cutting it for embellishing so be sure to hang on to that scrap. So now we’ve got Aly Dosdall: The cover here. We’re going to score that right down the middle. Now let’s just talk about Paper scoring for a minute Aly Dosdall: And, you know, it doesn’t matter. Really what score tool you use the point is is when you’re using fit card stuck like this you know 60 to 80 pounds it folds much more beautifully. If you score it before you fold it. So I’m going to just learn this stuff and score right in half Aly Dosdall: And scoring just allows you to more easily fold that paper and have some trimmers have a scoring feature. You can also buy a separate scoring tool Aly Dosdall: And have a separate trimmer and see that just makes a beautiful crease the paper doesn’t tear and it just looks nice, nice in me. So that’s what we’re going to do for our cover. We’re actually going to go this way Aly Dosdall: So that’s our cover that we’re going to have this on the outside, so we can decorate it. This allows us to decorate it beautifully and not have too many too much going on on the front. And there’s our inside cover. That’s pretty florals on the inside Couple questions rolling in Yeah. Um, we’re. Some people are wondering do you have to use double sided paper Aly Dosdall: Okay, I, you don’t have to. You can use paper that just has a blank white on the other side, that works fine. I prefer to use Aly Dosdall: Double sided because you get the two patterns. So, but if you if you want to use this, you know, single sided that is totally fine. Again, this is your journal this these are your memories Aly Dosdall: So you’re welcome to do that. Another idea is you can take two sheets of paper that are single sided and you can use double sided tape and stick them together and that way you have a pattern on both sides. So it’s really, it’s really up to you Okay, perfect. Thank you. And then did you mention the name of the paper pad Aly Dosdall: I did not. It is fantasy floral is the paper pad and it has a matching set of washy tapes that we’re going to use in the class as well, which is great because watch the tape is one of my favorite embellishments to use Aly Dosdall: It’s easy. It’s sticky. You know, you don’t have to put adhesive on it and it matches back to the beautiful paper paddle pretty florals so Aly Dosdall: That’s a great set to use. But if you want to use a different set double sided or single sided fine it’s totally fine. Totally up to you. I, I would recommend going with, you know, a good 630 paper that’s 60 to 80 pounds so that your journal kind of holds up. So it’s not to flimsy

Aly Dosdall: All right Aly Dosdall: Okay, so we’ve got our cover And Aly Dosdall: Now we’re going to decorate it. So what we’re going to do is, there is a sheet in the paper pad. Let me see if I can Aly Dosdall: I think I’ve already cut it apart so I can show you part of it. And also what I love about this particular paper pad is you have cut apart pages Aly Dosdall: So you have page titles, you have embellishments that you can cut apart, you have labels you have journaling spots. So I cut apart this 12 by 12 sheets and Aly Dosdall: The part that we cut out for the cover is this part. It’s a beautiful little circle floral frame that’s where we’re going to put the title of our journal Aly Dosdall: And then again, hang on to these will use these two and then we’ll also use this piece because we’re going to use the opposite side, so hang on to those Aly Dosdall: So the first thing we’re going to do for the cover. Now, when you’re making a personal journal. That’s about a specific activity or a specific experience or or Aly Dosdall: You know thing in your life you want to end, you want to make it past them. So I doubt. I’m going to find any stickers out there right now that sake covert 19 or you know world pandemic, or whatever Aly Dosdall: So that we have provided some tools. If We R Memory Keepers so that she could personalize and customize your, your projects. So we’re, what we’re going to do is use what’s called the foil quote freestyle pen Aly Dosdall: And these are available. There’s a small tip medium tip and a bolt tip. We’re going to use the medium tip Aly Dosdall: And these are amazing, because you can use them anywhere, anytime they plug into a USB power source. This is just my phone charging power bank Aly Dosdall: So you can plug it into that or a wall adapter or, you know, a device like a laptop or a pad and it heats up for maybe five to 10 minutes Aly Dosdall: And then it comes with a role of foil. It’s six inches by, I believe, eight feet. So you get tons of oil to work with Aly Dosdall: And what we’re going to do is now if you’re a hand letter. If you’re in a calligrapher you’re going to have a blast with this Aly Dosdall: You can write, you know, anything you want. Anywhere you can write it on leather paper Aly Dosdall: Plastic, you know, all kinds of things we’ve done on you know flower pots and you can totally personalized gifts. It’s just a really amazing tool Aly Dosdall: I am not a hand letter or a calligrapher. So here’s a cool way to use this and make it look beautiful without having those hand lettering skills Aly Dosdall: I just printed this on my printer. And again, if you prefer to use a different kind of fun, just use whatever your favorite font is print out your words Aly Dosdall: And then that’s going to go right on top of the oil which goes right on top of the project. You want the oil to transfer to Aly Dosdall: So I’ve already gone ahead and done most of this because it takes a little while to cover all that ground Aly Dosdall: But I’m just going to go ahead and finish the last number here. We’re going to do the 19 and i’m just i’m using pretty much about the same pressure, I would if I were writing by hand, maybe just a little bit more like kind of think of yourself coloring, like with a marker or crayon Aly Dosdall: And we’re just going to fill in this Aly Dosdall: Number that we’ve already printed Aly Dosdall: And if you, you know, you can use the wide tip for this, it does cover a little more ground. So that’s a good option as well Aly Dosdall: And the final tip is a really good one for details. If you’re doing a really pretty intricate detailed design. So you can print any design. You can print any image Aly Dosdall: And then FOIL it. You can also use your stamps. If you like to stamp. You can stamp with permanent link directly onto the foil and then Aly Dosdall: Color, or do you know draw right on top of that and it’ll transfer the foil directly onto your material. So, this is a great tool to habits. A lot of fun. Adding gold foil accents Aly Dosdall: To almost any project Aly Dosdall: It’s a great option. Alright, so let’s see what we’ve done here Aly Dosdall: So that’s what it ends up looking like. And let me show you the cover Aly Dosdall: So here’s what we ended up looking like. So we’re going to kind of do that in the top half of this pretty circle frame Aly Dosdall: And then we’re going to add, you get this out of the way for a second Aly Dosdall: Then we’re going to add the word pandemic. And so what I’ve done is I’ve taken this one of the papers. It’s a peach Aly Dosdall: colored paper. It’s got this on one side and the semi other and I’ve cut a five and a half inch long strip. That’s three quarters of an inch wide Aly Dosdall: And we’re going to use another tool that allows you to totally personalized or customize whatever you want to say on your projects and it’s called the word Punch Board Aly Dosdall: And so this comes with this punch and it comes with these little inserts that have every letter of the alphabet

Aly Dosdall: And you just lined them up in here to say whatever you want to say. And if you need to repeat a letter, you would just Aly Dosdall: Punch with it and then move the letter over and take everything else out. So you can do repeat letters, just so you know. So I’m going to slide this little strip in underneath those inserts there. Get it all the way back. Let’s see Aly Dosdall: Make sure they’re lined up properly Aly Dosdall: There we go Aly Dosdall: And there’s a little guide here which you just line that up with so it’s easy. There’s no guessing and you just get that back all the way to the back stops and then just press down on this and that’s going to punch out those letters Aly Dosdall: And there you’ve got the word pandemic. Again, you’re not going to find a sticker right now. You’re not going to find, you know, Aly Dosdall: A nice already made page title with this word, so you get the chance to make it your own. And then all I did was just a trim a little off here and then I just did what I like to call a dovetail Aly Dosdall: Maybe it’s kind of a banner cut that just kind of makes a little bit of a decorative finishing touch on this on each side Aly Dosdall: And then I used foam, and he said, Aly Dosdall: They remove Aly Dosdall: This and oh by the way your freestyle pen. The Gulf boiling pen comes with what’s called placement tape which is basically wash you tape Aly Dosdall: So that you can take down your foil and keep it in place. So that’s convenient. It comes with everything you need. And so what I did is I used some foam stickers and to place this on Aly Dosdall: It that way they fit easily in foam adhesive is a great way to add some dimension to your products without too much bulk because it can also kind of squish down, you know, if you need to fit it Aly Dosdall: Into a shell for something when you’re storing it it’ll still, you know, because it’s fun, it’s still has a little bit of give and so we just stuck that on just have a little bit of race to it and the thing that I’d like to do is Aly Dosdall: Using contrasting paper in the front and then the back. So you see how the light paper and then the punch letters and that darker color underneath really shows through so you can read that Aly Dosdall: Word more easily. Alright, so once we’ve done that we’re ready to put on some custom embellishments. And the way we’re going to do that is with the floral stamp die and embossed kit. Now this. Let’s see if I can find Aly Dosdall: Okay, here we go, got my little chart here with all my goodies on it Aly Dosdall: So this kit as a great embellishment making kid. Again, this is great for expanding your paper stash for stretching that stash Aly Dosdall: It includes an embossing folder, a set of stamps and then it includes to set tear of layered stamps that match up to a die cutting and embossing folder. So you would stamp these Aly Dosdall: That set separate colors and they go, they fit right on top of each other. And then this little window here allows you to Aly Dosdall: Place in little stamps, you can change out the words love grows here. Hope growth here joy growth your faith grows here Aly Dosdall: And once you’ve stamped all of that and different colors. So you have a multi color image, you would cut it out with this awesome cutting and embossing folder with your just a tabletop die cutting machine. And then the other set is also really cute Aly Dosdall: These match up. Let’s see. I think I’ve got it looked over Aly Dosdall: Nope, I was right there it goes. And then you would just add these words into their celebrate. You did it. Thank you. And then you cut that out and it makes a tag Aly Dosdall: Just, you know, fully ready to go. Tag super cute. So, and then there’s a set of separate dice. Here we go Aly Dosdall: So if you want to add additional embellishments that cut embellishments to your project. These match all of the images and the stamps perfectly. So that’s what we’re going to work with right now is we’re going to die cut down Aly Dosdall: Flowers and some little accents to add to our project. So I’m going to take this kind of part sheet that we used for the title and just cut this apart because this is going to actually be part of the album Aly Dosdall: And Aly Dosdall: I just want to get this piece off so that I can use the back of that today. Alright Aly Dosdall: So that’s what we’re going to cut the flowers in. And so I’m just going to add

Aly Dosdall: My paper and then I’m gonna, I would just want to kind of like to do a whole bunch at one time, because then I can just have a bunch of these pretty embellishments ready to go Aly Dosdall: And use them throughout my album. So I’m just going to cut a bunch of my time is up. So I can save my paper and just do the a tabletop Aly Dosdall: die cutting and in boxing tool. There are a lot of really awesome ones on the Michaels website that you can pick from or use whatever you have on hands and this is just going to cut out those shapes for me and Aly Dosdall: Again, back to the stamps and their custom made I’ve used my paper scraps and I’ve got these pretty flowers. Now I can get off of this Aly Dosdall: There we go, that I can add to my album. And again, I, I probably what I usually do is just take a bunch of different papers from the paper pad and just keep cutting tons of little flowers Aly Dosdall: So that I have a lot of options to work with when I go to create. So let me show you how to put that together on the cover Aly Dosdall: Alright, so I did actually use a kind of a on all of the green card stock to cut out some of the leaves Aly Dosdall: And so here’s my first flower that I’m going to do down here at the bottom. And what I like to do is I like to just gently take my fingers Aly Dosdall: Hoping you can see this and just kind of roll the outside edges of that flower to give it a little bit more dimension paper is very pliable and so you can roll it and bend it and shape it just to give it a little more dimension and then again I use the Aly Dosdall: Thumb adhesive just pop that up Aly Dosdall: On the cover Aly Dosdall: And that’s just going to kind of go down here, right in the middle and then I’m going to layer another piece another smaller flower that I cut from that peach paper that I used earlier for the title Aly Dosdall: And stuff that right in the middle there, and then Aly Dosdall: Enamel Dr. Another fantastic way to decorate with paper crafts and they make perfect flower centers and so Aly Dosdall: We’re just going to create the center of that they’re out of little adhesive to this leaf that we die cut earlier Aly Dosdall: And that’s just going to go right here. And again, this is all part of the set and all MATCHES BACK Aly Dosdall: So that’s done, and then I just added a few at the top. See Aly Dosdall: A couple of flowers and top. And again, you know, I would just kind of bend these up just a little bit to get a little dimension Aly Dosdall: And if you have a, like a round, you know, a pen or pencil. You can also use that to bend up your Aly Dosdall: Flowers. Then I’m just going to put a little bit of he said on the back of these, these kind of go in a little cluster at the top to bounce off that pretty flower down at the bottom Aly Dosdall: Yeah, and I’m going to be honest, you know, we’re all having a completely different experience Aly Dosdall: Right now. For some, it’s very different than it is for others. And so if if florals does not feel like it would work for you to document this experience that is totally fine Aly Dosdall: So, you know, again, pick a different paper collection that more reflects your personal experience your personal style Aly Dosdall: This is just what I like so. And that goes there and then we would just take another Aly Dosdall: Enamel dot Aly Dosdall: And stick that in the center of this small flower. Whoops, I can get in the center Aly Dosdall: Right there. Okay, so that’s our cover and then let’s see, I did add Aly Dosdall: So here’s another cut up cut apart sheet that’s in the paper collection. And these are fantastic. So you can cuddle these apart and use these as Aly Dosdall: Labels as accents, you know, as journaling spots, whatever you want to do I use this cute label down here and I cut it out with my scissors just kind of, I call it fussy cutting destroyed around that pretty frame Aly Dosdall: And then I cut it in half and let me show you what I did with it. I used it Aly Dosdall: To add the date right here at the top. And I use the freestyle pan the local freestyle pen to add it, and gold oil Aly Dosdall: So it’s just up there at the top. So you can do that. If you’d like to get the date down there as well. Alright, so that’s what that looks like. Now we’re going to put that actually on the cover Aly Dosdall: And Aly Dosdall: First, I’m going to add a strip of this all of card stock Aly Dosdall: At the top

Aly Dosdall: And the bottom Aly Dosdall: And if you’re using textured card stuff. Just be aware that the texture needs to show. So this is the back. So I’m going to make sure that the texture is Aly Dosdall: facing up. So you can see that pretty texture and then stick this one Aly Dosdall: And then I’m going to grab my scissors just trim off the excess Aly Dosdall: They’re Aly Dosdall: All right, and then I’m going to add some double sided tape to the back of this Aly Dosdall: Right on my cover Aly Dosdall: And I’m going to kind of place it down here a little bit towards the top. So I’ve got about two rows of those polka dots Aly Dosdall: Picking out. And the reason I’m in do that is because I’m going to add a strip of washy tape down here at the bottom Aly Dosdall: Now, I was kind of hurrying to get this done. And so my card stock is crooked, but yours will not be because you’re really careful and Aly Dosdall: Thoughtful paper crafter, of course. So we’re going to use this pretty washy tapes and it says love dreams, courage, happiness, and I wanted to use that because mainly because of the love and the courage, because I feel like this is a time in our family that we’re really Aly Dosdall: Having to have some courage and that we’re also really having to reach out and love to, you know, those in our neighborhood in our area here in our community better in need. A lot of people are Aly Dosdall: needing some financial help right now. And so as a family that’s one of our goals is to reach out and help our neighbors Aly Dosdall: So turn that off. And the beautiful thing about washing again sticky sticks. Right on. It’s not bulky. So it’s, you know, nice and flat and it adds a really beautiful decorative elements Aly Dosdall: So that is our cover. Now let’s work on the inside pages. So let me show you the pages that we’ve I selected for my Aly Dosdall: Journal and you can totally change that up if you want to use different pages. And so the first thing I did is they took 11 sheets of 20 pound copy paper Aly Dosdall: This is just for my printer and I turned it down so I left it at 11 inches long. And then I trimmed it to just under eight inches wide Aly Dosdall: And the reason I need to trim it. So it was like seven and seven, eight says how wide it is. And the reason I needed to do that is because when I bind us in my cover Aly Dosdall: I want my cover to be just slightly taller than my paper so that my paper isn’t sticking out Aly Dosdall: Okay. And so that’s 11 sheets. You can do more or less whatever floats your boat and you may have more to save and I do or have more photos or less. So these are the papers that the pattern papers that I use for my journal Aly Dosdall: So you can see what they look like. And this is the peach one that I had already turned off for the title. So again, we’re using the scraps and we’re using, you know, the main part for the page Aly Dosdall: And so these are also. So I left them at 12 inches, which is the same as the cover, but they’re just slightly shorter seven and seven, eight tall, rather than eight so that they fit inside that cover Aly Dosdall: And then what I did is I scored right down the middle of all of these pages. So there’s a nice pretty score line there, so that when we go to fold them. They’ll fold nicely Aly Dosdall: Alright, so then the next step is to put these pages. Oh, no. The next step is to make envelopes haha so Aly Dosdall: Let’s not forget our envelopes. So we’ve got a couple of envelopes in here to hold photos to hold journaling to hold Aly Dosdall: You know, a memorabilia ephemera whatever you want to put in there. So let’s make some envelopes and let me take a look at my notes to make sure I know exactly which size Aly Dosdall: I need to make. Okay, so let me introduce you to the envelope punch card. This is our most popular Punch Board Aly Dosdall: We have several punch boards to make different things, but this one is for envelope making and so you can take your own papers and make custom envelopes for your hand make cards for whatever you want to send Aly Dosdall: And it’s great for gifting for, you know, for scrapbooking FOR CARD MAKING whatever you want to use it for. So we’re going to make an envelope. That’s Aly Dosdall: Five and a half by seven and a half. And the reason why we’re going to do that is because the envelope that you end up with is going to be about a quarter of an inch larger Aly Dosdall: Than the be card that you’re putting inside or the item that you’re putting inside. So the measurements on the board, which again that’s super handy to have the measurements, read on the board Aly Dosdall: That reflects the size of the item you put inside the envelope, not the finished size of the card. The

Aly Dosdall: Envelope the finished size of the envelope is a quarter of an inch larger than what you’re seeing here. So in order to get it to fit in the six by eight Aly Dosdall: Journal, I had to do a five and a half by seven and a half envelope and that tells me here it tells you what size to cut your paper to Aly Dosdall: In order to make that size envelope and it tells me here 10 and a half by 10 and a half, and then it also tells you where to put your measurement on the score line when you start making your envelope. So let me grab my paper Aly Dosdall: That I am going to use to make my envelope. I’ve already cut it down Aly Dosdall: To 10 and a half by 10 and a half. And this is the paper I’m using. And so now I’m ready to make my invoice Aly Dosdall: I’m going to skip a couple of things out of the way so you can see. And with this envelope on Punch Board comes a score and a scoring tool and folding iPhone folder right inside Aly Dosdall: The tool that’s really handy to have the storage there. So this tells me to line my 10 and a half by two and a half paper up at four and a half on the score line Aly Dosdall: So I’m going to put this up against the guide here and slide it over until it’s about four and a half inches right here, then the first thing I’m gonna do is punch Aly Dosdall: Then I’m going to take my score tool and line it right care against this guide and there’s a score line underneath that. I’m just going to follow Aly Dosdall: With my tool and create a score line. Then I’m going to turn it counterclockwise 90 degrees Aly Dosdall: Line it up at the top, and then I’m going to find that score line that I just made, and that’s going to line up with this little guide right here. So that’s where I’m going to push this punch and then score again Aly Dosdall: And we’re going to repeat that process on all four sides Aly Dosdall: So line it up with the score line times and then score Aly Dosdall: And if your papers larger than the board, don’t worry about it because you’re going to just fold it in it’s going to work just fine. So again, line that up. I’m sorry if my head is in the shot. I’m trying to make sure I get it right on that score line and then score Aly Dosdall: And the cool thing with we remember keepers, I think, is they think of anything honestly they totally do so Aly Dosdall: To create a beautiful rounded corner to make this have a really nice finished look. There’s a reverse punch up here. So we’re just going to pop the top flap in and around that corner. We don’t really need to round any of the other ones because they’re not going to show Aly Dosdall: Alright, so now we’re ready to put together this envelope. And I’m going to just fold them on that score line and then use my bones folder to crease that. So these are my side flaps Aly Dosdall: And then here’s my bottom flap. Let me show you a little trick with this bottom flap. And so we’ve got a little bit of this corner sticking up and what I like to do is a straight edge a ruler Aly Dosdall: With a straight edge and just put that right here at the point where those meet take my scoring tool scores straight line, and then I just take my scissors Aly Dosdall: And I trim that off so that it’s not sticking up. You could totally leave it if you want. Just depends on what style envelope you like to make. And I’m going to take my double sided tape. Put some right here on the sidewalks right along the edge Aly Dosdall: And Aly Dosdall: You’re not. And there’s my envelope. How cool is that, and this makes several different sizes Aly Dosdall: Of envelopes from I think it’s about two by three like kind of a gift card size, all the way up to larger Aly Dosdall: Six by eight envelopes, or I think even seven by something so tons of options. So this is going to be part of our book I’ve already made a second one. So there will be two. This is also going to be part of our book. So now we’re ready to put the pages together Aly Dosdall: And to bind them. And so we’re gonna Aly Dosdall: Put these in order, how we want them to, to be in the book with the cover facing down. So that goes first, and then let’s see. Let me look at my notes to make sure Aly Dosdall: That we’re going to take two of the copy sheets that I trimmed previously and we’re going to place those down. Next, so that our score lines are matching right down the middle there. Then we’re going to take the ivory paper from the paper pad and place that Aly Dosdall: And then next comes to more sheets of copy paper Aly Dosdall: Those down Aly Dosdall: And then our first envelope Aly Dosdall: And it’s going to go this direction with the the flap pointing towards the right. Okay, so your folders, just going to go right there before the other folds. Then we’re going to do two more copy sheets

Aly Dosdall: We like to stick together. Sorry about that. There we go. Okay. And then after that, we’re going to do the pretty maybe floral going to do this time Aly Dosdall: This is going to go down into more poppy seeds so you getting that the idea here. We’re putting just some regular paper in between all of these just for writing for journaling and then the second envelope Aly Dosdall: And it’s going to go this way with the the top flap pointing to the left and then two more copy sheets Aly Dosdall: And then our last this pretty pH paper is going to go in and you’re going to make sure that you keep your floral this right here, facing this direction so that it’s at the bottom Aly Dosdall: And then the last thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to do the last one sheet. This is our loan or sheet. And the reason why it’s alone is because that’s going to be facing each other. So you actually will have two sheets right there Aly Dosdall: And what once you find this. Okay, so now we’re ready to buy. So I’m going to go through and just make sure everything is stacked lined up nicely that the folds are Aly Dosdall: Lined up together. And I think it’s probably easy to do that with folded Aly Dosdall: Now you’re going to notice that these some of these pages are sticking out past the cover and we’re going to take care of that later. So don’t worry about that Aly Dosdall: We will make sure that that looks all nice and neat. Once we’re done binding. Alright, so we’ve got those folks lined up and now we’re going to introduce you to a another amazing tool. This is our book binding guide Aly Dosdall: And you can use this for journals for books for planners for mini album. It’s a fantastic tool. It comes with this punch guide and then it comes with this pretty felt case that has Aly Dosdall: Wax thread in it. It has a full instruction booklets for saddles stitching Japanese stitching and Coptic stitching it comes with a piercing tool Aly Dosdall: And then it comes with a couple of different types of needles based on you know for the different types of stitching that you want to do. So we’re going to work with the straight needle Aly Dosdall: And we’re going to work with fattal’s stitching. So this is the the guide for saddle stitching. So what you’re going to do is take your Aly Dosdall: Pages, but there’s a it’s hard to see, but there’s a crease right here, like a kind of a dent where the holes are so that makes it easy for you to line up your Aly Dosdall: Fold in the tool we’re going to just push that flush up against this top guide here and then you know what we actually need to do it Aly Dosdall: Half at a time. So we’re going to split up this book and half Aly Dosdall: Right at that first envelope. Okay, so that’s your first group. There’s your second group will start with this group and get that full right there in the groove line it up against the top and then we’re going to place Aly Dosdall: This guide on top punching guide Aly Dosdall: And screw these right into fold it down Aly Dosdall: And this also is dented so that you can make sure that it’s right in that fold met crease. Now while it’s in this tool. I like to take some binder clips and clip it together Aly Dosdall: So that Aly Dosdall: It will stay when I take it out Aly Dosdall: And I just kind of put them maybe an inch away Aly Dosdall: From the spine Aly Dosdall: All right, now we’re ready to peers and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to start at the top hole and then I’m going to count every third hole and I’m going to punch Aly Dosdall: You can do more or less. If you want to have more stitching in your spine or less ditching it’s just really up to you. Depends on what what you’d like to do so I Aly Dosdall: But I recommend before you start punching holes to figure out exactly where you’re going and where everything’s going to fit on your page before you start punching holes. So there’s a couple Yeah, question coming in about how many pages. Can you punch at once so Aly Dosdall: That’s going to depend on how thick your paper is so for this. This one I’ve got, let’s see 1234567 I’ve got seven but some of them are copy paper and some of them are the Aly Dosdall: You know the card stock that’s thicker. So I would say probably Aly Dosdall: Four to five sheets and cards, depending on the weight of the card stock. And you probably could do 15 to 20 sheets of copy paper depending again on the weight

Aly Dosdall: So that’s a good question Aly Dosdall: So again I’m just going 123 Aly Dosdall: And piercing that i don’t know if i completely got that last one. Just make sure what other down. I did okay 23123 Aly Dosdall: You can feel it go down Aly Dosdall: Through the paper and then to the other side, two, three Aly Dosdall: Now there are, there’s Aly Dosdall: Again, the wax thread comes with it Aly Dosdall: But you could also use floss like Aly Dosdall: embroidery fast if you want that would also be pretty, you can add some pretty colors. Alright, so now I’m ready to take this section out screw these. And again, I’ve got those binder clips to kind of hold it tight Aly Dosdall: stays in place. And now we’re going to Aly Dosdall: Be Aly Dosdall: Just make sure they’re all lined up Aly Dosdall: If that Caribbean, and we’ll go through the same process Aly Dosdall: Let’s see. Where are we at, time wise K. So I’m actually not going to go through that same process. Just because that will take some extra time, but I want a quick show you how to Aly Dosdall: Find these together. So just pretend that this is the entire book. So I’m going to want me to do is measure. I’m going to take my thread and I’m going to measure one length plus probably three or four inches. Then I’m going to pull this over and go back Aly Dosdall: And add three or four inches. Okay, so you’ve got extra on each end, we’re just going to trim this Aly Dosdall: And grab see Aly Dosdall: My straight needle, which is hopefully. Here we go. Under the paper trimmer. Alright, so we’re going to thread this and there’s a nice bite I to this needle so it makes it easy to to get it in there Aly Dosdall: All right, and then you’re going to give yourself a little, little slack there. And I’d like to start at the bottom and you’re going to start by going this way, we’re not going to come up this way. We’re going to go this way Aly Dosdall: And us and then you’re going to pull it. So you have that extra three four inches and just hold it and then we’re going to come up through the back Aly Dosdall: This is, again, this is called saddle stitching. So it’s just like a basting stitch we’re just going to go under, over, under, over on the way up Aly Dosdall: And, oops Aly Dosdall: Look right through. And this is going to just hold your pages together nice and secure. So Aly Dosdall: People who love book finding. You can also do this with blood covers with chipboard covers with leather covers. So there are a lot of options for making pretty covers when your book buying as well. But in this case, I just wanted to use the card stock Aly Dosdall: So once we reach the top Aly Dosdall: Then to make sure that everything is nice and secure. We’re going to go back down, but this time we’re going to do the opposite. So we’re going to go up through this hole Aly Dosdall: And cover that empty space right there Aly Dosdall: Alright and go down so that it stitched from the top and the bottom through each hole Aly Dosdall: And when I’m booked my new sometimes I just like to stick on a movie and just go out my living room and bring my my pages with me and just sit and find that’s a lot of fun Aly Dosdall: Right Aly Dosdall: Now, and I’ll show you how to tie it off at the bottom. And as you’re going along. It’s important to make sure that you’re checking that you don’t have any any slack or any extra thread so that your binding is nice and tight Aly Dosdall: Sort of holds those pages together. Alright, so I finished teaching. Then I’m going to take this bottom thread here. Give it a little tag and make sure that’s nice and tight and then we’re just going to tie these Aly Dosdall: In a square knot. That is the easiest way to finish this off and I like to kind of keep that not right here near the whole as close as I can get. So the square knot is just right over left and then left over right Aly Dosdall: And then just tie it nice and tight and sniff out the extra so you have maybe a quarter of an inch there and then you finish. Now, when you’ve done the two different parts

Aly Dosdall: Obviously, you’ll have the two parts together, but you’ll clip each part together. So this will be clipped Aly Dosdall: This will be clipped and then you place them together and clip them all together. So I hope that makes sense. Once you stitch. These are going to be in two separate clips bunches place them together Aly Dosdall: Clip them together and then I like to take my piercing tool and go through and make sure that the holes are lined up. So I go through each hole with the two separate groups Aly Dosdall: And make sure that those are lined up perfectly. So when I go to stitch the holes are all lined up nice and perfectly all right. And so here’s what, let me show you what’s cool about this Aly Dosdall: Please off Aly Dosdall: And now you’ve got your book together and look out, we’ll see if we have, we do have an envelope. We do. Here’s your envelope. See, that’s just right in there Aly Dosdall: With your pages. So you can store ephemera or memorabilia. And then you’ve got a pretty flat pair that just kind of creates a little visual interest something a little different in your book Aly Dosdall: So that’s kind of fun. Um, so once we finished that. Let me just go through and show you some of the ways that I’ve embellished this album, and then I will take questions Aly Dosdall: If you have any, any more questions. So I used stamps on this. This is one of the stamps from the set. I’ve used again I just I cut a whole bunch of different pieces with those pretty dies Aly Dosdall: And use them as accents. Here’s some washy tapes. This again is I just cut out some of the beautiful florals on one of the pages. This is called faster cutting and that added that to the top Aly Dosdall: And then some of these elements you can fold right over. This is just one of the little labels from the cut apart paper and I just scored it and filled it right over the page. So you have a little flap that folds over Aly Dosdall: And then I added some washy tapes to this side and then again the little die cuts that you could create with the different papers and made a pretty flower Aly Dosdall: Little arrangement there and then one trick is you can extend. Oh, let me show you really quickly with the Aly Dosdall: Paper pad. Some of the wonderful page papers that are included that allow you to create your own embellishments. We already talked about this one with all the labels and Aly Dosdall: journaling spots and we talked about the one that has the six by six Aly Dosdall: Titles and there’s also this one that has borders. So you’ve got everything you need right in that paper pad to create you know borders labels journaling spots embellishments titles Aly Dosdall: And so that’s really handy so I used one of these borders and cut that and extended it across to the other page and to work that crease right there. You can either cut it Aly Dosdall: Or you can score it and just bend it right over that crease and then watch the tape is perfect for adding laps. So I put a piece on the top Aly Dosdall: And then a piece on the bottom and then you can add extra journaling or details there. Again I stamped this pretty tags. So these tags are in Aly Dosdall: The class supplies and they just come as blink tags and that allows you to create whatever you want on them to stamp on them to die cuts to add Aly Dosdall: journaling to I could stick a little photo on there and it comes with some twine. So that’s really handy so that allows you to get really creative. And then I use one of these counterparts on top of that Aly Dosdall: Then here is a pretty title page and then I can, I made up another envelope and just take it on. And here’s a little insert or you can add some journaling or a photo Aly Dosdall: And then some more washy tapes and then I’d like to add little flaps inside. Once I’ve found my my journal, I can just watch the tape a little flap inside Aly Dosdall: I like to get different sizes. I like to have some elements extending over the top of my journals Aly Dosdall: Here’s another little flap. I want to say thank you. And this was going to be about some of the amazing heroes that I have noticed in our community Aly Dosdall: Who are working so hard on the front lines to keep things going. And to take care of people in the healthcare industry. So again I stamped with some pretty flowers from the set on this tag added wash it take to make a flap. This was part of the Aly Dosdall: Sorry, the borders and then here’s the first envelope Aly Dosdall: Again photos journaling ephemera more space to journal could add some photos here. In fact, I’ve got some photos Aly Dosdall: That I printed Aly Dosdall: With my little mini printer Aly Dosdall: And you can just peel and stick or you can use your four by six prints, because this is a six by eight journal Aly Dosdall: So I’m just going to add that there. And this says be true to who you are. We had a friend, make me some masks with some of my favorite

Aly Dosdall: Fabric. And my favorite patterns. Okay, so, and then here you could take a photo. This is a photo of me working from home Aly Dosdall: In my office and I’m just going to add it to the inside of this flap and just show you how that works Aly Dosdall: And that just sticks right in there. And then I would write about how I am working from home and how that’s going and what the positives and the challenges are. Here’s a photo of my daughter reading. She’s been reading a lot of books, which is great. Probably more than she normally would Aly Dosdall: Even though it’s hard to do distance learning from home. She’s been a trooper and hasn’t been doing a great job. So I would write about that here Aly Dosdall: So we can just keep going. This particular tag I scored at the top, so that you can lift it up and add some journaling or a photo again more stamping hairs that cute little flop Aly Dosdall: From the envelope. So you get the idea of how you can just make this your own add your own embellishments in your own Aly Dosdall: style to it. I like interactive elements that we pull out and you have to get involved in when you’re looking through your journal Aly Dosdall: So that’s pretty much it. Again, make it your own. Make sure you’re documenting your experiences during this historic time Aly Dosdall: Good or bad. I mean, whatever, whatever is, um, you know, whatever’s going on, make, make sure it’s authentic. It’s your story because people Aly Dosdall: Down the road. Your ancestors are sorry your descendants, your kids, your grandkids your nieces, nephews, they’re going to want to know what you were dealing with. So that’s it. So if you guys have any questions feel free to ask away I’m Happy to answer them alley Yeah, I’m the first one is, what type of thread is used for the book binding tool Aly Dosdall: Okay, good question. So it comes with waxed thread. And that’s what you use it with that is the preferred type of thread for book binding, but you can use other twine or other floss as well Perfect. And how do you get photos with the cute sticker back Aly Dosdall: So there are a lot of Aly Dosdall: Printers out there that are small handheld printers that can connect via Bluetooth directly to your phone. So you can just print them right off of your phone and the the you buy the Aly Dosdall: printing paper that fits into this little printer and it’s got, you know, peel off and stick option Aly Dosdall: So that’s kind of handy, or you can just print your four by six prints, you know, online order them online and then cut them down, you know, and add some double sided tape on the back and stick them into Perfect, thank you. Uh huh Aly Dosdall: Any other questions. That’s it Aly Dosdall: Hey, we’re Aly Dosdall: All. Oh, sorry. Go ahead Hi, Ellie. It’s Rochelle with Michaels I think there were a couple of questions about how you went back and trend up the sides of your Of your book Aly Dosdall: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Aly Dosdall: Okay, yeah, I did that Aly Dosdall: Yes, let me grab Aly Dosdall: This right here we go. OK. So the way you’re going to do that is, and of course yours will have the cover on. So let me grab the cover. So you can see how that’s going to work Aly Dosdall: Your cover is going to be on and you’re going to have some extending across. And there are two ways to do that. Get yourself a really good sturdy sharp pair of scissors Aly Dosdall: And you can just go through and trim and it might take you a few tries to do that. Another way to do that. And I want to make sure. Hold on, I’m going to see if I’ve got my Aly Dosdall: Crafting knife Aly Dosdall: Oh, like, I don’t think, I don’t think I added it to my current hair, but you would take a craft knife Aly Dosdall: Sharp craft knife and you would use again you’re straight ruler, a metal ruler and you would go along and let’s say this is my craft knife. I would just go down Aly Dosdall: And and cut those off and it would take a few swipes at it, but you can get them off of a nice and straight. Oh, hopefully that makes sense Aly Dosdall: Any other questions I think that covered a Lot of the of the questions Alli I really appreciate you. It sounds like everybody really enjoyed Your class today and you made a beautiful book. Hopefully, I just want to thank everybody for their time. I know everyone’s time is precious. These days, and You know, hopefully you learned something new. Obviously Michaels is here to keep you guys making and really hope you enjoyed it and that You tag us with what you’re making tag out Michaels make it with my goals, you know, so that way we can can see what you guys are doing and If you miss something throughout the class, we will be posting this so you can check out Michaels com backslash classes. Um, and with that alley unless you had any closing pieces. I just want to thank everybody so much and hope that you guys really enjoyed your time

Aly Dosdall: Thank you so much. I’m so glad you joined me today Thank you, everybody Aly Dosdall: Take care of stay healthy and safe

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