Personal branding we’re a few seconds early because i want to make sure everything gets set up susan kelly hey i saw a bunch of people in some of my my trusty boot campers are here mom’s here lily hey saul i saw laura cobb oh you guys are you guys are the best all right hey got a great great show for you today i’m on youtube i know that’s working and uh because i can see myself in about eight different screens and we should be on facebook and we should be on linkedin as well everything should be uh good good good to go i want to tell you uh what today is all about we’re going to be on a couple of hours i would i would guess and uh i just i i i just felt like you needed to hear this one today we’ve we’ve we’ve all been through a lot this year and lots of weird stuff’s happening to us with this pandemic and i wanted to bring you something special that is from inside my lead my leadership program i got my i got my my my black hoodie on today and it’s about how to build your personal brand now whether you like it or not you have one okay so it it’s important that it looks good and i’m gonna teach you everything you need to consider and think about and strategize about and ponder and review and research and do to get in order now just a quick couple of things i’m going to open this up we’re going to talk for a few minutes i want to explain to you what to expect today uh you’ll know i’m live talking to you if i’m in the black outfit with my leaders hoodie and the reason i’m wearing a leader hoodie today is well not only for this special event but i could have worn my leader t-shirt but it’s you know summer i don’t know what happened to it it was so rude it didn’t even say goodbye it was like i was running in 98 degree weather and it’s 58 out right now it’s like bang it’s gone so uh and then you’re gonna see me in a recording from one of my private group coaching sessions with my leadership group that’s me and my white t-shirt so um so so what’s this all about i’m gonna give you all the steps and all that good stuff related to building a great online and offline brand it’s it’s with you all the time okay and i’m gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna teach you about that we’re gonna go through the concepts we’re gonna go through the psychology we’re gonna go through all the tactics what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna play the recording here in a few minutes but i have a couple questions for you before we start and i want to make sure that i know you can see this wherever wherever it is that you uh that you are uh let me and stacy and kara let me know if we’re good on on on facebook and linkedin so you’re welcome to watch this but if you want the workbook that i give to my leadership uh group each month i i create a we we do a talk like the one you’re going to see we also i also give them a workbook and that workbook uh just so you know what this looks like you need to register for the event in order to get this workbook so this is the workbook that accompanies what i’m speaking about today i’ve literally i’ve typed it all out for you i’ve written it all out this is what you’re going to get this is what i’m going to review and and then i’m going to walk you through all of these concepts why your brand is important figuring out who you are and where you’re going and all this good stuff and then there are some thought provokers at the end uh and and a challenge to help you implement implement your your your brand if you want that workbook you need to make sure that you are registered for the event because after the event is over we’re going to send you an email and i’m going to give you the download button to grab that workbook but i need to know who to send it to okay so make sure you’re registered cara and um and and and or stacy put the put the registration link in the chats the registration link has been in the emails that i’ve been sending you all week about my one of my personal stories related to my brand i sent you that on sunday and then i’ve been sending you messages about my habits and discipline uh some focal focal points focus stuff and all that good stuff my routines and and you’ve been getting those throughout the week so uh this little kind of value week so to speak is is culminating with this and one other thing is if you do like what you’re seeing today i have a dollar trial going on in this leadership program that ends tonight it ends tonight at five o’clock my time so it ends in a few hours if you are interested in trying it out for a seven day pass you will get to see some lessons like this one if you if you enroll in the full

membership which i will show you later uh you’ll get access to all the assets that are in there so i just i wanted to let you know that now here’s what i want you to know make sure you’re signed up um if you are in my leadership program put your put your leadership hashtag on my i’m always backwards put put your leader hashtag out there we want to give you a shout out maybe you can share your experiences in the program i also want to know please tell me this what you do give me your verb noun i coach people what do you do you run projects you’re a project manager give me give me your descriptor and then tell me what your single biggest issue is with building your personal brand because i want to answer some of these to kick off the q a when the session is over okay please tell me that and number two i would love for you to tell me uh if you’re following me on instagram you’re getting my today’s tips they’re my little selfie videos that i put out every single day i put one out today on why we tend to undervalue ourselves okay that was the topic and i told you exactly why we tend to undervalue ourselves now by design i made sure that i created that one for you today and released it today because it bears on this discussion there’s a reason we undervalue ourselves and it’s going to be a common theme that you need to go back to because as part of building your personal brand you are going to overlook a number of things that are vital that would elevate your bra it would skyrocket your brand but you just dismiss it so why is it i i want who who can tell me first person because i got awards today uh who who can tell me the reason that i cited in that three minute and 40 second video on why we tend to overvalue ourselves tell me tell me what that is we’re keeping track at home folks so so do that get in and say hi and i think i think that’s about it i am now going to play the video and and the video is going to come up and i’m going to pause it because i want to slide it to this to the starting point for some reason i couldn’t figure out i don’t think my little tool here lets me do that but i hope you enjoy this this is going to be about 57 minutes i’m going to be with you here every minute so uh so i’ll be watching the chat and all that good stuff say hi and uh all that good stuff so let me let me get to you so what you’re watching is a private group coaching session that i did back in december 2019 with my leaders and give me one i don’t i only have all right today personal branding uh you you all you all have one it’s not just for people like me so i um i’m going to take you through just a few historical moments in my life where i used my personal brand to do things that i think you will find analogous in your life and one thing and i’ll ask you along the way what some of your struggles are and some other things to engage you because i’d like to use some of your your personal stories um as examples throughout this talk but let’s let’s think about think about um why it’s you know so let me wake up in the digital world we live in where if you are a like 99 of you that are white collar workers of some kind whether you’re an accountant a project manager a finance person a ceo a an engineer a technology whatever you are you do have a personal brand a digital footprint of some kind even if it’s nothing more than your linkedin profile but i think in this day and age there are a lot of good reasons for you to have more than just that and i think it will help you in the long run not to not to mention even in the short term make your life a lot better and you don’t have to spend as much time building your personal brand as i do because it’s so vital to my business and me as a public per as a public uh figure and a coach but you know i thought there’s really there’s kind of three really good reasons that i wanted to call your attention to there’s the outside world in in people you might want to attract uh for your career progression how do you look as a professional to those who might want to recruit you hire you ask you to speak at their networking group for their company who knows whatever you might whatever you might be able to do with the outside world to raise your own career that’s a that’s a great one so for some of you that are in in my job search curriculum that are actually job searching

this is a great thing for you to do right but you don’t have to be job searching to build up your brand because your brand builds over time the more you put out there the better it will become and i’m not just talking about online and we’ll go through all the things that i think are really important the other thing is inside your organization so what about wouldn’t you say that the brand that you establish about yourself that reputation what people think about you inside your own organization is going to be helpful to to move it not only getting along but moving up the ladder this is everything from not only how well you do your job and how much care you take but what what are you populating uh literally and figuratively into that succession planning database that career progression database whatever your company might call it but all you know your internal resume so to speak are you volunteering are you taking on new projects are you getting involved in extracurricular things whether they’re for the company or or to interface with the outside world volunteering maybe partnerships or whatever it might be so inside the organization this is going to make your life a lot easier and then there’s it’s kind of a combo one but on behalf of so what do i mean by this well think about it maybe you’re a marketer maybe you’re a salesperson maybe you’re somebody maybe you’re you manage the affiliate relationships uh who knows maybe you’re a technologist that goes and speaks at uh at conferences and and maybe you’re a sales force database administrator that’s going to give a presentation at the sales force conference which has a whole bunch of clients that are going to be listening and they look at you and they think wow he’s great she’s great i really need to to talk with him or her and i might want to enlist their company to help us implement this solution it could be any kind of thing that provides cachet to you so maybe you’re the salesperson sometimes titling becomes important it’s kind of this kind of like the one time i think titling and public branding and getting that whether that’s that picture and bio on the corporate website or whether it’s it’s it’s what you’re putting out on your linkedin website or or or in your linkedin long form posts or wherever you might be putting something that helps you create a digital footprint that gets you better known or gives you that cachet that might attract somebody so they would enlist your company engage with your company maybe maybe use your company’s services maybe provide something to your company who knows but those are some those are some some great reasons and what i what i’d love to know i’d like to engage you guys right away because what i’d love to know from you uh in the chat is do you feel like you have a branding issue maybe it’s like i know i need to do this but i’m struggling to do it because i don’t know what to put out there i’m having trouble internally because i’m not sure about this issue what is what is your just some of you i know really well some of you i don’t know as well what is your function generally speaking and then what is your biggest personal branding issue let me know what that is and i would like to take a peek at the chat right now because i want to i want to try to get some of these in my head as i walk through kind of what i what i recommend that you do and think about because i think it’ll be i think it’ll be really helpful so so jump in jump in here the almost 38 that we have and and connie and monica and and brian and antonio and pat pat hey you jumped in great to have you um you know get in david ed all y’all brooke jeff i’m i’m doing great just what are you real real quick do you have a personal branding issue maybe maybe you don’t maybe you don’t uh but i’m guessing i’m gonna say a few things today that’ll that’ll really help you but i’d love to know what that is and then i’ll glance at the chat here in a minute all right here’s another thing i want you to keep in mind about here’s a couple numbers i was doing a little research and i would believe these numbers but here’s another reason why i think it’s important so i talked about kind of the three big reason this number 70 and this number 43 this number here is uh careerbuilder did a survey not too long ago like it was last year where uh they surveyed a whole bunch of companies and they said you know do you actually use social media and the and basically the entire platform to check up on prospective employees that’s the number seven out of ten so it’s becoming more and more popular what you know that and sometimes when people don’t have a digital footprint that hurts them at all right so so at a minimum a linkedin profile let’s say and then this number this number was a little surprising to me this number 43 was the number of the percentage of companies that uses social media

to check up on its employees so you’ve been hired and almost half one out of two employers is in some way shape or form looking at this stuff or paying attention to it or being influenced by it in what they think of you so just keep just keep those uh those stats in mind now let’s talk about let me see you guys you guys hey hey issued never gave it a thought antonio’s an i.t leader not sure what my brand okay so we’ll work some of that in ed’s a consultant customer service manager i knew that because your your story’s fresh in my mind just better practices for communicating it effectively okay that these are some good ones uh monica new to the new to the program hr business manager visible to c levels okay i like this accounting admin oh i love that you guys gave me a a good a good body to work with there good good body to work with there all right i want to talk about let’s just warm you up you nee you need this as a centerpiece for your brain now first thing you got to think about i know it may sound obvious but who are you and where do you want to go where do you want to go now you don’t have to know that in five years exactly i’m going to be up i’m talking about from a a great analogy that i could give you with the who you are is i know a lot of you have seen uh my elevator pitch video i have a video out in on youtube about putting together your elevator pitch i have uh if you’re in the boot camp there is much much more on that but really you know what are you and for whom do you do it and how will they benefit and these kind of things are are instrumental in and just are the tenants upon which you want to build your brand and your reputation so i’m a career coach right that helps people a career in leadership coach that helps people grow in their careers that’s that’s everything that i do is aimed at relaying that message to the world you could be the best technologist in the world you could be the best accountant you could be the best sales force database administrator you could be the best project manager you could have project management accolades up the wazoo i mean you might have certifications you might have speaking engagements you might have webinars that you conduct you might have things that were recorded uh well before i became a career coach i was a recruiter but as a recruiter who was my target audience at that time hr folks recruiters hiring officials and so on i would conduct uh lessons for sherm uh society human resource management uh ihr the institute for human resource professionals and they would record these and they would actually allow their hr people to watch them and take credit like you actually get credit for watching these webcasts that i would do that they recorded so there’s those kind of things if you are in you know i think uh monica said she was in hr if you start getting visibility to you know what a lot of people think that they need to do like monica for example and i think i know there’s a few other people here in hr you think you got to go to the ceos actually what you need to do is you need to get um more visibility to other hr people as well because what do other hr people do they go to their ceos right it doesn’t always have to be a direct route now it could be that’s great but you you can think in different uh in different dimensions so where you want to go is who do i want to know about me and what do i want them to know about me now the what part we’re going to we’re going to build here in the talk but the who part that’s that headline that’s that elevator pitch that’s your internal focal point it’s those kind of things and then where do you want to go you need to start seeing how is it that i can put my material in the right spots the right spots could be your in corporate database it could be the newsletter internally in your organization it could be it could be a network you know we have all kinds of networking groups that people in those lines marketing finance engineering um and then their subset network engineering and so on where those people are circulating their message to those others so this is it’s it’s important that you recognize that there needs to be thought in in the universe that you want to be in front of i think we and i think i wanna um you know just i i i don’t wanna harp on it too much but i i do think it’s important that you really understand who it is that you want to attract now some of that can be done proactively networking circulating consistent posting of messages commenting and so on we’ll talk about that but other uh some of that other stuff

can be a multi-step process like i said hr to ceo chief people person or whoever all right so so just just just just keep that in mind all right now this one here this next uh this next thing is uh it could be a whole session in and of itself but you’ve got to have you got to have a story okay and i don’t mean a story i mean your story everybody’s got one it’s unique and it can be one of the most powerful things that connects you to others and i mean it just like i said it it connects you to others other people so when you think about uh when you think about your your story most people they they actually don’t think about their story but i think that your story your life whatever you’ve been through and i have read many fascinating stories uh i know for those of you that are in my boot camp that that share your stories with me uh and some of you you know you’ve got very very colorful historic lives you really do and and to me no matter how many of you get in that program that share that story with me and you’re welcome to share this story with me if you’re in this program i can’t get over how much you’ve been through and then it becomes about how do you package that story and use it and share it appropriately with others to let them understand you learn about you without you having to say something explicit so what what do i mean by all this well you guys know that i you know i had spent a lot of time before i became a recruiter in in it and you know every great story i think always starts in a hole no great story ever start starts with i started something and i was instantly great at it right no good story ever starts that way where do the great stories start i lost millions i was down on my luck i was so broken i was whatever right there’s it it starts in a low so i want you to i want you to start thinking about this right you’ve gone through these transition points and as i take myself through my own exercises and i think about pivotal moments in my life i think about every single one of them started when i went in a hole and you many of you know that i i i got um i was in i.t for almost two two decades and then i decided i wanted to open up a recruitment firm when i opened up the recruitment firm as an example so i was not an influencer i was not a career coach i was not i did not was not email marketing or doing any of the things that i do now i was just i didn’t like what i was doing i didn’t like the company i was doing it i just it was a just a terrible mess i was given a couple of choices that i did not really like by the by the ceo of the current company i was in and i used that that rough situation as a springboard into something that became very good now couple things about this story because i i think i want to be able to give you some relatable points i i opened up a business and i needed to bring my services to the market and the services that i wanted to bring to the market were recruitment services but i didn’t know how to recruit i had literally never recruited a day in my life i’d done a lot of things and i’d never recruited but i opened up a recruitment firm i had to have a story right so when i would make my calls to prospective uh employers i would talk about my consulting background the fact that i care so much about helping people and companies that i decided i’m chucking all that i’m opening up a recruitment firm and i know these functions processes what makes a good company tick what the people need to look like how to evaluate for and so on they got this story of a practitioner who could come in and help them because i walked a mile in their shoes right the mile walk name and all that good stuff that’s the story they get and they identify and can relate and they look at me like wow and this is true this is a passionate person who’s really smart who’s ambitious and and and creative and thinks about right what what needs to be done i i created a methodology that i thought would resonate with people that was part of the story things that i did that’s what the business people got that was their story but if you think about this in different terms that is a that is a portion of a story that’s a lot longer in my life and i feel like it what it’s what makes me unique because we all have these right this is what made me unique you now had a recruitment firm owner

who was going to help you there were not really i i would challenge them to find somebody who had as much experience in doing these particular functions that they wanted to recruit for than somebody who had been doing them for almost 20 years right there’s a pivotal moment i was given a choice by the ceo of this company that i did not like working for it was a low point and then i have stages right i.t recruiter career coach but let’s talk about the story from a different vantage point some of you might have read an email i sent to you on november 17th i don’t know if you were with me on november 17th but i shared this story about how i was working for this company for about 10 months i was running business development and product development i was creating consulting solutions we were selling them we were actually selling them i was doing my job making the company money and the ceo gave me two choices and he says you need to take a steep pay cut in one or steeper pay cut in the other and these are your choices i didn’t know where this was coming from turns out he was trying to shed some salaries uh because he was about to sell the company i didn’t know any of this it was just a low point i was basically given choices i didn’t want i didn’t i didn’t like him i didn’t want to do them i didn’t like the company as it was and i didn’t like him so i thought about well what what could i how could i make something positive out of this now at first i was miffed as anybody would be but once i got out of his office i looked for the opportunity and i’ve told you guys this before your greatest opportunities lie in the sounds of other people’s pain so i knew as an insider that we were not making as much revenue each month as we could have because we didn’t have consulting resources that companies are willing to pay for these large corporations like att and other companies like them would happily give us lots and lots of money if we would have the right resources to come in and help them maintain and build their systems so i just i made sure i understood what the impacts were we were losing about an opportunity i’m making a quarter of a million dollars a month i went back to him and i said i don’t want to take that pay cut i don’t want to take that pay cut i don’t want to do those jobs i want to open up my own recruiting firm and you could be my first client and i will go and recruit the people that you need to hire because you’re losing all this money and you just pay me if you hire them right win win win to me and that’s how that’s how mile walk the recruitment firm was born that’s the story i share with you guys why because that’s the kind of issues you face as an employee trying to grow you you find yourself in untenable situations but i told you the story but the story is what connects us right i have problems just like you do i’m put in shitty situations just like you do you are right now how you react to them you have you have choices you have more choices than people will give you you over infinitely many choices and everything you do is a choice right these are the things that’s the story that’s a portion of the story right so you got to have one of these so how do we how do we how do we do that well you got to think about what’s unique about you now one thing i would love to share with you and i hope you share this with me you might not think you’re unique but i think you’re unique so there are a lot of other career coaches out there there are a lot of other leadership coaches that are out there i have a leadership coach in fact now he’s very different than i am you know he spent a few years did some consulting and then in his 20s he just became an online trainer and a lot of his experience has been working with people serving people doing a lot of research that’s awesome i love that he gives me ideas and ways of thinking about things that i might not think about but as i come to you with my lessons these are packaged from a completely different vantage point i’m giving you leadership concepts from what i’ve observed in 30 years of working that’s going to be very different but that’s what makes me unique you have these things about you you have pivotal stages that you need to think about and in these transitional points new stories were born that make up your entire story and you have you have stages to you now you have to figure out based on all of this how you want to relay that so in my case when i opened up milewalk i actually wrote the story about being in i.t but being passionate about helping people and so forth so my story is if you hire us you’re going to get a practitioner’s viewpoint and so on and so forth that was what they got you get a completely different insight into the same events that occurred in my life but you as a different audience get the story that’s relatable to you okay so you gotta you gotta think about about these things and you become very very powerful very powerful when this occurs when your

story whatever that story is is connected to your mission okay so in what i just shared with you first part of the story that major transition i went through in my life well that connected with my mission to help people and help companies through hiring the right people my story here in my mission is to help you as individuals grow your individual careers right specific to you from whether it’s a job searching career development self-help high performance leadership qualities or whatever this is how you got to tie it together so when you think about who you are and where you’re going i want you to think about wherever you’ve been is great but how do you use that story as a springboard and package it to what you want to do some of you are changing careers some of you have changed careers some of you have closed businesses and are now going into careers what’s what awesome and rich material is that to grab stories from and what you learn and how that can be applied to where you’re going this is you got it you got to think about this way because it’s what is what ultimately ultimately connects you to people you can put that information wherever you think it’s appropriate and in the last few minutes what i’ve ultimately said is you can use your stories in discussions okay it doesn’t have to be in a digital footprint okay your brand comes out of your mouth too a lot right everything i say to you i have a brand to me even though it doesn’t say he tell he he tells it like it is he tells it from experience he tells it from data but he cares and i know he cares and i’m an adult and he gives it to me straight and that’s why i like that guy not everybody says that but i hope you guys say that right that’s the way it happens you like it because the story because you can relate to it so it can be told it can be put on your websites it could be put on your linkedin profile it could be put on your facebook page i don’t really care where you put it figure out how to package it and what stories need to be packaged one guy i absolutely love uh and you know i i really need to study more of his stuff i i’ve really gotten only just like a cursory taste because i got introduced to him through one of my coaches is beau eason bo his first name eason e-a-s-o-n uh he is a professional football player he’s the brother of tony eason who’s also a professional football player for those of you who might know might know tony uh but beau is he like that’s his job he he teaches people how to tell their stories and he’s got a book out called uh there’s no plan b for your a game i just got i’m taking it on my vacation with me um and and i can’t wait to dive into it but uh but it might be something to check out i have it i have it in your in your workbook uh it it’s in there so i i reference him so you’ll be able you’ll be able to find it but let’s i want to look at the chat here because um you know you guys are coming in with some really good stuff lisa arena hey to you see i love this pat that’s great stuff leadership and moral intelligence so how do you how do you how do you draw that out ed been in real estate management recent focus uh on office type properties so i would say my establishment would be office but interests go beyond that interesting all right i want to i want to get to that in the um when we go through the when we go through the questions all right good stuff all right wait all right so now what’s next you got your story you gotta do this i wrote the whole word out to challenge myself to make sure i could spell it correctly you gotta do some recon okay so what your brand it you know you might think you know what your brand is but your brand is really what somebody else thinks your brand is now you could educate them on what you really want your brand to be but everybody assembles a story of you in their head okay so you’ve got to figure out what that is so i think the recon part is going to people that you that you like that you trust that you know will give it to you straight that say this is how i see you this is you know i see you as a volunteer i see you as compassionate i see you as always helping i see you as empathetic i see you as whatever what is it that how do you view me like how does that come across i ask cara believe you can ask her if you want how did that sound did that sound like i was being a smart ass or did that sound like i was and she’ll tell me cause she’ll give it to me straight and

i think i told you guys i always watch what i say every show because i want to make sure that what’s up here and in here is in sync in the way it comes out and and and and it also uh has to do with how well i know some of you how how i will interact with you as you go to the people who know you well what do you think my special gift is what what do you think of when you when you think of me like what resonates what what do you think others think it just and try to get you know a little bit of what do you think and what do you think i’m awesome at like what do you think it’s like i would love to sit down with every single one of you for like two or three hours and do nothing but talk about like what you’ve done and what you want to do and i guarantee you within that time i would be able to siphon out exactly what your special gifts are now you’ve probably got friends and loved ones relatives business colleagues who can tell you because you don’t always see yourself the way others see you so i would do i would do a little recount what does their version of you look like and then you gotta define your audience okay so what what do i mean by this well we talked about you know outside career progression inside the company we talked about on behalf of and those kind of things uh monica mentioned you know she wanted to track ceos i was mentioning earlier as part of my my business recruitment business mile walk i was trying to attract hirers recruiters hr folks and so on that’s what i’m talking about so your audience may change over time so let me give you another example from my history so i was a recruiter and as a as a as a recruiter i my audience was people that we would try to recruit but my real audience were the buyers were the companies so i would i would call them i would i would call them i would call them directly i would call them through people that your brand can be built that way you can tell your story whatever that might be right so you could do that and then what happened over years many many years i had a very very large literal and figurative database of people that were hirers and at one point uh active or passive job candidates it was a very large database right because i’ve been doing it a long time but then i decided i wanted to become a career coach and a trainer to individuals which is very different so when i when i talked with you earlier about who you are and where you’re going the longer the time frame the better you’ll do in building your brand so what do i mean by that well in july of 2015 as a just moseying along doing great recruiter bunch of people working at mile walk kara and i were happy and having fun and all that good stuff and i said no my aspirations are i want to help more people i can’t do it in this current format so my audience needs to be individuals who need help but not necessarily individuals who i would recruit right because and i can’t start there and then there are legalities i can’t just start sending emails to these people there’s all kinds of that stuff so what do i want my brand to look like over time so over the next handful of years handful of years what can i do to try to build up a repository of collateral that would attract the kind of people that i want so for i think a lot of you know the story for like 15 16 months i did nothing but give stuff away and and a lot of people found me now for you if you think over a longer horizon you can pace out the way that you build out your brand you build out your collateral which we’ll get into in a minute and the longer time horizon you have the better it’ll be you do not need to be rushed this does not need to happen overnight my brand is not perfect it is a work in progress it will never never uh it will never be done but what what i have done is at first it was anybody who needed help at any age and so on and then what i noticed was who were the people that wanted to be helped the most okay how’s that for different right not like not like what could i build and how many can i sell of it who do who do i think wants the most help and is willing to engage in it okay well that’s very different okay that’s very different i chose to focus on that now you might be thinking all right well this is what i want to do but i think when you start coupling who you want to be with your story and

your mission and the people who need your help that’s when it gets i mean that’s when the perfect storm starts to hit okay so i don’t try to tailor all of my offerings to everybody from you know college students to people that are nearing retiring age there is a subsection of those people that get the lion’s share of my effort attention and design of my products and solutions but i didn’t have to do that right away i got into it then i looked at it but i knew that there was an audience that audience started as people who wanted help then it was people who are willing to engage and and really uh there was a certain demographic there was a certain type of person and all that good stuff you will figure that out as you go but you need to you need to define who that audience is and the longer the time horizon the better and this can change over time just like mine changed you might be an inside sales person at the very lowest level in your company and you’re building a brand well you know what if you want to be the senior vice president of a company someday of a company of whether it’s your industry your market your solution or whatever why not start writing opinion pieces how to’s editorials put that on your linkedin profile start start you know researching what it takes to implement large-scale solutions and so on because over years that your digital footprint is going to build right there’s hundreds and hundreds of videos on my youtube channel that did not happen overnight now imagine if you don’t have that kind of of of job where it has to be put out at that velocity and you could put something out once a month that’s 12 a year that’s 60 over five years and so on and then you might you might discover hey there’s something i’m really interested in doing but start building from now because in in a short year you’ll have a lot of stuff out there you will look you will look very differently you will have a completely new career changers that get active in building their new brand right away you will be amazed at how much it looks like you are knowledgeable on that subject it’s just an example but you get what i’m saying anybody can do this but the but the longer the time horizon uh the the the better and then the other thing that you want to consider is the level of visibility this gives you focus so think about it when i was a recruiter my level of visibility was oh okay hirers recruiters business owners uh hr people in chicago i’m getting on a plane i don’t enough there’s enough people here that i can go you know and and and try to sell my recruitment services to them and then on the other side of the coin job seekers in chicago then it became national then i wanted to be a career coach and then it was immediately nash uh international because it’s the internet right you could be in sweden or switzerland or finland or asia it doesn’t make any difference right you’d be listening to me it might be the middle of the night but you know what i mean so do you want to be you you want to focus on your company you want you know you’re that sales force database administrator you want to uh work your organization why not work the sales force universe why not get um you know ingrained in with the sales force folks why not go to those conferences why not get familiar with people in in your local meetups or or nationally that might want to know your name where it might do well for you or your company or whoever you you want to i mean i live in a town of 8 000 people okay there are people that here that work the town uh you know i see them every month on the long grove living magazine and my wife says hey why aren’t we not on any covers we don’t want to be undercover you know what i mean like it’s just that’s what i’m talking about so you you work your level of visibility but design your brand your digital footprint for that okay and then this is this to me is really a a great one i uh i actually i really like this one you got to think about your on and offline relationships so what does that mean well i just gave an example you’re the salesforce database administrator why not follow everything salesforce comment on everything salesforce on your linkedin feed on your twitter feed on your facebook feed you know whatever instagram feed why not get engaged at the conferences why not go meet people with similar interests why not target like the 10 salesforce gurus why not target the 10 biggest sales force clients why not okay so i mean you got tons of varieties if you’re in hr

i think monica said right she’s in hr you got to be targeting people at sherm do you want to get out i guarantee you get out there you start speaking you put some real together like video real your ceos will be seeing it okay so so like you’ve got to think about who do you want to target so for me i started to to as i became a career coach i i decided that i wanted to i followed a bunch of people then i found the guys i really liked and uh you know michael hyatt for example he he was somebody that and actually i found him when i was a recruiter and when i started writing books i i found michael hyatt uh the year before i was uh i actually wrote interview intervention i discovered him and then when i wrote the hiring prophecies my the head of the publishing company called me and he said we started he was asking me about they love the book and all this stuff and he said hey do you you know you really need to make sure your platform’s in order and this and that have you ever heard of michael hyatt i said yeah you know he kind of kicked around he says no you need to get with him and go get this book and reach out to him and i did and all that good stuff well before i knew it i was you know taking some training from him i was connecting up with him i was uh i started to promote his books like some of you i don’t know maybe some of you helped me promote interview intervention version two well i would help him release some of his early books uh sorry uh the early releases of his books he would send me an advanced copy i would be on a team of people i would be working with his affiliate directors and so on so i got to meet them they call me they want to help me market uh the milewalk academy from an affiliate standpoint and so on so there’s this daisy chain another one of my coaches got with his literary agent okay so now i’m connected with somebody out of new york for my next book you know it’s like all this stuff will put you now you don’t have to do this like i’m just saying there is a universe of people that you want to be associating with interacting with uh commenting on uh again maybe maybe i’m in that group maybe there’s others in this group that are in that group maybe it’s it’s how you act on linkedin maybe it’s how active you become maybe it’s what what interests you follow everything that you do but but make sure that you are figuring out what you want that online and offline relationships look like and here again going to networking meetings actual networking group meetings like the offline stuff and and working and working your networking that way okay very very important the other thing that i would say on the online stuff is be active and watch what you post like because what you say matters people will see it it’s part of your brand so and i’m not saying you got to live on social media if you would like to just pick linkedin and want to be a little more active on linkedin you don’t really want to deal with twitter or instagram or facebook or tick tock or snapchat or whatever that’s fine but just i’m just talking about you will be amazed at if you are consistent and consistent doesn’t need to be hours a day right it could be 10 minutes a day but if you’re consistent and so on you will it will it will help it will help all right let’s talk about you know i i i want to get into um i want to get into the material and you know it’s it’s everybody needs collateral i would like to know i’m going to tell you what you know i want to talk about this you know the kinds of things that you can put out there but i want to i want to get to the chat here again there are things that you can put out in the public domain do you feel like you have those so i you comment on this however you want i would be willing to bet this whole house that ninety percent of you that are here undervalue what you know i cannot can i can can i get a show hands do you know how okay if if you’re not sure if you undervalue it do you find yourself doing things like well yeah everybody knows that right well that’s that’s so easy it’s the simple right so if you find yourself saying that or thinking that you’re under value in what you know everybody knows you should go and try to verify somebody’s email address and send an email directly to them everybody everybody should know that right everybody should know that right some of you are my job everybody should know that you should not be sticking your resume into an african tragedism right like these kinds of things so are the yeses are the yeses you understand i know you do i do it

i do it you know who helps me not undervalue it you ain’t care you do because i have to say to myself every single day what’s it like not to know what i know right are you a project manager and are like a whiz at putting project plans together can you not write a white paper on the 10 things that you want to do to put together a good plan can you not put a three pager together with pretty colors and little circles and that kind of stuff do you have any idea how valuable that would be do you have any idea how valuable that would be if from the outside standpoint this one here right somebody sees you and sees that you do that and somebody’s looking for a project manager i guarantee you you’re called right or just what about a young college graduate that is coming out of school and wants to learn about that and you know maybe you can mentor that person so this is th this is something that i i i it’s gonna be part of the challenge uh that we’re gonna we’re gonna get to but i just i i want you to think about all the things that you know okay you’re like me so i’m 53 right i’ve been doing this a long time i got a lot of experience with a lot of stuff with a lot of companies with a lot of people you see a lot of things and that didn’t happen overnight and the things that i take for granted are are are not second nature to most people right they’re second nature to me okay i’m sure there are things that are second nature to you and you need to you need to kind of step back and and decompose that so what do what are we talking about here what are we talking about when i say create material i wrote a list i got a whole list of 10 things that you can start creating as as a thought leader don’t i mean i’m just going to mention a few but they’re in the they’re in the workbook um but right you i just got done mentioning you could put together a white paper you can put together are you a sales person and could you put on your uh could you put on your profile this is this the standard 30 60 90 day plan 90 day plan broken up into by month for whenever a new sales person starts with your company do you have any idea how many requests i get a day as a career coach from salespeople that say you have a 30 60 90 day template right and whether yours is perfect or not it’s like standard right it’s got little widgets and you pull them in and out or whatever but if i’m a coo or senior vice president of sales and i’m looking to add a sales person to my team and i see you have that on your linkedin profile that’s valuable i would probably call you up just for that reason alone so thought you could do that in a linkedin you could do that in a linkedin post right and then attach that to your profile that’s thought leadership right you can you can write white papers you could do you know you could speak you could put video clips you could put a podcast up you can put an ezine article you can put a linkedin article there’s a whole host of these things that you can do okay and i know you got them i know there’s things you’ve written in your lifetime that can be gener general generalized and stamped up on your linkedin profile and don’t you think for one second i know a bunch you’re gonna say well this is proprietary and this and that it isn’t that’s marketing and advertising for you do you know what i think about all of my stuff this booklet that i’m gonna give you okay all the job search stuff i have all the leadership stuff i have all the videos i put out do you know what i think when somebody says well they’re just gonna steal it and other train other trainers i know they buy my stuff i know they take my stuff and here’s what i genuinely think they’re not me you you do not do you cannot possibly know how to work that thing right the invisible work that goes into the thought of all the stuff that is created is not the same in somebody else’s hands okay it’s the same thing for you right you work those projects which is why you know that plan works you’ve sold all those products which is why you know that’s what it takes to jumpstart the first three months you you did all that right what’s my daily line right the the forger never sees the invisible work that makes the masterpiece the masterpiece right don’t worry about it that’s your advertisement stuff okay don’t worry if somebody takes it who cares all right and if anything it’s the hugest compliment ever so think about that i um i think that the biggest message i

wanna i wanna say on on that is the most important thing with the collateral the most important thing for me as a as a coach is to make sure that there is a steady stream of stuff for you it’s not all perfect it’s not all right if i had more time i’d make it more perfect but what’s better than perfect consistent right what do you get every tuesday at 6 30 every tuesday i never miss unless the emails mucking with me but the email was set to go out right what do you get same for you maybe it’s once a month maybe it’s a huge infusion up front and then maybe it’s once a month what true story when i was a recruiter i um i thought it was it was important to stay in front of people and we started to recruit now mind you in 2005 it wasn’t like i had a huge database of people so i said to kara i i think it would be really nice i got a lot to say about this subject matter about about hiring and i think we should put a quarterly newsletter together and make one article on hiring in one article on job seeking or something like that so once a quarter i sent an email out okay quarterly newsletter mile walk quarterly newsletter q1 mile walk quarterly newsletter q2 and what would happen is at that time i would inevitably get hundreds of emails back that say hey you know what we’re about to hire somebody i didn’t you know i i need to call you or hey you know i’m thinking about leaving my job i think i need to call you right just that friendly little tap tap on the shoulder now i was doing there was no linkedin okay there was no linkedin long form there was no linkedin post i was like linkedin was just a connection that was barely anything but you could do this stuff and you have a built-in database already all your connections right so if you’re just doing this on a consistent basis that’s what matters just being in front of people and don’t give me that crap i know you’re gonna say this i don’t have time it’s not about having time you have plenty of time you’re choosing not to do that or you’re choosing to watch tv or you’re choosing to write the binge watch to netflix or whatever right i got up this morning at 4 30 so that i could work out go to the doctor run after that get back do all this stuff for you do the show umpteen things right because i you gotta you gotta make accommodations for what you wanna do so you can do it you can find the time you can you just might need to be a little bit more creative and here again writing an article a month that doesn’t take a lot right and and it’s saturday afternoon cup of coffee open up the laptop go to the coffee shop if you need to right you can do this you can find the time i challenge you to find it that’s the tough love okay all right now you got to display your credits okay so so some of this stuff is going to be displayed and now for a lot of you you’re going to leverage linkedin but you could use anything you could use a personal website but you want to display your credits what are we what are we talking about here the publications the certifications any you know clips you have any articles you wrote any white papers you want to attach any of that stuff um it’s okay to schooling degrees certificates alumni associations whatever it is it’s got to display them gotta work the inside of the company okay so now early on we talked about this being for kind of going up the chain but working the inside of the company i’m not talking about schmoozin right no no one likes a schmoozer but could you be genuinely and sincerely engaged in helping helping out other teams volunteering uh running the food drive once a quarter doing the whatever right hey hey hey hey mr mrs boss man uh where are my deltas what do i need to work on right i’m gonna go you know what hey tell you what if i go and train up myself on that thing would you spend a little time with me once a month and whatever give me some feedback yeah i don’t know i i one time um was a team leader on a large implementation for software for an oil company and i was a team leader and i was a business team leader and there was a technical team leader and then we had a manager it was the manager’s job to put together this high-level work plan for this multi-million dollar job it was her job uh i was fairly confident that i could do it so i went to my boss and i said tell you what can i can you give me the estimated amount like i need the template and he’s oh we need

i said well you know what i want to i just i want to learn because this is my next role so i want to level up so i just took it and i basically was able to do my side of the equation i got with the tech guy i bought him dinner and i said i need you to bring the binders with you and i need you to walk me through this kind of stuff how would you you know do this and that and basically i i did his side and so then i just i gave it to my boss and i said here i know karen’s gonna you know give this to you but i want you to know i took a shot i’d love any feedback on this because you know it was kind of really good practice for me and i had live i had live ammunition here i had live targets to shoot at too so he took it he’s like my god this is this is perfect this is great so it’s stuff like that you just you gotta you gotta you gotta take the extra you gotta you gotta make the extra effort okay um oh yeah this this i look at a note i put in your booklet i used to run a large uh team in one of my uh corporations and every six months we would go through these round of promotions and and and and uh salary increases promotions and bonuses and things like that and the the staff would come to me and they would always say andy is it who you know or what you know and i would always say to them it’s not who you know and it’s not what you know it’s who knows what you know right if you’re a real estate agent and you’re my friend and you just switched into a real estate agent profession and i don’t know you are you did that then i don’t call you when i got to sell my house kind of thing if you’re inside the organization or outside the organization you’ve got to make sure that the right people know you’re there and what you got and the goods you’re going to bring and that you are willing to do certain things right you’re willing to get involved i’m willing to get active and those kind of things so just keep keep that in mind and then you know and then the last couple of things before we get to the challenge i know this is kind of a long one um tidy up the little details so i wasn’t really good at this when i became a career coach but i’m talking about things like give get yourself a good linkedin shot it just needs to be clean you don’t need to spend 500 bucks on a headshot the banner at the top have it consist right have it consistent have a little thing about your own whether it’s linkedin profile website if you’re going to put things up there like white papers and documents have your own little brand okay you all are your own company right what’s that expression we’re all a company of one right it’s true it’s true so i want you to just across things where it matters to you i don’t really care if your instagram is private and no one sees it okay that’s fine but in linkedin you want to be a found you want to have some credibility there you want to look orderly and organized so that’s my last point and then here’s what i want to do i got some great thought provokers in there for you and i want you to go through that and then i got a challenge here for you here’s the challenge don’t worry it’s not terrible all right what’s your centerpiece going to be who are you where are you going okay get i got more color in the in the booklet um what what is your centerpiece going to be for me a career coach right and career in my terminology what i knew in 2015 that i wanted to teach leadership stuff i didn’t want to teach job searching but i chose job searching first because i felt like that was a bigger source of people’s pain it’s an acute problem that they need fixed and they’re miserable most people anyway until it gets fixed and until they have a job they love okay and if i can help them with that first that is a more a bigger problem and then i can go to their developmental stuff second which is what happened but i knew this five years ago okay that’s what i’m talking about where are you going have some have some forethought get your get your elevator pitch and all that good stuff then i want you to take stock so those things that i said that you can do those plans those white papers those whatever maybe you’ve already written these for work right take them out scrub the names off right get that stuff in order and then the third week assemble your team start identifying the people put names down to people you don’t know that you want to know okay i mean it this is a big deal right i didn’t know i was going to be promoting michael hyde’s books right so that’s that’s what you need to do who do you want on your team hopefully i’m on your team okay tap into me come to meet me at clearwater on friday right for the meetup all right and then the last thing polish your pages so kind of tidy up uh you know your linkedin any of your social pages that you you make visible any internal corporate stuff that you do uh you might want to you might want to clean you might want to clean that up as well but it’s a it’s all outlined in there you

got a whole you got a whole page right up on the uh on the uh on the challenge so i hope you like that i know that was a little longer than i normally go all right all right all right all right we’re back i’m here i’ve been with you love chatting with you i wish i could just come to my own shows every week so hope you guys enjoyed that i’ve got a uh i did something for the very first time i’ve never done this uh where i was writing note cards during the session i uh i got my i got my marker out i got my i got my note cards this is what you guys were chatting up in in in the chat i love these i i i did not pre-can these i took these from you guys and uh i wanna i wanna run through them and uh i i think we’re okay uh everybody should be watching should be watching me again and uh uh i just want to do a couple things here really quick okay so kara and stacy please for me can you put the links in to the dollar trial everybody i hope you well i got plenty of time for q a and we got a whole bunch of points that you guys raised that i’m gonna address uh about some of the issues you’re having phenomenal uh stuff i think we i peeled out like ten of them so uh and i know they’re gonna i know they’re gonna hit the wide audience here but just really quick uh this is gonna be really quick because it’s a dollar people it’s a dollar you’re gonna be able to join my leadership coaching program i’ve been sending you some what we call and and what i call when i write them for you value emails where i’m teaching you stuff and i’m sharing stuff with you like my habits and my routines and all that good stuff it ends today where i’m giving you a seven-day pass into my leadership program now here’s here’s what it looks like and here’s what you get and that’s it and i just want to run through it really quickly this is i know a lot of you know me from my job searching curriculum and i have a job search boot camp that’s about job searching that helps you find the job that you love it helps you with a lot of stuff and it helps you a lot with a lot of life stuff but it’s basically a job searching program this leadership curriculum i have is about elevating your game it’s about self-help high performance career development so it’s a monthly subscription and normally it’s 49 which you can certainly get in right now and access everything if you want to try it for seven days for a dollar you’re gonna get some really great stuff but this is what the this is what the program looks like and you can go this is the full program but but we’re gonna put the dollar trial link in your page and i’m gonna show you what you get there’s a lot of people going through this they have been having a great time there’s a leadership monthly get together okay you just witnessed one of the get-togethers that was from last year and so we’re having a ton of fun we do them every month we do them about every four weeks you get that kind of content in your program there’s a library and if you join even on the monthly basis you get access to my career accelerator program i’m not going to go into it it’s a 400 course it is a wonderful wonderful program related to elevating your career and it just it’s really really nice now whenever when you join we take you through an orientation week we talk about building confidence we talk more in depth about mastering your focus building great habits these are the video coaching sessions that were much more in depth than those emails i was sending you this week but it’s really a great program and then one other thing i want to call your attention to there’s there’s some goal setting stuff there’s some additional uh career progression stuff but if you really enjoyed the personal branding session that we just did this power of your personal story is a will be a mega hit with you it’s a bonus that is also inside the program like i said it you can get in for a month at 49 where you can get in for a year at 297 which is half price so this would be 600 for a year this is 300 for a year i do toss in the goal setting master class if you are a boot camper if you are a boot camper if you are in my job search boot camp please email us at support because you get a preferred rate on the program if you want to go in by the month and then if you’re wondering what this thing looks like inside the fundamentals week and the concepts and the focus and the building habits this is an orientation week that we facilitate with you if you try the dollar trial you’re going to get a couple of these you’re going to get access to the focused discussion

and the habit-building discussion we recently did thriving during a difficult time that was last month and then you can see the kind of archives because i want you to understand the topics that we talk about designing an essential life this is not being a minimalist but it’s it’s how do you get things down to what you care about how do you focus on that how do you stay on track effective communication some great planning and organizational stuff working remotely that’s in the dollar trial how do you become a high performer i give you all my techniques about my energy more communication stuff on listening and then what you just saw was this building your personal brand so if you are already in the leadership program you have the workbook the access to that video replay of what we just went through today it’s really great this power your personal story is very very powerful it teaches you how to use the stories of your life to connect with people this is part of your brand it’s a big part of your brand and it’s really really a great program so even if you get it on the monthly basis you get uh you get access to that and then like i mentioned each month in case you missed it i give you a workbook like this this is the giveaway for today but it’s broken down you get a recap of all the things that i talked about you you’ll you these this will reinforce what it was that you went through today it’s really a lot of fun and then there are the thought provokers you might have noticed me mention those at the end this is what helps you do the reflection and get yourself in order so that you can actually then do the challenge and work it so this would facilitate you actually being able to build your brand so it’s really a ton of fun and uh i hope you join in this is it today this is the last day dollar trial otherwise you can get in and try it for a month you can cancel any time it’s the same kind of thing for the annual subscription you can you know you pay for the year in advance but you can cancel that at any time or you can cancel any monthly if you’re in the monthly program as well it’s just like netflix you get the assets as long as you are in the program it’s really really a lot of fun now i do want to talk about some things that you guys brought up so karen stacy could drop those in the links make sure we get those in you might see them come in a few times because we want to do them for the people on the facebook group as well but all that stuff’s great uh i wanna i wanna i wanna i wanna make a couple points about about what we talked about today and because i saw a lot of you at mentioning this but did you see one the part about where i mentioned that in in july of 2015 i decided that i wanted to be a trainer in this capacity but i gave myself a long window so i started creating uh value and i started putting it out onto internets right on social media sites that’s all we did okay we just put them on social media i didn’t pay for advertising or anything like that and people would grab them and then they would get on our email list and i would send them a weekly digest and i did that for 15 or 16 months and then i started selling products okay so so what i want what i want you to notice about about that is you don’t have to wait 15 or 16 months to start selling products if it when’s the best time to plant the tree 20 years ago when’s the next best time now today right plant the seeds and if you are does it matter if you’re not thinking about changing jobs does it matter if you’re not thinking about changing careers if you start putting stuff out on social media we’ll get real specific about what i would recommend right i talked about that linkedin long form stuff if you are considering a job change but you’re not in a hurry i would start getting some long-form stuff out i’ll talk specifically about what i would suggest because you had some you had some issues related to now i’m not sure what to put out there right so so think about that you you got to give yourself time because this stuff adds up over time so i just i wanted you to to realize that and the other thing that i want you guys to to to know you know some of you were were mentioning and i want to i want to pull it up to see what the what the quote was today um some of you were mentioning well you know i don’t i don’t really have anything to put out there well it’s with you all the time it’s around you every day and everything you’ve ever done has the potential of being applicable for someone what you’re what what’s standing in your way is you don’t think that what you know is valuable because it’s second nature to you it’s not second nature to everyone else nor something you did ten years you know the quote today’s lines for those of you

that are following me on instagram and these social sites this line on you know there are time zones you live in and ones you stand in and for very few they’re the same i wrote that in 2010 when my girlfriend and i broke up okay like 10 years ago i wrote something that a lot of you just saw for the first time today okay there are project plans i put together as a business owner as a project manager as a whatever that make their way into things that help me build my brand every single thing this book this book i wrote a speech in 2013 speech was just sitting there wasn’t doing anything made a book a bunch of people buy it right so and even if nobody bought it this is still part of my brand i wrote a speech i wrote a quote those quotes i wasn’t posting them in 2010 i was recruiting i put those on my personal facebook page i just put wrote the line there was no quote cards there’s no memes right my friends just benefited and then i thought you know i probably ought to go back on my facebook page and start putting these in a word document that’s what i did right so it’s all around you what what what what we’re not doing what we tend not to do is pay attention to everything that’s around us one we’re either too busy and we’re not really paying attention to what we’re doing number two we don’t see the value because we don’t see the value to us i know what that line is i know that means stay present right but isn’t it great that i could give it to you as a reminder to stay present right the the reason that you don’t think there’s value in what you put out is because you’re not thinking of the other person of the other person you need to think about them not you that’s how you immediately turn what you know into value it’s instant these if you’re following me on instagram every day i’ve been putting out a video today’s video took me three minutes and 40 seconds to shoot i then took the phone hit upload you know hit plus upload and i wrote two sentences and dot dot and some hashtags and that was it now you don’t need to do that because there are other things that you can do but my point is can’t i remind somebody that this is probably something i can illuminate for them that they’re not thinking about right i what was the one i did the other day i have a notepad it’s my shrapnel list it’s always with me it sits there if a thought goes through my head that is unrelated to something i’m doing at the moment i write it down it forget it now the brain is back focused and that’s it right simple trick why wouldn’t everybody think to do that no one thinks to do that kind of thing right or rarely so you got to think about that all right so here’s what i did i wrote some i wrote some of the things that you guys i went through the chat you saw me in there chatting with you uh so i wasn’t unfortunately i wasn’t playing with the dogs who who wanted to play but i said daddy it was on show time so i needed to pay attention all right here’s one uh no confidence and i don’t see the value all right so the first thing is there’s no reason for you not to be confident because i’m reassuring you that what you know has value and it’s not for you to judge yourself and it’s not for anybody else to judge you it’s for you to put it out into the world and whoever wants it will benefit from it you have to scoot it along right so imagine if you could i want to combine this with you don’t see the value you don’t have confidence you don’t see the value and oh andy i don’t have anything to put out there all right so let’s take these together right you’re a project manager what’d you do this week do you have a meeting on risk management there’s a spreadsheet that can be put together that’s a template that can be put out that your beliefs about risk management and the eight things that you need to capture in order to manage risks there’s a concept about what a good steering committee agenda ought to be what a risk management agenda ought to be how to interact with your staff every single thing that you do has value you do it every day it’s constantly around you could you go through one single day for me like tomorrow and write down everything that you do had a phone call what’d you talk about did you help with anything write it down what was the agenda that in and of itself could be a thing right think about it it’s around you every single minute of every single day every you don’t need to look at social media you just walk through life write it down all of a sudden you’ll have a hundred things

within the course of one week okay you use it every day you just don’t think about its value to somebody else why am i so hung up on value to somebody else because your brand is created based on the value you contribute to other people okay they determine what they think about you you put out what you want to put out so that other people will benefit that’s it now you might benefit because it attracted somebody to you that offered you a sale offered you a job offered you whatever it’s around you every day you need to look for its app applicability who would this help okay and how could you distribute it now somebody said i can’t remember i wish i had all the names i mean you there were a number of you that were saying these things i don’t know how to sell myself branding isn’t about selling yourself branding is about you creating value and aligning it to what you want to be known for okay you don’t 15 months 16 months i did nothing but give resume templates away cover letter templates away variations of cover letter templates thank you templates at i was just helping people with their job searching and i was i was learning the mechanics of being an influencer and i was getting connected with people right you don’t need to worry about selling yourself if don’t think about building your brand as selling yourself that’s the wrong goal think about building your brand as servicing others and all the pressure of this and all the crap in your head about this will go away it will evaporate instantly when you think about them okay it really will do not worry about selling yourself oh i love this one you there were a number of you you said this in varying forms i don’t know how to be succinct i don’t want you to be succinct i don’t want you to jam your brain into one sentence do not confuse my elevator pitch how to describe yourself in one sentence with building your personal brand okay that is a part of it and i saw somebody else out there dang i wish and i know i was a her i can’t remember her name but she was talking about you know i’m a i’m a analyst or project manager and a business analyst but i’m a scrum master and this okay awesome you could write an array of articles that speak to each one of those things remember you all have what i didn’t have you have linkedin long form that is your personal if you do not want to put up a webpage that is your personal repository of stuff that can be evaluated investigated distributed and so on that that anybody can see forever they just click boom articles go and there is your grid okay you don’t need to make it succinct don’t try to make it succinct the longer the better meaning the more often the better i am not sure how to differentiate myself i got news for you you’re all individuals you are except for the career coaches that copy me right like you’re all different and guess what guess what if you got two people out there that know the exact same things who had the exact same upbringing who’ve worked for the exact same companies who know the exact same people and one of those people bothers to take the time once a week twice a month once a month whatever to write an article and put it on their linkedin page and share it with their community and get engaged with others in those groups and other linkedin groups and other associations and other meetup groups and whatever you are not the same because number one you’re doing it and you’re consistent and and you’re and you’re visible and number two right you will have stories from only your life and your interpretation of them okay and if you i i know this is a video that’s it it’s not it’s not much watched on my um on my youtube channel and i i i can’t remember the title of it um i think it had to do with like three easy ways to generate ideas but basically we all have our own interpretation of stuff and we all have our own value that we can contribute to stuff and if you are looking at something take take one of my quote cards take any

quote card go to my page pick a quote card that’s the quote i wrote okay now you might say yeah i know that concept i get what he’s saying okay then say yes i agree yes and and what can you add yes and maybe you agree with a portion of it but you have a different interpretation yes but right that’s the second variation that makes it yours what if you disagree no andy that i just don’t believe that okay why not right that kind of stuff every single thing you see everything single thing you hear every thing you watch everything you read every conversation you have yes and yes but or no right that’s what i mean all of it instantaneously makes it unique to you but i will tell you that when when when i decided i wanted to be a career coach i was not the first one to the game surprisingly right there was a ton of career coaches whole bunch of people out there on youtube why would i join why would i join the party and try there’s nobody that i can find that’s out there and i don’t mean this in an area way that is going to give you the level of range that i could speak to you on a number of subjects that have everything to do with your career running your businesses selling marketing every what managing pro any of that stuff that the level of depth that i can coach you on okay that’s one then the depth that’s another dimension but the thing that makes me crush it is not that it’s the dedication i’m here every single week and it’s not you know sometimes we do q a sometimes we do these events right some days we do them every day of the week it when you start putting all of that in there and then your interpretation of everything that you do that’s what makes you great okay it isn’t that somebody else also has that experience or knows how to write a resume okay it isn’t it isn’t that so you got to remember that you are all unique you can choose to be consistent or not you can choose to be visible or not but if you want to build a brand part of what is available to you that will make it so easy for you is there take advantage of it okay so you can be different now this one this one i got a video for this one but i saw some people saying well i i somebody said i’ve got 50 50 uh you know experience in this experience in that but i want to go over to that or i want to do half of that or i want to do something new what i have a video out there on how career changers what they can do to to build their new brand now if you started today and you decided i want to change careers and i want to become an accountant and i don’t want to be a project manager anymore start writing articles about accounting start going into the accounting groups and commenting start following all the famous accountants in the world i don’t know start learning the principles but you could start writing opinion pieces you can write light-hearted articles you can write simple how-to’s you can write the 10 best accounting books you ever read anything that you can think of that puts your spin on the subject is valuable to you and what you need to remember is when you write an article or you do something like that you’re a project manager and you’re going to write how to manage risk in large scale system integration or information technology projects most people will not read the entire article and that’s okay the fact that you wrote something is valuable if a recruiter hits your page checks out your profile and sees that the recruiter’s not gonna read that okay but the recruiters gonna see that you wrote that that’s your brand that helps so you don’t need to be worried about well is this super announcement but you have to put it in circulation too right you got to share it with your community you got to get in with others in whatever field you want to move to start commenting on your on their stuff you don’t all part of building your brand is not just putting it out into the world it’s contributing to those areas as well that’s equally as important as being part of the conversation and getting engaged with those people go to the meetups even if they’re virtual now or whatever okay so move it forward and then i saw one out there about inside my own organization all the same stuff applies and i would be looking for ways to build relationships with people that you just want to know

build relationships with people whose departments you want to get into there is most many organizations will have a knowledge base or a succession planning database okay knowledge base where they have a repository of best practices protocols methods of whatever start contributing to that if there are um there are ways that you could bring outside insight into your organization hey what’s wrong with sharing articles and videos and your take on things that are related to your field what if you just went to youtube watched a bunch of ted talks on whatever packaged them up and then you know once every other week you say hey you know what this is a great concept this is something we should think about here’s my interpretation of this get them some dialogue going anything goes all of that is part of building your brand it has never been easier in the world to build a brand about yourself right so it you just gotta you just gotta make the time to do it and you don’t need to engage i saw this one what if i don’t engage in social you gotta get on linkedin at least i mentioned that in the talk but you got to be able to get on linkedin you got to at least get that out there you got to put an article out you got to package up your page right clean up the other stuff or shut it off you know i always get a little weirded out when i can’t find people on social media to be honest with you but that’s me uh but i understand if you don’t want to be on it i i tend to spend no time on my personal facebook page i spend some time on my uh public facebook page i spend uh you know time we’re shooting here live on facebook and linkedin and youtube and i also spend a lot of time on instagram i mean i really hope you follow me this is my favorite platform because it’s upbeat it’s generally very positive yes i understand there are a lot of very pretty men and women out there that are a lot of pictures of their bodies but my page is about value it’s it’s uh you know as much as i’d love to take pictures of me in my swimsuit i won’t but you know you’re going to get the selfie videos you’re going to get the clip out videos you’re going to get the quote cards you’re going to get some pictures of the dogs with lessons in them and uh you know those kind of things but contribute there are other people like me in your in your field in your space follow the speakers follow the book uh the authors who write books okay the people that are that dedicated that they’re willing to put a book together for you you know follow those people follow their youtube channels get engaged with them you will be amazed at what happens when you become part of the conversations right i saw even just in here maybe it’s kind of a loose uh you know example but i saw people getting connected on linkedin while i was going through looking for all looking for all all of these things um people were getting connected with each other just like that just that fast you know and that’s part of your brand and who you who you pal around with online and offline and what you say and what you do and all that good stuff so those were some really really great uh and i i think there were a lot more but i want to get to some of your your questions i want to spend about another half hour and uh you know kind of anything goes i do uh cara is telling me oh man i so hold on i want i got a great giveaway beth metro all right beth i know you’re a job search boot camper but now i would like to welcome you to my leadership program within a free annual pass uh that’s well five uh it’s uh six hundred dollars if you pay on the month it’s 297 if you pay all at once it’s yours for free for a whole year you’re in the leadership program because she got the reason exactly what i was looking for about why we tend to undervalue ourselves because we forget what it’s like not to know what we know and all those comments about i don’t right i don’t have confidence i don’t see the value i don’t whatever that’s because you live with yourself every day right you it’s second nature to you so that’s that that’s the reason so beth metro welcome to the leadership program i’ll see you next friday at the session on dealing with difficult people because you know i don’t know if you’ve ever encountered one of those but they’re out there believe you me so um so i hope you beth metro enjoy that congratulations on winning the contest um and let me see what else we got don’t forget about the workbook it will be emailed after the session i’m sure a bunch in the chat are like where’s the damn workbook he just showed me twice uh i if you’re registered so register now if you’re not registered because we after the thing kara’s gonna go

through our email list and she’s gonna say okay who was registered for the system she’s gonna send me an email okay um and then beth metro great great to have you my my dear and let’s see wait there was one a topic for next week leadership yes dealing with difficult people and we got some questions and karen stacy packaged these up for me because that chat was awesome if you’re loving this click the thumbs up button if you’re loving it share it i am going to linger let this linger on the youtube channel here for a little while the other thing if you are not subscribed to my youtube channel please subscribe it hurts me when you don’t get my my weekly videos and come to my live shows it really does okay all right enough of that enough begging i’m not above begging by the way all right jean rebel 20 year vp biz dev director market client agency i’m assuming you mean yeah vp of business development and marketing uh client and agency meaning i’m assuming the house and the agency uh recently consulted two startups med tech and caregiver platform doing everything at high level how do i smile um i i feel like i am now too much to all people oh okay so i’m glad you said that we have a video out there and stacy i believe this is on the instagram platform about how to get oh no wait i might uh stacey the one i’m thinking of is how to get the employers to notice the early experience on your resume pop that in the youtube chat it’s on youtube it’s pop it in the youtube chat uh gene and and anybody who is having trouble with with folk would get with bringing people to focus and and i’m going to go back to to this one um somebody who mentioned um you know is it this is also for the gentleman who said my experience is not aligned to where i want to go so whether you don’t have the right experience or or whether you have some of the experience or whether you’re multifaceted like gene is it it is marketing yourself is about highlighting the things that you want people to see and know about you i don’t care what you did for 20. like it doesn’t matter me what you did for 20 years pick the stuff that you want to make a major deal out of and you bring that forward so you bring it forward in your resume you bring it forward in your linkedin profile you highlight those things and from a personal branding standpoint if you want to write about agency whatever then just write about that the best thing an agency can do for its client the best thing um a marketing vp in an agency can do for its company it like you need to jam on the stuff that that that markets you in the direction you want to go so here again andy lacivita school of resume writing if you think about like your career profile and your career highlights all that stuff in the top half of the first page should really accentuate what you want them to see if it’s if it’s the agency stuff you talk about you know agency and client experience you talk about all your agency years of experience right if you want to go the other way you talk the other way you want to go bd or just marketing or both then either way but the point is you need to highlight and and and surface and expose the things you want them to see right our wherever our attention goes our energy flows it’s the same thing when somebody is looking at your resume and you building your brand so ham hi andy from san diego i work as a senior product manager targeting director level positions how should i list my title in the career profile section experience product manager okay i love that couple things though first thing is now wait okay so generally speaking when you are changing jobs it’s not a great idea to shoot a rung up unless the role you have the experience to do that role meaning you might be a manager in a sm in a larger company and you’re shooting for a director level in a smaller company that’s cool okay because they’re the recruiters gonna know based on where you are that that you likely can transfer over based on the experience you have in the current employment environment where companies are they are hiring folks i know we’re in the middle of a shitstorm but they still are now i

but there are a lot of people that are looking for jobs and a lot of people that are trying to change careers so it’s it’s it’s a little bit more difficult in the current climate to elevate your title assuming all things equal and that you’re going for advanced roles meaning what you know as a senior manager or whatever you don’t actually have the goods to do this job yet okay so so so i would be careful now in your cr but you asked me about the career profile specifically and it is okay to say experienced project product manager of which you are right you don’t need to use a title you don’t the career profile in fact i don’t love using a title in the career profile i would like to use the verb noun or the noun noun adjective noun one of those configurations and you did that perfectly but i just i think it’s important that we we talked that one out a bit okay so i hope that helps rula thank you andy for your recent email about my daily routine thank you i’m glad you enjoyed it loved it i have a question about using the calendar instead of the to-do list these lists are indeed like a graveyard okay where is the question is it just is it uh is it just that you’re wondering how i do that okay so here is this is what i do as quickly as i can explain it i use right now if you’re wondering a best self co uh uh planner okay because they have journals they also i like the planner it’s a six month planner this is what i’m using to the andy lacivita journal comes out to the annual last video planner comes out of which it will at some point because i gotta make my own all right but i use this now i have an electronic calendar and i have master lists okay configuration wise we have projects that we’re going to do for the next year we have projects that we’re going to do for the next quarter we have projects that are being done this month in september when we’re doing this live and i know what is on those lists and what what level of detail we need to write to make work plans or whatever related to the things that we do okay so in september then september gets broken down by week and then the weeks get broken down by day every week i plan what needs to be done the next week and on the next week and on every given day on any given day of the week for every week of the year immediate projects get done and and maintenance projects get done so make some maintenance we all have these in our lives a maintenance project it’s not as mundane as it sounds it’s something i love every tuesday at 6 30 you get it you get a digest every thursday morning it’s 7 a.m you get another digest that tells you to come to the live show right kind of thing you got one this morning okay we know those are there social media has to be planned what’s the video of the week all that good stuff all that’s allocated and then there are short-term projects like i have coaching sessions with people we might be having a special event or whatever and then all of those have activities related to them the week before i list out all the activities for the week that need to be taken care of in the short term the midterm and the long term projects that i do because a certain amount of work needs to be done on these major things so we got something coming up in october i’m working on it now but i i’m i work on it now it says you have to allocate so much time on your calendar each day to do longer term stuff otherwise the longer term stuff becomes urgent and overwhelming okay so here’s what i do i never put a daily to-do list together okay so i have a weekly list of of items that need to be taken care of so as an example we’ve got a leadership monthly hopefully you’ll join the program next friday well one of the items that has to be done this week for that is there’s a reminder that needs to go out tomorrow to all the people in the program so i gotta write that okay well that’s on a major list that’s in this booklet and then i allocate on the calendar where that’s going to be done and then i don’t put a to-do list for the day each day the night before so like tonight i will look at tomorrow’s calendar and i will make sure that all the items that need to be done are allocated if there are not slots already taken but i know how to plan proactively those slots because certain things need to be done okay so so i don’t put a a to-do list that says tomorrow i have these eight things to do i don’t i have a calendar that says from 801 to 8 15 i’m doing this from 8 16 to 8 59 i’m doing that or whatever and at that slot it may say complete that so the deliverable coincides with the time that’s scheduled because what gets scheduled gets done

and never shall this schedule ever change because i have to proactively plan what i need to make sure it is accounted for so i do not sit there in the middle of a day looking at email i do not sit there in the middle of a day looking at a list for next week i’m looking at and focusing on what am i doing at 8 16 right okay something’s got to occur okay i got to call the team all right we’re going to have zoom session okay got to meet with the marketing team okay you know like those kind of things everything is done based by time i have lists i don’t have a daily to-do list the to-do’s are done they’re planned the night before the goals are set the deliverables are set i know the time where the deliverable needs to be completed and it needs to be done that’s how that’s the difference if you put a daily to-do list together what what did i say in the email a daily to-do list is a graveyard right where long-term and non-urgent activities go to die right you focus only on the short-term crap and then you allow yourself to get interrupted don’t don’t i would get tons of stuff done i really do i hope that helps uh my friend my bootcamper annie where and how often should i post my new projects i build machine learning stuff for the oil industry but i want to know where exactly to post and how often i would start your young guy i would start with linkedin and i would cross-section my stuff so if you uh if you build machine learning stuff you want to talk about machine learning stuff you want to talk about the concepts in the oil industry then you want to talk about machine learning in the oil industry there’s a number of different ways you want to cross develop what it is because because machine learning you might not always want to do you want to be known as a machine learning expert or do you want to be known as an oil and gas expert or do you want to be known as a machine learning and oil and gas expert kind of thing so you want to you basically want to start decorating your page with different things and then you want to circulate it and don’t worry about if not a lot of people are commenting it’s okay just get it out into the world the people who use the hashtags and other things people will find it paul barnes oh and you’re asking me how how often so i love if if it was just me and i was a project manager or i was in machine learning or i was a sales person or something like that i’d put two things out a month that’s what i would do i mean 20 right 20 24 things you can’t you can’t figure out 24 things to say and then you can’t you can update what you said right hey part two part three part four you break it up ten stage thing do that over two months right hey let’s talk about best tactic hey here’s a here project manager here’s the ten page or sorry here’s the ten item work plan and then briefly explain what each one is hey part one of the series let’s look in depth at engaging with the stakeholders in the blah blah meeting and the three best things you need to do here and the three biggest mistakes people make then all right now now you’re a month out now in two more weeks you’re writing about part two you could do that over a whole course a whole year right you know what i’m saying paul barnes project manager what information to put it out there in linkedin if only information i have is bullets on my resume paul barnes i would beg to differ where’s my quote card that seems to be all in disarray here about it’s around you every day if you’re a project manager you’re doing great stuff every single day you got to look for its applicability right here is a template that every project manager should have so that when they jump start their project here’s the activities that generally go into these sections and a definition of what these are i mean all the stuff you do and anything that you do that’s a complete deliverable that’s awesome can be reverse engineered and sanitized and put out into this world and don’t give me any nonsense about it being proprietary because nothing is nothing’s new in this world okay it it isn’t it’s been done and and you heard my comments in the in the recording about believe me it doesn’t matter mk join in late but starting at the beginning very timely and much needed i landed my current job one and a half years ago yes you did and you joined the leadership for you my bootcamper and leader so it’s worth the investment in my career yes and beth finger my issue was that at my last job i was i branded myself so well that i pigeonholed into a niche and i knew i could do so much more okay so if you feel like you’re getting the brand right like i’m only this um how many of you show hands found me because of job searching

right how many people are still here i don’t i have no idea how many people are 340 people awesome at least right so of you 340 people that are still here with me how many of you found me from job searching probably 320 right kind of thing so what did i do well i did my first thing first so then you thought i was niched right but i wasn’t niched but when i when i was doing my first thing wouldn’t a lot of you say i would i would actually i’d be willing to ask this thinking that i know what your response would be when you came to my job searching stuff did you notice how every time we talk about something you ask me job search related i explain why that’s important to you how i would consider it and do it and the mistakes you’re going to make and all i’ve explained all that stuff and as i was telling you the whys and the wherefores and the how to steps and the mistakes you’re going to make and what to avoid i was also mixing in real life lessons real life stories real practical business experience and there was always an undercurrent to that embodied and anything i ever teach you guys that’s right well number one that’s because i care and i want to take the time to explain it number two i think it’s important because i also don’t think that you get that kind of stuff and i also think in order for you to be effective when i’m not sitting here on the video for you that you need to plan on the fly when all of a sudden something different happens you now have context of why i said what i said and now you need to use your smart brain and think about well that my situation has now changed what do i do all that good stuff all that stuff is part of me building my brand it’s the long-term view of knowing that eventually i was going to offer you something else and the time i needed to turn the switch and put the leadership program out there what did i rely on this halo effect that goes along with the way you conduct whatever it is you’re doing whatever your niche is okay so so i said well a lot of these folks have seen in the packaging and the stories and the whatever and i think they will trust in that i can teach them these kind of things these other things about high performance self-help and that they haven’t seen from me yet okay so so the first thing that i want to mention to beth is and everybody as you do whatever it is that you do can you go that one step greater in doing it in mohammed we were just talking about when i said hey don’t just talk about machine learning and oil and gas talk about machine learning concepts talk about how that might apply across industries then talk about how it applies in oil and gas then talk about how does it apply in other that should be very easy for you to find and figure out right how would it be applicable in manufacturing how would it be applicable in chemicals how whatever it might be so so beth now what you need to do is start building your knowledge bank and your your brand around other things that you are interested in in places that you want to go by the way when i showed you that leadership page that career accelerator program that 400 program that’s available once you join the leadership program not the dollar trial but once you join the leadership program it talks about how you position yourself to for the long term for getting promoted and all that other stuff as far as the relationships you build and how you put the long-term stuff together that has to be taken into consideration so you got pigeonholed because you became an expert at something and that’s great but you also need to nurture your long-term view of how you want to be seen okay so i i mentioned in the in the recording today that i knew in 2015 that within five years actually it was sooner i beat the clock that i was going to be offering leadership coaching although no one even saw job search coaching from me yet right you have to the longer term you think i said that too in the recording or the longer term you think so while you might be in that situation now i think you start planting the seeds for growing what do you see on instagram from me every single day now every single day there’s not a job search tip there’s well there’s two job search tips usually and then there’s the quote cards and then there’s the self the today’s tip that teddy’s tip has nothing to do with job searching and they never will because that’s the brand i’m building and and that’s the medium i’m building it on and you’ll see it on youtube on youtube as well but that’s what i’m doing you got yeah i think long term that’s great audrey musgrave okay wait you’re really gonna love this okay this is really funny audrey you don’t even know this yet and i hope you’re still here to hear this uh audrey musgrave andy i accepted a job offer today thank you thank you thank you for your help i want to be part of your leadership group going forward i am so

happy to be part of this community thank you and ashley musgrave and everybody thanks to ashley on tuesday a video is coming out about the best question to ask a startup in a job interview it’s about a six minute video it’s really good and audrey thanks to you and i wanna say i don’t know when that clip was but it’s an awesome one i wanna thank you for that question it’s going to give everybody a great great video and it’s not just for startups it’s for small to medium-sized businesses i i would love will you do me a favor and send me an email at support milewalk.com and tell me um you know about the company and and and what happened i’ll i’ll read it i will i would love to hear from you i really would um oh man that’s awesome brandon bradford would one’s integrity code of conduct and how they interact with other others be considered a portion of one’s brand damn straight okay everything that comes out of this thing here actually i would go so far back to say everything that’s thought up here and and and and how you share it with your company your community your networking groups it is definitely definitely part of your brand it really is there’s no escaping that and the the way that you carry yourself is an all the time thing i genuinely believe that and especially in this world where we are so uh accessible so frequently seen at the weirdest of times uh the social media where a lot of us share our lives with with the world but definitely the way you behave and and um and how you operate inside your companies and inside your communities without it is a resounding yes your brand is everything associated with you it’s everything it’s all the time it’s all the time right a big part you you’ve never heard me ever not one time talk about politics right i will never talk about politics i will never talk about religion i will never talk about those kind of things it’s not anything i want associated with my brand my beliefs are are not as as easily packaged into a two-party or a three-party system uh there’s infinitely many religions that are out there there’s you know like i i don’t wanna i don’t want to be labeled because i actually don’t believe in any of that stuff but so all of that is carefully managed by me um you could ask me my philosophies on certain political issues i don’t but i don’t wouldn’t consider it a political issue i would consider politicians having political stances on things right about you know supporting this or supporting that or the environment or the economy or the whatever that’s not politics it’s your personal stance and it’s a political stance it becomes but anyway it just but i i think your code of contact and your integrity and and the way you carry yourself and the way you portray yourself and what you share is is every bit is a part of that vivian how to get past being an introvert with not a very large social base and hard to sell myself vivian i don’t think you need to put that kind of pressure on yourself where you have to share yourself with everybody you are as an introvert i okay so i know you guys are gonna laugh you’re not gonna believe this but i am outgoing but i am a total introvert as far as like you know if you get like the 100 different characteristics i’m like 90 of them okay as far as how i do what i do now i’m willing to share because all i care about is you okay but i like my alone time i spend a lot of time alone i spend a lot of time recharging i spend a lot of time like there’s a lot of things that i do that you would never probably guess but i think it’s about you wanting to share and you don’t have to expose yourself it’s like write an article put it out just share it just send it out there you don’t you don’t you don’t have to be you know on on you know all charged up it just share your opinion you think about them what stands in most of our way is we think about us so in vivian this is not specific to you just most people i’m not confident i don’t think there’s any value well i’m nervous on stage i don’t want to get on camera i don’t want to you know i i don’t want to be judged it’s because you’re thinking about you think about them all that stuff goes away you you do this next time you have to get up in front in a large meeting or on a stage or

whatever you got stage fright you’re nervous about what you’re saying you’re not confident in what you’re doing it’s because you think about you think about them and how you’re helping them and what you’re offering and all that research you did and the fact that you were invited to do this are you invited to speak up in the meeting you’re invited to share your opinion you’re invited to get whatever on a television you’re helping others think about them all of a sudden your nervousness will go away because you’re focused on them you can’t focus on two things at once you can you can think about multiple things at once you can’t truly focus on two things at once right so so so i would do that you don’t need to sell yourself medina uh if i heard correctly before andy said why we overvalue ourselves not undervalue ourselves i over valium would be not being in touch with reality also a problem how not to overvalue yourself easiest way not to overvalue yourself is overvalue yourself and then you’re going to determine that you overvalued yourself i’m not actually kidding like 9 out of 10 people they undervalue what they know this guy undervalues what he knows i had to stop that so what did i do have you guys seen have you guys seen my video on the three best ways to overcome your fears one of those techniques is to over quote it it okay so what do i do i’m not gonna give a tip a week i’m gonna give him at one every damn day right i’m gonna take the extra time i’m gonna give them a tip a day write all the simplest things in my life right you guys probably read about the menu board you got my keys over there i got my journals over there every place for everything everything is placed why everything has to have you know a certain object like right i’m not gonna overvalue anything i’m just gonna shove it out there i’m not gonna undervalue it i’m not gonna overvalue it i’m just gonna rep it and then we’ll see what happens and then all of a sudden it becomes easier i get faster at it and then and then a number of people like damn that was so helpful okay now i’m not undervaluing that anymore and you just keep going right and so so you gotta you gotta rep it you gotta over your sales person you’re nervous about making 10 calls a day make a hundred kind of thing okay if you think you’re over overvaluing yourself and i don’t want to mix this up with you know you think you deserve more pay okay you think you deserve more pay i want you to go in there and negotiate and lean on the value you’re going to bring okay but overvaluing what you know or what you do that’s a rare occurrence and i think that that you you usually get rudely awakened very quickly on that nancy griffin is it oh how are you nancy is it okay to keep high quality youtube videos that are fitness related but not the same ones i do now the business names changed but i still do health and fitness okay so here’s my view uh if you guys all want to have a good laugh at me you go out to my youtube channel and you watch my video on how to write a thank you note after a job interview it i was sick that day it was the first video i created on my youtube channel it is awful in terms of delivery potency speed and every other factor it took me 13 minutes to say something i can say now in under 60 seconds and it’s still out there on the channel and why because every single day people watch it and they send me nice comments and they say how much it helped them and that’s all i care about to take it down would be an indictment of my ego i actually get a kick out of the people that say and you know i watched some early videos i can’t believe that’s you but i kept watching thank you for that you know that you hung with me but i know that that happens so with you um do you know that sometimes we cut uh videos you might you might see some of the videos on youtube from me where the quality is not very good we’re probably cutting from a zoom session that i did a long time ago but there was a real valuable clip and it’s kind of grainy or whatever get i got over that zip it right out how did i prove that well every week i put these higher quality videos or i shoot them with a good camera i put them out there and they get whatever two thousand views or five thousand views throw a grainy one out there hundred thousand views in a week i’m like we don’t i don’t i don’t judge anymore it’s like is that valuable yes will that help them yes out it goes right that’s it so nancy if those fitness videos that you shot that might not be as high quality or anything that you think like that’s the brand keep it don’t worry people want that i watch some really cruddy the videos 480 360 whatever i don’t care

as long as i can hear you right so that’s what i do shoney newell how to answer what makes you unique shoney i have you are a boot camper uh what i would do there is uh number one i would go to the interview intervention book and i would look at i think it’s the third uh my name is first question is like why do you want to leave your current company second question is what value can you bring i think that i think it’s like number two the answer’s right there it’s right there in the in the packet and i would just lean on that maya b you’ve been a gem you helped me land a job with a 30 increase in free medical shirts in the middle of panda maya b i love to hear that and i hope that serves as and huge congrats to you and thank you for sharing that and for um for any of you that are wondering like what’s going on in the world companies are still hiring please believe that and now you need to make sure that you’re looking in the right place okay you can’t be calling mary out when they’re laying off all those people right you can’t be calling american airlines when they’re laying off all those people right like that you gotta pick and choose the right the right organizations and if you’re having any trouble may i suggest i have a video out there i have a lot of stuff on the coronavirus and how to think through it but i have a video out there on the four company types that are and it’s still applied i shot it back in in in march or very early april but um but it’s still applicable but i would check that out uh the four types of companies right now it’s a it’s a it’s really good it’s it’s actually a clip out i think of uh or i’m not sure if it’s a clip out of an hour long session that i did was kind of like a webinar i did on youtube but but maya that’s awesome laura cobb my boot camper ammo leader how are you when will i know when to stop giving it away uh continue to do pro bono and it feels so good when i offer and then i have to pay rent uh help laura hello welcome to my life uh so here’s what i what i um what i what i think you you should stop giving it away so wait let me be really clear about what i’m saying right this minute okay i want you to have stuff you give away and stuff that you charge for so you’re in health and fitness i think right you you i think you are like a high-end trainer or something like that um i i know there’s a lot to what you do and i know that you have your own business but what i what i what i what i say is if you are in the service industry like you are and if you are in a have a model where you’re doing some pro bono stuff i think there needs to be a cut line like for example hey annie if you want a training session um what i do is i do a free uh 15 minute or or 30 minute consultation on the phone and we just talk about what you’re interested in and i give you some ideas of what you can do on your own and then if you’d like to meet with me you know i send you this packet you join me here or whatever right like there’s some cut line right now what i say about me is i want my brand to be that damn guy is the most generous trainer i’ve ever seen okay that’s what i want my brand to be now you may or may not believe that i hope you do but okay so what i do is i figure out what is it that i really want to provide as a service so like some of you if you think i’m selling you a resume template that’s dating and i’m selling you a whole new life for your job changing right for those of you in the leadership program you know for a dollar trial which is basically free you’re gonna get a taste of what the whole program looks like right i’m selling you a way better life you get into that program and a community and all that other stuff right and a coach will be there for you and so on so what i like to do is i like to draw draft my line here’s the free line here’s the free line here’s the paid line and then as i get into it and i know the service i’m providing then i try to move the free line i call it move in the free line did you not all attend a 10 hour resume free resume workshop a couple of weeks ago right kind of thing right that’s moving the free line they ain’t a resume template right they the resume content builder was moving the free line me showing up for 10 hours is crazy moving the free line right kind of thing so you have to find that balance but i’m moving this way and that means

my free stuff moves this way too and you gotta figure out where that cut line is stella kn i did respond to you i do offer one-on-one coaching i have multiple kinds of coaching i have i need job search help okay so the job search help coaching you can you can um there’s a couple ways to do it the least expensive way to do it which is always on people’s mind is to join my job search boot camp you get in my job search boot camp so you have the foundational stuff that you need and then you can enroll a la carte in hour long zoom sessions with me we do them we record them for you they’re live right we do them one one on one just you and me and then i would help you with your particular situation some people use it to help me guide them on their path some people use it to help me coach them in interviewing some people want negotiating help sometimes it’s multiple sessions sometimes it’s just one there’s that arm then i also do high performance coaching i want to be the best damn sales person ever okay i’ll make you the best damn sales person ever you better believe it because i will teach you how to sell and everything you need to do and how to sell and what skills you need to grow and how you need to think right you want to be a great project manager you want to be a great accountant you want to elevate yourself in your career so there’s high performance coaching as well i need to know what you need and then we figure out well the job search one’s very simple but the high performance one people are different some people want to meet once a month some people want to meet once a quarter some people want to meet once a week and then once a month and then once a quarter so it’s different so i wasn’t sure uh here you uh oh i see what guidance can you give to somebody who’s applying for a job in an area outside but related to their field well i can tell you everything you need to do uh one thing that i would suggest i don’t know how new you are to my community i have a career changer playlist that’s out there that has a lot of things that i would suggest that you look at before you start paying me for coaching uh there’s a there’s just a number of really great things that you need to do so from if you’re applying outside uh but related to your field then it’s about accenting your resume how do you focus the employer in on that stuff if it’s whole out career changing i could teach you how to build your brand i could teach you the steps you need to make there’s videos out there on how a career changer can win the job interview 10 things you need to do in the job interview to win it like i mean all that stuff out there that’s free that’s all on my youtube channel but if you want um if you want we we i have coached people on how to make complete changes we’ve there’s some people like i was a tech person i want to be a marketing person that they didn’t have the skills and i had to coach them on exactly how to what to say and how to look and how to translate what they knew in the marketing speak i could do that for you when i said i had versatility die man i have versatility so so whatever you need i can help you it’s usually a matter of money for people so that that could be an issue but anyway just support it manwalk.com and not uh if the articles and posts are not valuable will it have a negative brand image i love this question i love this question all right if articles and posts are not that valuable will it have a negative brand image and hiring managers may not want to engage i do not think that will be the case number one i don’t think that will be the case i think what you write will be valuable it will be and it’s in the packaging stylistically if you’re not sure how to do that there’s loads of examples on the internet you can even look at the way i do things right so so all of that is great i i do not believe in any way shape or form and in in if you start to get questions from a hiring official about things you wrote that’s a damn good sign it really is and you can say you know what i was trying to to share with the world right i was trying to get my thoughts out there because i know a lot of people can use help on that i’d take that guy i could teach you how to write articles i could teach you the concepts i could teach you how to be or whatever you are kind of thing right so i i that is a great great question it really is it i mean it’s um and it’s it’s not one i think i saw uh as i was going through the the chat whoa drew carlson my buddy have the same question myself if i throw something out there i’m assuming you are my drew carlson buddy how you doing say ahead of jan and i’m assuming the kids are like all grown up now uh have the same question myself if i throw something out there now that is relevant to my current position but isn’t aligned to what i want to do in six months i would always say go do not minimize the value of you are a giver that is part of your brand right so uh and drew carlson i know you got a lot of good things to say man get that stuff out there uh you you know i understand what you guys are saying

but there’s stuff on my youtube channel that right at some point i’m gonna be way gone from job searching you’re never going to see me again on that stuff right it’s all going to be about this other stuff now as a long runway don’t worry about that but you know it’s but no i think i think put it out i think put it out i really do i would i would spend the time and hope you’re well denise linkedin shows that i mostly found when people search for my current title that’s true i don’t like my job and want to change will i be harder to find once i change my profile i don’t think so just make sure the nomenclature is there now your title uh you know you could leave your title if you want you know what i mean so uh if you don’t like your job and you change i would not be worried because your title is going to be your title by the way denise i hope you don’t mind me sharing this about the boot camp so i know this is kind of a leadership show today but i know a lot of you have interest in my job search boot camp we ran a huge promotion that promotion is over but i want i want to say two things if you are interested in and this is maybe this is kind of leadership related too there’s there’s three ways to get my leadership program you try the dollar trial you can get in through the regular monthly or annual subscription but if you are a boot camper you get a discount on the month to month now denise is a boot camper one other thing about the boot camp is i will if you want to do things here really quick i will give you the 100 off promotion that i just ran if you email us to support milewalk.com and just say hey i was on andy’s show i want to get in the program can you give me the hundred dollar coupon we’ll do that but the second thing is denise got in the boot camp maybe a couple years ago got a job and and got a huge pay increase loved her job but was affected by covid so she is able to come right back into the live private group coaching sessions in the boot camp she gets all she’s got all the upgrades to all the things that i’ve added to the boot camp since she got her new job and she does not have to pay any further uh premium or any subscription the bootcamp is a one and done you got it for life and you get attendance at the coaching sessions for life so so she i know she recently communicated with us and said that she came back because her job was affected by coven for whatever reason you come back five years later we’re still running those coaching sessions because i believe a big part of having a great program is having live coaching to support you as you go through the program because you go at your own rate we also have online support so anyway denise i hope i hope all goes well i know you’re gonna find a new job quickly i mean you’re you’re you’re you’re a great person and i know you enjoyed that job and i’m sorry to hear that the coven you know affected this but i know you’ll be back at it in no time so so i i would not worry about that’s a great question uh ac maybe that’s ann maybe you’re maybe you’re my boot camper too uh can your personal brand be more than one subject matter it most certainly can my brand is career and leadership coach right it’s it’s a right job searching a lot of you know me and you know me for leadership some of you know me for one some of you know me for the other and some of you know me for both um so what if you want to share from two from two separate industries i think that’s okay it’s okay for you to have versatility like that what i might do is i would try to have a common thread so like i have a common thread even though i have two curriculums right i have job searching help and i have uh career development or high performance or self help help okay but it’s all one i view it as it’s all one person right it’s it’s all one person it’s all you it’s all giving you a better life and there’s a foundation to it so and and and when i was talking about mohammed before i was talking about the machine learning right and i said oil and gas but you might have other industries or you might just have multiple you might have a sales thing and you might have a marketing thing you might want to do those things that’s okay too it’s okay to be known for multiple things it’s okay for sure karen board my bootcamper what is the sweet spot for you activity on linkedin i don’t know i’m like every hour uh it depends what you’re pushing linkedin recently sent me stats in my reactions comments reshares posts what’s the ideal activity numbers frequency not to annoy this is what i this is what i think horses for courses alright so you asked about linkedin but let’s broaden this on linkedin and twitter i post stacey i don’t what do we post every hour every 30 minutes i have no idea how much post stuff i post on linkedin and twitter

because people’s attention spans last like that’s like a gnat right like it’s a short it’s gone and you’re not always being circulated to your whole gr to all your followers you’re not linkedin sucks that way okay so you think a lot of people are seeing it and a lot of people ain’t really seeing it all right so i would not be for you circulating every hour right that’s not that’s not what i would do with linkedin if i was trying to build my brand you got to remember something i wanna i i i was thinking about these other platforms for a reason on youtube what do you see me one time a week a recorded show and one time live that’s excessive right on right once a week every week live that’s excessive that’s youtube instagram what’s instagram instagram is you get now five posts per day and they’re all unique and we never repeat them so i don’t know if you know this but if you look at my instagram feed you’ll see a quote card then you’ll see a video then you’ll see a quote card then you’ll see a video we’ve never put the same things on twice so that’s one and done because of the platform itself so if somebody goes to my instagram feed they can scroll through it and everything should be unique all right so that’s one time now that’s me for a day actually it’s five a day because i’m now shooting you your today’s tips and i’m trying to get them out monday through friday i think i did monday through saturday last week so so you you have to think about it now on linkedin you have to realize that the attention span is short so but but on instagram when people look at my feed whether it’s the picture feed with the thumbnails or whether it’s the igtv feed with all the videos with all the videos over a minute they see a whole platform that lives right at infinitum and it’s all unique but what you’re mostly concerned about when you’re branding yourself on linkedin is use the long form articles so that you they they sit there like they sit on my instagram feed okay so you wanna you wanna put it there and then you can circulate that thing once a day trust me not a lot of people are gonna see it that isn’t the point the point is you get it out who wants to see it sees it who who um who wants to go to your profile and look at what you wrote will do that okay so if i’m you i’m okay i’m you guys only this is a great question on linkedin i would write the article probably twice two times a month and then i would circulate the article three four times a week and then the following week three four times a week but now the next week you got two articles three four times a week right then if you and there are was it was it take you okay now we use we use hootsuite right so we schedule everything you could do that if you wanted there’s a free version of hootsuite that would allow you to take an hour and put link the text monday eight o’clock link to text wednesday noon link text friday three thirty seconds that’s what that would take and then you don’t even have to sit there or you could pick your phone up at lunch and you could say i’m gonna share my article oh don’t you do that right like the other thing about your brands if you share my stuff or somebody else’s stuff that you like that also is speaking on topics that you are speaking about that gets views right tag the person annie this is a great article whatever and he’s talking about getting over your fears whatever he’s talking about how to whatever find a job you know what i mean like go find follow all the people that you think are cool share their stuff your thing your thing will light up your your view count will light up okay it will so pick your like you don’t need to live on social media every morning you want to share something just share something boom share i love this article bang here’s my thoughts yes great point and this i mean it’s believe me you would you would not believe how much more traffic you will get and then you will start earning you know um or building your brand uh let me see we are uh care i’m uh i’m gonna run down to 1 30. i’m having such a great time i don’t want to quit uh let’s see testimonial here she’s got keisha signing in late after having a great interview thank you annie for these fantastic and high energy thursday events you are welcome i’m moving to an interview with senior vice president next week for an executive level awesome good luck

that’s awesome oh stacy’s telling me it’s every hour on linkedin oh and twitter i think i i twitter is like my least favorite platform and uh i think it’s like a few times a day we post but anyway that’s great stuff and cara yes i would love more questions because there’s still 300 people here and they’re hopefully enjoying themselves all right wait it’s okay you got the dollar trial that thing ends today five o’clock we’re not kidding that’s boom the page goes down but uh next friday how to deal with difficult people and it’s great you get a workbook like that the show will be kind of like this although i like to see everybody on the camera in the zoom thing now that’s totally fun on the boot camp job search boot camp if you want to get in email us at support if you’ve got questions about coaching sessions emails that support connect up with me on instagram connect up with me on linkedin okay let’s get connected first degree um you know on on on those sites and uh you know follow the facebook page make sure you subscribe to the channel all that good stuff what uh we got more questions give me one give me one so i can start talking my team is typing here we go tiago my buddy how you doing andy i changed jobs a lot no particular reason always different things but i learn a lot and fast my brand could be being dynamic but changing jobs is not something uh not well seen how to overcome it buddy you need to do one of a couple things you either if you can swing it get in my job search bootcamp so we can get you on the straight and narrow with the self-awareness stuff with your focal points with your direction and with how to find the right job that you love so you could stay if you can’t swing that at least watch uh my video on how to find the right job so how to find the right job for you i think that’s on youtube uh that’s another that’s a free version the other thing that i would do is if you need to explain it watch the job hopper video just so you have it in your repertoire but it is about it is about making sure that you are identifying the right requirements and mapping them carefully you will not switch you will not switch it if you if the thing about decisions and making good ones right right oh this is so obvious to everybody right everybody would know this why would i even say this you have decision making mechanics and you have information okay when you have the right a lot of the information and you have the right decision making mechanics you make well-informed educated and proper decisions that you can live with for a long time if you are missing information that’s a skill to get it right but also knowing the direction you want to go and then figuring out the questions you need to ask to get there and then assessing it properly all those things have to contribute so check that out and i i think that will i think that will help you it’s uh i i get it’s a tough thing but um but really that’s a it’s a good question uh lecole there let’s see is it look hole there is a huge discrepancy between my cv and the real person when people see my cv sometimes will be screened out but when they see me they change their mind how to close the gap the cv quality is good i well uh so what you’re saying um i’m when you say there’s a discrepancy between the cv and the real person uh wait cara hold the question that’s way too many um the the i’m not following you here when they see your cv if you get screened out that’s a cv issue uh you know i’m not sure why you’re getting screened out i’m wondering i don’t even i would be willing to bet that you do not know why you’re getting screened out i would be checking out my resume videos for that uh and then how to close the gap they should be in alignment i mean i i’m not sure how to how to respond to that one uh douglas backstrom is it back backstrom i really really connect to this part of your talk as an introvert it takes a bit of extra things to put out there awesome uh uh aisle let’s see what is it ilsa ilsa maybe it’s ilsa any advice on how to make the shift from senior professional to consultant in a different field so i would make sure that i was branding myself as a consultant in a different field by creating collateral or whatever you need uh it’s a tall order to go start consulting in a different field let me give you a great example i was an i.t exec right you heard this in the talk i was an i.t executive i’d never recruited a day in my life i opened a recruiting firm okay that’s why i did what you just at what you just asked that’s what i did a recruiting recruitment consultant so i had to have the overlap between who i was now and who my buyer was and you have a buyer for your consulting services

my overlap was i understand your business i understand you i understand the kind of people you’re looking for i’ve done those jobs where are you going to get that where are you going to get that kind of insight that was my message i thought of the story that’s what they got what happens when i tried to recruit you hey i was you i know your pain i know what you’re going through i know what you’re telling me i know what every acronym was that you just spit out of your mouth right kind of thing okay that’s the story that nigga you have got to find and i didn’t know a better way to illustrate this other than to share that you’ve got to find that overlapping section that creates that story i’ll tell you what though for those of you that are jumping into the leadership program the power of your personal story is what answers that question that session you you got the how to build your personal brand session today but the but the but the session on and the power of your personal story goes into how you talk your story to people how you build your story stories and how you talk it so it’s um but that’s what i would do you got to look for the way in there’s a crevice there somewhere uh cali i’ve been told many times that no one wants to read a two plus page resume for a legal secretary i certainly do not uh is this a good idea my resume shows two jobs equaling 20 years and not 30 if you have two jobs you should be able to get that thing down to a page uh but um but two pages is should be a piece of cake uh it really should i i would i would highly recommend uh uh checking out my resume writing videos i mean there there’s a resume playlist on youtube you do not need a more than two pages as a legal secretary you you don’t and by the way i was recently offered a job but they would not come up in dollars and benefits cost twice as much of what i’m paying now you’ve got to you’ve got to show your value i mean you could walk away from that and i i understand that they won’t come up but and i appreciate the benefit situation because not all companies are going to create the packages the same way and it can be very very expensive so i mean i would go to my salary negotiation playlist by the way of course all of these questions that you guys are asking me related to job searching i would crush them in the job search boot camp that’s the premium program but obviously there’s a an enrollment an investment cost to that so all right folks i gotta run all right i love this session i’ll leave it up we’ll send you kara’s gonna go and do all the back office back of the house she calls it or whatever she calls it stuff if you’ve registered to get the workbook very shortly we’re going to be sending you an email be on the lookout if you have not gotten in the dollar trial you’re probably going to get an email that says last call right that thing’s closing at five which is in three and a half hours and uh and and so and if you if you happen to be uh registered for this and you happen to be in the dollar trial we’re gonna send you a very quick email on here’s your workbook click the link go get the thing so i love this stuff folks i hope you enjoyed it if i did not get your question i’m so sorry go into the comments underneath the video and just ask me i will do my best to try to comment on these uh but if you uh if you need more help just ask in the comment section if you ever need anything support milewalk.com i will see you tuesday with audrey musgraves video on the best question to ask a startup we are here uh next week regular live office hours i’m sure it’s probably just going to be a q a next thursday because i got a lot of stuff going next week and then friday next week i’m with my leaders with the with with the crew on um how to deal with difficult people all right you guys are awesome i i mean i love this stuff thank you so much for coming i really means the world to me it really does all right you guys be good

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