we now completely control the car remote-controlled like matchbox, very easy watch he reports now and I do really nothing I just press the button not generated forward there is it is awesome it is awesome something brand new thing kia for the first time even so we have an active one here blind spot warner with camera speak you can see what the vehicle is in the dead winkel has digital in the cockpit front like also seen here when I do want the car to go backwards i can of course also introduce them with the other button you can see the car attaches reverse gear but I have to do something show there is nobody in there wait a minute hello please open again neither front nor back exactly like this please back again now is likely one quickly got on the side or I ask you more intact for patrick should drive back tax as a vehicle accordingly then into the parking space one and he can not steer he has himself last time steered but so much I only use the system now another extra week, also right bitter of course a little would be able to prepare the new kia sorento model year 2021 is written here pablo gusic pablo sven christ i have is an absolute hammer from behind looks like an English big one vehicle a little bit that’s me at least a favor for now but it has its very own formal language and it’s brand new well the beautiful sorento on the have we waited a long time from the front here we did quite a bit here completely redesigned vehicle doesn’t matter where full led headlights one wonderful interior 204 hp is that possible in the diesel variant new eight-speed automatic transmission with the intelligent all-wheel drive hollekamp constellation yes i’m showing it up here and that are the co2 values ​​that you move in car you actually drive 7.1 and here below have a co2 efficiency of b & b 7.1 are given in urban areas 148 kilowatts the car has a good 204 hp good piece or 202 ps sorry is really a lot of fun to drive the car we had already been there ourselves the colleague on test drive is there then also the first kilometer of the car is gigantic a whole new driving experience from this vehicle and the eight stages automatic transmission the constellation all in all it’s still a dream one time I’ll show you that very briefly technical data we here is 52 1490 Euro briefly you can focus that are once briefly there is and yes displacement 2 151 liters that really did we now have exactly 2.2 liters of diesel here and they are powerful from German yes this still makes singing with him vehicle the diesel is amazing 158 grams per kilometre that is with the class in which the co2 efficiency class b he deserves it definitely definitely realistic with that test drive has been consumed by I wouldn’t have thought 7.8 liters myself I have to say of course there wasn’t only been there in town but also out of town or highway like Highway that wasn’t all about the new sorento the new sorento also comes as a hybrid now here at we should even be on site this week be delivered and next year is also available as a plug-in hybrid yes, let’s take a quick look first of all briefly from behind look this is such an absolute hammer you know why I said he just now looks a bit like it in america is really daring at the beginning but me you have to say more often you take the car looks at the more one falls in love really trust everything pure electric luxury i mean us talking about a price of almost 50,000 euros performance ratio fully fully digital cockpits only the leather I assume processes of every constellation we have a fully electrically adjustable one driver as well as passenger seat we have we have it fully digital cockpit the smart one here if you’re watching out is instrument cluster do you see that the camera has therefore not working stammered engine best yes you have already completed the training halfway so we have something very whole here new and new on the rhine that I am completely new

kia doesn’t just have that as new either details we have with the new system a completely new display system we also have control over that mobile phone as already known with the you go system we have the intelligent cruise control of course also left and almost even drives probably already knows from one or the other video of us we’ve got something brand new down here the driving mode switch when you get there go for a minute you can choose between comfort sport terra that is really gigantic here is a dream actually we go we make a trip for the next week you have a lot to do in the whole cockpit is incredibly tidy that is me So have very flat surfaces can be cleaned very easily definitely not just that you can too here without any problems say that you don’t you can get the instruction manual on it when you get in the car you can without problems call various extras or the control options from the vehicle get to know it again that’s the way it is yes the whole thing is height adjustable leather as far as the eye can see i have a big one you have to say auto for large families but also comfort that’s already upper class or the car here is not only seen as now available with five seats but even seated with seven and the seven-seated one variant is of course also suitable for the immigrant extended family trunk will then of course accordingly To be fair, you have to say smaller but otherwise I can only say here the new sorento that is one eye write electric where there is only go but I’ll go right now why show me you folded all the details you can turn it off again if you want us to survive here a mega sunroof or definitely definitely something completely new here we have here now I come out the best I could just because time grind that bose sound system what is built in exactly on something completely new from kia earlier one cooperation with another manufacturer had the bose sound system here also with different natural tones meanwhile one would even have to demonstrate test drive in the next video first of all I am the one in front fully electric driver’s seat adjustable exactly I don’t know how many directions are in each one case enough that something for each position they look like they are but they are not ventilated inside but they are we not only have here We even have heated seats on board a session on board sits you look like this good at it i am i just got myself always used that is the absolute hit 7.9 liters caught actually think that we a bit in town a bit out of town the autobahn is pretty gigantic heard because it happens when you are a vehicle here has something has mass that you can achieve everything can yes such a big car probably has no seven year guarantee or of course how do you know it any other way kia sorento has of course for everyone other product in the animal family seven years guarantee up to 150,000 kilometers seven year guarantee that is too transferable that is, when I use the car later sell for 3 4 5 years I can give with no problems always say you can own the car best friend sell without one to have a bad conscience about the guarantee yes the sliding roof clamp i on what then you had you one another opening window opposite that new ones made of the old sorento and accordingly you have to say is really great so what I noticed is the diesel does not sound at all vin diesel so i didn’t even have it more so typical is something else min now your diesel next week the hybrid is also on board here and if the hybrids are on board nothing at all with this vehicle more drive moves a car with you as much as possible two tons load now says very simply times rounded up moved almost im silent what the most blatant are here rims this series now at the at the version we have the platinum here variant of the now has the 20 inch Alloy wheels on it from kia this one really got really chic would say if you ever walk maps besides that sometimes holds as big they are or or wait a minute I’ll put just look at these huge ones rims are also very good in the car very good but they also give right away view of all the technology freely what is already awesome I also have something relative great to see is here now we have the taillights fully led we have now even like the kia fanatics know as likely elliott the license plate light there we waited a long time in the daycare family we have in very nice large trunk electrically of course as should it be different that had really close to the drive here did exactly that one more intelligent all-wheel drive that is always too Perhaps more beautiful up here also briefly about the mama grad us have all-wheel drive here with the new old fashion supports has given a difficult question slush clear that’s a intelligent all-wheel drive that is really very software then properly software

controlled of course is really a car is driving yes you have to test it drive no matter how you have to do a test drive down there is that again fuel consumption on it and that belongs that we can use the hybrid engine again as I said, it is during this week to see extra-urban 5.4 liters with the 2.2 liter crd ii all wheel drive awesome me am very excited what is the price so if you think so, car looks like than will cost 70 80 90 thousand euros but it’s not like you know it from other manufacturers the vehicles in this great suv class sell that a car quickly costs around 100,000 euros can cost but here actually the whole thing seven year guarantee a really great workmanship and a really great one equipment standard already to one really attractive price we have it here the platinum variant what you can get still have to say that now one too full equipment an absolute full equipment here you can only use the third dial in and have everything that has everything there he probably also has a pro warmer in the back or of course of course I prescribed exactly when he’s here for a moment open up that can listen of course we have all of them here normal storage options from kia such as you know which ones huge huge storage compartments it goes of course we have further behind turn the whole thing again three these storage compartments here 3d family vacation can But there are also things like that small shopping a whole bag fits several bags or I can simply lie down you have the bag holder with you, of course inside you have inside and bag holder but more exciting had the hamas no bags cheerful if you are more exciting what he used to shop without problems can also be fixed in the back of course the speakers for you are allowed to use the bose sound system fold everything down once German level his size fits you are 183 1 83 now the seat is relatively far back now I’ll sit in here if I am a sign when you sit here lie behind god i say very simply you mean you are grandmother’s 80 meters that me and you have a lot of space there although unit without problems though and sunroof under it is normal builds up So even if you are with four people traveling does have several drinks to have real security with me loading option so it’s really something has got up here too brand new here a usb connection still on ball it had what usb on the seat exactly that right what they did here that gives where you can the seat of move back front and back that means so the man behind can say I want to i want i for that is a little move forward yes that will be two very easy times when there is less and less space you can the front passenger without any problems even the seat back can move quickly at the front do forward and backward that means I can even use the space create from behind someone has times I thought something but is awesome here cup holder in the door I have that never seen it gigantic like that said to also take this time we have additional here sun blinds this platinum variant as I said always included as standard where the leather is on the side is still planned bose in the back too, of course bottle holder you can get a whole put the bottle in the back if I now longer trips have had several as I said three bottle cages per party a vehicle that really is seven seats are gigantic correct seats 763 25 year olds variant of the seven-seat variant we have to go here and then that possibility that you can do something again can stop when we’re here but my side likes it you and here you can see also here ambient lighting now also down here and on the dashboard that means if you it would always turn in the dark would show that is really gigantic that’s great value for money is the big topic I think what you guys comes with a seven year guarantee 150 thousand kilometers and the price wait, I’ll just show it again up front I can’t believe it So the car pointed here costs 52 1490 euro that’s exactly what it is now our house price because you can of course many different variants speak that very clearly we should just drop by the car in any case test drive and at personal conversation camera intended find one or the other variant surely interesting is yes you are one of the most successful kia dealers Germany you can do that with good reason say right when he briefly up front open the bonnet, now i am I’m curious if there is also a motor underneath it doesn’t sound like a the same I turned him on it is so quiet so it almost sounds how people I definitely would have himself is thought so first in the Driving a car was really quite stand in the first moment is thought of at all but as I said, we have it here smartstream diesel inside this is a new concept from kia if you also get closer in the video go into more detail yes show a test drive more precisely we mean that more precisely on it overall, of course, never from kia

knows a tidy engine compartment is overloaded or something else is coming it about raña well you have yes sees more guarantee that means everything happens happened your problem happened but far too little she tells me Workshop well that makes a lot of service from it would be nice what has happened breaks down so that the workshop can also turn to others way of making money what that here all the isolation measures that he met here is one huge insulating layer included there is a great deal of insulation involved so not that the others don’t but I didn’t hear anything inside take is really gigantic have to drive so if that helps no other way we have to put the car in any case, drive so there is a need front camera still in it still has around around 300 you of course yes how can the state be son all around and indicated this intelligent parking system that the car is remote controlled from even drives how should I briefly demonstrate he turns everything into that we have now not that we have not checked and not rehearsed before and not yet discussed bare truth said so what is what to do I start the vehicle one can imagine the whole thing so that I now just at the moment in front of a parking space drive sets operation to d press park taste that you have to have of course before you first release the handbrake press the park button just once I have to drive a bit forward and i watch out Be careful there is another pen up there I’ll take away the paste when I do went on tour that was me defective now by itself and I’ll show you i press the function remote-controlled driving is only for me that here I can just show it briefly something like that is what work creates now okay, we control the car completely now remotely controlled like matchbox is real authorized i hope to look easy painting and I really don’t do anything with just pressing the button the rudder is vehicle forward there is it is awesome that is awesome I’ve seen it from the parking space out to make it possible better apparently just right he would now also drive against the door there drive and how should it be otherwise Of course we don’t know who brakes of course beforehand and as I said that I can also press the beforehand remote control automatically exit when however, i want the car to reverse Of course I can drive them too initiate with the other key man sees the car puts the reverse gear but I have to show what is there nobody in there wait a minute when he says hello please open again neither front nor back exactly like this please back again now is likely one quickly got on the side or I ask you in pfatter for contract should drive back tax as a vehicle accordingly then into the parking space and he can steer not he did it last time steered but that’s how much I am now only with the system that you get extra weeks like to really bite then of course can also prepare a bit would would have found out about the leyen by himself and when I say now I’m the one parking space inside i turn off the car presses the button engine is off i was usually the car and the windows up tomorrow, too you can feel more firmly than what then nothing happens that means the windows must show that would be useful otherwise have times then a well ventilated the vehicle since they added something brand new to it actually was it hasn’t been here in the whole time now applies to various models So 2021 will run or will be possible the car drives by itself it always costs only 2000 euros only 52,000 euros so speak one upper class or an upscale middle class suv in its largest form only 52,000 euros as a new car in the maximum equipment maximum full that only thing missing is the third row of seats correctly spaced cruise control harder active steers plan naturally emergency brakes of course there are not backwards against anything couple protection of course writes well I like it I like it and then they shape in front

he has 3 demo in front of a 3d shaped hood even with not correct we have full led headlights here too front area we have the 3d hood sits just called it is really gigantic or you can just look at it too the blinkers that I pull I still show it sometimes different there we come little advertising for you there is next week test drive 20 minutes small sneak preview on the new kia sorento 2021 the name directly I’m there pablo and which car you have in the dealership small saloon on wallerfanger straße 102 directly from the motorway exit to reach saarlouis wallerfangen and relatively centrally located in salou if I’m from frankfurt, that’s me building a car naturally involves luxembourg am everywhere from munich from hamburg from qui Various of course saw it was made of sarwood of course urexweiler therefore probably too always no matter where you are with us Welcome so it was written there yes the 2021 kia sorento next week test drive many thanks pablo I thank

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