– Hello everybody, my name is Jennifer Maker and today I am showing you how to make gorgeous and intricate plaid glitter tumblers and the Great Maker Show & Tell (soft music) So, there’s just something about glitter tumblers, isn’t there? They are so shiny and sparkly and smooth that we all just want them Now, you can buy them like at Etsy or from a friend or you can make your own glitter tumblers I’ve chosen to make my own, as you can see over here, and I love to experiment and try new techniques too So, recently I tried a Buffalo Plaid Glitter Tumbler Here it is without the decal and it turned out so amazing In fact it was way easier to make than I thought it was going to be And I want to show you how to do it too Now the secret to it plaid glitter tumbler is to use a combination of painters tape and mod podge Now, I can just show you the plaid glitter tumbler technique itself But I am going to show you the whole prep and sealing process as well So, you have a full tutorial from start to finish And I am going to show you how to do the simple Buffalo Plaid Tumbler, which is two glitter colors, as well as this amazing fancy plaid with four glitters Now, to make a glitter tumbler, you’re going to need a bunch of stuff I am not going to lie there You need stainless steel tumblers I use the inexpensive art mind ones from Michaels Coupon and but like you could use the getting one to Mossy Oak loans or whatever you can find, right? You need water proof sandpaper, spray paint for a base coat, now this is optional, but I think it improves the look of the plaid tumbler, good choices are plutonium, krylon COLORMaxx and rustoleum 2X ultra coat, they all work great Mod podge, matte or gloss finish, a one inch wide brush with a good angled edge like this one, glitter extra fine For the basic plaid you just need two colors, I use red and black And for the fancy plaid, you’re going to want three to four colors I used red, green, gold and silver You can use whatever colors you want You’re going to need a spray sealer I recommend the polyacrylic over there and epoxy resin of course Now, if you’re allergic to or sensitive to epoxy, there are some alternatives out there that you might want to look into like crystalac brite tones Always read the Safety Data on your stuff You’re going to need one inch wide painters tape I really recommend this especially if you paint your tumbler because the paint might want to come off if you use something stronger, electrical tape and I prefer this for taping the edges, the rims, the top in the bottom because it forms such a nice tight seal which is really nice And then you also going to want one inch of one eighth inch-wide, double stick tape if you want to make the fancy plaid pattern like over here You need 91% isopropyl alcohol, lots of nitrile gloves to protect yourself from the skin contact I use four pairs A respirator to keep yourself, protect yourself from the fumes, an apron, long sleeves to protect yourself and your clothing You also need extra plastic cups for mixing the glitter and for mixing the epoxy I think it’s better if they’re bigger like this at least eight fluid ounces and extra popsicles sticks for mixing Always use disposable stuff You going to want some paper for catching your glitter and drips and permit adhesive vinyl and decals But I have tons of these decals as well, so you can welcome to them and you going to want a way to keep your glitter tumblers rotating and I use the We R Memory Keeper SPIN IT, which works really great Just a little grip tape, keeps everything from falling off You’re going to want a way to cut your vinyl I use the awesome cricut and my free cut files for the vinyl decals, I’ve got 10 of them, they’re free over on my blog at http://www.JenniferMaker.com, you’re welcome to use them however you wish Now, I know that’s a lot of stuff Great tumblers do require quite a lot and a fair amount of that stuff is your personal protective equipment, which is so, so important to use, when you’re working with epoxy resin It’s important to avoid skin contact with epoxy as well as inhaling the fumes and the dust To learn more about keeping yourself safe while you’re working with epoxy, I have a whole video you can watch it over at http://jennifermaker.com/epoxysafety All right, I am eager to show you how to create these awesome beautiful plaid glittered backs, and yeah, let’s do this Step one, prepare and tape your tumblers for glitter

First take up all the labels on your tumblers and hand wash them Now you need to tape your tumbler anywhere that you do not wet paint, glitter or epoxy to appear on it The tape will mask any area you want to remain visible as just plain metal I recommend you use a continuous piece of tape that goes all the way around the circumference of your tumbler And you can decide how much of your tumbler you want showing by how much tape you use I think using three quarters of an inch thick of tape works really well And a lot of people ask why I don’t take my glitter all the way up to the edge to the very top of the tumbler? And if I’m planning to drink out of this like without a straw? Then I don’t want my lips touching the epoxy just for safety And also because it kind of feels weird But if you will be using this with a litmus straw, then you can take it all the way up to the top It’s personal preference When you tape your tumblers fold the edge of your tape over so that you can remove it later much easier If you can get your tape going in the opposite direction of the way that your tumbler turns, it will be so much easier to take off which you’ll see later in this video Now, after you’ve taped everything, I also recommend that you sand the outside of your tumbler Sanding roughens up the surface a bit and helps any paint, glitter or epoxy stick to it better Finally, wipe down the surface of your whole tumbler with 91% isopropyl alcohol This is important to get rid of any dust and impurities especially that these are from labels, off of your tumblers You want everything to stick and the cleaner the surface of your tumbler is the more likely that is to happen Step two Optionally spray-paint your tumbler Now, you can pick your tumblers if you wish, for this tutorial I did one tumbler without paint and one tumbler with paint I thought the tumbler without paint required bold touch up with the glitter because it was easier to see the shiny metal underneath So, I think it works better to paint your tumbler first if you plan to do the plaid glitter effect Now, when you spray-painting, use short bursts like this instead of going all out and just holding down that button These short bursts will help you avoid chips and give you a more even paint coverage And of course, please use proper safety precautions when you spray paint You need to do that in a well ventilated area and wear your proper protective equipment As for spray paint, you can use plutonium spray paint, krylon COLORmaxx or even rustoleum with a little primer in it I recommend you use the same color as your lightest solid color of glitter For example, I used red spray paint on the plaid glitter tumbler that has the red and the green and that worked out really well Step three Tape your plaid pattern Tape is the secret to great plaid tumbler First tape the edges you do not want any epoxy on at all such as the top and bottom edges Next, cut off a long piece of one inch wide masking or painters tape about two feet and place it over the center of your tumbler like this Then down the sides in straight lines Stick the tape under the tumbler at the ends and cut and tear off any excess Check that your lines down your tumbler look straight and then cut or tear this section over the mouth the tumbler and tape it down inside You’ve got first two lines already Then do the same thing again only this time turn your tumbler about 120 degrees Your goal is to get about 3/4 of an inch to one inch of space between your tape lines this time How much space you will get will depend on how big around your tumbler is So there’s some variation here Adjust your tape as necessary until it looks good and straight Again, turn your tumbler another 120 degrees and put a third strip of tape similar to the other two Only this time you’re filling in the remaining space You’re still trying to get about three quarters to one inch of space between your tape lines So, adjust your tape as necessary until you have it When you’re done with the vertical lines, it’s time to start the horizontal lines I recommend you start at the bottom, line the tape up to the bottom edge in taping around the full circumference of the tumbler Then continue taping up the tumbler, living about three quarters of an inch to one inch between the tape lines Feel free to adjust tape lines until it looks good (soft music) Your goal is in evenly spaced grid of tape up and down your tumbler

Once all the tape is in place, press down firmly on all of the edges to make sure they are well adhered to your tumbler Step four Apply mod podge and your first color of glitter It’s glitter time Yes, the glitter is going to make a mess But if you put a few pieces of plain white copy paper or whatever paper you might happen to have on your work surface, you can catch most of the glitter Now, using your one inch wide brush, dip the tip of the brush into the mod podge and apply it to your tumbler between the lines of tape, about one to four sections at a time, you’ll get the hang of what feels right Make sure you don’t have too much of the mod podge glob down in one section or the other Also, be sure you get the mod podge in every corner of the sections Now, once the mod podge is applied to a few sections, you must glitter it right away or it will dry Sprinkle one of your solid colors of glitter, so, like the red or the green or the black, onto the areas with the mod podge Being sure you get into all the corners and along the tape line If in doubt, err on the side of too much glitter instead of not enough When you’re done gently tap the bottom of your tumbler so the extra glitter falls onto your paper You can pick the paper up off of your work surface and pour the extra glitter back into the container to use again Repeat this process until all of the untaped sections of your tumbler have mod podge and then glitter on top of them Do a double check before you finish and touch up any missing corners or edges Step Five Prepare a glitter mix Mix a portion of your two main colors of glitter together in a cup to create a glitter color that looks halfway between the two colors I just use the end of my brush to mix them together well I recommend you err on the side of too much mixed glitter rather than not enough so you don’t run out halfway through your tumbler Now, how much mix glitter you need will depend on how big your tumbler is and how many you’re doing If you use a plastic cup like me about a quarter to a third of an inch of mixed glitter at the bottom of the cup should be enough for one tumbler If it turns out it’s not, it’s okay, you can make more Step six Remove the horizontal tape, apply mod podge and sprinkle your mixed glitter Alright, so now we actually remove the horizontal tape all of it, all that right off (soft music) So, you’ll what you’ll get is like this pattern Alright, so now using a one inch brush again, very carefully apply mod podge in the squares right next to the solid glitter that you applied in step four Again, just do a few sections at a time If you’re doing the red and black buffalo plaid, you would put your mod podge next to the red squares So for example, you would want to put your mod podge in a square, right next to where the red glitter is here in my tumbler Now just sprinkle your glitter mix and to your mod podge sections and tap it to remove the extra Repeat until you have all the squares next to the solid glitter filled in with your mixed glitter Now, the observant will note that I am doing the bottom row separately That’s just because I forgot I needed to remove this strip of tape too So, don’t make my mistake and remove all of your horizontal tape lines Unless of course you wanted to keep the bottom as just metal and not paint and glitter and epoxy It should look like this when you’re done Step seven Remove the vertical tape apply mod podge and sprinkle again Alright, so now you’re going to remove all the tape except for of course the tape that you’re put even you might have at the bottom and the top of your tumbler to protect it from any glitter or anything, right All of the plaid tape is what you’re going to remove now, any of that grid tape Now, using your one inch brush again, carefully apply mod podge to the sections above and below your solid colors from step four, just like this And sprinkle the glitter mix, the same glitter mixed from the previous step onto those sections This is what it should look like Continue this until you got all that mix on both of those areas just like this (soft music) Now finally, finish up the glitter by putting mod podge on the remaining sections and sprinkle your second solid color glitter into them For example, if you’re doing the red and black buffalo plaid, you’d apply the black glitter now If you’re doing the Christmas one with the red and green, you do the green glitter now Look for any areas where tumbler is showing through the glitter and touch it up before proceeding (soft music)

Step eight Seal the glitter on your tumblers with a clear coat Now seal your glitter with a clear coat of sealer in a well ventilated area using your proper protective equipment Why do we seal it? Well, even though you have it here, the glitter to your tumbler is, still tends to flake off and when you put on your epoxy, you need to have things a bit more in control or it’s going to be a huge mess Sealer is also required if you plan to do the optional lines in step nine Now, don’t worry if the plaid glitter tumbler looks a little cloudy after you spray it with the clear coat It will dry clear and you won’t notice it at all later Wait about 30 minutes after applying the sealer to your glitter tumbler before moving on to the next step Step nine Add lines of glitter to your plaid glitter tumbler pattern, and this is totally optional If you want to make a really fancy plaid glitter tumbler, like my Christmas plaid one, you could do this by taking strips of one eight inch-wide, double stick tape and just apply the tape and strips down the centers of the sections on your tumbler Okay, so first you want to do every other section So, like just the reds or just the blacks or just the greens You want to press down really well with that on the tumbler before you remove the backing because remember this is double stick tape And be aware that this sort of tape is super sticky and it isn’t likely to reposition well without removing some erry glitter or messing up other lines of tape Just go slowly and carefully This is probably the hardest part of this tutorial (soft music) Once your vertical lines of one eighth inch-wide tape are in place, move the backings off the double stick tape (soft music) Now, you need to put on your one eighth inch-wide tape horizontally in the same colored glittered sections So, for example, if you did the vertical tape stripes in the solid green area before, you would now do the horizontal stripes in the solid green areas going the other way Once your one eighth inch the double sided tape is in place, sprinkle on a contrast in glitter color So, for example I use silver and press the glitter against the tape before tapping it off You really want to make sure that glitter is really pressed down to the tape but this is a stick to the tape quite as well as it sticks to the mod podge, but if you press against it with your finger, you can get it to stick better (soft music) Once all the glitter is on the tape, use a dry paint brush to brush the excess glitter away (soft music) And if you want to do a second line of glitter in a different color, you totally can, just add more tape on the other sections and put glitter on those You can do it with the same color, you can do a different color, whatever you want to do Now, I know you’re probably going to ask me if we need to seal these again? You know when we did this extra additional line I did not seal them again You certainly can if you want to, it won’t hurt, but I didn’t do it and it turned out fine So I don’t think you need to Step 10 Prepare your tumbler turner While you’re sealer is drying on your plaid glitter tumblers, you’ll want to prepare a method to turn your tumblers Because epoxy resin which is what we’re going to apply in the next step is going to end up to something awful if you don’t keep your tumblers turning to prevent the dripping Now, you can make a manual tumbler turner out of cardboard and PVC tubes and I have a whole tutorial for that over on my blog at http:/www.jennifermaker.com You can even make an automated tumbler turner from a Rotisserie Turner and I also explain how to do that over on my tutorial But these days I just use a Spinner tumbler turner

sold by We R Memory Keepers I bought one recently after I heard about it from my friend Holly Mostella, that they were updated over the summer I tried it, liked it, and now I own three of them By the time you watch this video, I might have more I will admit I prefer the SPIN IT over my homemade tumbler turner because they are much smaller They’re more portable, they have a variable speed, and they’re just generally easier to use Oh, and they are USB powered, which is coming it for me because I can plug them in into a power bank and move them around wherever I need to Now, most of my tumblers stay out of SPIT IT without slipping, which is a problem that many people report But for those tumblers that tend to slip, I just put some grip tape or duct tape inside the tumbler and they no longer slip like at all I re-use my grip and duct tape from tumbler to tumbler So it’s easy and simple And as a great solution if you have this particular issue Yes, there are lots of other tumbler turners out there I know many of you have your favorites But I just love that I can buy this one at my local Michael store and that it’s not expensive I am all about accessibility and what’s easy, I hope you perfectly honest That’s how I ended up with three of them, so that I could do more tumblers at one time Once your tumbler turner is set up and ready, tape your tumbler anywhere that you don’t want epoxy resin to adhere to your tumbler I recommend you tape the top edge if you plan to drink straight from your tumbler (soft music) Now, once your tumbler turner is setup, position your tumbler on it and spin it for a few minutes to make sure that it’s stable and not slipping Step 11 Mix and apply a high gloss resin to your plaid glitter tumblers safely First, a word about epoxy safety Epoxy resin is toxic after you mix it and while its curing and it’s really important to wear proper protective equipment I recommend nitrile gloves, a full face respirator, a PVC or Tyvek apron, long sleeves and plastic sheets over your work surface I also recommend you do it outside or in a really well ventilated area You should understand how to use epoxy safely before you use it I have a dedicated video on epoxy safety over at http:/www.jennifermaker.com/epoxysafety When you’re ready, put on your nitrile gloves and your other protective gear and get at your high gloss resin for your tumblers I use alumilite amazing per coats It’s the only epoxy I’ve ever used And I’ve also never had any problems with it, So, I haven’t experimented with others yet Mostly cause I would know this works really really well It’s high gloss and the directions are on the back I recommend you read everything through carefully because this is messy stuff and I want you and your house and your family to stay safe I use 25 millimeters of the A bottle and 25 millimeters the B bottle for my epoxy resin If you have smaller tumblers, you could use less than that Note that the A bottle contents are a lot thicker, so don’t be surprised by that Make sure you have a good supply of plastic cups and popsicles sticks on hand for mixing Because it’s really important that you mix your resin well Mix the A and B solutions individually in their own cups for about one minute each Then combine them together and mix together for three minutes I just pour cup B into cup A That’s why I like to use the bigger plastic cups Make sure you get all the liquid out when you combine them because you don’t want your mix to be off Like you don’t want to have too much of A or too much of B Once your epoxy resin is mixed immediately head on over to where you prepared your tumbler turner Carefully pour your epoxy resin onto your plaid glitter tumbler Make sure, you know, you’re wearing your gloves and your proper protective equipment I just lightly poured it and I use my gloved fingers to spread it up and down the tumbler I can tell through my gloved finger which sections had resin on them and which did not So, even if I couldn’t see the reflection, so usually could, I could tell by the way it felt and there’s no reason to waste a brush or several brushes really because this stuff hardens and then your brush is ruined and I don’t recommend that you re-use your equipment or your supplies and tools when you’ve got epoxy It’s much better and safer to use everything disposable and just dispose off it properly Just be sure you got your gloves on and your respirator and you’re in a well ventilated area Now be sure also that you rotate your tumbler as you pour and spread, whether it’s by motor or by hand keep rotating your plaid glitter tumblers

after you’ve applied epoxy to keep them from running and dripping If you’re doing it manually, you’ll want to keep the tumblers rotating constantly for the first five minutes at least, and after that, I only just mostly rotated them every 10 or 15 seconds Follow the proper handling for unused and uncured epoxy Do not throw the uncured epoxy into your household trash Its dangerous because the curing process generates heat And when it’s left in a closed container like a trash can, it can cause a fire Additionally, most uncured epoxies and carry agents are toxic or harmful to aquatic organisms It may cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment and we don’t want that Wait until your epoxy is completely hardened and cured before disposing off it Step 12 Remove your tape after 30 minutes but before 45 minutes It’s important you remove your tape between 30 and 45 minutes Any later and it’s going to be really difficult to clean the edge of your glitter tumbler, which you can do with a little alcohol on a paper towel You just keep the thing turning and you just run your paper towel along the edge and it works like a charm Step 13 After at least five hours tape the tumblers and wet sand them So, be sure to wear a respirator and gloves when you wet set your tumblers to avoid epoxy contact, build up of a potential allergic reaction I recommend you use sandpaper appropriate for wet sanding and sand them in running water Be sure to wash any exposed skin with soap and water after sanding too The purpose of standing is to get a nice smooth finish You might actually not need it you just have to decide whether it seems smooth enough for you to apply any decals or anything you wanted to I’ve sanded one of mine but I wouldn’t have to sand the other one, it was fine Step 14 Apply your vinyl decal Now, this is optional You are freely welcome to use the decals that I put on my tumblers in this tutorial I have 10 awesome fall and winter themed, warm and cozy decals You can see all of them over on my blog at http://www.jennifermaker.com/tumblerdecals To do this, you want to resize the decal so it fits on your size tumbler, mine were size to about three and a half inches wide and cut your decals and premium permanent vinyl, I use my cricut to cut them Now, once your vinyl is cut, weed the excess vinyl away and transfer it to a piece of transfer tape or masking tape Now clean your sanded smooth glitter tumbler surface with rubbing alcohol Center the decal over the tumbler and press down on a decal from the center and then move outward This is going to help with air bubbles and stuff Use a scraper to adhere the vinyl really well to your pretty plaid glitter tumbler, and then remove the transfer tape And that’s it That’s all you have to do to put on the vinyl decal It’s really easy That’s probably the easiest step (laughing) Step 15 Apply your second coat of resin Tape your plaid glitter tumblers again as needed and apply a second coat of epoxy just like you did the first You probably won’t want to use quite as much epoxy this time And don’t forget your proper protective equipment, I want you to be safe Step 16 Remove your tape and allow your tumbler to cure Take off any tape you use after 30 minutes and before 45 minutes And then clean any bare aluminum with your rubbing alcohol Allow your plaid glitter tumbler to cure for at least 24 to 48 hours before you use it But 72 hours is even better Keep the curing tumblers in a well ventilated place that’s at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit for proper curing So yeah, that’s a lot of stabs just to make a tumbler But the finished plaid glitter tumbler is amazing I happen to think it’s totally worth the effort And every time I look at these I just smile and everybody else sees them smiles too So, now it’s really important to remember that epoxy tumblers should not go into either the dishwasher or the microwave Heating epoxy can create dangerous fumes just don’t do it Besides, this is a stainless steel cup, no microwaves And it’s also one of the reasons why no dishwasher either, those dishwashers can get super hot You also aren’t supposed to put stainless steel tumblers in the dishwasher anyway (chinking) Like the CID, if you look at the cure instructions from the tumbler manufacturer, it clearly says that you should always hand wash your tumblers The good news though, is that your tumbler is probably going to last a really long time These things are really solid And if you’ve made it well it will Now if you have any questions about making plaid glitter tumblers or tumblers in general,

We are happy to help Leave your question below this video Or even better come on over to our awesome Facebook group at http://www.jennifermaker.com/tumblerteacher We love to make tumblers and talk about them And this is the perfect place to share photos of your finished plaid glitter tumblers cause I know you’re going to come up with awesome color combinations and fun effects that I haven’t even thought of And that’s it for today Remember, if you can tell me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it Until next time, this is Jennifer Maker reminding you to craft a life you love (soft music)

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